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Last week was full of moving energy. Five planets made changes and some heavenly bodies stopped or stationed and stood sill for a bit. This stationing is what happens when a planet retrogrades and begins to move backwards.

The biggest news was that Saturn moved into Scorpio. This placement will affect us until September of 2015. I covered this move in a blog I posted last week. If you are interested in reading about this you check it out http://wp.me/pZHdf-1E.

Jupiter is going backwards or is retrograde in Gemini as of Oct. 4. When a planet retrogrades the energy or influence of the planet is more or less opposite of when it’s direct. But don’t think this is a bad thing because when we are talking about Jupiter, it’s not. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and this usually means expanding in external ways like education, travel, and meeting new people. Jupiter is the optimistic aspect that asks us to see the best side of things and fosters our generosity. When Jupiter is retrograde he asks us to turn these gifts inward and expand our sense of self through philosophy and spirituality.

The Jupiter in Gemini transit likes intellect and education. This makes it a good time to hire a life coach, take some classes in philosophy or spirituality, check out some self help seminars, or finish the education started a while back.  Should you have a project that has failed or relationship you wish to restore now is the time to work on these. Success is of course not guaranteed but it is a good time to make the attempt to work things out.

Beginning charitable and fund raising projects is favorable this week. Even small projects can help others in big ways and some don’t involve leaving home. I know one young lady who made over 150 winter hats for the needy last year. She left home only to buy yarn and deliver the finished hats. Her cost was minimal because she took advantage of coupons and sales when buying her yarn. I bet if you asked her, she could not put a dollar amount on the satisfaction she got from knowing she was helping others.

We get another chance this week to take a good, deep look at what we really want. Define it and redefine it. Things are beginning to shift in a direction that will help our dreams come true. But first we need to have a clear vision of what we really want. Give this area some serious consideration. You won’t want to miss this wonderful opportunity.

Another of the sign changes last week was with Mercury. No, he’s not retrograde although it feels like he has been for the past many weeks. Mercury moved into Scorpio and will be pushing us to dig deeper. He’s looking for the truth in what is hidden, held in secret or undercover. This is a bit different from when he was in Libra and seeking balance. Our thoughts and the communications now will be more powerful. You might find yourself wanting to have less superficial, deeper and more intellectual conversations. I know I have already felt this one in a big way. The shadow side here is that things can get too focused and analytical. Mercury in Scorpio can also be sharp and obsessive. Try to remember your manners and be kind to everyone including yourself. Don’t beat yourself up it you find you are being too obsessive. Apologize and let it go. Remember Jupiter is retrograde so this will apply to our communications with inner self too. That good ole self talk. If we want to, we can change our relationship to your selves as well as with others.

Venus was another planet that changed positions last week. She moved from fun loving Leo to practical Virgo. She will be assisting us to show our love by doing and maybe even helping Jupiter with those charitable projects.  Venus is not feeling very self indulgent right now and is happier when the things make sense. This includes the ways she entertainers herself. She loves things like benefit concerts and silent auctions for charity. The shadow side of Venus in Virgo is critical and nit-picky  Be aware of this when dealing with those around you. For all the good that can be done with this energy, we don’t want to come off as a wicked witch.

Mars shifted yesterday or October 6th. He left Scorpio and moved into Sagittarius. A heads up here because this energy can throw a monkey wrench into those projects we are beginning. Mars in Sagittarius gets bored and  becomes restless easily. He likes the adventure of beginning a project but can be soon bored  with the mundane operation of it. Selecting people to help that have a good record of follow through would be a good idea in this case.

Saturn and Neptune will trine on Wednesday. Both will be in water signs. Look for news about liquids. Think about liquids on a grand scale. This could include rain, snow, alcohol, propane, gas or oil. We’ve just seen how gas prices have gone to the highest level ever in California. Let’s hope the news will be about the prices coming back down again. Saturn and Neptune will be in a good position for the rest of the month and with Jupiter could throw a bit of luck toward this too.

The energy of the week and the month over all is energetic and full of personal growth and possibility. I know I have a lot of work to do. I’m sure you might as well. Set aside some time today or tomorrow to ponder some of these suggestions.  Don’t be afraid to face yourself. You might be surprised how reaching out to help others can truly be the best thing you do for you.