“What a long, strange trip it’s been.”            


This line from the Grateful Dead song “Truckin'” seems to fit not only my life but more importantly my life in the past two years.

Make that the past five years…………Ah heck! make that since 1999. (I was going to say 2001 but all our lives changed then.)

So,  I won’t bore you with the details now and will stick with the tale of past two years for now.

I moved to a new home in one of the oldest neighborhoods in my city in late march of 2009.  Before that I lived in a historic area between a university and a small private college. I chose to leave the relative safety of my old home for the slightly more sketchy multicultural one I live in now. This however is not the point of this post. The point is I woke up sick as could be the morning after the first night I slept here. Since I seldom get sick I had no idea I would not get out of bed for another 10 days. A virus nailed me because I was run down and man, was I sick! I still had four days of moving to do and was not able to get out of bed. My thermometer and aspirin were still at the old house and no one wanted to come near me. This was about the same time everyone was afraid of bird flu or H1N1. Someone finally went to the pharmacy for me but they would only leave the bag of goodies at the front door. Finding folks to move all that remained at the old house also was hard. Now, I can’t blame people for not wanting to come near me  but I needed some help and lots of it. The virus I had left me weak and took a good two months to get back to feeling like myself.

Soon after I was back to my old self another ailment fell on me. Plus I felt I had been abandoned by my old friends. I was never had any money to go out with them like I used to once in a while and I had begged a few to help me move so they were all unwilling to help more. Suddenly I felt like I had moved hours away instead of just two miles, to the far side of the next neighborhood.

I soon recovered from the second malady only to have another fall on me. I seemed to sleep all the time; frequently up 16 hours a day. I was not depressed, or at least not that badly depressed. Of course the fact that I could not get people to return my calls or emails was disconcerting but gee whiz? It was not enough to throw me into a depressive tailspin.

By late December 2009, I went from sleeping most of the time to sleeping very little. For the next six months I would not sleep for more than 3 1/2 hours a night if at all,  or day as it were. . I avoid Doctors so a prescription was out. I also tried all sorts of natural things and supplements, still nothing worked. Although I went to be at are reasonable hour I would more often than not lie in bed awake for hours and hours. And more often than not I would only sleep after 10 am. One friend did try to visit me during this time and bless her heart,  she would always come right after I had gone to sleep.  I was not willing to get up to entertain even my closest friend when I wanted to badly to sleep. Another six months would go by before I could say my sleep patterns were more or less normal. What a long strange year it was between Dec. 2009 and Dec. 2010.

Fast forward to now and I am enjoying many great nights of sound sleep. It’s a nice contrast to the frequent waking and very light sleeping I had experienced. One of  the strangest things I noticed during the non sleeping phase was that I was never yawned as if sleepy, I  took no naps and I did not feel tired at all. I just had no energy is all. Like I said….this was a long, strange year.

Right now it’s 1 am and I am feeling the need for sleep. So I will continue this point at a later date.

Nite all…….zzzzzzzzzzz