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Uranus /Pluto Squared…..the most challenging and influential of aspects of a generation.

Greek mythology tells us Uranus was the father of the sky and was created without help, by Gaia or Mother Earth. Together they had 12 sons and 6 daughters. Uranus locked his two oldest children inside the earth. This caused Gaia tremendous pain and suffering. To free herself of this suffering, she convinced four of their sons to rebel against Uranus.

Pluto is known as ruler of the underworld and all things secret or hidden. In Greek mythology he is called Hades and this eventually became the name of the place we call the underworld. Pluto is also the root for the Greek word Ploutos, meaning wealth, and plutocracy is when the wealthy rule. The stories around Pluto vary depending on which tradition one consults. Pluto and Hades are different in character but are not two distinct characters. However this is not a discussion on myth but one on astrology. I invite you to continue the myth track on your own if that is where your interest lies.

Today, from the Astrologers point of view, Uranus represents quick changes, chaos, rebellion, major disorder, freedom, revolutions, invention, technology, storms, upheaval, rude awakenings, humanitarianism and higher awareness. Uranus is shocking and unpredictable. They consider Pluto, the smallest and farthest planet away from us, to be the most powerful in the solar system. Pluto represents death, renewal, fears, phobias, secrets and things hidden, destruction, globalism, power struggles transformation, degeneration and regeneration, rage, shared resources of all kinds, and corporations. Pluto also rules money in all its forms, debt, wealth, insurance, bankruptcy, investments, taxes, inheritance, and earned income.

Astrology is not only about the planets, signs houses and their individual characteristics, it’s also about their relationships to each other as they move around the sky. When astrologers say two planets are square, they mean they are at a 90 degree angle to each other in a chart. The chart represents the sky. If you draw a chart for today or tomorrow or last month you would see that Pluto and Uranus are and have been very close to this exact 90 degrees from each other. In fact they were exactly square on Tuesday, September 25, 2012. A square aspect puts planets in a position of constant challenge and squares show up in our lives as those times we feel uneasy and restless. Squares can also be quite uncomfortable and aggravating. When it comes to Uranus and Pluto, they don’t have to be in an exact square for us to feel these effects. Close, within a few degrees is close enough.

Uranus spends about seven years in each sign but due to retrograde periods, this time can be shorter or longer. All the planets of our solar system spend a different amount of time in each sign. The Moon spends about 2 and half days in a sign, the Sun about a month and Pluto can spend 15 years or more. You get the idea. The various planetary aspects also last different amounts of time. A square aspect that involves the inner planets will last from a few hours to a day or two. Because Uranus and Pluto are the outer most and slowest moving planets, you can see why this aspect I call the ‘square dance’ and began in June 2012, will last a while yet.

When we combine the characteristics or the planets with those of their position to each other, we get a possible snap shot of what we can expect in our lives and the world. This summer we have seen some of the characteristics of the Uranus/Pluto square play out in our weather. There have seen quite a few abrupt, strong storms thanks to Uranus. The destruction resulting from these storms is thanks to Pluto. Have you noticed how quickly the weather changes these days? This summer is was hot one day cool the next, or it was raining, even hailing one minute and sunny the next. Floods, tornadoes, fires, you name it, and we’ve had it all. The weather man’s had a tough time trying to keep up with the quick changes and sometimes he’s got it all wrong.

We’ve also seen earthquake and volcanic activity increased and expect they will for some time yet. Remember, Uranus rules sudden shifts and shocks. Pluto rules the underworld or deep earth. It’s not unusual to have strong earth quakes when these to planets are square. If you live in California you are probably well aware of this fact. They have recently experienced a swarm of small quakes. Reports of a sulfur smell emanating from the Salton Sea which lies directly on San Andreas Fault line were recently in the news.
Astrologers use past experiences and aspects to help them determine the current possibilities. By doing so they have determined there are distinct patterns that repeat themselves. For instance, Pluto and Uranus were square in the early 1930’s. History tells us this was volatile time in our nation’s history and the history of the world. Unemployment was high, the stock market crashed, Hitler was cementing his control over Germany and Eastern Europe, and thus becoming the supreme extremist of his day. His merciless control can be compared to Pluto’s power and control. Hitler also cornered the technology of the day which was air travel and the media. Some aspects of his control are only now coming to light.

Today the technology is predominantly the internet and the ways we connect or communicate to each other. We are face to face with some of the same challenges people experienced in the 30’s. Unemployment and extremism are increasing globally along with nationalism. The market is volatile and the world’s economic health is at risk. If you look closely you can see the influence of Pluto and all over the world the world as people speak out for themselves and for change. Take a look inside yourself and you might notice some similar shifts.

Now I feel like the infomercial guy who says “ But wait! There’s more”. And there is more affecting this square between Uranus and Pluto than just 90 degrees. Both planets are also touring astrological signs. These signs also lend their characteristics to the mix of the planetary signs. Pluto is in Capricorn and Uranus is in Aries. Not only do you have two planets challenging each other, two signs are also in conflict.

Aries is the first sign in the zodiac and has a young, youthful energy. He’s rules the first house of first impressions which in turn it ruled by Mars, the god of war. Mars lends Aries an impulsive fiery nature. Like children he’s not known for his patience and is ready to go, go, go. You say there’s a road block ahead? No worries. Aries just plows right on through. He loves to start things but is not good at finishing. Aries adds bold, impulsive spontaneity and directness, to any planet visiting him. Right now this is Uranus.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and likes to build things like structures, businesses and careers. He is the tenth sign, rules the tenth house of career, reputation and social standing. He is rules by Saturn, the CEO of boundaries, rules and regulations. Capricorn is cautious, disciplined, loves to set rules and follows them. Capricorn is rather old fashioned, respects authority, his elders, and tradition. He possesses a dry with and like his efforts to be noticed. Capricorn is also quick to show you how valuable he is to the situation.
As you can see there is a lot involved in reading astrology and the planets. Not only are Pluto and Uranus squared off in a challenging aspect but they are also influenced by the signs they are currently traveling through, the houses those signs rule and the planets ruled by those signs. What all this means it we are on the very edge of some real change across the board, in all aspects we can possibly imagine and in ways that will probably be quite uncomfortable. The good news is, this is a change whose time has come and it will take the heavens to manifest this change. We humans are slow to accept change unless we are forced into it by sheer frustration of some outside force.

Change is certainly among us for a while and no one knows for sure exactly how long. Astrologers can give us a good idea however and some will say they can tell us exactly. Personally I believe nothing is written in stone but I will agree that astrology is a will be a good indicator. Doubtless the weather will be erratic for a while. Governments have already toppled and more public revolt is in the air. Secrets are yet to be uncovered and who knows about what. They could be about governments, banking, technology; the possibilities are for lack of a better word, endless. One thing is for sure and this one is particularly exciting to me, we are going to awaken to the higher realms and transform into a new world. 2012 is not going to be the end of the world but it just might be the beginning of the world as we know it.

Let go of your fear, let go of what binds you to tradition and the past. Say good bye to the person you thought you were and embrace the new. If you can do this, your seas will surely be calmer than others.