Astrology for July 15-21, 2018


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Above: Jingpeng Liu took this picture of the Moon approaching Venus over Qingdao, China, on July 15th. Later today, North Americans will see a much closer pairing with only 1 degree of arc separating the two.

Another week full of interesting global, individual, and personal events is over. I did my best with it but I know I could always do better. Regardless, I use my mistakes and shortcomings to guide me in the future and to treat all along my path with respect, dignity, and grace. I will admit that I am not as good as I would like to be with the grace thing, but I am getting there.

The first astrological point of interest I want to draw your attention to is tonight, Sunday, July 15, 218. At Sunset, the Moon will transit Venus in a tight conjunction, at just one degree of arc. Look to the West and if the sky is clear, you will be able to see this conjunction. To learn exactly what time to look from your location, go to and enter your town or a major one within 50 miles from you.

There is quite a bit of Venus energy we need to be aware of. Venus is, the goddess of love and romance. She is also a planet of the senses. She rules beauty, jewelry, self-worth, money, and sweets. In some ways, Venus is rather like Neptune in that she governs substances that can lead to addiction, including food, and she can cause mood swings. The latter attribute is more understandable when you consider that she rules two signs that don’t deal with each other very well; Taurus and Libra. The key to managing this energy is to find our balance between our inner and outer selves.

Venus in Leo puts all the things she rules in the spotlight for us a and others to see. Venus has pretty much taken center stage lately and this week is This is perfect energy for the many awakening souls and those already awake who are looking for deeper understanding of themselves. This energy will help us shift and grow as we assimilate the 5th-dimensional energy.

One of the best ways to use all this Venus energy is to enjoy everything we do, especially the lazier of endeavors like being a couch potato or a yummy dessert. Remember I used the “B” word earlier so don’t forget to find the balance in any indulgences and fall into a food coma. This could be difficult for some because of the Moon’s influence. Emotional eating could become a problem for those with strong Leo, Venus, or Moon energy in their natal charts.

By the end of this week, Venus will be shifting from a trine with Saturn to a trine with Pluto. The addition of Pluto’s energy will take us deeper into examining ourselves with respect to all the Venus characteristics. So if you find you are looking at your diet, your finances, or how you see yourself and others, Pluto could be providing the stimulation for this.

Monday sets off two inconjunct aspects. The first involves our favorite goddess, Venus, and Mars. Some of us will feel rather clumsy and awkward as we attempt to be friendly with others. There might be some difficulty in meeting our romantic and sexual needs, causing some misunderstandings in this area. Be patient. This will pass soon.

The second inconjunct is with Mercury and Pluto. Communications will be dicey. This energy can spark a power struggle or some form of hostile action from our friends or family. If we turn this inward, the result can be self-doubt about our decisions. This is not entirely a bad thing, is it? We simply need to be careful that we are looking at all sides of a situation or decision is all. If we don’t like what we see then an adjustment is in order.

Tuesday and Wednesday bring the beginnings of two T-squares. Tuesday’s is with Juno, Pallas, and Jupiter. This influence will be with us until the end of August so you might want to make a note of it. We will be asked if we have given away too much of our power in our committed relationships. This sort of energy has certainly been with us for a while now although it has been supplied by other planetary aspects along the way. This particular T-square is going to provide assistance to transform our lives and our committed relationships in positive ways. Transformation can be difficult but is always, ultimately positive.

Wednesday, the T-square involves Sun, Mars, and Uranus. This T-square only lasts three weeks and that is probably a good thing. This one is predicted to be more explosive than the typical T-square. Mars, the god of war, and Uranus the planet or quick change give the T-square energy a short fuse that will trigger some of us toward chaotic behavior.

The good news is that this aspect can give assistance to those that are moving into leadership roles or some sort of innovation. We will do well to use all the self-discipline you can muster in order to avoid saying things we don’t mean of having outbursts of anger. Our intuition will be our best guide for the next three weeks.

The Universe always seems to know what we need much better than we do. After a full week last week, this week might seem easy because there are so few aspects among the major planets and asteroids. I’d say we deserve this break. The next eclipse is in less than two weeks. And just before that the Sun will change signs and move into Leo. I can hardly wait!

That is all I have for this week. I hope everyone is having a good summer. I’ve got some food ready to grill for supper. I really enjoy all the summer fruits and vegetables.

Wishing you a good week ahead and please don’t forget to smile and be kind to everyone.


Astrology for July 8-14, 2018


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Hello beautiful people. I hope everyone had a safe and fun 4th. I took a look at the county’s chart today. I can’t pretend to decipher all there is to know about this chart but it is clear that the U.S. is heavy with Cancer energy. Besides Cancer being her Sun sign, the U.S. Has three other planets in Cancer. They are Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter. I’m sure Mom and apple pie are in there somewhere.

All of the aspects this week involve the planets in this natal chart of the U.S. Currently the only planet transiting Cancer is the Sun. That will change in Wednesday when the Moon enters Cancer and eclipses the Sun on Thursday. This eclipse will bring the energy we will feel and be able to use for at least six months from now, its Cancer energy no less.

Cancer energy is about women, the home and domestic matters, food, safety, nurturing, and our emotions. Cancer is represented by the crab, a creature with a soft inside like us and a hard outer shell which represents our need for protection and safety. Cancer is also ruled by the Moon and Thursday’s eclipse will be in Cancer so you can bet your britches that this eclipse is going to bring us very, very strong energy around all things Cancer for the next six months.

New Moons and Solar Eclipses are about new beginnings. This one is strong in both ego represented by the Sun, and our emotions, represented by the Moon. This week’s Solar eclipse will ask us to examine our homes and pay attention to our feelings, needs, and instincts. This goes for both our physical home and our inner home or self. We will also be pulled to examine our relationships with our family whether that is our actual birth family or our family of friends and others who support us.

This energy over the next six months will lead us to probe many areas of our lives or the lack thereof. Things like belonging, intimacy, and our ability to both give and receive support from others. We could even begin some home improvement project. This could be an outside or inside beautification. These things also apply to our physical bodies too. If you have been thinking of making some sort of change in your exercise routine or diet, the next six months will be the best time to begin these.

I was listening to an interview with spiritual master yesterday and he was saying it was wise not to publicize our intention to make a change. He suggested that we stay quiet until we are absolutely sure we are ready before we shared our intentions. Otherwise, we only push ourselves farther away from our goals rather than closer. I have found this to be true in my own life in the past year or two. Any time I plan to change something, I ponder it and take time to wrap my brain around the change. Every time I have done this, the change comes easily and with great results. If any of you have any experience with this I invite you to share that in a comment.

With this eclipse energy, the Universe will be sending us a big wave of energy also. This will help us firmly anchor in the 5th-dimensional energy that has been flowing our way for some time now. It is more important than ever to focus on LOVE. This means even sending love to the things we are disagreeable with. Love is the only thing that can and will transform the dark into the light.

Now let’s go back to the aspects of today and the rest of the week. Today, the Sun is trine, Neptune. Our intuition is right on target. We are probably in a giving mood and see wondrous beauty in our diversity. Meditate on that today or anytime this week. It will take us to that place of love. If you do, pay close attention to any sensations in the center of your chest. This is where the heart chakra is. Any sensations you feel there are likely caused by the heart chakra opening and balancing. Soak it all up! Breathe it all in!

Monday we have Mercury square Jupiter. This energy can lead to an overload of information. We might feel the need better if we limit our TV and internet time today. Beware of spinning a big fish tale or of others who do as things can become exaggerated easily with this energy. Traveling today could hold some difficulty, as could getting our point across to others, or our ability to focus mentally. But if we are somehow able to concentrate, then we can expect a great deal of progress.

Venus enters Virgo on Monday. With this energy love becomes practical and we enjoy showing it through our actions toward others. Things, like doing errands or just being there for a special person, is what makes us happy now. We will also enjoy detailed work now and spending money on sensible items rather than impractical or frivolous ones. Enjoy this energy until August 6, 2018.

Tuesday Jupiter stations to turn direct. Over the next few weeks, this energy will be steadily moving back to full, benefic speed. W only have a few more months to enjoy expansion in the areas of knowledge, understanding, and optimism. In early November Jupiter will move into Sagittarius.

Wednesday, Venus will trine Uranus. This energy can encourage us to take more risks. We are pulled toward the unusual and avant-garde in romance. Commitment is not on the agenda now but creativity is. This is a good day for socializing. Why not head out to grab a dinner or drink special with friends today?

Thursday is packed with aspects. Not only is it eclipse day, it also brings us an inconjunct aspect between Venus and Chiron. This could cause some uneasy feelings around our relationships, possessions, or our finances. Some of us will definitely feel uncomfortable about expressing our emotions and feeling to others.

Mercury will be in an inconjunct aspect but to Neptune this same day. This is both hesitant and unsure energy. The good news is, this will be a great day to plant dream seeds. Imagination is how all things begin. Use this energy well because today is not the best for communications or being productive.

The Sun will oppose Pluto on Thursday. There could be upset or uneasiness in the areas of power, cooperation, and competition. Some of us will probably experience a great deal of internal conflict today and in fact, all week. Watch for a tendency to control through manipulation by others and ourselves. The bright side of this is that we can also discover great strengths we never knew we had.

I told you this day was packed with energy!

Friday Mercury and Chiron form a difficult aspect to each other. Watch for hurtful communications. We all will want to be extra careful to think before we speak today, but then this is always a good idea is it not?

The last two aspects for the weeks are both with Venus. The first one is Venus trine Saturn. Our love is stable and mature. We are able to see our relationships realistically and better able to take the bad parts along with the good parts. Older people figure in prominently as they offer their wisdom and good advice. There is a possibility of an old friend showing up to renew a relationship or we feel more responsibility in our current relationships. This aspect will also increase and stabilize our business sense.

The last aspect for the week is a sesquiquadrate with Venus and Pluto. This might show us where there is stress in our social life. Passion is sure to be high but will probably come with some sort of hidden agenda. Thanks, Pluto.

The green-eyed monster we know as jealousy might show up and our fear of losing someone close to us along with it. This aspect may bring about feelings of, or an actual romantic disappointment. It will be best to avoid any sort of power struggle or manipulation among friends and lovers.

Yep! This is a powerful week coming up! Now that you and I know what to expect I hope we all use this energy in the best possible ways. After all, this is how astrology is intended to be used.

Regardless of how your week goes, I do hope you remember to smile and spread a bit of love to all you meet.

Astrology for July 1-7, 2018


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Welcome to July! The half way point of the calendar year. Time seems to be flying doesn’t it? One perspective on time zooming along is that it is all due to outside or Universal energies. Astrologers explore and study these energies, their shifts and changes and how they have a direct effect on all inhabitants of this planet.

These shifts and changes are nothing new to our world. They have happened before and are likely to happen again in the distant future. I view it as if we are graduating from one level or one class to another. Sounds like graduating from school or is it the microcosm of the macrocosm? Regardless, is seems as if we ALL are feeling the effects in large and small ways, and this is what is steering the drama and upset many are experiencing. I will get back to this thought at the end of today’s post.

July will take us into the next Eclipse season. The last eclipse season began with a lunar eclipse on January 31, 2018 and continued with a solar eclipse on February 15. Now we are about to have another Solar eclipse on July 13 and a lunar one on July 27-28, 2018, followed by another solar eclipse on August 11.

The Sun give us life, makes the plants grow, and makes our bodies produce necessary elements such as vitamin D. It is refereed to as the giver of life. The Sun also represents our ego, our identity, and is the grown-up part of us that tries to influence our inner child to behave. In our natal chart, the placement of the Sun is head honcho. That placement provides us with our core characteristics, our basic personality.

A Solar eclipse was considered ominous by our ancestors. The life-giving light was blocked or occulted. This is also the origin of the word occult which goes back to the 1530’s and means “secret, not divulged”.

For a complete list of 21st Century eclipses go to the following two links.

Another great source of eclipse information is at Sky and Telescope.

Next week I will continue to discuss the coming eclipse season and more. For now, the transits and aspects for this week are as follows:

The Sun is in Cancer and the theme of this transit is our home and our families. We are concerned with their nurturing and taking care of them. Emotions are deep and rather like a roller coaster with its ups and downs. Those of us with strong Cancer connections in our charts will feel these things the most.

Mercury is in Leo and our communications might be more expressive or theatrical. Leo loves the spotlight and Mercury is a prefect vehicle for him. The shadow side is that our ability to listen might be diminished under this influence. Mercury will actually retrograde later this month in the sign of Leo.

Venus is in Leo too. We are stuck in the romance stage of our relationships. Venus in Leo love the adoration, admiration, and pampering she can get with this transit. The shadow side is exaggerating our feelings and doing so for effect.

Mars is in Aquarius until August 12, 2018. This is somewhat chaotic energy as is often the case when Uranus is an influence. We will reach our goals with trial and error.

Today, Sunday, July 1, Venus is inconjunct Pluto. This is a good time to review our close relationships and social lives. Power plays could crop up for us to examine. The shadow side is jealously and fear of loss.

Monday Mercury is inconjunct Saturn. This aspect will cause challenges in getting our message across. Don’t be surprised if you run into some sort of barrier that prevents you from getting the critical details you need.

Tuesday we have one of those complex aspect patterns forming. This is a kite between the Sun, Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto. The energy around this pattern and the transits it represents include unconditional love, grounded transformation, promise, optimism, direction, and an influx of divine light and love.

Tuesday there is trine between Uranus in Taurus and Ceres in Virgo that support any shadow work we might do. Uranus could help us achieve some excellent, quick breakthroughs. Follow any intuitive flashes you might get and take action to help others. This action could have a positive effect on our finances.

It seems that the word transformation comes up almost every week in recent months. This is a great time to do shadow work and examine how the wounds of our past affect are affecting us. For those of us in our 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, I highly recommend reading anything by James Hollis PhD., or purchasing his audio “Through the Dark Wood” available on <>. 

The last aspects of note this week are both on Thursday. The first is the Sun in trine aspect with Jupiter. Trines are known to have gentle, positive energy. This particular trine holds the energy of growth, thanks to Jupiter. This also might give some of us more awareness of moral issues, and a desire to change the way things are morally being carried out.

The second aspect Thursday is an opposition with Mercury and Mars. This one will cause us to have a sharper tongue than we would like to have. Diplomacy might not be our strong suit today. Neither is this a good time to take trips. If you have to travel, expect a snafu of some sort. The best thing about this transit is that it could motivate our desire to a work hard and get things done.

Now let’s go back to the beginning of this post and the fact things are moving fast. This is causing lots of trauma, drama, and transformation. May of us are experiencing a great deal of overwhelm as a result. I know I have. The best treatment for this is self-care and finding ways to rejuvenate our selves so we don’t get too depressed.

As you probably are aware, we have lost two popular people to death by suicide in the past month. I can’t speak to Kate Spade but have read that Anthony Bourdain often talked about the deep human suffering he saw in his travels around the world. Anthony was indeed at the pinnacle of his career and a daughter he adored.

Could it be that he was unable to find ways to effectively vent the build up of stress caused by what he saw and indulge in his own self-care? I am certainly not an expert in anything, let alone psychology. However I see in my own life how important self-care is to me, especially this past year. Stress and the wounds of my past have clearly manifested in health issues. At the risk of being accused of being too commercial, I feel I need to share two things with you that might help you with the drama and stress in your life.

The first is a book titled, “What’s Your Superpower”. Check it out here:

This book can help us figure out what we are here for and help us find our purpose in this life. Knowing this can help us shift our identity and our expectations of the future. It is a short and easy to read book that is sure to beneficial to you. Tomi Llama (Tomi Bryan) has taken the best of what she has learned in her 20 year search for meaning and healing, and has distilled it all down for us in the wonderfully helpful book.

The second book deals completely with self-care. This is a guide book filled with ideas , information, and meditations to help us deal with the stress the fast pace of our day-to-day lives can cause. This book can be found at

This is a beautiful, full color book I am sure you will enjoy. I know I have enjoyed both books and found both to be extremely helpful to me. 

My last wish for this week is for everyone to have a safe and happy $th of July holiday. Be aware the fireworks can cause great stress for our pets and wildlife. They also present opportunity for accidents. Please us caution if you are one of many that like to use them. And as I say each week, don’t forget to be kind and to smile as all people along the way. This means acknowledging the people on the street corner that are experiencing homelessness. Don’t forget that our current goof fortune could disappear in a flash. In other words….that could be you or me standing there. Treat them as you would want to be treated.

Astrology for June 24 -June 30. 2018


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Welc0me to CAncer

(the sign of Cancer that is)

Hello, my friends and loyal readers!

I hope you are having a wonderful Solstice weekend and ready to slow down a bit now as Mars stations and turns retrograde on Tuesday. A retrograde planet is not something to fear or view as the redheaded stepchild. In fact, retrogrades are gifts. They give us pause and time to reflect on how we have used the characteristics of the planet in the past.

Mars is the planet of action and motivation. The next two months will be best used by examining how our past actions before we move ahead. Some questions you might ask yourself are:

  1. Have my actions helped me to create the life I want and dreamed or have they blocked me from what I want?
  2. Am I paying attention to the direction my life is going?
  3. Have my actions had any consequences for me or others that I need to take a closer look at?
  1. Are those consequences supporting the life I want of the life I don’t want?
  2. Are my actions authentic and raising my vibrations or lowering them so that I have to repeat a cycle over and over.

If you don’t understand any of this, the good thing is that Astrology allows you to be as self-reflective as you wish to be or can just offer guidance so you can do as you like. Not all of us are at the same level of understanding and that is great. Otherwise, the world might be rather boring. We are, however, all going in the same direction; each progressing in life as we are able. The only difference is how open we are to growth and change and we all know how difficult change can be.

The Sun changed signs last week and is now transiting Cancer. This sign is a water sign and ruled by the Moon. Cancer is emotional and almost manic at times. Cancer is nurturing, all about family, and is concerned with providing a safe home environment. This is the best possible time for us to review the matters of our own home and families.

Mercury is also transiting Cancer, at least through Friday. This transit is all about the quality of the information we are getting. Our communications are instinctive and on a deeper level now. But they are also influenced by our emotions too. Think communications blended with emotions and you have a good grasp of what you can expect from this energy combo.

Venus is in Leo. The planet of love and money is transiting the sign of pride and the spotlight. This is pretty much in your face passionate stuff. The shadow side, and you know there always is a shadow side, is excessiveness and magnifying our feelings in order to get the attention of another. Leo can be quite ego driven but the energy is also generous and warmhearted. I do love my Leo friends, probably because it is the polar opposite of my Aquarius.

And speaking of Aquarius, that is where Mars is until August 12, 2018, and then again from September 10 to November 15, 2018. .This energy offers us quite a bit of unpredictable, erratic energy. Mars energy and any anger or aggression this might bring up will probably be dealt with by unconventional strategies. We will also be more likely to be a team player and more cooperative than we might usually be. This energy will help us face problems with detachment and intelligence. Not at all, a bad thing is it?

Saturn and Pluto are in Capricorn, Jupiter is in Scorpio, and Uranus is in Taurus. We are able to do deep into our commitments and dedications with Saturn setting the rules and Pluto taking us to the depths of our psyche. Jupiter is expanding our desire to look deep inside ourselves, our passions, our loyalties, and our truths. A Taurus is grounding the often unpredictable Uranus for a while. With the Sun in Cancer now, we have the perfect opportunity to do some real close examining of all the characteristics I’ve mentioned.

The Moon will be full and will be joining Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn this coming Thursday. We are sure to feel the effects of this as early as Monday or Tuesday for some. By Wednesday the Moon’s energy will be strong and last until the weekend. The Cancer/Capricorn opposition is about the balance between our private life and public life. The Sun in Cancer desires a nurturing home while the Moon in Capricorn is concerned most with reputation and career.

Other aspects this week are Venus square Jupiter on Monday. This is an aspect that might take some of us down a path of overdoing and overindulgence. Avoid making snap decisions or overspending. The shadow side is that we might be inclined to be lazy or procrastinate. I might resemble that so I will perhaps need to make an extra effort on Monday.

Wednesday Venus is inconjunct Neptune. This can lead us to see what we want to see rather than what is really there when it comes to love and money. Feeling insecure will not be uncommon in social or romantic matters. This again, not a good time to make extravagant purchases.

Thursday, Venus will aspect the wounded healer, Chiron. This can cause some issues in our intimate relationships. We are more prone to see the differences between us and them when we really should be focusing on the similarities in order to learn from this aspect of energy.

Friday Mercury enters Leo and Saturday he is in aspect with Neptune. Neptune will take our thoughts from clarity to daydreams. You will want to avoid important contracts or presentations.

Mercury is the king for the day this coming Saturday. He will be in square aspect with Uranus. Many of us will feel this energy for a day or so before and after Saturday however. Perceptive flashes and innovative ideas might be common today but don’t expect these flashes of insight to be well received overall. People with strong Uranus aspects in their chart like me could find they are more scatterbrained than usual and things could be left incomplete or undone as a result. (I think I might stay in bed next Saturday).

Mercury will be trine Chiron today. This will be good for communications with other people and increase our ability to listen to what they have to say. Being heard will also be easier for us. What a nice balance to his square with Uranus today. Maybe I won’t stay in bed all day after all.

That covers the energy for this week but before I go I want to ask you to consider becoming an organ donor if you are not already. I have been one since 20’s but the importance of this decision hit me harder this week when I learned an old friend needs a heart transplant. He has a genetic issue that has weakened his heart to the point it cannot keep him alive much longer. He is still a relatively young man too. Fortunately, he has been accepted to the donor list in his area and will soon hopefully receive a transplant. So, I am asking you to consider becoming a donor if you aren’t. We all have parts that can save a life or improve the quality of a life if we choose. To make this easy for you, here is a link to a site where you can sign up.

Have a great week everyone and I hope to see you all again next week. Remember to be kind and smile. When you smile the whole world smiles with you.

Astrology for Jun 17-23, 2018


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Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s! I hope you are staying cool and enjoying your day.

This week is going to be another busy week in Astrology. Summer officially arrives on Thursday with the Summer Solstice. There are also quite a few aspects that are sure to transform and propel us toward our life’s true purpose.

A lot of folks talk about finding their purpose while most have no clue what this means. Our families and society often think they know what we should do with our lives and direct us to follow in their footsteps (living their un-lived lives) or to follow some path of social acceptance and appropriate status that will in their eyes, lead to our assured success in life. The Universe and our Souls often have other ideas. This is where Astrology can help guide us. It is, however, just one tool of many available to us to use.

Mars is about to turn retrograde in Aquarius for nearly two months. He began slowing down on May 12, 2018, but won’t station retrograde until June 26. This is a bit like Mercury retrograde in that we want to avoid beginning anything new and important in areas ruled by Mars. These areas are leadership, new business, and anything that involves being a warrior or warrior like. Once Mars is direct again on August 27, 2018, we can pursue these sorts of actions.

Mars retrograde is best used examining how you have been letting your hair down, being wildly unique and creative, and to borrow a phrase from the late 60’s. . . letting your freak flag fly. Examine also, ways you have used what you love most to benefit and assist others. Once Mars is direct again it will be time to make any changes in these areas.

Monday we have a T-Square involving the Sun, Saturn, and Chiron. This aspect will last until the end of the month. The Sun is moving into Cancer later in the week so this aspect will be mostly concerned with the family. With Chiron in Aries, a sign of the self, we can expect past wounds and emotional pain to come forward. By working to heal these we will transform and come closer to our true purpose. At the same time, this aspect will stimulate our ability to teach and improve the lives of others.

Monday Neptune will retrograde as well. This will last about five months and as with all retrogrades, it will be a good time to reflect on all things Neptune. This includes our connection to source, creativity, intuition, and our addictions. With Chiron’s assistance, we could uncover the root cause of why we smoke, drink, eat too much, or need whatever we seem not to able to change or live without.

Transformation in large ways. Yes, That seems to me to be the theme of the summer so hang tight!

Tuesday Venus is inconjunct Saturn. This might cause some of us to be more irritable or anxious about expressing our feelings without knowing exactly why. Emotional distancing is how many will choose to deal with this energy.

Mercury will trine Jupiter Tuesday. This energy is about cooperation, positive thoughts, and finding meaning the everyday things. Ideas and communications will be more about the big picture and less about details. This is a good time for short trips, writing, contracts and applications, studying, teaching, and accurate analysis.

Wednesday the Sun’s aspect to Jupiter will create a sense of unease with life as it exists now. We seem to want more and have big ideas on how to get more. But this can lead us to exaggeration, waste, and overestimating. Our emotions might be high but they might not be rooted in reality. Now that you are aware, you might be able to circumvent any ill results.

Thursday is Summer Solstice, marks the end of the first quarter of the Astrological year and the half-way point of the Julian calendar year. In the Northern Hemisphere where most of us live, this is the longest day of the year. There is also a lot of transformative energy associated with this day.

The Sun moves into Cancer on this day and as I have mentioned in several recent posts, a planet is at its strongest when it is moving from one sign to another. This means Cancer energy is very strong this whole week. Our country was begun under the sign of Cancer and there is a great deal of energy around this right now. Without getting on a political soapbox let me just say it looks as though the country’s reputation around the globe will continue to erode. Under different leadership, the astrological energy most likely has a different effect. It is what it is and from the Soul’s perspective, all things are unfolding as they should be to assist us in our transformation and evolution as a species.

Thursday also holds an opposition between Venus and Mars. While Mars energy is a bit diminished due to his retrograde this aspect could cause havoc in the passion department. It could also create some impulsivity in both finances and relationships. There is a possibility that our need for excitement will cause some of us to create problems where there might not be any. Oh, joy!

The weekends with three aspects on Saturday. The first one is between the Sun and Uranus. This holds great social energy. It also holds a great deal of creativity that when used properly, can affect change in positive ways. In order to make the most of this, it will be important to remain malleable.

Saturday will a chatty day with Mercury, the planet of communications in opposition to Pluto. Conversely, some of us will feel the need to be extra quiet today and keep information to ourselves. This aspect can be persuasive in that some of us (probably me) will try to convince others that we know this or that for sure. We will do our best to expose lies but to some, it can seem like exaggeration or like we are making something big out of something that seems not so important. Pluto likes to go deep so expect whatever we talk about to be a bit on the deep side. This is a good time for shadow work, something all of us could benefit from

The last aspect is Sun square Chiron. This is taking us to a place where we want to experience and grow. The downside is that we might lack confidence and be afraid of not fitting in. Chiron can make us doubt ourselves and follow in a direction we should not go. Chiron always has a lesson for us. It is up to our soul to learn it in order for us to transform.

Astrology for June 10-16, 2016


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Hello friends! It is time for another weekly astro post my me, Indigo2Crystal.

First of all, I want to speak to all the transition that is taking place right now. I feel like a broken record sometimes when I tell you about this aspect, planet, or sign is helping us to let go of what no longer serves. This is one of many ways the Universe, Source, Creator, God, or whatever you wish to call the source of all things, is trying to help us evolve and grow. As long as we hold on to our junk, things, emotional wounds, a job that doesn’t fit, a relationship that no longer works, a lifestyle that is not healthy, there is no room for something new to come in and take its place.

I am feeling this and seeing the transition in my own life, and in those all around me. Transition asks us to leave our safe space, our comfort zone and move into unknown territory. We all know how much we humans dislike change but change is often exactly what is needed. However, when we resist a transition, it actually prevents the Universe from giving us what we want and slows or prevents our soul’s growth. This leads me to the first aspect for us to know about today.

Many relationships are going through some sort of transition about now. This might be due in part to a square aspect between Pluto and Juno. This square can be a great catalyst for gaining a deeper level of connection with a partner if the relationship is already in harmony. If it lacks harmony, then this square can allow the discord to rise up and come into clearer view. What we do with it from here is a choice. Letting go can prove to be healing, especially if you are aware of the need for the healing and actively do some healing work. No matter what you decide to do, this square aspect will be with us until July 1, 20118. Make the most of it.

The next big thing this week is the Gemini New Moon on Wednesday. As you might know, we feel the Moon’s energy a day or two before and after the actual New Moon. I have some sensitive friends who feel its energy many days in advance. This Moon will also be a Super Moon which means it is closer to the Earth and therefore we feel the energy more powerfully than at other times.

This power causes us to more easily understand whatever messages and lessons the Moon is bringing our way. New Moons are about new beginnings and this Moon will be sending us clear, strong messages about what we need to do. I encourage you to sit with this energy from at least Tuesday-Thursday and see what you are able to discern from it. The energy will guide you if you allow it to.

The middle of this week also holds two significant sign changes for us. June 12, Mercury leaves Gemini and moves into Cancer. This is about being attracted to and needing good quality information. Cancer is ruled by the emotional Moon so this is probably going to take our attention away from any global interests and adjust our focus to a more personal, family, and close friend sort of perspective.

The second sign change this week coincides with the New Moon on Wednesday. This is when Venus leaves Cancer and moves into Leo. Leo is full of pride, In this sign Love is grand and we are full of pride about the things we love and our finances. Venus in Leo loves to be acknowledged, adored, and spoiled. The shadow side of this energy is saying things only for effect or to create and feeling of extravagance.

Now for the more minor aspects and energy of this week.

Monday the Sun aspects Pluto. We might find we need to change a plan or make some sort of adjustment in order to progress. Pluto is the psychologist of the Zodiac and the Sun is us. This aspect can take us deep inside for a clear view at what makes us feel mentally healthy.

Tuesday Mercury aspects Jupiter. This is an aspect that can cause us to get mired down in information. It can also cause some people to exaggerate more than usual. Be careful that you pay attention to details. Details can get lost under this aspect.

Wednesday, Mercury aspects Uranus. This is a good day for meetings, internet communications, or doing about anything that involves technology, science, or metaphysics.

To balance what I just said about this being a good day for meetings, Wednesday, Mercury is also square Chiron, the wounded healer. Chiron can put a damper on good communications and some can be rather unkind. We might also find ourselves experiencing some self-doubt or feeling we are not as effective as we want to be. There is a good chance for some miscommunications. This could be due in part to a diminished ability to read the intention behind the words.

Thursday, the Sun aspects Mars. This is aggressive energy. Conflicts might be avoided if we use this energy constructively.

Venus squares Uranus on Thursday. This could cause some opposition between our values and likes. This can take us down paths we had rather not go down. Many of us will need to watch our spending as this energy can cause some impulsive spending. Overall, this energy is restless, rebellious, and can hold relationship problems. I’d say there are some lessons for us here.

Friday has two difficult aspects and one easy one. First off, Venus aspects Neptune. Love and happiness is rather addictive today. TGIF! So have some fun but once again, watch the spending. Remember that Neptune is the King of illusion and everything is in a fog when he is involved. Besides spending, it will be a good idea to avoid contracts.

Mercury will oppose Saturn on Friday. Besides Chiron, I Saturn make me sit up and pay attention most. I have a long-standing bad relationship, even fear of authority. Saturn will cause some hesitation in expressing ourselves with words. We will likely feel like we need to pick and choose what we say more than usual. There is a level of self-consciousness and sensitivity with this energy thanks to Saturn. Look for the light side of things and don’t get mired down by any blocks Saturn throws your way.

The last aspect for Friday is a trine between Venus and Chiron. This energy provides us with great energy to heal our individual, personal relationships. Chiron will help us see the beauty in our humanness, build trust and see the possibility in others.

Saturday, Uranus is semi-square Neptune; another aspect about illusion and dreams. Some of us will feel inspired while others will feel like their dreams are not keeping us as hopeful as the once did. Uranus us sure to stir things up a bit too but any wild thing he adds to the mix is short lived so we can breath easy.

The last aspect of this busy week is n inconjunct between Mercury and Mars. This will cause some discourse in what we think vs what we do. There is likely to be a lot of interrupting in our conversations today. Often, when we interrupt we end up assuming we know what the other is going to say. So do your best to stop, be present in the moment and listen to all the other person has to say. Over all, our thinking is not a clear as it might be.

I wish you all a good week ahead. Don’t forget to smile and be kind to all you meet. You never know when you might meet that new best friend.


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Happy first week of June! Summer is finally here it seems, even if it is not officially here for another three weeks. 

Last week I mentioned a lot of water energy going on. And then the rains came……again and again for some parts of the country. In my state, there are a couple of major roads washed out. A mudslide completely destroyed and home near Boone, NC and killed two people. This was not too far from a close friend’s place. Another friend had flood damage at a place of business. While all the flood damage is devastating, I am reminded this is all minor in comparison to what has happened in some areas of the country.

Overall there is truckload, maybe even a shipload of transformation going on. Kilauea is certainly transforming the face of the Big Island in Hawaii. The rainwater is transforming the face of the earth and transforming the lives of the humans in its path.

The Shuman resonance of the Earth or the frequency of the Earth’s vibration is rising. Therefore, the vibrations of all living things on the earth is rising, transforming and evolving as well. Now, let us take a look at and discover how this coming week’s cosmic energy could affect us.

The Grand Trine that was discussed last week is water peaked last Friday but is still actively influencing us. The same day that one peaked, another one formed that is also in water. This one involves Pallas Athena, Jupiter, and Neptune. Pallas is Jupiter’s daughter and the weaver of patterns. This pattern is quite harmonious, peaks on 6/16 and ends on 6/30. Looks like June will be a month of spiritual transformation and imaginative thought. This is a good time to get creative in any way you want to.

Tuesday is a busy day in the zodiac. The Sun and Mercury will conjunct or come together and also aspect Jupiter. Venus will oppose Pluto.

The energy of the Sun and Mercury conjunct is ready to talk. What we want is in alignment with what we are thinking. This is good energy for solving problems. Communications will be on point and whatever we write could have a great impact. Be careful what you say, be kind, and think things through before you speak out loud.

The Sun’s inconjunct aspect with Jupiter seeks more freedom and more experiences, to the point of being restless at times. This is also pushing us to let go of our bad old habits and make way for positive new ones to take their place.

Mercury’s inconjunct aspect with Jupiter is enhancing our ideas. Things can become exaggerated too. There is a risk of overestimating ourselves and not being able to deliver what we think we can. There is also a risk of underestimating things. Planning ahead is a good idea. So is reading the details of contracts and other communications.

Wednesday, there is one of two consecutive squares involving Neptune. The one today is with Mercury. This is energy that always makes me think ADD. This energy makes it difficult to follow directions or to concentrate. This is another not so good day for signing important papers. You might find that your conversations are quite unclear and you have difficulty getting your thoughts out. If you can re-schedule that important meeting, it might be a good idea to do so.

Mercury aspects Uranus in a semi-square on Wednesday. This is more of that ADD-like energy. Notice if you are more scatterbrained than usual today, or either the day before or after. Not all of us feel the same energy on exactly the same day. This aspect may cause our communications to not be taken seriously. We could find that we are more easily agitated, sarcastic, or preachy on or around this day. Remember, this is a passing thing but also remember to be kind and think through whatever you plan to say before you say it.

The last aspect for Wednesday is the Sun semi-square Uranus. This aspect is all about action. Unexpected as the action might be, whenever we have Uranus energy, we have the unexpected. Change might be afoot in your world and it could really cause a test of patience. The flip side is that this could stimulate us to take a new path or try a new way of doing things. This is sure to enhance our evolution. As long as we avoid making big decisions too fast, we should be OK.

Thursday, the Sun squares Neptune. Anytime Neptune is involved, there is some form of illusion or lack of concentration. (I think we have a theme for this week, don’t you?) This day is best spent being creative. It will not be the best day for important meetings, appointments, interviews, or starting a new project. It is a good day for that adult coloring book, so have fun with it.

Friday, Mercury is inconjunct Pluto. If we are not careful with our communications, we could upset those around us or stimulate a power struggle. This is, however, a good time for reviewing the decisions we have made and making adjustments as needed.

Saturday Mercury aspects Mars. This means fast and impulsive communications. It will be important to stop and think before we make a decision we regret. If we are careful and don’t act too fast, this will be a good energy for getting things done. If not, then our time might be a waste.

The last thing I want to talk about is last Tuesday’s Full moon. It took place at 8 degrees Sagittarius. Mahala at says that this degree means new elements are being formed in the Earth’s core. This is literally mother Earth birthing something new, raising the vibrations and frequency of our planet and us.

This thought takes me, and evidently Mahala as well, to the Kilauea volcano and the fact that many of the Earth’s important places happen to be a 19.5 degrees either latitudinal or longitudinally. Richard C, Hoagland has long talked about this degree and its importance through history. Richard, along with other researchers have also found 19.5 encoded over and over again in the structures of Cydonia on Mars. Even NASA seems to be well aware of the importance or power of this degree. If you would like to read more about this here are two links to further reading.

This week seems to have a theme around communications and change. Change makes us uncomfortable because it takes us from our cozy comfort into the unknown. Change is necessary and as much a part of life as death.

We wanted change and change is what we are getting in more ways than one. What many don’t understand or are just coming to understand is that this change has universal roots and goes far beyond politics, elections, and power plays. It is part of our evolution as a species, like it or not. All faith traditions speak of this change in one way or another. These traditions, like us, are all part of the whole; the whole universe and that which created it. We are all connected on a deeper level than most of us realize, human, plant, animal, and elements.

With that said, go make this a great week! And if it turns out otherwise, make the lemonade. You got this!

Be kind!

Astrology for May 27-June 2, 20118


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This week I’m writing a fast post. It is a holiday weekend and there is much I want to get done before I go back to work on Tuesday. Whatever you are doing this weekend, I wish you fun times, good friends, and safe travels.

This week begins with a Grand Trine in water. This pattern actually came together on the 24th of May and will last until June 6, 2018. Pluto will join this Grand Trine on Monday, May 28, 2018, to form a kite pattern. Powerful, good energy here.

Trines happen when two planets are 120 degrees from each other. A Grand Trine is formed when there are three planets that at 120 degrees of each other and together they form a triangle. These three planets are always, all in the same one of the four elements: earth, air, fire, and water.

Trines typically present us with an abundance of great opportunities. This pattern is all about compatibility and balance. Its characteristic energy is determined by the combination of planets and the signs it is made of.

This Grand Trine is in water. Water moves constantly. It is emotional, about life and death, and holds our soul’s secrets. In water, we learn how our emotions are connected to our family tree. This is exactly where I have been this week; connecting the dots the between my emotions and how they were instilled by my family of origin. Going deep into ourselves, evolving, awakening, allowing, and being willing to own what we find is not always the cake walk we would like it to be.

This Grand Trine peaks on June 1, 2018, and is supposed to provide us with safe space to explore our emotions as they come to the surface. However, this period is not without its moments of overwhelm. It is the overwhelm that inspires me this week to make this post short and spend more time in self-care.

Use this Grand Trine energy over the next 10 days to open yourself to any new ideas or perspective that come your way. I feel like most of my readers are open-minded people. However, even the most open-minded can have difficulty when it comes to a perspective that offends our values This is a great time to lead by example. Forgive the other and yourself for any conflicts. Turn to the more joyful, trusting, and romantic aspects of this energy. This is meant to be a generous and understanding 10 days.

Monday many of us will probably be feeling the Full Moon energy. The night before the Full Moon is one I that typically keeps me up most of the night. I am hoping this one is an exception.

Tuesday the Full moon will be in Sagittarius. This Moon will shine its light on higher learning, foreign travel, adventure, celebration, and growth of any kind.

The Sun also aspects Saturn. This energy can lead to a doubt or two when it comes to our self-confidence and knowing we are good enough. This can hold us back but now that you know what to expect, you can rise above this and not allow it to get you in a funk.

Wednesday, Venus aspects Uranus. Uranus leans his innovative, unconventional, and creative approach to our relationships and finances.

Wednesday also holds a Mercury in sextile aspect to Chiron. This energy will be excellent for communications. It can help us to be more willing to listen and more sensitive to the pain of those around us. Our words can be healing and comforting is we choose this path. At the very least, we could find we are more willing see a brighter side of things in general.

Friday Mercury will trine Mars. This brings us positive, enthusiastic communications. We might also notice that we are quite productive and busy today. Our thoughts are fast moving and spot on.

Mercury will also sesquiquadrate Uranus. This aspect is slightly counter to the Mercury/Mars trine. A sesquiquadrate is a minor aspect and formed when two planets are 135 degrees from each other. This particular combination will deal with communications or miscommunications, travel, quick change, and the unconventional.

Can we trust the words of others or ourselves? Will we say things we don’t mean? You never know what Uranus will inspire. It is all good so embrace it.

So there you have it. This week in a nutshell. This is the unofficial beginning of summer. I wish you all a safe and happy holiday weekend. Until next week, don’t forget to smile and be kind to all you meet. You could be surprised at how it makes you feel.

Astrology for May 20-26, 2018


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Uranus is officially transiting Taurus as of the last May15th, and as predicted, last week was full of surprises and earth changes. The Kileaua volcano is definitely showing us who’s boss. I counted around 50 small earthquakes in Hawaii the 24 hour period between Friday and Saturday last week.  There are some powerful people trying to show us who is boss too.

A spring storm has swept the eastern US this week dumping lots of water in some parts of the east coast. Some might say there has been enough water coming down to “float a battleship”. Some parts of the foothills in my state have gotten almost a foot of rain in that past three days.

This week in astrology begins with the Sun as 29 degrees of Taurus, Venus at zero degrees Cancer, Mars at one degree Aquarius, and Uranus at zero degrees Taurus. That is a whole lot of change in the energy!

There are also several aspects we need to take a look at. First is a Yod or Finger of God formation in which Ceres is the focus. Ceres is the goddess of the harvest/result/outcome and abundance/quantity. The other planets involved in this pattern are Pluto in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces.

While we all prefer to look at the best a planet or asteroid have to offer, there is always a shadow side to them. The shadow side of Ceres can be one of loss and sadness. The news was full of these sorts of stories last week.

This shadow side can offer us a path to healing and growth. Pluto loves to stir the pot of past hurts and pains, and bring them to the light so we can see them clearly, deal with them, and heal them. Neptune provides us with all the healing energy we need to accomplish this.

Sunday, May 20 the Sun moves to Gemini. This is the sign of the twins and people born under this sign are known to have two distinct sides to them. One friend, whose mother is a Gemini said she always felt like she had two moms. I have lots of Gemini friends that I love dearly. I think I am drawn to their knowledge and diversity.

When the Sun is in Gemini, we are all likely to be more intellectual, social, have enhanced communication skills, and are far more curious than usual. However, our energy often feels more scattered due to our curiosity and an awareness of options that lie before us.

Tuesday there are three aspects affecting us. The first is the Sun sextile to Chiron. This could help many of us with increased confidence and a sense of purpose. This is a good aspect for problem-solving and we have a large interest in growing through our experiences.

Tuesday Jupiter is also aspecting Chiron. When it comes to what we personally believe, this aspect might cause a problem or two for some of us. Those most affected will have planets in water signs or any sign between 15 and 17 degrees, or have heavy Jupiter/Scorpio influence in their charts. This means me since I have Jupiter at 17 degrees Gemini in my chart. Transiting Jupiter is within one degree of my natal Mars.

It will be important for me and who fits within these margins. Some of us might have what is known as a “crisis of faith”, while others are simply confused and unsure what to believe. A lot of good work can be done when it comes to what we believe if we are willing to open up and take a serious look at this now. This is not the time to follow others blindly. If there is something new about a business in your world, you might need to examine things closer to be sure you are making the right decisions and taking the right steps.

Lastly, for Tuesday, we have Mercury in sextile aspect with Neptune. This energy will heighten our intuition, increase our artistic sensitivity, and increase our discernment. This would be a good day to get outdoors and enjoy some grounding.

Wednesday, Mercury opposes Jupiter. This is one to pay attention to, especially if you are prone to overstate, overestimate, or wish to avoid exaggerating in all forms. Be careful not to overlook important details. Staying focused will be key.

Wednesday brings us another aspect with Mercury. This time he is semi-square Chiron and communications are strained. This energy could bring us to use some unkind words. The intention with which we speak might be difficult for others to read.

The last aspect for Wednesday is the Sun in a trine aspect with Mars. Trines are good aspects and this certainly looks good as it increases our energy levels. This is a good day to get physical and get some exercise. Today will also be a good day for making decisions.

Thursday there is a Grand Trine perfecting. This is a bright spot among many other difficult aspects in the sky. Trines are all about harmony and balance. The players in this pattern are Jupiter, Venus, and Neptune. Jupiter expands and increases the energy of the other two planets. Venus is about love and money, and Neptune is about creativity and inspiration. From this Grand Trine, we can expect our relationships to be more joyful and empathic. Finances could be less difficult. And our creative inspiration could soar. There are so many possibilities with this trine and they are all positive.

Friday Mercury trines Pluto. This aspect will probably open us up to our mental strengths and understand ourselves on a deeper psychological level. Our attention finds focus as we dive into the depths of our psyche. This is a good thing.

This week ends with three tough aspects. The first is Venus opposing Saturn. We will feel like we need to keep the other guy at some distance thanks to Saturn putting the kibosh on our confidence in our love relationships. Saturn has an aspect of seriousness and is not so much interested in how much we feel loved and appreciated. We all need to be aware of our relationship fears now. Saturn could use them against us.

Saturday also brings us another tough aspect between Saturn and Mercury. This one can feel a bit like Mercury retrograde. We could feel the need to re-do some things we thought were complete. Or, we might experience some difficulties in our travel plans or communications. Be alert to being over critical and negative thinking.

Last and not much fun for a Saturday is a semi-square between Mercury and Venus. This most likely will mean problems in the social and romantic aspects of our lives. There are always two sides to things and the positive possibilities of this aspect are that we make more effort to be kind and polite. I don’t think this is ever out of fashion. But the tendency toward being hypersensitive is there too and come across as being distracted.

This week I see two themes. The first is allowing ourselves to examine our true purpose and heal our past. The second communication, both with others and ourselves. The past week I have heard several people discuss the need for self-care. I have even talked about this on social media myself. I feel like the second half of this week would be well spent in indulging in more self-care than we normally do.

Self-care does not have to cost a dime. Start by waking up a few minutes earlier and using that time to be alone and focused on the breath. This is a simple, fast yet powerful meditation. Or take a few minutes to listen to the early morning sounds of birds singing or of the city waking up to a new day.

Try not to spend much time watching the news or listening to it on the radio. Stay informed as you think you must but do your best to be less focused on the negative things going on in the world. Change really begins with us anyway.

There is a quote often attributed to Mohandas Gandi but in reality, it seems to have been coined by a teacher named Arleen Lorrance in 1974. Lorrance was quite unhappy with her work at a New York high school. She tried for years to change other teachers and the system. Then she came to realize that she where change needed to begin. She let go of her anger and negative thinking. She then made a conscious decision to always be open, loving, and vulnerable and began a project called “The Love Project”. Her words were printed in a book of the same title.

Gandhi did say something similar in 1913. He published his thoughts this way,

We but mirror the world. All the tendencies present in the outer world are to be found in the world of our body. If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. This is the divine mystery supreme. A wonderful thing it is and the source of our happiness. We need not wait to see what others do.”

The point of all this is to change things in your life so that you are exposed to more joy and fewer things that cause stress. Stress cannot be totally avoided but we sure can reduce our exposure to it. Think about this as you go about your evening and your day tomorrow.

Be kind, smile to all you meet and lend a helping hand whenever you can. We seldom, if ever know what is going on with the person that cuts us off while driving or cuts in line ahead of us.

Now you have some info you can use,  go out and make this a great week! ! !

Astrology for May 13-19. 2018


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Greetings Everyone! I realize that my fascination with the Kilauea volcano is a bit strange but the idea of the earth opening up long fissures to allow molten rock to escape is so interesting to me. Of course, the damage and devastation this is doing to the land and the people of this Big Island is horrific. The president has finally declared a state of extreme emergency.

 Last week I wrote about the Solar energy that was hitting us and how a similar storm affected telegraph communications in the 1800’s. A few days later I found a good article on this storm. For those of you who would like to dive deeper, here is the link.

Human evolution is happening at what sometimes seems like warp speed. but before we can walk, someone needs to clear our path so we don’t stumble and fall. This is what the planets and energy from all around the cosmos is doing for us now. It is clearing the path for us to evolve into the loving, compassionate beings we are meant to be.

The Earth is also evolving. I feel sorry for our Mother Earth, (aka Gaia, Pachamama, Terra, and many other names) having to deal with the recalcitrant beings (humans) that have failed to see how truly connected they are to her. They fail to see how their very existence is not in their control but controlled by a symbiotic relationship with the entire universe.

Now, let’s go check out what this week’s energies have in store for us.

This week we have a great deal of Uranus energy coming at us. There are three planetary sign changes and a strong, earthy New Moon.

Today Mercury conjuncts Uranus and also moves into Taurus. The influence of Uranus could bring us an increase in our accurate intuitive insights, something I welcome with open arms, mind, and heart. Our intellectual mental activity could rise as our thoughts are more inventive, fair, forward-looking, and original than usual.

I want to touch back in the intuition thing and remind you all that this energy has been with us for a little while and will continue for a while longer. Uranus moves slowly. My personal example of the intuitive aspect is that I did not listen to my intuition a few days ago and missed celebrating the surprise wedding of two friends that took the plunge after more than 20 years together. It was not until the next day that I learned why I had felt so drawn to go to a certain place the day before. I wish I had paid more attention.

The good news about Uranus moving into Taurus is that Taurus energy goes a long way to temper the spontaneity of Uranus. Regardless, we still could be prone to impatience, impulsiveness, and even nervousness. Use this energy to propel the more positive and creative energy within.

Tuesday is the most energetically powerful day of this week. Uranus is now totally in Taurus for the first time in 84 years. This is a really big change. Tuesday is also the day of the New Moon. I’ve read that this New Moon is one of the unrepresentative Taurus New Moons we will experience for a long time.

This New Moon is about our beingness as sensual and physical creatures. The difficulty might lie in the fact that this brings no rest for the weary. Taurus is usually slow and methodical but since Uranus is conjunct, its impact is far from slow or methodical. This is sure to be a catalyst for change and evolution.

Looking back to what was going on 84 years ago or 1934. We can see there was a great deal of change afoot. Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and Mussolini were all beginning to take powerful positions as political leaders. This was also the era of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s “New Deal”. You can read more about that here:

In brief, the New Deal was a series of federal reforms and regulations designed to bring relief to US citizens after the Great Depression. Can you see parallels to these things in our current events?

Wednesday Mars moves into Aquarius. He will transit this sign until November 15 with a brief, one month retrograde back into Capricorn from mid-August to mid-September. While in Aquarius, Mars will amp up the energy of this sign. We will most likely find ourselves and bit more impersonal and quick to anger. The more positive aspects of this transit are cooperation, being a stronger team player, being less concerned about our personal power. Using unconventional, original, intellectual methods to our problems is this transit’s strength.

We will also experience feeling less detached than usual. This can be a good perspective to operate from. We all know that sometimes our emotions can get in our way when trying to make rational decisions.

Wednesday Mars squares Uranus. Uranus is definitely taking the stage this week and his square with Mars is sure to be elusive, restless, and impulsive. Mars will jump into things without thinking at times but so will Uranus. Expect to see more assertion of wills, individuality, and a willingness to fight for freedom. The attempts to exchange rules and regulations that are working, in exchange for outdated ones cause to feel choked.

Many of us can expect some form of change in our lives, including work schedules or the need to shift our goals or behavior. This energy might make all of us think we are ADD because our ability to focus on one thing is more difficult (sounds like me every day).

Friday Mercury trines Saturn. Saturn tends to block things and insist we follow the rules. Mercury is about communications. 

Clear, realistic thinking characterizes this influence. A good time to get organized, to do detailed work, and prepare for the future. Decisions made now tend to be practical and well thought out. Work done now is likely to beget tangible results in the future. Conversations may be spare but to the point. Manifestation and achievement are what satisfy.

 Almost anything we do from Friday through next Sunday will net us concrete results. Conversations will short and to the point. Satun does not like to waste time in idle chit-chat. He had much rather use his time toward manifestation and achievement.

Saturday Venus will aspect the star of the week, Uranus. This is a good aspect, a sextile aspect, and is great for social gatherings and respecting others equally. There is no fear when is comes to new, unorthodox, out-of-the-box thinking when it comes to finances or romance. This will also be good energy for tackling new electronic technology, metaphysics, or the internet. Good for group gatherings and the arts too. So get ready to march to a different drummer and get those creative juices flowing too. It is the best way to use what we are being offered.

Also on Saturday, Mars will semi-square Neptune. Color this energy unorganized. Plan well and use your time wisely or risk wasting it. Many of us will feel a strong lack of drive, especially those of us with strong Neptune influences in their charts. Pisces friends and anyone with any planets anywhere in their charts at 15-17 degrees look out! This has your name on it!

This looks like a catalytic week to me. It will be interesting to see exactly what it brings us. I wish for you all things good. And I wish the teachers in my state great success as the gather in Raleigh on Wednesday for the “March for Students and Rally for Respec”. The teachers in this state are some of the lowest paid in the nation and have experienced some huge setbacks in recent years. Without getting on a soapbox, that is all I have to say about that or anything else this week.

Remember to be kind. Smile, and do good daily.