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2016 Election to Further Test Astrological Theory

Traditional astrologer doesn’t deliver the best of news for Republican challenger

Written by: Edward Snow

An astrological predictive method that dates back four millennia to the ancient Sumerians will once again be tested as votes from the 58th quadrennial U.S. Presidential election come rolling in on November 8 – from sea to shining sea.

In an article for the October/November 2016 issue of Mountain Astrologer Magazine Los Angeles astrologer Nina Gryphon presents her thoughts on how one of the most contentious elections in modern American history will play out. She doesn’t deliver the best of news for Republicans, but it could have been worse.

Democrats will retain the White House in 2016. But 2020 will be the year for Republicans to recapture the mansion, she predicts.

In her article Gryphon describes her research with Aries Ingress charts. Simply, this is a birth chart or horoscope created for the exact time the Sun enters the astrological sign of Aries. It can be prepared for any location on earth, including Washington, D.C.

Among other things Ancient astrologers used the Aries Ingress chart to predict wars and other seemingly fortuitous things, such as the fortunes of kings and their rivals (those in power vs. those who wanted to be). Gryphon reasoned that a similar situation might set up when titans from the major political parties duke it out in congressionally mandated elections every four years.

Actually, the predictive system she uses focuses on the political parties, not the candidates themselves. An Aries Ingress chart prepared for the capital city during an election year predicts whether the incumbent party will be turned out or not.

“The ancients thought of the Spring Equinox – when the Sun arrived at zero degrees of Aries – as the yearly anniversary of the creation of the Universe, the first moment of its existence. The Persians still celebrate this day as Nowruz, the New Year.

Respectable Pedigree

“So it’s a theory with a respectable pedigree that is worthy of examination,” she believes.

Gryphon works as an attorney for high tech companies and pursues a dual career path that combines law with her work as a traditional astrological teacher, consultant, financial astrologer and researcher.

Modern computer systems enable astrologers to create a sky map that exactly mirrors what planetary patterns in the heavens looked or will look like at various times and places, past and future.   Gryphon says her prediction for the 2016 U.S. election provides another data point for a research study that has tested the Aries Ingress for Washington D.C. in every U.S. election since 1880.

It took awhile for Gryphon to understand all the rules and subtleties that apply to the concept. But she says her research with Aries Ingress charts shows they have accurately predicted winners of U.S. elections about 95 percent of the time. The statistically small number of misses she blames on “operator error.”

If she’s right about this year’s projection the Never Trump faction in both parties can breathe a sigh of relief. The likelihood Democrats will prevail in 2016 is clearly indicated, she points out.

Profound Implications

“The idea that we can cast a horoscope for an election year, no matter how distant, which determines whether the White House changes hands, is very powerful. It also raises interesting questions about free will,” Gryphon said.

“If the Aries Ingress prediction method is correct, changes in control of the White House have already been set and the predicted changes are merely working themselves out, like a wind-up clock mechanism. This can be a difficult conclusion to accept.”

Gryphon says post-Enlightenment era astrologers believe in the possibility of effecting change, and transforming the potentials of a situation.

“One possibility is that, since the Aries Ingress shows the party that takes the White House in a given year but not the specific individual who rises to become that party’s nominee, there is substantial room for play. The party determines the nominee, but the nominee, especially if he or she wins the presidency, in turn shapes the priorities of the party,” she said.

Gryphon is one of 12 professional astrologers who will be describing the nuances of astrological forecasting at the 2016 ISAR Symposium scheduled October 13 -16 in Costa Mesa, Calif.   She will participate on a Presidential election panel with five other American astrologers in the symposium’s closing session. Six international astrologers will be on stage in a similar election panel earlier in the event.

In these sessions astrologers will make projections and describe the techniques they used to arrive at them, she said.


Astrology for September 25-October 1, 2016


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I don’t want to start off in a negative way but I for one am ready for a different kind of week this week. Charlotte, NC is about 90 miles down the road from me. It’s interesting when things that have happened repeatedly across the country suddenly happen in your area and you often take on a new perspective. Be it good or be it bad, my wish is for peace and love to all.

Astrologically this week begins with a sweet Sun-Jupiter conjunction. This is a once a year combination of good fortune and power. Jupiter’s transit of Libra is close to it’s end but we still a bit more than two weeks of this influence left.

Jupiter’s energy expands things. While transiting Libra, he works on expanding our understanding of partnerships and diplomacy. He encourages us to find ways to compromise, equity, concordance, and harmonious negotiations.

Libra is an air sign. Jupiter’s transit through Libra expands our desire to learn and be adventurous thinkers. This open-mindedness detaches us from our values to some extent, enabling us to better view various sides to issues of the day or what is going on in our own lives.

Libra is all about balance. She doesn’t like conflict and disagreements. She wants us to find ways to get along and work as a team with others. Libra encourages counseling, fairness, honor, trust, good ethics, and cooperation in not only our social lives but also in our legal dealings.

I aspire to practice these qualities every day of the year but of course, this is easier said than done. Manifesting is easiest when are open-minded and compromising. We just need to be sure that we don’t allow ourselves to be run over by our compromises. No one wants to intentionally be a doormat, do they? Instead, be as gracious as possible in all your interactions. Some areas where this energy proves to be most useful is the arts, architecture, politics, mediating, and the law.

Monday is also the day Pluto turns direct after and five-month retrograde. Pluto is lord of the under word and loves to destroy in order to rebuild. Now that he is turning direct, we can expect hidden things and secrets to surface. Interesting how this shift in direction is just in time for our first presidential candidate debate.

Tuesday Mars leaves Sagittarius and moves into Capricorn. This is a good transit for Mars. His aggressive, youthful energy is harmonious with the energy of Capricorn’s sometimes pushy, hard working goat. For those that are willing, their hard work over the next six weeks will most likely bring big rewards. For Capricorn’s, and those that have Mars in Capricorn, this might come a bit easier than for the rest of us.

Thursday, Venus is semisquare Chiron. This can lead us to examine how our relationships are different than how they are alike. This aspect is almost looking for trouble with a relationship. This is not the best time to attempt to learn from someone else.

Friday brings the New Moon in Libra. This is a great time to commit to our goals that express the characteristics of this sign. Any way that you can commit to finding balance and harmony in your life will be a good thing to consider over the next week or two. This includes compromise and mediation.

Saturday holds two aspects for us. First is Venus trine Neptune. This aspect will lead our focus toward beauty, art, and of course imagination. Neptune characteristics blend well with Venus’s and create an air of magic to our romantic and social lives. We feel more open, kind, and compassionate toward others with this energy about. This all sounds pretty good to me. I will be looking forward to the weekend for sure.

Also on Saturday, Mercury will oppose Chiron. This can lead to some misinterpreted communications if we take things personally. Intentions can be hard to read. If you find yourself in this situation, take a deep breath and realize, this is not yours. Do your best not to doubt your own awareness and understanding.

I am going the end here. I am hungry and it is getting late in the day. Amelia and I spent the afternoon doing a book signing. It was a lot of fun and I am looking forward to the ones scheduled for the next two Saturdays.

Until next time, make this a great week!

Astrology for September 18-24, 2016


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Friday night’s Harvest Moon was beautiful. I heard some folks were wondering if it was a Supermoon. The Moon was close yet full perigee for this month will take place on Monday, September 18. For those that are interested, the next actual Supermoon will be the Full Moon of November 14, 2016.

I have been loving the lower temperatures this week. It is still warm in the afternoons but mornings a nice and cool and it cools down faster in the evenings. I have sure enjoyed some porch time this week.

Last week was also on the difficult side for many or us. The coming week is going to be an unusual one too. Parts could even be intense. Remember, you don’t have to allow any of this to get to you. Focus on what is possible not what is happening to upset you. Each upset is actually a lesson we need to learn, so be grateful for the upsets as well as the easy moments.

The news everyone has been waiting for, come Thursday. Mercury will turn direct!  mercury-goes-direct-day

The planet of communications will still be moving slow for a few more days. This time, the storm period is quite short and he should be back to full speed by September 26th. One week from now, communications and Travel schedules should be back to normal.

We will have one more Mercury retrograde this year. It will fall during the winter holidays. Oh, Joy! Just in time for those big family gatherings. At least now you know and can prepare to be on your best communications behavior at that holiday dinner table.

While I am on this subject, I had a travel disruption experience last week, or to be more exact, a friend did. I was only involved as her car park and airport taxi. A friend was scheduled to fly back to Alaska for some work related training. She has taken a year’s sabbatical from her job there to work a family matter here in North Carolina. Last week she messaged me saying the trip was canceled. So typical of Mercury retrograde!

Mercury does something pretty interesting this week when he trines Pluto twice. Tuesday, while he is still retrograde, he trines Pluto for the first time. On Friday, he does it again, only this time, he is direct. This double trine is rare and does two things for us. First, it gives a boost to our intelligence, and secondly it adds a burst of power to our thought processes. I am all in for both of these, how about you?

imagesMore changes are in store this week as the Sun moves into Libra Thursday. Libra energy is feminine and concerns herself with balance and relationships as a mirror of self-awareness. The past month’s energy has been about redoing, details, and health. The focus now it is on balance. We will find that balance through art and relationships. I find it no coincidence that this is also the beginning of the festival season where these two things go hand in hand.

Thursday is also the Fall Equinox, one of two days a year when there are equal amounts of light and dark. The Sun is directly over the equator. If you are up early enough you will notice the Sun rising closest to due East as it can rise. It will also set due west or as close to that as your latitude allows.

This time of year reminds us that there is not much time left in 2016. Look at the goals you set last January for this year. Do you need to get busy completing them? Or, are you on target? Good for you if you are on schedule.

Venus has been bringing Libra energy to us these past few weeks. This is one of two houses ruled by Venus. On Friday she leaves Libra for Scorpio. This is a sign that brings out her shadow side. This can be very intense territory for the planet of love and beauty. Not to mention this being quite an emotional transit.

Personally, I love Scorpio for what he brings to the surface for usdownload-4 to examine. With the Sun in Libra’s mirror effect, this makes the next few weeks a great time for self-examination. This is something I have really been feeling a push toward more so than in the past few months. I have been making plans to spend some time devoted just to me, myself, and I. Maybe you could plan some time alone in your thoughts too?

You don’t need to get fancy with any of this. However going on a nice hike alone or sitting by some moving water would be nice. You can accomplish just as much by being alone at home. Being outside in your garden if that is something you enjoy, or just taking some extra time with your cup of coffee or tea in the morning or afternoons on the porch or deck is just fine.

I highly recommend any music you listen to be of a classical or ambient variety rather than rock or whatever popular genre you usually listen to. Ambient and classical as more conducive to creative brain function and deep thought than other types. That is the purpose of taking this time-out after all.

Another aspect of Venus in Scorpio is jealousy and resentment. Oh, My! During this transit, it will be nearly impossible to talk about any issues concerning your love life or finances. The Air signs of Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra will have the most difficulty with this. Air signs insist on verbal communications. That is so me!

Scorpio is a water sign and water signs, Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio are all really emotional and don’t like to talk. Therefore, the best way to navigate this transit is by finding the current and going with the flow. This really applies to me since I have a Scorpio ascendant. I have learned to talk however but there is still a somewhat non-verbal streak in me as I am sure some of my friends will tell you. Learning about this aspect of me is one way learning about astrology has been beneficial for me. I still have lots to learn but I so understand myself far better than I did before I dove into this science.

I hope this info helps you navigate your week better. Before I go, I want to tell you something I have not talked about much if at all in this blog.

On August 30, I published my first book. It is a cookbook and has nothing to do with astrology. The recipes are not mine. They are the recipes of my dear friend Amelia Leung, owner of the long close Hong Kong House in Greensboro, NC.

Amelia created such a wonderful, welcoming, home-like feel to her restaurant, that lingers in the hearts and minds of her customers 17 yrs after closing its doors. Many have waited for her recipes to be available.

Family comes first with Amelia and food is love. Getting this book finished, took six years of starts and stops but the wait and patience it took have proven to be worth it all. I am well pleased with the final product and pleased to produce this book for Amelia as her legacy to everyone. If you are in the least bit interested, here is the link to the book. I hope you will buy it directly from Amazon. Wishing you all a great week ahead and happy Fall Equinox.


Astrology for September 11-17. 2016


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I know it is too late for you to get here this year but the National Folk Festival is in my town again for the second of a three-year stint. I can not tell you what a wonderful event this is. There are nine stages spread out in downtown Greensboro and all the music is FREE! Most downtown businesses and restaurants are also open and there are food trucks galore. Something for everyone to be sure.

Getting to and from the festival is a piece of cake. City busses are free and there is a great shuttle system that runs all weekend from two large, volunteer manned parking lots on opposite sides of downtown. For those that need a little help getting around, there are golf carts to help you. SO if you like all kinds of music, this is an event you will enjoy. Make your plans to come next year and if you live in the area, please consider volunteering.

This week in astrology, the Sun and Mercury come together at 7:41pm on Monday, September 12. This is an inferior conjunction which means Mercury will be passing between the Earth and the Sun. Mercury is also retrograding back into Virgo. Any bits or details around the job that need to be cleaned up would be best taken care of early this week.

We are also closing in on the end of the year and many are thinking about healthcare issues. In my state the only company left selling healthcare insurance is Blue Cross Blue Sheild. This is going to leave many folks in a healthcare crunch. Again, This week is a good time to begin looking at our health care plans and preparing for adjustments.

This conjunction is un-retro like and will assist our wants and our minds to be in agreement. Communications could be quite clear and open. Of course, this could be a problem for some, especially those who are rather single-minded and stuck in a particular pattern of thought and belief and of a less flexible mindset.

images (1)Mercury retrograde,  in general is known for causing problems with communications. I keep thinking about a conversation I had on Friday with some folks that are moving into our office building. In their minds, the conversation was about their clients. I was actually talking about something completely different. Whether or not this was Mercury retrograde sort of thing or not, I can’t be sure but it sure seems like it to me. The trick is to not allow any glitch in communications to get your knickers in a twist. Things have a way of working themselves out given time. This point  made clear to me on another front this week. Humans can be so impatient, can’t we?

Speaking of impatience, Monday, also brings us a difficult square aspect between Mercury and Mars. Try not to make decisions without thinking things through well. This is not a great time for meetings, new projects, or proposing new business ideas.

There might be a lot of us that feel like we cant say anything without putting our foot in our mouth. Mercury is all about communications and this square aspect is probably going to make some us wish we had no opened our mouths, written that letter, sent that text, or made that phone call.

On the flip side, you will want to be aware that the other guy or gal is facing the same energy and influences you are. Be flexible. Give others the benefit of the doubt. It might also be wise to end communications early this week if we see conflicts arise and wait for another time when these potentially harmful influences are not so strong.

This could be a week of controversy. One of those where you wish you never got out of bed. Then again, it could be just what the doctor ordered. I mean, you might need this energy to help you deal with some difficult things you may have been putting off. What ever happens, I hope you will try to be kind to others.

The Sun squares Mars on Tuesday. You knew that was coming, sun-square-marsdidn’t you? If you are feeling restless today or early in the week, this aspect could be the source. Some of us will feel like we just have to do something even if we have no clear intent. We are given to impulse so be aware. We all know how impulsive flashes can lead to trouble, even disaster.

The energy of this aspect is also more defensive than most and competition can be a factor. Our ability to cooperate is weak and our negotiation skills could seem off the mark. You will want to be cautious in all your activities today through about Tuesday; maybe beyond. This aspect has a high likelihood of injury and accidents. I want all my readers to be safe healthy. The good news is, that if we are able to hone in on this energy, we can get lots done.

Thursday the Sun is opposite Chiron and Mars is square Chiron. The opposition drives us to develop via experiences and learn from others. A lack confidence or fear of not fitting in could hold many of us back. Don’t give into this. Have faith in your thoughts and decisions even when they don’t mesh the ideas of the other guy.

Mars square Chiron can cause difficulty when we want to share our wants and our frustrations. Resentments and frustrations rise to the top like cream. Some of us will go into real defense mode. Look out! Things can get touchy for those whose charts are hit by this aspect.

path-760Friday brings us the Full Moon and a lunar eclipse. The eclipse will not be seen in the US but if you are in some parts of Asia, Africa, Europe, or South America you can see it. If your birthday is is on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday, this eclipse could mean that there will be an event of great importance in your life sometime in the next twelve months.

This could be an intense week for many of us, whether we have a birthday this week or not. As I mentioned, Mars will square the Sun, but that means he will also square the moon. This will be smack dab in the middle and possibly obstruct any good vibes the Pisces Full Moon might bring. From what I am reading, this might be a week we see hostile events take place around the globe. This means both in our own country as well as others.

The best news of the week comes on Saturday when there is a fire trine between Mars and Uranus. This could be just the energy we need to push us to take a risk. This is full of creative, original, expressive energy that helps us focus on what is possible. I just love this one!

I want to leave you all with this link below. It is a neat interactive of the Earth taken from over 100,000 feet above. It is a fun diversion for a few minutes. Enjoy!

Astrology for September 4-10, 2016


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Hope you made it through last week with no major problems. There was a lot going on in the cosmos and all of it is going to help us evolve and become the enlightened beings we are meant to become.

For me, the week was full of new experiences and realizations. I learned that I can let go and not be attached to things. I learned some things simply are not as important as we think they are. Things might be important to some folks but I am choosing a more simple path.

The past week, the energy has been intense. If you read last week’s post you know some of what I am speaking of. If you are on the path of awakening, you have been feeling the energy in some way. The eclipse energy is bringing in a new wave of energy and bringing things to the surface to be transmuted into light. This applies not only to the individual but also the collective.

Cluster_and_Image_during_aurora_observationThere is more too. Over this weekend we are feeling the effects of a geomagnetic storm that took place last Friday. This energy can cause us to feel quite tired, cause breathing issues, sleeplessness, increased paranormal events, and greater intuition. Some people could notice some vertigo, ringing ears, and differences in appetite. A few folks might notice some time lapses or timeline shifts but this is far less common than the other effects.

Some of us will no doubt have experiences that lead us to a fearful place. If you give into the fear, your future such experiences could be limited and thus, limit your personal evolution. Avoiding fear mode is difficult for humans in general. Contrived or not, when our world is so full of fearful info, there is little wonder that people have a hard time living without fear.

During these times, it is important to drink more water. I don’t think folks drink enough in general anyway and just had a conversation with a friend in Delaware about this yesterday.

For those with sleeping issues, having a glass of milk or source of calcium and potassium an hour before bed is a good idea. I make sure I get at least 300mg of magnesium a day and try to take more like 1 gram or 1,000mg a day or more. I will say that this amount is something one must work up to. Otherwise,  you will want to be sure you are close to a bathroom all day. Breaking down 1,000 mg over 3 daily doses works well, however, and I sleep well at night.

My last suggestion to alleviate energy symptoms and improve HairCarenSPAsleep is to soak in a hot bath of Epsom salts and sea salt. This not only helps detoxify the body but also relaxes it. Feel free to add vinegar to balance the skin’s pH or essential oils to add fragrance and enhance relaxation.

Last week I shared a link that explained some of the effects of the energy shift that began about August 1, 2016. If you did not read is, please consult last week’s post for the link.

This Mercury retrograde period has a different energy to it than most of them. This time, there is an aspect that is helping us to move ahead. This does not mean that we should not use caution with our communications or travels, it just means there is an aspect that is beneficial.

Mercury is in Virgo. Virgo is known for health and healing but did you know that Mercury can be healing also? This could be a powerful combination for some of you.

This is retrograde is also a good for being of service and philanthropy. A few could see good fortune in the stock market while overall, the market is on edge.

This retrograde is in close proximity to Jupiter and Venus. This could mean good luck in the love department for some of us. It all depends on your natal chart and how your planets are triggered here. But with Jupiter, the great benefic and Venus, the planet of love so close by, sparks are going to fly for some folks.

Now speaking of Venus and Jupiter…..Venus has already transitioned to balancing Libra. Jupiter follows her this week, when on Friday he enters Libra. This transit might lend a hand to some of our current collective issues that deal with being fair and accepting of differences. Jupiter will transit Libra over the next year or so. If you were born under Libra or have a Libra Moon or ascendant, you will perhaps be most affected by this transit.

Other aspects this week include a productive trine between the Sun and Pluto. This could provide us with some good energy to positively negotiate details of a plan or a relationship. This energy might assist us in learning the truth behind some things we might have wondered about. This could also increase our ability to focus and concentrate on whatever it is that we might need to do. In spite of Mercury retrograde, this is actually good energy to begin a project or small business.

Saturday there is an opposition between Mercury and Chiron. This aspect can cause misunderstanding and miscommunications. I would say that this will most likely be accentuated by the retrograde energy too. Do your best not to give into the fear and take things personally. Reading the intention of others will be difficult.

Saturday also brings us a square aspect between Saturn and Neptune. Disillusionment is perhaps the most likely thing most of us will notice. Some of us could wonder if we really have what it takes to make our dreams come true. Will we actually be able to follow through with our thoughts and ideas? Or will we avoid things altogether?

Perhaps the best outcome of this aspect is a reevaluation of our worldly goals and our more spiritual desires for our life. There could be some blocks when it comes to financial plans. And a few will feel completely uninspired. Some will be forced to face addictions, over spending, or lifestyle and behavior choices that hold us back.

It will be important for all of us whether we are on a spiritual path or not,  to accept that sacrifices must be made. It will become more and more important to give up addictions and tighten the purse strings, not just now but as time goes on. 

And don’t forget that hot bath. Detoxing is a good thing.

As I said in the beginning, drink lots of water. You should be doing waterthis anyway but you might need it more next weekend. Don’t forget to eat cleanly too. This means fresh, unprocessed foods. Reduce or eliminate caffeine and alcohol. Take in some sunshine each day and laugh as much as possible.

I wish each of you a great week ahead.

Astrology for August 28-September 3, 2016


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Another interesting week  is past us now. It was a cooler week and sunny here in central North Carolina but other places had storms and were leveled by earthquakes. Syria and Turkey, of course remain hot spots of conflict. 

I wonder how many of you have had ringing in your ears lately? Or have felt more tired than usual? Perhaps you have had muscle aches and joint pain, easily tearful, or felt more emotional than usual? The Full Moon and eclipse last week brought with it an energy shift. I’ve read this was a big and important one. September will bring another energy wave our way. Hang on!

Personally, I have noticed my ears ringing for a few seconds to a few minute.  I have felt tired and needed more sleep. The whole summer has been wrought with muscle aches and pains.

The other day the bottom of my foot began to hurt like there was stone bruise. I was fine when I got out of the car but halfway to the front porch,  I felt this pain. I didn’t step on anything or twist anything, it just suddenly began to hurt. Strange, Really strange. 

One person I know had three migraines last week. She told me this was very unusual for her. Another said she was also feeling the need for more sleep and thought it might be just something going on with her. She was relieved when I mentioned the energy shift. 

I found a good article on this shift. You can read it here.

This week, don’t be surprised if you feel pulled in different directions or even somewhat confused. Some of the planets are going in opposite directions and taking us with them.

Monday Venus moves into Libra. This is should be good. Our relationships could be more smooth and diplomatic. This is a good transit for the arts, and the legal system as well. Wonder if the politicians will take notice of this energy and change their tune? 

Mercury turns retrograde Tuesday. I think we all know 4045164203_9e5c653280what this means. Time to relax, redo, review, renew, recreate, re-evaluate, and so on. I hope you have all your technology backed up, contracts and legal documents are signed. If not, please be sure to look over them three or more times and it would not hurt to have another set or two of eyes to look at them too.

There is a New Moon and Solar eclipse coming Thursday. contradicts the retrograde because a New Moon is a time of new beginnings. Talk about being pulled in two directions? Take a deep breath and look before you leap.

The good news is, those if us in the northern hemisphere will not be as affected and the folks in the southern half. Normally this eclipse would only make things more intense. For some of us this will be good and for some, it might not. It all depends on if your chart is triggered or not. Those with a birthday on Sept. 1-3 could feel it more than the rest of us northern hemisphere folks. Those with planets in Pisces and Virgo or those with Neptune in aspect to Virgo might also feel it more. You can expect the next 12 months to hold an important event for you.

Who will be affected by the eclipse? It will be visible over Africa, Madagascar, and Antarctica. That is nowhere near me and there is not much that it comes close to in my chart so I might not feel it as much as others could. 

saturn-square-neptuneFriday, the Sun, Saturn and Neptune form a right angle. Mars is close enough to Saturn to make that two right angles. When I read about this configuration, the word “scandals” came up. I’m thinking we have seen a lot of them already but, I also feel like have not seen the worst of them yet.

All of these planets are strong in their own right. Neptune however, is ruling this roost. ?He is retrograde yet in his home sign. This makes him stronger than the rest.

This right angle configuration will also bring slow downs, cause delays, and mix-ups, both individually and collectively. Sounds a bit like Mercury retrograde, doesn’t it?

Saturn square Neptune shows the struggle between what is real and what is imagined. I feel like this well represents many of our current situations. For me,  it is important to keep and open mind and attached to no particular view point. Of course, this is nearly humanly impossible but I think this may be exactly what all the great spiritual leaders and teachers of the world have tried to teach. Or at least it is one aspect of their teachings.

I said last week I felt like September will be a hot button month too. This is just another gut feeling. Sometimes my gut is right and sometimes it isn’t. I never know. Over the years I have learned that my gut is pretty good when it come to knowing if someone can be trusted. I still am occasionally blonde blind sighted. Time is a great teacher.

I want to go back a bit now and talk about Virgo. If you have a Virgo or Pisces Sun, ascendant or Moon, or if you have planets aspecting Virgo you will want to take note.

The eclipse could cause us to discover flaws in some of the crucial systems in our world. This could be as simple as our day to day routine or as complicated as the tools and methods we use in our work. Virgo is detail-oriented and able to clearly see potential problems.

Virgo (and Mercury) will tell us to review and redo these things. Good ole Mercury is all about change and so is Virgo,  in a way. She will push you to re-work the parts of our lives that are begging for a new beginning. The New Moon also supports this shift.

Virgo is also about health and awareness of the body. It is time to pay attention to details, access every available resource, and aim for perfection. She doesn’t want us to get too bogged down in this however. She is not about stress at all. So don’t push yourself to the point where you feel guilty about anything. That is not the sort of change the Universe is pushing us toward with these planets and all these energy shifts.

Ithe Universe wants us to love and accept ourselves too. This is the only way will ever be able to love and accept others too.  I mean …….we all want peace don’t we? So be compassionate and find a balance with yourself. Let the opposite energy of Pisces help you to chill out and not be so critical.

The fact that both Virgo and Pisces are square Saturn and planet-square-380x235Mars in Sagittarius, means we could face some delusions. Adjustments to our dreams and our realities is at hand as we examine what is significant. Many times we think we know what is real when we don’t. For some, the veil has lifted. For others, it has not. The Universe is giving everyone the opportunity to see the truth. Open yourself up to the possibility and allow new thoughts and ideas to take form.

The cosmos is had given us a grand show this past month. The meteor shower was fantastic although it was cloudy here on the peak night.

Last night and tonight and tomorrow night you might look to the western horizon at sunset. There you will find Mars low in the sky with Venus and Jupiter close together just above and to the right a bit. Stargazing is a favorite pastime for me, especially in the winter when the Milkyway is over head.

I wish everyone a wonderful week ahead. There is a lot of Virgo energy with a stellium of five planets transiting her this week. I plan to take advantage of this time and soak in a hot tub of detoxing Himalayan salt and Epsom salts while sipping on some hot spiced Rooibos or herb tea. Wine will work too if that is what you prefer.

Till next time! Peace and love to all.

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Astrology for August 21-27, 2016


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I apologize for not posting a report last week. I felt like I needed some down time to do nothing. The week before last was busier than usual for me and on Saturday I went to a gathering to celebrate the life of my nearly, lifelong best friend, who transitioned last April. One of our dear friends welcomed us to his place in the country for a late afternoon potluck and remembering. I was accompanied by my oldest friend in the world and another nearly life long friend. We told stories and remembered on the trip there and back too. It felt good to have nothing to go when Sunday rolled around and I am glad I chose to take the day off.

Now on to this week’s report.

downloadThe big news this week is Monday, August 22, 2016, Mercury begins moving into his shadow period, or begins slowing down to turn retrograde. The actual retrograde date is August 30-31. Most of us know this means communications suffer, along with travel and technology. It is also a time to re-do, re-view, and renew. When planets retrograde, they are not moving forward but backward. My friend and astrologer, Shelly Overton, suggests this means opposite energy. In this case, Mercury will retrograde in Virgo, a sign it rules. The sign opposite Virgo is Pisces.

Mercury also rules Gemini, the opposite of which is Sagittarius. So Mercury could display either Sagittarius or Gemini characteristics during this retrograde. However, Shelly feels Mercury will display more of a Pisces energy than anything. Although there could some Gemini characteristics and a few Sagittarius ones that filter in from time to time. Of course, how this affects you personally will depend on how your personal chart is triggered.

This is one of those times that astrology gets complicated. So let’s pick it apart a bit.

Masculine Mercury deals with all types of communications. The telephone, computer, speech, and the internet are all under his rule. He is the part of us the lives in the here and now. He works through all our senses. Mercury causes us to realize opposites like day and night, North and South, near and far. If you know where he is in your chart you can learn a great deal about how you move through the world, how you communicate, and how you express yourself to the world.

To give you an example, my Mercury is in Aquarius and square my Saturn in Scorpio. This means I pretty much say what I think; sometimes in a brutally honest way. No doubt, this can and has been at times, hurtful to those around me, without meaning to be. Over time I have learned to think more before I speak. Still, sometimes things come out of my mouth in a less than gentle way.

So what can we expect from this Mercury retrograde? Well, since Pisces energy will be a main influence, this means we could be more intuitive, and our thoughts could be more dreamy and very download (2)un-Virgo like. Virgo loves detail but Pisces is distracted and cares more about the illusion, creativity, and dreaming. This might not be a typical Mercury retrograde but then again… could be just what we would expect a Mercury retrograde to be.

Since early this year, I have been saying mid-August was going to be an interesting time and that I expected something big and perhaps ugly to happen then. I think the floods in Louisiana and the fires in Cali are definitely two of those big events. Add the terrible news from Syria, the political scene in this country and yes! Mid August has been full if devastation.

I don’t think we are over this rough patch either. Hurricane season is not over yet. I heard the water temps in the gulf are around 90 degrees. This was a contributing factor to the heavy rainfall in Louisiana. Temperatures this high will not be cooling down fast. I am willing to bet this year’s hurricane season will be longer than normal. Of course, we will have to wait and see.

Moving on……….This week the Sun changes signs late Monday. We can expect our attention to be more focused on details, health, and work as we transition into Virgo’s influence. Quite a shift from the past four weeks of Leo’s demand for attention. This is perfect energy for starting school.

imagesMonday holds several good aspects for us to take advantage of. Communications and love could benefit from the Mercury/Jupiter conjunction in Virgo with Venus not too far away.

The Sun will trine Uranus Monday and Tues. This gives us an incomparable approach to life in general and all things Virgo. The Moon joins these two on Monday when she conjuncts Uranus. This is will help us create harmony and compatibility with the minor things and lead us to prosperous, successful outcomes.

The whole week is affected by a conjunction involving Mars and Saturn. You could notice feeling blocked in some ways. This is because motivated Mars has run into the brick wall of Saturn’s realism. However, this is good energy for work and you could see progress and good results from your efforts. You could also have a great sense of responsibility, purpose, and organization. This is not a good time for alternative methods but you can always try. The results could not be what you would like them to be. They could be absolutely frustrating, so traditional methods are likely your best bet this week. The Mars/Saturn conjunction perfects on Wednesday and this is when it will be its strongest.

This Mars/Saturn conjunction is similar to a retrograde Mercury. There can be delays that are very Mercury retro like, and you could run into more obstacles than you would hope. My biggest warning is not to let any frustrations this week grow into an outward expression of anger.

You might watch the news for expressions of this energy. I am sure the collective will be on edge in many ways. This conjunction takes place in Sagittarius. Sagittarius rules foreign travel, higher education, religion, and athletics. I wonder how this will affect the war energy in the world?

Mars/Saturn also squares Neptune this week. Neptune is fairly low energy as compared to enthusiastic Mars. He doesn’t like confrontation either. This square could help soften the effects of the Mars/ Saturn conjunction or it could make them more frustrating.

In my last blog, I told you that Venus is not very comfortable in Virgo. Well, Saturday she meets up with Jupiter for her once a year tango with the great benefic. Mercury joins them both next Sunday. And this brings an otherwise wild week to a promising end.

I hope you enjoyed Carmen Eckard’s last post as much as I did. I can hardly wait for her next one. I hoping to get some face to face time with her before the end of the month. I am also about to publish my first book. It is a cookbook called “Hong Kong House Cookbook”. It is full of stories and recipes from a restaurant that was home away from home to many folks between 1972 and 1999. Next week I plan to share the cover with you as well as the actual publish date.

Until next week I wish you all laughter, love, and safe travels wherever you go.

Nessus, By Carmen Eckard


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If you’ve spent any time reading about Nessus, you will read that it is an asteroid of abusers. You will read that if you have this asteroids elevated in your chart, you will hurt people, and you won’t be able to stop yourself.

This is utter hogwash. Nessus is dark and powerful, but so are Pluto, Lilith, Uranus and Eris, plus a host of others. There is no asteroid that causes a person to be evil or bad. Every planet and every asteroid can be expressed in healthy or unhealthy manners, and even very strong Nessus placements do not always lead to abuse.

Nessus has many themes, but each holds power and each holds a good bit of dark.

The first theme I see is a “stop the buck” kind of attitude. Strong Nessus placements result in a person who will take no nonsense. These people will not let you abuse them or take advantage of them. They also may go too far in the other direction, making other people feel a bit taken advantage of. That is a danger one should be aware of. Social warriors of the world often have a strong Nessus-it helps them put an end to outdated practices or just things that are wrong, because it removes some of the desire to follow the rules around whatever they are working with. The desire to follow rules is pretty deeply ingrained in us, and Nessus releases some of that.

The second theme is deep, overwhelming, pervasive want. This happens when our natal Nessus makes contacts with other people-these are people who will tempt you to the edge of breaking. In fact, these are the people we often break for. With long term couples with aspects here, it allows for long lasting passion and want, which makes marriage much easier, most would agree. Be careful of people outside of your relationships that touch your Nessus, and be careful of people whose Nessus you touch, because they are more likely to want you too much, especially if you are already coupled.

A third theme seems to be a certain willingness to let go of normal rules about sex. The stronger the Nessus, the less traditional rules matter. This also plays into the want-you want so much you aren’t afraid of breaking the rules, which can be problematic, but can be controlled.

A fourth theme seems to be about the cessation of religion, or the power of religion in our lives-the stop the buck attitude comes into play here, and Nessus forces us to look at why we allow our religion to take away our pleasure. My Christian Psychic, the biggest spreader of the “Nessus is only abuse” story, says that the only thing that can save you from Nessus is Jesus, and she says that over and over, in many ways. This makes me laugh a little because Nessus is not interested in Jesus. Nessus is interested in the ways you were hurt by religion, and Nessus is interested in helping you put your energy elsewhere. This is particularly apparent in the charts of people who were raised very strictly in church, and even more so in the children of pastors. When Nessus expresses this way, it seems to be particularly adamant that we not raise our children in the same way we were raised. This picks back up on the “stopping the buck” attitude.

And to be fair, I’ll add the fifth theme of abuse, particularly sexual abuse. This is truly an extension of the second and third theme…pervasive want and a willingness to let go of sexual rules can lead to abuse if your want isn’t reciprocated, but how far a person is willing to take that is based on the expression of the Nessus, plus other planets as well.

All of these themes are heavy-contrary to societal norms, but they do not mean you will be abusive and I’d like to yell a little at the ladies who perpetrate this myth. If your Nessus is strong, you’ll need to walk a little more carefully through life, taking great care to not push things into the realm of abuse.

You will be more intense than other people, and that’s ok. YOU are the only person who can cause you to abuse another person, and every astrologer worth their salt knows that while the stars inform and influence, they do not force, and there is simply no placement of the stars that would require you to hurt another person.
nessus2The mythical Nessus was obsessed by the desire to have Dejanira and he couldn’t control himself. He manipulated Dejanira when Hercules attacked him to put his bloody clothes on him so that he could love her forever. However, when she put his clothes on Hercules, it led to his death. But the myths that go along with asteroids are often bloody, and the themes don’t carry through so strongly-please know that you will not necessarily rape and pillage, but your desire will likely be something you have to work hard to keep in check.

Astrology for August 7-13, 2016


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Honoring Cecil the Lion

In this undated photo provided by the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit, Cecil the lion rests in Hwange National Park, in Hwange, Zimbabwe. Two Zimbabweans arrested for illegally hunting a lion appeared in court Wednesday, July 29, 2015. The head of Zimbabwe’s safari association said the killing was unethical and that it couldn’t even be classified as a hunt, since the lion killed by an American dentist was lured into the kill zone. (Andy Loveridge/Wildlife Conservation Research Unit via AP)

 (Andy Loveridge/Wildlife Conservation Research Unit via AP)


I got quite a bit completed this week and felt good as I let go of material things a bit more. Company is coming Thursday and I have to kick it into high gear between now and Wednesday. I think I can get it all done too. The interesting part of the week was when I found myself in a most ungrounded state on Thursday evening.

When I am ungrounded, my words are not always as thoughtful as they could be. Most folks who know me well, know that I don’t fire off unless I really like you. I don’t usually waste my time on folks I don’t care about. Some people might blame Obama, but I blame it all on my natal Mercury and appreciate the understanding I get from studying astrology. It gives me a point of reference upon which to create change.

Mercury and Venus are in the limelight this week. The week begins with Venus joining in the Mercury/Neptune opposition. Venus is currently transiting Virgo. Virgo is a mutable sign, willing to change or adapt when called upon. She likes details and order. She can fix and troubleshoot all sorts of things.

Virgo1The shadow side of Virgo is being too critical. We all know how this can cause problems. Virgo can also be pushy and try to fix a problem as she sees it. I believe this has caused me some guilt feelings the past few days. Tradition (Saturn) is square Mercury and Venus, wants me to feel obligated to tradition. I’m taking a close look to see if my guilt is warranted and I am actually missing something or not? Opposing Neptune is throwing a veil of illusion over things so seeing clearly can be a problem.

Venus square Saturn can cause friction in our personal relationships. Keep in mind that “personal” is not limited to intimate relationships. Personal can also mean a work relationship or a just a close friendship. Some of us might be feeling we aren’t getting what we want or need in a relationship and this energy can actually draw these things to you. This could be interesting? 

Venus’s current aspect to both Saturn and Neptune make this an undesirable time to begin a new relationship. Of course there some who will have no choice. They will be starting a new job or moving to a new town, or find themselves in some sort of new situation. In these cases, we must make the best of things. It’s all good. We learn more through our struggles don’t we? This time next week , the tables will be turned.

Mercury is in a trine with Pluto all week with the perfect occurring mid-week. This holds the energy of deep and curious thought. You will feel more appreciative of your friends who understand the depths of your mind. Those with this aspect in their natal chart make good researchers or investigators. You could also be interested in the occult or the darker side of things.

Saturn is again involved in many of the same aspects he was involved in last week. He is square Mercury and Venus but his square to the Sun is now ended. He is also stationing to turn direct at the end of the week. This gives him some additional impact on us. It’s like we are getting an extra dose of reality or he is driving his point home. The actually station takes place on Saturday but because he is moving so slow right now, he will feel like he’s stopped in his tracks all week.

Mid-week, every planet is in aspect to another one or two except Jupiter. I am going to consider the lack of a Jupiter aspect a great thing. Saturn and the other planets are exerting enough of their energy on us and not having it expanded by Jupiter is a positive in my view.

The basic configuration that involves Saturn is a square between him and Mercury and Venus, and Neptune on the other side. Neptune is in opposition to Mercury and Venus. That is a lot of difficult energy and give the current political scene, it will possibly trigger some interesting events in the near future.

It just occurred to me that we are swiftly coming up on the mid-August time period I have long thought might be a very difficult time. Time will tell and that is precisely what Saturn is all about, being real. All of these square and opposition aspected planets are triggering each other.

Mercury opposing Neptune is working on the Neptune-Saturn square. This could bring some interesting and scandalous information to the forefront. Lies and lack of clarity around many issues are already big news topics, but could there be more? Of course there can be more?

Saturn is transiting the 12th house of our countries chart. This house represents the side of us, or the country, that appears in our most private times. This is where we keep our shadow selves and our fantasies hidden. Combine this with Mercury and Venus in the 9th house of legal issues, long distance travel, politics, religion and philosophy. Now if that is not a big plate full of potential, I don’t know what is.

Mercury is about youth, travel, and of course communications. The later seems to be in short supply lately. Everyone is misunderstood and it trying to. There simply are too many to mention and I don’t want to focus on all that negativity anyway. You can do that as you see fit, or not. I and trying to find more humor in it all. Laughter is good medicine.

I think it is important to mention that Saturn is also opposing Uranus in the country’s chart. You know Uranus as the planet of technology, quick change, rebellion, revolution, weather, explosions, and aircraft.

With this, I am reminded of recent articles I have read about coming earthquakes and volcanoes. And just for good measure, let’s not forget that Neptune who it wet as water can be. I sure hope more there will not be more floods but I would not be surprised either.

Yes! I am beginning to see why I have felt like mid-August was going to be interesting.

Now let’s talk about Venus in all this. Venus is not just about relationships, she is also about beauty, status, comfort, our social lives, pretty things, and finances. She is will perfect her square next to Saturn next Saturday. Saturn is now awake and beginning to move forward so this square will have some punch to it.

The Venus opposition to Neptune will add an energy of disillusionment and confusion. Relationships and money, along with self-esteem can suffer. Those if use with addictive behaviors might need to take extra care this week and into next weekend. If you feel yourself falling too far down the pit of darkness, please reach out to a trusted friend to help guide you.

I am expecting big things this week. This probably seems a bit dark to some of you but I hope that you at least see where you can shine and what to avoid or what to look for in the days ahead. The good thing about astrology is the balance and things are always changing. Change is good. Without it, we would never grow or improve.

Wishing everyone a great week ahead and stay safe.


Astrology for July 31-Aug 6, 2016.


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The heat wave seems to be subsiding some now. According to a recent report from my local weather guy, the end of this week we should see temps in the mid to upper 80’s. Weather Underground is showing the chance of rain being higher also. Better get the yard mowed Monday or Tuesday.

This week I see the Mercury/Uranus trine is still with us but it will be over by the end of the week. One last chance to use this energy for creating thing outside the box. Misunderstandings continue to be high however so remember to be chill.

The Sun is now transiting Leo. This is a gregarious sign, full of pride, drama, and fun. It is also a fixed fire sign. Fixed signs are stable, determined and persistent. The fixed signs are Leo, Scorpio, and Taurus. The shadow side of these signs is rigidity, being single-minded and stubbornness. And I can attest to this stubbornness thanks to the influence my own Scorpio ascendant.

Saturn is exerting some influence on us Monday through Wednesday as he trines the Sun. The Sun in Leo is all about a good time and being in the limelight and Saturn is all about rules and responsibility. If you are like me and there are things you have been putting off for a while, this trine could be just what we need to get things done.

To me, this is a difficult aspect because my Aquarius self is in naturally in conflict with authority. Fortunately, my natal Uranus is retrograde just as Uranus is now, so I was not very daring when I was younger. I was more interested in avoiding any conflicts with authority and the best way to do that was to lay low. When is came to pushing the envelope, I was fairly cautious.

Tuesday Neptune opposes Mercury. Our thoughts and communications can suffer under this aspect. Neptune’s influence can bring us more daydreams than logic. Daydreams are not a bad thing. They can lead us to wonderful creations. However, if you need to be focused Tuesday, this could be a problematic aspect for those whose natal chart is triggered by this aspect. Slow down and take your time. It will all be OK and as you probably know, Mercury aspects don’t last very long.

Neptune has been square Saturn since November of last year. These two are near a two degree orb of perfect. This means this influence is very strong now and will be for some time to come. The exact square will be in the September 10-11 times frame.

I had a very long and wonderful dinner visit last week with a friend who lives in Alaska. We were talking astrology and she asked me why the ephemeris is important. Finding when the Saturn/Neptune square is, is one example of how this tool can be used. It can also be used to go back in time to see where an aspect was repeated in the past. If you have need of such a tool I suggest you go to where you will find one that covers about 4000 years.

If this is aspect is in your natal chart, it can cause difficulty in realizing hopes and dreams, while at the same time giving strength and determination. This current transit is one of the factors causing extreme weather. Hurricane season is about to amp up and this Saturn/Neptune square could have a huge effect on this season’s severity. I sure hope not but this aspect is associated with disasters caused by extreme weather. It is also associated with disasters involving, oil, mining, and water/drowning.

Recently we have seen more than one instance of suicide massacres. This aspect could bring more of the tragedies. People all over the world are struggling for freedom from traditional rule while a traditional rule is trying desperately to hold on and take the collective backward toward increased control. Religious fundamentalism in many forms is battling each other and attempting to overturn basic human rights.

The square aspect orb is 7.5 degrees on either side of perfection. As I look ahead as this aspect I see it will remain with us through early October. No doubt is will influence that mid August time period so many have been looking at.

I know this might feel as if “feel good times” are few and far between but remember, life is what you make of it. It is difficult to stay focused on how these challenging times are for the highest and best for all humanity, but that is exactly what is going on. It is important to focus on our evolution and realize all this Saturn/ Neptune energy is perfectly on time. Remember that love conquers all. Regardless of our politics, I think this is one thing we all can agree on.

Tuesday is also the last day is in Scorpio. This planet heads back into Sagittarius just before 9PM EDT.

This takes the warrior planet from a fixed water sign where he created a lot of steam into a mutable fires sign ruled by Jupiter. Mutable means change and Sagittarius being ruled by Jupiter means expansion. When these two join forces, lots of things can happen and as always…there are two sides to every coin.

In many ways, Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius is about our future. Sagittarius loves to travel and Saturn tells us what to explore on our journey. I have read that some call this transit the “wisdom years”. This is where we learn about where we are and where we are going both personally and as a collective. This transit will hopefully teach us more about the impact our actions have cost us and what actions and points of view we need to end or make changes to.

Another aspect of this transit is land and territories. Remember Saturn is about rules, regulations and boundaries. Expect there to be more news along these lines are we see one country attempting to be free of another’s rule and the ruling country holding tight to its claim. Now for some better news.

Tuesday the Leo New Moon joins the Saturn/Sun trine. This is great energy for all our new beginnings.

Mars, now direct is at the same degree he was last spring. This is also bringing good vibes to finish those projects or anything that was put aside or left behind back then.

Thursday Mars is semi-square Pluto. It can be hard to fulfill our wants with this aspect. This can also bring power struggles and a tendency to bully. The key here is to be flexible, use your best negotiating skills and you will see your goals bloom.

Friday, Venus exits Leo stage left or right depending on where you are sitting, and joins Mercury in Virgo. Like Mercury, Venus is not so happy to be in Virgo. Virgo tends to be critical about affairs of the heart and everything else. The bright side of this is the opportunity to be good to yourself. Yes! Be your own bestie for the next month but this does not mean you get to forget others. Oh no! You must give them some attention too. Volunteer with a charity or something. There are many ways to help. This link shows how a young girl is reaching out to women experiencing homelessness.

Friday Venus aspects Neptune and the result is happily enthusiastic. We are not too concerned with details or imperfections of our circumstances and people. You would be wise to delay big purchases, however. This aspect brings a veil of illusion and dreamy state of mind to the masses. Don’t get too wrapped up in thinking a relationship is all that. You could be fooled by the illusion that Neptune is famous for. Use caution in all your legal dealings and contracts. Social engagements will be under this dreamlike influence as well.

Saturday Mercury is sesquiquadrate Uranus. This is a minor yet difficult aspect where planets are 135 degrees from each other. This energy can bring us brief flashes of wisdom or cause us to be rather simple minded at times. Communications can be difficult, tempers are less than agreeable and sometimes we might find ourselves and other communicating more negatively that we would like. The bright side of this is that this energy of good for creative, new ideas. Run with this and see what good you can create!