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Last night I went to bed thinking about Saturn entering Scorpio this week. This morning woke up thinking about the very same thing. Saturn takes about two and a half years to move through a sign. When you include the retrograde periods when a planet goes backwards in a sign or even into the previous sign, the actual time it takes to travel through a sign can be longer than 2.5 years. Saturn has actually been in Libra off and on since October 29, 2009 making this tour last nearly three years.

These past few months I have mentioned that Saturn is asking us to take a serious look at our relationships. This does not just mean our family relationships or the one with our spouse or significant other. This includes our business, work, community, country, the world, and even our relationship with our selves. Oh my! Rest assured you are not alone. The whole world is experiencing the same relationship issues.

People everywhere have been looking at how they mesh with their partner, career, boss, and their life path in general. Libra gives us the theme of balance. I mean think about it. How many people do you know that have had a rocky relationship ride or even ended one, quit a job, changed careers, or moved away in the past few of years? Today with our loss of the nuclear family and the increase in global social networking, how we define relationships has drastically changed from how we defined them less than 20 years ago. What was once traditionally understood as our obligation or duty in life is now viewed as confining and causes us to feel trapped.

As Saturn has moved through Libra these past three years we have been challenged to define our relationships and relationships goals. Saturn in Libra has been asking us to find our balance so we can move on to the next phase of our life and ultimately development as humans. Whether we are aware of it or not, we have been deciding what works for us and what does not, and let go of lost causes. We have been figuring out what we really want for our lives and how the relationships in our lives either support us or hold us back. We are seeking fulfillment and joy, and leaving behind the negative things and people that bind us to what no longer serves us, our goals or desires.

Rest assured not all troubled relationships have ended. I did say redefining, didn’t I? There are plenty of relationships that seemed doomed to end for a moment, but when the parties involved communicated and realized they actually wanted the same thing, they were able to find balance. They were able to redefine the relationship and continue to work together.

Sometimes the redefining has taken on interesting, even frustrating characteristics. Three years ago a friend of mine sent her oldest son off to his first year of college. His plan was to major in business. There is certainly nothing unusual about this, until he comes home for the summer and declares he is changing majors and also schools. This was a bit frustrating for his parents, but being the supportive types and wanting the best for their son, they agreed and sent him to school #2 for his sophomore year. Near the end of his second year, this young man discovers he suffers from tinnitus and this would prevent him from being successful in his second career choice of music production. At this point the parents also redefined how far they were willing to go with their support. They drafted some new guidelines and they all agreed to them. Now three years, three states and three colleges later, this college junior has redefined himself and his goals. He is now double majoring in business and art sciences.

Now that my friend and her family, along with the rest of us, have collectively dealt with Saturn in Libra, it is time for Saturn to move on. On October 5, 2012 at 3:33pm EST, Saturn will exit Libra and be at zero- zero degrees of Scorpio. I know you are anxious to know what you can expect from this.

Saturn will be in the influence of Scorpio over the next three years. On December 24, 2014 Saturn will move into Sagittarius for a short time. He retrogrades in April of 2015 and this retrograde takes him all the way back to Scorpio in June 15 2015. He spends the next three months again in Scorpio and makes his final exit on September 18, 2015.

Saturn is the CEO of boundaries, rules and regulations. We associate him with our fathers, authority and making decisions. Some call him the Lord of Karma. He is resistant to change, making his placement in your natal chart the place where you resist change the most. At the same time, what he teaches us helps us grow.

Scorpio is the detective of the solar system and rules the tenth house of career and reputation. He has the dual nature of being fiercely loyal and yet strikes out to sting anyone who crosses him. He has the potential to end things, to kill and destroy then rebuild and renew in secret ways. Scorpio is perceptive and sees things more clearly than other signs. He is also passionate, possessive, psychological, resourceful and determined. There is a cunning calmness on Scorpio’s surface but beware of the potential explosion that lies just under. Scorpio’s greatest fear is losing power.

The sign of Scorpio is ruled by Pluto. In the previous blog I described how Pluto rules death, destruction, rebirth, globalism, secrets, things hidden and money in all forms. Pluto is currently, and for the next 12 years, touring Capricorn and Capricorn likes to build things like structures and businesses.

Still wondering what we can expect from Saturn’s transit through Scorpio? Truth is nothing is for certain. If you were to mix all the above characteristics in a bag along with what is going on in the world, then start pulling things our and putting them together, you might get a good idea. We only need to listen to the news to know that things everywhere are becoming more volatile. Certainly, with the continued Pluto/Uranus square, we will see continued erratic and unusual weather. We are likely to discover the truth about long held secrets of all kinds. This alone could reveal some interesting, even shocking details pertaining to the upcoming election. Remember these characteristics apply to our personal lives as well as those of nations. Who knows what will happen to the world economy or in the Middle East? We can speculate all we want to. Everyone has an opinion or predictions. None of it looks to be very pleasant or carefree, however, nothing is written in stone and only time will tell.

Saturn and Libra have led us let go of lost causes and decided what we want for our lives, it’s time to go deep. Now Saturn in Scorpio will take us to where we, likely, will be forced to face our fears, and inner and outer reality. Scorpio will fight for all it’s worth, but will ultimately lose the control it holds so dear. This loss will also force us to learn to do things differently. Saturn’s lesson it to let go rather than seek revenge. Losing our fear, facing betrayal and abandonment will ultimately help us heal. Individually and collectively we have wounds with deep roots. By losing our fear the wounds can heal. The healing process is sometimes quite painful. Just ask cancer patient or a burn victim. Through the healing, we can mature, evolve, and become better humans and hopefully a better world.

Now is the time to hear the words Ram Dass taught us 40 years ago. “Be Here Now”! Change is never easy and healing takes time. Be gentle with yourself and all others. The best way to get through this could be to simply be here now and be in the moment. There will be plenty of fighting going on around us. Stay focused on the task at hand, focused on the healing and you will see amazing things on the other side of Saturn in Scorpio.