Special edition: Saturn in Capricorn Dec 2017-March 2020


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This post has a lot of information in it. I have done my best not to get too deep with but I won’t guarantee that you won’t shake your head a few time trying to understand it all. Take your time and maybe even take notes, or just toss it to the curb.


When Saturn entered Capricorn on Dec. 20-21, 2017, the Sun was only minutes behind him. We call this closeness a conjunction. This conjunction added Saturn’s power and characteristics to the Winter Solstice.

Capricorn is an earth sign. Earth signs are pleasant, welcoming, co-operative, and generous.  Saturn is the ruling planet of Capricorn. In ancient time he was also listed as ruler of Aquarius. Then Uranus was discovered and he was designated ruler of Aquarius. As an Aquarian myself, I notice the influence of both planets on me. However, I find Uranus more to my personal liking than Saturn. I’ve always had a fear or authority. It is so much bigger than me. A trip to the government offices downtown, use to make my knees buckle. I’m glad this fright has lessened with time and age.

Saturn represents the Father, the founder of civilizations, and social order. The planet’s rings represent human limitations, restrictions, and boundaries.  I often refer to him as “the head of the Dept. of rules and Regulations”.  He is known to block our actions or progress at times. Like most parents, he does not want us to act out or be irresponsible.

Saturn is associated with achievement, concentration, precision, career, stability, dedication, lessons learned, productivity, limits, control, virtue, traditions, structures, and all forms of authority. He is also concerned with ethics and shows us what we fear so we will know what we need the most. Saturn can be sad, morose, and emotionally cold. He is known as the great malefic and bringer of bad luck, and karma. Through Saturn, we reap what we sow.

Like all signs and planets, Saturn rules parts of the body such as the right ear, spleen, bladder, phlegm, and bones (structure).  Saturn also rules the tenth house of social status. Naturally, this is the house of career and how we are seen, how we see the world around us, and how we operate in society. Saturn can give us a cover or mask and suppress our identity so we look good to the world, or is this just an illusion? Saturday and Kronos, the lord of time are named for Saturn.

Capricorn shares all these qualities with Saturn and brings his own characteristics to the table. Capricorn’s best qualities are practicality, ambition, wisdom, discipline, patience, and a certain amount of caution. There can sometimes be too much caution as his negative characteristics of pessimism, stubbornness, and self-centeredness take over. Capricorn can also be moody, somewhat shy, stubborn, and detached. All these are the characteristics we will be dealing with in the next 2.5 years. It is sure to be wild ride especially as Saturn nears the end of his Capricorn transit in 2020.

Saturn is not the only planet traveling through Capricorn. Pluto has been transiting this sign since late 2008 and will remain there until 2023. In December of 2019, these two planets will welcome Jupiter’s entrance to the sign. About mid-February these three will conjunct for close to a month. The conjunction of these three planets has not happened in millennium.

To better illustrate the importance of this I need to point out that all planets take different amounts of time to orbit the Sun. For example, the Earth takes one year or 365 days. Mercury takes 88 days, Venus takes 225 days, and Mars takes 687. The outer planets all take varying lengths of time too.

Pluto’s orbit is the longest at 250 yrs. This means Pluto has been transiting Capricorn ever since this country was founded.  And he won’t change signs again until March of 2023. This is when Pluto finally moves into Aquarius. Many astrologers say this will put us fully into the “age of Aquarius” and we begin a new cycle of 250 years.

As the planets move through their orbits, they form the various aspects or angles to each other that astrologers love to report on. Each aspect holds its own energy which in turn influences the energy of the planets that form the aspect. If you think this is mind boggling…..wait for it. I’m leading up to something really mind-blowing. But first I need to bring Jupiter into the discussion more.

Last fall, we dealt with a lot of Scorpio energy. We are still experiencing Jupiter’s transit through Scorpio. For good or bad, Jupiter knows no restraint or moderation. He is the planet of expansion and loves to give us more of everything, good, bad, or indifferent. He is often called “the great benefic”.

Jupiter’s transit through Scorpio represents intense desire and going deep into the psyche to heal and discover what really matters to us. For the duration of this transit, or until November 8, 2018, we will need to be mindful of what is “too much” of something. Sometimes “too much” can be a bad thing. Be careful what you ask for, as they say.

After Jupiter leaves Scorpio, he will transit his home sign of Sagittarius for a couple of years. After that, he moves into Capricorn where he joins and conjuncts Pluto and Saturn until Saturn moves into Aquarius on March 23, 2020. For about four months we will have a powerhouse of energy in Capricorn. The first two weeks of January 2020 will bring us a stellium in Capricorn of five planets. Just add in the Sun and Mercury to the mix of Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter. Now, this is a whole lot of Capricorn energy!

Perhaps the good news here is that this is also when Saturn is getting close to leaving Capricorn. But before he moves on, there will be an amazing conjunction of Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter.

The conjunction will begin about mid-February and continue to until Saturn changes signs. This particular powerhouse has not been seen in 2200 years. That’s right! It has been two thousand, two hundred years since all three of these planets have been conjunct in Capricorn! This is monumental!

This is conjunction is HUGE! It represents a big ending, a big break up or falling apart. This will be a VERY transformative conjunction.

Saturn and Pluto meet up far more frequently than every 2200 years. Their cycle is actually between 33 and 38 years. But to be conjunct and with Jupiter in the mix, well, that is the rare part. As I continue with this, I am going to focus more on Saturn and Pluto because they actually begin their conjunction on January 12, 2020.  Plus, we already know that Jupiter is going to expand whatever they do and he doesn’t join the mix for over a month.

The Saturn-Pluto conjunction will affect the entire globe. It represents a huge shift in power worldwide. There is no telling if this will power will operate in behind the scenes or out in plain sight. From a spiritual standpoint, this the premier test of ethics and morality for those that hold the power.

When going back to view past Saturn-Pluto conjunctions we will find that one occurred in October or 1914. This was the beginning of WW I. Another one occurred in 1947. This one dealt with the division of Pakistan and India, Israel’s independence, followed by Ireland’s in 1948. The 1982 conjunction brought on worldwide economic collapse and led to the downfall of the Soviet bloc. Shortly following, in 1983, the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii erupted.

The conjunction in 2020 is thought to have an extremely strong influence on the world. This is not limited to political or geopolitical influences but this is also likely to influence natural disasters. I would expect to see earthquakes and volcanoes. Who knows how this could affect the summer’s hurricanes?

However, long before this, I feel like we will be seeing more earth related natural disasters like quakes and volcanoes. This coming May 15, 2018, Uranus will enter the sign of Taurus. This is an earth sign. Uranus is unpredictable. He rules weather, surprise, the unexpected, sudden change, and electricity. You can see how this could lead to all sorts of interesting natural or earth related events.

Uranus’s rule is not all gloom and doom. He also rules creativity, inventions, and is resourceful, innovative, inspired, visionary, and is known as the “Great Awakener”. He controls humanitarian efforts while doing so with truth and intuition. He is considered the higher octave of Mercury and also rules astrology. I hope this gives you some insight into what earth related events we might begin to see later this year and beyond as Uranus will transit Taurus until July 2025.

I hope to have more on this and how individuals could be affected in the coming weeks. This is a big topic for me to research and I am not sure how far down this rabbit hole I am willing to go. Wish me luck and stay tuned.

I would love to read your comments and get some feedback.






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Happy New Year!

This is the last day of 2017 and I am grateful for all the lessons it brought me. I am also grateful for the stability and support my workplace and friends provided me as the year progressed. You are the best of the best.

This coming year will bring more challenges as well some great opportunities. From the viewpoint of numerology, this year will be a “2” year. Look for connections in your life. The connections will be to all aspects, past, present, and future. Things won’t go fast however so be prepared to allow things to take their own time to unfold. Slow down, pay attention, relax and enjoy the ride. It will become important that we are able to see the larger picture and if we push or rush through things, this won’t happen.

The number two is a peaceful one. It also deals with partners of all kinds. If there are stressful relationships in your life, this could be the year to set them aside for a while or even a few. Take your time. This year has a slowness to it and it will be in your best interest not be hasty and try to rush things.

Last year was a “one” year of new beginnings. I have been saying for months that 2017 was just a preview of what was to come and that 2018-2020 would be the most interesting of times. However, I was saying this based on a hunch or intuition and what I was hearing other astrologers and seers say. Now that Saturn has moved into Capricorn until March of 2020, and I am beginning to study this transit, I am understanding more. In the coming days and weeks, I will be posting more on this topic. Right now, I want to get to the forecast for this week and enjoy the rest of my New Year’s Eve.

The New Year begins with a Full Moon in Cancer. This naturally opposes the Sun in Capricorn and is an expression of the balance between home and private life (Cancer) and our public life, career, and responsibility. What a way to start the new year and this “2” year! No doubt the light of the Moon will shine on the areas of our life that we may have been disregarding.

We have about three more weeks of the Sun in Capricorn. This transit is all about response, ambition, achievement, order, structure, and getting real results we can touch and see. With Saturn also transiting Capricorn, all this energy is magnified because Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. So is Aquarius but I will save that discussion for a later time.

Mercury will be leaving Sagittarius on January 11th. After that, we will have a stellium of five planets in Capricorn. That is a LOT of Capricorn energy to deal with. This won’t last long

Venus joined Saturn and the Sun in Capricorn on Christmas day. This transit will last until January17th. All of the usual Venus characteristics take on a more serious tone in Capricorn.This transit means that we are probably feeling more serious about our money and our business relationships that we usually do. We might also feel less like flirting or being the usual Venus social butterflies.

Mars is in Scorpio until January 26. If you are a fan of the TV show Lucifer, this transit reminds me of when Lucifer looks people in the eye and asks “What do you truly want?”. Desire and getting what we want is the theme of this transit. The shadow side of this transit is we could be drawn to a crisis. A crisis is so Scorpio. It is also transformational and excited us emotionally. It asks us to feel deeply and extremely. There is nothing resembling average or mediocre here. Its all about going big.

In aspects this week, Uranus goes direct on Tuesday. I hope you have procrastinated with beginning that new diet or whatever until at least now. Otherwise, you might need to begin again after the 3rd.

Wednesday Venus is sextile Neptune. This will enhance our creativity and allow beauty, art and romantic energy to rule this day. This aspect eases some of the stiff Venus/Capricorn energy and lends itself to being much more romantic and social.

Friday Mars is semi-square Saturn. This is problem-solving energy. We could also run into a wall of resistance too. Be patient. It might seem like we need to exert more effort to get things done but things will ease up soon.

Saturday there are three aspects to take a look at. First up is Mercury trine Uranus. If you have meetings planned for this day that is a good thing. This is also a good day for anything dealing with technology, science, or metaphysics. For those that are intuitive, this could be a great day for insight and information from beyond.

Mars will be conjunct Jupiter on Saturday. Jupiter is the great benefic and loves to bring us more of whatever we have going on, be it good, bad, or indifferent. Jupiter expands things. With Mars involved this is most likely going to deal with our energy to do things. This could make us feel strong and ready for adventure.

A little friendly competition can be just what we need as long as we don’t overdo things.

Lastly, Saturday brings Chiron square Mercury. Communications might be tense. Be extra cautious when it comes to the tongue. Most of us are not interested in saying hurtful things but that can happen with this aspect. There could be a few breakdowns in communications that cause problems. Self-doubt might show up too. Take a deep breath and relax. This will pass soon.

For all of you who are going out to celebrate tonight, please be safe. It is colder than cold outside. Dress as warmly as you can and don’t drink and drive.

Remember to be kind to all you meet and smile to everyone.

Wishing you peace, laughter, love, and enough of what you need in 2018.

Astrology for December 24-30, 2017


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Whatever you celebrate or don’t celebrate, Happy and Merry Everything! (Sorry if this generic greeting offends anyone but this is an equal opportunity blog.)

We have survived another year and another Mercury retrograde. Santa Claus has his sleigh loaded and is on his way now with toys for kids all over the globe. This is a happy and sad time of the year and this is also the last week of the year.

What a year it has been. I won’t be reminiscing about 2017 now because it is Christmas Eve and everyone is busy. Instead, I am going straight to the aspects of the week, right after I tell you about the big Capricorn energy we got hit with last week.

The Sun went into Capricorn on the Winter Solstice, Thursday, December 21, 2017, Saturn was also at zero degrees Capricorn after having entered this sign only hours earlier. It is important to note that Saturn is now transiting a sign he rules and will stay there for the next 2 ½ years. This makes this week the best time to make your resolutions for the coming year. But don’t stop with thinking only about of this year. Expand that out to the next three years and take advantage of this entire Saturn transit through Capricorn.

When thinking of these cosmic entities, think of the earth, time, karma, maturity through time, the office, business, career or job, obligations, duties, responsibility, the pressure of the future. Saturn in Capricorn is also about the suppression of needs, fears, emotions. If we don’t suppress these things they could get in the way of our work and make us look bad or weak. Saturn cannot appear weak, no how, no way. He is simply too ambitious for that. Saturn loves a mask or a persona that makes him good. This is the sort of energy we will be dealing with during this 2 1/2 year transit.

Monday brings us a Venus- Saturn conjunction as Venus moves into Capricorn. This is bah-humbug energy for sure. This energy will do all the reminiscing for us while at the same time showing us our present in living color. This will also outline our future obligations and duties.

Venus will semi-square Jupiter Monday. Look for those with Venus strong in their charts to go the extra mile to be noticed. Take care not to promise more than you can actually do and avoid overspending while doing that day-after Christmas shopping.

Now jump to Thursday when Mars will trine Neptune. This will cause us to use our intuition more. The best part of this transiting aspect it’s strong creative energy. We might also notice that we feel more relaxed and less driven by the Saturn energy. I’lll take this breather for sure and be as inspired as I can be. This is great energy for the arts and entertainment.

There is a lot more I want to say about Saturn’s transit of Capricorn. This transit is going to bring us some significant change over time, especially in combination with some of the other planets in aspect. There is a lot of time to get into this later so I will leave you with this short post for now and encourage you to enjoy your holiday as best you can.

I don’t make resolutions but I do make plans and set intentions. Remember the energy this week is great for such things so get ahead of the game and get your plans and intentions on paper. I’ll be back next week with more on the Saturn transit of Capricorn and how it could influence us in the coming years.

Remember to be kind to everyone you meet and smile to everyone too. Smiles cost nothing, yet mean so much to the ones who receive them.

Astrology for December 17-24, 2017


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Happy Holidays!

Don’t we live in interesting times?

Last Friday I actually heard a newsman tell his viewers to turn off their TV’s for the weekend and get away from the news until Monday. Of course, he instantly qualified that with the exception of his network before he continued to urge his viewers to go have some fun over the weekend. This is advice well taken from my perspective.

Certainly, not all of us are blessed with financial resources to take trips or do fun things some people do. Some of us find scraping together enough money for a movie to be challenging. If this is the case, it is time to get creative. Take a walk and collect found objects for an art project or collage. Doodle with a pen, pencil, crayon, or even a stick in the dirt. Move things around in your house. Read a book. There are lots of things everyone can do to have fun in new ways and stay away from the news and be present for a couple of days.

This past Friday I had some fun at my employer’s book signing event. While there I met for the first time, a Facebook friend and reader of this blog named Joni. That was fun!

I am also learning new ways to deal with my severe gluten intolerance. After a lifetime of cooking and eating anything I wanted, learning about and cooking gluten-free is quite the adventure. It is also relaxing and fun.

Speaking of fun, I can’t say this Mercury Retrograde has been a ton of fun but sure has been interesting. It is almost over too. This coming Friday Mercury turns direct. Don’t get too excited however because we have a week’s worth of Mercury in his storm period after that. By New Year’s he will be back to full speed ahead and all those communication glitches should ease up a great deal.

Overall, this week is full of cosmic events. We have a five planets stellium in Sagittarius. This greatly magnifies the Sagittarius energy. There is a New Moon in Sagittarius on Monday. This will place our focus on optimism,  enthusiasm, speaking out, and honesty. We will do our best to include these things in our lives for the next few weeks. Sagittarius likes to think big and this can cause some of us to attempt to do more than we are really able to do. This New Moon will help us be more realistic. This is a good thing because who wants extra stress this time of year?  

The Sun, Moon, and Saturn all enter Capricorn this week. Capricorn. This is an intense energy shift. We are trading the fiery, possibility, and fun nature, of Sagittarius for the grounded, responsible energy of Capricorn. Am I the only one feeling how heavy this feels? Almost feels like I have hit a wall or something.

Some of us could feel some depression as we are forced into this more serious, practical, and hardworking energy of Capricorn. This is the home sign of Saturn so he will be at his best performance during this transit which lasts until March of 2020. You can bet I will be discussing this more as time goes on. For now, I will just say that this is a likely reason for ending net neutrality and we will likely see an increase in martial law and homeland security will be a hot topic.

This is big energy and the last time Saturn was in Capricorn was 1988. Think back on what that period was like for you. There might be similarities this time. As a point of interest, this is will be the first Saturn return on the millennial generation.

Thursday the Sun moves into Capricorn. By Christmas day we will have traded our stellium in Sagittarius for one in Capricorn. But let us not get too far ahead now.

The Sun in Capricorn is full of respect for law, and order. It also takes a great deal of satisfaction in results it can touch and feel. Sun in Capricorn enjoys working with and creating a tight ship and good boundaries. This energy enjoys tradition and the wisdom of our elders.

Thursday is also the Winter Solstice. This is the shortest day of the year. It is most often celebrated with lighting extra candles and bonfires. After this day, the length of daylight each day will increase by about two minutes per day.

Saturday is Christmas Eve and the day that Venus will join Pluto, the Sun, and Saturn in Capricorn. This is not a favorite transit for Venus. It could, however, serve to remind us that life is not just a big holiday party. We also have obligations and responsibilities to others. This includes us but most of all, our families both genetic and chosen, and those less fortunate. I choose to view this as our responsibilities to that family of man as a whole.

All this movement into Capricorn is going to create what I predict will be a noticeable change in energy for even those that might swear they never feel an energetic shift. With is all happening right at the end of this year, the New Year should take a different turn pretty fast. I’ve been telling people for a while that this past year was just the tip of the iceberg compared to what we will see in 2018 and 2019. By the end of 2020, we should begin to see things begin to settle down and even out some. Fasten your seatbelts.

There are no other major aspects this week that I want to talk about. All the movement into Capricorn is enough for us to wrap our heads around right now. Going back to the beginning of this post, try to find some fun things to do. Don’t worry about things you have no control over. Try to spend more face time with people and less digital time. Texting has its advantages but it is no substitute for a voice chat. Call your friends more and text less.

We all know how stressful the holiday season can be. For some, there seems to be more to get done than we can manage. For others, this is a very depressing time of year. The homeless, hungry, and those without families perhaps suffer the most. For many months now, I have ended my posts encouraging you to be kind to all you meet and to smile. This is even more important this time of year.

Dig deep into your pockets and give to those in need.

Several years ago some folks in my town began a beautiful tradition that helps feed the hungry in this area. I leave you now with links to a couple of videos about it. 



One last thing….I want to wish a very happy birthday to my nearly lifelong friend Jack, whose birthday is today. I also want to wish my mother a happy 88th birthday this coming Wednesday. I love you both dearly! 

Astrology for December 10-16, 2017


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photo courtesy of Billy Ingram

Were you surprised by the first snow of the season? I was. More snow fell than I expected but I am glad the ground was still too warm for it to accumulate much in my area. I had things I wanted to do and one of them was taking a dear friend to the airport so he could get back to his home in London. This travel time gave us two hours of positive one on one time together and was the first one on one face time we have had in a little over nine years. It was marvelous! 

This morning as I think back on yesterday, I am wondering if or how Mercury’s retrograde affected my communications yesterday. I do not feel as if my communications were negatively affected or that anything anyone said was misunderstood. Mercury is transiting Sagittarius and this placement helps us see the big picture and expands our worldview. It also brings out the philosopher in us.

We have two more weeks of Mercury retrograde, three if you count the storm period at the end of the retrograde. The storm period is the short time before and after a retrograde when the planet, is moving slower than full speed. Astrologers consider this period to have the same effects as the actual retrograde although without being quite as intense. Mercury will be forward moving or direct, on December 22, just in time for Christmas.

Looking ahead at the energy for this week, today Mercury is aspecting both Uranus and Chiron. He is trine or 130 degrees from Uranus. Trines are considered easy, positive angles. This particular one might bring us some intuitive insights that can help us navigate any physiological shadow work we have to do. 

Mercury’s square aspect with Chiron which is considered a difficult aspect. However, I find that when Chiron is in square or difficult aspect it can be a good thing. Perhaps this is because Chiron is the healer. In this case, Chiron can provide us with wisdom and insight as we heal.

No big event on Monday but Tuesday we have Mercury conjunct the Sun. This transit will bring our communications into focus and open them up for better or for worse. This could cause some sharpness of tongue so think before you speak or risk hurting someone feelings. This is a good aspect for solving problems. Tuesday is also the first day of Hanukkah. Happy Hanukkah to all that celebrate! 

Thursday Mercury semi-squares Mars. This is fast, witty energy. It can bring cause some stress in the workplace or an otherwise agitated atmosphere as folks attempt to get things done as quickly as possible in preparation for the holidays. We all need to be aware of how snarky or irritable we are. Try not to interrupt others and be more present in our conversations. Listening to what others have to say will lessen the conflicts.

Friday Mercury is conjunct Venus. This will help us somewhat to lighten our communications and conversations. This is a positive social aspect full of humor and good cheer. We could find it easy to tell our friends and family just how we feel. I love the honesty of this aspect.

The shadow side is that we might not be as controlled in our thinking as might like to be. Conversations will more about fun things than work subjects. I say why not? This is the season for fun is it not? But please get your work done too or it could come back to haunt you at some point.

Friday also brings the Sun square to Chiron. Under this influence our need to learn and progress through experiences and those around us is strong. The only thing that can hold us back is our fear of not fitting in and our lack of confidence. Isn’t that usually what holds us back?

Don’t allow this to carry over to your decision making and lead you to follow others because you think you need to please them. Be your own authentic self, Step out and step up for what you need and want for yourself.

Saturday, the Sun trines Uranus. Uranus is always so unique. I just love the energy of this planet. This trine can bring some original, unique changes and plans to our lives. One other thing I love about Uranus is that he asks us to be flexible. If we aren’t he can cause us to break under pressure of his sometimes unpleasant changes.

Watch for unusual opportunities. There could be new things to discover or new ways of doing things that suddenly pop up. Allow these to unfold and show you what they might be able to do for you. Sometimes the best rewards come from the most unusual places, experiences, and people.

That about covers this week’s energy highlights. As always, I wish you all the best this week. The Old Farmer’s Almanac and the local weatherman say this will be a very cold week. It is expected to warm up just before Christmas however. Think of the folks that are experiencing homelessness or might not have enough money for food or to keep the heat on in their houses. Be kind and give as much as you can to help them out. Anyone of us could in that position in a heartbeat.

As always. . . remember to smile and be kind to one another. 

Astrology for December 3-9, 2017


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Happy Full Moon weekend and the last Mercury retrograde of 2017! Mercury retrograde is often difficult for many of us but when you combine that with tensions the holiday season can bring, I want to hide until it is all over.

Mercury officially turned retrograde yesterday, December 2, 2017, at 11:34 pm EST. For the west coast, that time was 2:24 am this morning, December 3, 2017. Mercury rules communication of all kinds, including news, and travel.

A dear friend has written a new book.  She planned a release party for yesterday and hired a bus to carry a good-sized group of us to a winery some distance away to celebrate. When we all arrived at the pick-up point,  we learned there was a communications problem and the bus was not showing up. 

What actually happened was a different client canceled their plans and the bus driver confused that client with us. This my friends is classic mercury retrograde energy so I was not surprised at all. The good news is that several of us decided to drive ourselves and we went on to have a wonderful afternoon.

Wow! This retrograde has barely begun and is already hitting on all cylinders. Que up the famous TV sales guy, Billy Mays, who used to say, “ But wait! There is MORE!”.

This retrograde is additionally energized by the coinciding Full Moon. The Moon always shines the light on things. In this case, it is Mercury’s station and subsequent retrograde. Drum roll please. 

Additionally, there is a seldom discussed aspect known as “out of bounds” taking place right now too. The definition of which I have posted here from the web site:


A planet is considered out-of-bounds when its declination is beyond the outer bounds or limits of that of the Sun, i.e. greater than 23 degrees and 27 minutes of declination, either North or South. The energies of these planets tend to be a little out of control, stretched, or over the top during these periods.

Mercury is currently out-of-bounds. Being out-of-bounds increases the crazy factor. Out of bounds essentially means “out of control”. Also keep in mind that Mercury is the honest, truthful sign of Sagittarius. They very last degree of Sagittarius in fact. This last degree is also the strongest degree. To more fuel to this retrograde fire, Mercury is conjunct with Saturn, the head of the Dept of Rules and regulations.

This aspect perfects on Wednesday so this energy will permeate our entire week. Our ability to focus should be quite good this week but many of us could find ourselves seeking solitude in order to get our work done. This could also bring us the beginnings of a new project that involves some form of communication. Business travel is also likely. As long as we get results we can use, most of us won’t mind some travel or hard work.

Think about this for a minute as you also think back on the news events at the end of last week. Keep these things in mind as this week unfolds but don’t get too stressed by it all. The damage stress can cause is not worth staying tuned in to what is going on the world stage. At least it isn’t for me.

Wednesday brings us two more aspects. First one is Mercury in sextile aspect to Mars. This is energy could get our minds thinking about new projects and cause some sleeplessness. Decisions can be made in flash.

The second aspect for Wednesday is Mars sextile Saturn. This energy is direct, purposeful, has a sense of responsibility. Traditional methods seem to work best now. Organization feels good to us. Being careful and using good judgment can bring its own reward.

Thursday Mercury semi-squares Jupiter. This aspect can be a difficult, especially if any either planet is triggered in your natal chart. Getting too much information can be a problem and overload us, especially our nervous systems. Remember what I said about stress earlier? This energy can also cause restless minds and make those monotonous chores like folding laundry, to be extra hard to get done today.

Friday, Venus aspects Uranus. You just never know what you are going to get with Uranus. Surpises are always likley. This time it could be an attraction to unusual people and things. Or we might find there is some struggle between wanting to be close to someone and wanting our freedom. Change can be good and bring us fresh, new opportunities in both these areas.

Saturday Mars moves into Scorpio. This means we are not finished with the secrets and things long hidden from view. Mars is all about action and getting what he wants. He will no doubt dive right into the depths of our psyche and emotions. Prepare to face important issues and penetrate the layers others hide from even themselves. If there is a crisis, all the better. Mars will get really excited then. This is not an aspect for the ordinary.


Wishing everyone a fabulous week ahead. The weather man says that winter in on it way and should arrive by mid-week. Time will tell what else will happen but at least now you know of a few of the possibilities. Take time out for yourself to relax and breath. Find a reason to smile everyday and be grateful even in the face of adversity and all the other bad stuff. I want to see you hear again next week!

Remember to be kind to others in all that you do. 

Astrology for November 26-December 2, 2017.


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Hello friends! I guess you noticed I took last weekend off. I unplugged this week and am back ready to take on the last, remaining month of 2017.

I hope everyone had exactly the sort of week and holiday they hoped for. I spent a lot of time catching up on chores, connecting to the light, binge watching old and new TV shows, just for a change. I unplugged from my phone and social media and enjoyed a stay-cation. Now it is time for this week’s astro post. Let’s GO! 

The Sun moved into Sagittarius last Tuesday. The energy is definitely different. This transit takes us from feeling the need to connect in itimate and personal ways to wanting to reach out and connect with the world around us. Sagittarius is one of four mutable signs, which means it is able to adapt and change. The other mutable signs are Pisces, Gemini, and Virgo.

This Sun in Sagittarius energy is chartiable, optimistic, and confident. Our view of the world is more welcoming and broad, while our attention to detail is less focused. The shadow side of this is doing more than we are able to physically or mentally. Use caution that so that you don’t obligate yourself to more than you can do. We are now into the holiday season and we know what a demanding time this can be. Don’t be afraid to say “NO”. Do remember to be kind about it.

Mercury joins the Sun in Sagittarius. Our thoughts have moved from the deep places Scorpio took us, to a place where we want to learn more about a wider variety of subjects. Optimistic thoughts prevail and we believe in ourselves and others with persuasive fairness. Note: Mercury will go into his storm period on Tuesday. Get ready.

Mercury retorgrade begins next Saturday or Sunday depending on your location. For those in the pasific time zone, this will be at 11:34 pm on December 1, 2017. Folks on the east coast will see the retorgrade begin at 2:34 am December 2, 2017. The retrograde period ends on both coast on December 22. Be aware that he will still be moving slow and in storm until December 28th.

Expect to feel Venus’s energy shift this week. She is in the last degrees of Scorpio and by week’s end will join Mercury, Satrun, and the Sun in Sagittarius. You might expect that Venus would be rather intense in a fire sign but this transit is not as focused on the individual relationship as it is our relationship with the collective. This transit asks us to spread love and caring out to the masses, and take on a more universal approach to love and compassion. This energy is far more interested in truth and spirtiuality than personal intimacy.

Mars is in Libra. Mars is the planet of action. Libra shows us how to use our charm to get what we want. It also helps us see all sides of a situation and people without causing discomfort or being too disagreeable.

Saturn is touring Sagittarius until December 19/20, 2017. Except for a three month retrograde back into Scorpio in 2015, Saturn has been in Sagittarius since Christmas 2014. This transit is about doing what we say. Saturn is all about control. He loves to stop or at least slow us down to think things over.

In Sagittarius, Saturn’s mode of control is often manifest in the information he shares. It is important that we try to avoid imposing our ideas on others. We can still share info while at the same time leaving lots of room for the other person to think for himself and be creative.

Once Saturn moves into Capricorn, we will notice a big shift. Capricorn is a sign that Saturn rules so he will feel right at home during this transit. It will last until March 21, 2020. More on this as we get closer this shift.

Jupiter, as you probably know, is touring Scorpio now. This sure has brought lots of stuff up from the depths. Secrets are no longer safe as more and more have come under the scrutiny of light. So much of this is quite painful to witness and experience regardless of whether we are in close proximity to it or not. It is important to keep in mind that all is exactly as it should be. Staying in observer mode can be. Do your best to allow it all to just be, without getting your knickers in a twist.

Uranus is still in Aries and Pluto is still in Capricorn. These two have given us a run for our money for the past decade when they were in square or difficult aspect to each other. Now they are moving apart and their problematic energy is losing its hold on us. Don’t get too comfortable, however. This coming year will have its own difficulties and I am planning to bring all that information to you just like I have for the past five years.

Some of the aspects we have coming to us this week include Venus in an inconjunct aspect to Uranus on Monday. This can lead to some impulsive spending. We might also ask ourselves whether we need more joy in our downtime and our relationships, or if we need to be free of such things altogether. This can cause some turbulence for some, especially if our confidence is lacking.

Tuesday Mercury conjuncts Saturn. This aspect will increase our concentration and focus while at the same time causing us to feel the need for some private time alone. This is a good aspect for business travel and important conversations.

Friday Venus enters Sagittarius. I have already discussed this above.

Mercury will oppose Uranus on Friday. This is an antsy aspect that is also full of rebellion and short attentions. Impulsiveness with no thought of effect could mean trouble for some of us. 

Changes in plans are almost a given so don’t be surprised when some of yours fall through or get rerouted. Some of us might find a streak of courage or at least way to break up a routine. Technology might not be so co-operative today. Try n to let this get to you.

As usual, this week is full of promise. It is up to you to do what will with it. I hope you are able to make the best of it and if not, at least learn from the mistakes. I wish you nothing but success!

Remember to be kind to one another.


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WOW! Winter has arrived here in central N.C.and I don’t mind one bit. I enjoy the cooler temps. But I admit to not enjoying them quite the same way I once did. Come to think of it, I don’t enjoy much of anything the way I once did. All part of getting older I suppose.

There are two cosmic events that take the spotlight this week. The first one is the Venus-Jupiter conjunction in the early morningMonday. The second one is the New Moon on Saturday, November 18, 2017. In between, there are other aspects to talk about.

The Sun is still in Scorpio which means our feelings can be intense and we feel the need to go deep to find the answers. We want to know what makes people tick or makes things the way they are. Passions are high and all that it taboo or hidden is at risk of being discovered under this influence.

Mercury in Sagittarius is taking out thoughts to learn about a wide range of subjects. They will be more optimistic and what is fair and unfair matters to us. Mercury’s powers of persuasion are powerful now too. This is going to be a long transit for Mercury due to his retrograde on December 3. Please keep in mind that we will feel the effects at least one week prior when Mercury enters his shadow.

Mars is currently touring or transiting Libra. This means we are able to turn up the charm to achieve our goals and get what we want. If you recall from when the Sun was in Libra, we tend to view things from all sides. Mars in Libra is no different. Balance is key to anything in Libra and under this influence, even Mars doesn’t want to use force or make the other guy feel bad.

Venus us transiting Scorpio. Being flirty in our relationships doesn’t cut it right now. We tend to want more of a deep connection both mentally and physically now. This is about as “anything goes” as we can get in our relationships.

Monday, The Venus-Jupiter is likely to be good news for our relationships, enhance our creativity, generosity, and bring us some great fun and social happiness. Enjoy the company of friends old and new. However, be careful not to overspend during this transit. Venus loves beautiful things and she can get carried away with spending if we are not careful.

Monday we also have Mercury and Neptune at a 90-degree square aspect to each other. This is a difficult aspect that causes the planets involved to not be very o-0perative with each other. In this case, it is our communications that are strained, thanks to the planet of communications, Mercury. Our ability to concentrate might see some ill effects of this square aspect. AS with a Mercury retrograde, this is not the best time to sign contracts. Neptune’s influence causes confusion and tends to cause us to view things from a rather vague perspective. A big day for brain fog without a doubt.

Chiron aspects Venus Tuesday. This is sure to throw out some stumbling blocks in our relationships. It might be important to put more energy into seeing what you and the other person have in common, rather than focusing on the differences.

Next up is on Thursday and another aspect with Venus. I think she is definitely the shining star this week in more ways than just her conjunction with Jupiter. This time our friend Venus is in a difficult aspect with Saturn. Saturn is the stern authority figure in our cosmos. He is often emotionally unavailable or distant. This could mean some problems in romance and money. News of break-ups and romantic disappointments will not surprise me at all today.

This is not the only aspect on Thursday that involves Venus and Neptune. The good news is, this is not a difficult aspect. This one brings positive energy to art and creativity. This will make for some easy interactions for the most part and we are prone to see the best in others. Overall this will ease up some of the more difficult aspects from earlier in the week.

Saturday is the New Moon in Scorpio. This will help bring our attention to the best parts of Scorpio. Traits like Scorpios passion and resourcefulness. Or the way Scorpio loves to figure things out by going deep to get answers. This is a good time for looking at ourselves and how we bring these qualities into our lives in positive ways. One of the best ways to use this New Moon is to examine where we are feeling out of control. This can mean examining our debt, addictions, how we can end or come to terms with our emotional wounds.

That covers the most important aspects for the coming week. One more time I want to warn you to use caution in financial matters, especially spending. However, you might want to do some planning so you can get as much shopping as you can out of the way before Mercury goes into his storm period on November 28, 2017. Tha actual retrograde I not until December 3, 2017. The 3rd is also the sate of the next Full Moon. Are you ready? This could mean

There is a little consolation in the fact that Mercury will not actually be retrograde when Christmas arrives, but it will be in its storm period from December 22-28. For those most affected by Mercury retrogrades, this could mean we need to take some extra care when we attempt to communicate with others over the holidays.

Wishing everyone a fabulous week ahead. Be safe and don’t forget to smile. It costs nothing and can make a world of difference to those who see it and feel it.


Extra: Astrology Imitates Life


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Astrology is often thought to be a predictor of things to come. Truth is, it can’t truly predict. What is can do is show us possibilities. Possibilities based on the combinations of characteristics of the planets, signs, houses, elements, modes, and their many combinations.

Last week and a few times before that, I mentioned Jupiter entering Scorpio for the next year. This move actually took place on October 11, 2017. That very same day someone near and dear to me was scheduled for some pretty serious surgery. I was curious about this and generated a chart for the scheduled time the surgery was to begin.

Before I go into what I learned from the chart, let me recap some info for you.

Jupiter is known as the “Great Benefic” because he likes to expand things or make them larger. He is an equal opportunity expander too, meaning he expands both the good and the bad. He can bring growth, good luck, and abundance, but he can just as easily bring the opposite.

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, Lord of the Underworld. Scorpio also rules the eight house of transformation and other people’s money. When you roll all these together you get the energy of the psychologist, passion, sex, death, secrets, transformation, regeneration, other people’s money (including partners of all sorts), spirituality, metaphysics, and surgeries. Yes! Surgeries!

Planets are perhaps at their strongest when they change signs. With Jupiter entering Scorpio the same day as this person’s surgery, you can see why I was curious enough to do a chart. We began seeing this shift of energy even before Jupiter changed signs. If you recall, it was a few days before the 11th that we first began hearing about the sex secrets in Hollywood. Since then we have only seen this story grow and expand to include both women and men.

The patient who was having surgery was told by the surgeon that the operation would talk about 2 ½ hours, recovery would take about the same amount of time and they should be in a room by early afternoon, and the hospital stay would be 4-5 days. There was a complication, however, and the surgery too twice and long as it was supposed to. This meant the recovery also took twice as long. It wasn’t until 12 hours after surgery began this person was finally out of recovery and settled in a room. The 4-5 day stay turned into a 13-day stay. How’s that for expanding things?

What I discovered in the chart was that Jupiter was opposed to Uranus that day. WOW! Jupiter brings growth and progress while Uranus brings surprises? What a surprise this day turned out to be for the patient and the family. This was definitely not a day to be rigid and bound by plans. It was a day to be flexible and authentic.

There was a favorable trine aspect between the Moon and Jupiter that day. I am sure that may have affected the emotions of all concerned to some extent. There was also an approaching conjunction with Mercury. This aspect barely within orb, a fancy way of saying close enough to count.

Mercury is our planet of communications and travel. With Mercury moving closer to Jupiter, communications might be expected to increase in some way. But remember the opposition to Uranus? This affected communications and motivated the family to communicate independently and even not at all.

I thought you might enjoy reading my own first-hand example of using a chart as a predictor of sorts. There are lots of astrologers who could go into far more depth than I can.  Once I generated a chart for that day, even with my less than expert knowledge, I knew the surgery might not go as expected. I am happy to report that the patient is recovering nicely. After a few weeks in rehab, it looks like next week they will get to go home.


Hoping the rest of your week is great~






Astrology for November 5-11, 2017


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The Taurus Full Moon is barely over and WOW! Was is ever gorgeous! It also brought us energy filled with love and abundance. Now, before I go any farther, I want to talk about that last word, abundance.

Recently, I was talking with a friend who is planning some online workshops and while I can’t remember her exact question, it was something like, “what are the three things everyone wants?”

Abundance” was, of course, part of the answer. I realized immediately that I was answering with the typical collective answer, not my own answer.

When you ask most people what they think abundance means their reply almost always is money or related to money. The western world tends to equate abundance with cars, big houses, fancy clothes, jewelry, ability to travel, and being able to do pretty much what they want when they want. This is not the basic meaning. It means “plenty or generosity”.

You can be homeless and have abundance. You can have a checking account that is nearly empty and have abundance. Abundance is enough, enough food to eat, clothes to keep you warm, enough spare change for a bus ticket or enough friends or the manifestation of a stranger who will buy you one. But the best abundance of all is an abundance of the heart and abundance of love.

The abundance of heart or the lack of it is easy to spot. You won’t find it in bullies or people who want more than everyone else. You won’t find it in people that want to control or take away from others, or make life hard for others in any way, shape or form. You will find it in those that give freely and often, regardless of who needs the help.

The last Full Moon ushered in this sort of energy. This energy is a good lead into the next month’s Sagittarius energy of charity and giving. More on that in the coming weeks.

The Sun is now in Scorpio, ruler of the eight house of sex, death, passion, surgery, secrets, and getting to the root of things. The sun is joined in Scorpio by Jupiter, the planet of abundance (which seems to be the word for this week’s post). Remember that Jupiter will remain in Scorpio until November 2018. This sets the tone for the next year and I feel sure you will see me refer to this more in the future.

This Tuesday, Venus will join the Scorpio party. Then we will have our egos (Sun) in Scorpio as well as our relationships and finances (Venus). Jupiter will be lending a hand in creating abundance and expanding all these energies, for better or worse. Don’t forget to be grateful for whatever shows up. It is all good.

Last week, the news has been full of chaotic events, secrets coming out, sexual misconduct galore, and lies about everything under the sun. Near the end of this post, I have a short astrology lesson that ties into the topic. The big astrology news this coming week is Saturn trine Uranus.

Saturn’s aspect to Uranus is hopefully going to give us a bit of stability to the fast change and chaos of Uranus. This also combines old and new; Saturn representing the old and Uranus representing the new. We could see common goals begin to form. This aspect perfects next Saturday or Saturn’s day, November 11, 2017. Some of us are already feeling this energy even before this perfection. However, this will dissipate fairly rapidly after the 11th.

Mercury moved into Sagittarius Sunday, November 5, 2017.This transit will take out thoughts away from needing to go deep into a topic and move into more optimistic thinking. Our faith in things could increase as we are better able to believe in good. Sagittarius brings our focus to what is just or fair, and slanted or biased. Do not expect precision with this transit.

Tuesday could be full of suspicions. Expect to see mistrust and investigations. If you find yourself feeling mentally stressed, stop and relax. Get away from whatever has a hold on you for a few minutes. Get a breath of fresh air or just get up and stretch a little bit to relieve the pressure.

Thursday the Sun aspects Pluto. This is about research, one of my favorite things to do. But whatever you learn, you might want to keep it under wraps for a little while. Today is a good day to connect with your personal power or maybe find something you’ve lost.

Also on Thursday, Mars aspects Neptune. This will cause some difficulties when it comes to taking action. Neptune like to slow things down a bit. We might also be a bit more careless than usual. Neptune can make us appear to be lazy because we just can’t seem to get a grip and be productive in the way we might like. This is a fast mover so it won’t last long.

The next to last thing I want to chat about it the current influx of energy. This time of year the veil between worlds is always thinner. With each passing year, the veil as a whole becomes thinner because we are shifting from 3D to 5D. This year we had the added energy of the Full Moon approaching right after the thinning of the veil.

I know a lot of folks don’t know what I am talking about and think this is all nuts. That is fine. If you are one of them feel free to move on.

I have known since I was about 13 that I incarnated this time to somehow assist in this transition even if I didn’t fully understand it at the time. In fact, it has only been fairly recently that I have begun to get a clearer view of my purpose this time around.

I have been strongly feeling the energy coming through the veil and the cosmos lately. One way I recognize it is by the amount of sleep I feel I need. This has been a regular pattern with me during every influx of energy since right before the Summer Solstice.

Last week I slept a solid 7-8 hrs every night and still took a 2-3 hr nap the day before the Full Moon and the day of the Full Moon. I have learned to follow what my body wants to do whether it is what I want to do or not.

Last week’s energy and Full Moon are leading us into the 11/11gateway. This is a strong numerology portal for energy. It is all intended to help us raise our vibrations and shift from 3D to 5D. Yeah! We skip 4D because that is the dimension of time or space-time. Sorry if I am getting too deep.

Now for the last thing, I wanted to bring to your attention. This is the astrological term “mutual reception”. This is when two planets are transiting a sign the other rules at the same time. We have this happening after Tuesday when Venus moves into Scorpio. The mutual reception is between Venus and Mars. Mars rules Scorpio and Venus rules Libra which the the sign Mars is currently transiting.

Mutal reception places two planets in a co-operative position to each other. In this case, we might see more co-operation between Mars which rules the men and Venus which rules women. How interesting considering all the sexual misconduct that has come to light recently. Out of all this was born the “# ME TOO”.

Last week I heard someone say that with problem solidly in the spotlight now, it might be time to retire that hashtag and move on to “# Now What” or something similar. I’m not sure how all this will play out but there sure seems to be recognized on both sides that abuse is abuse regardless of gender, gender preference, or gender identity.

So there you have it. Mutual reception. Another piece to this complex art of astrology. I know I covered a lot of different topics this week. That is where I my head is at. I hope you were able to get something out of it that you can use to help you navigate your week. If you need to sleep, don’t fight it. If you aren’t sleeping, don’t worry. Listen to your body as best you can.

Have great week and remember to be kind, be grateful, and smile.