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WOW! Winter has arrived here in central N.C.and I don’t mind one bit. I enjoy the cooler temps. But I admit to not enjoying them quite the same way I once did. Come to think of it, I don’t enjoy much of anything the way I once did. All part of getting older I suppose.

There are two cosmic events that take the spotlight this week. The first one is the Venus-Jupiter conjunction in the early morningMonday. The second one is the New Moon on Saturday, November 18, 2017. In between, there are other aspects to talk about.

The Sun is still in Scorpio which means our feelings can be intense and we feel the need to go deep to find the answers. We want to know what makes people tick or makes things the way they are. Passions are high and all that it taboo or hidden is at risk of being discovered under this influence.

Mercury in Sagittarius is taking out thoughts to learn about a wide range of subjects. They will be more optimistic and what is fair and unfair matters to us. Mercury’s powers of persuasion are powerful now too. This is going to be a long transit for Mercury due to his retrograde on December 3. Please keep in mind that we will feel the effects at least one week prior when Mercury enters his shadow.

Mars is currently touring or transiting Libra. This means we are able to turn up the charm to achieve our goals and get what we want. If you recall from when the Sun was in Libra, we tend to view things from all sides. Mars in Libra is no different. Balance is key to anything in Libra and under this influence, even Mars doesn’t want to use force or make the other guy feel bad.

Venus us transiting Scorpio. Being flirty in our relationships doesn’t cut it right now. We tend to want more of a deep connection both mentally and physically now. This is about as “anything goes” as we can get in our relationships.

Monday, The Venus-Jupiter is likely to be good news for our relationships, enhance our creativity, generosity, and bring us some great fun and social happiness. Enjoy the company of friends old and new. However, be careful not to overspend during this transit. Venus loves beautiful things and she can get carried away with spending if we are not careful.

Monday we also have Mercury and Neptune at a 90-degree square aspect to each other. This is a difficult aspect that causes the planets involved to not be very o-0perative with each other. In this case, it is our communications that are strained, thanks to the planet of communications, Mercury. Our ability to concentrate might see some ill effects of this square aspect. AS with a Mercury retrograde, this is not the best time to sign contracts. Neptune’s influence causes confusion and tends to cause us to view things from a rather vague perspective. A big day for brain fog without a doubt.

Chiron aspects Venus Tuesday. This is sure to throw out some stumbling blocks in our relationships. It might be important to put more energy into seeing what you and the other person have in common, rather than focusing on the differences.

Next up is on Thursday and another aspect with Venus. I think she is definitely the shining star this week in more ways than just her conjunction with Jupiter. This time our friend Venus is in a difficult aspect with Saturn. Saturn is the stern authority figure in our cosmos. He is often emotionally unavailable or distant. This could mean some problems in romance and money. News of break-ups and romantic disappointments will not surprise me at all today.

This is not the only aspect on Thursday that involves Venus and Neptune. The good news is, this is not a difficult aspect. This one brings positive energy to art and creativity. This will make for some easy interactions for the most part and we are prone to see the best in others. Overall this will ease up some of the more difficult aspects from earlier in the week.

Saturday is the New Moon in Scorpio. This will help bring our attention to the best parts of Scorpio. Traits like Scorpios passion and resourcefulness. Or the way Scorpio loves to figure things out by going deep to get answers. This is a good time for looking at ourselves and how we bring these qualities into our lives in positive ways. One of the best ways to use this New Moon is to examine where we are feeling out of control. This can mean examining our debt, addictions, how we can end or come to terms with our emotional wounds.

That covers the most important aspects for the coming week. One more time I want to warn you to use caution in financial matters, especially spending. However, you might want to do some planning so you can get as much shopping as you can out of the way before Mercury goes into his storm period on November 28, 2017. Tha actual retrograde I not until December 3, 2017. The 3rd is also the sate of the next Full Moon. Are you ready? This could mean

There is a little consolation in the fact that Mercury will not actually be retrograde when Christmas arrives, but it will be in its storm period from December 22-28. For those most affected by Mercury retrogrades, this could mean we need to take some extra care when we attempt to communicate with others over the holidays.

Wishing everyone a fabulous week ahead. Be safe and don’t forget to smile. It costs nothing and can make a world of difference to those who see it and feel it.



Extra: Astrology Imitates Life


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Astrology is often thought to be a predictor of things to come. Truth is, it can’t truly predict. What is can do is show us possibilities. Possibilities based on the combinations of characteristics of the planets, signs, houses, elements, modes, and their many combinations.

Last week and a few times before that, I mentioned Jupiter entering Scorpio for the next year. This move actually took place on October 11, 2017. That very same day someone near and dear to me was scheduled for some pretty serious surgery. I was curious about this and generated a chart for the scheduled time the surgery was to begin.

Before I go into what I learned from the chart, let me recap some info for you.

Jupiter is known as the “Great Benefic” because he likes to expand things or make them larger. He is an equal opportunity expander too, meaning he expands both the good and the bad. He can bring growth, good luck, and abundance, but he can just as easily bring the opposite.

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, Lord of the Underworld. Scorpio also rules the eight house of transformation and other people’s money. When you roll all these together you get the energy of the psychologist, passion, sex, death, secrets, transformation, regeneration, other people’s money (including partners of all sorts), spirituality, metaphysics, and surgeries. Yes! Surgeries!

Planets are perhaps at their strongest when they change signs. With Jupiter entering Scorpio the same day as this person’s surgery, you can see why I was curious enough to do a chart. We began seeing this shift of energy even before Jupiter changed signs. If you recall, it was a few days before the 11th that we first began hearing about the sex secrets in Hollywood. Since then we have only seen this story grow and expand to include both women and men.

The patient who was having surgery was told by the surgeon that the operation would talk about 2 ½ hours, recovery would take about the same amount of time and they should be in a room by early afternoon, and the hospital stay would be 4-5 days. There was a complication, however, and the surgery too twice and long as it was supposed to. This meant the recovery also took twice as long. It wasn’t until 12 hours after surgery began this person was finally out of recovery and settled in a room. The 4-5 day stay turned into a 13-day stay. How’s that for expanding things?

What I discovered in the chart was that Jupiter was opposed to Uranus that day. WOW! Jupiter brings growth and progress while Uranus brings surprises? What a surprise this day turned out to be for the patient and the family. This was definitely not a day to be rigid and bound by plans. It was a day to be flexible and authentic.

There was a favorable trine aspect between the Moon and Jupiter that day. I am sure that may have affected the emotions of all concerned to some extent. There was also an approaching conjunction with Mercury. This aspect barely within orb, a fancy way of saying close enough to count.

Mercury is our planet of communications and travel. With Mercury moving closer to Jupiter, communications might be expected to increase in some way. But remember the opposition to Uranus? This affected communications and motivated the family to communicate independently and even not at all.

I thought you might enjoy reading my own first-hand example of using a chart as a predictor of sorts. There are lots of astrologers who could go into far more depth than I can.  Once I generated a chart for that day, even with my less than expert knowledge, I knew the surgery might not go as expected. I am happy to report that the patient is recovering nicely. After a few weeks in rehab, it looks like next week they will get to go home.


Hoping the rest of your week is great~






Astrology for November 5-11, 2017


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The Taurus Full Moon is barely over and WOW! Was is ever gorgeous! It also brought us energy filled with love and abundance. Now, before I go any farther, I want to talk about that last word, abundance.

Recently, I was talking with a friend who is planning some online workshops and while I can’t remember her exact question, it was something like, “what are the three things everyone wants?”

Abundance” was, of course, part of the answer. I realized immediately that I was answering with the typical collective answer, not my own answer.

When you ask most people what they think abundance means their reply almost always is money or related to money. The western world tends to equate abundance with cars, big houses, fancy clothes, jewelry, ability to travel, and being able to do pretty much what they want when they want. This is not the basic meaning. It means “plenty or generosity”.

You can be homeless and have abundance. You can have a checking account that is nearly empty and have abundance. Abundance is enough, enough food to eat, clothes to keep you warm, enough spare change for a bus ticket or enough friends or the manifestation of a stranger who will buy you one. But the best abundance of all is an abundance of the heart and abundance of love.

The abundance of heart or the lack of it is easy to spot. You won’t find it in bullies or people who want more than everyone else. You won’t find it in people that want to control or take away from others, or make life hard for others in any way, shape or form. You will find it in those that give freely and often, regardless of who needs the help.

The last Full Moon ushered in this sort of energy. This energy is a good lead into the next month’s Sagittarius energy of charity and giving. More on that in the coming weeks.

The Sun is now in Scorpio, ruler of the eight house of sex, death, passion, surgery, secrets, and getting to the root of things. The sun is joined in Scorpio by Jupiter, the planet of abundance (which seems to be the word for this week’s post). Remember that Jupiter will remain in Scorpio until November 2018. This sets the tone for the next year and I feel sure you will see me refer to this more in the future.

This Tuesday, Venus will join the Scorpio party. Then we will have our egos (Sun) in Scorpio as well as our relationships and finances (Venus). Jupiter will be lending a hand in creating abundance and expanding all these energies, for better or worse. Don’t forget to be grateful for whatever shows up. It is all good.

Last week, the news has been full of chaotic events, secrets coming out, sexual misconduct galore, and lies about everything under the sun. Near the end of this post, I have a short astrology lesson that ties into the topic. The big astrology news this coming week is Saturn trine Uranus.

Saturn’s aspect to Uranus is hopefully going to give us a bit of stability to the fast change and chaos of Uranus. This also combines old and new; Saturn representing the old and Uranus representing the new. We could see common goals begin to form. This aspect perfects next Saturday or Saturn’s day, November 11, 2017. Some of us are already feeling this energy even before this perfection. However, this will dissipate fairly rapidly after the 11th.

Mercury moved into Sagittarius Sunday, November 5, 2017.This transit will take out thoughts away from needing to go deep into a topic and move into more optimistic thinking. Our faith in things could increase as we are better able to believe in good. Sagittarius brings our focus to what is just or fair, and slanted or biased. Do not expect precision with this transit.

Tuesday could be full of suspicions. Expect to see mistrust and investigations. If you find yourself feeling mentally stressed, stop and relax. Get away from whatever has a hold on you for a few minutes. Get a breath of fresh air or just get up and stretch a little bit to relieve the pressure.

Thursday the Sun aspects Pluto. This is about research, one of my favorite things to do. But whatever you learn, you might want to keep it under wraps for a little while. Today is a good day to connect with your personal power or maybe find something you’ve lost.

Also on Thursday, Mars aspects Neptune. This will cause some difficulties when it comes to taking action. Neptune like to slow things down a bit. We might also be a bit more careless than usual. Neptune can make us appear to be lazy because we just can’t seem to get a grip and be productive in the way we might like. This is a fast mover so it won’t last long.

The next to last thing I want to chat about it the current influx of energy. This time of year the veil between worlds is always thinner. With each passing year, the veil as a whole becomes thinner because we are shifting from 3D to 5D. This year we had the added energy of the Full Moon approaching right after the thinning of the veil.

I know a lot of folks don’t know what I am talking about and think this is all nuts. That is fine. If you are one of them feel free to move on.

I have known since I was about 13 that I incarnated this time to somehow assist in this transition even if I didn’t fully understand it at the time. In fact, it has only been fairly recently that I have begun to get a clearer view of my purpose this time around.

I have been strongly feeling the energy coming through the veil and the cosmos lately. One way I recognize it is by the amount of sleep I feel I need. This has been a regular pattern with me during every influx of energy since right before the Summer Solstice.

Last week I slept a solid 7-8 hrs every night and still took a 2-3 hr nap the day before the Full Moon and the day of the Full Moon. I have learned to follow what my body wants to do whether it is what I want to do or not.

Last week’s energy and Full Moon are leading us into the 11/11gateway. This is a strong numerology portal for energy. It is all intended to help us raise our vibrations and shift from 3D to 5D. Yeah! We skip 4D because that is the dimension of time or space-time. Sorry if I am getting too deep.

Now for the last thing, I wanted to bring to your attention. This is the astrological term “mutual reception”. This is when two planets are transiting a sign the other rules at the same time. We have this happening after Tuesday when Venus moves into Scorpio. The mutual reception is between Venus and Mars. Mars rules Scorpio and Venus rules Libra which the the sign Mars is currently transiting.

Mutal reception places two planets in a co-operative position to each other. In this case, we might see more co-operation between Mars which rules the men and Venus which rules women. How interesting considering all the sexual misconduct that has come to light recently. Out of all this was born the “# ME TOO”.

Last week I heard someone say that with problem solidly in the spotlight now, it might be time to retire that hashtag and move on to “# Now What” or something similar. I’m not sure how all this will play out but there sure seems to be recognized on both sides that abuse is abuse regardless of gender, gender preference, or gender identity.

So there you have it. Mutual reception. Another piece to this complex art of astrology. I know I covered a lot of different topics this week. That is where I my head is at. I hope you were able to get something out of it that you can use to help you navigate your week. If you need to sleep, don’t fight it. If you aren’t sleeping, don’t worry. Listen to your body as best you can.

Have great week and remember to be kind, be grateful, and smile.

Astrology for October 29-November 4, 2017


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Here we are at the end of October! Another year will soon end and a new one begins. Halloween is Tuesday and the veil between worlds is at its thinnest. There is still a lot of astrology left in this year so let’s see what is ahead this week besides beautifully colored leaves and cooler temperatures.

Recently there has been so much to talk about that I have skipped discussing the aspect pattern that is influencing us right now. A Thor’s Hammer pattern has been with us since October 10th. This pattern was at its perfection last week, on the 24th and will remain an influence to the end of 11/13, 2017.

This pattern involves Ceres, Saturn, and Chiron. This pattern could not come a more interesting time I don’t think because it deals with our shadow side. We also have three planets transiting Scorpio, a sign that is all about the shadows in our personal and collective lives.

Individually these three heavenly bodies each deal with tough issues. Together, they are something else!

Ceres sometimes represents regrets, grief, or disappointments that we have not gotten over.

Saturn is the stern authority that pushes us to gather up our courage, find our nerve, and get on with the even the most difficult work.

Chiron is the wounded healer and an expert at shadow work.

In the past, I have mentioned human evolution, awakening, and transformation. These are all part of our shift up the dimensional ladder and living in a higher vibration. This summer and early fall have been full of cosmic energy that is assisting this evolution. You could say that since Summer Solstice we have gotten a steady stream of incoming energy designed to help us shift. Many have known about this for a long time while others are just learning or still unaware. A person’s level of awareness is arbitrary. This shift is beyond our control and obviously our complete, collective awareness.

I would bet that if you take a moment to examine what is going on in your life right now, you might notice that you are indeed working on or with your shadow side. What deeply hidden thoughts are coming to the surface for you to look at? For some, it is thinking about what comes next or the end of life. Others are ending relationships, changing jobs, moving to new places. All these acts leave a lot unknown; a lot in the shadows.

The collective is currently dealing with the hidden sex scandals, lies and cover-ups of all sorts. There is something new popping up nearly every day it seems. Friday we were told that on Monday we would see arrests of top officials. While there was no mention of who, this is dealing with the skeletons in the closet. Hidden secrets are coming out.

Uranus has been adding his chaotic, swift changing, impulsivity to things as he opposed the Sun and Jupiter a few days ago and is now opposing Venus. Even the weather is topsy-turvy lately. Last Monday, in my home state of North Carolina, there was a ¾ mile-wide tornado that ripped its way through 23 miles of the foothills of the western Piedmont. The fall leaf color peaked this week and today, just 6 days later, we have our first snowfall. A destructive tornado, beautiful color, and snow all in a week. Amazing!

photo from Brad Panovich, Charlotte, NC

With regards to Thor’s Hammer, if we allow it to work for us, this can really help us progress. If we allow it to help us with heal our deep psychological wounds (like it or not, we all have them), our spiritual awakening will surely get a positive boost. About now, I am thinking of my friend Ruth Hanna and how she is always using the words ease and grace. If we allow this Thor’s Hammer to work its magic for us, we will find that we are living with ease and grace. We will feel more in harmony with the world and more in the flow of things rather than like we are going against the grain all the time. If you are a healer yourself who works with others, this aspect pattern could be a benefit to that healing work.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017, a recently formed T-Square peaks. This aspect has Uranus opposed Vesta, and square to Pluto. The past year or so there has been little discussion of the influence or Uranus and Pluto square. These two have been at odds since 2008 and will continue to be at odds until next year when they finally move out of the orb of influence and move on. They have no doubt stirred things up and left their mark on the world in revolutionary transformational ways. This pattern ends on 11/10 also.

This coming week a few transit aspects that need to be mentioned.

Wednesday the Sun is semi-square Saturn. Saturn is good at blocking things and this is not the exception. Satisfying our ego will be difficult today. If you find yourself feeling discouraged blame this transit. Sit back and wait this one out. It will pass quickly because it involves the fast-moving Sun.

Also on Wednesday, our ego’s planet, the Sun, is sesquiquadrate to the wounded healer, Chiron. This transit can affect our confidence level. On the other hand, we might feel the pull to learn from others or through our own experiences. A fear of being different could cause us problems.

Thursday, Saturn will square Chiron. I’ve said before that Chiron always makes me squirm a little bit. This is no exception mainly because authoritative Saturn is involved. Chiron brings up all sorts of fear and insecurities.  He makes us question if we have enough experience to do our job and be effective doing it. We might want to take a look at where we are susceptible and take steps to close this gap.

Friday Venus is inconjunct Chiron. This could bring some relationship problems to the surface and we might fumble a bit in our expressions of our feeling toward others. A feeling of overall discontent or some problem with money or personal possessions is also possible.

Friday also brings Venus to a sextile aspect with Saturn. This aspect with somewhat balance the inconjunct with Chiron. With this aspect, our relationships and affections are stabilized and more grown up. Older people and those in positions of authority could provide us with some good advise or help. An old friend might show up.

Venus is in the spotlight again on Saturday when she opposes Uranus. This is not a good transit for lasting relationships. Uranus is quite impulsive so any attraction today probably is just a flash in the pan or a one night stand. Avoid impulse buying, something I have to watch constantly since Uranus is my ruling planet.

Venus also aspects Neptune on Saturday. Happiness abounds but so does illusion. Details get lost in Neptune’s fog. Treat this aspect as if it were a veil over us. Like the Venus-Uranus opposition, avoid impulse buying. Also, avoid contracts or any formal agreement.

This weekends with the Full Moon in Taurus. This Moon is peaceful and earthy but the Sun in Scorpio is full of chaos and transformation. The opposition between Venus and Uranus is near perfection at the same time as the Full Moon. Since Venus rules Taurus, this lends additional influence around creativity and passion to the Full Moon.

This week will surely be another interesting one. It seems to be the way things go these days. I plan to make the best of whatever comes my way. I’m almost sure it will all be good and I hope it will be for you too.

Remember to be kind and give a smile to everyone. A smile doesn’t cost a thing.

Astrology for October 22-28, 2017


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This month marks the 5th anniversary of this blog. Being an Aquarian, ruled by Uranus it is hard for me to believe I have stuck with it that long. Astrology is ever changing as we know so perhaps that is what keeps me coming back week after week. Whatever it is, I am glad I still look forward to Sundays and writing about the week ahead.

Earlier this morning I was reading a thread on a Facebook page and the discussion was about Astrology and whether the chart was the most important or the interpretation of it was.  I’ve heard some say Astrology and “art” and not a “science”. Perhaps this is all just semantics. I find I am drawn to the combinations of energy I see represented by the myriad of parts. Science or art, I feel there is a correlation to life and the Universe. Now, let’s take a look at the energy for this week to learn what we could possibly experience in our daily lives. 

First up is Mars moving into Libra today, Sunday, October 22, 2017. Under this influence we tend to turn on the charm to get what we want. I don’t think turning on the charm is going to do much for my allergies but the Libra influence will help me see all sides of hopefully any issue. The only problem here might be choosing a course of action. Libra can make choosing side difficult. None of us wish to be seen at the bad guy.

This Mars transit will be a good one for those of us who enjoy a more mental approach to life in general. Any difficult conversations will be handled with more fineness and style than we might find in other sign transits. The shadow side often shows up as passive-aggressive. This could increase the passive-aggressiveness of the folks for whom this is a normal way of being. Oh MY!

Mercury is semi-square Saturn today too. Saturn is good at blocking things. Today or tomorrow we might notice our communications tend to be blocked, delayed or overly critical in some way. Travel plans might suffer some as well. Do your best to take all this in stride rather than fussing about them. Mercury moves fast so this energy will soon shift to something else.

Monday the Sun moves into Scorpio. I love Scorpio because this is where my ascendant lies. This is the sign that loves to go deep, figure out what makes things work, and uncover the deepest of secrets, and feel the deepest of feelings. Scorpio loves to get to the source of things and he is not interested in the ordinary. He wants what he wants and will do what it takes to get it. At the same time Scorpio honest, loyal, and fair, even though he believes life is not at all fair. Even when he goes after what he wants, he does his best not to cause upset to others.

Scorpio energy is strong-willed. This can be a good thing when dealing change or healing. The shadow side of Scorpio is not pretty. This side is the side that can turn passion into jealousy or manipulation.

Monday also brings us Mercury in aspect with Chiron. Communications can come across as hurtful if we are not careful. If you are like me and already have natal aspects that create a rather blunt tongue, you might want to take an extra breath before you speak Monday. The intention of some communications could be difficult to read.

Venus will be inconjunct Neptune Monday. Seeing what we want to see is the theme of this aspect. This mainly applies to finances and love. There might be some fog or illusion around social interactions. This is not the best aspect under which to make large purchases or serious commitments.

Tuesday Mercury trines Neptune. This aspect uses Neptune’s energy favorably. Imagination and intuition are going to be strong today. Gotta love it when things and people show up in just the right place and time. This is a good day for creativity, advertising, and marketing. So get those cameras, pencils, paint brushes, and paper out and be creative!

Thursday, the Sun inconjunct Jupiter. This will increase all things us. It will increase our ego and our confidence. Some of us might expect more applause and recognition. The positive side of this is that most of us will feel more generous, upbeat, and concerned for others. This energy favors spiritual, cultural, and even legal projects. Grow those important relationships or that business plan. Just don’t get the big head.

Friday Venus is perfectly square Pluto. This energy has actually been with us since late last week so you may have already been feeling some of the things I will bring up. This is due to the orb of influence of the square which is 8 degrees. The orb is the number of degrees on either side of the exact degree that the influence of energy can be felt. This aspect will remain within that orb of 8 degrees until at least November 2nd.

Pluto is outermost and the slowest moving planet, in our solar system. He takes 248 years to make one circle around the zodiac and between 12 and 31 years, (retrogrades depending) to transit one sign. This makes his influence generational. Pluto’s rules Scorpio and the eighth house of sex, death, other people’s money, surgery, the psyche, and how we recover from loss. He is a small planet and a few years ago was demoted from full planet status to being labeled a dwarf planet. However, don’t let the size of this planet lead you to think his influence is also small. That could not be farther from the truth.

This aspect of Venus square Pluto will raise our feelings of jealousy and possessiveness. How’s that for some dark shadow energy? New relationships could have big problems from the start, so this is not the best time for new love. There will be better times ahead, I promise.

Pluto energy is quite intense. Venus loves to be social and also deals with our finances. This aspect could lead to some intense interactions with others and some sort of money changes. I just hope does not mean a financial reduction for any of us. The one thing that is almost for sure is that all of our relationships are prone to intensify in some way. Some of us could become driven, needy, and manipulative. Some will engage in power struggles with others. It is a good thing that Venus moves rather fast. However, don’t forget about that long orb of influence. I sure don’t want to find myself in difficulties with anyone if I can help it.







Astrology for October 15-21, 2017


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Wow! This first week of Jupiter moving into Scorpio has been a real doosey! Last week I explained that Jupiter loves to grow things, make them bigger, or increase the amount of something. Hopefully, this increase is all good but Jupiter can increase anything, good, bad, or ugly.

Scorpio, is a strategist, loves to examine things to see how they work. I have a Scorpio ascendant which I believe gives me my great love of human development and science. One of my childhood friends loved to joke about how I studied things and would get distracted by soap bubbles while washing the dishes. It is true. I loved to watch the swirl of colors on the surface of a bubble and see that surface slowly deteriorate, then burst.

Scorpio is also known for having a strong desire for intimacy. This does not mean they constantly have sex on the brain or anything like that. True, sex and passion are strong with Scorpios but intimacy to them means closeness, rapport, familiarity, deep friendships, and yes, affection. Scorpios want to know what makes a person tick and tends to act as their own psychologist. They offer the same service to their friends, whether they want it or not. This can turn into a shadow aspect if the Scorpio is not careful.

Jupiter’s role in all this Scorpio-ness over the next year or so is going to mean that lots of secrets and information that has been kept secret will be brought to light. True to the Jupiter in Scorpio energy, we have seen some interesting things come to light already in the form of sex scandals. 

First, it was news that Cardinal Pell was in court for child sex crimes and drugs. Then more information about the Hollywood movie producer takes center stage in the news. I am not sure we have seen the end of his trail of victims come forward. Regardless, there will be more this hidden secrets come to light in the weeks to come. Wonder what will turn up?

Looking forward to what is coming this week, things are moving. The days of there being much down or quiet time seem to be over. The planets seem to be a very active cycle of late. I am not sure this will let up anytime soon either. But we will see, won’t we? The one thing I am certain of is that whatever is going on the heavens, it is perfectly moving us to our divine evolution, and that is a good thing.

This is the last week of Sun in Libra. Our last chance to work out those relationship kinks and for finding balance in them, or letting go of those that no longer serve us. Some of us may have noticed some of the Libra Sun’s shadow side. I think we have definitely seen this playing out in the news the past few weeks. The shadow side of those transit is selfishness, superficiality, passive-aggressiveness, and being unable to make a rational decision. By the end of this week, we should begin to feel this energy shift as the Sun transits the last degrees of Libra before moving into Scorpio next Monday.

This Monday is not very active. There is just one aspect of note. The Sun will sextile Saturn. This is good for feeling and being well grounded with a healthy side of discipline. Getting things done is easier only because we are more stabilized have more focus. Progress will be rather slow, however.

Tuesday Mercury moves into Scorpio. This is an aspect for deep thinkers and deep thinking. Mercury will help us find the hidden truths and uncover secrets. Notice if you find yourself looking more intently into things than you might usually. Many of us will feel almost driven to deep inspection during the next few weeks. This transit takes to our intellectual and analytical depts and it feels good. The shadow side is that some of us can become hyper-focused and single-minded, even obsessive about finding answers. Try not to go this far, OK? Few folks enjoy being around people who are obsessive.

Tuesday Mars is inconjunct Uranus. This will no doubt cause some restless feelings among the masses, especially those who have strong Uranus in their charts like I do. Don’t let impatience cause problems. Just be aware of the possibility and prepare for it.

Wednesday brings us a conjunction between Mercury and Jupiter. This could help many of us see the “big picture”. This is also a good day to travel and we will probably view the glass as half full too. This positive attitude could help some manifest good things. Keep your eyes and your heart on the positive as much as possible. It is a good thing no matter what you apply it too!

If you are looking for new job, new school, a way to present a new plan or idea, get those applications and thoughts out today. Verbal communications are a breeze today. This is a great day to formulate any long-term plans and evaluating what is really important to us.

Thursday the Sun is opposing Uranus. This will cause some doubt about how effective we are. Be careful not to allow doubt to cloud your thinking or make you feel guilty. This is our the Sun, our ego dealing with Uranus, the planet of change. Expect anything and be open to new paths but at the same time, don’t move too fast with the decisions. One thing is for sure, you probably won’t get bored today.

The second aspect for Thursday is the Sun sesquiquadrate Neptune. By now you probably know that Neptune represents illusion. Today it will be difficult to see our goals clearly. Instead, try something more creative and artistic. This will be a good day for following our spiritual side. Try to avoid things that take a great deal of concentration or focus. These include surgery, job interviews, and launching new projects.

Lastly, but very importantly, there is a New Moon today, October 19, 2017. This Moon is in Libra. New Moon’s are always times of new beginnings. When the New Moon is in Libra we have the opportunity to change our lives in valuable ways. Libra asks us to find harmony with others. I know this is not always possible or even desired sometimes. But as long as we are able to find peace and harmony within ourselves, I think we are doing pretty well. Regardless, this Moon is about finding harmony in all things and with all people. Do your best and don’t beat yourself up for what you can’t accomplish. 



Astrology for October 11-14, 2017


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Many of my conversations lately seem to touch on the interesting amount of energy coming to us from a variety of sources.

Currently, one-half of our planets are transiting Virgo or Libra. Venus and Mars are both in the later degrees of Virgo. The Sun, of course, is in Libra and joined there by Mercury and Jupiter. Jupiter however, is about to make a significant shift into Scorpio. This will take place on Wednesday, October 11, 2017. Jupiter will remain in Scorpio through Nov. 8, 2018. Why am I calling this a significant shift? Let’s go over some the characteristics of Scorpio first.

The sign of Scorpio is represented by the scorpion. To me, this represents an easy going person who is slow to anger or blow off steam. But, look out then this pot boils. This is when you will see the scorpion come out and strike! Sounds like someone to avoid I know but actually, Scorpio energy is pretty cool for the most part.

Scorpio is a fixed sign, meaning its doesn’t waver. They are happy to work quietly until their goals are met. Scorpio and fixed sign people are both determined and stubborn. There is sometimes a my-way-or the highway aspect can lead to problems dealing with others or the outside world. If you also have Aquarius, Taurus, or Leo prominent in your chart, you get a double dose of stubborn like I do. This can be a challenge area we need to work on so we don’t end up in a funk all the time.

Scorpio rules the eighth house. This is an equal opportunity house. It puts mergers, sex, death, and rebirth on a level playing field. In this house death does not always mean a physical death, it can mean the death of self, as when two people join together. There is no real shadow-side to this house either. This house is about feeling everything with equal depth and intensity.

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and Mars. When we add the energy of these two planets to the energy of the eight house we begin to see the strong, wonderful patterns and energy they have to offer us. Pluto is in charge of transformation, death and rebirth, secrets and all things hidden. Pluto loves to push us down to our depths to discover our true selves and the truths of others. He is a bit like a psychologist.

Mars brings us the characteristic of Scorpio that is stubborn, stings, and fights back when pushed too far. He lends passion to the mix and makes Scorpio one of the sexiest signs of the zodiac. Mars is all action. He pushes us to do things. In this house, he pushes us into our own personal transformation through death and rebirth of self. He knows the only way we can be our authentic, self-actualized self is if we go beyond the veil of self and deep into what makes us really tick. There is that psychologist again.

Now that we are more familiar with Scorpio. . . enter Jupiter! Jupiter known as the great benefic, loves to give us more of everything, especially the energy of this sign he is transiting or any planet he is in aspect with. This past week we saw some of this energy even before Jupiter was in Scorpio. The sexual misconduct charges against a Vatican diplomat, Cardinal George Pell, was in the news last week. This is definitely going deep into hidden secrets and bringing them to the surface and into the light. In my spiritual circles, we say this is being brought into the light to be transmuted into light.

The areas of our lives that will be most affected by this 13-month transit will be our intimate relationships, investments, inheritance, death, and rebirth on all levels. This includes psychological, mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. We also might notice an increased interest in astrology, numerology, and seeking the assistance of a trained practitioner. This is someone who specializes in one of the many methods of helping us recognize and work with our inner darkness or shadow-side.

We can also expect the characteristics of Jupiter to come into focus through the end of the year. Jupiter rules philosophy, adventure, higher learning, foreign travel, joy, and celebration. Remember energy goes where attention flows so dive right into any of these things that excite you. I’ll take joy and celebration for $1000, please! Gotta do something to allay my suspicions around this month.

This week’s aspects begin today with Mercury conjunct the Sun and Venus square Saturn. Mercury conjunct the Sun is aligning our thoughts what we say or write has a huge impact. That can be a good thing or bad thing. Communications are open and crisp. Some of us will talk a bit too much today.

Venus square Saturn is difficult aspect challenges our manifesting our desires. It also represents difficulty in socializing. Saturn puts the brakes on our affections and makes us sensitive to rejection. The next few days are not going to be good ones for any new financial ventures.

Monday brings us Mercury square Pluto and Sun square Pluto. Mercury square Pluto can throw shade onto our perspective and ability to read things clearly. Our suspicions tend to magnify little things out of proportion. Slow down and take another look and get a clearer perspective. This clearer perspective could, however, be a bit difficult because this aspect can bring about some emotional stress. Make every attempt not to force our thoughts on others. The best part of this aspect is that it will provide an opportunity to have deep conversations. My favorite kind!

The Sun square Pluto energy is quite impatient and compulsive. Allow things to unfold in their own time. Otherwise, you may find yourself beating your head against a wall. Real power comes from within not from what we can get from others or make others do. Trust the Universe to guide you.

Tuesday’s big aspect is Jupiter beginning to enter Scorpio which I have already discussed, and Venus opposing Chiron. Venus opposed Chiron means possible disappointments in our love life simply because we are aware of instability and unbalance. We could find ourselves wondering if our romantic feelings are mutually received.

Wednesday, Jupiter is in Scorpio, Mars is square Saturn, and Venus is inconjunct Uranus. Mars square Saturn slows us down in the action and aggression department. We will most likely feel like it is taking more effort to get things done than they should. And they probably are.

Venus inconjunct Uranus means impulsive spending. It also means we want more freedom and less commitment. Issues of intimacy can come up now too. Do we want exciting relationships, more time to ourselves, or more freedom? Any way you look at this, we hesitate to ruffle anyone’s feathers.

Thursday Mercury sextiles Saturn. This aspect will help us get organized and do any detailed work that needs to be attended to. We can always depend on Saturn to be a taskmaster. This aspect is sure to get some good results because our decisions have been carefully considered.

Saturday, Venus enters Libra, Mercury is inconjunct Chiron. I will discuss Venus in Libra next week and end this week’s forecast with Mercury inconjunct Chiron. Chiron is the wounded healer and is really trying to serve us right. He pushes us to deal with our demons and heal our wounds. This aspect can cause difficulties in our decision making. We might feel as if we are unable to be as effective as we would like because it is hard to read the real intention of our communications and lead to a few misunderstandings.

I hope all this helps you navigate your week ahead. I also hope this week is less stressful on the collective than the past week was. I have to hope at least. Whatever you do, do it with a smile and with love in your heart. Until next week, be safe!

Astrology for October 1-7, 2017


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Welcome to October! Hard to believe we are now entering the last quarter of this year.

The leaves are beginning to turn and the end of the week has brought a cool front eastward. And I’m enjoying the pollen count being lower and these cooler temperatures. 

I hope at least some of you read the extra post a couple of weeks ago about the planetary alignment that took place on the 23rd. Some people thought this day was going to be “the end of the world”. Now, I never thought that but I do think this is a red flag for the beginning of a period of BIG shifts and big earth changes.

Ice core samples can take us back 400, 000 yrs and provide us with lots of information through the ages. Many of us believe that our current erratic weather patterns are in large part blamed on greenhouse gases caused by pollution. Scientists have discovered patterns in the ice core samples that indicate we have been through extreme weather cycles like we are in now, several times before.

The pattern seems to cycle through about every 25,000-26,000 years. These samples also show that when carbon levels are high, the earth is lush and green. Carbon is great for the plant world. They thrive on it and this makes me wonder why we are told carbon emissions are so bad? The problem comes when there is not enough plant life to handle the carbon in the air or when plants start producing more carbon than they take in.  Think about how the Amazon rainforests and other places have been destroyed in the name of progress. 

A few days ago a friend sent me a link that brings to mind that famous phrase: “Houston, we have a problem”. I have not had an opportunity fact-check this but, at the least, this article is food for thought.         http://ind.pn/2yLw7Kx

Weather and politics are big topics among almost all astrologers lately. Most are saying the planets are lending their energy to what is going on with both but I tend to stick to just the weather and avoid political discussions.Weather seems to be enough for me to deal concentrate on.  Unfortunately, this powerful weather also means that many of us suffer in some way. Are there really enough resources to handle it all?

The three hurricanes this summer have put extreme pressure on the agencies designed to provide help and recovery assistance. Perhaps Florida came out the best of all the areas affected but Puerto Rico is a disaster,  the likes of which we have never seen in this country. I truly feel the planetary alignment last week in Virgo is a prophetic sign of more to come. If you disagree, I totally understand.

My earthquake app has been going wild this week. Every day I get alerts about quakes all around the ring of fire that measure 5.0 or above. Bali is on pins and needles right now, awaiting the eruption of Mount Agnung. Over 140,000 people who have evacuated their home are now being told by authorities to return home. Hundreds of earthquakes have been detected at the base of the mountain and people are being told the activity remains “high but stable”.

This week in astrology Venus is the highlight. The two areas these planet rules are love and money. This includes the love of money. With this aspect, I am expecting lots of greed to rise up and show itself. Watch for this to play out on the world stage. My guess is, it won’t be pretty but one can always hope.

Venus ‘s big week begins with a trine with Pluto on Tuesday, October 3. This puts our relationships under the magnifying glass for close inspection. The good news is, this aspect is great of making long-term commitments, being positive, and, wait for it. . . . my favorite. . . going deep. Yes!

Mundane stuff is necessary I know but I excited by the mechanisms that drive us to behave the way we do. Those that had rather not think of these things, also don’t want to go deep or talk to me very often. Regardless of what category you fall into, use this aspect as best you can. This is your last time this year these planets will be in an amiable aspect.

Thursday is the annual Harvest Moon. This is the first Full Moon after the fall equinox. It is also the joyous Jewish holiday of Sukkot, Feast of Booths, or Feast of Tabernacles. In the Jewish tradition, feasts are believed to be ‘signs’ or ‘appointed times’ and used as a theme by the prophets. Many holidays in many religious faiths, like this one, are also associated with the lunar calendar.

This Full Moon is in Libra and it is joined in the sky with the bi-annual conjunction of Venus and Mars. This could put the focus on a desire for a close relationship. Your increased passion, tenderness, and sensuality will help boost your chances of finding new love.

This is also a good time to be creative and begin a new art project. With Mars being about action, this is a great time for the more physical artistic expressions like dance or sculpture. This could also include sprucing up the homestead and being creative in the garden area. Parties are welcome now too.

Next Sunday, look out! Venus squares Saturn. This makes us take a look at our responsibilities. Looks don’t matter right now. Many of us will feel the need to examine how we care for ourselves. It is important to remember that the best way to take care of others is by caring for ourselves.

That takes care of the Venus aspects. Now, let’s move to the other planets.

Wednesday the Sun is inconjunct Neptune. Anytime Neptune is involved we experience the energy of illusion. Things can get fuzzy. Concentration can be difficult and it can be hard to express ourselves clearly. Misunderstandings are often the rule rather than the exception and our confidence is shaky.

Friday we have Mercury inconjunct, Neptune. More indecision and doubt, especially in our communications. I get the shivers when I think about this and the collective or the world stage. Who knows what can happen there?

The other thing that comes to mind is “thank goodness it’s Friday”. This a day for daydreams. Don’t expect too much productivity. It is going to be a real struggle to get things done today.

The last aspect for this, week once again, involves Neptune. This time Uranus is semi-square Neptune. This transit brings inspired energy to the end of the week. Just what some of us need. Uranus energy can, however,  be somewhat antsy, particularly if our ambition has faded. This just means it might be time to dream up something new. Uranus likes love crazy stuff but in this transit, crazy, unbalanced projects might not last too long. Wishing each of you a grand week ahead! 

Wishing each of you a grand week ahead! Get out and enjoy some of the many cultural and creative events that take place this time of year. Howl at the Harvest Moon.  Remember to be kind to one another and smile. Until next week. . . Peace ❤

Astrology for September 24-30, 2017


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Welcome to Libra energy! We are, however, still under the Virgo New Moon energy and the energy of three planets transiting Virgo for another 10 days or so We can use this Virgo energy to help us get organized and attend to the details of our lives. If there are life changes you need to make, especially in the areas of health and wellness, now it the time to do it.

The Sun, our true self, has moved into Libra energy. Libra is represented by the scales. Libra love balance and harmony. Libra is also about relationships, compromise, meeting the other guy halfway so we can resolve the conflicts, and can mirror ourselves. The best way to find our balance is in your relationships with others and in art. Some of my favorite art events take place this time of year.

Please don’t mistake Libra for being all peaceful and lovey-dovey. Sometimes restoring balance is not easy and requires difficult decision-making in order to create the balance this sign desires. Libra considers all sides and aspects of a situation and this can take a lot of time to do. Libra is not fond of making waves or being the cause of anyone’s aggravation. He prefers to show consideration, have some style, and sociable grace.

The shadow side of the Sun in Libra is being self-centered and self-serving. He can also have a difficult time making decisions. And if you see someone being superficial, well that a shadow trait if Libra too.

at the end of this week Mercury will end his transit of Virgo and join the Sun in Libra, so let’s take a look at what is coming when he changes signs. He is leaving a sign he is at home in for one that makes him squirm a bit but it’s not bad or should I say, it’s all good?

This transit is about diplomacy and being pleasant to be around. In other words, friendly. Our personal relationships become more logical and coherent. Libra holds Mercury back a bit in the area of decision-making. Libra just has to consider both sides you know.

The drawback then is that we go with the other guy’s opinion instead of our own in order to keep the peace. On the other hand, why would we not consider the other guy’s opinion? Libra is all about balance and harmony after all. The shadow side is that we come off looking bad if we are aggressive.

Venus moved into Virgo just a week ago. We tend to show our love in more practical ways like doing the errands, the dishes, and taking out the trash. (I know girls, I’m not holding my breath either). The point is that Virgo, an earth sign, gives Venus a purpose and pushes her to be more functional and less focused on drama.

The shadow side of this transit is feeling guilty if we focus are too selfish.and don’t stay in the moment. In some of us, self-consciousness will the downfall.
W also will need to keep a close eye on whether we are being too critical of our partners and those around us. Don’t get picky and don’t be a worry wart.

Mars if Virgo is hard working. He is, after all, about action. Mars in Virgo almost drive to work on the details. There is also a drive to do the right thing at just the right time. Nothing like the feeling of a job well done is there? Mars in Virgo pays close attention to how his performance and tends to be very choosy about how things get done. Try not to go overboard with the details. It can drive anyone a bit bonkers.

Monday Mercury is square Saturn. This can mean obstacles prevent us from going from one place to another. Stern Saturn can delay or completely block our progress and our ability to communicate. Some things we thought we had completed might actually need to be tweaked a bit more. Trusting our instincts might be difficult today.

Wednesday Jupiter is sesquiquadrate Neptune. You know Jupiter is probably going to attempt an expansion of whatever energy he is working with at any given moment. Illusion and fantasy are always lurking with Neptune. However, this time we can be easily misled by other people. This aspect can cause disorganization, difficulty in seeing actual details, overstatement, deception, and even excessiveness.

Mercury opposes Chiron the same day. Don’t take things personally today. It’s hard to know what someone is really trying to say on a good day but when Mercury is opposite Chiron, that is almost a guarantee. Just be aware of this uncertainty and move on with caution.

Thursday Jupiter is opposite Uranus. This energy has been with us all year but today it is in perfection. This is energy expands our demand for personal freedom. Anything that gets in the way of our having fun or doing what we want will most likely be met with some form of rebellion. Oppositions are antagonistic. Jupiter expands and Uranus is about quick change that is sometimes shocking. It would not be unreasonable to expect some major change in our personal lives or big changes on the world stage.

Thursday is not finished with Uranus yet. Mercury is inconjunct Uranus. This will likely cause some misunderstandings, uncertainty, and get under some folks skin.

Also on Thursday, Pluto goes direct after five months being retrograde. The lord of the underworld is awake again. Look out world! Pluto might be a demoted and small, dwarf planet but he can sure pack a punch so be prepared. ! Big things are likely to happen. What has been hiding out of sight and out of mind in our lives and the collective, are about to come to rise up to the light of day. Then we can see them for what they are. The shadow side of this is preoccupation and obsession. Watch for this character to show up in your daily lives in the coming days. When a planet shifts direction, the energy if often quite powerful.

Friday brings us an opposition between Venus and Neptune. Illusion is almost a theme this week. This aspect can mean trouble for love and money as we seem to be seeing things through rose colored glasses. One of the best traits if this aspect is are not interested in anything unpleasant or uncouth. The shadow side is deception. This applies both personally as well at to the collective.

Venus sesquiquadrate Uranus. This transits aspect will bring with it some unlikely attractions to people or things. This could be interesting, could it not? This also represents intimacy versus freedom. This is a familiar thing for me due to where Venus is in my natal chart. The good news is that this can mean that change will bring something new that might enhance our happiness and independence.

Saturday Venus will trine Jupiter. Venus wants to see and be seen. But she can be prideful thanks to Jupiter’s expansive qualities. Watch your spending and hold off on impulse buying. If there are personal problems now they likely won’t be resolved today. Wait a few days for the energy to completely move out. Doing too much can be a problem. So can saying too much or overstating our feelings. Sometimes we won’t be able to deliver on our words.

Whew! The weeks seem to be packed full of energy lately. Please remember to take good care of yourselves but eating healthy foods, drinking a lot of clean water and sleeping when you need to. I have found over the past few years that sometimes I need to stop and nap in the afternoons in order to get the sleep I need. Some night sleep just won’t come.

Remember to smile, be kind and show love to all you come in contact with. We are in Libra and the other guy is just your reflection after all.

September 7-23, 2017 Part ii


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I decided to write a second message this week because I would like to recognize the plight of others, not just those in Texas or Florida. Earth changing energy is and has been strong this summer. It has helped create many life-changing events for people around the globe. The second topic relates to a cosmic alignment this Friday that seems to correspond to a passage of Biblical prophecy. I usually avoid the topic of religion because I feel that is a personal thing but this time it relates to the cosmos and astrology. Plus it is a point of curiosity.

First the Earth Changing stuff:

The energy that has been coming into the Earth this summer is showing itself in so many ways. It is difficult to keep up with it all. As a collective, we seem to all be in a general state of overwhelm. The following is not meant to add to the overwhelm. Instead, the intention is to provide some perspective and understanding.

Energy from the eclipses, as well as from the planetary aspects and patterns this summer, played out in quite powerful ways. The past couple of days my earthquake app has alerted me to several earthquakes in the Oaxaca and Chiapas regions of Mexico. Just this morning I got an alert about another 5.6 quake in Oaxaca area. The devastation from these earthquakes is vast.

Here in the U.S., we seem to be focused on hurricane damage in Houston, the entire state of Florida and parts of the southeast. Now there is a new hurricane that appears to be taking the same path Irma did. Folks on the East and Gulf Coasts are so focused on what is going on it their own regions that people in our Western most states are feeling ignored. They too are experiencing huge life-changing devastation from fires.

Photos of Eagle Creek, Oregon







The states of Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, and Montana are battling huge fires. There are also fires in Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, and Nevada. When all these burned out areas are hit with big rains next spring or before, there will be massive landslides and more threat to life and property.

Remember, we are all connected. Where there is suffering and strife, we all feel it and are affected even if we are unaware of this connection. Now, let’s take a look elsewhere.

Many other parts of the world have experienced similar flooding events that are probably going unnoticed by many of us. This year has been a big one for monsoons around the world. Places like Pearl City, Illinois, and Harrisburg, Pensylvania that never have monsoons have had monsoon-like rains this summer.

In July Istanbul, Turkey was hit by a severe storm that pummeled 3.5-inch hail and heavy rains on the city leaving 10 injured and a great deal of damage behind.

In mid-August, 300 people were killed in flash flooding in Sierra Leone. One week ago the Tuscan port town of Livorno, Italy was hit with a sever and a nearly stationary storm that caused heavy flooding and landslides. Six are reported dead and two are missing.

This past Monday, September 11, 2017, the storm that hit Italy made its way to Zadra, Croatia where is dumped heavy rains and caused unprecedented flash flooding.

September 15, 2017, saw typhoon Doksuri made landfall in northern Viet Nam. Winds were 92 mph with gusts reported at up to 185 mph. 100,000 people were evacuated ahead of the storm. Damage from the storm is extensive and still being evaluated but it looks like 200,000 homes have been flooded or submerged, 5000 lost roofs, and around 20 have collapsed.

My astrology skills are not expert enough to give you an astrological blow by blow on why these things have happened. Neptune which represents water and is transiting his home sign of Pisces had been in difficult, big energy producing aspects all summer. Aspects that lead the way for big storms and flooding. I can tell you that Astrology deals with the entire planet, not just my area of the US or yours, or wherever you are. Please send your prayers, healing, good vibes, and best intentions to these places, these people, and the whole planet.

Energy also comes to us from the Sun. A few days ago I noticed there was a huge coronal hole over the northern hemisphere of the Sun. This means trouble. When a coronal hole sends a wave of magnetic energy our way it can affect us physically and mentally, as well as affect our electrical grid and satellite function. For more on this check out: https://www.spaceweatherlive.com/en/help/what-is-a-coronal-hole

The other reason for this week’s second post is my curiosity.  I am daring a venture into an area of discussion I usually try to avoid but it is related to astrology so why not?  

The topic is theology/religion, and specifically eschatology. Escatology is a subject I have been interested in and have studied since I was 12 or 13. While I no longer spend a great deal of time on this topic, there are times, like now, that something comes along and points me back to what I learned when I was deeply into this study.

You may or may not be aware that the Bible has many references to astrology and the skies. Currently there is a great deal of internet discussion about one passage in particular because it coinsides with what is going on in the cosmos this coming Friday September 23, 2017. Be asured, the world is NOT going to end regardless of the internet chatter predicting that end. No, no, NO! !

However, when I first came across this chatter a couple of weeks ago, it took me back to a time 20- 25 years ago when first learned about this passage and its potential prophetic implications. Today I am leaving these implications for you to discover on your own if you choose to. My goal is to relate this information to real time astrology.

The verse that is causing all this upraoar is Revelations 12: 1-2 which says  And a great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of 12 stars. She was pregnant and was crying out in birth pains and the agony of giving birth. Surprisingly, it appears that the planets and stars will align in just this way on Friday, September 23, 2017.

You might be asking things like “Doesn’t this happen every year?” or “ Doesn’t this happen every so often?” As far as I can tell the answer to this is “no it does not”. In this passage, the woman is thought to the constellation Virgo. The constellation Leo always appears to be above her head. The constellation Leo has nine stars by traditional standards. I have heard some modern astronomers say Leo has at least 12 or 13 stars. I am sticking to the original nine however, and hopfully viewing this in the same way the folks in the Biblical days did.

If you would like to see a cosmic view without going outside, there is a really good, open source program called “Stellarium” you can download. I have used it for about 8 yrs now and love it for just this sort of thing. It is very user friendly. Just click the various icons to get the view what you want.


The Stellarium Mobile app is less than $3. This will not give you the extensive views of big app but is good for backyard star gazers and general information.

If you look at an astrology chart for September 23, you will see Venus, Mars, Mercury, Sun, Jupiter, and the Moon all fairly close to each other, but distributed around in three different signs. For now, the fact they are in three different signs is irrelvevant. Stellarium helps us view the satrs and planets in the actual constellations.

The Sun is shining on Virgo so we take this to mean she is “clothed with the Sun”. The constellation Leo is indeed above Virgo’s head. The three missing stars in the crown seem to represented by transiting Venus, Mars, and Mercury. The planet Jupiter is passing between her legs. While I would not say Jupiter is moving directly center between her legs, he is between them none the less. The last piece is that the Moon will be near Virgo’s feet on the 23rd.

Could it be this Friday will indeed fullfill this Biblical prophecy? I can’t say for sure but it does appear that way. Jupiter’s trip around the galaxy takes a 11.8 yrs. I used the Stellarium app to view Jupiter’s transit through Virgo in 2029 and the last time he transited her in 2005. Twelve stars in the her crown were not to be seen, just the nine stars located in the constellation of Leo. Only this year does it appear there are twelve cosmic bodies above Virgo’s head. The missing three are represented by the planets Venus, Mars, and Mercury. As you can see in this screenshot from Stellarium, all three are in a line and therefore sharing their individual energy to each other and the whole configuration. The very last 

The very last point of interest or as the woo-woo folks say, synchronicity, it that this alignment takes place on the last day of Rosh Hashanah. If you have ever studies eschatology, you might have noticed a lot of things coinside with Hewbrew holy days. 

For now, this is all I have on this topic. The internet has plenty so please help yourself to further research if this is of interest to you. If not then just find this an interesting aspect of this week’s transits. 

Intuitively I feel this alignment has a great deal of significance. Exactly what that significance is I am not going to speculate on. I will leave the speculation to you.