The Mayan Consciousness Calendar ends just five days from now on October 28, 2011, according to Carl Calleman, the world foremost expert on Mayan calendars. A little over two months later the Julian calendar year 2011 also comes to an end and we move into 2012. This coming year is one many have looked forward to with awe, wonder, fear and excitement. Still no one knows quite what to expect from it or what it will mean to mankind. I used to think it mattered.

I’ve been interested in this year myself since I was about 13 but more in terms of end times prophesy than the actual year.  People that know me personally know that I refer to myself as an “info junkie”. To me this means I seek out information from a variety of sources not just one or two. I have always had a feeling, a knowing that I was part of a generation that would see things change drastically. One of the first books I read was Hal Lindsay’s “The Late, Great Planet Earth”.  This is an interesting book written from the perspective of a man who has studied Biblical prophecy all his life. There are other angles to come at this and I have looked into or heard people talk about many of them. None of these are my focus today. Today I want to stick to just the idea of the end of anything.

What is the end anyway? Is there ever an “end” to anything? When we cut down a tree, that is the end of that tree, as a tree. But is it the end of that tree or simply the end of the tree as we know it? Let’s say the tree is made into a table, or a house. Does it live on? Neither of these look like the tree we knew it before it was cut down. What about when it is burned for heat of cooking? After a tree is burned up in the fireplace or wood oven it’s a pile of ash. Definitely not the way we see trees. This tree has taken on a very different form when used to produce energy in the form of heat. So it is with all things that end even humans. Our bodies dies or end but our spirits live on in another form, not the one we knew it by before the bodies death. The spirit is energy and energy never does but does change form.

So what of all this fear I read and hear about surrounding 2012, the Mayan calendar and end times? Well, it’s just that, its fear. Fear seems to be a very large part of the human experience. A few years ago I thought I could help people with their fear of this time by writing a short book on it. My idea was to combine all the ideas of all the great writers on the subject like Greg Bradden, John Major Jenkins, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Barbara Hand Clow, David Wilcock and many others. Once I got into organizing my thoughts and writing I realized how many different aspects there are to this time period and decided it was not worth my time to try to sort it all out.

Today there is a great deal of science proving spirituality and bringing together religious prophesy, ancient prophesy or myth as some view it, and esoteric beliefs all under one umbrella. I am excited about the modern research in physics such as hyper dimensional, torsion field and quantum physics as well as studies in energy and the power of the mind in cause and effect. I have a strong feeling this is where our real daily focus should be now. Let’s not forget the alien role in this, the cyclical factor or how the universe itself is playing a role in this change, shift, or end times.

Along with all the theories and info on “the end times” there seems to be a hefty amount of disinformation and misinformation being served to us from a multitude of sources, many of whom we feel we can trust. I am not going to name names here but if you have questions about this please feel free to inquire privately. I am not at all sure if being an “info junkie” if beneficial in this case or not. There is just no way to be sure that the information any of us read these days is true of false. Change is certainly coming. One only has to look at the Occupy Wall Street movement or take a look at the weather to see big changes. Yet I am surprised at how many people tell me they have no idea what the protest is all about or that global warming does not really exist and the sun is actually responsible for much of what is going on with the weather. I want to add here that this does not mean man has not contributed to greatly to the pollution of our mother earth but this contribution by mankind has not in and of itself caused to Global warming. The earth is changing just as we are, just as the whole universe it. Change is the only constant there is. Our lives, our world, the very earth is changing as I write no matter what we do. The fact that some people have no clue about what is going on around may be to their advantage or may it is not be.

This bit of writing barely gets into the rabbit hole created by this topic. I wish to end this with some advice. First of all I whole heartedly believe knowledge is power but these days I will urge you to take all that you hear or read with a grain of salt, even this that you have just read. Do your own research and listen to your own heart and pay attention to your body. The heart and body know the truth.  They are directly connected to source energy or God and the source of all truth. Perhaps you are familiar with the term and feeling of “a gut reaction” when you have one. This is a sign your body gives you when something is off or wrong about what you are reading, hearing or the person you might be listening or talking to. There are also gut reactions that alert you to pay attention to what your heart feels. The heart will often let you know something is true or not.  Perhaps you are having a gut reaction now. I hope you are feeling the later rather than the former. The point I want to make above all others it to live in love rather than fear and don’t believe anything you hear  or read until you check in with your body for signals and  validation.