Astrology for December 4-10, 2016


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My dear friend Samir called me this morning from London to invite me to join his Toastmasters group meeting online. The topic was giving and volunteering. Samir’s choice as word of the day was “munificence”, meaning: the quality or action of being extremely generous. Isn’t that glorious? 

For me, this goes hand in hand with the Sun in Sagittarius energy. Sagittarius wants to reach out to the world and get in touch with the collective or something larger than ourselves. Sagittarius enjoys travel and expanding their knowledge of the world.

Their focus is not on the everyday details as much as it is the broader scope. The shadow side of this is that sometimes we think we can do more than we actually can. Be careful not to overbook yourself during the holidays. We all know how easy this is.

Mercury moved into Capricorn on December 2. Has your thinking been more regimented or methodical the past few days? Conversations under this influence tend to take on a more practical and business oriented tone. It is easy for us to define what is important and what isn’t. It is important not to become stiff, otherwise, we might be viewed as course or harsh. We can also seem a bit pessimistic too. I desire to be as far from pessimistic as I can be.

When I am in this space, I step back and try to regroup. This is a dangerous place for many, just like this time of year is. Depression and all that. Some turn to drinking. This is the season for parties and drinking. Please choose a safe alternative.

Venus is moving into Aquarius this week. This is love unconventional. Dear Aquarius is already aloof and independent in matters of the heart but this energy is also loyal and faithful as they come. Venus in this sign amplifies this energy. Rest assured that Aquarius will be by your side but he will also need his freedom too. Treating people with respect, being fair and unselfish are all vibrations of Venus in Aquarius.

Mars has another two weeks in Aquarius before he moves on to Pisces on December 19. Energy is high, albeit a bit more on the wild side than anything. While we are good team players and co-operative, our method is more like a stab in the dark. Naturally, this will grate on the nerves of some.

The Moon will transit Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, and end up in Taurus by late evening December 10. This moves us from high end, collective emotions back to our most rudimentary and person ones by weeks end.

Wednesday the Moon will square the Sun. This represents a conflict between what you need and what you want. The Sun in Sagittarius is, as we have discussed, more about the collective and what we need, while the Moon in Pisces is more about what we want. Definitely conflicting energy in our relationships and in making choices of any kind. This transit will take place at 4:04 am EST. You can expect sleep disturbances Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.

Tuesday Mars will sextile Uranus. This energy has a fearless quality to it. Being assertive could come easily. So does our desire to take a risk of some sort or make some sort of interesting, progressive change. Mars is about action and he wants to make things happen sooner than later.

Wednesday, Mercury semi-squares Mars. This energy is snarky at best. Watch your tongue. You don’t want to be offensive this close to the holidays do you? I don’t want to be anytime but there are times when none of us can help it.

This could be one of those days. We might not do our best listening today either and this can compound things. Conflicting interests are likely and that combined with a sharp tongue is not a good or kind thing.

Friday we have the Sun sextile Jupiter. This is optimistic energy. Hopefully, this will give us a feeling of good will. This is the season after all. The aspect is also a good one for marketing and self-promotion.

We might also feel a bit more social, patient, and generous with this aspect. The Sun in Sagittarius will assist us in seeing things from a larger per perspective while Jupiter expands that perspective. Sounds good to me!

Saturday Mercury is sextile Neptune. Anytime Neptune is in the picture we will see something about intuition, addiction, creativity, and imagination. Mercury will stimulate our verbal and written creativity which hopefully, will in turn, help us to inspire others with some words of wisdom or support.

Also on Saturday, the Sun conjuncts Saturn. Oh, Saturn, the planet of rules and regulations. This is focused energy that wants to get things done. This is not a good time to start new financial projects. It is a good time to work on getting things in order or anything the calls for seriousness.

Like it or not, we all need and long for structure in our lives. You will find this when you rekindle an old project or take responsibility for something. Just remember this is not the time to overbook yourself.

Lastly, on Saturday, Venus will be semi-square Saturn. This put the kibosh on our feelings of affection or at least cause them to become a bit chilly. Saturn is such a stern and unapproachable guy sometimes.

Just like with the Sun conjunct Saturn, this is not a good time for new financial endeavors. This is also negative energy for romance. Separations and broken engagements are not uncommon with this energy. The shadow side of this energy is a lack of confidence in social settings and being a bit more shy. This would be a good time to do some reflection on your life in general.

I hope these posts help you to deal with energies such as the last one and learn how to use it for your benefit. Some folks think astrology is just about horoscopes. While this is true to some extent, there is also a generality to it all. Each of us has all the planets in our chart. The differences come in how the current energies trigger our natal chart.

I urge anyone who does not have a natal chart and wants one, to go to set up a free account. Then generate a chart for yourself. You will need to know your time and place of birth to get a really accurate chart.

Wishing all of you a great week!

Astrology for November 27-December 3, 2016


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The Thanksgiving turkey is gone and. Cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie are just sweet memories now. Our clothes feel a bit more snug. Black Friday has come and gone but cyber Monday is still ahead. Now we can officially think about Christmas, get those decorations out, and spread them all around the house. Well, you can decorate. I’ve got astrology on my mind.

Last week I talked about Neptune stationing and how that might affect the earth and our weather. Sure enough, there was an earthquake in the Fukushima Prefecture of Japan. Fortunately, there was not a tsunami associated with this one. The news media has not covered this event very much either. Maybe there is nothing to cover but I found this video that was pretty neat.

This week begins with a New Moon in Sagittarius. At the same time, the Moon will square Neptune. This is mudslinging energy and not the energy I enjoy but I will do my best to find the good parts and go with that. There is no telling what or who mud will be slung, flung, or thrown around could be aimed at. I just hope there is no dirt aimed at you or me, and I am going to do my best not to toss any dirt myself.

The next week will be dominated by a T- square involving Uranus, Pluto, and Jupiter with a side order of Venus conjunct Pluto. The Uranus/Pluto square is old news. We’ve been dealing with this energy for years. If you are not sure this means or you would like to refresh your memory, here is the link to a post about this energy I wrote back in 2012.

We have been working with the Uranus-Jupiter opposition energy for a while now. This began to hit us about the second week in November and will continue for into early next year. This opposition will perfect on December 26, 2016. Normally this perfection would mean the energy is coming to an end but no so in this case. We will actually experience this energy over much of next year.

Jupiter goes retrograde in early February and this will take us back over the energy territory we are going over now. Pay attention to what has been and will be going on for the next month or so. You might want to refer back to this info early next spring.

The Uranus-Jupiter opposition deals with our person freedoms. Jupiter loves to give us more of whatever he is triggering or aspects. In this case, it is the freedom and individuality of Uranus. The desire to be and do as we like is strong and Jupiter is going to increase the urge to go against anything that wants to keep us from that.

This energy is going to be with us on and off over the next year. There will be at least two more perfections of this opposition next year. One in March and the other in October. This last one happens just before Jupiter moves into Scorpio in October. The overall energy will shift somewhat as the other planets transit around the chart.

Uranus is the planetary shock jock and Jupiter expands that energy. Wherever you might be feeling held back or restricted, you can expect a release. The more pent up the personal energy, the more dramatic the release. We need to keep in mind how difficult change is for most of us, however. The bigger the change the more difficult it is to adjust to. Good luck with this. It is evolutionary and like it or not, it’s what we need.

This change could possibly relate to a relationship so you might want to be extra careful this week thanks to Venus joining the T-Square as the week begins. The planet of love, relationships, and finances will be conjunct Pluto and hungry for attention. Oo lala!

Social events early in the week will benefit from Lady Love’s power of attraction. But she might want to help Pluto destroy some things too. Venus views life and love through a traditional lens while in Capricorn. When Pluto joins in he can create some manipulative energy too. Some folks will be drawn to stalking, excess drugs, and alcohol. Watch out for sly foxes and those who might not be as respectful of the the rules and traditions as you are. Try not to get your hands too dirty. Keep the gloves on and take the high road. Any difficulty or conflict will actually serve your growth and evolution.

Let’s go back to the New Moon. New Moons represent the beginning of a new cycle. The last New Moon was intense and quite emotional for many. This was due to the watery, emotional sign of Scorpio taking us to the deep dark places of our soul.

This coming New Moon will be in the fire and light of Sagittarius. Most of us will notice a distinct change of energy this time. This Moon will give the week a huge boost in energy. If you have a lot to get done this week, you will probably find that things come together pretty well for you.

The past year we have been in a cycle of the number nine. Nine represents endings. Take a look back into this year and see all the endings you have created or experienced. This was a year we lost many of our icons that helped us express ourselves in so many creative ways. The list is long but among them are David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Sonny James, Mic Gillette, Glen Frey, Paul Kantner, Prince,Guy Clark, Muhammad Ali, Patty Duke, Gen Wilder, and more recently Leonard Cohen and Leon Russell. I lost a nearly life-long, dear, close friend last spring.

January begins a new year of one. 2+0+1+7= 10,1+0= 1. This is the number of new beginnings. But use the energy of this New Moon to complete the task of clearing out the old. I recommend this book if you need help. I did not follow this method exactly but it did lead me to positive change.

This week is full of moving energy. Today as the Sun is sesquiquadrate or 135 degrees to Uranus. This is real manifesting energy but you have to know where you are going first and what it is you really want. The drive to do new things is strong but use caution when making decisions. Quickly made ones might not end as we would hope.

Tuesday Venus will sextile Chiron. This is about healing personal relationships and seeing human weakness as a thing of beauty. Use this energy to build your relationships.

The same day, Venus squares Uranus. This is not a good time for impulse buying, not that there ever is, but this a particularly bad day for it. This day is full of unstable, rebellious, and restless energy.

Wednesday the Sun squares Neptune. Get creative today. This is a great day for meditation and spirituality. All other things could be out of focus and our direction unclear. Avoid important appointments, interviews, and launching new projects.

Thursday Mars trines Jupiter. This energy is clearer than the square energy of yesterday. Those things that gave us a headache yesterday seem to come easily to us today. This is also the first day after the New Moon and a great time to launch those news projects we have been putting off.

Friday Venus semisquares Neptune. Rose colored glasses will be in vogue today. But again, be cautious with your spending, social events, and anything else that requires clear thinking. Neptune has rolled in the fog to make things fuzzy.

Saturday Mars is sextile Saturn. This is action and responsibility energy. Your ability to make good decisions is much better today so use it. Pay attention to traditions. Saturn appreciates your organizational efforts and conscientiousness. Pay attention to any seniors in your life and watch all these things bring a reward of some sort.

Now, once again, I want to get on the shameless self-promotion platform and suggest a Hong Kong House Cookbook for your Christmas gift giving. I am heading out of town tomorrow to sell 14 of them to a friend who is buying them for her book club. To order your copy go here:

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Astrology for November 20-26, 2016


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There is a song rolling around in my head. The song is “Carey” by Join Mitchell and it begins with this line:

The wind is in from Africa, last night I couldn’t sleep.

 It came to me last night as I stood on a friend’s porch and felt the beginnings of the cold front that was forecast to lower our local temperatures by nearly 25 degrees today.  The chill in the air caused me to change the words to say the wind was not in from Africa. When I dissect this statement, I notice how we associate Africa with warmth and even hot air.  What a reflection on our current way of things. You can ponder this more on your own later, or not.

The Full Moon last week was so beautiful! I hope you had a chance to see it at least one time over the weekend. The Moon will not be that close again for many years.

This week the moon is transiting Leo, Virgo, and Libra. Today it joins Uranus and Saturn to form a Grand Trine. Trines bring favorable energy. This one will be dealing with our emotions around rules and boundaries, and the desire for freedom and individuality. This struggle is about how we feel about ourselves and our place in the world.

I am aware that this last statement could be viewed as a personal projection of how many feel about recent events in this country, but I assure you that I am not making this up or projecting anything. So let me explain how I arrived at this conclusion.

  1. Uranus, the planet of freedom and individuality is in Aries, the sign of new beginnings, the individual and is the first sign of the personal side or the chart. Aries represents  our youth. He is fiery and full of life and action.
  2. Moon is in Leo, which is the first sign of the collective or global side of the chart. Leo and Cancer are more or less the bridge between the personal side of the chart and the collective side. This is us thinking about how we fit in the world and relate to it.
  3. Saturn is in Libra. Libra is about balance, justice, and seeing all sides of a situation. Saturn’s place in this Grand Trine is helping us to see ourselves, and how we feel about the law, the rules, what we’ve been told or taught to follow and, and how we are managing it all.

Are there places I need to me more flexible, tolerant, or compassionate? Or are we going to dig in and stick to our past convictions? If you believe we are shifting dimensions, then you probably also understand that we are all the same and the differences are the limited view point of a 3-D existence. If you disagree or don’t understand this, no problem. This is an astrology blog after all, so let’s move on.

Yesterday, November 19, Neptune turned direct. Neptune is in his home sign of Pisces for another nine years. He is currently at nine degrees Pisces so he is just about 1/3 of the way through this transit and this short trip has taken 5 ½ years. Neptune is at his most powerful during his transit of his home sign. That being said, this is probably a good time to go over some of the characteristics of this planet and this sign.

Pisces is a mutable or changeable sign. It becomes emotionally attached to whatever it comes in contact with and is therefore considered a compassionate and empathic sign. There is also a desire a toward escapism. Reality can get to be too much very quickly for those with strong Pisces influence in their charts. Addiction is a common result if care is not taken to unload and regroup. Pisces people benefit greatly from having others to talk to and be coached by.  Pisces people are often not comfortable in large groups. They seem to be more drawn to stray people, pets, and those that have been victimized. Sometimes they become the victims too. The old phrase about seeing things through rose colored glasses was probably coined to describe a Pisces person.

Neptune represents the part of us that loves to daydream and is drawn into fantasy. This is the part that also loves to sink into a good romance novel or movie and avoid the troubles of the world. On the other hand, Neptune loves to help the world by volunteering and being charitable. This is also your most creative planet. Wherever he is located in your chart, this is where you are easily fooled and where you fool others.

As with many planets, Neptune is associated with mythical tales. Poseidon was the original name for the god of the oceans. The Roman’s later changed his name to Neptune. Whenever we see any weather event like a hurricane, heavy rains, or blizzards, you can bet the Neptune’s influence has been strong.

The very recent stationing of Neptune has astrologers paying attention to the  weather. Winter is just ahead and big snow events are already in news. The drastic temperature changes I mentioned at the beginning of this post was even more dramatic in the northeast. New Jersey went from 70 degrees to six inches of snow in less than 24 hours. This is exactly the sort of action we expect when Neptune stations.

Remember the old commercials that showed the crash test dummies? Remember how their heads and bodies flung forward and backward in those videos? That is an example of the cosmic action that takes place when a planet stations to turn retrograde or direct.

Get the idea?

Cool huh? (no pun intended)

Neptune is going to be a big in actor in the weather this winter. The farmer’s almanac says this is going to be a wet winter for some areas. There are other places like the western half of my state that is praying for rain. We are experiencing extreme drought conditions and wild fires are raging in several places. I will talk more about this in the coming weeks.

Monday, November 21, 2016, the Sun leaves Scorpio and moves into Sagittarius. After a month of Scorpio’s introspection and the intimate need to connect with another, I am ready for this energy shift.  Its focus is on reaching out to the world, to those in need, to expand our thinking, and be grateful for all things. Sagittarius is confident, optimistic, able to see the larger picture, and enjoys travel. Be careful not to take on more than you can manage.

Mercury entered Sagittarius a week ago. Again, this energy is expanding our thinking and our optimism. You may notice a lean more toward what is fair or unfair. Faith gets and a boost with this combo and so does our persuasive skills.

Venus has a little over two more weeks left in her tour of Capricorn. The focus of this transit is money and business relationships. These relationships are valuable, reliable, and true blue. Keep in mind that Capricorn is the sign of winter and this coolness bleeds over and can cause us to sometimes respond to others in a frosty manner.  Try not to be too cold to others.

Mars is in mid-tour of Aquarius. Our actions are for the team now. Aquarius is far less interested in being top dog. He had much rather work co-operatively. Active Mars is now a lot more detached to things than he might be in another sign and his approach is more intellectual in this transit.

Monday also brings us a semi-square between the Sun and Jupiter. If you find yourself feeling restless, this could be why. Watch out for things getting out of hand. Exaggerations and wastefulness might the theme of this day.

Tuesday the Sun semi-squares Pluto. Control and manipulations rule this day. But when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Like the good witch said, you may discover you had what you needed in you all along. Relax, you will make it around any obstacle that comes your way.

Adding to Tuesday’s energy is a gentle, sextile aspect between Mercury and Jupiter. This is a good day for a day trip, writing, contracts, and almost anything that involves some sort of communication. Expanding our thinking by learning something new is a good thing to do today too.



There is a little more I could talk about today but it is getting late and it is time for some dinner. I will finish this up tomorrow. Until then, be safe.


Astrology for November 13-19, 2016


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Finally, the long and unprecedented election season of 2016 is now over. Time to move on, and that is exactly what I am going to do today because there is, as always, a lot of astrology to talk about.

First up it tonight’s Full Moon. Locally, the weather is expected to overcast but I got a good view of it last night while lying on the grass after tripping over something in a friend’s yard. I’m hoping the sky will be clear tonight about moonrise. That is when it will be at its most magnificent.

You may know that every Moon has a name. This month’s Moon is called the frost moon. However, both the colonist’s and native American tribes named this moon the Beaver Moon. This was the time they would set traps before the swamps could freeze. Otherwise, they might not have enough furs to keep them warm for the winter.

Every Full Moon is about finishing things. It is part of the cycle each month of beginnings and endings. The Full Moon tells us it is time to finish all the things we started this month and gives us two weeks time to wind things up.

If you read my earlier post on this Full Moon then you know it is going to be a powerful one. The Sun is in Scorpio and is about crisis and transformation. The Moon is Taurus and the opposition to the Scorpio Sun only intensifies the energies of both. Expect the early part of the week to also be intense, especially for Scorpios and Taurus people or those who have these signs otherwise predominant in their charts.

This week is also leading up to the Saturday stationing of Neptune after his five month retrograde snooze. This retrograde has had us focused inward. I have noticed great changes in me during this time.

Mercury moved into Sagittarius yesterday, November 12. Our thoughts no longer want to dive into the deep end of the pool so as to examine a situation. Sagittarius helps lead our thoughts outward to a more collective and optimistic viewpoint. We might find that we are drawn to learn more about a wider variety of topics than we are usually interested in. We are also better at the art or persuasion and more interested in what it fair and unfair. Splitting hairs is not one of the strong points, however, so if there is some are where precision is a must, you will want to be sure to be extra focused.

Venus moved into Capricorn on the 11th. You might find your feelings about your finances are more seriously focused. Any business relationships whether with bosses or co-workers could seem easier now. Creativity also gets a boost with this energy. Luckily this is just in time to work on some of those holiday gifts and gatherings. Make good use of this energy.

Mars also changed signs last week. He moved from Sagittarius into Aquarius. This is unsettled energy that can quickly change. Aquarius can be rather impersonal too. Combine this with Mars tendency for bursts of anger and there could be some unpleasant words spoken. This, however, is more often not intended to be a personal attack on anyone. It is just Aquarius being its detached self. Use the intellectual aspects of this energy to work on any problems or issues that arise.

Now for this week’s aspects.

Today the Sun has been inconjunct Uranus. Expect disruptions in your daily life or a change of plans. This energy will be in effect tomorrow too.

Tuesday Mercury is sextile Mars. This is a positive, flowing aspect characterized by exuberance, attention, and enthusiastic conversations and communications. This is conducive to making a decision quickly. An idea can quickly turn into a valuable project. Go for the gusto.

Wednesday Mercury aspects Uranus. If you feel a bit scatterbrained, this could be the reason why. This is not the best aspect for feeling in harmony. It tends to feel more irritable and negative. Good thing this aspect involved fast moving Mercury and won’t last long at all. The brighter side of this energy is that it can produce some new creative ideas. Make the most of that if you can.

Wednesday also serves up Mars semi-square Chiron. This is really touchy energy so be aware and on guard when it comes to your own or another’s feelings. You may notice a problem venting angry feelings or what you want in a straight forward way.

Friday Mercury squares Neptune. Seems there is a lot of Mercury and communications energy this week. This could cause some difficulty concentrating like I don’t have enough trouble with this on a good day. LOL

Today might not be a good day for signing contracts or getting definite answers. Neptune is just too foggy for clear cut communications. Remember that Neptune is stationing about now. This means he has come to a full stop so he can turn direct. This is making him extra foggy today.

Also on Saturday, Venus will be sextile to Neptune. This energy will focus more on beautiful things and romance. Social events could be magical too. Be gentle and this energy will be your best friend this week.


WOW! Between Mercury and Neptune,  this could hold difficulties with communications all the way around. Think about this and act accordingly. Do your best to be respectful and compassionate in all you do and have a great week!

Until next time, keep the sunny side up.

The Next Full Moon and Super Moon


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The next Full Moon is on November 14th. This is the closest Full Moon of the 21st century. It should be a great photo op and here is why. 

This is another one of those “super moons” we have heard about. The term was first used by astrologer Richard Nolle just 30 years ago but has only become widely used and recognized in the past five years. This term describes a moon that is at its perigee syzygy. You can also say it’s at the closest point of its orbit to earth in a given moon cycle.

Last month’s Full moon was also called a “super moon” because it was within a 10% range of being closest to earth. This range of closeness is what defines a super moon and is why there are so many super moons per year. Last month’s Full Moon and the December Full Moon are also classified as “super moons”, but this month’s Full Moon is the closest, biggest and brightest one this year. It is in fact, the closest one in the last sixty-eight years! Yes! The last time the Moon was this close to earth was on January 26, 1948. 

Now if you are really are interested in seeing the Moon at its biggest, closest, and brightest, and live east of the Internation Date Line, you might need to look at the Moon on Sunday, November 13. All points west of the date line will see it best on the 14th. If you happen to live in or around the longitudes of Europe and Africa, then both nights will give you a wonderful view. Get a good look now because it will be another 18 years before it is this close again.

Energetically speaking, this Moon has a stronger effect on us than other Moons. Its aspects to other planets and it affect on our emotions is also increased. Those of us that are sensitive, have been feeling it for day or so at least and I dare say that the elections were somewhat influenced by this energy.

Not only are the planetary aspects affected, the tides are larger than usual and low tides are lower than usual. This strong energy can sometimes cause storms and can contribute to an increase in earthquakes, crimes committed,  and the number of babies born. At this writing, I don’t see  where a storm is expected for the U.S. in the next few days but we all know how quickly the weather can change. Don’t you wish people could change just as quickly sometimes? I would not hesitate to expect some strong emotional and personal storms occurring over the weekend and into next week. Especially among those whose charts are strongly triggered by the Moon. Remember, the Moon is closely associated with our emotions. 

Should you be one of those who is intensely affected, I hope you will use this energy for your personal evolution. Taurus and Scorpio people and those with Scorpio and Taurus aspects to the moon in their charts will be the ones who perhaps feel this energy the most. I have a Scorpio ascendant. Mars and Saturn are also in Scorpio in my natal chart. During this Full Moon, the Sun will be conjunct my natal Mars. I feel a  weekend of deep reflection coming on for me. 

Whatever you have planned for the rest of the week and this coming weekend, I wish you well in all your endeavors. Remember we are all the same and created by the same creator regardless of what some would have us think. We all deserved love and deserved care and respect. And by all means, get outside Sunday and Monday night to see this beautiful Full Moon.

Thanks for reading and thanks for following this blog. Feel free to leave comments below anytime.

Astrology for November 6-12, 2016.


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This is a huge week ahead. You certainly don’t need me to tell you that here in the United States, we will elect a new president this week. An old astrologer joke says the candidate with the worst aspect in their chart will win. There is no doubt this presidential race has been one for the record books and the next four years are sure to be record breaking as well. But now let’s get on with what this week’s astrology info and aspects.

Most of my readers know by now that Mars is the warrior planet full of action and movement. This week Mars changes signs just after election day ends. Mars has spent the past couple of months transiting Capricorn where he has been quite disciplined. The energy of this transit has lead us many of us to work on our strengths and where our personal power lies. Long term plans a, common sense, and commitment has been our focus.

Mars in Aquarius is impulsive and fickle. It can be rather impersonal energy when it tries to express its anger at something. Aquarius is a team player and usually very co-operative. This Mars/Aquarius transit is a magnet for unconventional ways of doing things. It is often detached and quite intellectual.

Now, on Wednesday, November 9th at about 12:15 AM, Mars will move into Aquarius. What a transit for Mars and a newly elected president. Mars in Aquarius is sure to be full of surprises. There is nothing we can so but find positive ways to ride out any waves or tsunamis that could develop. Parts of me want to hide, other parts want to celebrate and go boldly forward and meet the new paradigm head on and with open arms.

There are two other sign changes this week. Friday, Venus leaves Sagittarius on and moves into Capricorn. And Saturday Mercury leaves Scorpio and enters Sagittarius.

Venus in Capricorn will deal with finances. I fully expect big movement in the stock market even before this sign change. Part of it will no doubt be due to uncertainty after the election, but as a student of astrology, I think the sign change will also have influence. Not only will this change affect our money, it will also affect our business relationships with business partners and co-workers.

The Capricorn transit of Venus will deepen our artistic and creative ability for composition and form. We could also find we are easily drawn to others that support our goals and interests. Our long time, loyal friendships and social connections will be on our minds and hearts. Capricorn’s influence on Venus makes us serious yet cautious when it comes to seriously expressing our feelings. We can come off as cool or somewhat aloof. Try not to snub anyone. I know you don’t mean it but the other person might not get that.

Mercury is another planet changing signs. What a week full of change! Mercury is leaving Scorpio where our minds have been more probing and intense. Going deep into the psyche has been the theme of this transit. On Friday, November 12, brings us out of the depths and sets or feet back on the ground.

Mercury in Sagittarius is more focused on learning. Faith also gets a boost and we feel more optimistic about our world. Sagittarius leads us out of thinking so much about ourselves and into being more concerned about the collective, and what is fair or unfair.

We are headed to a Full Moon early next week. This will be the Super Moon of the year. I will write more on this later this week.

Aspects this week are fewer than in recent weeks. Today Mercury is trine Chiron. This is a good aspect for conversing. We are willing to listen with this influence and are more likely to get our point across. Our words are more likely to be healing ones too and that is always a good thing.

Monday Mercury is inconjunct Uranus. This is quite about as opposite the previous aspect as one can get. This aspect can make it very difficult to get our point across. Misunderstandings could be common. 

place. Avoid making any fast decisions. Thoughtlessness, disorganization, and other being unreceptive to your ideas are all possible under this energy.

Monday also gives us the Sun sextile Pluto. Keeping thing to yourself for a bit is probably a good idea. This energy might also assist us in finding a lost item or two. I am sure most of us have one or two things we would like to locate. Good research can reap rewards.

Mars is semi square Saturn on Wednesday and as I have already mentioned, conjunct Aquarius since he is changing signs. This semi square can cause some resistance to our attempts at problem solving. Don’t take it personally. Be patient and ride any wave of frustration you hit. It could also see like things take a lot more effort than they need to but this should not last long.

Friday Mercury is semi-square Jupiter. Communication abundance can lead to overload. Be careful that you don’t miss important details. These details could get lost in an exaggeration or two. This energy is prone to exaggerations and unquiet minds. Ordinary or repetitive intellectual tasks are difficult to deal with. The good thing about such aspects is that they don’t last long.

Saturday Mercury is semi-square Pluto. This is suspicious energy. Use it to get to the root of something you have a question about. Don’t trust others to do this work for you. Do your best to avoid the stress and pressure this aspect can generate. Remember, it is all good.

Lastly, on Saturday, The Sun is trine Chiron. It is nice to have the week begin and end with a trine to Chiron. The wounded healer is so often bringing us some difficult but needed lessons. The trines are not so difficult. This one gives us a yearning to learn from those around us and our experiences with them and the world in general. Our purpose is clearer and we solve problems with greater ease. Not a bad way to end this surely interesting week otherwise.

Whatever happens Tuesday, whoever wins the election, stay calm. I feel like I am imitating one of those “ stay calm” memes now but I am serious. Keep in mind that there is much in play in the Universe and much that is out of our control. The planet and all its inhabitants are shifting. This means you and me.

We must keep level heads, work to find the little things each day that makes us smile and happy. Let the difficult things go. We have no control over them anyway. Our thoughts and prayers can work wonders however.

Earlier tonight, Sunday, November 6th, 2016 there was a world meditation. It really doesn’t matter from an energy standpoint if you participated or not. You still can be a part of it because energy is energy and travels across timelines. Just take 15 minutes anytime between now and Tuesday to meditate on raising the energy of the election. Your party affiliation is not important. Just focus on the highest good of all not a particular person or party.

Astrology for October 30-November 5, 2016


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This year is swiftly coming to a close. Only ten more weeks and it will be 2017. I wonder what it will bring us? I am ready to ride its wave, or at least I think I am.

This is Halloween weekend. This marks the beginning of the darker half of the year in the Northern hemisphere. And that time of year when the veil is thinnest between the physical and spirit worlds. With all the vibrational shift we have been experiencing, I am betting that many people who may have never had a psychic experience might have one this year.

Halloween is a traditional, liturgical time lasting three days, where the hallowed or saints are remembered, along with deceased faithful persons and martyrs. Many of the traditions of the holiday are thought to have origins in Celtic Harvest festivals, in particularly the Gaelic Samhain (pronounced sah-win). Wikipedia give more info.

Today we have lean less toward hayrides, bonfires, bobbing for apples, and other harvest related aspects.

Today, Sunday October 30 is the New Moon. This is a time of new beginnings. But you knew that already didn’t you? This New Moon is in Scorpio, a fixed water sign. This Moon is therefore ImageJ=1.43upassionate, resourceful, inquiring, and focused. This is an excellent time to work on our self-mastery. Combine this energy with the shifting energy and you actually have no choice but to move forward whether you want to or not. Many resist, but their resistance will only go so far. They will either shift willingly or be pushed into it. Change is never easy.

Anyone who knows me, knows I have a lot of Scorpio energy in me. I love to learn and know the why of my nature or human nature. I enjoy psychology, the study of human development, and what makes us tick.

Some of the why’s are often answered by looking into our past. So consider what the dearly departed have left you with. The good, the bad and the ugly of it all. Learn and grow from what you learn. This energy and the shifts we are experiencing will be a great benefit if you allow them to be.

The Sun, our ego is in Scorpio. This is about what I want. Scorpio1
It is about intense feelings, deep passion, and the things we hide inside.

Scorpio is not interested the business as usual or happy with the mundane.

Oh! No. He is brazen, bold, and sometimes considered strange.

Mercury is also in Scorpio. He is dancing with the Sun most of the week. Our communications could be probing and more curious. Some of us could find our foot in our mouth too. Such is life. We have all been there and done that haven’t we?

Venus is in Sagittarius. This transit is not a flaming hot as when in Scorpio. This one is more concerned with love of the universal. It is more candid and direct. Venus in Sagittarius seeks a higher meaning. Again, I think this is represents where we are shifting to.

Mars is transiting Capricorn. We tend to look more before we leap during this transit.

The big aspects this week are Mercury trine Neptune on today (Sunday). Imagination could reach great heights for some of us. Some will experience greater sense of intuition and empathy. This is an excellent aspect for creative endeavors like writing, art, or advertising and promotion.

Next is Sun trine Neptune on Tuesday. We might feel a bit more tuned in today than usual thanks to Neptune’s intuitive energies. Our good instincts will be our guide. If you have any ideas about beginning a self-improvement plan, this could be a good day to start. Our awareness and acceptance of diversity and ability to see things from a different perspective is another benefit of this aspect.

Tuesday also brings us Mars semi-square Neptune. Semi-square energy is not as strong or difficult as regular square energy. With this aspect, we can expect some disorganization, lack of energy or drive to get things done, and even some carelessness here and there. If we are not attentive or focused, we can waste a lot of time, It is just hard to know what we want now, or what direction we want to take. Aren’t you glad you are reading this so you know what to look out for?

Thursday Mercury is sextile Pluto. This aspect raises our psychological understanding. Some of us will find we are more able to see more deeply. This aspect can also raise our desire to dig deeper into things. Making decisions is not a task we are going to rush today because our patience level is high and we feel more strategic.

Venus squares Chiron on Friday. The planet of love, finances and beauty is up against the wounded healer. Blocks in our intimacy and commitment could come up. Learning from each other can be problematic too. Social insecurities might find them selves under a magnifying glass and you don’t need me to tell you how uncomfortable this can be. Just remember that Chiron is about teaching us what and where we need to heal. It is seldom what we want to hear.

filling-upLastly, on Saturday, we have a trine between Venus and Uranus. Look out! We are wide open this weekend! Take in all the new adventures, just don’t take any risks. Use common sense please. There could be some different and unusual financial things come up, or something different in the romance dept. Over all this aspect is creative and enjoyable. It is a good weekend for socializing or anything that involves technology, the internet, art, or metaphysics.

Next weekend sounds good to me. Count me in!

Hope you have some good plans ahead too. The fall temperatures for my area this week are going to be great for about anything you want to do outside. This may be one of the last warm weekends of the year but who knows. I just plan on getting in as much breakfast and dinner porch time in as I can.

Hope you have a good week, whatever you do. Safe travels to all my traveling friends both near and far. Say a prayer or send some good vibes to those who are hurting or in need. Smile lots. They are contagious you know.

We will talk again soon!

Astrology for October 23-29, 2016


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Fall is here!

Fall  literally blew into my area today. This has been the kind of day I love! Crisp, cool, sunny, and breezy. I got a lot done today but I would have enjoyed more outdoor porch or patio time with friends.

I am posting this blog early and regretfully it will be shorter than usual. Tomorrow I have an event to help host and will be involved with it all day. Next week I promise to get back to the usual long winded blog. <smile>

Welcome to Scorpio! Oh darn! I am jumping ahead of the game. I keep thinking the Sun is already in Scorpio for some reason. Maybe that is because I love my Scorpio energy almost as much as I love my Aquarius energy.

Anyway, as I write, the Sun has just changed signs and is now in Scorpio. Mercury follows on Monday. These two planets conjunct on Thursday at high noon. This can be problematic for some of us. I’ve got Mars in Scorpio and that means I don’t do sarcasm or satire well and that is exactly what this conjunction will bring to us. Look for more sarcasm than satire however. Mercury can be cruel.

Now, we all know that the elections are almost over. While I do my best to avoid talking politics here, I want to point out some of the traits of Mercury in Scorpio that could play out in the political news this coming week. It could also generate some energy that could have us reaching for cover if we have something to hid.

Mercury in Scorpio is looking for the secret plan we are hiding and it is single-minded about it too. Mercury could also cause a rise in obsessive-compulsive behaviors, especially for those of us who have hidden things deeper than deep.

Saturday Mars squares Uranus. This energy is daring and takes us to the very edge and dares us to jump. You would be well advised to stop, take a few deep breaths before proceeding. Better still…..breathe deeply and just let this one go on by.

Saturday is a big day energetically. Romance is about to take a hit along with sports and travel on Saturday thanks to the conjunction Venus and Saturn in Sagittarius. Venus moves fast so this won’t last long.

Lastly, on Saturday, the Moon is in it three-day New Moon phase. The actual New Moon is next Sunday. New Moons are endings and beginnings. This one is naturally in Scorpio and the perfect lead into all our Halloween festivities. I am looking forward to a festive weekend next weekend and I hope you are too.

Please be safe in all you do. I’ll be back on Halloween! 

Astrology for October 16-23, 2016


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Last night the Moon was lovely. Tonight is will be full. When it is close to Earth like it is now and will be in November and December, it is a sight to behold when it first peaks over the horizon. I almost expect to see a witch flying across in front or it as a wolf howls eerily in the distance. I have posted a link below that contains some great pictures of the Moon taken last night. This Moon will shine light on what you need to look at so you can be clear. This will be a wonderful assist as we raise our vibrations and move closer and closer to evolution.

I think we are all feeling a shift in energy these days. Politics aside, there seems to be an underlying feeling of foreboding the hovers around like wisps of smoke floating through the air. Many empathic types have found is necessary to withdraw or at least limit their exposure to social media and most forms of news media. I am one of those people. But I don’t have my head totally in the sand yet. I did get a good laugh this morning when I saw a photo of a horse trailer with the words “Caution floor covered with political promises”. The poster was reminding us that the election will soon be over.

Besides an unprecedented, stormy political season, the weather has been quite stormy too. Hurricane Matthew brought many inches of rain that wreaked havoc on the eastern part of North Carolina. A week later we are seeing rivers cresting inches above previous record levels and whole towns are under water. Flood damages are approaching 2 billion dollars. Now this weekend storms are raging in the Northwest and Western states. Tornadoes, rain, and wind gusts of 50-100 miles per hour have done a lot of damage and it is not over yet for the west coast.

Astrologically this week Venus is moving into Sagittarius. Sagittarius is a fire sign so this transit will have its fair share of sparks, even flames but without commitment. The focus will less about a single relationship and more of a collective one thanks to the universality of Sagittarius. Venus will be for the next few weeks, more interested in the higher meaning of things that in the in depth view of things she had while transiting Scorpio.

Mars will be conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, at 14 degrees Tuesday. This is action with a purpose, thanks to Capricorn’s energy. Capricorn is a builder, a loyal and traditional sign. Pluto could take this action to greater depths as he destroys what needs to be destroyed so Mars and Capricorn can work around the clock by the light of the Moon to rebuild. I also expect more secrets to come to light this week with this energy.

Mars energy will prevail and override Pluto’s this time. This is only because the energy of Mars is so compatible with Capricorn’s. We should take note that projects that we begin this week will take a lot of effort and work. This conjunction contains a lot of potential for violence. Steer clear of the workplace bully this week. This is energy that will ignite the bully in us. Look out!

The next big thing this week will come on Saturday when the Sun moves into Scorpio. Scorpio wants what he wants and he wants to get to the root of things. The Sun is self, ego, me, me, me. Nothing about this energy is satisfied with the superficial. It is serious and strong-willed.

Sun in Scorpio is also passionate and Scorpio being a water sign, there is an element of emotion that can sometimes be intense. Scorpio loves an intense situation and uses this energy to transform us to new levels. In this way he brings growth and evolution. Not a bad thing at all.

The flip side to the Sun and the Scorpion is jealousy and malevolence. Some folks will be quite manipulative under this energy. Combine this with the bully energy mentioned before and we have a very interesting mix don’t we? With all the back stabbing, accusations, and behaviors unbefitting respectful folks, this week is sure to be an interesting one indeed.

Just three more weeks folks and the elections will be history. These last three weeks are sure to be ones for the history books and maybe ones we will want to forget. Nothing is written in stone and nothing is outside the realm of possibility. This is a big Universe and it is full of surprises.

Enjoy the ride!