Astrology for February 1-7, 2016


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Here were are at the beginning of the month known for love and relationships. After the previous month or more of souls leaving this physical plane, I wonder how this month pan out. Will the soul parting continue or will souls find mates and  will love relationships grow? I am will be grateful no matter what happens.

The Chinese New is near. It actually begins next Sunday, February 8, 2016.  But I want to talk about this and more today. I also want to talk about the Iowa caucuses tomorrow night. These are the first political measure we have. The outcome really has little meaning in the long run but in the short run is a good indicator candidate potential.

Caucuses are really just a meeting of people of like minds. The Republicans and the Democrats don’t hold their caucuses exactly the same either but in general, there is a lot of talk about candidates and then a vote. A winner is announced but that doesn’t mean all that much either.

One thing most Americans don’t get is that a caucus in the winter in Iowa only brings out about 15% of voters for either party. That isn’t very much. I mean it’s WINTER in IOWA! And the caucuses are held at night. I don’t know about you but I might have to be pretty darn motivated to get out in the cold on a Monday night if I lived there.


I am not trying to start a political debate here so please, no comments along party lines.

This year both parties are running a neck and neck race between two main candidates. On the Republican side Ted Cruz is about five points behind Donald Trump, with Jeb Bush nowhere is sight. While on the Democrat side Bernie Saunders is just three points from Hillary Clinton. The others are trailing somewhere behind these four candidates. This should be an interesting campaign year anyway you slice it.

All these candidates seem to have love hate relationships with their public for a variety of reasons. Trump is all business and drama. Ted Cruz is not a real American, Hillary used her own email server, and Bernie is a socialist.

These four people pretty much sum up our country when you think about it. Most of us love good drama, unless you are Native American you aren’t a “real” American either, we all say things in emails we shouldn’t, and more of our current government is somewhat socialist than most of us are willing to admit.And we probably can’t blame Obama for this, although many have and will continue to try. Regardless of where you stand when it comes to the candidates, there is little denying that this campaign season has been and will probably continue to be the most unusual and interesting in our country’s history.

John Hogue of has taken a good look at Donald Trump’s astrology chart. He seems to be the only candidate whose birth information is completely public. John has written a e-book on Trump’s chart and what it could mean. In case you are interested in reading this book you will find it very inexpensive here:

The planetary aspects through out the year will have an effect on all of us collectively as well as the physical planet. I for one will also be very interested to see how the Chinese sign for the coming year affects us. Get your fireworks ready as we usher in what I feel will be a year for the history books.

This is the year of the Fire Monkey reminds me of Uranus in some ways. The Fire Monkey can bring change very quickly in political, financial and virtually any arena. Those who are quick on their feet may find a few new opportunities but you must act fast, be daring and imaginative. I can hardly wait to see what comes from the scientific world this year! Not to mention any new information they gather on Planet X. The discovery of Nibiru is probably not far off either.

There are twelve signs in Chinese astrology just as there are in Western astrology. The Chinese however, also assign one of five elements (fire, water, metal, water, and wood) to each sign. Each sign comes around every twelve years and each sign and given element comes around once every 60 years. The last time we were in a Fire Monkey year was in 1956 or 60 years ago.

The Monkey is the ninth sign in the Chinese zodiac. Nine is the number of completion in numerology. No doubt we will see more endings this years. My gut is telling me this will involve finances in some way. I have been feeling things lately that I can’t explain. Many of the things that crossed my mental pathways have turned out to be true. I hope this gut feeling turns out to be good news for finances. Regardless of what happens, we can’t do much about it but deal with it and realize that it is all part of our soul contract and human evolution. Do your best to keep your vibrations high and seek joy in all things, pleasant and unpleasant.

Monkey years are usually good for finding order in the chaos. This Fire Monkey is particularly active and will hopefully help push us toward greatness. Some of our old patterns and ideas could splinter apart too. This is no time to duck and run or hide your head in the sand. Not if there are things you want to accomplish. Get out there and take action. It will be a great year to learn, to be merry and for all my preforming art friends, this year could be extra good for you!

However, this is by now means a peaches and cream year either. The El Nino weather pattern will most likely continue to cause extreme weather around the globe. You have probably read recently about an expected earthquake off the coast of North Western states. A friend of mine wrote last week about awakened by a 7.1 earthquake while visiting in Anchorage, AK.

Many of  you probably know there are many volcanoes around the globe, especially in the pacific ring that seem to be on the brink of erupting. There is just no telling what could happen during the year of the Fire Monkey. It is sure to be exciting! I am not looking forward to high heat and floods or any sever weather but will find ways to deal with what ever comes my way.

One other thing I am not looking forward to is continued battles over whose Creator/religion is the best. This is something that has gone on for millennium. But why does mankind still wage such battles? Most of us know that all our beliefs are closely paralleled when we pare them down. The Fire Monkey is a trickster of sorts and these battles and wars will continue.

The Monkey is also capable of solutions. Monkeys are crafty, ingenious and can find subtle ways of dealing with problems where other feel things are nearly impossible.

One of the areas I am hoping to see the Fire Monkey really work is with our sustainable, clean energy development and pollution issues. Health care issues could be big news too. I think we have a big start on both of these with some lies and incompetence that has come to light in recent weeks. There are more but the two that come to mind now are the poisoning for Flint MI residents and the lies and indictment of those that rallied against women and Planned Parenthood. Again, I am not starting a debate.

Up in the sky Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Mars and Mercury are putting quite a show for us. Mercury is not direct and things should be moving along faster now. The retrograde rest was just what we needed after a long string of holiday activity.

When is come to aspects for this week, we have Venus, Mercury and Pluto all huddled up in Capricorn. Uranus is forming a square to these three. The Moon is our emotions, Venus our relationships, both with female energy are crammed into a conjunction with the male energy of Pluto in Capricorn squared by the male energy of Uranus in fiery Aries. Aggression could the theme this week. I am going to stay out of folks way this week.

At week’s end we will be nearing a New Moon in Aquarius. It won’t be completely New until Monday February 8, but this will be close enough to count when combined with the energy around the previously mentioned conjunction and square. Plus this will be Super Bowl Sunday!

I am not a big sports fan but even I take notice when one of the two teams in from my home state!  Blend the game with the energy of the planets and aspects and I believe we might be in for a really interesting game! Maybe even one for the books!  

If you are planning a Super Bowl party, a New Year’s party,  or going to one, get that designated driver booked. It is just not worth risking your life or anyone else. And if you insist on driving, be sure your life insurance is paid up and active. With that I am moving on to editing an article for a friend on that very subject.

Have great week! And brace your self for a year of monkey business. 


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aquarius 3


WOW! What a week! Monday I was remembering a friend’s passing in 1988. I have not thought of her funeral for years. If you read last weeks post you will recall I mentioned my friend Ken was in the hospital and having rough time after heart surgery. Tuesday morning I learned that both he and an old friend in Detroit, Joe who was in hospice care, had both made their transition to the afterlife. Ken’s passing was a real shock to me.

I believe that when something leaves, something comes to take its place. I am pretty sure there are a lot of new things coming in soon. It will be up to us if and when we welcome them in. I know how difficult it can be to let go especially when we are in shock. Time heals but we don’t forget.

Nature does not like empty spaces and swiftly moves to fill them. It is too bad that most of us focus more on the loss and what was more than the future and what will be. We are often too concerned with ourselves and our ego, and not the realization that we are part of the whole. Change is difficult no matter where we are in our awakening. It is even more difficult when it involves someone we dearly love.

The past few weeks I have noticed more than one person trying to swim up stream. I contribute this and the many deaths in our world to Mercury retrograde in Capricorn. Capricorn is an earth sign and very physical. The changes Mercury retrograde has brought us are very physical.

I have also noticed a number of people that seem to be swimming up stream. They are stuck or on a place of flux in some way and don’t know what they want to do. A couple of years ago they made big decisions but not don’t seem to be happy with what they decided. Some of them have not even investigated their decisions all the well or given them time to bear fruit. Others want to jump in the deep end of the pool before they know how to swim. We all do this from time to time.

man_in_the_mazeThis reminded me of , a graphic image of the Tohono O’Odham tribe of southern Arizona known as “the Man in the Maze”. It represents our connection to the Universe, the Great Spirit, the Creator. As long as we stay in the right path, the one that is connected to the creator, we are fine. When we get off the path, we end up in trouble.  It is law of attraction in it’s purest form.

Mercury retrograde is often viewed as period of trouble. I believe it is part of this natural order of things. When we learn to embrace it and go with its flow, our lives are greatly enriched. It is a time of redoing things, reviewing, going back over things and making a new start, or ending things. This is probably why we are seeing so many deaths over the past few weeks.

Mercury is now stationing to turn direct. Tomorrow, Monday January 25, 2016, he will be direct but still in his shadow for another whole week. This means he won’t beMarsRetrogradeSeenFromEarth back to full speed until February 1 so you will still need to go slow yourself. I;m sure there are a few thing redo things you have yet to complete.

This past week has been quite a reflective one for me. Perfect for a retrograde period. I also think it is common to take a trip down memory lane when someone dies but last Friday was also my 62nd solar return. The actual solar return took place at 7:30 am on January 2nd or 5 hours and 45 minutes after my actual birth time. I had a marvelous time with friends and co-workers who lavished me with well wishes, gifts, and lunches out. The week ended with my favorite winter weather, snow. I am a happy girl!

The Sun changed signs last Wednesday. Our Solar influence now is Aquarius. Gone is Capricorn’s influence around what about me, how things should be and our work. Capricorn is a what you see, you get kind of energy.

Now we are in Aquarius, the energy is about the group, helping our neighbor. It is also detached and separate. Aquarius likes to observe. It is hungry for knowledge, is innovative and daring, rebels against the inequality, inflexibility, and the structure that Capricorn enjoys. Individual freedom becomes very important under Aquarius and

we seek ways to free ourselves from limitations that make us feel more restrained than safe. It is a team player that can change its mind in a heart beat. Aquarius is the humanitarian of the zodiac and loves it when everyone around him is equal, happy, free, and at peace. Antiquarians also love piles and talking. This is SO me!

Mercury will be moving slow and conjunct Pluto this week and next. The perfection of this conjunction will take place on Saturday. For the next two weeks we can expect intense activity in our thoughts. We could come to some important decisions or discover some important information. Our thinking will be more of the probing, in investigative sort than usual. The shadow side is that we can be obsessive, manipulative, and suspicious. Some of us will experience mental battles and even turn these inward. This can lead to depression and addictive behaviors so be cautious.

Uranus is in the orb or square with Mercury and Pluto too. This can be interesting on many fronts. One of them is the weather. It is this energy that contributes to storms such as the one we had this weekend. I have read that my weather man is watching activity the could become another storm next weekend. I don’t mind snow but freezing rain is not good for anyone. Neither is the flooding this storm caused in New Jersey.

We do have Mars in the water sign of Scorpio right now. And Saturn is square Neptune. This could mean there will be some interesting weather events for sure. This is winter and the weather patterns have changed and continue to change so that we never know what to expect  from them. Clearly this storm did not bring us nearly the snow, sleet or freezing rain amounts predicted. This coming weekend and the weeks ahead are sure to be equally as unpredictable I feel sure.

I am going now to sit in the sun a bit before I tackle some of my many Aquarian piles around here. To the families of Ken and Joe, I send my love and most sincere hope for peace and grace as you navigate the emptiness and find loving new ways to fill the space these men left.

To all those that helped me celebrate my birthday I appreciate you more than words can express. Your cards, calls, gifts, messages, and lunches will warm my heart for weeks.

Wishing you all safe travels and a wonderful week ahead. Till next week…….peace!


On Death and Grief


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Our human mortality has been on my mind for many weeks now. I can not pin point what brought it on exactly. I think it might have begun in September with the passing of a very close friend’s father. Few weeks or a month after that something else happened, then something else. Every passing birthday, or anniversary, or death brought me back to thought of our human mortality. The older I get the more people close to me I am sure to lose, that is, if I out live them.

This morning as lay in bed and watched my heart beat through my chest. It seemed fast. Thoughts of my own demise tried to take over but I pushed them right out again. Who wants to think about their own death anyway? A few hours later, I learned that an old friend in Detroit had just transitioned. I knew this was coming, I knew he was in hospice care but I also had a vision of it too.

A little while later in the morning I saw a message that said an old classmate had left us last night.  I knew he was having a rough time of it but I expected him to somehow pull through. Shocked, I sat at my desk,  and cleaned the tears from my glasses. 

When we are small life seems like it will go on forever. As we grow we lose a friend once in a while. The first one is probably the most tragic for us. As we age the losses become more and more frequent. The realization of how short lie actually is creeps into our being. Suddenly stuff was once so important to us no longer seems very high on our list. 

There have been several deaths in the past few years that have hit me hard. The interesting thing is that I was not very close to them. When a dear friend died of cancer,  I was OK. The difference in my reactions is puzzling to me.Now I’m trying to figure this out. I want to manage my grief somehow although I am not all sure I need to or even if that is possible. A wise friend says we have 24 hours to cry, wail, and stay in bed. After that we need to get on with it. Life goes on. The wrecked car, broken relationship, spilled milk or even death is not the end of our life. We have to get up out of bed, get dressed and find a way to face our life beyond the 25th hour. 

Ignoring our grief or stuffing it down and choking ourselves with it is not the way either. We need to express it. Finding a balance between life and grief is process some of us handle well and others  can’t see to allow to unfold in positive ways.

I have more to say on this subject but for now I will be one with my grief and remember happier times. 

I am proud to have known both of these men. The one who died last night I have known since seventh or eight grade. He was a journalist and well-loved by his colleagues where ever he worked. He was a very intelligent, witty guy, with a gentle kindness that everyone felt when he smiled. I hear he was a pretty good cook too. He was also regular reader of this blog and is the one I mentioned at the end of my previous post. 

My friend in Detroit was someone I have not seen in maybe 35 years. I have kept in touch with some of his siblings however. His obituary said he was an artist, inventor, and engineer who revolutionized parts the aerospace industry. His colleagues called him ”an inspiration and visionary in his field of aerospace technology.”

Tonight I am sad but I can only imagine how much the families, really close friends, and colleagues of these men feel. My wish for them is that they all find peace with their grief.


Blessings to all. 


Astrology for January 17-23, 2016


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Photo by David Cline, Hickory NC

I am full of one liners and have songs rolling around in my head this morning. “What a difference a day makes”. “Changes”. “Baby it’s cold outside”. Yesterday it was a lovely 55 degree day and to-day it is barely above freezing and we woke up to a light snow fall. There is something about snow that always makes me reflective. This is amplified by the nostalgia around the turning of the calendar year and the loss of a few heavy hitters with celebrity status. I think this is usually the case as we leave one thing behind in exchange for another.

We lost a few folks with celebrity status as the calendar rolled over this year.

Natalie Cole died right before the new years got started. Now we are barely two weeks into 2016 and the world of entertainment has already taken a few more hard hits. Some of the names you probably won’t recognize unless you are in your 70’s or older, or a fan of their work.

Richard Libertinin played the doubting news editor in “Fletch”, Angus Scrimm played the “Tall Man” in the Phantasm series of horror films, Pete Harrington Jr. played Schneider on “One Day at at Time”, Kitty Kallen was a pop singer during the swing era, Pierre Boulez was a world famous French conductor and major force in today’s classical music world, Robert Stigwood managed rock bands “Cream” and the “Bee Gees” before producing a long list of musical films such as “Grease” and “ Saturday Night Fever”. Then this week began wit the death of David Bowie and later in the week we lost Alan Rickman. Yesterday I read Celine Dion’s husband and brother had both moved on. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, our human existence goes on, until it is our turn. However, losing someone we love or value in some way is never easy. It is the often the ultimate when it comes to change.changes_ahead-300x300

I wonder what this means for the rest of the year, if anything?

What I do know is that cosmically this week begins with the Sun is in the very last degrees of Capricorn. We have been under an influence of our ambitions and responsibility with a side of respect for the law. All good ways to begin a new year don’t you think? The Capricorn Sun has probably been pushing you to finish some of the things you started a while back. I know it has pushed me and this has been a good thing. Now to continue the momentum as I still have quite a way to go with completing my list of tasks. What ever happens I won’t beat myself up about it but will continue to look ahead toward my goals. Capricorn can be a hard task master and for this Aquarian, it is a good thing!

Today, Sunday, Venus is semi-square Mars. Relationships could be filled with tension as Mars tries to assert himself onto Venus while she is attempting to address her sexual wants and desires. Venus is in the fire sign of Sagittarius and that is a good thing. But Mars is not all that comfortable in the water sign of Scorpio. Fire and water steam. Try to channel this energy into passion rather than allowing it to be explosive. Fortunately Venus in Sagittarius is looking for more fun that steam. This will help temper the steam created by Mars in Scorpio.

Monday Venus squares Jupiter, Mars semi-squares Jupiter, and Mars trines Neptune. Venus square Jupiter amps up our desire for joy and delight but this can get to the point of excess so be aware and don’t go too wild with things. Sometimes we can get quite carried away with our emotions be rather wild in our beliefs around our partnerships. (I think I know someone who lives here most of the time). No evil intent lurking here yet our excitement can over shadow our clear thinking.

Mars semi-square Jupiter is also expansive energy. This aspect can help us be excited about life and any new projects we might be working on. Jupiter however could cause some of us to be a bit too confident about things and cause us to be unclear about what we can actually get done. Our beliefs are very important and we might feel more like a fight than usual, thanks to a bit of competitive energy this aspect brings with it. (I can hardly wait to see how this plays out on the news). Be sure you take a good long look at how your actions might influence your world. Any misjudgments can cost us more than we are willing to give up sometimes.

Mars trine Neptune is about intuition and creativity. Of course there is also the sexual quality of Mars combined with the fantasy aspect of Neptune to spice things up a notch. Oh My! This can get a young girl to blushing for sure! Besides stimulating our passion for fantasy, this aspect also lends a relaxed feel to things and have us singing “Que Sera, Sera” as we sit down to doodle or do something creative.

aquarius_constellationMid week we get a big energy shift as the Sun moved into Aquarius. This sign is one that stirs up our thirst for knowledge. It screams originality and seeks to experience all it can especially those outside the restraints of what is normally accepted. Aquarius loves freedom is ready to bust right out of the confine Capricorn placed on us last month. Aquarius had rather be free than safe, leaving the safety to other signs.

Thursday a square aspect between Mercury and Uranus perfects. Uranus us quick to change things. Mercury is thoughts and communications. This aspect can bring us new ideas and insights for most of this week. Don’t expect these new ideas to be well received by all. Some could find them more scatter-brained than anything and therefore reject them before giving them a real chance. You might want to delay any presentations for now. Choose you ideas and battles wisely because this aspect will no doubt have some of us deeply challenged by our routine. For some it will be a big effort not to leave things unfinished. Sheesh! This is the story of my life!

But this aspect can also be stimulating at the same time as our minds discover new information, ideas, and ways of thinking. Some things could upset the current state of things but this is what change and progress are all about. None of it is easy. Enjoy the mental creativity and don’t be attached to the outcome.

Friday, Mercury joins up with Pluto in Capricorn. Since Mercury is retrograde with aspect will have a slightly diminished impact. Rest assured that our mental prowess will be intensified regardless of Mercury’s retrograde status. Pluto is a p[planet that loves go deep into things. Expect to feel this as a pull toward finding deeper meaning in things in the most efficient way possible. This is also accentuated by the Aquarian Sun as mind of the scientist.

Pay attention! This will be a wonderful time to observe your worldmarch_2013_-_powerful_month_of_re- and your mind. Go deep, investigate, seek the truth about things and about yourself. Some of us will be highly persuasive with this aspect and possess a strong sense strategy. This shadow side of this aspect can show up as manipulation, suspicion, and obsession. When used incorrectly, this aspect can leave us frustrated.

The weeks ends with a lovely Full Moon. Our First Peoples called this the Wolf Moon because it came when the wolves howled outside the villages from hunger. This Moon is also called the Old Moon.

This Moon will be in Leo. opposite the Aquarian Sun, this polarity is about the balance between what is personal and impersonal. This Moon asks us to find equal footing between romance and friendship, between self-expression in objective and non objective ways.

The Leo Moon is intense, individual and proud. She is not happy being simply a team member. She wants to be noticed. The Aquarius Sun is much more a team player, more about the group as a whole and more objective.

Allow the Moon’s light to shine on the balance between all your relationships, including the one with yourself. Allow it to show us where we need to change and let go. Embrace the changes, they are ultimately good even if the scare our pants off.


On a different note, one of my high school friends and a regular reader of this blog, Ken Allen, is in the cardiac ICU somewhere in South Carolina. He is having a rough go of it but is progressing fairly well. No doubt his recovery will be slow going at first but I want to wish him a complete recovery and hope he can get back on his feet and about his regular routine as soon as possible. He is a fabulous free-lance journalist so I expect a story on his experience with this in the coming months.

With that said, I wish you are great week ahead. Help me celebrate my 62nd solar return (which will take place at 7:30 am) on Friday. Do something kind for someone you don’t know on Friday. Buy the person ahead of you in line that cup of coffee or morning biscuit. Smile at everyone you meet and give the homeless guy on the corner a buck.

BTW….solar return is different from birth time.

Astrology for january 10-16, 2016


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Ah! What an interesting winter so far. Just after Uranus went direct the weather patterns changed. I think winter is here to stay and not just teaseing us as it has for the past few months. My local independent and ameture weather guy says we could see from 2- 4 winter weather events before January is over. Fine by me. I have new snow boots and good tires on the car. I can get to work as long as the roads are passable. I love to see snow!

This week Mercury is retrograde in Capricorn. This placement is quite practical and focused. Just what we need to get back to business after a month or more of celebrations and festivities. This energy helps to bring our concentration back in line so we can deal with what is ahead of us for the month and the year.

This is not at all a bad place for Mercury to be retrograde and especially here at the beginning of the year. This aspect could actually serve us well in our business matters and our communications, as it lends itself to a more business like and practical character. Our conversations, whether electronic or in person will be more coherent and systematic. Just be aware that becoming too rigid can also be cause by this energy. None of us want to be viewed as being stiff, harsh or having a lack of feeling and compassion. Learn where the line is between being a realist and being pessimist.

The energy of Mercury retograde in Capricorn might also provide many of us with a great opporunity to do some deep cleaning and organizing around our homes. I have been working on this aspect of my life with more enthusiasim over the past couple of months. Last year I stumbled upon a web site devoted to home organization. It takes it all slow, just 15 minutes a day, and offers a weekly guide to get you focused. There are lots of printables to help you out too. Check it all out here:

Venus is in Sagittarius until January 23, 2016. This causes our romantic energy to be less fucused than it was in Scorpio. Sagittarius love is more about the collective. It’s the more Universal kind of love and far less imtimate than the energy we had with passionate Scorpio. Similar to Mercury in Capricorn, Venus in Sagittarius takes a more direct approach and truth it far more important than it has been.

Mars entered Scorpio on January 3, 2016. He is concerned now with getting what he wants. This energy is more resolved and dilligent. Some of us will feel a strong pull to examine our emotions and expereinces in a deeper level. Personally, Scoprio is strong in my natal chart. I welcome this energy this year and in conjucntion with Mercury retrograde because it is asking me to examine, re-examine and go deeper into some areas of my life that I need to take another look at. One area that I am drawn to now is how crisis and past issues in the family, both known to me and unknown, have shaped me and who I am. Scorpio loves to feel deeply and enjoys going deep into emotional stuff. He is not interested in averages. To him it is all or nothing; extremems. Scorpio loves extremes can be somewhat draw to a crisis situation. Use caution not to create one.

Aspects this week are mostly squares, semi-squares, and trines. Today Mercury is semi square Venus. This is a tough one for communications around love. Our minds could also go awandering and being hypersensitive is also likely. Be aware so you don’t create drama where there needen’t be and at the same this use this info to help you avoid drama.

Monday, Mercury will be semi-square Saturn. Road blocks and red tape are likely with this aspect. Re-doing things we thought were finished is common anytime Mercury is retrograde but even more so when semi-square Saturn. So are travel delays, communication break downs, and thinking more negatively. Oh my! Not good!

Keep in mind that Saturn deals with our governing structures as well as boundaries, rules, and regulations. Astrology does not just apply to us as individuals, but us as a community, city, region, state, country and the whole world. There can be an energy of ultra sensetivity and critsism. This being an election year, we are sure to see this energy magnified. We won’t be needing Mercury and Saturn to trigger heated candidate comments soon. The chinese year of the Monkey is coming up. I think that might bring us some interesting shenanigans.

Tuesday, Venus will trine Uranus. We are more interested in taking risks now. Uranus loves all things new and different. I was just thinking of this last night and how this has played out in my past. Uranus is my ruling planet, so this energy is a theme in my life. Thank goodness for the other strong aspects and a number of retrograde outer planets that balance this out of the ordinary side of me.

Venus trine Uranus will have us seeking what is different and have us ready to experiment without commitment. We could even explore some financial ventures as well especially if they involve technology. I know this is counter Mercury retrograde but remember he is in Capricorn this time and that sheds a bit of a different light on our retro friend. Venus and Uranus ask us to be creative with technology, the esoteric, art and things of beauty, and have some fun socially. Just don’t go over board.

Wednesday might be the most important day this week. The Sun trine Jupiter on this day. Jupiter is retrograde too but if you read last week’s blog I mentioned that this had little effect on Jupiter, so this is still all about growth and expansion. The Sun’s involvement has us wanting to impress people but at the same time we are more aware of what is moral. Expect enthusiasim to be high and cooperation rather painless. I like the sounds of that, don’t you? Get going with those creative projects you have been holding back.

Thursday the Sun and Mercury meet up; the first of four times each year. This aspect brings up issues from the past. Since these two planets are in Capricorn, this could mean we will see some upset in the politcal arena. After all, part of what Capricorn rules is government and heads of state. This is sure to be an interesting political year. I don’t think I am going to sit back a watch it all unfold rather than get worked up about anything. This will be a good time to do some more personal review. Perfect for this Mercury retrograde too.

Saturday the Moon is square Mercury and Pluto. This will take up deeper into any review we may have already begun this week. I know some of this weeks energy sounds dark but I feel like it is perfect and is indeed assisting in not only our personal but our global evolution. More and more folks are becoming aware. It is so exciting. But with this awareness comes conflict too.

I read one a while back that the reason there seems to be more evil things now in the news, is because they are thoughts and beliefs that have been hidden in darkness. They are coming to light so that we can become aware of them and transmute them to light. Take the child abuse in the church, human slavery, or the abuse of females all over the world. The list of offenses if long and it is applauling! It has also been hidden as a part of a belief system for centuries. It is my fervent wish and prayer that these attrocities come to an end as soon as possible. I also know that all things will happen at the perfect time.

With this I wish you a good week!


Photo by David Cline, Hickory NC

Astrology for January 3-9, 2016


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Sorry this is late this week. I have had things to do and people to send off back home. It has been a great holiday!

I sincerely hope everyone of my readers had a safe holiday season this year. It was so warm here and hardly felt like winter at all. It is cold now though as the long forecast weather patterns have now changed. Some could see some snow about mid week, but for now, this seems to be forecast only for the northeastern part of the state. All the warm weather has caused the plants to think it is spring. My next door neighbor’s Iris are blooming and I have seen other plants and trees budding. Even the North Pole is experiencing summer time temps. My grandmother used to call this “pneumonia weather”.

According to a weather guy I follow, winter is indeed here and he is forecasting another winter storm for the 10th-15th. But I am more interested in the astrological weather right now so I need to take a peek at the week ahead. I have been busy and not done this before now.

First up this week is Mercury, Mercury, Mercury! This fiery hot planet of communications and technology moved into Aquarius in the 3rd . And he is now slowing down to turn retrograde on Tuesday the 5th. Nothing like starting the New Year off with Mercury in retrograde. IF might be a good idea to hod off on initiating the resolutions till after this month is over. Just take a deep breath and relax, it will all be fine.

Mercury will travel back into Capricorn for a while so we will have a second chance to tie up loose ends from the past few weeks. The Capricorn energy could make it easier to finish those left over tasks and make the best use of this time of re-visiting, re-doing, and re- fill-in-the-blank. Capricorn won’t let you use excuses either so you are bound to get some things done.

You will want to use caution with all your communications and technology however. Mercury retrograde is a prime time for misunderstandings and technology breakdowns. This will be the first of four of these this year. If happens. We have to deal with it.

Tuesday is the day The Sun and Pluto meet up, also in Capricorn. Watch out this week for power struggles. This meet up is only one contributor. Later in the week the Sun moves into a square aspect with Uranus. My best advise is to proceed with caution and avoid conflicts as best you can.

Jupiter, the planet of good luck, will trine the Sun square Uranus at the end of the week but even this won’t be much help. Jupiter in Virgo is not very strong and Jupiter will also be stationing to turn retrograde on Thursday, January 7, 2016. This retrograde is not a big deal like Mercury is. In fact it will be more beneficial than anything.

Jupiter retrograde is positive and can bring us plenty of personal and spiritual growth. Sounds good to me? How about you? There is also room for Jupiter to be his usual abundant self, even if he is a bit more subdued, success is sure to be in the picture for all of us.The biggest issue will be in the area of self-control. This is just a test. If we pass, little can stand in our way.

Whether it is a new love relationship, long distance travel, or increased health and over all happiness, Jupiter retrograde can be a good thing. It is nothing to raise and eyebrow about in most cases. Many will experience a lot of good growth during while he is traveling backwards between this week and early May.

Venus conjuncts Satrun this week. This can be some tough energy too. Saturn is going to make Venus take a good look at what she holds dear. Thsi could cause some kicking a screaming but as with most things, when we give in and give up, we are better for it. We grow and evolve.

This week ends with a New Moon in Capricorn. Usually a New Moon becons a new beginning. This one however is asking up to hold off until after Mercury turns direct. With the addition of four other planets in Earth signs, the overall energy is very slow. I suggest using the retrograde energy this month to revisit our plans for the future. Perhaps by the next New Moon things will be better for moving ahead and getting our New Year Started.

Besides, it is cold outside and a long run of holidays is just over. I think we can all use some time to rest and relax. The planets seem to be pushing us to the end too. Why not give in to this energy where we can. Surely we will benefit is we do.

Be sure to stay hydrated. Winter can dry us out and that can cause illness.

Untill next week………Have a great week!

Astrology for December 27, 2015-Jan 2, 2016


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Wow! I can’t believe just typed “2016”. Another year is GONE! ZOOOM!

I hope everyone has enjoyed the past week or weeks of festivities and are looking forward to the New Year. My gut is telling me this coming year will be a mixed bag of good and not so good. But isn’t that always the case?

Specifically, I feel like this year will be good in the sense of our awakening to our reality and evolving as physical beings. Community connections will grow and spread, perhaps out of necessity or some sense of need to do so. This is a really good thing. However the economic scene might not be so bright. I am hearing rumblings of the first quarter being slow and resulting in corporate trimming and layoffs.

These are all things lead to increased crime, desperation, hunger, and ill health. All good reasons for us to grow our community connections. I am very grateful to for my good neighbors and our growing, supportive, caring relationships. IF you don’t know your neighbors, it just might be time to have a chat or take them some sweet treats.

Christmas Day in my area began with double rainbow. And did you get to see the Full Moon Christmas night? There for a while I thought I might not ever see the Moon or the Sun again. It seems like it has been raining for weeks. At least we had rain, a ew claps of thunder, and not snow. Christmas day was unusually warm. There were so many of us around the dinner table that we had to turn on the AC. The thought of thunder has led me to feel like we are about to get hit with something really different. Yes! A winter wave might be on the way soon. But first we have astrology to talk about.

The Sun moved into Capricorn last Tuesday. For the next month the theme will be responsibility, respect, and results. This sign appreciates structure, and understands what it possible and what might not be. Sometimes all the structure gets in the way of dreaming big dreams or allowing for spontaneous creativity. I fall right on the cusp of the back side of this sign and while I tend to lean far in the other direction, I will admit to feeling more safe when I know what to expect and have good boundaries. How does Capricorn show up in your life?

Mercury had been in Capricorn since December 9. He will move into Aquarius on January 1 and at the same time he will be heading into his shadow as he slows down to turn retrograde on January 6, 2016. He will spend one week in Aquarius before moving back to 15 degrees Capricorn. This will take us back to where he was on December 20, 2015. Any loose ends not tied up since Dec. 20 can be during this retrograde.

Venus will leave Scorpio for Sagittarius this coming Wednesday. During Venus’s transit through Scorpio, our ideas on love, our values and our money have been deep and psychologically probing. The shift into Sagittarius brings us a great deal of optimism and fun. What perfect timing this is, just as we approach New Year’s Eve. Perfect sign for festive parties, making noise, and having a great time with fireworks, poppers, and sparklers. But please, be careful!

Also, be cautious not to spend too much money during this transit. I don’t see the financial landscape for some of us being all that secure in the coming months. Keeping an eye on our finances will be even more important a couple of weeks later when we move into a square aspect between Jupiter and Venus.

Mars has one more week in Libra before he moves into Scorpio. For now, our charm factor is high and we are prone to use it to get what we want. There can be some indecisiveness however due in part to our ability to see all sides of a given issue. We want to be seen in the best light possible so any passive aggressive tendencies are sure to come out in this transit.

One of the important aspects this week is Mercury square Mars. Mercury square Mars. The characterization of this aspect are impatience, and being quick to draw conclusions or hasty when making decisions. Relax this week and leave those big meetings until later. These two planets can add some fuel to any already tense situation and tempers could flare. You may find your self saying something you wish you had not if you are not careful.

New projects can wait until after the New Year is well under way. There is no need to hurry. Use the last of 2015 and the first month of 2016 to form solid plans. Then jump in and get going. Of course if you have to, you have to but there will likely be conflicts and agitation. These two planets are strong all by themselves. When they square off, sparks can fly and I don’t mean New Years Eve fireworks either.
Enjoy New Years’s Eve! Please be safe in what ever you do. Please don’t drink and drive. It is just not worth it!



Astrology for December 20-26, 2015


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First of all I want to wish my mother a very happy 86th birthday today! Love you Mom!

In other news, Hanukkah is over and Christmas is almost here. The Elves are putting the finishing touches on things in the workshop at the North Pole. My wish is that no child or person goes without at least one gift this year and a full belly this year.

This week is not only full of holiday excitement but also celestial excitement too. The Winter solstice is tomorrow, December 21 and the Sun enters Capricorn. This is the marks the beginning of the last season of the year.

Ancient traditions had many ways to ward of the darkness of Winter Solstice and warm the hearths and hearts of the people. They set large feasts, bonfires, sang songs and would travels form house to house singing and dancing. I used to enjoy this time of year so much when I was in my teens. A group from my High School choir got together for several years and sang Christmas carols through the halls of the local hospital every Christmas Eve. It was great fun for us and brought lots of smiles to the people in the hospital.

This year won’t be quite so dark and Rudolph will have some help guiding Santa’s sleigh for a change. All this, courtesy of a Full Moon on Christmas Day! It is a Super moon to boot! This means the moon will be closer to the Earth than usual. We have had several of these this year. Chalk it all up to being part of the cycle of how we orbit around this universe.

The Sun in Capricorn moves us from an energy of expansion to one of responsibility. Sun in Sagittarius expanded our thinking and gave our confidence and optimism a leg up. We might have even gotten a bit too confident and overdid a few things.

Sun in Capricorn wants us to tidy up any loose ends, be responsible, law abiding citizens and accomplish things. So appropriate after a few months being busy as heck with Fall festivals, holiday after holiday, and things getting put off or left undone as a result. Now wonder people are ready to take down the tree as soon as December 26 rolls around. I never understood this when I was a kid. Grandma made a mad dash to get all the Christmas things packed up.

Having Uranus as my ruler, I wanted to rebel. I begged her to leave some decorations out until after we had gone back home. I was one happy camper when at the ripe age of 19, I learned about Twelfth Night celebrations. From then on, the Christmas season has not over for me until after January 6th. Through my 20’s I hosted a Twelfth Night party. I usually bought a shoulder of beef and had my good friend Albert aka “Hawg” cook it. I gathered the best bluegrass musicians in the area, and all my friends who brought the rest of the food and drinks to share. This made for some great memories.

This Christmas Full Moon is sure to be memorable as well. It will be in Cancer. The Moon’s opposition to the Capricorn Sun makes this about the balance between our private and public life. Our home life, nurturing, love attachments are ruled by Cancer. The Capricorn Sun is more interested in our public life and responsibilities. In some ways this Sun/Moon opposition is about a balance between unconditional and conditional love. That is indeed a struggle for many, especially if you don’t believe in unconditional love. There is also a struggle between our desire to stick close to home and be nurtured by the Cancer Moon and a need to get out in the world and be responsible people on our own.

Among other aspects this week, we have Mars and Neptune in a awkward position to each other. We could experience a lack of motivation, inability to think ahead clearly, a tendency toward the impractical, and overall carelessness. Thanks Neptune! Watch out for unusual impulses or being drawn toward a half-baked idea.

Mercury square Uranus today, Sunday, December 20, 2015. This is a good aspect of formulating new ideas and to brainstorm. Some of these ideas might not be well received and we can appear to be scatter-brained. This is all part if the Uranus influence and that is OK. But you might want to hold off on making a presentation of any new ideas till after this week is over. With the Sun moving in to Capricorn, we can easily upset the status quo, Oh My! This does not however mean that you can’t enjoy these new thoughts yourself and make plans to share them later.

So much of what is going on in the sky this week takes place on Friday but Thursday brings us a sweet aspect between Venus and Jupiter. The cooperative energy this aspect brings to our Christmas eve is sure to make many a mama happy as she sees all her family and friends getting along, or let’s at least hope this is the case. Some of us will realize there might be a bigger reason for our relationships to our family and fellow humans. This energy is great for holiday socializing and entertaining. We might find we are more free with out spending as well as our affections. Take this warning, check the bank balance before you insert that card in the machine. Over spending can be part of this energy too.

Now we go back to Friday for another important aspect. Mercury will be trine Jupiter. This energy is full of positive thinking as well as finding meaning in everyday events and practice. Jupiter expands on our ideas and our intentions, both of which will lean toward the noble. This energy is also good for short trips over the river and through the woods, as we go to Grandma’s house for the holidays. We did this every Christmas day when I was a kid. If you keep a journal or are studying something, you might find this energy beneficial to these endeavors. Use this energy to its fullest while it are here.

Last but certainly not least is Uranus Turning direct on Christmas day. I think I compared this to a bull breaking out of the china shop in last week’s blog. Uranus has been more or less asleep for that past 5 months. He is ready to bust loose and make some news! I felt like a got taste of this energy last night as I was going to bed. A feeling came over me that was not exactly warm and fuzzy. It was rather an ominous one. I could not shake the feeling that something is going to happen somewhere at the end of this week that will shake us up. I sure hope I am wrong. I have no idea is this event, if indeed there is one, will happen locally or in this country or some place else in the world. I really, really hope I am wrong about this but I felt a similar feeling a few weeks ago and the Paris attack happened a few days later. Only time will tell if I am right this time or not.

That is all I have for this week unless I think of something else later. I am off to an annual holiday event where I will join dozens of old friends to hear our favorite holiday band play their own satirical tunes. I understand the musical elves have created some new ear candy for us this year. I have not been to this event for a few years so this is sure to be extra fun. I just have to keep in mind that Mercury is square Uranus today and since he is about to turn direct, Uranus energy could be strong.

Please be safe as you travel about town and country this week. Use extra caution when driving and please, please stay off those cell phones while driving.

I wish each of you a very happy week and all the best this holiday has to offer you. Until next time……………………..

I cant go without acknowledging the 21st anniversary of my father’s transition this coming Wednesday or the birthdays of my dear departed friends Debbie and Greg who were born on the 23rd.


My father circa, 1946, Oak Ridge Military Academy.

(I am proud he was not actually in the military.)

Astrology for December 13-19, 2015


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Photo by David Cline, Hickory, N.C.


What a great week we’ve had here. It has felt more like April than December. Temperatures were hovering around 70 and the nights were warm enough to enjoy some porch time in the dark. My weather guy says winter is actually going to set in by the end of next week. Until then I will enjoy looking at the photo above. This was taken by a long time friend that dearly loves the outdoors, mother nature, and hiking in the mountains near our home town of Hickory, NC. I appreciate his allowing me to use his photos.

This week we are still dealing with the Mars/Uranus opposition. Uranus has been retrograde since late July. This means his energy has been somewhat subdued or restricted, and he has not been able to exert his full power on things since about mid July. This is about to change! Uranus is stationing to turn direct and we should begin to feel this shift sometime this week.

For me, as with many people, retrograde Uranus is my natal position. There are many factors in my chart that make me who I am but this one focuses on freedom and obligations. I also admit to a desire not to follow the crowd or be trendy. One of the farthest things from my mind is the latest trend. I am much more interested where my scientific, exploratory mind takes me as I seek to understand things in a way others might not. The only problem here is that this can leave me feeling frustrated and often alone with my thoughts. This is why the internet is so much a part of my life. It is the best place for me to find interactions with like minds.

Currently the transiting retrograde Uranus is four degrees from squaring my natal Uranus. As long as I can stay in the moment I am sure to be fine. When I am distracted and looking to ahead, things can get difficult. This aspect in my personal chart requires that I be in a place of allowing in order to take advantage of things that could suddenly cross my path. Predictably, this cycle takes place in all our lives in our early 20’s and early 60’s. No I know why folks get weird about the time they hit 60.

The energy shift we will begin to be feel strongly this week is freedom. The image in my head is one of a bull just breaking out the chute at a rodeo. He’s jumping wildly and ready to charge at the first thing he sees. Since Uranus is an outer planet, this energy with hit the collective as well as the personal levels.

Whether or not we want to think in these terms, Isis wants freedom to do what they want to do. So does Russia, the Syrian refugees, Christians, Muslims, the U.S. Government, you name it. Everyone wants freedom to do what they want to do. Conflict comes from the attempt to impose those desires on others. This is an energy that is pushing us to grow in ways we had rather resist. Change is difficult enough with out Uranus being in the mix. But Uranus is pushy. He wants to be heard and wants his freedom. It is up to us as to how this plays out personally and collectively. Learning to be in the moment and grateful for all things is key not only to our spiritual growth but also to our overall well-being.

To add to this Uranus energy shift, don’t forget that we currently have Mars opposing him and Pluto continues to influence him within the orb of square. Mars will be adding his git’er done energy to Uranus’s desire to bust out. There is no way I am going to venture a guess as to what we might see in the weeks ahead as a result of these apsects.

Late this week we have another difficult aspect to deal with as Mars perfects his square to Pluto. Hopefully after you read this you will be able to see warning signs and avoid any difficulties this might bring to your own life. My first suggestion would be to get your holiday shopping done as soon as possible. This coming weekend is favorable for reading and research, and little else.

Mars and Pluto also squared on March 12 of this year. If you think back to what was going on then, you might get an idea of what to expect this time. But if you are like me, you can’t remember back that far. Of course we have the energy of the other planets influencing this square, so it is not like are repeating March 12th over again, but there could be similarities in the overal energy for many of us.

Mars energy is going to take us into some deep, dark, places to get the info he wants. Pluto is where we keep our secrets and Mars is driven and we can feel obessed about our projects. Talk about energy for growth and evolution?! The things you uncover could be the best Christmas present of all! !

Mars has a certain youthful exuberance. He can also be somewhat explosive if he feels pushed. Watch for examples of this energy in the news soon as the frustrations Things we don’t alwayss understand can be brought to the surface now and this lack of understanding can cause frustration. This time of year can be stressful enough if we are not in the moment and try to hard to control. Again I want to urge you to allow things to be as they are and to unfold as they will and don’t forget to seek your own joy. This is the season of “good will” not “I will”.

The shadow side of all this is that your drive to manipulate might be stronger. This won’t be well accepted by those around you. When is it ever? Your financial determination might also be high with this energy but guard that you do not become unfair to other in some way. Remember that you are not the only one feeling this energy. Our friends and our enemys are too. This applies to us both as individuals and as communities and nations.

The diffcult energies will slow down some on and just after Christmas Day and Uranus turning direct. There will be no retorgrade planets until January 6 when Mercury turns retorgrade. OF course this means Mercury will be in his shadow about New Years Day. The New Year will start off with a bang for sure!

But wait! There is more interesting news! Mercury going retrograde this early in the year means we will have four Mercury retrograde periods this coming year. Oh BOY! And if they are anything like the last one we had? I can hardly wait for them this year.

This year is not over yet so lets live the last few weeks of it with gusto. Hannukah is almost over, Christmans and Kwanza are still ahead. There is lots of food to make, shared, and eaten, gifts to wrap and open, parties to go to or host, and lets not forget the bounty of adult beverages this time of year.

Remember to get as much shopping done this week as you can. Use the unfavorable planetary aspects for shopping next weekend to your advantage and chill out. Relax and be in the moment. Winter is almost here and it should be feeling more like winter by then too.

Untill next time, I leave you with this article on something that has brought me a great deal of joy for many years now. I cannot tell you how magical the lighted tree balls are to me.They make me giggle and instill a sense of wonder. The neighborhood that started this also sets out a big wooden bin in which they collect food donations for the Second Harvest Food Bank. And there is a 5k walk and run that also raises funds, called “Run for the Balls”. If you would like to make a donation to Second Harvest go to: To do not live in NC and want to find your local organization, go to find-your-local-foodbank

In the meantime enjoy this article, smile, and be grateful this week. Lighted Tree balls 


Astrology for December 6-12, 2015


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Happy Hanukkah!

I understand the little girls who live behind me encouraged their mom to draw this on their fence and that they chalked over lots of things in their back yard this morning. Love those kids and all their creativity!

<3 Thanks E&F! <3


This past week proved to be another difficult week for many. A few weeks ago, around mid November, I think I mentioned looking forward into December and seeing lots of difficult aspects. This past week was one of them. It seemed as though very few planets were getting along with other planets. I know I didn’t spend a lot of time on taking about them last week either. There are several reasons for this.

First of all, I wanted to go over Saturn in Sagittarius more last week. Secondly, sometimes I get emotionally overwhelmed by all the difficulties in the world and have to force myself to do what I am always advising you to do………. find the joy. For me this means backing off of social media and any news source and spend more time in meditation so I don’t go into a tail spin over how selfish, greedy and mean we humans are.

However, there were some aspects last week that I failed to mention. One of them was Mars opposing Uranus. This energy has been building since early last week and will perfect this coming Thursday. I am seeing some effects from this one in the coming weeks.

This opposition is a bit like a three year old kid; impatient, frigidity, and full of rebellion. (Three years old by the way, is one of my favorite age groups.) Under this energy we could be more daring than usual and willing to take risks and fight for freedom. We are feeling our individuality more and want our freedom. This might mean a work schedule change or something happens that facilitates the need to rapidly shift our plans.

Uranus energy is not only rebellious but is also resistant. If we feel something or someone is holding us back we are probably going to be more to butt heads with it now. The Mars opposition will add significant fire and passion to this rebellious Uranian energy. I’m not at all sure that Mars transiting balanced Libra is a good thing. This sign makes Mars rather indecisive. Indecision can lead to frustration, and frustration to more rebellion. A vicious cycle indeed.

Don’t forget that Uranus rules technology. This is a broad term that includes our phones, computers and anything electrical. There could be a techno glitch in your life and in the news somewhere soon. Remember, it’s all good. Be in the moment, and don’t worry. From everything I see and hear from various sources, there is going to be more and more upset in the world as time goes on. We are going to need to be able to be in the moment and be grateful for what is, no matter what that looks like.

Many years ago my dear friend and next door neighbor, Samir Malak, introduced me to Byron Katie. She developed a self help method called “ The Work”. It teaches us to be in the moment,  love what is, and let go of our story because it holds us back.  In other words, find your joy in the this moment, in this day, in this life; what ever that looks like.

I say, “What does moping and moaning get you anyway?” A local friend teaches that you get 24 hours to cry, scream, weep and moan. After that, get on with life. I only wish I had grasped these concepts when I was much younger but everything happens in its own time doesn’t it?

Today, December 6th, we can add the Moon’s energy to this opposition. Feeling rebellious? It won’t last long. By mid week we will be feeling the energy of a New Moon in Sagittarius. Put your focus on being enthusiastically positive, forthright, honest, with a side of the adventurous. If we do this we could raise our understanding to new heights and gain a larger perspective or the world we live in. What a concept and what a perfect thought for this time of year.

One of the drawbacks of this energy is getting lost in details of our daily lives. And sometimes we over shoot our expectations. This New Moon will be square to Jupiter so this could be accentuated. A trine aspect to Uranus could help us make progressive changes. Isn’t that a lovely idea? So go for the gusto folks! You certainly don’t want to miss out on any benefits that could come your way now do you?

Just in case you were wondering, about that old Uranus Pluto square, I should tell you we are still very much feeling it. The two are just 3 degrees from perfectly square. This is definitely within the orb of square. Unless you are new to this blog or astrology, I don’t think I need to tell you this is a very difficult aspect and will move on to discuss the next aspect.

I would like to say the many of the difficult aspects are waning, and they are to some extent. Many are hanging around this week however. Jupiter’s square to Mercury is shifting to a square with the Sun. This is personal. Expanding us on the personal level. Add the Sagittarius energy and all those characteristics such as optimism and charity are growing.

Thursday and Friday, we have a nice trine between Venus and Neptune. This will lend its self to mending and healing relationships. Those idiosyncrasies in others that have bothered us in the past don’t seem so big now. This allows us to heal and accept what we cannot change.

I am going to add that this healing energy also extends to our relationship with our selves. This will be assisted on Friday when Venus will trine Chiron, the wounded healer. I do believe the some relationships are not meant to heal back to where they once were. Instead some are meant to find their healing in the acceptance that for what ever reason, they are not supposed to continue. Letting go changes things. Few of us are able to embrace change all the time. It is often futile to try to hold on to what ever it is we want to hold on to. Time and events can change us and how we relate to things around us.

Letting go is often both difficult and cathartic, or can be. It is all part of our personal growth, awakening, and evolution. As I type this I am thinking of how much of what we think is true seems to be shifting. We have a natural tendency to resist it as we resist all change. The Universe is leading us by the hand, if we allow it to, and showing us that change is OK! The Universe is helping us to learn to accept things as they come and find happiness in unexpected places. This could often mean non material things.

As sort of a side bar to, if you have never heard of Marie Kondo and her method of organizing and tidying, I urge you to check her out on YouTube. I have a hard time letting go of things. My sense of obligation to my some parts of my life and some authority figures dictates my keeping many different things that I really don’t like for need. Marie’s approach is simple. Forget the old idea of tossing what ever you have not used in a year or two. If something no longer brings you JOY, get rid of it! ! ! This concept makes the whole idea of purging much more palatable to me and while I am far from finished with my purge are reorganization, I am well on my way with a new vigor.

Should you choose to do something similar, I wish you luck. Winter is a good time to work on such a project and I am excited to continue with mine. Now if I could just get the kitchen cleaner and clearer……..time to go do some dishes and make some dinner.

I wish you a wonderful week and a very Happy Hanukkah to all my friends that celebrate!

Peace and love to all!

Sheila Hollander Berkowitz                                            Photo credit goes to Sheila Hollander Berkowitz.


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