Its now September 2011. Labor Day weekend to be exact. This summer has been a doosey for many folks. I’ve had more people talk to me about how they are not sleeping, been depressed, have had relationship issues, and had an overall sense of going nuts.

Mercury was retrograde for much of August and if you subscribe to idea of the storm then Mercury began going backwards on July 26th and was not moving completely forward until Aug 31. So this was a really long retrograde period and almost everyone is saying how bad it was. I agree but personally feel Mercury is blamed for way more than it is responsible for. This August for example had some many harsh aspects with the other planets like Pluto, Uranus and Saturn. Now I am not as astrologer so I will now attempt to explain more but an astrologer I do listen to said in her 17 yrs in the profession, had never seen the alignments she saw this past month.  We are experiencing alignments that have not happened in over 100 yrs. This is unfamiliar energy to us on so many levels.

Besides all this, we are at the very end of the 16.4 billion year Mayan Consciousness calendar. At this very moment we are in the 5th night of the ninth wave. The 5th night is traditionally the most difficult time of any previous wave. And boy howdy! I would say it is a rough and tumble time. This year began with blizzards, then tornadoes and floods from all the snow. An earthquake in Virginia,earthquakes in strange places like Ohio,  an hurricane that dumps so much water on the north east, sever drought in the mid west, turmoil all over the planet. There does not seem to be a place where there is not something happening. With all the energy these events produce there is little wonder that people are feeling so strange. at the same time we tend to compartmentalize and become numb to these tragic catastrophes partly because the media sweeps them from our memory and partly because they don’t directly affect us. Unless you live in Joplin, MO or Tuscaloosa, AL or in one of the many areas destroyed or damaged my some natural event you may not remember all that has happened. You won’t long forget however. There will be a trickle down eventually. Everyone of us will feel the affects of  what is going on in other parts of the country and the world sooner than you think. Are you prepared. Is your light body active? Are you ready to allow what is?

Have you developed your community? This one is really tough. People don’t want to give up their privacy. In America we no longer know how to live with others, even our own families. We build huge houses  so we have lots of room to get away from each other and be alone. The tribal community no longer exists. I have tried to develop a community with my own neighborhood of like minded folks and seem to have gotten nowhere. I also know I expect a lot too. I also give a lot and don’t feel I get much back. I keep hoping the energy shifts with shift this and begin to form the community  here we all so desperately need.

Those of us who are sensitive are waking up. Many others are too.