Astrology for January 15-21, 2017


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Wow! We sure have had some interesting aspects to work through lately. Neptune, Mars, and Venus have been having a party over in Pisces for a little bit now. Saturn has been playing with Mercury. If any of these are triggering your chart, you may have felt like you have been trudging through knee deep mud.

You may have been feeling as if the walls were coming in on you or you were led to indulge and escape since New Year’s Day. I Have definitely not been in a party or crowd mood since Christmas. Neptune has been quite evident in my life. I have felt foggy and distant and anytime I am near water I seem to make a mess. Nothing to do but laugh at myself, the mess, and then clean it up.

The Full Moon was intense but for a change, I slept well every night. Usually, there is at least one night I don’t sleep well. This week will remain tense but for other reasons.

This week the Sun changes signs and moves from Capricorn to Aquarius at 5:03 pm on January 19th. At the same time, Mars is in square aspect to Saturn. Frustrations run high. Wrath and anger are like glowing embers below our surface. Some of us will want to use an extra amount of care so this does not turn into a full-fledged blaze, raging out of control.

The energy shift from Capricorn to Aquarius is a big one. We go from feeling responsible, ambitious, and respectful to almost a “devil may care” attitude as Aquarius takes us into a place of independence and drive for personal freedom, knowledge, and creative new ways of doing things. Aquarius energy is rational, aloof, separate, and unattached. There is a lot more I could say about this but that would lead me into politics and I won’t go there.

Saturn in square aspect to Mars on Thursday is going to make doing what we want, the way we want difficult this week. Let if all go. This will pass and we can move back to these things later, or not. It is often best not to force things.

Venus entered Pisces on January 3, 2017, where she will remain until February 3. Pisces hold lots of loving energy in some of the same ways Aquarius does. Pisces, however, is more wide open than even the most open-minded Aquarius.

Venus in Pisces is very compassionate, pulls for the underdog, and sometimes has behaves like martyr. Early in the week Venus is snuggled up with Neptune. This no doubt adds a level of creativity and illusion to our view of love. It is the illusion part the could be problematic for some of us. Be wise and cautious so you don’t become a victim.

Friday Venus is sextile Pluto. This energy is good for both our money and our relationships. That sounds good to me. So does feeling confident and authentic. I hope to make the most of this aspect.

Since the end of last year, like most of us, I have been looking ahead to see what this year holds for us. I feel like Saturn will be playing a big role this year. This week I see an interesting trine between Saturn and Uranus. This could be a universal attempt to relieve some of chaotic affects of the past five years of repeated Pluto-Uranus squares.

We are still under the influence of these squares but their affects are waning and we will be out from under this influence altogether in about another year or so. However, from what I am reading, this trine will help ease the tensions that the squares created. Could we really discover that we have more in common than we seem to now?

One thing that had been of interest remote interest to me is the stock market. I keep hearing “experts” talk about an 8 year cycle, is the dot com crash of 2000, the housing crash of 2008, you get the idea. I have thought since the late 1990’s that we were in for another big crash that could possibly be as big as the one in 1929.

I decided to look at the ephemeris for that day, October 29, 1929. Saturn, which rules institutions, authority, fear, and boundaries. On that day in 1929, Saturn was are 26 degrees 44 minutes of Sagittarius. Saturn is currently transiting Sagittarius.

When I looked at the ephemeris for this year I was discovered there are three times this year that Saturn will be at the exact same degree is was in 1929. Everything has a cycle doesn’t it? 

Three times is due to a retrograde begins in April and last through August. If you are interested in this you might want to mark your calendars with these dates so you will be reminded to see what it going on about these three days.

Three times is due to a retrograde begins in April and last through August. If you are interested in this you might want to mark your calendars with these dates so you will be reminded to see what it going on about these three days.

The first time Saturn will be at 26:44 Sagittarius is on March 1, 2017. Next is on May 13. The last time is on November 22nd. My guess is that the one to pay the most attention to will be the one in November. I regret not having more info on this at this time. I hope to have more as the year progresses. 

This coming week is full of transition. I am hoping it all goes smoothly. I am looking forward to the move into Aquarius and due to the shift, next week’s blog will probably be late. That is unless I get it written early. Next Sunday is my birthday and I plan to celebrate quietly. For some reason I don’t want to do anything for go anywhere to celebrate and have so far turned down all invitations to do so. As I said early in this post, I have been a bit more reclusive that usual. Not sure what this is all about but I am going with the flow and using this time as positively as I can.

Astrology for January 8-14, 2017


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Welcome to 2017 and Happy Elvismas! It is hard to believe that the “King of Rock and Roll” would be 82 today. Happy birthday Elvis, wherever you are. ❤

Has this been an interesting week for you?

Did you make New Year’s resolutions? Some do, I don’t. I do however, set intentions but I don’t beat myself up if some of them go bust. I just do my best to stay positive and happy. This is the energy in which all good things happen. Studying astrology, helps me stay in the positive mode. I sure hope you find these weekly post beneficial to you in a similar way.

Cold air and snow covers the much of the country. Here in central North Carolina we got nine inches of snow Friday night and Saturday morning. We seldom get snows over a few inches and don’t get snow every year. Most years we luxuriate in what many call the perfect snow. A snow event that covers the ground in white for a day and is gone the next day. Nine inches is a big event for us, but usually doesn’t bring us to our knees like unless ice and sleet are involved. This snow came down as dry powder which is rare for us.

Have you ever considered how there is a cycle to almost everything? The first of January is thought of as the beginning of the year. A time when we look to sages, seers, and folk lore to help us determine what might be coming our way. Reality is, January is the beginning of the last season of the year. Life and events in the cosmos don’t just happen in a linear way, they happen in cycles and spiral ever so slightly outward as they do.

Cycles, such as how the planets move around, are ever showing us signs of things to come. So do the seasons. Spring is actually the first season of the year. Fall is the third one and the one that gives us the best clues as to what is coming in the winter season. Folklore is full of winter indicators. Some of my favorites are the persimmon seed, squirrel’s tails, and acorns.

The American persimmon seed, when split open in the fall to expose the cotyledon, is said to reveal whether winter will be mild, very cold, or snowy. Read what the Old Farmer’s Almanac says here:

I must stop now to tell you that just as I finished typing the paragraph above, I received a Facebook message from and friend who had no idea what I was doing or even if I was online. I laughed out loud when I saw it! I hope you will enjoy this too.

The folklore predictions I observed this fall were some very bushy squirrel’s tails, an unusually abundant acorn crop, and the black on the woolly worm. All indicators of a cold and snowy winter. This year, I would have to say folklore has been very accurate. The winter/late fall was colder than usual. The Old Farmer’s Almanac has been so far on target with the roller coaster effect of cold and warm temperatures. Time will tell if this will continue throughout the winter months. This week will to continue to be cold but temps rise dramatically on Friday when it warms up to the lower 60’s.

Now for some astrology. . . keep your eyes open for more on cycles. . .

This week begins with Pluto conjunct the Sun in Capricorn. This can be some intense energy, full of power and determination. This applies to both our inner and outer power, and the power of others on us. This energy can be very dramatic and bring about life-changing events of all sorts, including relationships.

This is energy that wants to go deep into something to see what make it or your tick. The need to know is hard to shake now and this will be reflected in your conversations as you find yourself asking probing questions of others. No doubt, this can become uncomfortable for some people so try to be aware of this and avoid asking about things that may be hurtful or simply none of your business. Remember, this energy packs a power punch and can be viewed as intrusive and obsessive. Pluto just loves a crisis.

The biggest event this week is the Full Moon and the Cardinal Grand Cross it forms. This all happens on Thursday, January 12, 2017 . Cardinal signs are initiators. They like to get things going and indicate a change in season. The Cardinal sign of Aries is first astrological sign of spring, Cancer, the first one of summer, Libra-fall, and Capricorn is the first sign of winter. They mark the shift or turning point in temperatures for each season.

Anytime there is a Grand Cross, there are four or more planets in square aspect to each other and two oppositional aspects. This Grand Cross involve our old familiar Pluto-Uranus square, A Pluto-Jupiter square, a Moon-Jupiter square, and a Moon-Uranus square. The Moon and the Sun conjunct Mercury oppose or are at cross purposes to each other. So are Jupiter and Uranus. This brings us quite a mixed bag of energies.

We want personal freedom and to understand things on a deep level. Our emotions oppose our ego and cause us to behave immaturely. Our energy levels are lower and stress can be increased. All in all, this is going to be a difficult Full Moon. Keep in mind that all five planets are in signs that love action. Ironically the best way to get through this event will be to come to a full stop. Just stop and let it all pass by us. Otherwise, we could find ourselves saying or doing something we wish we had not.

The good news is that Mercury is direct as of January 7 but he will remain in storm and going slow until at least the 14th. He won’t be completely out of his retrograde shadow until January 28.

It is also important to note that as of the January 7, 2017, all planets are moving forward. Not one is retrograde for a whole month when on February 6, 2017, Jupiter turns retrograde. This is a rare time for the planets and for us. I expect a lot of action in the earth and from humanity during this time. I am pretty sure some of it won’t be too pretty either. This is just a hunch and one I hope is incorrect but I feel what I feel and have learned not to ignore these feelings.

Mercury changes signs on Thursday and moved back into Capricorn. This I brings us back to viewing things from a more serious perspective. This three week transit will be a great time to evaluate our lives and the direction we want to take in the future. Isn’t if interesting how the cosmos is inline with our resolution or intention setting? Synchronicity is a wonderful thing.

Thursday does have a sweet bright spot in it. Late in the day Venus and Neptune come together to help soften the hard edges caused by the Grand Cross and Mercury in Capricorn.

The week’s aspects really revolve around Thursday. Use your time early in the week to finish up any projects and tie up loose ends. Then come Wednesday, prepare to stop everything you can for a few days. Of course this won’t be completely possible but at least now you know what to look for and what could come our way this week. I hope it all works out for the best for all a of you.

Until next week, stay warm and be safe.

Astrology for January 1-7, 2017


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Happy New Year and welcome to 2017!

Anytime we are presented with something new, we accept it from one of three perspectives. We feel excitement/gratitude, ambivalence/no feeling, or dread/fear. These three perspectives are what I am seeing from the many blogs, interviews, and articles I am reading about 2017. Overall the theme is, transition. Is anyone surprised?

Every year brings a transition but this one begins a new cycle of nine. I hope by now you know that numbers carry a vibration of their own. Each one is different and when added together can always be broken down to one single digit. Zero is not considered. With this said, let’s look at 2017.

Do the math and add 2+0+1+7. These add up to 10. Now take 1+0= 1. That means this year has a vibration of 1. The number one is associated with Mercury in astrology and The Magician in Tarot. It is masculine in nature, as are all odd numbers. One has some of the same characteristics as Uranus such as being individual, strong-willed, rebellious, and independent. One can also be quite stubborn with a side of selfishness. Usually One is gallant and self-reliant but Ones can also be weak and unruly, even an outcast at times.

The number One represents new beginnings and has a lot of youthful energy. One likes to be organized, has strong leadership qualities. Their ambition helps them rise to the top like cream. This top of the heap position is where a One feels best. His ambition can cause him to be very competitive and often a loner too. His high ambitions can lead One to make some very bad decisions too. The seasoned and wise One will know this about himself and be able to stay at the edges of the spotlight and let others shine.

So we have shifted our numerical vibration. Now, what? Well, it is transition and adjustment time. This does not happen instantly. It takes time, especially since this is the beginning of a whole new cycle. We will be in the deepest of the transition phase until about the end of February. Things will begin to smooth out in March, but this might not apply to everyone. For some of us this will take longer. I can emphasize enough that this is a pivotal year and beginning of a new nine-year cycle.

One way we can view this year is by seeing it as a time to prepare our life’s garden and think about the seeds we want to plant for the future. Sounds a lot like a New Moon cycle doesn’t it? In a way it is, just amped up to about the 9th power is all. Don’t forget that we jst had a New Moon on the 28th of December.

I feel sure most of you have felt the recent, intense energy of Mercury retrograde, Uranus direct, and Mars’ shift into Pisces a few weeks back. We have also been under the influence of the Pluto /Uranus/Jupiter T-square for a while now. The Pluto/Uranus square alone is nothing new and has been part of our cosmic energy since 2008. This square will remain a factor until 2018. Jupiter, the great benefactor adds to and expands this energy. This T-square aspect will continue to be with us until the end of May 2017.

This year is going to have to dynamic eclipses. The first one in a Lunar eclipse on February 10th in the fire sign of Leo. This fire energy sets the tone for the year to be fiery as well. The fire signs of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius will perhaps feel this the most. I am going to venture to say that some interesting weather, earthquakes of volcanoes will be associated with the eclipse.

A solar eclipse follows on February 26th. This is in Pisces and when you mix fire and water sometimes you get steam. This will also be the point at which the transition pains begin to ease up and we start to really feel this new energy.

March 20th is the spring equinox. This will positively boost the energy of the new year. Our view of what is ahead could be more clearly seen by this time.

Venus turns retrograde in early March so by the time of the equinox she will be in middle of it. This brings a shift in our view of love, relationships. And femininity. This will take place in both a personal and a global level.

This is huge theme for the beginning of this year. I expect the whole year to hold a lot of energy around women, women’s issues of all sorts, and also our mother earth and how we relate to and care for her.

Once the T- square energy has moved on in May, we move into summer. Things heat up as the temperatures do. Surprises will come from nowhere. At this point, we might realize we need to make changes to the soil we had prepared for the new cycle of growth. Don’t be afraid to make changes. Going with the flow will be most important. Be sure to stay in a place of love as you move through this time and the whole year.

August brings in more eclipses. There is a lunar eclipse on August 7th in the sign of Aquarius. The air signs of Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra will feel this the most. However, when you consider that Aquarius rules all of humanity, there is little doubt that all of us will be affected by this one. There is all the thing about being in “age of Aquarius” too. I’m going to say this will be another period of interesting weather and earth movements.

You will want to make your calendars for the Solar eclipse on August 21st. This one will directly affect the United States and be the first total eclipse visible in the US since 1979. There was an annular eclipse in May of 1984 and another in May of 1994 but not a total eclipse. To find the path of the shadow, check out the link below.

Regardless of what the year brings, it might best be viewed as a first step into new and better things. Personally, I don’t think it will be easy and it could seem more dark and mean than anything but ultimately everything is in perfect order and I have to try to keep that in mind. We have been moving toward our transformation for some time now. There is no going back now. This year will be full of adjustments and changes. That is what new cycles are all about.

Astrology aspects this week include Mars conjunct Neptune. This is another big potential bad weather generator. This also makes communications hard to explain, confusing, and difficult all the way around. Drama levels rise as our attention to drama rises along with it. Our focus and ability to concentrate it most likely on the fuzzy side with this energy. This is, however, good energy for using our intuition, being creative, entertainment, art, movement, and finding inspiration in these things.

Tuesday, Venus enters Pisces. This is energy of the martyr and the loser. This is energy yearning for relationship and romance. There is also and interest in the weak. Our viewpoint is almost out of this world and at the same time very artistic with a tendency toward idolizing others.

Tuesday also holds an easy, flowing aspect between Venus and Mars. This is good for our social life, relationships, and partnerships. The energy is good for charm, diplomacy, and clarity in relationships. It is almost like being under a magical spell.

Wednesday Mercury travels back into Sagittarius. This is the time to tie up any loose ends that remain from his recent transit of Sagittarius. You gotta love how the universe gives us second chances and do-overs.

Thursday Venus is semi-square Pluto. This energy might bring up latent hostility in our social circles. You could uncover a hidden agenda or some jealousies. Passions are high as some of these intense feelings are closer to the surface now. This is amplified by and in equal relationship to our fear of losing something, maybe even someone dear.

This is not a good time to begin a new relationship. This energy holds unrequited love close to its bosom. None of us want to be disappointed. This can be avoided now that you know. You might notice a bit of power struggle between friends or lovers. Money issues can come to the forefront this week too. Seems like that is a theme that repeats about this time of year, every year.

Saturday the Sun is conjunct Pluto. This brings a straighten of will and sharper focus to our lives. There is a motivation to increase the control we have on our lives. You might want to keep quiet for the time being however. Hold your cards close for a little while. You want to make sure you are on the right track.

I hope this helps you when you ponder the year ahead. Keep in mind that we will be in practically full on transformation and evolution mode this year. At least, the early stages of this change. We are going to need to find new and creative ways of dealing with things that come our way. I urge you to, if you don’t already, do this, begin a practice of gratitude. Do this as a daily practice. We all have things to be grateful for even if we are sick and dying. Finding a place of gratitude makes all things easier but it also takes practice.

I know many people that are having a hard time finding things to be grateful for. If you are one of these people, try being grateful for a delicious meal, a meal at all, the sunshine or rain, or the bird singing outside your window.

I am grateful for you, all my readers and re-bloggers. I appreciate the time you take to read and follow this blog. I wish each of you all the best in the coming year.

Peace and Love,


Astrology for December 26-31, 2016


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We’ve made it to end of another year. This was a year of big losses, or seemed to be. One after another 2016 took some of our best musicians, actors, and achievers from all walks of life. I found this page that lists some of them. This is certainly not a complete list. There are many missing musicians that didn’t make the list among the famous but who, none the less, were important in their own right. People like, Candye Kane, a blues singer who passed of pancreatic cancer. Mose Allison, known not only for his singing and piano playing, but for his masterful blending together of jazz and blues. Christmas day we learned we lost George Michael.


Yes! 2016 has been an interesting year. The year of the Fire Monkey has felt more like a hyper active trickster and had been more tiresome than this ADD Aquarian wants to deal with anymore. Maybe that is why I have felt like all I want to do is sleep over the holidays. However, there is more to my being tired that just a hyper fire monkey. There has been some energy coming to the earth from who knows where and if some has figured out where, then I have yet to read about that. Here is a link to a video that tells more about it.


Today I read an article on the auroras in the Artic circle being very unusual of late. Veteran sky watchers have reported seeing bright pink and white auroras. They can’t recall seeing anything like it before. Most auroras are green, as I am sure you have seen in photos. The farther south they are seen, does affect the color. I have personally never seen them but have heard reports of them seen on the coast line as far south as North and South Caroline, where they appear red. The pinks and white are truly something different. See a photo here:


In recent weeks I have mentioned Mars transit into Pisces on December 20 and how it has the potential to stir up the earth and the weather in the coming weeks. Neptune has also been hovering in the ninth degree of Pisces since late September due to being retrograde. Although he is not direct, Neptune is still in the ninth degree and will remain there until January 12, 2017. He will remain in his shadow and moving slow until March 11, 2017.

We have also seen some interesting weather in recent weeks. Cold polar air seems to have come quite early this year. This is not something totally unusual but anytime the polar cold sweeps the over a majority of the country before the holidays, it is considered a bit unusual. This is because, historically, the coldest temps always come in January and early February for most of the country.

These energy and weather events have inspired me once again pay closer attention to the global earthquake activity.  I recently decided to download an app on my computer that I have not used a couple of years. It is called Earthquake 3-D. There is a free version that you can download from the link below if this is something you wish to look at too.

I’ve noticed the ring of fire is quite active these days, especially near Papua New Guinea and Chile where there have been a few quakes measuring around 6.9 to as high as 7.7. I feel like this is something to watch in the coming weeks as Mars transits Pisces and then moves into Aries.

I have also talked in the past months about the symptoms some of us experience when there is energy shift or energy from the cosmos sweeps by us. Symptoms include ringing ears, disturbed sleep, headaches, mood swings and feeling emotionally vulnerable, bowel issues, joint pains, depression, feeling more tired for no reason, even menopause like symptoms like night sweats and hot flashes.

Many people who are not aware of the shifting energy in the cosmos, the earth, and human evolution, most often consider these symptoms to be caused by over exertion, stress or some sort of virus. Indeed, these are  sometimes the root cause, but energy of all sorts has an effect us.  You only need to think about how you feel when someone does something nice for you or when someone is angry and mean. We often forget that these emotions have energy and that energy affects us.

We experienced some large energy shifts or waves in late August and September. Perhaps you know about how solar activity affects the earth and its magnetic field as well as the earth’s inhabitants. Some of you might not. It is an interesting topic to research, especially with the energy we are getting lately from the Sun. It is called a “solar stream” and is emitted from a coronal hole in the Sun’s surface.

There is also a big wave of energy from the cosmos that has washed over since the Winter Solstice. Could this be triggering the rise in earthquakes I have been watching?

I think so.

It is interesting to me to see so many energy events this time of year? Why you ask? Because this is a big transitional and energy shifting time of every year. The holiday and the end of the year holds an energy all its own. And let’s not forget that Mercury is still retrograde until January 8th. So, with all that said, the theme for the rest of this week is transition.


There is a New Moon coming this Thursday and you know that symbolizes new beginnings. This will occur in the cardinal earth sign of Capricorn. Use this week to consider being more practical, creative, capable, and quick witted.  Long term plans will manifest by using common sense, maturity, and responsible preparation.

This week is also a good time to get things in order and clear out things that no longer serve us but could serve someone else it we donate them. This Capricorn New Moon also invites us to think about the New Year ahead. Capricorn enjoys boundaries but is more reasonable with them than Saturn is. The Goat wants us to be free of worry. For him, setting goals we traditionally call resolutions, help us achieve this. This is a touchy and difficult subject for many so I will leave that  for you to ponder, or not.

Since we are now so close to Tuesday, this is where I will start with the rest of the aspects this week.

Tuesday the Sun will sextile Mars. This energy will assist us with any creative problem solving we might need to do. Our confidence is high and so our instincts for action. Should be need to assert ourselves, we are likely not to upset others in doing so.

Also on Tuesday, Mercury is semi-square Venus. This could a difficult day in the romance department. You might feel like you have ADD because there will be a tendency for the mind to wander off today.
You could notice being more sensitive too.

Wednesday has three aspects for us. The first is Mercury conjunct the Sun. This is in direct contrast to yesterday’s energy because today we are far more mentally focused. This makes for good communications and problem solving. Use caution however, because our communications today, whether written or spoken have power, positive or negative.

Saturn is square Chiron and we might wonder if we are good enough. This fear can hold us back and keep us from stepping out into new territory. On the other hand, we are wanting to break free from present circumstances. It is a good thing this transit never last very long.

Mercury is sextile Mars on Wednesday. This is going to give us a good sharp mind and attentive communications. Our ideas could develop into a workable plan. This is productive energy that I hope you can take advantage of.

Friday the Sun is sextile Neptune. Since Mars is nearly conjunct Neptune, we can add him to the mix too. Your intuition could be quite high today. This is a good time to think about you and what you might want to do to improve yourself. Mars is adding drive and determination to these thoughts. We could find we get a big rush from giving to others or helping out somehow. Any differences seem trivial now. We seem to have a clearer vision of what matters now and could actually be drawn to those different from us.

The last aspect for this week is an inconjunct between Jupiter and Chiron on Saturday. This aspect might bring our plans and goals into question. WE might even question our faith. Try not to rush an unreasonable idea or project because you could just run into road blocks if you do. Rein in those ideas for now. There will be a better time for them to go forward later.

Enjoy all that the last week of 2016 has to offer. Rest, relax as much as you can and allow the new one to come in with grace and ease if at all possible. I am sure 2017 will have a lot of surprises for us and I can hardly wait. I must admit to that being said a wee bit tongue in cheek. But I am going to put my best foot forward and do all I can to easily ride not only the energies that are coming our way but anything else that shows up. One thing I need to do more of is grounding. This is probably not bad advice for you too.

Happy New Year everyone and please, please be safe out there.

Astrology for Wednesday December 21- December 25, 2016


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Coloured lights

My apologies for not being able to post this week’s forecast on Sunday. We all know how busy this time of year can be but it is all good, even great. I can’t complain.

Remember I told you the weather was going to get interesting and that I thought earthquakes might become more active. Have you taken a look at the ring of fire lately? Late last week there was a swarm in excess of 20 quakes in the area of Taron, Papua New Guinea. They range from 4.9-7.9 according to USGS.

The big news this week is Mercury is retrograde, Mars has just entered Pisces, and we just officially moved into winter. . This is a big deal folks. Pisces = water and Mars= fire. What happens when you mix fire and water? Well, things can get hot and steamy fast. Just ask your tea kettle.

Pisces water tries its best to put out the Mars fire. Sometimes it is successful and sometimes Mars just hides, waits and the result is hot and explosive. This energy relates to a steamy, scandalous affair, a great spy movie, or a battle or some sort around water. This could include things like the water pollution in Flint Michigan, an oil spill, or a battle on the water of some sort.

Mars in Pisces affects out motivation. If we are trying to go after a traditional goal like marking things off the honey do list, you might have trouble completing them. This energy is much better for spiritual and emotional pursuits.

This is idealistic energy that leads us to put others before ourselves. This transit is not a good one for confrontation either. (For there is never a good time for confrontation.) Going after what we want can become a complicated thing indeed. You will do well to stick with yoga, meditation, or meditation during this transit. Remember: peace, not war.

When it comes to Mercury retrograde, this is a time to re-do, go back over, recreate or re-create, finish things up. This is not the best time to begin new things or sign contracts. If you began something before Mercury went into storm or retrograde, something that involves a contract, signing it will not be a problem. Mercury retrograde is also a time that is often fraught with communication and travel glitches. Be aware so you can recognize these glitches for what they are and ride the waves they cause. It will be over in a few weeks. You can use this time to do great things too. Just make sure they are all a re-do of some sort.

The exact point of winter Solstice was this morning, Wednesday December 21 at 5:44 am. I think I was awake at that time.

Winter solstice brings us the longest period of darkness in a 24 hrs period of time. For those of us above the equator, this means less than 12 hours of daylight. The farther north you travel, the less light and the greater the darkness.

Solstice means colder weather is coming. Most of us in the US have already had some really cold weather this winter but January typically brings the coldest temperatures. If what we have seen so far should become a pattern that repeats, then we could see some REALLY cold days in January and February.

Because I am late with this week’s post, there are two aspects that have already passed us. Monday Mercury was semi-square Mars. This is quick-witted energy but it can lead to arguments. We can be snarky and irritable. I hope this was not a problem for you. Stress, feeling pressure to get things done as fast, and interrupting people are typical manifestations of this energy.

Wednesday, Mars was semi-square Pluto. This is bully energy. Oh! My! The bully is all about confrontation, dissension, and control. The bully is not flexible. He wants to expert his power or his illusion of power. Your challenge it to stay flexible so you can bend, twist and dodge the bully in order to reach your goals.

The last major aspect of the week comes Saturday when Saturn trines Uranus. I’m loving this energy for Christmas weekend. This energy is about doing what you enjoy. Saturn’s influence asks us to keep the focus on our path in life and our career. Uranus lends a fast and original aspect to things. If there were ever two opposites, these two planets are opposite for sure. The trine aspect makes this combo much more fun and interesting than a difficult aspect would.

This is all I have for today. Again, I am sorry for not getting the post up Sunday. The holidays are a busy time for multiple reasons. This year Christmas falls on Sunday so I won’t be posting this Sunday either. I will on Monday however so look for that late Monday evening.

I wish each and every one who reads this, a wonderful week ahead regardless of how or if you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa. I wish only the best for you all. Remember to be kind to others. Be tolerant, loving and patient. Forgive and let go of hate.

I will see you back here Monday.

This week’s post will be late

Sorry folks….this week has been a busy one and today I was unable to write the blog. Please be assured that this week’s info will go up soon. I hope to work on it all some tomorrow.

In the meantime, I hope you are enjoying the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

Be safe and know that you are LOVED!

Astrology for December 11-17, 2016


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Are you ready? Are you ready for Mercury retrograde in Capricorn? I am not one of those that gets all freaked out by Mercury retrograde. I choose to see it as an opportunity to revisit, evaluate, and recreate. Of course, I am also conscious of the problems this aspect can bring but I try not to give them too much attention. You know the saying, energy goes where attention flows.

This retrograde will deal our Capricorn issues and those around Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn. For me, this is pretty big. I have Venus, Chiron, and the North Node in Capricorn and my third house of siblings. Venus is also conjunct my Sun and very close, one degree) from my natal Mercury in Aquarius.

But this is not all I have going on now. In my natal chart, Mercury is square both my natal Saturn and my Ascendant. There is little wonder that I have trouble expressing myself sometimes. And, Yes! I have authority issues and this retrograde is bringing up some of these things. My dad has been on my mind as have my siblings with which relationship has for decades non-existent or very strained. Of course, I could chalk some of this up to a book I am reading but I will tell you more about that later.

Mercury moves into the “storm’ period on Thursday and comes to images (1)a full stop and shift of direction on the 19th. The thing about storm however, is that it acts a lot like the full on retrograde so many, many folks are feeling this one and I happened to be one of them.

All this comes at the worst time of the year in my book. Right here at the holidays when we like to be our most charming, loving, and gracious. The time when there are family gatherings and social events that require we be our most congenial. The past two winters we have had Uranus retrograde for the holidays and that can cause some unsettling energy among families but Mercury retrograde for Christmas is another thing altogether. Especially this one in Capricorn.

You will definitely want to use caution with your words this season. This is not the time of year anyone wants to fight or be disagreeable. Things happen. Be aware, this is a great time to practice the art of patience and silence. Good luck with that and I would love to hear some of your experiences with this retrograde if you care to comment later.

There is some good fire energy this week. The first one is Monday, although you could have been feeling this one for a while. Monday is when the Sun trines Uranus for the second time this year. Uranus is currently retrograde known to rattle the rafters at times, but this combo will be a good one overall.

This energy supports our self-confidence and self-awareness. You won’t mind expressing your more esoteric and unconventional side this week. You could find an increased interest in the world outside your own. I must say that even though this is a nice trine, with all the fire energy and Mercury slowing down, I am a bit concerned for the collective. Intuitively, I am feeling we are close to something but and I can’t put my finger on what it might be.

Science and technology also figure into the trine, as well as the Mercury energy. I am wondering if there is not more we learn this week about computer hacks or perhaps a new medical or scientific discovery. This excellent energy for exploring your own world. Why not check out someplace you have always wanted to. Go to a new restaurant or gallery and talk to the shy people at the office Christmas party. You might find a new best friend.

chiron Monday also holds a square aspect between the Sun and Chiron. This is felt as a desire to learn and grow from others. There is a side of awkwardness with the aspect that stems from our fear of being different or separate from others. It is time to step out and be ourselves, the ones we were meant to be regardless of how our lack of our self-doubt. It is time we realized this is self imposed.

Tuesday, The Moon if full. Although it won’t be as close as the last one, this is still a Supermoon. Full Moon’s represent the time of ending. This it the time when we bring to a close all those things we began at the last New Moon. This goes double for this Moon as it is also the last Full Moon of the year. I hope we can all bring this one to a peaceful, grateful close.

Monday, Sun squares Chiron in Pisces. Normally this aspect might restrain us with a lack of confidence or a fear of being different. We might experience a lack of faith in our own decisions. We could too easily follow others’ leads due to self-doubt, or simply to please them out of fear of asserting our own desires.

When Chiron is in Pisces, the sharp edges of restraint soften. Lines blur and the past is melted away so that our is not so obvious. Overall Chiron in Pisces helps us understand some of the more difficult concepts of this sign.

Also on Monday Venus is semi-square Chiron. This could bring some difficulties with intimacy. Some of us will be more prone to concentrate on our how we fit or don’t fit into our personal and collective world. It is important that we recognize how similar we are to others, regardless of who they are or what they represent. If we are open, there is almost always something we can learn from the other guy or gal.

Wednesday Venus semi-squares the Sun and our ego. This is another point of annoyance for many. Again, this is more likely a result of an inner dissatisfaction of some sort. Do your best to find a creative way to avoid any uneasiness.

We are definitely in shifting times. As this year comes to a close, I wonder what next year will bring. As long as I feel joy writing this blog, I will continue to do so. But right now I would like to get back to talking about the book I am reading.

On November 29, 2016, a dear friend published her first book. She mailed me a copy which I received that same day. I immediately dove into it. The book is called “Eleven Days” by JC Cochrane and it can be purchased on Amazon.

I feel awkward promoting a memoir. That just seems hokey to me. And when I read the cover info, I can’t say that it is all that impressive. It looks like just another boring true life story that only those who enjoy reality TV might want to read.

 I can not tell you how much I love this book or how well written it is. Nor can I describe how it is changing lives. I simply want to urge you to buy it and check it out for yourself. After you read it, I would love to read your comments. 

I have hardly been able to put it down. Truth is, the only way I have been able to, is because it had grabbed me so deeply that I had to put it down for short periods to dry my eyes and to get things done. Now that I am near the end, I don’t want to finish it because then it will be over. I plan to immediately read it again and maybe even again. The bossed and a few others are getting it for Christmas too.


So look out TWB and JJ…I bringing it to you tomorrow!

Astrology for December 4-10, 2016


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My dear friend Samir called me this morning from London to invite me to join his Toastmasters group meeting online. The topic was giving and volunteering. Samir’s choice as word of the day was “munificence”, meaning: the quality or action of being extremely generous. Isn’t that glorious? 

For me, this goes hand in hand with the Sun in Sagittarius energy. Sagittarius wants to reach out to the world and get in touch with the collective or something larger than ourselves. Sagittarius enjoys travel and expanding their knowledge of the world.

Their focus is not on the everyday details as much as it is the broader scope. The shadow side of this is that sometimes we think we can do more than we actually can. Be careful not to overbook yourself during the holidays. We all know how easy this is.

Mercury moved into Capricorn on December 2. Has your thinking been more regimented or methodical the past few days? Conversations under this influence tend to take on a more practical and business oriented tone. It is easy for us to define what is important and what isn’t. It is important not to become stiff, otherwise, we might be viewed as course or harsh. We can also seem a bit pessimistic too. I desire to be as far from pessimistic as I can be.

When I am in this space, I step back and try to regroup. This is a dangerous place for many, just like this time of year is. Depression and all that. Some turn to drinking. This is the season for parties and drinking. Please choose a safe alternative.

Venus is moving into Aquarius this week. This is love unconventional. Dear Aquarius is already aloof and independent in matters of the heart but this energy is also loyal and faithful as they come. Venus in this sign amplifies this energy. Rest assured that Aquarius will be by your side but he will also need his freedom too. Treating people with respect, being fair and unselfish are all vibrations of Venus in Aquarius.

Mars has another two weeks in Aquarius before he moves on to Pisces on December 19. Energy is high, albeit a bit more on the wild side than anything. While we are good team players and co-operative, our method is more like a stab in the dark. Naturally, this will grate on the nerves of some.

The Moon will transit Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, and end up in Taurus by late evening December 10. This moves us from high end, collective emotions back to our most rudimentary and person ones by weeks end.

Wednesday the Moon will square the Sun. This represents a conflict between what you need and what you want. The Sun in Sagittarius is, as we have discussed, more about the collective and what we need, while the Moon in Pisces is more about what we want. Definitely conflicting energy in our relationships and in making choices of any kind. This transit will take place at 4:04 am EST. You can expect sleep disturbances Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.

Tuesday Mars will sextile Uranus. This energy has a fearless quality to it. Being assertive could come easily. So does our desire to take a risk of some sort or make some sort of interesting, progressive change. Mars is about action and he wants to make things happen sooner than later.

Wednesday, Mercury semi-squares Mars. This energy is snarky at best. Watch your tongue. You don’t want to be offensive this close to the holidays do you? I don’t want to be anytime but there are times when none of us can help it.

This could be one of those days. We might not do our best listening today either and this can compound things. Conflicting interests are likely and that combined with a sharp tongue is not a good or kind thing.

Friday we have the Sun sextile Jupiter. This is optimistic energy. Hopefully, this will give us a feeling of good will. This is the season after all. The aspect is also a good one for marketing and self-promotion.

We might also feel a bit more social, patient, and generous with this aspect. The Sun in Sagittarius will assist us in seeing things from a larger per perspective while Jupiter expands that perspective. Sounds good to me!

Saturday Mercury is sextile Neptune. Anytime Neptune is in the picture we will see something about intuition, addiction, creativity, and imagination. Mercury will stimulate our verbal and written creativity which hopefully, will in turn, help us to inspire others with some words of wisdom or support.

Also on Saturday, the Sun conjuncts Saturn. Oh, Saturn, the planet of rules and regulations. This is focused energy that wants to get things done. This is not a good time to start new financial projects. It is a good time to work on getting things in order or anything the calls for seriousness.

Like it or not, we all need and long for structure in our lives. You will find this when you rekindle an old project or take responsibility for something. Just remember this is not the time to overbook yourself.

Lastly, on Saturday, Venus will be semi-square Saturn. This put the kibosh on our feelings of affection or at least cause them to become a bit chilly. Saturn is such a stern and unapproachable guy sometimes.

Just like with the Sun conjunct Saturn, this is not a good time for new financial endeavors. This is also negative energy for romance. Separations and broken engagements are not uncommon with this energy. The shadow side of this energy is a lack of confidence in social settings and being a bit more shy. This would be a good time to do some reflection on your life in general.

I hope these posts help you to deal with energies such as the last one and learn how to use it for your benefit. Some folks think astrology is just about horoscopes. While this is true to some extent, there is also a generality to it all. Each of us has all the planets in our chart. The differences come in how the current energies trigger our natal chart.

I urge anyone who does not have a natal chart and wants one, to go to set up a free account. Then generate a chart for yourself. You will need to know your time and place of birth to get a really accurate chart.

Wishing all of you a great week!

Astrology for November 27-December 3, 2016


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The Thanksgiving turkey is gone and. Cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie are just sweet memories now. Our clothes feel a bit more snug. Black Friday has come and gone but cyber Monday is still ahead. Now we can officially think about Christmas, get those decorations out, and spread them all around the house. Well, you can decorate. I’ve got astrology on my mind.

Last week I talked about Neptune stationing and how that might affect the earth and our weather. Sure enough, there was an earthquake in the Fukushima Prefecture of Japan. Fortunately, there was not a tsunami associated with this one. The news media has not covered this event very much either. Maybe there is nothing to cover but I found this video that was pretty neat.

This week begins with a New Moon in Sagittarius. At the same time, the Moon will square Neptune. This is mudslinging energy and not the energy I enjoy but I will do my best to find the good parts and go with that. There is no telling what or who mud will be slung, flung, or thrown around could be aimed at. I just hope there is no dirt aimed at you or me, and I am going to do my best not to toss any dirt myself.

The next week will be dominated by a T- square involving Uranus, Pluto, and Jupiter with a side order of Venus conjunct Pluto. The Uranus/Pluto square is old news. We’ve been dealing with this energy for years. If you are not sure this means or you would like to refresh your memory, here is the link to a post about this energy I wrote back in 2012.

We have been working with the Uranus-Jupiter opposition energy for a while now. This began to hit us about the second week in November and will continue for into early next year. This opposition will perfect on December 26, 2016. Normally this perfection would mean the energy is coming to an end but no so in this case. We will actually experience this energy over much of next year.

Jupiter goes retrograde in early February and this will take us back over the energy territory we are going over now. Pay attention to what has been and will be going on for the next month or so. You might want to refer back to this info early next spring.

The Uranus-Jupiter opposition deals with our person freedoms. Jupiter loves to give us more of whatever he is triggering or aspects. In this case, it is the freedom and individuality of Uranus. The desire to be and do as we like is strong and Jupiter is going to increase the urge to go against anything that wants to keep us from that.

This energy is going to be with us on and off over the next year. There will be at least two more perfections of this opposition next year. One in March and the other in October. This last one happens just before Jupiter moves into Scorpio in October. The overall energy will shift somewhat as the other planets transit around the chart.

Uranus is the planetary shock jock and Jupiter expands that energy. Wherever you might be feeling held back or restricted, you can expect a release. The more pent up the personal energy, the more dramatic the release. We need to keep in mind how difficult change is for most of us, however. The bigger the change the more difficult it is to adjust to. Good luck with this. It is evolutionary and like it or not, it’s what we need.

This change could possibly relate to a relationship so you might want to be extra careful this week thanks to Venus joining the T-Square as the week begins. The planet of love, relationships, and finances will be conjunct Pluto and hungry for attention. Oo lala!

Social events early in the week will benefit from Lady Love’s power of attraction. But she might want to help Pluto destroy some things too. Venus views life and love through a traditional lens while in Capricorn. When Pluto joins in he can create some manipulative energy too. Some folks will be drawn to stalking, excess drugs, and alcohol. Watch out for sly foxes and those who might not be as respectful of the the rules and traditions as you are. Try not to get your hands too dirty. Keep the gloves on and take the high road. Any difficulty or conflict will actually serve your growth and evolution.

Let’s go back to the New Moon. New Moons represent the beginning of a new cycle. The last New Moon was intense and quite emotional for many. This was due to the watery, emotional sign of Scorpio taking us to the deep dark places of our soul.

This coming New Moon will be in the fire and light of Sagittarius. Most of us will notice a distinct change of energy this time. This Moon will give the week a huge boost in energy. If you have a lot to get done this week, you will probably find that things come together pretty well for you.

The past year we have been in a cycle of the number nine. Nine represents endings. Take a look back into this year and see all the endings you have created or experienced. This was a year we lost many of our icons that helped us express ourselves in so many creative ways. The list is long but among them are David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Sonny James, Mic Gillette, Glen Frey, Paul Kantner, Prince,Guy Clark, Muhammad Ali, Patty Duke, Gen Wilder, and more recently Leonard Cohen and Leon Russell. I lost a nearly life-long, dear, close friend last spring.

January begins a new year of one. 2+0+1+7= 10,1+0= 1. This is the number of new beginnings. But use the energy of this New Moon to complete the task of clearing out the old. I recommend this book if you need help. I did not follow this method exactly but it did lead me to positive change.

This week is full of moving energy. Today as the Sun is sesquiquadrate or 135 degrees to Uranus. This is real manifesting energy but you have to know where you are going first and what it is you really want. The drive to do new things is strong but use caution when making decisions. Quickly made ones might not end as we would hope.

Tuesday Venus will sextile Chiron. This is about healing personal relationships and seeing human weakness as a thing of beauty. Use this energy to build your relationships.

The same day, Venus squares Uranus. This is not a good time for impulse buying, not that there ever is, but this a particularly bad day for it. This day is full of unstable, rebellious, and restless energy.

Wednesday the Sun squares Neptune. Get creative today. This is a great day for meditation and spirituality. All other things could be out of focus and our direction unclear. Avoid important appointments, interviews, and launching new projects.

Thursday Mars trines Jupiter. This energy is clearer than the square energy of yesterday. Those things that gave us a headache yesterday seem to come easily to us today. This is also the first day after the New Moon and a great time to launch those news projects we have been putting off.

Friday Venus semisquares Neptune. Rose colored glasses will be in vogue today. But again, be cautious with your spending, social events, and anything else that requires clear thinking. Neptune has rolled in the fog to make things fuzzy.

Saturday Mars is sextile Saturn. This is action and responsibility energy. Your ability to make good decisions is much better today so use it. Pay attention to traditions. Saturn appreciates your organizational efforts and conscientiousness. Pay attention to any seniors in your life and watch all these things bring a reward of some sort.

Now, once again, I want to get on the shameless self-promotion platform and suggest a Hong Kong House Cookbook for your Christmas gift giving. I am heading out of town tomorrow to sell 14 of them to a friend who is buying them for her book club. To order your copy go here:

I would also like to share this platform with my dear friend Judy Cochrane who will publish her new book on Tuesday. I can tell you this is going to be a life-changing read for many people. It already has been for those who have read it in the proof stage. I’m in this book too but I am not going to tell you where just yet, as the names have all been changed. I hope you might consider buying her book on Tuesday of one day this week. To learn more about it go to:

Astrology for November 20-26, 2016


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There is a song rolling around in my head. The song is “Carey” by Join Mitchell and it begins with this line:

The wind is in from Africa, last night I couldn’t sleep.

 It came to me last night as I stood on a friend’s porch and felt the beginnings of the cold front that was forecast to lower our local temperatures by nearly 25 degrees today.  The chill in the air caused me to change the words to say the wind was not in from Africa. When I dissect this statement, I notice how we associate Africa with warmth and even hot air.  What a reflection on our current way of things. You can ponder this more on your own later, or not.

The Full Moon last week was so beautiful! I hope you had a chance to see it at least one time over the weekend. The Moon will not be that close again for many years.

This week the moon is transiting Leo, Virgo, and Libra. Today it joins Uranus and Saturn to form a Grand Trine. Trines bring favorable energy. This one will be dealing with our emotions around rules and boundaries, and the desire for freedom and individuality. This struggle is about how we feel about ourselves and our place in the world.

I am aware that this last statement could be viewed as a personal projection of how many feel about recent events in this country, but I assure you that I am not making this up or projecting anything. So let me explain how I arrived at this conclusion.

  1. Uranus, the planet of freedom and individuality is in Aries, the sign of new beginnings, the individual and is the first sign of the personal side or the chart. Aries represents  our youth. He is fiery and full of life and action.
  2. Moon is in Leo, which is the first sign of the collective or global side of the chart. Leo and Cancer are more or less the bridge between the personal side of the chart and the collective side. This is us thinking about how we fit in the world and relate to it.
  3. Saturn is in Libra. Libra is about balance, justice, and seeing all sides of a situation. Saturn’s place in this Grand Trine is helping us to see ourselves, and how we feel about the law, the rules, what we’ve been told or taught to follow and, and how we are managing it all.

Are there places I need to me more flexible, tolerant, or compassionate? Or are we going to dig in and stick to our past convictions? If you believe we are shifting dimensions, then you probably also understand that we are all the same and the differences are the limited view point of a 3-D existence. If you disagree or don’t understand this, no problem. This is an astrology blog after all, so let’s move on.

Yesterday, November 19, Neptune turned direct. Neptune is in his home sign of Pisces for another nine years. He is currently at nine degrees Pisces so he is just about 1/3 of the way through this transit and this short trip has taken 5 ½ years. Neptune is at his most powerful during his transit of his home sign. That being said, this is probably a good time to go over some of the characteristics of this planet and this sign.

Pisces is a mutable or changeable sign. It becomes emotionally attached to whatever it comes in contact with and is therefore considered a compassionate and empathic sign. There is also a desire a toward escapism. Reality can get to be too much very quickly for those with strong Pisces influence in their charts. Addiction is a common result if care is not taken to unload and regroup. Pisces people benefit greatly from having others to talk to and be coached by.  Pisces people are often not comfortable in large groups. They seem to be more drawn to stray people, pets, and those that have been victimized. Sometimes they become the victims too. The old phrase about seeing things through rose colored glasses was probably coined to describe a Pisces person.

Neptune represents the part of us that loves to daydream and is drawn into fantasy. This is the part that also loves to sink into a good romance novel or movie and avoid the troubles of the world. On the other hand, Neptune loves to help the world by volunteering and being charitable. This is also your most creative planet. Wherever he is located in your chart, this is where you are easily fooled and where you fool others.

As with many planets, Neptune is associated with mythical tales. Poseidon was the original name for the god of the oceans. The Roman’s later changed his name to Neptune. Whenever we see any weather event like a hurricane, heavy rains, or blizzards, you can bet the Neptune’s influence has been strong.

The very recent stationing of Neptune has astrologers paying attention to the  weather. Winter is just ahead and big snow events are already in news. The drastic temperature changes I mentioned at the beginning of this post was even more dramatic in the northeast. New Jersey went from 70 degrees to six inches of snow in less than 24 hours. This is exactly the sort of action we expect when Neptune stations.

Remember the old commercials that showed the crash test dummies? Remember how their heads and bodies flung forward and backward in those videos? That is an example of the cosmic action that takes place when a planet stations to turn retrograde or direct.

Get the idea?

Cool huh? (no pun intended)

Neptune is going to be a big in actor in the weather this winter. The farmer’s almanac says this is going to be a wet winter for some areas. There are other places like the western half of my state that is praying for rain. We are experiencing extreme drought conditions and wild fires are raging in several places. I will talk more about this in the coming weeks.

Monday, November 21, 2016, the Sun leaves Scorpio and moves into Sagittarius. After a month of Scorpio’s introspection and the intimate need to connect with another, I am ready for this energy shift.  Its focus is on reaching out to the world, to those in need, to expand our thinking, and be grateful for all things. Sagittarius is confident, optimistic, able to see the larger picture, and enjoys travel. Be careful not to take on more than you can manage.

Mercury entered Sagittarius a week ago. Again, this energy is expanding our thinking and our optimism. You may notice a lean more toward what is fair or unfair. Faith gets and a boost with this combo and so does our persuasive skills.

Venus has a little over two more weeks left in her tour of Capricorn. The focus of this transit is money and business relationships. These relationships are valuable, reliable, and true blue. Keep in mind that Capricorn is the sign of winter and this coolness bleeds over and can cause us to sometimes respond to others in a frosty manner.  Try not to be too cold to others.

Mars is in mid-tour of Aquarius. Our actions are for the team now. Aquarius is far less interested in being top dog. He had much rather work co-operatively. Active Mars is now a lot more detached to things than he might be in another sign and his approach is more intellectual in this transit.

Monday also brings us a semi-square between the Sun and Jupiter. If you find yourself feeling restless, this could be why. Watch out for things getting out of hand. Exaggerations and wastefulness might the theme of this day.

Tuesday the Sun semi-squares Pluto. Control and manipulations rule this day. But when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Like the good witch said, you may discover you had what you needed in you all along. Relax, you will make it around any obstacle that comes your way.

Adding to Tuesday’s energy is a gentle, sextile aspect between Mercury and Jupiter. This is a good day for a day trip, writing, contracts, and almost anything that involves some sort of communication. Expanding our thinking by learning something new is a good thing to do today too.



There is a little more I could talk about today but it is getting late and it is time for some dinner. I will finish this up tomorrow. Until then, be safe.