Astrology for April 22-28, 2018


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Last Sunday as I was finishing the week’s post, the northeast side of my town was hard hit by a tornado that stayed on the ground for 33.6 miles. This is not normal for us. Here in NC we seldom have tornados, especially in the western half of the state but they seem to be more frequent over the past 5 years than ever before.

The man that lived in the home in the above photo said his wife and brother we tossed into the field behind the house. Both are fine except for cuts and scratches. His brother has a few cracked ribs. He and his wife rented this house and had no renters insurance. Needless to say, they are among the many along the 33-mile storm path that lost everything. As far as I know there was only one death caused by the tornado. 

The cool thing is that this has really brought our whole town together. People have pitched in to help any way they can. While grocery shopping last Friday, I saw a woman buying cases of dinner rolls presumably to make sliders or serve with a meal, and cases and cases of bottled water. I just love my town!

Astrologically, we are now under the influence of Jupiter, the planet of increase trine Neptune, the planet of water. Put these two together and you can get lots of rain. In fact, tomorrow’s weather is calling for up to 8 inches of rain in some areas of the western part of my state. That is after it dumps lots of rain on Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, and South Carolina before getting to us. It might be a good thing that Jupiter is retrograde. This causes him to be a bit less benefic than when he is direct.

Jupiter trine Neptune also brings out the best in humans. This aspect community spirit, generosity, and hope. This is quite evident here, in this time of need, by all the fundraisers that are happening and by the outpouring of local assistance to those in need.

This trine is also an abundance of spiritual or psychic encounters taking place. Enlightenment is prolific and can show up as visions and in dreams or meditations. Social justice, human rights, and serving those less fortunate including our furry, four-legged friends. We seem to get a huge amount of satisfaction in helping others.

Overall, this is a very positive alignment that can give rise to our awakening and boost our creativity through art, music, dance, and theatre. Some of us find other people inexplicably attractive and from this, a new romance could burst forth like a spring flower.

This week begins with Pluto turning retrograde. Pluto might be small but his impact on our lives is big. This planet viewed as transformational. Go back to the top where I talked about the tornado and you get an analogy of transformation. The tornado transformed homes, the landscape and the people it hit. Pluto loves to tear things down so we can rebuild. Personally, I often compare him to the Phoenix.

Pluto retrograde is more personal. He takes us deep into ourselves so we can examine our deepest and darkest selves. For those of us that know we are on a path of awakening and evolution, this retrograde transit can be a welcome thing if we are aware of how it can affect us and find ways to take advantage of its energy. Use this to explore your shadow side. Then let go of all that no longer serves you right.

Tuesday we have three aspects to look at. First, we find Mars in sextile aspect with Chiron. Chiron moved into Aries on the 17th of April. This cosmic body is known as the wounded healer and also represents mentoring. The last time Chiron was in Aries was in 1968. There are many comparisons to those days and now. The world and this country were in a sort of chaos then, just as it is now. Makes me shake my head and say “Hmmmm”.

The Aries transit of Chiron offers an energy that is best used to heal personal relationships, at least those we have the desire to heal. This can also serve as a catalyst for those entering a healing business or anything to do with healing or mentoring. Social activism will also reap benefits.

Please keep in mind that activism is not a left or right thing. We are all activist any time we are promoting things we feel strongly about. Whatever it is you wish to promote, please remember to do so with love in your heart. As a wise woman I know often says, “every human just wants to be heard and loved”.

The second transit for Tuesday is Venus entering Gemini. This is a good transit for speaking or writing. So get our pen and paper and begin writing that book you have been thinking about. Romance and artistic flavor are also favored under this transit. Many of us will find we are more social, compatible, with a side of air-headedness. (That sounds like me.)

The third and last aspect for Tuesday is Venus sextile Chiron. This offers even more energy to heal our relationships and become more agreeable to involvement and commitment. This will also provide positive energy for learning from other people, building trust, and understanding the beauty in weakness.

Wednesday Saturn and Mercury square off. Saturn like to put the brakes on and block us from going to wild. This aspect with Mercury will affect communications and local travel, all of which could experience delays or total blocks. Our thoughts could turn negative as well so we want to be vigilant that we don’t fall prey to this negativity. If we do, others will see us as insensitive or critical.

Thursday, Mars will join up with Pluto. This conjunction is a powerhouse and most of us will want to take advantage of its energy especially if we use it to zone in on our goals. Good energy for letting go, getting rid of and moving on. At the very least we might revise or re-work something so we can progress.

The shadow side of this is that we overdo. We all need to be careful that we don’t work too the point of exhaustion. Also be aware that power struggles might pop up there and there but it will also bring a feeling of purpose.

The weekends under the energy of the Full Moon next Sunday. This Moon will be in Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the planet that loves to go deep and tear things up so the can transform or be rebuilt. This Moon will assist us in facing our inner darkness, our inner demons, and our psychological wounds.

We are indeed in transformational times. This is often not pretty but it is necessary. I hope to use all this energy to the fullest as best I can.

Next Sunday there a Grand Cross peaks but I will save that discussion for next week’s post. In the meantime, enjoy the link below. It is a tune about letting go and I thought the words we quite appropriate.


Astrology for April 15-21, 2018


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Last week I mentioned the solar wind that was coming our way. It showed up right on time early last week and disturbed some of us more than others. Some folks, probably those that are not spiritually awake of just waking up, didn’t really notice much. Some noticed their electronics and devices didn’t function properly. This could also be due to Mercury’s retrograde.

Many people experienced sleep problems. They thought they weren’t sleeping because they were stressed, overtired, ate something that kept them awake, or a myriad of other reasons. All these things can cause disturbances but so can solar energy hitting our planet. I finally got a good nights sleep Wednesday night.

Some of us reported sleeping more than usual. Others reported feeling energized, blissful, or in agony. There were also feelings of depression, inspiration, transformation, creativity, and more.

The solar energy wave or wind even caused some people to itch or feel like something was crawling on their skin. In the past, I have had feeling like ants were in my hair. It is very creepy and when it first happened I was sure something must be in my hair. Over time I learned, it was not ants. It was actually a connection to spirit or the outer realms. Well. . . I’ve been feeling the ants this past week. Some people might say I was getting a download from aliens. LOL

If you felt one way but your partner or a close friend felt another, don’t be alarmed. We are all at different points on our path to enlightenment.

This week begins with the New Moon today, April 15th. It is in the sign of Aries and brings us some potent energy for change in our lives. This is after all, about new beginnings as all New Moons are. There is also the added benefit of new beginnings from the energy of Aries. This is energy that is full of adventure and authenticity. Use this to break out of your shell, transform like the butterfly, find inner joy, self-reliance, and do all these things happily without the help of others.

This will be difficult for many because they are still living in the trap of fear, lack, and poverty. We all have been there. For the rest of today and Monday at least, use the Aries New Moon energy to regenerate yourself, break out of the box of limitations, and welcome in something new; whatever that looks like for you. Change can be scary but we need to rise above the fear. This is real personal evolution.

Mercury stations direct today (4/15)2018)! This retrograde has been a difficult one for many of us. I have personally only noticed a few glitches with technology and most of that was during the solar energy passing through.

Monday also brings us a semi-square aspect between Mercury and Venus. Be careful how you say things and make an extra effort to be nice because folks will be quite sensitive today. This energy causes us to be quite sensitive, of course, some more than others depending on the individual natal chart. The moon, the planet of emotions, will balance this energy by moving into Taurus Monday. Thank goodness for some grounding!

Monday also holds Venus opposite Jupiter. Anytime Jupiter is involved, the energy is big. In this case, love is strong and can even be rather extreme for some. We might expect more than we can actually get. People that subliminally feed on drama will unknowingly draw same to them and it could spill over to the rest of us. The news tomorrow could be very interesting.

Tuesday is an active day with four major things to discuss.

First up is a Venus-Jupiter opposition is good for social connections. Some will be drawn to party more than usual. Please be careful. This is the first of the week (unless you work in the service industry) and Tuesday is a work day. Don’t eat or drink too much and don’t overspend to drown any feelings of upset or fear. Daily routines can get boring but they are also comforting. Relax! Life will bring you what you need when you need it. Don’t force it.

Next one for Tuesday is Chiron entering Aries. This is an aspect that can assist us in healing both physical and psychological wounds from our childhood or anytime we are deeply wounded. People with Chiron in Aries in their natal chart are tough. This is where the “school of hard knocks’ is located. Now it is time to be healed and give ourselves some good care. We all deserve it.

Venus will trine Pluto on Tuesday. This is a good aspect for our money and our relationships. It could a bit consuming and fiery but at least it is not going to rip us apart or offend us in any way. Instead, our desire is to go deep in sharing our hearts desires. Use this energy of love to evolve. Love, indeed, has the power to change us and the world in general.

Saturn turns direct Tuesday. We can expect all things dealing with structure and authority to get moving again. Problem is, we might not like some of the directions this can take us personally and collectively.

Wednesday the Sun conjuncts Uranus. This aspect is all about independence. Impulsivity, progression, and change. We welcome new, unique things into our lives. More change but it is a good change, or could be. This aspect brings positive energy to technology and the metaphysical. It can also make some of us rather antsy and actually wanting change. Oh, my! Whoda thunk it? Someone actually welcomes change? You just never know. That new friend you make today could bring you interesting changes in the future.

Thursday, Venus aspects Saturn. This one might bring some difficulties in our relationships with others. Saturn tends to block our emotions and our affections might seem cooler than usual. This is an aspect that is,  sadly filled with unrequited love, separations, and breakups. . If you make any large purchases, they could turn in a conduit for cash.

Mercury aspects Jupiter on Thursday. This can cause an overload of information. So much so that details can slip right through the cracks. Pay closer attention to the details so that you don’t cause yourself or others any difficulties. Some people will exaggerate things today.

The last major aspect of the week comes on Friday when the Sun is semi-square Neptune. Neptune always brings a sort of fog or illusion to our lives. Our ability to use willpower could be quite low and our focus is really off. We might want to steer clear of new goals or ideas. Our ability to focus on anything that requires critical thinking will be very difficult today.

Knowing where we stand with others is obscured by the fog of Neptune today. Sticking to our plans for the day will prove challenging. Overindulgence will again be the rule of the day. That makes two of these days this week, but with some care and perseverance, we will make it through this unscathed. This is not the best day for surgery, appointments, or starting a new project. Use the New Moon energy early in the week for the new projects.

Last week many of you could have been affected or at least heard of more than one death. This is one more thing that we can chalk up to the Solar energy early in the week. Lots of souls have completed their work in the physical or have decided that it is just time to go. I hope this is only temporary and not something that lasts over months or years like it was about 10 years ago. However, I have to accept that death is going to happen more and more now that I have reached that “certain age”.

April is the time we sow seeds. The weather has caused most garden prep to be delayed. However, there are other kinds of seeds we can sow. Seeds of love being perhaps the most important seed we can sow. For the rest of the month try sowing seeds of love. Start with a morning meditation of gratitude. Throughout the day try to use the 5 languages of love the are outlined in the book of the same name by Gary Chapman. . .

Enjoy your week! Remember to be kind. The world needs all the kindness it can get and that includes you and me so smile and do good.

Astrology for April 8-14, 2018


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Happy birthday to all my Aries friends. May your year be filled with joy, laughter and lots of peace and love. 

Another week is history. Another week full of opportunity awaits us. The mystery is exciting. Don’t give in to the fear generated by others.

This week begins today with a Capricorn Moon squaring both the Sun and Uranus. Our wants are in conflict with our needs. People with this aspect in their natal charts often don’t feel accepted and can clash with parents or parent-like people in their lives. In some ways, this square is similar to the Sun square Saturn. It will be important for us to find balance with ourselves today.

The Sun square Uranus. This might stir up the rebellious energy within us. Of course, those with strong Uranus energy in their natal charts could be affected more than those who don’t. The Sun-Moon square offers plenty of conflict on its own. Adding Uranus to the mix amps up that conflict with a desire for freedom and independence. Thie best part of this to me is the increase in truth speech and our desire for truth.

Mercury is about to turn direct but this won’t happen until April 15. I had originally read Mercury’s shadow period would end on April 22, 2018. Today I read the shadow will last until May 3. This seems doubtful to me only because I have never known a shadow period to last for over two weeks. I will not say that it is not possible but the Apri 22 date seems much more plausible to me. Please follow your own intuition or gut instinct on this.

While we are on the subject of Mercury retrograde, remember that this is happening totally in Aries. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, the courier of spring, and a sign of new beginnings. Mercury retrograde is a time to redo and revisit. Since this retrograde period is taking place totally in Aries, it makes sense why the weather is so crazy this spring. One day its warm and the next day it’s cold and snowing.

Venus has been transiting Taurus since March 31. During this time she has been driving our desire for pleasure and romance. Doesn’t she always? Taurus energy helps keep Venus grounded and focused on the now and using all of our senses to enjoy this moment.

This week there are three major aspects that involve Venus. The first is on Wednesday when she is trine Mars. This aspect is romantic and creative. Find ways to express yourself through art and work. This aspect also favors social gatherings and events.

Wednesday also brings us an inconjunction or quincunx with the Sun and Jupiter. If you catch yourself wanting something new, this aspect might be the incentive for that.Checking for things that we still need to let go of will be a good thing. When we let go of what no longer serves, we make room for new things to come to us.

The very next day, Thursday, Venus is semi-square Chiron, the wounded healer. Chiron could bring our focus to our differences in our relationships to others. Chiron could also make it difficult for us to learn from each other. Chiron almost always brings us a bit of upset albeit a necessary upset that is designed to stimulate our growth in positive ways.

Jupiter is sextile Neptune on Thursday. This energy will stimulate our imagination and creativity in romance and what we perceive as beauty. Use this energy during social gatherings and it could help us be gentler with others in both social and romantic situations.

Saturday we have two aspects to make note of. The first one is Jupiter in a sextile aspect to Pluto. This is a good aspect for business dealings and the rule of law. Many of us will find this stimulates the drive to go after our personal or professional goals. This energy also helps us persuade others to our advantage. There is also the possibility that some could be led to a new way to solve a problem or find a concealed resource that will help us.

The second aspect on Saturday is Mars sextile Neptune. Notice your intuition today. It could be rather strong. This will also be a good day for enjoying creative expressions like dancing, art, live performances, film, and photography. Neptune will help us let go of any ager that might come with Mars. Of course, those with strong Mars influence in their charts, might not notice this so much.

I have noticed a slow down in earthquakes lately. At least my app is showing fewer alerts. However, in two days, April 10, 2018, the Earth will be hit with a stream of solar wind thanks to a large hole in the Sun’s atmosphere that is letting the solar wind escape out. My guess is that this solar wind will manifest in some way on our planet. Perhaps as earthquakes, volcanic activity, or surprises in the weather.

The ten-day forecast for my area is showing spring like temps through Wednesday with highs in the mid 60’s. Warmer temps come along Thursday through Saturday with highs around 80. Next Sunday the temps go back to mid 60’s. We sure have been on a weather and temperature roller-coaster this spring.

I doubt we will see snowflakes or sleet again this spring although another cool snap is not out of the question. I am anxious to set up another raised bed and get some things in the ground. The last frost date is April 15th. The firsts herb and plant sale here is on April 17, followed by the Herb Festival on April 28-29.

If you happen to be in the Asheville area, the herb festival will be the first weekend in May. I attended that one about 25 years ago and to date, it is the best one ever. Unfortunately, I have lost my desire to grow herbs like I used. These days I stick to plants that will come back year after year instead of annuals unless they are good re-seeders.

Enjoy your week no matter what happens with the weather. Get outside when you can and remember to be kind to all you meet.

Until next week. . .

Astrology for April 1-7, 2018


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Happy Easter and Happy Passover

This week begins with Mercury still retrograde and some glorious Full Moon energy. The Full Moon was yesterday but we are still under its influence. This Moon in on the Aries-Libra axis which represents relationships.

Aries is our relationship to self, self-assertiveness, leading, and having the courage to step out there. The word chutzpah comes to my mind. Being authentic is important to the Aries Moon while being tactful is not as much.

Libra, on the other hand, is our relationship to others. Libra moon energy is about compromise, co-operation, finding balance, negotiating, and being gracious toward others. All in all, this Full Moon is helping us find a balance between meeting our needs and meeting the needs of others in our life. It is about a balance between independence and dependence.

Mercury is halfway through his retrograde period by the end of the week. His shadow period after this is not over until April 22nd. This means we will still need to cautious until he is going full speed again after April 22nd.

This week also begins with a wonderful sextile aspect between Jupiter and Pluto. This combo packs some heavy-duty abundance energy. Please keep in mind that Jupiter brings abundance in all things including the bad and the ugly things. This abundance energy will last over six months.

Monday, we have a Mars-Saturn conjunction. This is going to bring a huge boost to the workaholics, entrepreneurs, and the athletes among us. Maturity, discipline, and good planning will be your best friends Monday.

Wednesday Mercury squares Mars. Since we are under a retrograde Mercury, this is a good time for reflection. Mars will fuel our ability to focus and our stamina to reflect and process.

Thursday we have a Mercury square aspect again. This time it is a square with Saturn. Discipline has a hard time with communications and travel glitches. Saturn wants things to go well but retrograde Mercury has other ideas.

Some of us will find projects we thought we completed might need and a bit of tweaking. But the biggest problem for us might be a tendency toward being critical, having negative thoughts, or being more sarcastic than we might normally. Try not to second guess things.

The last major aspect of the week comes on Saturday when Venus squares Saturn. With all the recent energy pushing us to let go of what no longer serves, including relationships, this energy brings steadiness, reality, and maturity to our relationships. Some of us could actually act like grown-ups for a change.

Shocking! LOL

This will be a good time to grow our relationships with those we work and do business with. Schedule a lunch with them or other casual time. My Chinese friend calls it “bonding time”.

Elders or authority figures in our lives could step forward to lend support, share advice, or physically pitch in to help. There is also a possibility of reviving relationships with an old love or close friend that we’ve lost contact with. Conversely, we could feel more responsibility toward our current friendships.

Overall this looks to be an easy week. Enjoy all it has to offer. Remember the conflicts and upsets often have the best lessons.

If spring has sprung in your area, get outside and enjoy it. Ground yourself by doing some gardening. I am not a huge fan of yard work but when I make myself get out there and do some weeding, I actually enjoy it.

Don’t forget to smile and be kind to others.


Astrology for March 25-31


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This week began with snow and ended with snow. It was little more than a dusting and so beautiful coming down.  This coming week the weather is predicted to be more spring-like and calmer than last week, I can’t say the same for the cosmos and our astrological forecast. Last week held a great deal of changing energy and this week is going to bring us more strong energy.

The Sun is now at 5 degrees Aries. Aries represents the astrological New Year, beginnings, and youth. Zero degrees Aries is known to some astrologers as the world point. Events that take place on or about the early degrees of Aries often affect the public and global collective. This energy is no doubt supporting the efforts of the young people driving the “Enough Is Enough” campaign.

Aries energy is active, independent, aggressive, impatient, energetic, pioneering, assertive and a bit impatient like the young child he represents. This week and through much of April, we will be influenced by a lot of Aries energy thanks to a stellium in the sign. The stellium includes, of course, the Sun, along with Mercury, Venus, and Uranus.

Today, 3/25/18, Venus is aspecting Jupiter. This aspect seeks positive stimulus and the pleasures of life. Unfortunately, we might want more than we are capable of handling and end up biting off more than we can chew.  It will be important to seek balance in order to prevent getting into something over our head.

Tuesday, the major aspect is Juno conjunct Neptune. Juno is the asteroid that often shows us our partners. This conjunction is going to affect many devoted relationships. The relationships, either friends or lovers, serve you could be enhanced by this conjunction. Those that are not for our highest good will not fare so well. They will most likely melt away and be no more.

I feel the need to remind you that relationships in astrology do not always mean the romantic sort, but could also mean work, school, and other social relationships.

Wednesday, the Sun will aspect Jupiter to form a sesquiquadrate aspect. The theme of this is discontentment and impatience. Jupiter wants us to have more of everything but whatever that is, could be too much for us to effectively handle or deal with. Don’t expect things to be grounded in reality today. Miscalculations, waste, and pull toward overemphasis could be the rule of the day for many, especially those with strong Jupiter influence in their charts.  

Thursday Venus is conjunct Uranus. The energy of this aspect will be about the unusual and change. Change seems to be a constant theme these days. Does it not? This is due to the shift in consciousness and the rise in the vibration of the planet and all of its inhabitants.

This aspect will cause a person’s uniqueness to be a lot more interesting. And is how awakened humans, the one that have raised their vibrations,  see others. There is a level of flightiness in our relationships. Uranus is more interested in keeping things fresh and new rather than anything stable or lasting. This can be a very good thing too. It is all in how you use the energy. Self-expression and freedom to you are not at all undesirable pursuits but at times they can cause others to feel uncomfortable.

To counterbalance the conjunction I just described, Thursday also holds a square between the Sun and Saturn. This aspect will bring obstacles to the freedom energy Uranus brings us. The Sun in Aries will provide us with a lot of stamina to get things done.  The obstacles will be directed at our goals and we are forced into reality. Perhaps the best use of this energy will be to use the tools Saturn offers. He drives us to be responsible and in doing so we will gain confidence in our ability to take care of ourselves.

Friday, which is also Good Friday and therefore has an energy of its own, will also bring us a semi-square between Mars the warrior and Jupiter the great benefic. Here again, we could find that we overestimate things. Some of us will be a bit overconfident too. This can lead us to be competitive and agitated. Mars often acts without thinking things through. You might want to be sure that you think a situation through before taking action. Jupiter will surely do his best to give us all he can regardless of the costs.

Seems this week’s aspects are largely challenging. The last aspect is discussed is Venus semi-square Neptune. Under this influence, we might find we only see what we want to see. Details become fuzzy and we revile in the faults and mistakes of others. It might be a good idea to be more reserved on this day and avoid impulsive purchases, signing contracts, or legal matters if possible.

This weekends with a Libra Full Moon. Libra represents others and compromise. Seems to me this is appropriate energy for the Moon before Easter. The Christ sacrificed himself for the “other”.  

This Libra Full Moon is also about relationships or all sorts. It is teaching us to be gracious, to negotiate, and find balance in them. We need to remember that the Aries Sun is also involved in this Full Moon.

The Aries Sun is pushing the authentic button. This Sun has little tactfulness and is stoked up by independence. To top this all off, the Full Moon aligns with the retrograde Mercury and squares the Mars conjunction with Saturn. Oh My! Communications and holiday travel delays could be many. Do your best to think before you speak and keep your cool with all your holiday traveling.


Astrology for March 18-24, 218


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Last week I mentioned that March Madness did not apply to just basketball. It also applies to the weather, at least here in the Tarheel State. The week began with snow and ended with temperatures near 70 degrees. But winter might not be over just yet. The weatherman tells us there is a chance for some frozen precipitation on Tuesday and Wednesday. I can’t say I have ever seen snow on the first day of spring.

March begins in the mutable sign of Pisces and signals the end of the winter season. I read someplace that mutable signs are editors of the zodiac. They are the ones that take what was begun by the cardinal signs, constructed by the fixed signs, and bring it all to completion.

The weather in March is a brilliant example of transition. There seems to be a Universal law that says whenever there is a transition there are also disturbances, upheaval, and unpredictability. These things happen not only when the seasons change but when planets change signs, when leadership changes, and when we shift from one age to another.

I will get back to this thought later. There are a few aspects I want to cover first.

The coming week through the end of March is chock full of all sorts of transitional energy. We are still under the influence of Saturday’s Pisces New Moon. Spring is at our doorstep. It officially arrives Tuesday, 3/20/2018. Tuesday is also the Spring Equinox so we have a lot of energy for new beginnings.

Nature loves balance. The scales won’t be tipped too far toward new beginnings because Mercury is stationing to turn retrograde on Thursday. This will allow us to go back and tie up any loose ends left from the past few months before we get too far into our springtime new beginnings. The universal consciousness always seems to know just how to balance the energy while at the same time moving us to evolve and transition ourselves. It is the natural order of things

Tuesday also give us Mercury conjunct Venus. This is a good aspect for being social, some good laughs, and good conversations. I love it when that happens. This is not a great aspect for work but should be a good one for business.

No major aspects on Wednesday but Thursday is the actual day Mercury turns retrograde. I am sure most of you know what that means. Expect delays or upsets around travel, don’t sign contracts and if you must, be sure to go over them multiple times and with a fine tooth comb.

Friday Venus is square Pluto. This could make for some quite a bit of strong emotion and intense feelings. However, all that passion could come with a hidden agenda. Look for signs of jealousy or possessiveness. Finances could experience some sort of change. Some of us might also notice power plays, betrayal, and/or manipulation.

The last major aspect this week comes around on Saturday when the Sun squares Mars. This is youth, action butting heads with our ego. Those of us with strong Mars influence in our charts might be rather impulsive. These people feel the need to act, to do something even without a goal in mind. Under the right circumstances, this could bring about some very nice creativity. On the other hand, it could cause some heated conversations, defensiveness, and arguments. This aspect has the energy of accidents. Remember, Mars is all about action and he will be square our ego and how we present ourselves to the world. We could be a bit accident prone about now.

Now, let’s go back to the subject of transitions. As many of you know we are now in the “Age of Aquarius”. Just as the planets moving from one sign to another cause some upheaval, so does the transition from one age to another. We can see this playing out on the world stage practically every day, sometimes in multiple ways.

An age last about 2000 years. The transition time between ages is full of twists, turns, and turmoil, just like now. The transition from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian age got a big boost from the Harmonic Convergence in 1987 and has intensified every since 12/21/2012. The actual transition period from one age to the next takes 200-350 years to complete. We are just getting started. Most people believe there are only few years of intense turmoil and that this is where we are at the moment.

As lightworkers bring in more light to planet Earth, it causes the manifestation of negative thoughts and brings them to the surface to be transmuted into love nad light. This is why we are seeing all the turmoil we are right now.The planets are helping and astrologers have not seen aspects like the ones we are having now is a long long time.

We’ve got a few more years of intense negativity to get through before we will live a peaceful existance where there is enough for every one. Over all, things won’t let up in our life time but they will by the next time we come around.

Well, that is about as deep as I am going going to go for now. I wish everyone a faboulous week ahead. Remember to be kind and smile from the heart. 

Astrology for March 11-17, 2018


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The first day of daylight saving time, or as some say, daylight savings time is always momentarily confusing when we gaze upon the one or two clocks in the house that we forgot to change. I wish all my clocks would spring forward or fall backward on their own like the computer and cell phone do.

March means basketball to many. Sports people call it “March Madness”. I think this this term equally applies to the weather in March when it can change from one extreme to another. This might be true this year more than most other years simply because.

Astrologers most often refer to the late degrees specifically as the 29th degree while technically any planet in the last 3-4 degrees is in the “late degrees”. Uranus, the planet that rules weather, is inside this margin at 26°30′ Aries. A planet is in the last degrees of a sign typically has more power and influence than when it is at other degrees. Could we have some surprise weather events as spring progresses? I say “Yes!”. However, time will tell and remember, nothing is written in stone.

Once Uranus moves into Taurus, he will be in his detriment and operating from a weakened position. I will talk about this more as we get closer to May 15, 2018. This is the date Uranus moves into Taurus for the next eight years.

This week we have some new things aspects and energy to talk about.

Today, March 11, we are influenced by a Mars/Uranus trine. Many, if not all of us get intuitive flashes. This trine supports our quick our response to these flashes. I think we would do well to pay more attention the these flashes in general, regardless of influencing planetary aspects.

Monday Pluto trines Pallas, an asteroid represents our creative mind, and indicates wisdom and healing. This trine supports feminie positivity. It also stimulates pragmatic creativity, especially when it comes to planning strategically.

Tuesday Venus squares Saturn. Our planetary father wants us to be repsonsible and accountable, while Venus wants to have a good time socializing and having fun. This is the epitome of difficult aspects. Saturn will no doubt win out thanks to his comfortable placement in Capricorn and Venus is not happy in Aries. There is a bit of good luck later in the day however when the Pisces Sun trines Jupiter.

Wednesday brings us a square between Mars and Chiron. This might sound ominous but this difficult square can be used favorably if we choose to. Allow this energy to mend, heal, and teach.

We are still under the influence of of the four Yod’s or Finger’s of God who’s constant players are Ceres and Saturn. The four other planets that move through this apect pattern to complete this skinny triangle are Venus, Mercury, Sun, and Juno.

What we have hopefully experienced from this, in a word, is manifesting. These Yod’s also positive energy for healing old wounds fast and effectively. Who among us doesn’t have some old wounds to heal? The end of this week brings all this energy to a close as this Yod pattern begins to disapate. Should you wish to recap the info about this pattern, please refer back to the February 18-24 post.

Wednesday there is a difficult semi-square aspect involving Jupiter and Saturn. Saturn as you know, is all about discipline. He plays strictly by the rules. Jupiter want to bring us more, to expand and grow things.

There are no aspects Thursday or Friday so I am looking ahead to St. Patrick’s day on Saturday. There is also a New Moon on Saturday and the possibilty of some conflict when Mars semi-squares this New Moon/Sun. However any disagreements, conflicts or fights will probably be short lived with the these fast moving planets. Later on Saturday Mars enters Capricorn for the next two months. This will provide fiery Mars with a strong, comfortable transit over the next two months.

The last cosmic thing to bring up is Mercury stationing to turn retrograde next week. He is already in his storm now or slowing down. This means we are already feeling some of the retrograde effects. If you can get your taxes turned in before Mercury stations next Thursday, that would be a good thing. Other wise if have not already started working on them, please be sure to go over them extra carefully this year.

Mercury will be direct April 15. You might want to wait until then to file. There will still be two days before the deadline. Since the 15th falls on Saturday this year, the deadline is April 17. Regardless of when you file, get that paper work finished so you can move on.

St. Patrick’s Day is a big day for celebrating in some towns. It is fun to be Irish for a day and the food that comes with the holiday is simple and tasty. This is also known for comsuming lots of beer and Irish Whiskey. If you fall into this category, please arrange for a designated driver or an Uber. Be safe and not a statistic. I am seflish and want my all my readers to come back the next week, safe and sound.

Astrology for March 4-10, 2018


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Some say time passes faster as you get older. Others say time is being compressed and that makes it actually go faster. I can not be sure which is real or correct. Perhaps it is a bit of both. For me, this year seems to be off to a very fast start. Welcome to March!

The Sun is almost halfway through the Pisces transit and also part of a four-planet stellium. You have probably noticed the really wet weather in much of the U.S. Snow falling in places that don’t usually have snow, along with floods in several parts of the country, and a nor’easter along the east coast up to New England. Add the recent Full Moon and four planets in the water sign of Pisces and you have a huge amount of water energy. I wish everyone the best as they deal with the power outages and water. I

This first full week of March the Moon is waning after being full last Thursday. Early in the evening, the sky will be dark. The darkness will allow us to see the Zodiacal light. This light is seen in the spring along the western horizon just after sunset. In the fall, it is seen in the eastern sky at sunrise. The Zodiacal light is caused by sunlight that is scattered by space dust in the zodiacal cloud. This light becomes fainter as the distance from the sun increases. On moonless nights, this light actually makes up the largest part of the skylight in the sky. Fun facts!

This first full week of March has only a few aspects to talk about and all but one are in the first few days.

Today, Mercury is conjunct Venus. These two planets are orbiting closer to the Sun than the Earth and will be easy to spot in the sky shortly after sunset. The energy of this conjunction is positive for socializing and co-operation. Our conversations could be lighthearted and easy with a good amount of humor sprinkled in.

Venus influences Mercury to be less disciplined and take things a bit less seriously than usual. This could result in more fun socializing and less interest in working. This is also a good day for commerce.

Today, 03/4/18, the Sun is conjunct Neptune. Should you find yourself feeling extra empathetic today this could be why. You might also feel confused thanks to Neptune, the planet of illusion. This will predominantly be felt most among those with strong Neptune or Pisces energy in their charts. If you are one who feels this confusion, be sure you are well grounded.

The Full Moon last Thursday was in Pisces and that energy is still lingering and leading us to the Sun/Neptune conjunction energy. Overindulging might be another way the energy is expressed in our lives. For those with addictive personalities, the desire to indulge or overindulge can be very difficult to control.

Overindulgence can go hand in hand with low self-esteem and depression. It will take work to combat this for some of us. Others will simply need more rest. All of us will benefit by taking better care of ourselves.

Today we decide things instinctively and our intuition is probably sharp. However, there will also tend to be an element of a foggy brain. This is just a characteristic of Neptune. . . . Embrace it.

Tuesday, Mercury enters Aries. I guess this is where I need to mention the upcoming Mercury retrograde that will cause Mercury to stay in Aries for about seven weeks. Mercury typically has the shortest transit time of all planets, roughly three weeks. When it goes retrograde, this extends Mercury’s transit by at least another three weeks or more.

Mercury will enter his storm period on March 15, 2018, and turn retrograde on March 22. He will station direct on April 15, 2018, and be back a full speed ahead on April 24. I suggest we all get our taxes completed and turned in either before March 22 or after April 15. Fortunately, because our usual tax day of April 15 in on a weekend, the deadline is pushed back to April 17 this year.

The energy of Mercury in Aries is one that likes to make fast decisions. Aries energy influences Mercury to be spontaneous and bold. We can respect our conversations and other communications to reflect this. This could also lead some to speak before thinking. So, be aware of this.

Thursday, Jupiter stations to turn retrograde through July 9, 2018. As you perhaps already know, Jupiter is the planet of growth and expansion. He likes to give us more of whatever is in our reach. However, when he turns retrograde, this energy tends to be more inward and somewhat restrictive.

Jupiter symbolizes large corporations and financial institutions. This could mean we will see interest rates, insurance, bankruptcies, and foreclosures rise. Programs that help the poor will probably also take a hit.

Jupiter retrograde goes inward and can make some of us jealous and selfish. People my age were often raised with a mindset of lack and that is what retrograde Jupiter feels like too.

A number of us will lose our faith in our elected officials and their ability to help us navigate the turbulence. If I am not mistaken, this is already beginning to play out in the news and on the world stage. Depression and stress could take a prominent position in the lives of those with a Pisces heavy chart.

I wish to avoid doom and gloom as much as possible but I think this energy will affect us all regardless of how much Pisces influences our natal chart. To add to these dark emotions, this retrograde will probably hit us all where it hurts most, our wallets.

I hope I can take own advice in the coming months. As I wrote this, I wanted to say more, even get on my soapbox for a minute, but I didn’t. I realize it would not serve us right and do right by my readers is very important to me.

Wishing everyone a fabulous week ahead. Please remember that the other guy is a human just like you and has his or her own baggage. Try not to judge but rather to show them kindness and compassion.

Smile, spread sunshine, and do good!

Astrology for February 25-March 3, 2018


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Welcome to Pisces!

This past week felt like spring. Since we still have March to get through I’m betting winter will make a comeback soon. I hope when it does come back that it is gentle on the farmers and the crops.

The high point of this coming week is the Full Moon on Thursday. If you noticed, February only had a New Moon and no Full Moon. March will be a repeat of January which had two Full Moons. The second Full Moon in a month is called a blue moon and they don’t come around that often. Having two so close together is indeed a rarity.

This week’s Full Moon will be in Virgo, the sign that rules our nervous system and our intestines. Virgo’s ruling planet, Mercury rules our mind. The best way to use this Full Moon energy is to examine how our thoughts are affecting our body. Actually, examining our thoughts and their effect on ourselves and others is almost always a good thing to do.

There are several good books on the topic of new thought and how it can change and heal us. Bruce Lipton wrote “The Biology of Belief”. Louise Hay wrote the popular book “Heal Your Body” and “ You Can Heal Your Life”. Both of these books show how our thoughts and emotions could manifest as illnesses in our bodies.

There are no major aspects on Monday, but Tuesday Venus squares Mars. This energy is about romance vs sex, with a side order of competition. Yikes! However, if the competitive aspect is channeled well it can be nicely creative and energizing. Some of us might be drawn to impulsively spend money. I hope I can take my own advice here.

Wednesday Mercury squares Mars. Mars is the action planet so this aspect will deal with being overhasty and impatient. There could be a few arguments or disagreements in the mix too. Thoughts are not well executed or there might be some unkind words spoken. It never hurts to take an extra moment to think before you speak. This way we might be more responsive than reactive and hurt others feelings.

Hopefully, Thursday’s Jupiter-Venus trine will bring lots of joy. Both of these planets will be in the water signs of Scorpio and Pisces. Many of us could feel more optimistic, confident and have more faith in ourselves.

The Sun is semi-square Uranus on Thursday. Changes in plans could cause some upset or make us feel a bit out of control. On the other hand, we might be more inventive and seek a different approach or try something new. Uranus does not like to be bored.

Along with the above-mentioned trine, Mercury will also form a trine with Jupiter that runs into Friday. This is a positive aspect the will bring co-operation, positive thoughts, and insights. Noble intentions and huge ideas as we look at the larger picture are additional themes. Details don’t matter so much right now. This energy favors short trips and creative indevours such as writing, studying, or teaching.

Earlier today I was reading a blog from one of my favorite astrologers. She was talking about the tragedy at the high school in Florida. I was pleased to read that she anticipates “meaningful change” coming in the near future. I personally feel like we have tipped the scales over to the side of light and that the dark side is struggling to maintain the control it has had over humanity for more than two thousand years. This struggle for control seems to be playing out in some unprecedented and surprising ways.

Change like this takes time, lots and lots of time. If you are a regular reader you might recall a discussion last fall around the sign of Virgo and Jupiter’s transit through that sign. There were also a number of planets preparing to enter Virgo. Without getting too religious (because I am not religious), I believe this corresponds to the passage in Revelations 12:1-2,

Now a great sign appeared in heaven:
a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet,
and on her head a garland of twelve stars.
Then being with child, she cried out in labor and in pain to give birth.”

This is a prophetic passage that many believe to be a sign of end times. I certainly can’t say what this means for sure. I can tell you what I believe it means, however, and please take this with a grain of salt. I believe this celestial pattern signals the shift from the masculine domination of greed and control, the haves, and have-nots to an awakening of the Divine feminine energy of peace, love, compassion, and there is enough for all.

At the very least, we are witnessing the next generation coming alive with a fierce desire for change and entirely different attitude than the adults. And, as I have said in the past, the next three years are going to be interesting.

Wishing an easy week to all. Don’t forget to be kind and smile to all you meet. 

Astrology for February 18-24, 2018


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After a week like last week, well, do I really need to talk about it? I don’t think so.

In the past, you may remember my talking about an aspect called a “Yod” or “Finger of God.” This month there are four of the aspect patterns overlapping each other. They all involve Saturn and Ceres, along with one other planet or asteroid. These are others are Venus, Mercury, Sun, and Juno.

The skinny on this is that the energy began to affect us on 2/13/2018 and will continue to be an influence through 3/16/2018. This energy will focus on abundance, manifesting, and shadow work. How’s that for balance? Manifesting and abundance balanced with going deep into our psyche and what makes us tick.

Sidebar: I am fortunate to have a friend that is certified in Constellation work. This a healing and discovery modality originating in Germany with a man named Bert Hellinger. My friend facilitated a Family Constellation with me last Friday and I have to tell you, the light shined bright on some of my shadows. It will take a while to process it all but I feel lighter now and have more insight into my family dynamic.

A Yod is formed when two planets form a sextile (60°) and a third planet is inconjunct those two planets (150°). All three planets form pattern the looks like a tall, pointy hat. In all of these Yod’s the focal point or the planet that is 150° from the other two, is Ceres. Ceres represents abundance; specifically in relationship to food, nurturing, the mother, and our family relationships.

One of the two sextile points in all four Yod’s is Saturn. This is about structure, hard work, a planning. Between the energy of Ceres and Saturn, we could find over the next month an increased ability to use the Law of Attraction to assist us with prosperity.

The third point in the Yod’s changes. First up is Venus. This Yod is dealing with relationships. Its influence began on 2/17 and will end on 2/20.

The next Yod had Mercury taking the third position. Mercury is all about communication and short trips. This will be communicating of teaching us more about attracting what we want and perhaps shadow work also. This energy begins on the 19th and ends on the 22nd.

The third Yod has the Sun as the third point. The Sun is always about us and how we identify with others. In this case, we will be looking at how we view ourselves as abundant individuals and how easy it is for us to grasp. Most of us have a mindset of lack and poverty that we came into this life with. We need to change this to prosperity mindset. So as difficult as doing this shadow work can be, it will be a good thing for the long term.

The last Yod will bring in Juno. This is all about love and marriage. The message here is commitment. Sounds like Venus doesn’t it? The difference is the seriousness of commitment.

Now for the days of the week.

Today, Sunday, February 18, 2018, the Sun moves into Pisces. This is an energy of unselfishness, dreams, wisdom, fantasy, with a shadow side of addiction, victimization, and self-pity. Perhaps the best use of this transit is being creative. I will have no problem with this one. I have lots of creative project in mind.

Mercury is also in Pisces. He will transit this sign until March 6th. Expect more creative communications, thinking, and expression of those thoughts.

Mars has about a month left Sagittarius before he moves into Capricorn. Until then, anything routine might cause some restlessness. We tend to want more fun things to do. Those with strong Sagittarius energy in our charts might notice that we give up on our projects long before we finish them.

Monday, Venus is semi-square Uranus. We are drawn to the unusual today. This goes for both people and things but we aren’t too attached. Uranus does like his freedom. Relationships could suffer from the rebellious and restless influence of Uranus.

Tuesday Mercury is semi-square Pluto. This is an aspect of suspicions. Instead of giving into that aspect of our thinking, use this energy to get to the root of something that has been on the mind. This could also cause some stress so do your best to avoid it. We have all heard how stress is not good for our health. The problem is, we often don’t heed those words until it too late and we have a real problem.

Wednesday, Venus joins up with Neptune in a conjunct aspect. This energy is seductive and easily swayed by seductive influences. There is also a strong creative energy to this aspect as well as romance and social events.

Friday Mercury is semi-square Uranus. This could cause us to be a bit scatter-brained. Uranus likes to move and change fast. Our conversations might not be well received because what we have to say is not considered all that important to those we are talking too. Some of us will be prone to increased sarcasm.

Friday also brings us Sun semi-square Pluto. This is manipulative energy. Not my favorite but on the other hand, I think we can all be manipulative at times. The best characteristic of this aspect is if we are backed into a corner, it pushes us to go deep inside and find resources we didn’t know we had.

As you have read, this week will probably be stressful for many. I have been trying to lessen my stress levels by staying away from social media and the news even more than I have in the last 6-8 months. Yesterday I discovered the downside to this. I totally missed an online event I was anxiously waiting to attend.

There are several possibilities for what happened and I am not sure which one to blame. It really doesn’t matter anyway. The universe obviously had other plans for me and I was not supposed to participate. However, this is a red flag for me and lets me know I need to pay more attention if I don’t want to miss things in future.

I hope your week brings you nothing but the best possible energy for you. Remember to be kind to all you meet. This is hard sometimes but do your best. You will be glad you did.