Astrology for August 4-10, 2019


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Some of you are aware that we are currently experiencing the energy of the Lion’s Gate portal. This began July 25-26 and will end on August 12. This energy peaks this coming Wednesday, August 12, 2019. I’ll go into this in more depth at the end of this weeks forecast.

This week is predominately centered around the Sun and Jupiter’s aspects. Jupiter has been retrograde since April 10 but turns direct in just one week, on August 11. Combine this with the Sun conjunct Venus in Leo trine Jupiter in Sagittarius and we are possibly, abundantly enjoying all things Leo. One of the most important things ruled by Leo is the heart. This sign also represents the pride of the Lion, creative fun, charity, social gatherings, and making big entrances and exits.


Recent NASA photos of Jupiter

Leo is my polar opposite so I both enter and exit quietly. I hope you have had the opportunity to enjoy some abundance, good luck, and fun social events. This has been a fun week or so but it has also been full of old memories bubbling up. It has been interesting to go back over these memories and work on clearing them out a little more. For me, old stuff is like the onion and its many layers. Have you been experiencing anything similar?

Perhaps you are experiencing the expansion this trine offers in other ways? Are you more aware of moral issues or do you have a stronger than usual desire to learn something new? Are you feeling a great sense of optimism? How about your confidence level willingness to take risks? Overall you might be noticing a greater level of enthusiasm and co-operation.

The Sun/Venus in trine aspect with Jupiter now with an orb of two degrees. This aspect perfect on Wednesday. The week ends with the Sun and Jupiter moving away from each other but still in orb at less than 4 degrees of each other.

Mercury is now direct but still in storm until Thursday which means the retrograde characteristics are still in play. Continue with cautious communications and travel until then. However, come Thursday Mercury will be fully direct and lend a helping hand to the Sun trine Jupiter. This will be a great time for new beginnings in business and all Leo areas.

The Sun and Venus also have big roles around the August 7-9 window. Wednesday the Sun will be inconjunct Saturn. Saturn is likely to stir up some fears and lack around self-worth. He will also attempt to block us from moving forward with all the positive thing offered by the gentle Sun/Venus, Jupiter trine. He wants us to stick to the rules and think about things before moving on.

Friday Venus is inconjunct Saturn. This offers up more blocks with regards to expressing our affections and emotions. This may cause some to feel more anxiety I romantic of social situations. If you feel yourself pulling back and being emotionally distant, you are under this influence.

On Saturday, August 10 the Sun will be inconjunct Neptune. Neptune makes things foggy and in this case, causes us to have a hard time concentrating. We might notice that we don’t understand things clearly and there are many misconceptions. A limited ability to make clear decisions and be effective could negatively affect our self-confidence. This could also affect our willingness to do something new.

Next Sunday Jupiter turns direct and Uranus turns retrograde. It’s just another energy shift and as usual, will affect those with strong Jupiter and Uranus aspects more than others. More on this next week.

The Lion’s Gate energy is something else and quite powerful. It opens every year in late July and peaks on or about August 8thLet’s begin with the numerology of the number 8. 


The number 8 represents abundance and power. It is often referred to as the most misunderstood of all the single digits. Its focus is on business, career, authority, and finances. (Venus’s current cosmic position is also assisting this energy). If you are looking for fortune and wealth this is the number to work with.

Its shape represents balance and infinity. This also means the infinite, forever conscious part of the soul that follows us from incarnation to incarnation, past, present and future.

Lion’s Gate is not about numerology or astrology, however. It is about the Sun in Leo and its alignment with the Dogstar Sirius. This alignment happens every year and was celebrated even in ancient times.

Sirius is the brightest star in the night sky and about twice as large as our Sun. Sirius is often referred to as “the Dog Star” due to it being found in the constellation, Canis Major. Every year it moves into a position that allows it to rise with the morning Sun. It is also aligned with the Great Central Sun. This alignment with two Sun’s is believed to increase the heat of our Sun and the result is what we know as the “Dog Days of Summer”.

The ancient Egyptians and many other cultures paid close attention to the movements of Sirius and believed it was a gateway to heaven. They also believed it was home to beings of a higher vibration and held great wisdom that they (we) could access when it was strong in the sky as it is now. The ancients also considered it a sign of good luck and rebirth because it coincided with the flooding of the Nile river. The great pyramids were built to align with Sirius rising and higher spiritual knowledge and growth.

As in olden days, many believe this alignment opens a pathway for raising our consciousness. It is a powerful time if we understand how to use this energy. Remember I said Leo rules the heart? Well, this is a great time to work on all things related to the heart and the heart chakra. This is why so many are experiencing an influx of memories. They are rising up the be healed.

It is also opening the third eye, awakening the pineal gland, and making way for the higher chakras to open. Many are experiencing an active dream time now. They are receiving psychic downloads and visitations. I was talking to a friend in Texas last week who told me of recent visitation and I have also had one recently during my dream time.

Perhaps one of the strongest things we can experience from Sirius is the energy of freedom. But there is also a great deal of creativity too. Sounds a lot like the Sun in Leo, I know. Its all tied in yet different. The difference this year is the addition of Jupiter and Venus in a wonderful, gentle trine. This energy it making it much easier for us to access all the energy Lion’s Gate has to offer.

This is a welcome vibe during these challenging times. We need joy and we need this energy to help us to access more joy. In order to do that we need to exercise self-care now more than ever. We also need to be mindful of when to say no and draw good boundaries. You may discover that your relationships come into focus too. Perhaps it is time to let go from some? Perhaps it is time to renew some or seek new ones that reflect your awakened vibration?

I encourage you to search and read more about Lion’s Gate if this resonates with you or if you are experiencing any of these effects. In the meantime, get lots of rest and set those boundaries. And please remember to be kind to all you meet.


Astrology for July 28-August 3, 2019


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Perhaps you have noticed the shift from Cancer to Leo. Since late April we have been living with Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto retrograde. Neptune joined them in June and Uranus joins in on August 12, 2019. That means all the outer planets, the ones that influence the collective the most will be in retrograde. That means we are in a reflective mode in concerning every aspect of our lives. There is lots of emotion, lots of reflection, lots of examining, and lots of change going on.

The asteroid Ceres was also retrograde. If you recall from the past post, Ceres deals with mothering, food from growing it to serving it and all things in between. She shows us how we go with the flow of the universe. Her flip side deals with problems such as eating disorders, troubles at work, custody issues, and kidnapping. She might also influence our feelings of unworthiness, abandonment, possessiveness, and infertility.

Ceres retrograde has allowed us to go back and take a look at all these parts of our lives and our relationship to them. All this ties into our recent transit of the Sun and Mercury transiting Cancer. We can’t forget that there were also two eclipses last month. The Nodes have been prominently in the mix and have served to amplify things. We have had a very emotional month.

You may have also experienced a great deal of change with this energy. Lots of folks said the eternal goodbye, bought or sold houses, moved and said goodbye to the old home or the old town and old friends. Old friends may have shown for a bit too. Perhaps this gave us an opportunity to clear out something unfinished? And with Mercury still in Cancer until August 11 at the exact same degree of the Lunar eclipse on the 16th of July, which points back to the energy of the eclipse.

Mercury goes direct on Wednesday of this week. However, he will remain in his shadow until August 8th. Mercury’s shadow period is not unlike the actual retrograde. This means you will still need to consider all the things we consider during a full-on retrograde.

Now the Sun is in Leo. She joins Mars there. Mars is the planet of action. Leo is about fun. Hopefully, we can now put some the intensity of last month behind us and move on to more fun things.

This week we have a new moon that also falls on Wednesday, July 31, 2019. A Leo Full Moon is a good time to focus on our goals that reflect all things, Leo. Fun is first and foremost in my mind. But other things we might want to concentrate on are creativity, relationships with children, self-confidence, and of course developing a more healthy pride in ourselves. Remember that the shadow side of “pride cometh before a fall.”

Uranus has two conflicts this week and the first one is on Monday. Uranus square the Sun could bring some edginess and uncertainty to the start or the week. This won’t last long because the Sun moves fast.

At the end of the week, on Friday, August 2, Uranus squares Venus. This energy will put our relationships and money in the spotlight. This is also the second time this year these two planets have been in conflict with Venus, and the second time he has influenced abrupt changes in our personal lives, the environment, and in politics.

The best way to deal with this unpredictable energy it to stay cool, keep your head down. Don’t let the energy flow through you. Just allow it to flow around you. Again, this won’t last long because Venus moves fast.

Along with the New Moon, this week is a trine aspect between the Moon and the Great Benefic, Jupiter that coincides with the Leo New Moon. This sweet trine will lessen some of the chaos that Uranus is stirring up. Don’t forget that the New Moon is the time to plant seeds. Maybe not seeds for crops but seeds in our lives.

Communications will be easing up after Wednesday. But we still have a lot of retrograde planets keeping us in reflective mode. Jupiter goes direct on August 11 and Uranus turns retrograde on August 12, joining Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto.

I love Uranus. He is my ruling planet and I bet my mother is glad I was born under a retrograde Uranus than a direct one. My natal Uranus is about to come into its power.

Saturn goes direct in September. Pluto follows in October. Neptune follows in lat November. But Uranus will remain retrograde for the rest of the year. He doesn’t turn direct until early next year. January 11th to be exact.

The Sun in Leo also means we are in Lions Gate or 8-8-2019. This portal actually opens weeks before August 8 and we are in fact in it now. This is a cosmic alignment that offers an increase in the cosmic energy flow between the physical and the spiritual realms. For thousands of years, ancient Egypt has observed and honored the Lion’s Gate energy.

The gateway is open when the Dog Star, Sirius, the brightest star in the sky, aligns with the Earth. Sirius rises in the east with the Sun and Orion’s belt aligns with the pyramids in Giza. Alignments alone are pretty magical but when they align with such historic Earthly locations, magically take on a whole new meaning.

In short, this energy is anchoring our ascension codes and the energies of higher consciousness through Sirius and the Great Central Sun. The light coming in is intense. It serves to activate and awaken our DNA, the human energy field and sends our high vibration frequencies and awakening codes. This is a great time to get outside in the Sun. Even if you can only sit on the porch.

This does it for today. Remember to be kind to all you meet. This can really make a difference in someone’s life and

Astrology for July 22-27, 2019


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Can you hear the Lion roar? The sign of Leo is knocking at the door. On the East Coast the Sun will enter Leo at 10:26 PM on Monday, July 22, 2019. In some parts of the world, this shift won’t happen until July 23. Location really does matter in astrology.

This means we are leaving the safety and security of our home and mother to venture out into the world and make a big splash thanks to all of Leo’s outgoing energy. Leo is proud like its symbol the Lion and more willing to step out and take the role of Leader than Cancer is. He deeply feels his individuality and that he is more than just a member of the team. He wants the spotlight to shine on him (or her).

Leo is also all about FUN! It is time for us to relish the moment, and enjoy ourselves and dramatically express ourselves to our heart’s desire. Leo does rule the heart after all. The darker side of Leo can be quite self-centered and somewhat vain. Of course, other planets in Leo’s chart will determine how strong these attributes might express.

While we are on the subject of Leo, it is a good time to remind you of what he is up to besides causing hick-ups in communications and travel. During this transit, we might be on some grandiose goal. Whatever that goal is, we are very focused on it. The small details are not in our sights right now.

This week is a bit calmer than weeks past. The only square aspect that remains is between Jupiter and Neptune. The multiple oppositions of last week remain I place this week. There is one addition with the addition as Mercury moves in to join the Sun and Venus in opposition to Saturn and Pluto. This will add some tension to our communications. Saturn is going to try to block them and Pluto is trying to destroy things with our words. Mercury’s swift pace through the zodiac means this won’t last long.

Mercury moves on conjunct Venus in Cancer on Wednesday, July 24. We should experience more harmony in our communications today. Whatever we say, we say from the heart.

Thursday, Mars trines Jupiter. It is easy to make decisions now and act on them. Strong willpower rules the day and this is best used toward our goals. Mars is about action and Jupiter is about bringing us more. So this will be a good day for business deals, signing contracts (regardless of Mercury retrograde), and any sort of negotiations you may be involved in. This is overall, good mojo to succeed.

Friday, Mars moves into an inconjunct with Saturn. You could feel like you are getting nowhere fast and have one foot nailed down. Take notice of things inside you and around you. Is there some sort a change or adjustment you need to make? You will know that you have discovered whatever that is when your energy suddenly raises to the roof.

Saturday Venus also moves into Leo. This transit will energize our love life in a dramatic way. The excitement factor for some will be off the chain. With summer coming to a close, use this energy to squeeze out all the enjoyment you can. Venus will be moving on to Virgo on August 20, 2019, and that means a whole new Venus ballgame.

There is a lot more going on than just this short bit but instead of going into detail about the complicated aspects I will just give you the skinny on them and leave it at there is a number of Yods and a cradle aspect. They all involve asteroids and planets. One Yod begins on Tuesday and peaks next Sunday. This one will increase potential and manifestation. It will also lend support to musical, artistic, and dramatic performances.

There is group Yod also forming on the 23rd and it will assist forceful but important action with our significant others. We will take this action not for ourselves as much as for a higher purpose. At first look, this action might seem harsh but it isn’t. It can be done with joy and in agreement with our soul’s purpose. Call in a transformative thing.

Thursday another Yod peaks. This one is about service to others. As one friend says, “the world is on fire”. I feel like it is time to put out these fires and follow the Golden Rule rather than succumb to fear-mongering and hate. This aspect pattern could offer you a grand opportunity to spread information about a worthy cause. This one is also linked to our soul’s purpose.

The cradle began forming on July 6. It peaks on Friday. It is called a cradle because that is the shape it takes in the chart. This one will also help us to connect to Source, go within, awaken and better serve those who are suffering. I don’t think I need to remind many you of the many ways people around the globe and Mother Earth herself are suffering.

Now that you know what is available for you this week, I hope you will consider some of the ways you can take action. Is it by refusing that plastic straw with your soda when you stop for some fast food? There are many options for a replacement from telescoping stainless one that fits in your pocket to silicone ones that don’t offer the cold hard feel of that metal ones do. Will you use your own shopping bags and cut our plastic ones? Will fight against the EPA’s turn around or the cruelty that exists just about everywhere you turn? The energy this week will off your strength and support to you to make the lives of others safer and better. This action has a boomerang effect and will come back to you. Just as all the negative actions will come back to those that choose that path.

Don’t forget to smile to all you meet. You can even smile with your voice. I hear so many people answer a phone with a less than welcoming tone. It makes a difference and could make you feel good too.

Astrology for July 14- 20, 2019


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This big topic this week is Tuesday’s Capricorn Full Moon and the partial Lunar Eclipse that takes place at 24 degrees Capricorn. This event is packed with difficult oppositions besides the usual Sun-Moon opposition. This also involves Saturn, Pluto, and Venus. With all this energy, things could bring some challenges but there are almost always opportunities also. Your challenge may be nothing more than letting go of any worry and focusing more on what is possible. Make lemonade out of any lemons that roll into your path.

The eclipse will only be seen in Australia, South America, Asia, and Europe. Don’t think for a moment that it is not affecting you or the US just because it can’t be seen here. Energy is energy and it affects us all. Some of the power points to watch in the coming weeks will be Saturn’s rule over authority in general. Who has it, who wants it, who is using it, and for what reasons?

Pluto is also in the Capricorn eclipse mix. Pluto deals with our shadow or darker side of us. He loves to dig up the past. It is up to us to decide whether to allow this to create fear in us or help us to let go of the past and heal those past wounds; some going way back to early childhood. While this might sound like something you want to ignore or run away from, this energy when used correctly can lead to profoundly deep and positive change.

Since it takes place on the Capricorn – Cancer axis, we need to know what that energy is about. First of all, Capricorn is a cardinal sign and this means movement and activity. Capricorn rules the 10th house of business and priorities while Cancer rules the 4th house of home (basic structures in life) and family, our security and emotions. These are also areas in which we could experience a crisis or challenge.

The planets on the Cancer side are the Sun and Venus. The Sun is us. It is the essence of who we are and how we are, our identity. When in Cancer, we are given the opportunity to work with and express ourselves in areas of home, family, safety, and emotions.

Venus is working with the same areas as well as finances, relationships, and beauty. When Venus is opposed to Saturn as she is now, we could find that things in the relationship and other Venus departments don’t’ flow as well as we might like. Saturn wants us to look at duty before love. He seems to block whatever area of our lives he is in aspect with. So, if you find yourself feeling a bit cool emotionally of if others seem that way, the Venus opposition to Saturn could be the major influence.

One last point is the Moon’s opposition to Pluto. The Moon Rules Cancer. She represents the mother and our emotions. This powerful eclipse will no doubt give fuel to the fires that are blazing around women, their views, their sexuality, and their importance in society. Including, what is appropriate or not appropriate. Pluto can also cause upheaval in governments. This includes the types of things we are seeing now, such as criminal organizations (even in governments), surprising connections to drugs and drug lords (JP Morgan?), and also terrorism. Remember, Pluto loves to take us deep. It is easy to see how this might be playing out on the world stage now and in particular, in the U.S.?

This eclipse is packed with possibility, possibility, and transformation. We can ignore it or work with it. If you are on the ascension path and working to raise your vibrations so you can live in the higher dimensions, you will find this energy very beneficial. If you don’t understand what I just said. Don’t worry. Feel free to contact me and I will be happy to speak with you about it all.

Retrograde Mercury is moving back into Cancer early tomorrow. He will stay retrograde and in Cancer until July 31, 2019, when he stations direct and continues to transit the last degrees of Cancer before moving into Leo on August 12, 2019. Again, we are dealing with all the characteristics we attribute to Cancer. Retrogrades always give us a chance to reflect, revisit, redo, and recreate and transform. This not only applies to us personally but to the collective as well.

This eclipse also marks the beginning of the very powerful Pluto-Saturn conjunction. These two planets are slow moving so this aspect will be with us into next year. By March it will be separating and all that will be left is the change that it sparked. I am wondering which sparks will start full-blown fires. But I am only wondering and not concerned. Everything that is happening now, good, bad, and ugly, is moving us to a more perfect world. We are the witnesses or great change.

When you focus on this change and let go of expectations, keep your sight on love and compassion, and understand that all souls decide what they want to do before they incarnate here, it makes the ugly parts not so worrisome. You begin to understand that some souls make great sacrifices in human form so that positive change can take place.

We are moving toward a time where there is enough. Everyone exists in love and unity with the Earth and ALL her inhabitants. All we have to do is raise our vibrations. That can’t happen if we are picking a fight.

Earthquakes have been a hot topic in the past couple of weeks and they continue to be. When I check the list about 2pm EDT today there had been 37 small quakes in the US since midnight. All of them were between 2.5 -3.5 magnitude. There was one 4.8 in Guatemala this morning.

The ring of fire continues to be quite active. I counted 22 quakes today in Indonesia in the range of 4.4 -7.3. The quakes in the US were so small they were probably not noticed very much. Indonesia is another story. Earthquakes are almost always felt in the 4.0 range and definitely in the higher ranges. A 7.3 quake can do some real damage.

Below are two images from Earthquake 3-d that show all magnitudes of quakes for recent earthquakes along the ring of fire. Quakes for the week are on the left and quakes just today are on the right. 







If you are like me and don’t watch the news very often, you may have missed the freak weather event two weeks ago in Guadalajara Mexico. Imagine suddenly going from the usual hot, humid conditions of summer to waking up on July 1, 2019, with over 3 feet of ice in some places after a huge hail storm. You can read about that here:

With all the energy in the cosmos right now and all that is going on here on Terra firma, there are few people if any, that are not feeling more stress than usual. Self-care has never been more important, at least for those of us fortunate enough to be able to exercise some self-care. Four planets are in water signs. 

The Sun, Venus, and Mercury are in Cancer and Neptune is still in his home sign of Pisces. This opens the door for us to use water as a tool for healing and transformation. Even if you can’t get to the ocean, there is probably a stream or lake near you. Go find one and let its sound and movement carry your cares away and fill you with all the good, stress relieving vibes it has to offer. If you can’t get to water, then a long soak in the tub or an extra long shower will help.

As always, don’t forget to be kind to all you meet and smile. Smiles are the best medicine next to laughter. And don’t pass up an opportunity to hug someone either. 

Astrology for June 7-13, 2019


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Today and the month of July are brought to you by the number 7.

This is the seventh day of the seventh month. Seven is known for being a lucky number but it has many more interesting attributes. In numerology, it is called “the Seeker”. Seven is spiritual without being religious, contemplative, persevering, studious, analytical, wise, centered, introspective, genteel, and friendly.

Seven can also be distant, sarcastic, socially awkward, depressive, fearful, and occasionally back-stabbing.

Seven is also associated with the sign of Cancer and you can see how some of their attributes cross over. Cancer is nurturing and about the home. Seven is gracious and friendly. Cancer is about the wise mother taking care of her home and family. Seven is also wise, knowledgeable, and seeks ways to get things done.

If you want to know more about numerology, I suggest as a good place to start. In my spiritual circles, 7:7 opens a portal through which those wishing to can step into their next phase of spiritual development. This summer is loaded with opportunities for spiritual advancement both personally and collectively.

This week begins with Mercury in full retrograde and joining Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, and the asteroid Ceres. Chiron turns retrograde Monday. That is a whole lot of slowed down, retrospective, and contemplative energy. Mercury is doing the backstroke in Leo until July 18. During this time we will be dealing with our position around leadership, performing, and entertainment.

When Mercury moves back into Cancer on 7/19 -7/31, our reflections will relate to the themes around the recent Solar eclipse. Those are family, home, and security. This will be an excellent time to get in touch with our emotions and get in touch with and do some deep work around clearing feelings that challenge us.

Don’t forget the typical Mercury retrograde advise that includes checking travel plans, caution in signing contracts, starting new projects, or making large purchases. This is a time to reflect, re-do, re-create, re-visit, and review.

Monday, Chiron begins a five-month-long retrograde period. This is a long time to focus on not healing others or offering guidance. However, this is a wonderful time to work on our own healing. This includes not only physical, but mental emotional, and spiritual. You will need to be clear within yourself in order to support and assist others once this five-month period is over.

Venus will square Chiron on Monday. This aspect throws some blocks on our relationships, commitment, and intimacy. Social discomfort can increase and we might find learning from others to be a bit more difficult.

Venus in sextile aspect to Uranus on the same day balances the social discomfort brought by the square with Chiron. The Venus aspect with Uranus will help us take risks and do things we might not do otherwise. Uranus loves to surprise us. He and Venus want us to grab onto new ideas, romantic experiences, and even financial investments with regard to electronics, technology, art, metaphysics, and about anything out of the ordinary. In other words, all things Uranus.

A newly retrograde Mercury conjuncts Mars on Monday. This aspect if all mental. Don’t be too quick with your decision making. Doing so might result in something not going the way you might like.

The last aspect for Monday is the Sun inconjunct retrograde Jupiter. This one is about freedom. If you feel restless or can’t decide what you really want, this aspect is likely the cause. Letting go of old no longer serves can ring us the freedom we desire. Its a good time to let go of an old habit and make room for new and healthful experiences.

Tuesday the Sun opposes retrograde Saturn. The father of the sky wants us to second guess ourselves. He brings us a wave of doubt and fear. He blocks our path to progress and serves up a big helping of realism. All this will hopefully serve to raise our confidence in our ability to take care of ourselves.

Thursday the Sun trines retrograde Neptune. You could notice your intuition is strong today. You feel like you are in tune with things. Instincts are good and we appreciate the differences and all things others have to offer.

Mars squares Uranus on Thursday. Again, we are willing to take more risks and feel a bit restless. Mars will assist in any fight for freedom we might be waging. Uranus is known for upset and with Mars energy squarely added, there could be upsets in our lives or our work. Difficulty focusing on one thing is also likely.

Friday we have Mercury in a sesquiquadrate aspect to Neptune. You might find it difficult to think clearly today. If you have something important planned for Friday such as a presentation or any sort of contract or agreement, you will definitely want to be extra cautious. Check the facts two or three times to be sure.

A few weeks ago I sent out two posts on Uranus in Taurus. This past week in my email from was news of the evidence of the new Solar Cycle 25 beginning. The 24th cycle has been less active than expected but this seems to be about to change. As you might know, the Sun’s activity has a direct effect on the Earth’s weather and our electromagnetic field.

This week there also seemed to be an uptick in earthquakes in the U.S. A friend in Dalton GA shared info about a small, 2.4 quake in his area. There was another one north of him in Tennessee but neither of these was strong enough to show up in the Quake 3-D app but I did find them when digging deeper.

A 2.4 quake is barely felt and causes no real damage. Quake 3-D shows 2.5 and larger only. These small quakes are usually only picked up by seismographs. The 4-5.0 can be felt but generally, cause little or no damage. You do feel the house move and sometimes things can crack of fall. It’s the 6.0 and higher that we begin to really feel it and get the damage. The depth of a quake matters too.

This past week in California, there has been a string of quakes. Between 2:54 pm today and 3:03 pm, there were at least 18 small quakes. Below are some images from Quake 3-D that show the activity in the past seven days and in the past day. 

     Ring of Fire July 1-7
Americas Pacific Rim July 1-7

Ring of Fire July 6-7

AmericAmericas Pacific Rim July 6-7

This is the kind of thing Uranus in Taurus does. We’ve got several more years of weather wonky’s to come. Hold on to your hats!

While you are holding your hats, please don’t forget that a little kindness goes a long way. Be kind to all you meet. 


Astrology for June 30- July 6, 2019


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Today is asteroid day and the 111th anniversary of the 1908 Tunguska explosion. A fireball was seen on June 30, 1908, over a remote area of Siberia, now part of Russia. However, it wasn’t until 1927 that scientists were able to reach the area. The explosion left no crater but leveled trees and killed animals in the area. No one really knows what happened that day and there have been some speculations about alien ships, black holes, and anti-matter. If you would like to read more about this, check out this link:

This week brings us to the halfway point of the year and another holiday week. July the 4th is one of the biggest holiday and vacation weekends of the year. It is also a very dangerous holiday. Whatever you are doing to celebrate I hope you will be mindful of many dangers of cooking over a fire or grill, d personal injury associated with fireworks, and the effect loud noises can have on small children and animals.

There is data showing that birds and wild animals can become disoriented by the loud exploding sound caused by fireworks and abandon their nests. Some of these animals even die from the loud sounds of fireworks. All the more reason to use large open areas instead of the backyard. Unless of course, you back yard if wide open.

Cancer is also the Sun sign for the United States. When looking at the nation’s chart we see that Cancer is in the 9th house. This is the house of foreign places, long distance travel, legal issues, higher education, publishing, religion, and philosophy. The news will no doubt be telling us stories along these lines in the next week or two.

Besides the 4th of July taking place this week we have a New Moon and an eclipse influencing us on July 2, 2019. Both events will take place in the sign of Cancer and close to the North Node of the Moon. The North Node is about moving forward. The sign of Cancer relates to the home and all things domestic, as well as family, security, women, emotions, food and nurturing, and our roots.

The New Moon/eclipse represents new beginnings. With it being in Cancer your attention would best be placed on nurturing and feeding our home, where we reside both physically and emotionally. This is calling us to exercise good self-care and pay close attention to what we need on deep levels, our connection to family whether the blood of the family of choice, our sense of belonging, and how all these things help us feel safe.

These days safety, or the lack thereof for some, is a huge issue. If this is a subject that makes you squirm or feel uncomfortable you might want to spend some time this week thinking about ways to change your environment or your perspective of things. The lack of safety and security are hard on our nervous system and generally not healthy for us mentally or physically.

The Cancerian characteristics ask us to look closely at our vulnerability, how we show and accept support from others, and our needs for intimacy. I remember balking once when someone said I was vulnerable. Who? Me? I’m a doer and more than capable of taking care of myself in ways most women can’t, I thought to myself. Needless to say, I had a lot to learn about vulnerability. The toughest of the tough are often the most vulnerable and just hiding behind their “tough” illusion.

This eclipse will be not be seen here but if you happen to be in Chile or Argentina you will be able to see a sunset total solar eclipse. You can also catch it online.

Mercury moved into Leo on June 28, 2019, and also entered his storm period that same day in preparation of stationing to turn retrograde on July 7, 2019. The retrograde will last until August 1 with the storm period on the back side lasting until August 8th.

The Sun, as you know is in Cancer. So is Venus from July 3-27. This will bring more love, nurturing, sensitivity, and emotional peaks and valleys to all the previously mentioned Cancer characteristics. This can be an affectionate and cuddly time but if we don’t feel safe and secure things can get ugly.

Mars moves into Leo tomorrow July 1, 2019. The god of war is proud and confident in this sign. He is ready and willing to get what he wants and not worry about the details while doing it. He is hot-headed and full of youthful exuberance, passion, and sexual vigor. Ooh, la la! His tight square aspect to Uranus only add to fuel to his fiery energy. Don’t expect him to think things through before taking action.

Among other aspects this week besides the New Moon and the total solar eclipse, a Grand Trine that has been with us since June 23, 2019, peaks on Wednesday, July 3 and again on July 13, 2019. This pattern involves Mercury, Ceres, and Chiron.

Do you have a message you want to get out there? This Grand Trine pattern could be opening doors for those that are ready to launch something new or get out into the public eye. Mercury is the message you have, Ceres is nurturing and harvesting it, and Chiron is the wisdom that supports you. If this speaks to you or something you have planned, it would be good to take advantage of this energy before the end of the month. The pattern will be gone after July 25.

Wednesday Mercury aspects Neptune and we are not able to think clearly. This will be a good day to chill out and give in to the daydreams we more often attempt to squelch. This is not a good day to make decisions, sign contracts, make proposals. It might be a good thing its a holiday and many people will not be working or have the need to accomplish any of these things. At the same time, please use caution when you are doing those holiday activities that could cause harm. Don’t succumb to Neptune in this way.

Thursday, Mars aspects Jupiter. This will give our new projects a real boost. It could, however, create too much enthusiasm. With this sesquiquadrate aspect, there is a possibility of becoming too enthusiastic or over-confident. It will be important to think twice before acting. If we leap before looking, the consequences could cost us a lot.

This month is really off to a big start! There is more to come too. As of July 8th, we will have seven planets retrograde. My first thought is that this will mean a lazy summer because so many planets have slowed down. On the other hand, if we take advantage of this slowdown and do the work they are offering to help us with, then we could be very busy with work regarding our awakening and human evolution.

July will offer us a lot of opportunities and a lunar eclipse. I hope you enjoy the first week of it as much as you can. Don’t forget the importance of safety in all your celebrations and practice good self-care also. Holiday times tend to be times when we overextend ourselves and we don’t take care of ourselves a well as we should. Know when to say no and when to stop and rest.

Remember to be kind and smile to all the folks you meet and pass each day. I am always amused by the people I pass in the hall at work that are focused on nothing more than their phone. They never look up or take notice of who they are passing.

Conversely, yesterday I ran into a friend that is perhaps the most present person I know. He always looks you right in the face and listens to what you have to say. It is almost creepy because he is so attentive. But he makes me aware of how I am not present with others. What a lesson to carry out into the world.

Be kind!


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I’m so glad Summer Solstice fell on a weekend this year. The longest three days of the year. The weather was great here in North Carolina. I hope everyone enjoyed it in one way or another.

Neptune turned retrograde last Friday, June 21, 2019, and there could not have been better energy for Solstice celebrations or celebrations of any kind. Neptune is the planet of dreams, illusion, higher consciousness, spirituality, inspiration, creativity, and addictions. He is the thin line between this world and the next, between dreams and reality. Neptune is in his home sign of Pisces and this means we are getting his full power and full effects, undiminished by any other influence except the planets he is in aspect to.

This is wonderful awakening energy. We are now able to see things from another perspective. We only need to be open to this possibility. Those that do will wake up to a new reality. This energy is strong right now and waiting for us to make the best use of it.

This is a great time to check your intentions. Review. See if your intentions are out-dated, or no longer in alignment with our heart’s desire. Everything in our lives needs a review from time to time and intentions are no different.

Neptune will be retrograde until November 27, 2019. This gives us a good 5 months to listen to what he has to say to us. We would do well to pay attention to the knowledge and gifts he is offering to share. During this time we will be asked to look beyond what we know, beyond tradition, beyond the way we have always done things and discover new ways and new truths.

Neptune’s addictive characteristic is can even be turned around. Use it to escape into the new reality he is trying to show us. Escape into the awakening. Escape into a higher consciousness, and way of thinking. Use it to navigate your way into the center of your being and your connection with the Universe. When we do this the old reality will make more sense.

To some, this could sound a contradiction. All you need to do is take the first step. Its bike riding a bike or anything else we do in life. If nothing happened the first time, keep at it. You will eventually see the light, the new reality Neptune is showing us. This retrograde period will help you a great deal. Don’t give up.

Neptune also joins Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in retrograde. All of these are outer, slow-moving planets. Over the next few months, the all will be asking us to slow down. Slow down, repeat, and rethink what we want and where we are going. They are asking us to examine our choices before moving on.

This Mercury is in the spotlight. He is in the last degrees of Cancer and as you probably remember, planets are very strong in the last degrees of a sign. There is also a T-square between Jupiter, Neptune, and Venus that has been in play since June 16, 2019. It peaks tomorrow, June 24 and continues to affect us through the end of the month.

Since Venus is a point on this T-square pattern, you will want to be extra mindful of money scams and spending or investing wisely. Read all contracts and take your time with all financial matters this week.

The other square in this patter is Jupiter square, Neptune. Here again, we see Neptune characteristics. Combine these with Jupiter’s higher education, optimism, and expansion in all areas and we get some wonderful energy to work with. You might find you are drawn to study the spirituality of another culture or take an art class or learn about some sort of creative activity and expression.

The flip side to this square is overspending, over-optimism, and wandering about mindlessly. While mindless wandering can lead the way to exploration and an overall good thing to do, with Neptune and Jupiter squaring each other, it might be more like walking in circles with one foot nailed down.

Jupiter in this pattern is also opposing Venus. There are two ways this might affect folks. One is to turn up the joy levels of our relationships. The other is to Expand the relationships current energy like a microscope so that we can better see what is really going on in them. Even if this means the end of some relationships, it might ultimately be the best thing for us.

Thursday we have another Venus aspect. This one is a quincunx with Pluto. Pluto represents the process of birth and life. The Venusian parts of our life will be affected. Look for this in not only areas of love, but creativity and finances too. Try to play nice when you are out in society. Don’t want to get too deep with folks that don’t get it. But then, maybe you do? Maybe that is what they need?

The last thing I want to mention concerns, Mercury. He is changing signs this week and moving to Leo. Leo is full of pride and loves center stage. Mercury will not be moving through Leo very fast this summer. He’s going to be in a retrograde holding pattern for three weeks. That period is longer if you count the storm period.

Mercury basically enters storm the same day he moved into Leo. That is this Friday. Storm period act like retrogrades. Mercury will go full on retrograde on July 7, 2019, and will be in Leo for one week before traveling back into Cancer to tie up loose ends there.

More on this next week. In the meantime, go make this week the best week you can. Don’t forget to be kind to all you meet and smile to everyone. Why not smile and wave to the panhandler on the street corner too. They deserve your kind recognition at the very least.

Uranus in Taurus 2019 and Beyond, Part 2


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All my life I’ve heard there are only two things in life we HAVE to do. Those two things are, die and pay taxes. Some, jokingly add a line about having to go through Atlanta to get anywhere.

Now, I am not a betting person. The closest I have ever come to buying a lottery ticket was once when someone bought one gave it to me. That being said, I would almost bet the farm that in the next few years, ten at the most, we will not conduct commerce as we do now. Remember, Taurus deals with personal finances and materialism.

This brings up many questions about our financial system and money. Will the stock market crash? Will Banks close again? Will we all be implanted with a chip that will replace our bank cards? I go back to the mantra, time will tell. I wish there was a crystal ball or some magic spell that could tell us but I don’t think that exists. Speculating is just an educated guessing game. Whatever happens, there will be a ripple effect that will impact the collective. Heads up. No fear! Learn to ride the waves because there are going to be some waves.

The fact that Uranus rules weather and Taurus is an Earth sign, we are probably going to see even more erratic weather. You may or may not be aware of some of the intense and unusual weather so far this year.

I heard a few days ago that this is the wettest June on record. (Please keep in mind that our records are limited to a small fraction of actual time, 150 years at the most and often no more than 50 years). I also heard a man say in an interview a couple of weeks ago that he had not seen where he parked his car since March 17, 2019. The Midwest and other parts of the United States have had more rain than we have seen in a long time.

A  storm crossed the U.S. the end of May and the first week of June 2019. It was huge and covered almost all of the Southeast and Gulf coast states. Texas and Louisiana got a month’s worth of rain in just 24 hours on June 7, 2019. My home town declared a state of emergency due to flooded roads and roads that washed out. On May 29th there were over 51,000 lightning strikes in that one day.

The United States is not the only part of the globe has seen a lot of rain. There have been floods in Mexico, Romania, Serbia, Herzegovina, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Libya, Uganda, Afghanistan, Ghana, and China. Crazy weather for sure. If we are seeing this sort of weather now, I wonder how crazy it will get over the next seven years? How much stress can our infrastructure take before it collapses? Again, I’m not trying to be all gloom and doom, just considering possibilities.

Tornado season is off to big start this year with very destructive storms in southern Chile, Germany, and at least 935 tornadoes in the US so far this year. The city of Los Angeles, Chile experienced a tornado. Sixteen people died as a result. Citizens reported that this area never has tornadoes. This was a rare event for sure.

Momotombo volcano sends a large plume of ash into the air, as seen from a plane (Storyful / YouTube / Gold Minor)

Volcanoes and earthquakes are also regular news stories. I am not going to say much about these. They seem to be increasing and when you take the current Uranus in Taurus transit into consideration, well, am going I mention them from time to time in my regular posts. I will say tell you there were two earthquakes today that registered above 6.0. One was in New Zealand and the other was in Indonesia. There was a 4.0+ in Japan but tsunami warnings were lifted. 

Heat and drought is a problem in other places. The history books tell us about “The Dust Bowl” of the 1930s. This time around it seems the dust bowl is in India and Pakistan where people are dying from the intense 123 º heat and the 2nd driest pre-monsoon season in 65 years. In Japan, more than 600 people were hospitalized due to a heat wave. By contrast, Denver, Colorado experienced the largest late May snowfall in 44 years.

Records show that it was as hot in the 1930s, ’40s, and ’50s as it is now but what we have not seen before are the coral reefs dying off from the heat or the ice melting in our Arctic regions. Scientists have recently used a small submarine type craft to dive deep into the oceans to try to determine what is happening and why ocean temps are rising. Some scientists believe this is due to human-caused “greenhouse gas emissions” that are stored in the oceans. They have sent a small submarine down to deep cold water ocean depths and have discovered that the warmer waters above are mixing with these cold waters and causing the arctic ice and ice burgs to melt.

Besides the weather, finances will likely change. Keep in mind that Taurus deals with possessions. Will we take a closer look at what we own? Will gather more possessions or will we be examining what we really need and ditching the rest.

Letting go can be emotional for many of us. Often our stuff is attached to a memory, a hope, wish or dream that hasn’t come true. Our things represent so much and we often find facing the attachment is just too difficult .

What do you value? There is definitely a move toward less is more.

Uranus has an undisputed love of technology. Could this bring us terrific new inventions? (My Aquarian self love this part). The possibilities for advancement and discoveries in science and medicine are mind-blowing. We might even see a cure for cancer and I am not repeating a political candidate here. This is a real possibility.

This will be a time to wake up and smell the coffee. Some of us will weather this well while others, not so much. Much will be about perspective. Regardless, I am going to stick my neck out and say that things are about to intensify in ways we could not imagine.

Probably the most important thing to keep in mind is that all these events are necessary for our evolution. There will be a lot of head butting and difference of opinion. Gratitude for what is and finding and doing things that bring us joy will be more important than ever. 

The old guard is doing all it can to exert its power and maintain control. Saturn is currently transiting Capricorn and both deal with tradition, authority, and structure. Uranus in Taurus will be giving these two a run for their money.

Tradition will further be tested when Saturn moves into Aquarius on March 23, 2020 -July 3, 2020, when he retrogrades back into Capricorn until December 18, 2020, before moving back to complete his  Aquarian transit on March 7, 2023. Remember that Aquarius is ruled by Uranus and Uranus will then be a direct influence on Saturn. Its really going to shake up tradition, authority, and structure. This will no doubt make the election year 2020 VERY interesting.

There is no way I can cover all the possibilities the Uranus-Taurus transit might bring us. I only hope this gives you some insight into the possibilities and there are wonderful possibilities indeed. Keeping an open mind and detaching from the outcome will be key, as well as good self-care, turning off news, meditation, and being kind. So gather up your crystals, hug a tree, get your feet on the ground, sit by the water, and listen to the bird’s sing. These will all help us.

And now I am reminded of this song: 


Uranus in Taurus: 2019 and Beyond, Part 1


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I said I would write more about Uranus in Taurus. There is a lot of info so I will deliver is in two parts. Uranus in Taurus promises to keep us on our toes with unexpected events and perhaps be a catalyst for change like we have never seen in our lifetime. I don’t say this to sound like an alarmist, but I believe things are about to get interesting.

I’ve been working on this post for a few weeks There is so much to talk about but I will do my best to keep things clear. If you are not interested or the detailed are too much to wrap your brain around, I get it. Feel free to stop reading now. But if you are curious like me, I will do my best to explain what I can.

My curiosity began with how the weather could be affected. I was wondering what might result from the planet of quick change blending with a bull-headed Earth sign.  We have already seen some pretty intense weather and Uranus is only 5 ° into Taurus. We have years to go yet. Until April of 2026 to be exact. Uranus will move into Gemini in late 2025 but he will retrograde back into Taurus until he finally moves to Gemini for his next seven years transit in April of 2026. That is two and half presidential elections from now.

There is no doubt that we all feel that things are, to say the least, wonky in the collective. There is a great deal of division in this country and around the world. Some people are pushing forward while others are holding fast to tradition and actually pushing us back in time.

The weather is another aspect of our wonky world that seems to be Topsy-turvy recently. We can probably thank the astronomical wild card called Uranus. You never know how Uranus will shake things up but we do have historical records to guide us.

When I first began this blog in 2012, Uranus was just beginning a series of square aspects with Pluto. I called “the square dance”. Pluto is the planet that takes us deep into the depths of our psyche. He shows us where the bodies are buried, where we have hidden our deepest, darkest, secrets. He shows us all the things about ourselves that we had rather not look at, let alone acknowledge. Together, Uranus and Pluto squared stimulated significant change in the collective. Some of it rocked the foundation of power and tradition, resulting in a tug of war on some fronts.

A few ways this has been seen in the United States in the events that led to the rise of “Black Lives Matter” and the “Me Too” movement. Large corporations such as Bayer/Monsanto are being held accountable for hiding the true facts about the dangers of their products. And we elected a man as president that is like no other before him and possibly the largest single catalyst for change we have ever seen.

To best understand the Uranus -Taurus transit, we need to get to know the characteristics of these astrological components. Uranus is the god of the sky and ruler of Aquarius. We refer to him as male but he also has feminine energy just like Mercury does. Astrologers say their energy is neuter but I will be applying the male pronoun.

Uranus is bursting with change. He is progressive, forward thinking, loves freedom, he balks at tradition, and celebrates originality and individuality. He is known to be disruptive, destabilizing, objective, ingenious, intelligent, revolutionary, enlightened, and is a fan of technology. His love for creativity and invention is often sparked by his great gift of intuition and he enjoys shocking people.

Uranus rules weather, electricity, technology, inventions, and the internet. The key word for Uranus is break-through. This planet head of the department of “ who knows what will happen next”? His position in your chart is where you will surprise yourself and others with what you do and show you where you will be strong. Rules are made to be broken, he hates a rut, and freedom is important. He rules the ankles and calves and co-rules the nervous system with Mercury.

The less welcomed characteristics of Uranus are rebelliousness, reacting rather than thinking things through, and not acting responsibly. Wherever Uranus shows up in the natal chart, this is likely to be the area in your life Uranus stirs up the most.

Uranus is the seventh planet and takes about seven years to transit each sign.

Seven is considered a lucky number. In numerology, the positive characteristics of seven are recognized as spiritual, analytical, intuitive, knowledgeable, persevering, and serious. The less desirable characteristics of the number seven are being socially awkward, cowardly, distant, sarcastic, and when things get really bad, we might see some back-stabbing going on. With an election year approaching, I’ll wager the back-stabbers will be out in full force and making good use of all the less desirable traits of seven. But again, time will tell.

Seven also echoes the change factor of Uranus. Ever hear of the “Seven Year Itch”? This refers to a point in time when we often desire a change. relationships end and people move or change jobs or even careers. You might want to examine how seven plays out in your life. What were you doing seven years ago or seven years before that, or when you were seven?

Earlier I called Uranus an astronomical wild card. This is evident even in its orbit. Instead of going around in a circle like the other planets do, Uranus goes up and over the Sun in an elliptical orbit. Are you beginning to get a feeling for how unexpected Uranus can be?

Now let’s look at Taurus for a bit. Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac and relates to the second house. This house rules our values, money, personal finances, sense of self-worth, personal possessions (materialism), speech, and the throat.

The glyph for Taurus is the bull, a symbol of strength, virility, and power. They are happiest when their lives are stable and secure. Taurus energy is also peaceful and calm until something rubs them the wrong way. When they get an idea or have a goal in mind, they can be quite stubborn and determined.

Once a Taurean is angered, look out! Bulls only charge when bothered. Now, I can hear you asking, “But what does all this mean and how will this affect me”? Well, let’s look back to the last time Uranus was in Taurus, from June – October 1934, then steadily from April 1935 – May 1943. During this period there was a drought in the Great Plains region that is known as “the dust bowl”. Crops withered, jobs were lost. The people were poverty stricken and hungry. Malnutrition, starvation, and hunger were widespread and people were sick with illnesses like dust pneumonia.  Farmers were forced to abandon their farms in search of work elsewhere. Many of them moved west.

This was also the time when the United States went off the gold standard. Banks closed and the Great Depression set in, challenging our materialistic values like never before. President Roosevelt enacted the Social Security Act which was designed to help those in need, the elderly, the very young, and the differently abled. He also created the WPA (Works Progress Administration) which provided jobs for the unemployed. This was indeed a revolutionary period of time.

Revolution might be on the horizon for us again. Exactly what will happen is anyone’s guess but we can make some guesses based on what we know about the energies involved.

In the next post, I will cover some history and some of the things that have happened in the past few months also. Perhaps I am writing this for me more than anyone, but I do hope you learn something useful from it. 


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photos by Brittany Serenpa

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s!

I am involved with a group that has been bringing in new codes and light to support the network of trees around the world. I felt like this photo would not only acknowledges the work of these wonderful folks but is also a testament to Dad’s. I think Dad’s are a lot like trees as keep us grounded and protected.

I’m still working on the Uranus in Taurus info. There is a lot to cover and so far I have about 5 pages. I think it will come out in two posts, hopefully later this week. In the meantime, I hope you have gone outside to see Jupiter and four of his moons. You can get a good look with the naked eye binoculars or a 300mm zoom camera lens works better.

We ramping up to bring in Summer Solstice energies. We also very close to the halfway mark of 2019 but, that is still about 2 weeks away. For those of you that are the planner type, you might want to examine the past six months and look for things that may not have gone the way you wanted them to, or things you didn’t get done, and the things you want to accomplish in the next six months.

For now, we have a Full Moon in Sagittarius on Monday, June 17, 2019. Sagittarius is an expansive sign and is ruled by the planet of expansion, Jupiter. This energy will help us get ready for the mid-year set-point I mentioned. You might want to consider using this Moon’s energy to find joy, exuberance, and to celebrate. Higher learning, long-distance travel, philosophy, global cultures, teaching, and the meaning of life.

Yep! All things Saggitarius! That last one is a kicker. The point on which many of us get lost. With all this expansion, you will want to make sure you don’t overextend yourself. Too many irons in the fire will spread energy reserves too thin.

Another downside to this energy is that some of us will use it as a platform to preach about personal convictions. Your way is not the highway. It is just your way so let it be your way and don’t take up a soapbox on the street corner. We would all be best served if we were able to release this boastful, judgmental energy and take on the neutral stance of the observer.

The Full Moon will also be conjunction Jupiter in Sagittarius. This serves to amplify the expansive energy already discussed. This is lucky, benevolent energy but it can be jealous too. Try to stay on the plus side of it all and should the lower side energies pop up, acknowledge them, observe them, and let them all go.

Neptune seems to be the big player this week. There is a T-Square beginning today that involves Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune. This pattern will last until July 1, 2019. This is a hard aspect pattern that will bring some challenges with it.

Venus is opposing Jupiter in this patter. This combo could mean some financial good news but the opposition makes this more doubtful. Scams or some sort of financial miss-step is more likely. Whatever you do financially, do it with care. Watch your spending. Don’t do like some of my friends do and shop on the internet after a night out drinking. One of my friends has gone through at least $30,000 this way.

With both Venus and Jupiter in square aspect to Neptune in this pattern, there is a greater potential for uncertainty. Neptune can bring deception and cause a financial venture to seem like something better than it is. Remember, Neptune is all about illusion.

This illusive energy fog up our relationships. If you are in a happy relationship with someone you will want to think twice and take your time before deciding to go any further right now. Neptune is tricky and we might be acting more form our dream state than reality.

The Jupiter square with Neptune will be perfected today and in September 21, 2019. They were also square in January. Neptune turns retrograde the end of this week so he won’t be out of influential orb with Jupiter until November. Keep this in mind. Write it down someplace.

This energy will affect us for the next 5 months. And if you are one who enjoys self-medication, remember, this is a time when our vices and the desire to escape can get out of control. The end results can be tragic. It will be very important to find positive ways to express ourselves. It is almost summer and nature is a positive place to spend time. Remember that you are bigger and stronger than your troubles. 

Tuesday we have a sextile aspect between Saturn and Neptune. This is a big influence throughout the year, a total of 15 months to be exact. The first alignment was on January 31, the 2nd one on Tuesday, another on November 8, 2019.

Some of the ways this energy could show up in our lives is in spiritual practices. We might change how we practice our spirituality or become detached from is. We could seek out spiritual guides and practitioners to help us advance our practices and embody awakening. Or become more focused and grounded in a current practice.

The shadow side of this energy is doubt and We might lose faith in our abilities and have a feeling of unworthiness. Boundaries will be important because a lack of them can cause us problems, spark painful emotions, and allow any desire for self-medication to bubble up and take over. With so much focus on opioid addictions, This could be a period of time when we see a great number of overdoses. I certainly hope not. If you or someone you know is feeling down, tell your friends and seek help.

Friday is Summer Solstice and marks the beginning of the next three month period of time. It is also the day the Sun moves into Cancer. I’ve already said that Neptune is a big player too. In the graphic below, you can see he will be in aspect with almost all points on the chart that day. Neptune is circled. The list includes the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto. In short, this means Neptune is going to be influencing our lives in a BIG way. There is a great possibility with this as well as some trouble spots. Be aware. The opportunity for awakening is here.

The Sun in Cancer is a whole different type of energy from the Sun in Gemini. Cancer is feminine and ruled by the Moon. Cancer represents the Mother and the home. Our focus will be more toward nurturing and family than it has been.

That is all I have for today. Next weekend there will be all sorts of Solstice celebrations to participate in. People are going on vacations too. Be safe in all your travels. Don’t forget to be kind to all you meet and smile. You never know what is going on with the stranger you come face to face with. If they are being nice, there is probably a good reason and a smile could brighten their day more than you can imagine. Remember that when we are nothing more than a skeleton, there are no differences between us.