Monday the Sun will move into Scorpio. It will join Mercury and Saturn and add the current amp up our desire to get to bottom of things. Don’t be surprised if you notice deep and/or extreme feelings coming to the forefront. Scorpio wants to know and he’s being help by Mercury to probe even deeper. Scorpio is what I call an “info junkie”. He has a strong desire to uncover what’s been hidden, loves secrets, and all things suppressed. He is intense, strong willed and passionate.

Tuesday the Sun will happily trines Neptune. This brings intuition into focus and the more spiritual, less material parts of our life. Wednesday the moon conjunct Neptune and adds to this spiritual, happy energy with the Sun.

Mid week, specifically Wednesday and Thursday, might prove to be a great time to express some of those secret feelings about relationships of all kinds. Reach out socially and know that it’s a good time to make promises if they are called for.

All in all, this week is a good one in which to practice listening to your gut or your intuition. Try not to think too or plan too much and just let things happen. This is preparing us for the new paradigm. This spiritual, intuitive water energy shifts on Friday when the Moon teams up with Uranus in Aries. Venus in practical Virgo will fully opposing Uranus. With this arrangement we love things that make sense and at the same time are drawn to what’s new, out of the ordinary when it comes to the romantic involvements.

Also at week’s end, the more sensitive among us could possibly begin to feel the affects the coming Mercury retrograde. Mars has been causing some similar feelings in recent weeks but early next week Mercury actually begins to slow down and prepare to station on Nov 6th.

Have a great week. The fall colors are about to peak in many places and the temps are great for getting out and enjoying all the outside has to offer.