Astrology for April 23-29, 2017


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April showers have arrived! The air is getting a good washing and I am so happy. I hope this makes the grass seed in the trunk of my car grow fast. Hahaha! Yes! I neglected to get it to its designated spots before the rains came. Maybe I will do that later when it slacks off some.

The week ahead holds a New Moon in Taurus at 8:16 am on Wednesday. If you have anything really important to begin this week, the time period between 7:46 am and 8:46 am is the best time to begin.

The Sun is 3 degrees into its transit of Taurus today. This sign is very organized and grounded. This is not surprising since Taurus is an Earth sign. Not all Taurus people possess this characteristic, however. There could be influences in one’s natal chart that might cause any organizational characteristics to take on a more chaotic expression.

Taurus people are like plants. They require a lot of security, although I if you ask many of them they will deny this. They often forget that their acts of defending and resisting are directly related to their own security.

Taurus, like all signs they many great qualities. One of them that I am most fond of is loyalty, especially when it comes to those they hold close. Their friendship often spans decades, even lifetimes. The shadow side is being bullheaded and possessive. Occasionally, to their detriment, these characteristics can cause Taurus people to hold on to something long after its benefit is complete. They are good at starting things and not so good at completing them.

And did I mention bullheaded? And stubborn? Just kidding….I love all my Taurus friends so much because we share these characteristics. 

Mercury is retrograde in Aries. Mercury is the planet closest to the Sun and is one of three planets between us and the Sun. These three planets, Mercury, Venus, and Mars are considered personal planets because they greatly affect the individual.

Mercury is the planet of communication. This encompasses, all forms of communication whether it is written, spoken; in person, or with the aid of technology. There have been many examples of problematic communications in the news recently.

I personally had a communication problem on Wednesday last week. I pulled into a station for gas and filled up for the coming week or so. Once I was finished and ready to leave, I realized I had locked my keys in my car. AAA Carolinas came to my rescue but when I looked at my natal and transit for that day and that time, the explanation was clear. Mercury was opposite my natal Neptune. This could have been a factor in my lack of attention to the details. It is always best to adopt a chilled attitude during a Mercury retrograde. Delays of one sort of another are so, so common.

Another aspect of this particular Mercury transit is the prolonged interaction between him, Uranus and Saturn. Both of these outer planets affect the collective more than the individual usually. When an inner planet is in aspect, however, this directs the energy inward and magnifies a more individual effect.

Monday Mars will be in perfect trine with Saturn. Saturn will assist us with some realism and clarity of thought. If you have things to do this week that require structure, detail, or organization, this transit could be the one that helps the most. The shadow side of this could be some blue feelings. There will surely be some sweet victories this week to balance any blues.

Thursday, Mars will be sesquiquadrate Pluto. This aspect is known to cause us to be extra sensitive to outside influences. External stimulus seems strong right now so I suggest focusing on joy. Channel your thoughts towards what brings you joy. For me, this is love, peace, creativity, nature, and sharing good times with good people.

Friday, Mercury is conjunct. If your week becomes a bit busier than you expected, you might need to take a look at how this aspect triggers your natal chart. For me, this is going to opposite my natal Neptune. I can probably expect some more head in the clouds time this week so I will need to pay extra close attention to details.

For the rest of you, the general energy of this aspect is increased understanding of rational ideas and misconceptions. Be aware this could overload the senses of some people. If you are highly sensitive, you might want to pay close attention to how your thoughts might be stressing you out. If you become more scatter-brained than usual, impulsive, or impatient, you might need to stop thinking so much. Get out and find some form of distraction like a walk in the park or some gardening.

Intuition will be quite accurate and some of us will notice we have the right plan at just the right time. Overall, when channeled in a positive way, this energy will lead to lots of creativity and originality. It is expression is forward thinking, open minded, inclusive. I can hardly wait!

In posts over the past few months, I have talked about noticing a rise in earthquake activity. This has continued. This past week did show a bit fewer than in the previous 2-3 weeks but what I have noticed taking its place is a rise in Sun activity.

It wasn’t too long ago that I read an email telling me that the Sun’s activity was at an unexpected low. That low does not seem to be continuing. Nearly every day I get notices from my apps that alert me to CME activity that is large enough to have a noticeable affect other our magnetic field. The magnetic field directly affects the planet and one trickle down effect is increased quake activity.

You might wonder how all this happens. Well, hold on. I’m about to tell you. 

You have no doubt heard of sunspots. You’ve probably heard of Solar Flares too.

Sunspots are viewed in NSAS photos as dark spots on the Sun. They are dark because they are 2 million Kelvin cooler than the surface of the Sun or the photosphere.

A Coronal Mass Ejection is an eruption from a hot spot or solar flare on the photosphere. This eruption releases particles we call plasma. This release creates a force known as solar wind. This can all be seen with special coronagraphic tools used by NASA. The larger and more powerful the release of plasma, the stronger the effect in our magnetic field.

The most noticeable way for us to know when these storms hit our atmosphere is when we see the auroras and colors in the sky we call the “Northern Lights”. The reason these are seen only around the poles is because this is where our magnetosphere is most greatly affected. Most often the effects are limited to the upper atmosphere.

Not all CME’s hit us. Most don’t come close, or are not direct hits and therefore only glance our atmosphere. When they are direct and strong, scientists pay close attention. This is when the lower atmosphere can also be affected.

This is lower atmosphere hit can cause problems with electronic equipment and even affect human behavior. We have an internal electrical system after all. Just think about the heart and the brain.

I will stop now because if I go farther, this ends up being an apocalyptic post rather than as astrological one. (Maybe I already went too far?) but if you wish to learn more… are a few links for your edification. (1).pdf

I hope you enjoy this last week of April. We are close to halfway through spring! Where has it gone?

I’m grateful for spell check because I’m not great at spelling. 

Astrology for April 16-22, 2017


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The past week has many of us have been celebrating Passover and Easter. A significant number has also been on spring break. I personally can’t remember ever celebrating spring break but I have enjoyed having time off from school in the past. I did have Friday off this week and used it to do chores. I’m feeling accomplished.

Astrologically, this coming week is brings us several energy shifts and changes. 

But first let’s take a deep breath and notice that Venus is now direct, as of April 15,2017. I hope you used the retrograde time to look over your relationships, finances and your self-esteem. Has your point of view about what you value changed? Do you see your own worth differently?

Whatever took place in your life since Venus’ retrograde on March 4, 2017, it is not time to move forward. Venus direct is asking us to move on from those situations that hold us in a patterns of hurt. If you experienced relationship difficulties during this retrograde, it is time to forgive yourself and the other person or persons. Realize there is no such thing as perfection and stop opening up those old wounds. The release you will feel is amazing. I am feeling so much better myself. 

I need to warn you that Venus is not finished with us just yet. Friday, she perfects the square aspect she has been moving toward for some time with Saturn. Saturn is somewhat stiff with his rules and regulations. He puts limits on us. The might could make it hard to get what we want. There could be some negativity that holds us back and some of our socializing might not turn out as well as we had hoped. This aspect can lead to us be more sensitive to rejection and cause us to seek some emotional distance.

This will also be a good time to avoid any new financial ventures. And, don’t forget that Mercury is retrograde and increases the prospects of this being an unfavorable time to start things. I would be sad if you created some sort of money pit for yourself. Things are often difficult enough without our pushing that envelope.

Now lest back track a bit to Sunday 4/16/2017.

Mars will be sextile to Chiron, the wounded healer. This aspect will stimulate our healing process as we attempt to recover from all the relationships issues that were brought on by Venus retrograde. Ths energy also creates the desire toward cooperation, to take positive action, teach, and defend or help not only ourselves but others as well. This is very good energy and I hope now that you know about it, you find positive ways to use it.

Venus conjunct Chiron on Sunday so this means that Mars will also sextile Venus. This energy with further assist with our relationship and personal healing and make us feel all warm and sexy. This energy also spreads positive energy on finances but with so much other energy against this, I would not give this too much thought, but it does leave the door open to possibility, and that is always a good thing.

This energy is also good for creating long-lasting relationships connections that are successful and prosperous. Our creativity might also be stimulated. Get those juices flowing and make something beautiful.

Monday, the Sun is trine Saturn. Feeling productive might be difficult but this is good energy for being able to stick to a task. Productivity is slow but sure. I feel as if this is my life these days, except some days I don’t feel like I have gotten much of anything done.

Side bar:  This is not Saturn’s fault or the Sun’s however, it is just the way things are now and I think it could have more to do with vibration of the Earth going up to around 35 MHz than the planetary aspects.

Monday Mars moves into and inconjunct aspect to Saturn. Try not to force a concern. This energy is going to be like a city bus….stop and go, stop and go. This could also create indecisive or fretful thoughts that can slow down our drive toward action. It’s all good so just ride this one out.

Tuesday the Sun is semi square Neptune. We tend to lose our focus and our center. This is a great day for creative projects and spiritual quests. With things so fuzzy now, avoid scheduling important meeting, operations or procedures, or beginning new projects. Sounds like a good day to meditate to me.

Wednesday we leave the Aries energy behind and move into the more earth and grounded energy of Taurus. Taurus is known for being stubborn too, little wonder this sign is represented by the bull. This sign is at is best when it is defending things. They also love feeling secure and take pride in their home and surroundings being comfortable retreats.     

While Taurus has a great deal of determination, loyal to friends and family, and loves things that last, the shadow side can stop us dead in our tracks. The dark side of Taurus in extremely possessive and stubborn like nothing else. This is why Taurus is known for being bull headed and sometimes acts like a bull in a china shop. This is not a pretty sight!

Thursday, retrograde Mercury conjuncts the Sun. This is a good time for solving person problems. We should also be cautious of what we say or write today too. Our communications are precise. For good or bad, and our words can have a huge impact on others. You might want to think longer and harder before saying what is on your mind or write that letter.

Saturn sure seems to be a big player this week and Friday is no exception. On this day Venus is square the old man. This can definitely put the kibosh on our social life and raise our sensitivity levels to rejection. Our self-esteem can really take a hit if we are not aware of what is going on.

This is not good time to take on new financial projects or investments. And remember that Mercury is retrograde and adding extra negative energy against these sorts of things. I would not like to see any of my friends end up dealing with nothing more than a big conduit for money.

Saturday, Mercury is trine Neptune. Neptune causes our thoughts to go more into daydream mode that into a place of clarity. This is a good day to stay home. Avoid contracts and big agreements. Technical details can be unclear too.

I thought I might not get this post finished today. Mercury seemed to be against me. My text editor froze up repeatedly and I lost part of this blog in early in the process. I didn’t allow my self to get in a twist however. I just tried other ways to do things, took my time, and finally it is complete. We have a few more weeks of this Mercury retrograde energy and it storm period. I hope you are able to ride it out and not let it frustrate you. 


I feel like this is going to be a very interesting week ahead. I am going to need to refer back to this info a few times this week. Wishing all of you safe travels and all the best life has to offer. Till next week……Peace!

Astrology for April 9-15, 2017


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You don’t need me to tell you about the whacky weather. This winter has been one for the books and there are many connections to astrology. Many of the connections involve Uranus in some way since this is the planet that rules weather. But, the year began with Mars in Pisces.

Pisces rules water. Mars is action and getting things done. We just don’t think of a deluge as part of this action most of the time. These downpours on parts of the west coast, caused landslides and millions, even billions of dollars in damages. The following link gives you a better

The Phieffer Canyon bridge on Highway 1 in Big Sur collapsed in early February stranding about 400 residents and much of the tourist destinations there for the foreseeable future. Helicopters were used the first few weeks to get food and supplies to the people. Now I read that a four-hour footpath has been established to connect the two sides of Big Sur. Check out this links to read more about this bridge and to see the demolition of the damaged section.

Relationships have been front a center ever since Venus turned retrograde in early March. Jupiter was turned retrograde a month earlier. This past Thursday, Saturn turned retrograde and today, 4/9/2017, Mercury turns retrograde. Next week, Pluto joins these four planets in their backward trek through the cosmos.

Planets do not actually do backward. This is just our point of view from planet Earth. The energy does seem to shift during these times however and this shift is what we pay attention to in chart readings.

Retrogrades all cause us to go inward and look at things from a more personal perspective. Venus rules Taurus and Libra. Thes signs act as the lens through which we now view all things, Venus.

Venus retrograde, as I have mentioned in previous posts, is asking us to examine our relationships, what we view as important, as well as our relationships with money and finances, and how we work with them. Through Taurus and Libra, she also wants us to see where we are stubborn about these things and might need to find more balance.

Retrograde planets all ask us to look back, revisit, review, revisit things. They often bring us ghosts from our past. An old heartthrob might show up or we find ourselves looking through old family or school photos and reminiscing. This particular transit could be a bit more difficult than some because it involved both Aries and Pisces.

Venus has recently been retrograde in Aries which is quite direct and does not mess around with things. Aries wants us to deal with all these old relationships or finance issues now and move on. But last week Venus moved back into Pisces. This past week’s energy has probably felt a bit more gentle than the retrograde transit through Aries. This is a more introspective, dream-like, and creative energy.

This retrograde transit ends this coming Saturday 4/15/2017 and Venus will return to Aries on 4/29/2017. We will talk more about what that means when the time comes.

Again, this is where having a natal chart is helpful. The free website is a great place to generate a natal chart for yourself or someone else. I will post general instructions for generating a chart in the near future. First, we need to take a look at what this holds for us.

The week begins with a Full Moon in Libra. This will take place at 11:08 pm on Monday, April 10 EDT. Those that are sensitive to moon energy have probably been feeling it for a day or two. This is Moon is all about partnership and balance. It is about learning that your way is not the only way and while you might be pretty clear about what you want and how you think things should go, there is always another side to the coin.

At the risk of breaking my own rule about staying with the topical confines of astrology, I feel strongly about the other side of the coin being an important thing to remember in today’s divisive climate. If you know me, you know that I am always trying to find the peaceful, comfy spot so I can live and let live. Strong egos and narrow vision can make this challenging.

The past few months have been about letting go, clearing the clutter and setting our sights on the future and dreams big dreams. There for a while, I kept pulling an Angel Oracle card called “Clear Your Space”. Today, just for fun, I pulled a card and got “Prioritize”. The subtitle says: “ Archangel Metatron: Focus on your highest priorities. I will help you get organized and motivated.” Well, at least it wasn’t “Clear Your Space” for the gazillionth time.

The Full Moon in Libra is asking us to take a closer look at how you are serving others. This is a compassionate Moon. With so many planets retrograde, the focus is more on being compassionate with ourselves. This is the only way we can really know who we are and through knowing ourselves better, truly serve others and the greater good. Of course, there are those the don’t believe this sort of service is in their best interest but some do and therein lies, its own balance.

The Full Moon energy will affect us for the next two weeks but Mercury, which is stationing today to turn retrograde, will be affecting through May 13, 2017. This is when it will be completely out of its storm and back to full speed ahead.

Aries is a very physical and commanding sign. Mercury is the planet of communications. When Mercury is retrograde in Aries, things are far from energetic and demanding. They can be as stagnant as pond scum and slow as a snail. Frustrations and disappointments about as things we are expecting to happen and  never do or at least get delayed for longer than we would like.

This is really going to hit my Aries friends and those with strong aspects in Aries the most. This is going to be a difficult transit for these people. Please remember there is another side to the coin and remember to be kind to others. Our relationships with family, friends, and co-workers can go south fast if we aren’t careful. Please think long and hard before you speak.

And try not to judge other before you have all the data. Often there is more going on, or more people involved than just what we see in front of us.

The flip side of this energy is that this is a great time to make amends for past actions. Use this time to right the wrongs. Apologize and keep an open mind about the views of others. Our intuition is not very sharp under this energy and decision-making skills are on the low side now. Regardless, we can learn from others if we are open to.

The Sun is opposite Jupiter all week. This brings a conflicting idea about what we think we should and what we want to do. Some of us will splurge or indulge ourselves in things we know we should not. There is might also be a strong drive to take on more than we can handle. Or we could experience unexpected changes in a project we are working on.

Venus square Saturn all week and today it forms a Grand Trine with the Moon at the third apex. Venus square Saturn is challenging. We might feel like we need more than what we are able to acquire. Social situations can be awkward as our sensitivity comes against the stiffness and rejection that Saturn can bring. Remember that all this will be more inward now that both planets are in motion.

The emotional distance this aspect can cause will serve our inward reflections nicely. It will also be wise to avoid new financial dealings right now. If we don’t, we could just be throwing good money after bad.

The last aspect to talk about today is the Sun square Pluto. After today, however, these two planets will be moving away from each other but the square energy will be within orb and affect us all week. Power struggles or abuses or power could be a common theme. Pluto loves to go deep as I am mentioned many times in the past. This square aspect will push us to get to the heart of things within us.

Use this energy, along with all the retrograde energies to find the power that lies within. The Universe is asking us to get in touch with our deepest selves right now. It is time to stop manipulation others in order to advance our agenda. We might also find that it is time to trust others more and allow things to unfold in their own time.

I hope this info is useful to you as you go about your week. Don’t forget to be kind to all you meet.

Update 4/3/2017


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Yesterday I mentioned the earthquake activity seemed to be up and there was a great deal of energy hitting the Earth’s magnetic field.

Today according to,, the chance of earthquakes is indeed high.

The Sun had been unusually quiet for while but now seems to have awakened with a rumble. Sunspot AR2644 is no longer directly Earth facing but any CME’s that erupt from it could wield a glancing blow to our atmosphere.

There is also an asteroid passing us today at just one Luna Distance away.

Earlier today there was 6.5 earthquake in Botswana, a 5.3 in Panama, several other 5.+ quakes around the globe, including the usual activity around the “ Ring of Fire”.

My intention in sharing is not to cause fear. It is simply to inform and connect with yesterday’s Astrology post.

I will be watching all my quake and magnetic field apps this week with great interest.

Thanks for reading!

Astrology for April 2- 8, 2017


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Spring is so beautiful. The trees are just beginning to put on leaves and the Dogwoods are beginning to bloom. My azaleas, unlike the ones across the street mine, are toast, thanks to a deep freeze last month.

We have just crossed through the portal of the Spring Equinox. We are letting go of what no longer serves us, good or bad, right or wrong. We are making decisions on how we want to live our lives from this point on. The Universe is also assisting with this process. This helps us make shifts some of us are not even aware of. Shifts that are subtle and nearly undetectable. But not all the Universal energy goes unnoticed by everyone. Some people are quite sensitive and this past week might have felt dizzy or sick to our stomachs.

These symptoms are often crossed off as a virus or bug that might be going around but they can also be due to changes in the Earth’s magnetic field. We are directly connected to this field if you think about it. Some of us just more sensitive to it than others are.

If you are having trouble understanding this connection, think about the nervous system. We know that messages such as pain travel through our nerves pathways and to the brain. Once there, through a series of electrical and magnetic impulses that eventually let us know we are in pain.

One of the great inventions in recent decades was the invention of the MRI or magnetic resonance imaging. This machine uses a magnetic field and radio waves to make pictures of our internal organs. It could not work unless our bodies reacted to the magnetic field. You may have also have used magnets to ease pain some place in your body, or as part of a healing modality.

The reason I mention all this is because last week, while the Sunspot activity was low, there have been some things happening in the heavens that have affected our magnetic field. One of them is a comet that is close to the Big Dipper. And while Sunspot activity has been quite low lately, there is one large spot that is Earth facing right now and solar flare activity created a M4.4 class flare on April 1st.

Today, 4/2/2017, there was an M5 class flare. Besides causing some of the previously mentioned physical discomforts, more of this can be expected this week. Don’t rule out a headache, lethargy or sleep disturbances as symptoms either. If you are in an area where the Auroras are easily seen, look for some good ones around the middle of this week.

There seems to be an increase in earthquake activity and magnitude in the past week or so. I am noticing a higher number of quakes above the 5.0 magitude mark than I did a month or more ago. This could have been in part due to the stellium we just had in Aries. Mercury has now moved into Taurus so that lessens the Aries energy influnece just a bit even though it will be short lived.

Speaking of Mercury, it is that time again. Mercury is slowing down and entering his storm period this Tuesday. This storm period will last for only five days but remember to treat it just as you would a full on retrograde period. Don’t start new things this week. Write down your nes ideas and save them till after Mercury in out of storm on the back side of this retrograde.

Things will start moving again on May 12, 2017. So, just chill out till then and review things in your life. This will be the most productive way to use these next six weeks. However, we all know that life happens and if we find we must divec in head first into something, say buy a new computer or whatever, then we will need to us extra care in our choice and read and re-read all the details and specifications to be sure it is what we need and want.

Currently there are three planets that are in retrograde motion. Venus is one of them. I’ve said more that once that this is a good time to review within ourselves. This is not the best time to get married or begin new relationships with others.

Venus is traveling back into Pisces today, 4/2/2017. This is love seen in techicolor. It is sensitive and warm, forgiving and compassionate. It is also illusive to some extent and there can be a feeling that something is just out of our reach. It feels a bit like an itch we can’t reach. This is not the most focused time for Venus. Being in Pisces and retrograde make this a difficult time for matters of the heart. Use this time to go inside and examine how you relate to others and to yourself.

The shadow side is feeling like a victim or somehow deceived. Don’t allow the fog that Neptune casts on this get the best of you. This backward transit into Pisces will be over 4/28/2017. At this point she moves back into Aries where love is normally natural and straightforward. All in all, the best way to used this Venus retrograde is by focusing on the role we played in the detriment or successes of past relationships, and how we can make changes to improve future ones. I never said it would be easy.

Mars, the action guy, has close to three weeks remaining in his transit of Taurus. Here he acts a bit like he is stuck in the mud and can really dig his heels in. In Taurus Mars is more interested in passively hanging out but can get pretty fisty if he needs to defend something. Mars in Taurus is mostly interested in his long term happiness and will go about the task of reaching these goals with patience. Taurus a stubborn, well anchored, fixed earth sign.

Other aspects this week:

Tuesday Venus is inconjunct Jupiter. This energy can lead us to over extend ourselves. Saying “no” is difficult to do sometimes but today might call for a lot of saying “no”. Saying “yes” could cause us to tip the scales out of balance and become over extended, out of step, and not in touch with our natural intuition.

Wednesday,  this aspect should help us stay on task. Pluto loves to get to the nitty gritty of things and get rid of what no longer works. This aspect will prepare us for revisiting or reworking out projects as Mercury enters his storm and turns retrograde.

Friday the Sun opposes Jupiter. Frustrations can arrise around what we want to do and what we think we should be doing. Jupiter, the great benific is always trying to bring us more. I this case it could be too much self indulgence. This can be in almost any area of our lives from eating to excess spending on things we really don’t need. Or do we? The possitive side of this is that we want to learn more. I can go for that but I already have more learning on my plate than I can digest right now.I might need to work extra hard to stay in balance.

The positive side of this is that we want to learn more. I can go for that but I already have more learning on my plate than I can digest right now.I might need to work extra hard to stay in balance.

Saturday, Venus squares Saturn. When Saturn is involved in anything, this is about authority. In this case, Venus who loves beauty, money, and love, might not be getting what she wants. Don’t forget that she is retrograde too her energy is turned inward right now. This combined energy is probably going to cause some additional strain on relationships.

I would not be surprised if some feel increased emotional distance in a relationship. Don’t forget that the word relationship includes, neighbors, friends, co-workers, or anyone we come in contact with. This is not the best day to socialize or take on any new finacial burdens. Do your best to be kind and put your best self out there. Don’t allow the sternness of Saturn rule the day with attitude.

Lastly, on Saturday, the Sun squares Pluto. This energy is probably going to be most felt in the form of impatience. As I have said before, Pluto loves to get to the root of things. He digs deep but we want things the way we want things. I am sure we are all aware of the conflicts that can happen when someone doesn’t do things the way we think they should or do them the way we do them.

People in power can take other for granted under this aspect. At the same time, those in subordinate roles may be stuborn as heck. This is definitely a good time to chill out; a nearly impossible task for some of us. But if these people don’t heed this call to chill, their impatience could server to make matters worse.

This will be a good time to examine who you are rather than what is going on with anyone else. You can’t fix others anyway, they have to do that themselves. In the long run you may discover you are more powerful that you imagined.

Wishing everyone a productive, wonderful week ahead. Be kind, smile at everyone you meet and enjoy life.

Astrology for March 26-April 1, 2017


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Spring is officially here according to the calendar and folks are wondering if there will be another cold snap before April 15th. That is a frost date for North Carolina. I am going to say the chances are 75% in favor of one. Who knows? All I know is that the pollen count has been around 11 out of a possible 12 all this past week. Oak, Maple, and Junipers are blooming. I’m going to be glad when this part is over. I have all of these trees in abundance in my yard and my neighborhood.

This coming Monday is the first New Moon of the Astrological new year. This one, of course, falls in the fiery sign of Pisces. New Moons are always a time of new beginnings but this one is more potent than usual because it carries the New Year energy along with it. I know I have been talking about letting go for a while now. It certainly seems to be the major activity of the past decade, but this New Moon is asking us to go even deeper and do more letting go.

Now is the time to move on from what has been holding you back. Another way to put this is to call it an upgrade. Yes! Time to upgrade your life and release all those things that no longer serve you or assist you in your purpose in this lifetime. Whatever you hold on to, will only delay your progress forward, your evolution, awakening, ascension. Letting go is a valuable act in our shift of consciousness.

Use the early part of the week to think about where you want to go and what you want to do. Set new intentions. The next two weeks are the best time this year to begin something new. Pamper and Make the most of the fresh start the Universe is offering us with the New Moon.

But let’s go back to today. As I have mentioned in recent weeks, we have been under the influence of a Grand Trine formed by Uranus, Pluto, and Jupiter. If you add in the asteroid Vesta, this trine becomes a Grand Cross. Either way, this formation peaks today and is increased with the addition of Mercury’s conjunction with Uranus. Yep…let’s add some interest to things!

Expect to have some dazzling thoughts today. Also high on the list of expectations is intuition. Listen to your gut today. You might be glad you did.

Monday the New Moon will conjunct the retrograde Venus. This union increases the energy around the work we are doing in our relationships. I have definitely been using this energy to peel back some layers in my onion. I just need to keep in mind that there are more and I am not yet done with my personal growth and evolution. I would be dead if I was.

A cradle formation that began on 3/14, will peak on Monday. This is made up of asteroids and I don’t usually talk much about these bodies simply because I am not yet very knowledgeable about them. But this cradle formation is interesting to me. It involves the asteroids Ceres, Vesta, Juno, and the outer-most planets Neptune, and Pluto.

These three asteroids, all represent goddesses and this cradle is especially important when working with our female energy. This cradle energy is asking us to look at how we see ourselves in the world and to examine our value and self-worth. Are you strong in your place and who you are? Or is your sense of value colored by feelings of fear, or what looked through this lens at one time or another. Some of us have learned from this examination and other have become frozen in time, unable to move forward.

The ones that have moved on are the one’s that know they are totally worthy of just because they were born. The rest of us might still have some work to do in this area and this is what this cradle is for. It is a comfort zone of examination and healing. This is also a place to work on our intentions so we can manifest things that serve our higher good.

This cradle is also good for nurturing creativity. I did say Neptune was involved didn’t I? Whether you dance, sing, do yoga, paint, draw, or just color, this cradle is providing many ways to heal old wounds if we just open ourselves to it. The cradle ends on 4/4/2017.

Now to get really confusing, there is another cradle forming Tuesday. This one involves Mars, Ceres, Vesta, Chiron and Pluto. Anytime I see Chiron in the mix is makes me bristle a little bit. It is that wounded healer energy that gets me everytime.

This 2nd cradle is also about healing and changing. Use it to continue some of the same work you began with the previous cradle in addition to transforming how you serve the greater good. Pluto’s influence in this formation is sure to help tear down of barriers that may have kept us from transforming previoulsy.

Other major aspects this week are Mercury conjunct Uranus on Monday. This combo is one of our mental giants and full of intellectual concepts. Intuition is nearly laser sharp. But there is also an aspect of impatience and spontenaity that can cause us to seem scattered. The flip side is that our thoughts are interesting, progressive, and often one of a kind.

Tuesday Mars will sextile Neptune. It seems this week is really going to deal a lot with out intuition. But let us not forget that Mars is the planet of action. He will be adding inspiration to our week. Just in time to get us moving on our spring projects no doubt. Neptune will make probably take this action energy to a higher creative level. Why not grab the camera, pen, pencil and paper, crayons, or what ever form of creative expression you desire and express some of your inner creativity. There is no anger or bad feelings in the aspect, or not much anyway so enjoy this creative burst.

This week is heavy with aspect in the first couple of days. The last one to mention is again on Tuesday when Mars is aspecting Saturn. This energy wants to solve the problems. It could cause some resistance also. If you find that your efforts are blocked in some way, this aspect might be the culprit. Don’t waste your effort but will feel like it takes more than it should to finish your chores.

As I complete this week’s post, a light rain is falling. I am grateful! More is on the way in the next few days according to the predictions right now. I can hardly wait!

I know there have been some pockets of severe weather in the midwest, deep south and elsewhere. I am hoping all of you are safe and continue to be safe this week and this year. Thanks for reading and extra big thanks to those that reblog this post. You make me smile.

Astrology for March 19-25, 2016


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Folks have been talking about spring coming for weeks now. Many places in the country have seen spring-like temperatures off and on for what seems like most of the winter. This week, however, we can actually say that Spring is here! Officially, it arrives tomorrow, 3/20/2017. Keep in mind that this does not mean we won’t still have a hard frost or two but I doubt it will be anything like last week’s 22 degree hard frost that froze the peach and strawberry crops, along with my pretty azaleas.

Regardless of what you or I believe about climate change, there is no doubt that weather patterns are changing. One theory is that there is an outside influence from the cosmos that is causing the core of the Earth to heat up and thus change the climate. The Hubble telescope has given evidence to support this theory or at least cause some head serious scratching among scientist. Photos show the famous, massive red spot on the Jupiter is getting smaller and becoming more round than elliptical.

The ice cap in Mars is also showing evidence of melting. No one knows why these things are happening. As far as we know, greenhouse gasses can not be blamed for the changes on these planets like it is on Earth. I feel sure this topic will be debated for years to come, especially if money can be made on it.

Here are a few links you might find interesting:

The coming of Spring is the astrological version of the New Year. Not only will Monday herald the beginning of Spring, it is also the day the Sun enters Aries where it joins Venus, Mercury, and Uranus to form a stellium in this cardinal sign and fire sign of Aries. A stellium in when there are more than three planets in a sign. Needless to say, this will bring quite a lot of Aries flavored planetary energy to us over the next month. This stellium will also trigger the of cardinal signs.

Cardinal signs are the signs at the beginning of the seasons; Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. They are initiators and get things going but sometimes are not so good at seeing things to the completion. People born in cardinal signs are often movers and shakers unless they choose to live in the shadow side if their Sun sign.

This stellium is going to be interesting. Aries is red hot, impulsive, and ready for action. The more explosive the better sometimes. Aries prefers the short – cut to the tried and true way of doing things. He represents our youthful impatience and the idea that nothing can stop us. Add some Uranus quick change, rebellion, and freedom loving to this and you can almost smell the gun powder in the air as things begin to explode. I am going to keep my eye on earthquakes around the world.

Venus retrograde is taking us inside to do some work on relationships and ourselves. You know how difficult these things can be to deal with don’t you? And Mercury in the mix is sure to have us expressing outrage in one way or another. As someone who had rather avoid conflict, I think I may stick my head in the sand this month. Things are probably going to be very unpredictable during this transit.

The good news is that this is a good sign for the Sun. Both the Sun and Aries represent us, or our ego. Aries, a fire sign, rules the first house. The first house is where we present ourselves to the world and make that first impression. The fire aspect lends passion, energy, and power to all that it influences. All in all this stellium leaves a lot to uncertainty. If you are like me and try not to hurt others in words or deed, this transit will require a great deal of patience and extra meditation time.

The Moon is also in a fire sign on Monday. The Moon represents our emotions. The Moon’s transit through Sagittarius could lead us to some risk taking. It could also bring about a desire for new adventures too. What do you have in mind? A new project? A road trip? Just don’t look for a new relationship right now. Wait until Venus turns direct in mid-April before you consider that.

You know I usually avoid speaking of politics but this time I want to say one thing. All this fire could cause some sparks that become fires in the political arena. This is certainly not limited to things in this country either.

Thursday Mercury squares Pluto. For those of us that are adept at reading between the lines, this aspect can color this ability with a negatively. This negative point of view could cause some to be suspicious, or exaggerate things. Don’t forget about Mercury’s connection to all things mental. This could be a time of mental stress or a time when we feel the need to force our ideas onto others. I seem to say this next thing quite often, but relax and take a deep breath. Resist the impulse to be compulsive and do your best to allow things to unfold as they will. In other words, keep an open mind.

Friday Mars is semi-square Chiron. Don’t take things personally today. This is a transit that can causes problems when it comes to directly expressing our emotions, our anger, or what we really want.

Friday also brings us an opposition between Mercury and Jupiter. This is part of that Grand Cross we have been talking about for weeks now. Jupiter loves to expand things, make them bigger, and hopefully better. When he is in opposition to another planet, this is not always the case.

Mercury is where our communications lie. When he is opposing Jupiter, things can turn into a big fish tale really fast. Exaggeration and overestimating are common traits. Metal clarity might not be our strong suit right now. We might miss some details too so you want to be extra careful if there is something that really needs the details right.

Saturday, Venus makes a connection with the Sun. This conjunction asks us to seek balance in our relationships. Many of us have been examining our relationships for a while now. It has been a roller-coaster period for many and relationships has changed or ended for many. This balance could an important part of the healing process in some cases. The characteristics of this conjunction are increased appeal and diplomacy.

Even though Venus is retrograde and romance is on hold, this is one day that is good for being social and romantic. Don’t get too carried away, however. It is just one day after all. Venus also disappears from the sky today for about 10 days. After this time she will return to view as the morning star.

Happy Spring everyone! I hope your week is sunny and bright!

Be safe, until next week. . .

Astrology for March 12-18, 2017


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Photo courtesy of Angela Moore, Marion, NC

Tonight is the full moon. Spring Equinox is just two weeks away. Yesterday was a typical March day as the Lion roared loudly and winds blew over 60 mph in some places and 30+ mph elsewhere. We’ve changed out clocks back to daylight savings time and there were snow flurries here and there as a cold front moves in for the week. The weather this year has swung like a pendulum.

The last New Moon got us moving toward letting go of anything that no longer serves us. The Angel card that speaks to clearing clutter still comes up for me. The other day I pulled one card and it was that one. I don’t think I am physically clearing as fast or as deeply as the Universe wants me to. On the inner level however, I am clearing out lots and loving my new perspective.

There is a lot going on with and around this Full Moon. Venus is stationary retrograde. We are at the very beginning of 40 days or so of relationship review. For those of you who are personally experiencing troubles, I am sorry, but know that this will ultimately be for your best and highest good. Take those lemons and make some lemon aide.

You will get some help from Uranus trine the Moon. Your ability to think outside the box will be greater and this could help you see beyond your hurt and help you transform it and create something positive.

The same time the Moon is full, a Grand trine forms with Saturn at the focal point. Saturn is real-world energy. He is head of the department of rules and regulations. With Saturn as the focal point of the Grand Trine he is causing us to take a close look at the dreams we started this Pisces month with. It is time to let go of the typical Pisces illusion and see things as they are. For some, this will be very difficult to do. We need to be present as much as we need creative inspiration. This conflict could also cause more crazy than usual too.

I hope the skies are clear where you are and that you have a chance to see it tonight. I have certainly enjoyed the perfect angle of its rising that allows it to come shining through my window the past few nights. It is not a super moon but it is big and bright. Tonight it should be spectacular.

Other than this Full Moon, the week is cosmically fairly quiet. Monday, Mercury leaves Pisces for a move through Aries. Mercury is about communicating and travel. This transit will help us say what we mean and get our point across and make decisions. Many will find they are less interested in an objective point of view. However, it could be important to hear those objective views. You might need the difference in perspective to help you come to the best decision. Try not to give in the Aries ego.

Mercury energy is always affecting our communications. Mercury transiting Aries will be good energy for stimulating new ideas. Aries adds boldness to our communicating and we tend to be assertive. The shadow side of this transit is that sometimes we might become too bold and direct. This can cause hurt feelings, which I am sure is something we all want to avoid.

Venus is stationary retrograde at the moment. Please refer back to last week’s post to learn more about this. Remember that retrogrades tend to take our focus more inward and this one is no exception.

Mars has just entered Taurus yesterday, 3/11/2017. Taurus is one of the more stubborn signs and this transit definitely has its stubborn streak with a side of resolution and passivity. This is in direct contrast to the planet’s transit of Aries when it was quite impulsive. During this transit, Mars is more interested in the long-term contentment.

Tuesday the Sun conjuncts Chiron. Our confidence could get a boost as we feel a strong sense of what our life purpose is. On the flip side, some sort of life lesson could help us see where our fears are holding us back. (Isn’t there always something?)

This is just another thing to help move us along in our evolution. Change and growth are good things. It is how we greet them that determines the level of difficulty this causes. Don’t stress. Take a few deep breaths, relax and be grateful for what this is showing you.

Friday is St. Patrick’s Day. This might feel a bit more serious than usual thanks to a square aspect between the Sun and good ole, serious Saturn. The best part is that both the Sun and Saturn as in easy going signs. All celebrations should flow nicely without being too rowdy.

These days this holiday make me think of 10 years back when I had a spirit leprechaun. His name was Jimmy and he wore overalls and a yellow plaid shirt. Not the usual leprechaun attire I know. Jimmy stayed with me for about a year and a half. He loved to make things fall from shelves, hide things, ride standing up in the passenger seat of my car. I wish he was still around but I am sure he moved on to where he was needed more. 

Saturday Mercury and Venus meet up in Aries. Use this day to review relationships in your past. Glorious or not, this conjunction will shine a favorable light on this for us. This is a good day for social events. Let those good manners shine as you socialize and thank this conjunction for its help.

I see this as one more way the Universe is guiding us to grow, evolve, and awaken to who we really are.

That is all I have for this week. Enjoy the Full Moon and stay warm this week, where ever you are.

Astrology for March 5-11, 2017


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March is here and it has come roaring like a lion.  For folks in the mid-west and parts of the southeast, Tuesday and Wednesday left tens of thousands with electricity, and with a swath of destruction from nearly 30 tornadoes over the two day period.  Heavy rains and high winds left a path of destruction across parts of Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana and Tennessee on Tuesday. The storm generated a few more tornadoes on Wednesday as it moved across western Tennessee, eastern Kentucky, and West Virginia on Wednesday.  Sadly, there was also some loss of life.

The Sun in Pisces signals the end of the astrological year and winter, and lets us know that Spring is on its way. This reminds me of that famous quote from Alfred Lord Tennyson,  In the Spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.”  This year, young men might want to hold off on their thoughts of love until after Venus turns direct. The next 40 days or so will be more about re-evaluating our love life, finances, and what we value.

downloadI believe knowing what we value is a good thing to pin down. I have learned that honing it down to five top values is the best. I use a deck of values cards to help me and my clients with this task. If you would like your own deck you can order one here:

You can also google for a list of values. There are many to choose from. You might also notice that some values seem to overlap or mean the same thing to you.  The narrowed list of five will be the values that drive your decisions on a daily basis. 

Money matters will be affected by both Venus and Jupiter‘s retrograde motion.  Anything that has to do with money could take a hit of some sort or experience a delay. I wonder how this might affect our economy or the stock market? Those of you who watch these things are welcome to post comments and news as you see fit.

Jupiter is in Libra, the sign that rules relationships and opposite the Venus transiting Aries. Jupiter is also retrograde and expanding the Venus energy inward. His transit of Libra alone has brought up relationship issues ever since he entered the sign last September. It seems like now we are more or less being forced to deal with things we have not already dealt with when it comes to our relationships. I sure have seen this pop up in my own life in the past few weeks and many of my friends tell me they have too.

I mentioned last week that Venus retrograde is not a good time to get married or begin a new relationship. There are exceptions to every rule however and this is true in astrology probably as much as in most or more as other areas of life. Whenever you need to make a big life decision like getting married, making a big move, buying a house, or a business change, I suggest an astrological reading to see if this is a good time for this change. No doubt there will be those for which Venus retrograde will not have a big effect but rest assured that EVERYONE will be affected in some way.

The retrograde period is from March 4, 2017-April 15, 2017. angry_coupleYoung men’s hearts can then turn to love with their tax refund in hand.  In the meantime, expect drama in many cases, break-ups, break-downs, even re-commitments are likely.


Today, Sunday, March 5, 2017, has for us an easy trine between Mars and Saturn. This aspect is full of good energy, enough to get things done! This energy is full of mature leadership ability. Maybe this will help get this blog done in record time today (probably not)? Or maybe it will help me manage my time better so I get lots of other things done.

I have mentioned the aspect in recent weeks but today, as I look at the chart for tomorrow I see a Grand Cross perfecting. This involves the asteroid Vesta, joining the Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto Grand Trine we’ve been dealing with for a while now. This entire aspect will remain with us until 4/20/2017.

Jupiter’s influence in this aspect it one of increasing the waxing Uranus-Pluto square energy of transformation, rebellion, revolution, and change. Pluto is slow to act and Jupiter is helping it move along. Uranus wants change NOW! ! !

Boy! Do I know this energy! I was so impatient as a child and still am to some extent. Time, experience and age have thankfully mellowed me a great deal and I am more willing to let go of trying to control or hurry things along and allow things happen in their own time. Even though I am a cusp Aquarian, Uranus has always been a very prominent player in my life. I am glad it is also retrograde in my natal chart.

Now I bet you are asking what Vesta brings to the Grand Cross? Go back to the post from February 19-25 and this is what I said.

Vesta helps us sharpen our senses and our skills. She trains us for completion. After we reach a level that is beneficial to others, then we can move on to our next cause. This is usually a cause that both serves others and makes us feel happily fulfilled. She is helping us get ready for what comes after the Grand Square.”vesta_full_mosaic

Wednesday, Mercury will sextile Pluto. Our mental processes have more insight psychologically.

Thursday holds two aspects for us. First, the Sun sextiles Pluto. This will send our thoughts deep into an examination of what is really happening. It is a good day for research and for finding something we lost in the past. This rediscovery is not at all limited to material things either. This could be interesting.

Second, Mercury is inconjunct Jupiter. If you suddenly get a new, big idea this might be why. This aspect will require us to carefully consider things and not to over or underestimate things around us. If we jump into things too fast we could miss a very important detail. Be careful about making claims you can’t fulfill and please, please, read the small print of contract and important documents.

Friday we have Mercury conjunct Chiron. This will give a big boost to our intuition. This helps open our minds to learn and to learn not only from experience but from the people we come in contact with. I love the diversity my area has to offer. This energy will no doubt assist us with our growth and evolution. It can also help us see things in new ways. The shadow side is over-sensitivity when it comes to our communications. When is it never a good idea to think before we speak?

Saturday the Sun will be inconjunct Jupiter. This can arouse our inclination for something totally new. This energy is a bit restless when we don’t know what we want but there is strong feeling to investigate things. This is more good energy for letting go too. This letting go is not about relationships like the Venus energy is. This energy is more about our old habits. We need to change them so we are free to have new experiences. I’m all for that, aren’t you?

Now to end with, I want to tell you something. I recently listened to some of Doreen Virtue’s recent Angel Summit. This moved me to get out my deck of Archangel Oracle cards. The first time I shuffled them, five cards jumped from the deck. One of them was Archangel Jophiel. It says “Clear Your Space”.

If you know me personally, you also know that I have way too much “stuff”. Lots of creative people have way more than they will every use. Clearing clutter has been something I have been working on for the past several months. The funny thing about these cards is the I have been pulling cards almost every day for the past few days. I think every time, certainly nearly every time, this card as been one that I pulled.20170305_153057


I guess the universe could be ganging up on me to de-clutter. What do you think?

PS: I finished this blog before the afternoon was over. This is near record time for sure.




Astrology for February 26- March 4, 2017


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Photo courtesy of Ceri Booth, Winston-Salem, NC

Welcome to another week! What a lovely week last week was here. Daffodils are in full bloom and trees are beginning to pop. This has definitely been a warm winter. Summer could be very buggy. But first, we have a lot of letting go to do, both personally and collectively.

This is eclipse season. There was a powerful lunar eclipse two weeks ago and today we have a powerful Solar eclipse. This one will not be seen anywhere near the US but here is a link to its path.

We are definitely living in interesting times. Each person has his or her own idea of what their rights and freedoms should be, Many of us, often think everyone should feel and believe as we do. Lately is seems clear our various points of view are more polarized and this has created a great deal of chaos. It is all good and part of human evolution. Perhaps even, part of a greater cycle of the Universe. None of this is pretty or easy to go through. Right or wrong, good or bad, it is what has to happen so we can evolve to where we are supposed to be. We are such a stubborn lot or species and have resisted this evolution for a very long time.

Eclipses bring in lots of transformative energy. They affect our planet’s electromagnetic field. Our brains and hearts respond to electromagnetics, as are birds, cetaceans and, the earth itself. If you are sensitive to energy, you are aware of these effects. If you don’t feel it, trust me, you are affected whether you know it or not.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of an eclipse to me is, how long their effects last. They are easily felt for six months and even a year. They make way for us to enter a higher vibrational level as well continue our path the to a new dimension. Take a look at last week and notice this coming week if there are any emotional changes that you may not be able to explain easily. Does your mind seem to be going at full tilt boogie? How about your emotions? Are they all over the place? All these are signs of today’s eclipse energy.

I am sure by now that you know the New Moon is the time to begin new things. First, we must make room for the new by clearing out the old stuff. When you add eclipse (Pisces) energy, it is time let go of old emotional hurts and wounds from the past. I am seeing this take place in the lives of a few friends as well as my own. It is ALL GOOD! . . . . Painful at times, but good. One thing I am learning is not to allow any feelings of guilt rule me. My guilt is not really me. It is my ancestors talking to me. It is old, outdated, ways of being that no longer serve me or us collectively today. It is time to LET THEM GO! ! ! Allow this to awaken your spirit.

The Sun is Pisces now and very close to a perfect conjunction with Neptune. The exact conjunction will take place Wednesday, March 1, 2017. Mercury will be just five degrees away. Neptune is spiritual awakening energy. It is also creativity, dreams, and fantasy. If you don’t already write down your dreams, this would be a good time to begin that ritual or at least examine the dreams you have this week.

The Sun being so close to Neptune and the other characteristics I mentioned regarding the eclipse, increase the possibility of substance abuse, playing the victim, and a desire to take flight. Of course, as I always say, this is going to felt more by those who’s natal charts are triggered by these transits.

Sunday gives us a conjunction with Mars and Uranus. This spells restlessness, impulsiveness, and dare devilish behavior. Sounds like an accident looking for a place to happen in some ways. There can also be some fast changes in a work related plan or schedule. Some of us might have a need to change something else in our daily life; perhaps a goal.

Also on Sunday, Mars brings us energy that is fearless, even cocky. Uranus is inventive and forward thinking. Together this means is energy is willing to try out new things and step out into new territory or try new things. As long as we are moving and hopefully in the forward direct, we will make the most of this. Undesirable things could happen if we fail to allow things to flow.

Monday Mars faces off with Jupiter. Since Jupiter is retrograde, this will have a more personal effect than it will collectively. Know your limitations. You might bite off more than you can chew. Differences in viewpoints can cause problems and you want to pay extra attention to the details so something important doesn’t fall through the cracks.

The second aspect on Monday is Mercury semi-square Pluto. This one will help us with all the letting go I’ve been talking about and will help us see what it really at the core of things. I love how Pluto digs deep. This can be painful at times but if we are ever going to awaken, evolve and be the humans we are meant to be, we must endure the discomfort. Mercury makes mental stress the most likely way we feel this. Know when to take a mental break.

Wednesday brings more Mercury/mental influences. Oh boy! Mercury will semi-square Uranus and cause some foolish, scattered thinking. That brilliant idea you came up with might not be as well-received as you had hoped. Communications could suffer too.

Mercury will sesqui-quardate Jupiter. Lots of Mercury action this week isn’t there? Another reason to attention to the details and take breaks so you don’t become overburdened mentally. You could hear more that on ”big fish tale” today too.

I have already more or less covered the Sun conjunct Neptune above in the eclipse info. But to continue, it will be a good idea to keep an eye on what is real and not forget the fantasy characteristics of Neptune.

Friday our good buddy of the week, Mercury, will semi-square Mars. This one might be looking for an argument. This is huge fire energy and these two are pushing us to get things done. Tempers could be hot too so watch out for the other guy of gal that didn’t get much sleep or is under the gun in some way. If someone interrupts you in mid-speech, please try not to take his head off. This goes both ways. You could be the one to interrupt. With all this conflict in the air, I think it is a good thing it’s FRIDAY! ! !

Saturday there are two things to take note of. First is Venus stationing retrograde. I hope no one has a wedding planned in the next 40 days. This is not the best time to marry in general. However, if there is an old romance that you are having difficulty letting go of or resolving in some way, this energy could be what you need. Clear out. Let he, she, it go, and move on! It is just time to.

Last, thing for the week is Mercury conjunct Neptune. This transit is full of creative and intuitive energy. Hope you have a project in mind that can benefit from it. Neptune is probably going to cause some distortion in our mental processes but out insights into things might make up for it. It is not a good day to sign contracts either. Good thing it is Saturday, huh?

Enjoy the day-dreams today. Facts are not our strong suit today as they most resemble the “alternative” variety than actual fact. This will not be a great day for serious communications of any sort. Putting out thought down or even speaking them can be clouded, confusing, or undefined.

I just got a message from a good friend and she is really feeling this eclipse energy. It’s all good. Very healing on several levels. I hope it will ultimately do similar things for all of us. Till next week, I wish you all the good things.

Remember, we all just want to be heard and loved.