While traditional astrology has focused on planets, the discovery of asteroids has changed the game. Asteroids are smaller than planets, which makes their pull weaker, but they add so much complexity and flavor to a chart. The study of asteroids is also cutting edge, because they are constantly being discovered, and it is the job of astrologers to discover their meaning. We must be careful with orbs, however, since asteroids are small…a one degree orb is plenty, but we should pay careful attention to chart patterns and shapes. When using asteroids, I especially look for Grand Trines and Grand Crosses, which highlight traits in a person that are outwardly visible and exceptional.

There are thousands of asteroids, and it’s awfully hard to choose the best starting place when describing them. Pallas is a favorite asteroid of mine-one of the first discovered, so it has a large body of research to go along with it. It’s large, so we feel its pull nearly as much as the planets. Pallas makes up 7% of the mass of the asteroid belt. It’s a little more than 300 miles across and we’ve been studying it since 1802.

Pallas is named after Pallas Athene, Greek goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, war, strategy, math, strength, strategy, the arts, crafts, and skill. Known as the asteroid of creative intelligence, Pallas draws on all of the themes that fell under the domain of the goddess. Pallas is also said to represent the wisdom of the female spirit

If a person has a strong Pallas, you can expect for them to have several traits. Most of these will be obvious in a person, but some people display certain aspects of Pallas more than others.

Most importantly, people with a strong Pallas are creative-they are filled with creative intelligence which is outwardly visible, and they are compelled to make, design, fabricate and produce.

Pallas is a warrior goddess-she has a lot of fight in her, and so do people who have her heavily aspected or in a prominent position. Pallas people won’t roll over when they could fight, and they are talented at the fighting as well.

Pattern recognition is also very high-most astrologers have a strong Pallas, which helps them find patterns in the planets and personalities. Math also usually comes easily to these natives.

Pallas folks also have a knack for strategic thinking. They can easily see many steps ahead and plan accordingly. Creative thinking is key here; the Pallas native finds solutions others wouldn’t, and they execute them flawlessly. Think Steve Jobs, Bill Gates or Steve Woziniak, all brilliant minds heavily influenced by Pallas. It’s a very particular kind of intelligence-it isn’t logical in the normal sense, but holistic and inventive.

They have an immoveable sense of justice.

There are many placements that make an asteroid “strong” in a person’s chart. The first would be closely conjunct (1 degree, 2 tops for conjunctions) with sun or ascendant. Both of these placements fully integrate Pallas energy. Conjunctions with any angles, Moon, North Node, South Node, and the planets are also very important. When Pallas is part of a Grand Trine or a Grand Cross, it gets more focus. John Denver’s Pallas was square his sun, and her themes are obvious in his life. Bernie Sanders has Pallas sextile Mercury, meaning he brings the Pallas traits most strongly to his communication. Amelia Earhart had Palls conjunct her ascendant and square her sun-she personifies many Pallas traits.

New and exciting research labels Pallas as “the ruler of the digital age and anything that is digital.” That’s because Pallas rules logical thinking. Computers and software rely only on logical thinking, giving Pallas dominion here. That elevates the importance of this asteroid even further, as so much of the world is digital.

Pallas is also intrinsically linked to the pineal gland. This gland is vitally important for all of us, producing melatonin, DMT, and pinoline. The pineal gland is our “third eye,” of great consequence to the Ancient Egyptians, who mummified it separately, and many great civilizations through time. It’s said that activating our pineal gland can connect us more to the spirit world, and Pallas is the asteroid that governs this connection. There are many ways to energize our third eye, and I’ve found that using various methods when Pallas is transiting my Neptune or my Pallas is extremely helpful.

You can find your Pallas by going to Pay special attention to which sign and house it falls in, as well as any aspects. Pallas is asteroid #2. I hope you’ll share in the comments about the way Pallas influences your life.


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Something new

A few weeks ago I mentioned a guest blogger

would be joining us soon.

I am happy to announce that tomorrow is the day for the first post!

Come back tomorrow and help me welcome

Carmen Eckard

to this blog.

Carmen has a real passion for astrology

and a particular interest in asteroids.

She is looking forward to your comments and “likes”.

So hang tight! Your wait is almost over.

Tomorrow is less than a day away.

Astrology for May 22-28, 2016


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Wow! The world is sure an interesting place isn’t it?Yesterday was a hugely energetic day. Not only was there a Full Moon in Sagittarius but the Sun moved into Gemini. This is quite a different type of energy from Taurus. Now that the Sun has moved into Gemini, are you feeling a difference in energy?

If not, you will probably will in the days ahead and who knows how this energy will show up in the news and on the world stage over the next few weeks.

Keep in mind, what ever happens, good and bad, right and wrong, it is all for the best and for our awakening as new humans. Don’t be attached to an outcome and realize that the universe is on your side but also takes its own time to do things in perfect order. We will get all the things we want in this life but we can’t take bets on what these things will actually look like once we get them. A new car is a new car even if it is only new to you. See the difference? We humans make this so hard when it is such a simple concept.

Speaking of being human, I learned about humans and humanoids this week from a book I am reading.

Here is a little chart I created to explain:



Enjoys live the way it is and always has been. Wonder how to do things better.
Are opinionated. Adept at multi tasking.
Judgmental of others. Judge themselves.
Enjoy drama. Wonder why they are not happy with what is normal.
Resist change of status quo. Feel like they don’t fit in.
Find fault in others. Enjoy change.

In short, humans are happy with the way things are whether it is themselves or the world is. Things are the way things are, I am the way I am, life is what it is, and there is no way to change any of it.

Humanoids are always seeking ways to make things better whether it is themselves to the world around them. They won’t accept “ that is just the way I am” or “that’s the way ___ is” as an answer. They see possibilities instead of blind acceptance.

All this is the brainchild of Access Consciousness founder, Gary M. Douglas. The book is “Magic. You Are It. Be It.” Gary is in a sense, helping the universe to help those that are ready and willing to work be the best version of themselves they can be. Not everyone is ready or willing but the universe won’t wait on these folks. It has to evolve even if some of us don’t.

This week and for the next two weeks we will be feeling full_moonthe energy of yesterday’s Full Moon. Being in the polarity of Gemini and Sagittarius means this was a mental Moon. Gemini is one of the lower six signs and presents self or lower mind and Sagittarius is one of the higher six signs, representing the higher mind. Through this energy we are being asked to think in a logical way while using our intuition to think big and go outside ourselves.

There is a definite battle between logic (Gemini) and faith or spirituality (Sagittarius) going on. This could explain some of the things we are seeing in the news. The Full Moon always shines light on some part of our lives.

This Moon was also conjunct the retrograde Mars. He is the planet of action and only concerned with you. When he is retrograde the self aspect in more pronounced as his energy is directed more inward.

The Moons light could be shining right on something in you that is trying to be revealed. Just don’t be too hasty making decisions right now. Putting things off is something we usually try to avoid in life but there are times it is beneficial. This is one of those times. Just know that you will have to complete what ever you put off eventually. Focus on where the Moon’s light is shining on your life.

Venus makes a sign change on Tuesday, May 24. She will enliven things as she transits the sign of the twins. For her this is a flirtatious and chatty transit. I just read in one of astrological sources that Gemini is the astrological version of a social media. It is inventive, fun, amusing, and at the same time detached and neutral. This will only add to this months interest.

Thursday the second square between Jupiter and Saturn perfect. As you probably know, squares are difficult aspects. Jupiter is retrograde but this doesn’t mean much when if come to easing the difficulties of this aspect. Saturn is the planet of standards and commitment, rules and regulations. Jupiter if the great benefic and looks to the future. This square is helping assisting our evolution by asking us to examine our balance between what we are, or think we are committed to, and what our view of the future is.

downloadFriday, retrograde Mars moves back into Scorpio. Weakened by the retrograde or not, Mars can still execute and hefty sting in Scorpio when you aren’t paying attention. You will want to keep your eyes open from now till the end of June when Mars turns direct again.

This week also brings us several oppositions. The first one is Sun opposing Mars today. Notice impulsive behavior. Not knowing what we want can be an issue that is sure to spoil the day.

Venus opposes Mars on Tuesday. Passion and jealously could be strong for some. Be cautious when making financial decisions or decision that deal with relationships. This is an aspect the likes drama and stir some up just for the fun of it.

I think this may be enough to think about for this week. I have a full week ahead of me as I usually do. Somehow I don’t feel as if I am making much progress though. This week I feel I have a renewed sense of direction but looking forward to what the weather hold does not make me happy at all. We had nice low temps this past weekend and face upper 80’s and low 90’s by mid week. YIKES! ! !

This coming weekend….May 20-22

Just Listened to Anne Ortelee’s show…..She is my favorite astrologer.

Anne says this coming weekend is a big one for endings, people leaving, relationships ending too.

She also warns that we should not dismiss any health issue or wait for things to get better. If we do, it could be a very bad decision indeed!

Listen for yourself here:

Astrology for May 15-21, 2016


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There are times I am really glad this blog is more or less a single topic spot in the web. This week is one of them. Events on the state and national level have led me to take a social media/news break this weekend. Astrology is where it is at.

My friends will tell you I am an impassioned person and have great disregard for closed minds and inconsideration in any form. I don’t think we need to approve of or agree with every thing and every one, but I do feel there is no need to my views on others. Each of us I also don’t think everything needs to be run like a business in my humble opinion. This has been an interesting week in North Cackalacky, and that is all I have to say on the subject today. On with this weeks planetary view.

The school year is over for many across the country and coming to a close for may others in the next few weeks. This is the fist sign of summer even if it’s not officially summer for another five weeks. The Sun is in the end degrees of Taurus and by weeks end, will have moved into Gemini, the last sign of the spring quarter. This is the sign of the twins and I will go into this more in a bit.

Early this week we have a grand trine still hanging out with us. Over the weekend we had the Sun and Venus participating in this grandness but by Monday it is just Jupiter, Mercury and Pluto, all in Earth signs and all making for some productive, practical energy to begin the week with.

Trines and Grand Trines bring us a harmonious flow of energy. A cool front will be moving into my area. This past week was warm and humid, two things I am not fond of and they slow me down. The combination of cooler air with the supportive Earth energy will hopefully help me get as much done outdoors as I do indoors. This planetary energy is perfect for getting any garden, kitchen, or creative projects finished.

This week also holds two oppositions for us. The first one has been with us a while. Jupiter is retrograde and this means the expansive energy is turned inward. This opposition is one that can bring people and experiences into our realm that inspire us to wake up to what life has to offer.

Use caution when you feel the urge to say yes. This energy can draw us to be quite generous which is a good thing. The shadow side of this is that we can go too far or say “yes” too often and get ourselves into some trouble. This is not a good time to get in over your head so be careful.

If you are generally the careful sort, this opposition could reveal some blind spots. Some of us could find that we have fallen prey to people or situations that can take advantage of us and cause us to use energy or resources we would normally be saving for another day or time. Over all, being in control can be difficult under this aspect and this can be a good thing.

In the loosening of control, we let go and are able to move toward success. Since I began this blog three and a half years ago, “letting go” seems to be the main a theme. If there is something or someone you have been holding on to and things just don’t seem to be working for you, maybe it is time to let go of it or them. Change is hard, but it is what we need……what all of us need if we ever want to live the life we are here to live. Of course there are some who won’t budge and will stay stuck in mud. Will you be one of them? I hope I won’t.

And speaking of letting go, I have been reading a book this week titled “Being You. Changing the World. Is this the time?” by Dain Heer. If you believe that something different is possible, this book might be one you need to check out. I am not saying this is for everyone. In fact the author says in the very first pages of the book that if you feel like this is not for you, put it down or pass it on to someone else. However, I have found this book to be full of great tools for change and golden nuggets of wisdom that are helping me to change every aspect of my life and how I react and move in the world.

Now the second opposition this week presents us is between the Sun and Mars. This combination is often volatile and combative. It can mean war but Mars is retrograde and now and his energy, like that of the other retrograde planets is aimed inward rather than outward. The perfection of this aspect will not happened until next Sunday but a day or two before that the Moon will join in the opposition. This will also be a Full Moon in Sagittarius. Sagittarius relates to international places. I read in one of my astrology books that this could bring some peace to conflicts overseas. I like the sound of that and will certainly be sending positive thoughts and energies to that possibility.

Saturday seems to be the big day this week. Not only does it hold the Full Moon and the near perfection of the Mars/Sun opposition, it is also the day Mercury stations to turn direct again. He will still be moving slow and in what is known as the “storm period” until May 31. While this does mean that communications, travel, and media of all sort will see positive changes ahead, remember Mercury will be moving slowly for another ten days so why should you not do that same?

Saturday is also the day the Sun moves into Gemini. Gemini is the third sign in astrology. It is an air sign like Aquarius and Libra. Any one born under this sign will quickly tell you all about it. These folks love to talk and talk they do. The Donald is a Gemini and Gemini as her ascendant or rising sign. See what I mean?!

Air signs are known to be deep thinkers and Geminis are no exception. They are intelligent, probing and always seem to be searching and yearning to know more. They enjoy sharing what they learn too, especially with those closest to them. Is it little wonder they are ruled by Mercury?

Geminis are quick witted jokers and almost always the life of the party or one of them anyway. They are seldom boring unless the get lost in their shadow side. In this case, they can become depressed even manic and have a hard time recovering from it. This is when their intellect and drive for knowledge can be a destructive force. As long as they maintain a good balance they are very happy and a lot of fun to be around.

Gemini people often seem to have two sides, two ways of thinking, two ways of being. They have both Yin and Yang energy and can more readily see both sides of an issue that most other signs with Libra perhaps being the best exception. They are usually good team players and need to have regular physical outlets in order to stay healthy. Yoga, meditation, and deep breathing are also good choices for a Gemini because this sign rules the nervous system. The calming exercises in combination with some sort of intense sport, brings much needed balance to the Gemini’s system.

Moving on……let’s talk about the Saturn/Neptune square a bit. This aspect began last November and will remain with us until September of this year. It is the next big thing to shape our lives since the Pluto/Uranus square that we are still feeling. Aspects like these two hit us where it counts and shakes our very core both personally and on the global front. They are catalyst for concrete change.

This combination is most interesting in part because there are perhaps not two planets more different from each other. When they are in square aspect this makes them even more at odds with each other.

Saturn is a planet the likes stability, structure, and certainty. No matter how you say it, Saturn is the father figure or the head-honcho of the zodiac. Saturn loves his boundaries, rules, and regulations, and views them as necessary for growth. About now I am hearing a tape in my head that says, “train up a child in the way that he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.

Neptune on the other hand is quite the opposite. Neptune loves to dream and fantasize. He is very emotional, spiritual, intuitive, and defies restriction. All characteristics Saturn has little patience for.

Neptune knows he is connected to everything and everything is connected to him. Neptune square Saturn is definitely ruffling our feathers. Saturn is trying hard to maintain order as he knows it. Even if this means being archaic. Saturn will dig his heels into the ground and stand as firm as he can as he resists any change. After all change is so incredibly scary isn’t it?

Change is coming whether we like it or not. Some say we are moving into the “Age of Aquarius”, others call it the “end of days” or “end times”. What ever you believe, these all mean big changes are coming. Astrologers have been talking about the Aquarian age for a long time and while it is unclear exactly when is said to have started or start, I don’t think this matters nearly as much as how open we are to accepting change.

According to Wikipedia, the Age of Aquarius may have begun in the mid 19th century. Those with a flexible mind, modern say it began at some point over the past 40 years. There seems not to be a date set in stone. The Universe is all energy and energy is ever changing and flexible. Stands to reason we should be flexible too. This is exactly what this square is asking us to do.

I can’t help but feel like this is part of the reason we are seeing so many deaths in the past few months..
Energetically the work of the souls is complete or perhaps they have decided there is no more they can do here. The reason is perhaps irrelevant in the grand scheme. They have to leave in order to make room for those whose time has come to shine or to invoke the change.

The same goes for relationships. They change and morph and end in all sorts of ways and for all sorts of reasons. There is little productive about holding on or trying to prevent this from happening. If you try to hold on you are being like Saturn. Open up to letting go when it is time. Your life will be better for it if you do. I am not trying to discount the sadness and anguish this can bring but I am just saying, it is all for the best so let GO!

I hope you enjoy this week and all its planetary aspects and changes. I think the energetic stage is being set for some really interesting yet tough things ahead for us. Don’t panic or sweat any of it. Learn to roll. Listen to your heart and learn to roll.

In closing I want to share a video from over the weekend. The guy who compiles this info does so on a regular basis and I really enjoy his work. Perhaps you will too. He publishes anew video every day or so. 

Until next week, be well!


Astrology for May 8-14, 2016


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I wish that every mother in the world feels loved today and everyday. Without them, where would we be?

The sky is full of Earth energy this week. Today we have a Grand Cross up there and it involves the Moon so it won’t last long. The other planets in the Grand Cross are Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune.

A Grand Cross usually means we are facing some very intense energy but this one is balanced nicely by a Grand Trines. Actually there are three Grand Trines, all practically on top of each other and all of in grounding Earth signs. Mercury, Venus and the Sun make up on corner of the trine and a very slow almost halted Jupiter, and Pluto.


Jupiter is halted because he will turn direct tomorrow. I mentioned recently in a post that Jupiter retrograde doesn’t affect us in nearly the same way Mercury or Mars does when they travel backwards. He still expands our world, it is just more on the inside than the outside as he withdraws our focus from worldly success and interests. This is a big deal from the standpoint of our evolution.

When he’s retrograde, he asks us to look inside. He is assisting our growth and understanding. Of course there are those that are still kicking and screaming and wanting to stay right where they are, but eventually even these folks will be forced to change. The Universe demands it because it is on a path of growth and evolution of it’s own. Humans ultimately have no choice in the matter but we sure to try to control don’t we?

Mercury and Mars remain retrograde for a while yet and this energy along with a great deal of Taurus and Earth energy, is slowing us down quite a bit. For me this is expressing in a need for more sleep and a need to be outside in the cool of the day. I love this time of year and this week has been one of the most interesting in recent memory.

I think we have had about any kind of weather this past week you can imagine. From warm sunny days to cold ones, we have had snow, hail, and lots of rain. The rain in combination with the subtle, Earth energy has a lot of folks longing for sunshine. I am grateful for the rain no matter when it comes. My area is teetering on the edge of drought right now and if we don’t make up for the lack of rain earlier in the spring and over the winter, we will be in real trouble by the end of summer. I will take the rain now and hope we don’t end up in a bad drought like we did a few years back.

Whether inner work or working indoors. Use this slow time to your advantage. The garden and yard can wait. And after Monday you will probably notice the energy beginning to move forward again as Jupiter goes direct. It will take until September for Jupiter to really move however. This is when his transit of Virgo ends and he moves into Libra. For now Virgo has him by the nose and is keeping him in check but he will be direct for the rest of the year.

Jupiter moving into Libra and free of Virgo’s constraints will come just in time for the last few weeks of the presidential campaign. I can hardly wait to see how this influence could affect the race. However, before that, I feel sure we have a very eventful summer to look forward to.

Also on Monday, Mercury will eclipse the Sun. This is a rare event and has not happened since 2006. Mercury will be seen as a small black dot moving across the face of the Sun. Check out this web page to learn more.

Mercury’s transit of the Sun on Monday will be the ultimate conjunction. Notice if your focus is on the process of thought and communications. Mercury is the planet of communications after all so this could be a busy time mentally for all of us and especially for those with strong Mercury influence in their chart.

Even though Mercury is retrograde, this will be perhaps the most favorable time to finish up paper work, write letters or emails, and take a short trip away. I took my short trip over the weekend and it was so nice to get away for the afternoon.

Other highlights of this transit could be a desire for conversations with like minds on topics of interest to both of you. Mercury’s conjunction with the Sun will make easy work of clearly expressing our thoughts. Our minds will be extra sharp.

I know a lot of people who have new ideas in the works right now and Mercury retrograde is not normally conducive to this sort of thing but this particular conjunction will make the beginning of this week a great time for business deals and buying or selling. You could even find a bargain here or there.

There is one last astrology lesson for this transit. Mercury transiting the Sun only happens 13-14 in a century. This particular type of transit is called an “occultaion”. This happens when ever one object blocks the view of another object. Mercury is of course so small that it will not be able to block out the Sun as Moon does from time to time but blocking is not important in this case.

Taurus energy is again a big consideration here. Spend the day pondering your life and home. Identify what makes you feel secure and the things in your life you value the most. This will help set the tone for the rest of your year.

The Grand Trine will be lending it’s hand to all these energies and aspects I am have mentions so far. I can only repeat that this is a prime time to view and review and go deep into ourselves. If there are areas in your life that have not been going smoothly, the Universe is asking you to look at these areas first. Sometimes we think the answer is in someone else but most often both the problem and the answer originate in us. A simple change in our point of view often does the trick. The next time you find yourself in slow traffic, try slowing down yourself. What is your hurry anyway? Surprisingly, you could find that once you slow down, the rest of the world beings to go fast again.

The Venus/Jupiter side of this trine is full of friendly optimism. Our hearts are big and full, and we have a cheerful outlook on our world. This is energy is sociable, indulgent, and can be a bit on the lazy side. Other characteristics are loyalty and integrity, both things I feel we need a lot more of today. If you have integrity and are loyal, you will no doubt win the trust of all you come in contact with. I think this is something to aspire to.

One of the other legs of the Grand Trine is Mercury trine Pluto. This is the energy of sharp minds. Our attention is focused and our insight is strong. Many of us will have clearer understanding and awareness of others and ourselves. No doubt there is a single theme to this week?

I know I said there are three grand trines on top of each other. The main legs are Jupiter trine Pluto, and Mercury, Sun, and Venus trine Jupiter on one side and Pluto on the other. Most of these aspects have been covered in some way. The only one I want to cover before closing today is Venus trine Pluto.

Venus trine Pluto is a good aspect for relationships. Our feelings can be intense but not devastating, mine usually are anyway. This not a great aspect for those that prefer to hide in their shells. This aspect asks us to go deep, maybe deeper than usual and certainly deeper than some like to go. After all, facing yourself can be frightening. This energy is gentle however and if we show ourselves and others some love we will be renewed. If we truly want to be happy and live the best life we can, we must face ourselves sooner or later.

The only real snag this week, if you can call it a snag is that there is only one brief bit of air sign energy. We are loaded down with earth energy between Jupiter, Pluto, Mercury, Venus, and the Sun all in earth signs. There is also a fair amount of fire energy with Mars, Saturn and Uranus all in Fire signs. Neptune is the lone water sign. The Moon is the only one bringing us air energy this week. In spite of all the good energy aimed at communications this week, this will the one thing that might throw good communications to the wind. We might not be able to find our words without air energy.

This is what I love most about astrology. There is always a counter balance to almost every difficult aspect. This one is counter balanced with all the positive energy around communications. Besides, in two more weeks the Sun leaves Taurus and enters Gemini. We will get plenty of air energy with that transit. I wonder how the Gemini Sun will affect Donald Trump this year. Gemini is his native sign after all.


For anyone interested, the chart above was generated on

This site is a great resource for all sorts of astrological information. Enjoy!

Wishing you all a great week ahead. Thanks for reading!



Astrology for May 1-7, 2016


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Welcome to May. 2016!


How’s that looking in the mirror and falling in love with what you see working for you? Forgot to do it you say? Well this is your reminder! ! !

Did you get to work on some of your unfinished projects this past week. I have not actually sat down with pen and paper yet and worked on my financial plan but I am going to do that before this day is out. A few extra expenses have popped up in recent weeks but none of it is related to Mercury or any other planet being retrograde. And none of it is life threatening or a matter of national security so its all good!

Expenses are part of this weeks forecast too and the news is good. The Taurus Sun will form two trines this week that could brighten and expand our economic outlook for a bit. I have to say that intuitively, I don’t think this will be a long lived event but it should be good in the short term. Intuitively I feel like we are headed toward a rough economic patch this summer and fall, and who knows what will happen after the election? The first one comes Tuesday when the Sun transits 60 degrees from Jupiter. Even though Jupiter will still be retrograde Tuesday, it does not mean Jupiter can’t be expansive, it just means his expansive impact won’t be as big or as strong as it could be.

floodThe weather in my area has been wonderful. We are in a bit of a drought but some rain late last week and over the weekend helped this. The weather has not been great everywhere however. I turned on the weather channel at work one day last week and saw how the mid west was getting hit with hail, rain and wind. The flooding in some areas have been bad and resulted in at least 6 deaths in Texas.

Around the world there are other big weather events taking place. Some parts of India are in a severe drought and there is also a heat wave that has cause officials to forbid daytime cooking between 9am and 6pm daily. Fires rage on the grasslands China near the Mongolian border. We do have an opposition between Jupiter Virgo and Neptune in Pisces. With Mars in Sagittarius squaring both planets. When looking at the weather we can say that Jupiter is expanding the water of Pisces and Mars is causing lots of action.

I’m grateful that my area has not seen so much bad weather. Everywhere I go people are talking about their gardens and what they plan to plant or what they have bought to plant. Spring is the time of plant festivals and special sales and I have done my share of shopping in that area. This past two weeks, being right after the full moon has not been the best time to plant. But this week all that changes.

Beginning Wednesday we have at least two good planting days. Friday brings us the New Moon and this is the time of new beginnings and said to be a good time for planting. There is however, conflicting and confusing info about when to plant. For example, “The Old Farmers Almanac” says seeds planted on Saturday could rot in the ground. sproutingseedGenerally, earth signs are for things relating to the Earth (planting) and (our) roots. I am choosing a more general approach this time. I think about any time you want to plant this month will be OK with Thursday and Friday two of the best days. I have not yet planted all of my new herbs so this is high on my “ TO DO” list this week.

The New Moon will trine Jupiter as well on the 6th. This is a good time to be bullish about yourself and work on your personal goals. But it is also a time to chill out and enjoy simple things like a warm breeze or and a walk around the block. Good food, good drinks and good company are also things to enjoy during the Sun and Moon’s Taurus transit. Pay attention to the things that make you feel good about you. Smell the coffee, smell the roses, become aware of what make you feel relaxed, comfy and OK with your world.

I have had the urge to take a trash bag around with me and throw things out. I can hear the cheers of some of my friends as they read this. Every one who knows me knows I have way too much stuff. I and truly feeling this Taurus energy though and evaluating my relationship with my “stuff”. This is going to take a while to complete but I am feeling more and more like the time is here to say goodbye to lots of things. This feeling could be strongest for me come Saturday when the Moon trines Pluto. Who wants to buy an album collection?

Venus has just yesterday moved into Taurus, joining the Sun and Mercury. She will remain here for three and half weeks, leaving for Gemini on May 25, 2016. While Venus is in Taurus we will be looking for all things secure and those things that hold lasting value for us. Our desire for joy is greater now than is might otherwise be. Venus is Taurus is sensory oriented. We seldom think of our five senses when it comes to astrology but Venus is all about feeling good and this is definitely encompasses all five senses.

The shadow side is excess and possessiveness. We’ve got all the Taurus planets in sextile to Neptune in Pisces this week and this can mean addiction. So, if addiction is a problem for you including and perhaps especially the addiction to shopping or spending money, you might want to freeze the credit cards and put the checkbook far out of reach for a while.

I know I said earlier that the Sun’s trine with Jupiter was a good thing financially but this could also be a bad thing for those of us that lack a great deal of financial discipline. Believe me, money is something I really have to pay attention to. It can get away from me fast and trouble follows. But I am determined to stay focused. I think after I sit down with pen and paper later tonight I will have a firmer grip on things.

images (1)When it comes to the shadow of possessiveness, it is important that those with partners are respectful of them. It is easy to fall into a trap of feeling like we own someone and to treat them like objects. Venus in Taurus is hungry for pleasure and can be demanding of it. This is perhaps stronger in men than in women as a whole. Just be aware and be careful not to take advantage of your partner or anyone who is close to you in some way.

To further aggravate the shadow side of Venus, she will be semi-square Chiron on May 6-7. This reminds me of the song….(link below)….because you have to be patient when it comes to love. This transit is a test of our patience and is not loyalty or commitment friendly at all. Some of us will feel estranged and reluctant to forgive ourselves. The good news it Chiron transits go fast.

Thanks for your time today. I hope this helps you navigate your week. For me, one of the interesting things about writing this blog is that I feel the need to try to live by it too. So after I get it posted I am going to put some laundry in to wash and then get out my pen and paper to work on some figures. I feel like that trash can will get filled up this week too. I know there are at least two small appliances going in there. I’m so glad the Vitamix is NOT one of them!

Don’t forget next week is Mother’s Day! !  ! 

If your mother is still living, plan a visit, a call or at least send her a card. That is assuming you have a relationship with her. If not, then honor yourself by doing something kind, safe, and healthful for yourself. This can be as little as enjoying a cup of coffee or tea in on the porch in the morning or allowing yourself to take a nap in the afternoon.

Astrology for April 24-30, 2016


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Welcome to the last week of April. Another year is going by fast. Last week turned out to be big one for transition. Lot of folks leaving the physical plane. While this is always sad for those who are still in 3D, this makes way for others to step forward and breathe new life into our world and continue the work started by those that have moved on.

This week I was reminded of the Pluto Uranus square as I read an commemorative article in my home town news paper on a man I had long admired. He passed away Wednesday at the age of 65. Pluto and Uranus , the two planets that bring change and rebellion were last aspecting each other in 1965-1966. The effects of this conjunction were felt as early 1958-1959 and a late as the early 1970’s. This was the time period this man was growing up. Civil rights was a big issue in this country but it seems it is today too. The difference between then and now is, back then it was about blacks and whites. Today it is about the LGBTQ community and their rights.

VW BusIn the 1960’s and 70’s if you were black and willing to take your fight to the streets, you were called a “militant”. Today you are called an extremist or a fundamentalist. The man that died Wednesday was one of a few in our town that was willing to fight for their civil rights in very public ways. I was too timid in those days to act out but I greatly admired this man and have thought about him often over the years. He became a police officer, a lawyer, and never stopped fighting for what he thought was right. He was a man of truth.

Aspects between Pluto and Uranus are almost always a catalyst, opening doors to some sort of big change. The change is not always in a forward motion. Sometimes life and events go in the opposite direction and this is what I think we are seeing now. There seems to be a movement to regress rather than progress. Ultimately this will work in favor of progression. The planet and all life on it can’t evolve without this back and forth. So as much as you might like it or dislike it, it is all for the best.

If you would like to read more about Pluto and Uranus in history, check out the link below.

This week the Sun is settling into its transit of Taurus. This energy is earthy, sensual, and hospitable. This time time when plants take root, begin to grow, and so does our need for security. Taurus is at its best when in defense or resist mode and is loyal as can be until pushed to the point of no return. This is also a trait of Scorpio. The shadow side of the Taurus energy is stubbornness. Oh, how stubborn they can be! They can also have a possessive aspect to them but those that a secure in who they are usually don’t show this trait too often.

Wednesday, the Taurus Sun forms a very productive trine with Capricorn. If you want to get a lot this week, this will be the day to work hard. You will have the Universe at your back so plan on a busy day.

You are probably already feeling things slow down some since snail-frontMars has turned retrograde but don’t forget that Mercury is in his shadow now too. He will be stationing to turn retrograde on Thursday. Please don’t freak out! Consider this to be just a recess period or timeout.

Since this retrograde occurs in Taurus, this will slow our financial activity too. Besides the usual communication slow down you can expect any financial dealings to be slow or even non existent. Use this time to make adjustments to your budget and reevaluate your spending. Take a look at your romantic life too. Where or how does it need adjustment? Don’t sweat all this too much though. These are just areas you might consider taking a look at.

Things begin looking up somewhat on Friday when Venus follows Mercury into Taurus. You probably know by now that Lady Venus can get us into financial strains sometimes. When she is in Taurus she is happy as can be. Under this influence Venus can have a positive and stabilizing effect on our money and our love lives.

No aspect, even good ones, are without some difficult or shadow characteristics however. In this case be on mindful of being more possessive. Like Mercury retrograde, this Venus transit will be best spent looking over our finances and being cautious with our spending. I was personally feeling the shift to not spend this past week. At the beginning of the year I set some financial goals for myself. I have not done as well as I had planned but it is all good. A few unexpected things have happened and funds have gone to those things out of necessity. I am very grateful to be able to take care of them. Barring anymore unforeseen events, I should be able to make good use of all these retrograde energies and Venus in Taurus, and get back on track with my financial plan very soon.

Mercury-RetrogradeFor the next two weeks we will be in redo and timeout land in a big way! From this Thursday to May 9th we have a total of five planets and one asteroid in retrograde. Jupiter was the first to go backwards on January 8th. Then Saturn on March 25. Mars turned back on April 17, Pluto on April 18, and Mercury will on April 28. That is quite a lot of backward movement and reflective energy. Use this energy to go inside and work on you.

I am finding that the behavior of others is helping me to see where I can make positive changes. I am seeing behavior I would like to incorporate into my life and behavior that is giving me pause to look deeper into how I can be a better person and live the best life I can. Thankfully my employers are wonderfully insightful women that are good role models for me. One of them shares the best books I could ever want to read. These women and these books are teaching me so much and I could not be happier about it. I call going to work, going to my happy place.

The only one of these retrograde bodies I have not talked about is the asteroid. The subject of asteroids is relatively new to me and I am finding it both complex and interesting. Juno is the asteroid we need to look today. It is considered one of the five main asteroids.

Juno was discovered in 1804, has female energy and is known as the goddess of true lovers, soul associates, and committed relationships. She went retrograde in early March. This asteroid shows us the true nature of both possibility and problems in our important relationships. This covers all sorts of relationships from personal to our political leaders to countries around the globe.

Juno attracts real and equal partners into our lives and you might want to take note of her placement in your chart. She is about acceptance of what others believe. There is no need for argument or debate of an issue of difference. She is very accepting of you beliefs. She is secure in herself yet humble.

Juno stationed in Scorpio on March 2 of this year. Going back into this sign can lead us to closely examine how we use power in our closest relationships. She has no time for dawdling about and any relationship that drags or wears on her good nature becomes a thorn in her side pretty fast. Her great love can turn to great dislike in such cases. This retrograde period can be the tie that binds as long as we are completely and brutally honest about our selves. Juno is going to be asking us to take a good long look at our emotional baggage.

With five retrograde celestial bodies you might wonder if you should even get out of bed for the next few weeks. Actually this is a great time to do some things. Jupiter is not there to support you so flex those independent muscles and explore things alone. Take your self on a short trip someplace. Find the strength that lives inside.

Retrograde Saturn can stall that search for independence somewhat. It can make us feel psycho or cause us to doubt ourselves. To combat this, just be. Be in the moment. Breathe deep and relax. Meditate. Do some gardening, drawing or something that takes your mind off of thinking too much.

Balance the Mars retrograde energy with a good long walk, an extra trip to the gym, or anything that gets you moving. Your body and your mind will be grateful.

Pluto retrograde is wants us to love ourselves. Lots of folks take 116_10_mo__Makayla___85_26selfies. Many don’t. If you are like me and one who doesn’t, now it a good time to indulge. Look in the mirror and fall in love with what you see. This is so hard for some of us and not so hard for others. For those that find this difficult, I challenge you to do this once a day, every day for the next three weeks. I will if you will.

And lastly, Mercury retrograde is about communication. Communicate with yourself. Revise your 5 year plan or make one. Journal daily. Make a list of things you want to accomplish this year. Journal. And did I mention journaling? One last thing…..try not to be so attached to you phone. Focus on you for the next few weeks but be careful not to be narcissistic about it. Be reflective. We all have things about our selves we would like to change. Many of them are inner things and have to do with the way we show up in the world. Right now we have five cosmic rocks that are doing what they can to support our personal evolution. Just do it!

Now I have an announcement! In the near future I have a guest blogger. Her name is Carmen Eckard and she is very much into asteroids. I am not sure when she will have her first contribution ready but I hope you will join me in welcoming her when she does. I am very excited! ! !

Astrology for April 17-23, 2016


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This week is a big one in the cosmos. We have several big shifts to look forward to.  Plus, a Full Moon to look forward too.

Mars goes retrograde today, Sunday April 17, 2016, for little over 10 weeks and Mercury will follow him in 12 days. Mars retrograde is similar to Mercury retrograde in they both deal with the prefix “re” meaning “again” or “again and again”. We are entering a phase of redoing or doing things over again and when Mercury goes retrograde that energy will really be strong. Recreating, revisiting, remembering, reinventing, all words “re”. Relax and let go. It’s all good.

Mars is the planet of forward action. Going retrograde means we will be going backwards. I won’t be surprised by anything I see or read in the news in the next few months or for the rest of the year for that matter.

I wonder if this redo energy will help us repeal North Carolina’s HB2 bill or cause even more backward movement when it comes to discrimination and human rights? In the past couple of years there seems more darkness has risen to the top like the cream on my milk? I wonder if this retrograde period will bring even more darkness to the top? What ever happens, I know that it is all in perfect order and necessary for the evolution of mankind.

Mars will turn direct in late June but not clear his shadow until August 22. On August 24 he will meet up with Saturn in Sagittarius. This will begin cycle of forward movement and structure or rebuilding. It will be interesting to see what will be rebuilt during this time. I guess this could depend on what gets torn down before hand?

Monday Pluto turns retrograde for five months. Pluto is lord of the underworld, of things hidden and rules all those dirty little things we don’t like to talk about. This includes what ever usually flies under the radar like secret organizations. It also includes things like your local waste management system and power companies.

On the personal level, this means all those parts of us we don’t want to face. All those personal and family secrets could come out in the near future. Makes me wonder is we aren’t in for some interesting revelations concerning our political candidates and others. Time will tell, but I can almost guarantee that some secrets are about to come to light. Some of them are likely to not be welcome knowledge and sure to change our collective lives.

I don’t know it you noticed that there were several earthquakes this past week. Pluto affects the earth when he stations to change direction. This can cause not only earthquakes but volcanoes. Weather is more of a Uranus sort of thing but can tie in. Uranus and Pluto will surely be picking up their their square dance partnership at least this one last time before completely separating in 2018.

Tuesday, the Sun leaves Aries and enters earthy Taurus. We hopefully be feeling more grounded and creative under the influence of Taurus. Taurus is the fixed sign of spring and the time when our seed germinate and plants sprout new roots. We too tend to become more rooted in our homes where we feel the most secure. Taurus is another sign, like Scorpio and Aquarius that is loyal as can be but can also be stubborn as heck and can be possessive. As long as you treat them with respect, and are open and honest with them you are usually fine.

Venus is about half way through her transit of Aries. She is not at her best in this sign. This week in fact you may notice her being more moody than usual. Just a heads up there to all the folks that might have a woman in their lives with Venus strong in their chart or whose Venus is being triggered by this transit.

Thursday brings the Full Moon. I have heard the moon will be green but my research says this is not true. Each Moon does have a particular name and this one called the “Grass Moon”. This is because the grass is growing tall and getting green after the dead of winter.Virgo-Full-Moon

Any Full Moon is about balancing. This time it is balancing what is mine and what is yours. The Taurus Sun is concerned with security, material goods and possessions, and personal values. I don’t want to make Taurus sound like a snob because they aren’t. They like simple things, are earthy and like to feel secure and comfortable. Who doesn’t?

The Scorpio Moon wants us to look at the hidden things, complex things, and the story around the mystery. On a personal level, this can become uncomfortable. Seldom do we want to actually take a deep look inside. We usually need a great deal of stimulus to do this. Seldom do we really go deep because this most often takes outside help. Few of us seek it. Ego gets in the way and we think all we have to do is withdrawn and work things out.

Last week I wrote a blog on one of my other pages about this. My best friend since 1967 died on Monday. As memories came flooding in, I also thought a lot about how he avoided going deep to work things out in his life. One of our friends said he didn’t want to hear the truth, and that was true.  Instead he shut himself off from me, other friends,  and even his family in recent years. It is so difficult for some of us to face ourselves. But this is exaclty what the Scorpio Moon is asking us to do.  If you would like to read the post on my other page, you can read it here:

I hope you find some value in it.

The opposition of the Taurus Sun and the Scorpio Full Moon is asking us to find balance between our need for security and our need to change. I know change seems to be a topic in almost every post but our world is about change. Still we resist it so. This does little but cause more problems across the board. For some reason we think we are supposed to be in control. While we can control some things in our lives, there are precious things in the grand scheme. If we could just grasp this concept with our heart and soul and the fact that we are connected to everything and not alone or apart, we might live more happy, healthy, fruitful lives.

The end of the week brings the perfection of a Venus/Uranus conjunction. You might get some surprises from this combination. Both of these planets sizzle and can be explosive. You will need to remember that Uranus is quick to change his mind and therefore unpredictable. Take care of your heart and don’t get too absorbed in any new relationship that might cross your path. You will also do well to keep an close eye on your spending. These two planets together can get us into financial trouble faster than you can say Zippidy-do-da!

That is about all I have for you this week. I was hoping for a slow week after last week but I will adapt to this one and make the most of it I can. My yard needs my attention and there is plenty to keep me busy for a long while. Unfortunately my body is no longer able to work as hard as it once was. Now that the pollen is gone, I can get out there, do the work, and enjoy the sunshine.

Have a GREAT week! !



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This week I have been most grateful to have a great workplace to go to and get away from everyday life for a bit. My focus, when I was not at work, has been around a dear and nearly life long friend who is now in hospice care in an east coast hospital. I always enjoy my workplace, or my happy place as I call it, but this week it provided me with more of a respite that usual. Thank you!

While I am deeply saddened by the condition of my friend’s health, this has been a stimulus for some deep, personal reflection and I don’t think that is ever a bad thing.

Mars takes center stage this week. This is sure to be an action filled week. I hope all the action is positive for you. 

Tuesday Mars connects with Venus in a sassy, fiery hot trine. Anything on your agenda that might involve love or money are likely to sizzle with creative energy and fun. Get out there and enjoy this spark wile you can. This fiery energy won’t last long. Mars will be turning retrograde on the 17th of April. I am working on a piece that addresses this Mars retrograde and hope to publish it later this week.

The Sun has another week and a half in Aries. The New Moon of April 7th was in Aries so now we are fully into Cosmic Spring or the beginning of the celestial year. Between now and the next Full Moon is a good time to plant. I hope the we have just seen the last of this spring’s frost but it can frost into May sometimes. With the crazy weather patterns that we have been experiencing, I would not be surprised by anything.

Joining The Sun in Aries are Uranus and Venus. Uranus is about change. When he is in Aries, change can come fast. Uranus also rules weather so this can explain some of the crazy weather events we have witnessed since he entered Aries back in May of 2010 including earthquakes and volcanoes.

We are now about two-thirds the way through this transit which will end in March or 2019. I believe this transit is one of major aspects that is assisting our transition to the next dimension. No matter what you personally believe, Uranus in Aries is a big player in the world today.

Jupiter is still in opposition to Neptune. This aspect has been with us more or less since September 2015. The last time we had this influence in the sky was in 1849. This was close to the peak time of the gold rush. Hopefully this current transit will bestow some gold nuggets on us this time around too. There are indeed current events that we could probably connect to this energy.

Neptune is about faith, big faith and spirituality, especially when he is in his home sign of Pisces. This placement also brings us compassion, love, empathy for others, and good values. Jupiter is a co-ruler of Pisces and currently transiting Virgo. Jupiter loves to do things big. He expands almost everything in his path in some way.

When in Virgo, Jupiter is more organized and duty bound. Neither aspect is particularly a strong suit in my opinion. But many might disagree. This can create some imbalance in our lives such as increased substance abuse, not following the laws of ethics, and social issues move to the front row for inspection while at the same time being caught up in the distortion that only Pisces can bring. These sorts of things have certainly been in the national and local news lately. It is of critical importance that we stick to the truth but of course what is true for me is not at all true for others.

Jupiter is square both Mars and Saturn this week. When square Mars, we often feel rather confident and successful. This confidence could get out of hand and cause problems if we are not cautious. The old adage of “ all things in moderation” could be this week’s motto.

This is a motto I am personally taking more seriously. I am gluten sensitive or even allergic and have been as close to 99% gluten-free for at least the last 16 months. Even before that I had been on a highly reduced , maybe 90-95 % gluten diet for nearly six years. A little over two weeks ago I gave into the craving for apple fritters. That lead to a breakfast biscuit the next morning and a slice of Tres Leches cake later that day. The next morning, I woke up and turned over in bed to discover that the act of turning over caused me to be out of breath. That dive I took into the deep end of the gluten pool caused fluid to build up around my heart. I am admittedly not in great shape anymore but to that date have had no previous heart issues. You can bet that wheat of any sort is now something I will avoid 100%. Wheat also causes me to cough a great deal too.

This sort of ties in to Jupiter square Saturn. This aspect can bring some conflict between our need to grow and expand and our desire for structure and following rules. Our awareness of areas where opportunity lies is high. At the same time things often show up to make us aware, sometimes painfully so, that there is only so much we can do within our limitations.

Pluto will be square the Sun, Moon and of course is still in orb of square with Uranus. This energy can stimulate us to go deep into our deepest, darkest places and examine what is hiding there. This is where we find things that need to come to light so we can grow and evolve. This is sort of thing I believe we are here for anyway.

I gratefully embrace the things that have surfaced in my life recently. I have no idea where they will lead me or how they will affect me in the future. I am staying positive and believe all these events will lead to more of my personal evolution and growth.  

Once more, I wish to thank all my followers and readers. You keep me motivated to continue learning astrology and writing about it.

Wishing you a wonderful week as always.



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