Astrology for October 4- 10, 2015


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Perennial Sunflower

Photo by Kevin Campbell, Campbell Family Nursery, Harmony, NC

I met some Asheville friends for brunch this morning and one of the topics was how fast time seems to be passing. People also seem to be talking about how strange they feel, how strange people are acting and about feeling some sort of difference in general. Some of this is possibly due to the fact that we have only seen the Sun once in the past two weeks.

For about that long, I have felt like staying at home and being alone. Originally, I thought my circuits were overloaded from the crowd and music energy of National Folk Festival, followed by dealing with sick friends and hospitals. After hearing what others are feeling, I am thinking my need for solitude could have more to do with the 5th dimensional energies all the woo woo, spiritual people are talking about. Regardless, I am feeling much better today.

This week brings us some positive changes, the best of which is probably Mercury turning direct. I usually slide through Mercury’s retrograde period without many, if any problems. This time my phone seemed to not work as smoothly as normal and there were a few other technical bugs a time or two. I suppose if the phone issues don’t happen again after this week, I will know for sure.

Two weeks of rain can affect technology too, not to mention its affect on your mood. The weather here in the south has had everyone on edge this past week. Gratefully, my area did not get the rain amounts we were expecting. Unfortunately, my friends on the coast are getting more than they expected and there is significant damage in many areas. Some places have gotten 18 inches of rain or more. Accurate measure has been difficult due to rain gauges quickly filling and over flowing. This is an historic rain storm without a doubt. I hope everyone stays safe. You are all in my thoughts.

The past few weeks I have mentioned the Jupiter Neptune opposition. All this rain and the Hurricane Joaquin, are good examples of the energy of this aspect. Neptune is all about water and Jupiter is expansive. Joaquin was not expected to reach a nearly category five status but it did. Folks who do not understand or believe in astrology believe contend this is just another coincidence, but I don’t believe in coincidences. What we do agree on is, this is good weather for ducks.

Some of the discomfort or strange energy folks are feeling of late could be the difficult energy of Sun in Libra. Libra rules relationships as a reflection the self. Libra is also about balance, compromise, and negotiations. It is also a good time to do things with people that involves art in some way. No wonder the autumn seems to be the biggest season for events that involve art.

This struggle for balance can cause some difficulty however. Decision-making seems to be most perplexing during this time. Libra energy wants to be sure is looks at both sides of an issue very carefully. This can sometimes be a long and labor intensive process because the Libra energy does not want to make waves for anyone.

While Libra is considerate, shows great tolerance and is sociable, the shadow side can be quite selfish and superficial. Being passive-aggressive is also a shadow side trait. If you or someone you know has a tendency toward these things, be forewarned. These traits could be more predominant now and even amplified. If you find yourself acting in any of these negative ways, take a deep breath, regroup and chill out.

Another change we need to take notice of this week is Venus leaving Leo and entering Virgo on Thursday Oct. 8, 2015. Virgo is a much more practical placement than Venus in flamboyant Leo. This transit will last six weeks and focuses our attention on improving health and doing charitable work rather than buying things that sparkle. Venus will also be moving out of her shadow period after turning direct on September 6th. Aren’t you glad Mercury’s movement through his shadow is not so slow? Communications within our relationships should become more normal after this week.

Almost everything that aspects or changes this week does so near weeks end. However on Tuesday we see Mars moving to perfect his opposition with Neptune. Neptune is all about water and illusion. Hopefully this perfection will be bringing an end to the rain even though it might cause us some mental confusion. You could find yourself getting lost a fuzzy cloud of misunderstanding. This is another time you will want to stop, chill, and take a breath. If you have friends that need a hand with something, this would be a good time to put your energy toward helping them instead of focusing on yourself.

This energy is prone to being on the lazy side as well as being disorganized. Two things I don’t need more of in my life. I could will be one of the ones among us that will be struggling w this energy. Not thinking things through, being impractical and carelessness are also aspects of this placement. Now that you know, perhaps you will be better able to recognize when these things are going on in your life and you won’t find yourself in trouble.

At the very end of the week, Venus will square Saturn. If there ever was a struggle between the male and female this aspect is it. The only larger struggle is when these two planets are opposed. Venus like to have her way but our father, Saturn is telling her no. Venus often wants more than she really needs anyway but Saturn can be quite stern as well. Feelings of rejection are possible and so is socializing. Saturn is not as interested in such things like Venus is and he frowns on many of the self-indulgent things Venus loves.

This aspect is not one for new financial ventures. Many could end up being little more than a waste of your dollars. Try not to be too distant emotionally either. Saturn can sure make us feel this way sometimes.

Every week feel like there is more I could cover. This is my own insecurity coming out along with my not being that well versed in astrology yet. It has been three years this week since I first began this astrology blog. I have learned much in that time yet have so much more to learn. I am grateful to Shelly Overton in Orlando Florida for being a good teacher and friend through her Blog Talk Radio show called AstroEnergy. Shelly and I both follow Anne Ortelee too. Anne is in NYC and also have a BTR show each week. While I have not been listening to Anne much in the past few months due to time and other things, I think she is among the best astrologers out there. Catch her show for today here:  Anne Ortelee

Have a good week and stay safe.


Astrology for September 27 – October 3, 2015



Welcome Fall 2015! This past week was full of planetary changes and brings us to the first Full Moon, the Harvest Moon, and Sukkot or Feast of Tabernacles, the Jewish Harvest Holiday. We are also at the beginning of that Jubilee year according to Jewish tradition. The Jubilee year is the year after seven cycles of seven years or shmita.

The fiftieth year is a holy year and one of liberty for the Jewish people. History tell us this is when all debts are cleared and people return to their own property and their own families. It is a year of rest. The Bible tells us not to sow or reap. This rule has not been followed for many centuries however. Since 600 BCE, the tribes of Ruben, Gad, and Menashe were exiled. The rule is only applicable when the Jewish people all live in Israel as tribes.

There is prophesy about these things and if you are interested I encourage you to do some research. Dig deep and do not take the word of a TV evangelist. They seem to me to take things too literally and not consider astrology, numerology or ancient texts when hypothesizing. But this is just my humble opinion. If you want a good starting point in your research I might suggest PIN (Prophesy In the News) or Perry Stone. Both of these sources have a good knowledge base of Biblical history, and interpretation. I don’t believe even these sources are 100% accurate but I feel they are better than most.

I bring all this up to emphasize how many different energies are coming our way right now. And yes, holidays and traditions have their own energy just as every word we speak does. Most of us fail to recognize this fact however, let alone incorporate this awareness into our daily lives. Most of us are too busy shopping or trying to decide what shoes to wear and fail to tune into these energies so we can ride this wave.

We’ve been hit with lots of cosmic energy lately and today, tomorrow and the coming weeks are no exception. The good news is there will be no sign changes and no planets change direction. There aren’t any new difficult aspects for the most part. The Neptune opposition to Mercury and Jupiter continues but this has been with us now for a few weeks. On a good note, Pluto is trine Mercury and Jupiter. Jupiter helps us gain traction when it comes to achievement and our influence reaches farther than before. Many difficulties are easily over come and your confidence is high.

However, this is not the case with one of my friends who is having a hard time this weekend. He has sent me several messages of woe today and wants to know if his troubles are due to the Blood Moon that will take place later this evening. My guess is that something in his personal chart is being triggered. Often, what we see as bad situation can actually serve as a catalyst for believing in the best.

Pluto trine Mercury is giving us the ability to debate convincingly and to get our views clearly heard. At the same time your thirst for knowledge is higher than usual. Mine is always high so this is no big change for me.

04010eclipseThe biggest event this week is probably the Full Moon tonight. In my area this will take place at 11:06 pm. It is a super moon, meaning it is closer to the Earth and has more energy than usual. The Moon is in Aries, a fires sign and the Sun is in Libra, an air sign. Air fuels fire or fans the flames. Full Moon energy is felt for a good two weeks after the event and with this one also being part of an eclipse and the Blood Moon, well I am sure we will see some fiery events in the news very soon and for a little while after. The Sun in Libra is balanced, diplomatic and fair. I sure hope this has some influence on the fiery energy of the eclipsed moon.

Full moons shine light on our lives and our emotions. When there is an eclipse the light is on the conflict between you and others, or you and me. This is a good time to express yourself as long as you use care and don’t force yourself or your views on others. This is not an extremely rational time for us. Most of us know the Moon represents our emotions.

Some of us could experience a crisis of some sort. Perhaps this comes as an immediate awareness of something lacking in our life. What ever we discover, could be rather dramatic and quite emotionally charged. Hopefully the Libra Sun will help us find our balance and we won’t get too carried away when bending the ears of those around us.

Mercury in Libra will assist the Sun with our balance and fair mindedness. If there is something we need to negotiate, this is a good time for it. Just be aware that Mercury is retrograde and things do not always go as planned. If we are careful we can use Mercury’s backward energy to our advantage. We might find we attack one on one relationships from a rational point of view. This is a good time for increasing our skills of negotiation too, just be sure not to make decisions in haste. Read, read and re-read all documents. Remember that your opinion is not always the best or the only one. This is one of the best times to consider the views of others. The theme for this cycle it fairness.

Romance is the big focus of Venus in Leo. We seldom get past this stage because Leo is Mars in Piscesall about the fun. The big shadow factor of this combo is spending too much money and being too extravagant. Sometimes we find folks expressing themselves in ways that get attention, even the wrong kind of attention. Extravagance at it’s worst.

Mars is in Virgo and I think I have been feeling this energy this weekend in a big way. I have felt compelled to organize. I hope this energy sticks with me most of this week cause I sure could use more cleaning, clearing and organization.

This Mars/ Virgo energy is powerful. It is a real get up and go kind. Loves details and has a need to do the right thing. Nothing at all wrong with this energy for the most part. A job well done is its own reward.

There is not much different with any of the other planets this week. All in all it seems to be a week to get some rest. Something tells me this will not be that case however. For one reason, Mercury will be conjunct the Sun and also closer to the Earth than usual. This will affect our planets geomagnetic energy. Anytime this is affected it also affects us. So perhaps this week won’t be such a smooth ride after all?

Another variable is Wave X. I am not sure what , if anything to expect from this wave of galactic energy. Time will tell. I am hopeful it will be the catalyst for some dynamic new beginings. We need to keep in mind that an ending is really a new beginning. Wave X will be on us tomorrow. I have no plans other than to spend some good time in meditation. With more rain in the forecast and nothing too confining on my agenda for the first few days this week, I plan to lay low and take in what ever energy the Universe has to offer me. I also hope my organization bug stays around for a few days too. There is nothing like the feeling of accomplishment.

Wishing all of you a great week. If not, remember even the difficult times hold sparking gems. Grab onto them with gusto and keep smiling!

Wave X


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Artwork by Vandorn Hinnant                               

Today is the first day of Autumn and the Jewish Day of Atonement. September has so far been an interesting month. Cool Autumn air seemed to come earlier this year that I remember if in the past and people seem to be a bit more active lately. If I were to guess, I would say you have been busier in the past few weeks. Perhaps you have needed more sleep or time seems to slip away before you know it. These are the things that are happening to me. The speed of passing time is really getting to me. I look at the clock to get a grip on my day and before I know it, it is three hours later. An other blink of the eye and the day is totally gone. It is some ways it is neat and in others, it is frustrating when I don’t seem to get much work done.

The study of astrology deals with energy. Every thing in our world, in fact the entire Universe is made of energy, is energy, and is all energy is connected to all energy, and all the energy that ever was. This means we are connected to everything in the Universe. You and I are connected to Jesus, Mohamed, Buddha,Hilter, Captain Kangeroo, Donald Trump, Obama, the dining room table, the snake in the grass and the stars, moon and all the planets. We are even connected to the space in between and the space in between that, or what is called “dark matter”.

Last week I mentioned an energy wave was headed our way but I was too tired to continue. Things in my world finally settled down yesterday and I am grateful for the perfection with which the universe operates. The energy wave that is coming is said to be something special.

It is called Wave X and is coming to us from deep space or the galactic center. This wave of energy has been felt by some of our more sensitive folks since August or even before. Some of us are just recently feeling it and some have no clue what is going on. This is the way with many things isn’t it?

This energy wave is triggering our global or collective consciousness and the center of the Universe or what we call the “Galactic Center”. It is thought to be able to awaken even those that have no clue what is going on. Awaken them to the love vibration, the vibration of the Christ consciousness and assist us in our transition to the 5th Dimension.

The energy of this shift has been coming for a long time. You might recall the Harmonic Convergence of 1987. Humans like to mark a date and this is thought to be the actual beginning point. Regardless, Wave X is the biggest and most important energy to hit us to date.

The one person who has brought all this to the forefront is Dr. Simon Atkins. Dr. Atkins is a planetary threat forecaster and climate risk economist who holds a doctorate in Biometo-electromagnetics. He uses the study of magnetics to learn more what is going on in our world. The Sun is also involved because the Sun’s activity or inactivity has an effect on the magnetic field around the Earth. The magnetic field influences human, animal and climate activity. Most are familiar with the way the Moon phases affect the tides, births, and crime. This is magnetics at work. But we need to consider how our brains and our heart are also affected by magnetic frequency.

Solar activity or the lack of it, along with what is called “space weather,” affect all life and weather on Earth. For example, studies show a downward shift in the stock market 1-3 days after and strong solar flares on the Sun, especially the ones the are Earth facing and hit us directly. Solar flares also affect violent outbursts among humans. Coronal mass ejections on the other hand, create a sort of calming affect, even euphoria and peace among the human population in Earth. The ancients knew of the power of the Sun and this is why they viewed it as the God source. The and its light play an important part in how humans feel. Not getting enough sunlight can cause depression, mental fog, and illness. The lack of sunlight is even believed to affect our connection to our third eye. Just 15 minutes a day in the sunlight is enough to keep us healthier.

The Sun is connected to our evolution, awakening, and even climate change such as earthquakes. The past few years there have been strange sounds heard around the world. These are thought to be caused by the Earth’s surface shifting in response to solar activity or the heating of the Earth’s iron core. So it would seem this cosmic wave would have an effect also.

Wave X is expected to reach us in full effect on September 28th. This is also the first day of Sukkot or the Feast of Tabernacles. The night before it the Full Moon, the lunar eclipse, and the fourth blood moon of the current tetrad. There is certainly a lot of energy going on with any Full Moon. This one is a super moon, meaning it is closer than usual. It will also be conjunct Uranus on the 28th. This will give us strong feelings and emotions around freedom, self expression, and spontaneity. This will also be over Israel too.

I don’t believe in coincidences. I believe all things happen in some sort of Universal order. Clearly there are many symbols used by the Universe. A study of Sacred Geometry shows us the basics of how the Universe was constructed. Numbers and astrology seem to be two significant ways the Universe speak to us. This next blood moon will be the first of the three to be seen over Israel. From my studies in astrology, I have learned that when an aspect is over an area on the Earth, that area feels the energy of that aspect stronger than an area anywhere else around the Earth. This tell me that something is about to happen in Israel in the coming months. Eclipse energy last a good six months so this could happen in six months. What ever it is. Most of you are probably aware of the recent upheaval around the Temple Mount and prophesy does tell us that Israel will once again have control of it. When this happens it is foretold to be a sign of the end times. To me, the end times represent the awakening. The point at which the majority evolve and shift to living from the heart and embodying the Christ energy of LOVE.

It is not my intention to preach or be religious at all but I Christianity is what I know best. Having been a student of Biblical prophesy since I was about 13, I can’t help but refer to it when I see it to be relevant. However, every religion on Earth tells a similar story about the end of this earth age. This brings me back to Wave X.

This huge wave of gamma light seems to come around every 3,600 years. It is called “The Event Horizon” and will reach us at peak power on or about September 28, 2015. Many believe it to be the next step in our human evolution. Scientists have been watching this wave and its bursts of intergalactic energy but don’t yet seem to understand their meaning or what they will mean for our planet. Thanks to theoretical researchers like Nassim Harramein, science and spirituality are coming together and being understood better than ever. This is what many of us recognize as “ the lifting of the veil.”

I have been studying epigentics this past year and have learned how our environment and diet affect our DNA. Science has learned that DNA responds to light . The spiritual community believes that a shift in our DNA is key to our evolution. Could Wave X, a gamma light wave, have something to do with this? I think so and so do many others.

We might thumb our noses at some of these notions. We might not understand much of it. I don’t think we need to. We just need to be open to the possibility.Open your heart and mind to it. This wave of intergalactic energy is thought to be able to open the heart chakra and open us up to love in a way we have not known before.

With all the talk out there of gloom and doom, economic collapse, world war, famine, devastating earth or weather events, loving one another could possibly become more important than ever. I have mentioned many times that love and joy will be the way we get make it through everything that is coming. I am looking forward to this energy wave of light reaching us. At the same time I know that it will most likely be the catalyst for some disastrous events too. As long as I can find some joy in life, I know I will be fine. I am sure you will be too.

Spend the next few days in mediation and welcome in the energies.

It is all good.

Astrology for September 20-26, 2015


Hello everyone. I had a blast at the 75th National Folk Festival last weekend. What an amazing event! Perhaps the most amazing thing to me was learning the festival’s deepest roots are actually in western North Carolina. Some of the festival work Lunsford was doing in the Asheville area, beginning in 1927, caught the attention of woman named Sarah Knott who in 1933 created the National Folk Festival Association. This year was the first time the NFF has been North Carolina. I am looking forward to the next two years. If you would like to learn more check out the two link below.

I am loving the hint of fall in the air of late. There is a bit of color beginning to appear in some leaves. It is a wonderful September. There is a lot of buzz going on about this month too. Much of the buzz is around the “Blood Moon” that will take place on September 27, 2015. That is one week from today. I will not go into this much and do not wish to create an uproar or fear in your minds but if you wish to learn more about this topic, there is a movie on Netflix about it called of course, “Four Blood Moons.”

I have not had a chance to watch the entire film yet but from what I have seen, I like.

Even if you know nothing about Biblical prophesy or are not very religious , I feel sure you will find this film at the least, informative. Scientific and historical facts are covered along with prophesy. The connection between these three schools of thought is of great interest to me and is also part of what researchers like Nassim Harramein are trying to prove. Of course there is a shadow side, there always is in what ever you are looking at. Keep in mind that we need the shadow side to help us keep our perspective and stay in balance.

This film talks a lot about signs in the sky. We sure have had a lot going on in the cosmos this past summer. This trend is continuing through out this month. This is another aspect of the buzz talk around this month. Those of us that study energy and how we are all energy and thus connected to everything, perhaps have a better understanding of some of the potential effects these cosmic events might have on us. I am not going to speculate much because I don’t think any of us really know exactly what is coming. I will say I believe the cosmic events of September 2015 will be a catalyst for what ever is next. It is ALL good and I am excited!

Mercury turned retrograde last Thursday and this always brings changes of some sort, especially in the first week. This coming week is bringing lots of changes in the sky. Wednesday, September 23, is the Fall Equinox and the Sun enters Libra for a month.

Libra rules our relationships with other people and acts as a mirror to reflect this relationship back to us. Libra is practical, balanced and a sign of the peacemaker. The shadow side of this is that finding peace is not always an easy of peaceful process.

imagesThis Libra is all about finding balance in your relationships with others. The best way to do this is through art. When I think about this, I begin to notice how many art related public events there are in the fall, the season of Libra. The Autumn season is inspiring. The cooler temps and fewer bugs call us to be outside more. The colors of the trees invite us to hit the road and head to the mountains to see the colors.

Our food choices change as pumpkins, winter squash and root vegetables come into season begin to desire all things cinnamon and pumpkin spicy. Frankly I think I do without a few pumpkin spice flavored items but some folks dearly love them and this is their season.

Fall and the Sun in Libra is a time to look back on your progress this year. Such reflection is a perfect use of Mercury’s retrograde energy. The equinoxes, both spring and autumn, when there is equal hours of light and darkness, are great days to review your own balance with life and the relationships around you.

As I look at the chart for today, I notice the Jupiter/Neptune opposition is still with us, as well as the Mercury/Uranus opposition. All these planets except Mercury move slowly so this is no surprise. Our intuitions are high and so is our desire to shock, be free. Anytime Uranus is involved, you never know what to expect. One day the energy, our energy, can be high and spontaneous, the next day is might be low and we find that we need to pull away from things or people and nap or just get off the grid for a while. I consider this the ADA or Attention Deficit Aspect. When Mercury and Uranus are in opposition we can lose our focus very easily. Things that we are not greatly interested in will become a source of frustration and boredom very quickly.

Another change comes Thursday when Mars leaves Leo and moves into Virgo. At the same time Mars in Virgohe is moving toward perfecting a square aspect with Saturn on Friday. Not only could you notice your active energy shift from the dramatic to a more physical energy, you may notice you can’t seem move or get a door to open up for you when you need it to. The Mars./ Saturn square is causing things to come to a halt. The good news is, this is the last time we will come to a full stop this year. Slow downs maybe but not a full stop. I really do not mind this. I think we all need to stop and regroup from time to time. With Autumn at the door and Mercury retrograde, I am choosing to be grateful for this slow down or still time, instead of fighting it.  

Also on Friday we have Pluto waking up from a five month nap in retrograde land. I’ve read this means a return to peace political, personal , and economic areas. Peace? Really? Hmmm…since we are into election mode, and with all the energy that is rumbling about, I am going to play “wait and see” on this one. Pluto is a slow mover so I am sure this will take a while.

The week will come to a close in the energy of the Full Moon. The Moon won’t be actually Full until the next day but you will be feeling the energy of it perhaps by Friday. Remember this will also be a Super Moon, and there will be a lunar eclipse and the last of the Blood Moon Tretrad as well. Folks….this is some heavy stuff. But don’t let fear get the best of you like if did the folks that had 14 year old Ahmed Mohamed arrested.

You have to wonder when his teacher and other school officials realized they had made a huge mistake. When I first hear about this I felt as if they felt they needed to save face so they stood firm, ultimately making a bigger fool of themselves. I understand being safe rather than sorry and where this fear comes from. At the same time not everyone with a Arab name is a matter of national security.

Get the facts not the emotions. Live from the heart. The heart understands all and will guide you to the truth if you allow it too.

I still want to talk some about an energy wave that is headed toward earth but I am too tired now to continue. This week began with my needing to rest after the festival. I was both mentally and phsyically tired. On Tuesday I learned a childhood friend and neighbor was in the hospital because he could not breathe. He is all better now and will be coming home tomorrow or Tuesday. I have a list of things to do before I pick him up, as well as my own life to deal with. Right now, my bed seems to be calling me so I am going to end for now. Teh energy wave info can wait a bit, so stay tuned! I promise to be back soon with more on this.

Astrology for September 6-12, 2015


Hope everyone is having a good Labor Day weekend. Wishing safe travels to those who are traveling. The weather in my neck of the woods have been terrific this week and although I am not traveling, I am loving the cooler temperatures and lower humidity. I also can’t keep a shirt clean for more than a few minutes. I know that has nothing to do with Astrology but I just looked down and noticed who knows what on the clean shirt I put on this morning. This is why I usually wear tie dye.

Before I get into this week’s forecast, I want to let you know I will be busy with the National Folk Festival next weekend and am not sure if I will have time to work on the blog. I will do my best but I also have another project right now with an immediate deadline and I am not going to push things and get spread too thin.

September is big month in many ways. The Sun is in Virgo for most of September and Virgo is a mutable sign. Mutable means changing. We all know to expect a change in the weather once September arrives. Summer is coming to and end as autumn begins to take over.

images (1)The energy of change is has been with us for a few years now, primarily sparked by the Uranus/Pluto square’s influence that we have been under beginning in 2008. These two planets have been exactly square on seven separate occasions between 2012 -2015. They are slowly moving apart and are currently out of the orb of influence, but we will feel this energy of another couple of years before they are completely out of orb. Currently Pluto and Uranus are 7-8 degrees apart.

The orb of influence is the maximum number of degrees two planets can deviate from the exact angle or aspect and still be considered to be in the influence of that aspect. In the case of the square aspect the allowable difference of degree on either side of 90º is 6º. This is the allowed variation of degrees for most major aspects; the ones that are 0º, 60º, 90º, 120º, and 180º. All of the minor aspects are considered out of orb if the difference is more than 2º or 3º. However, when the Sun or Moon is involved, the orb is increased to 10º. The less the orb, the stronger the influence, with <1º being the strongest.

Currently Pluto and Uranus are retrograde and this has caused them to move out of the orb. Being retrograde is a good thing here because the backwards movement somewhat softens the planets energy. In about 2 ½ weeks, Pluto will turn direct and these two planets will once again move closer to the square aspect, although not exact for many, many more years.

Now back to September. There is a lot going on in the cosmos this month. (I will get to some of the non astrological info later).

Venus is direct as of today, September 6, 2015. She will be moving rather slowly all week so don’t expect a lot. However, if there are relationship issues in your life, look for opportunities to mend these in the coming days and weeks.

Expect matters of the heart Early this week we will be feeling the Mars/Uranus trine. In the past few years Mars and Uranus have been at odds with each other. A trine is usually a positive aspect so it is nice to see these two planets come back into balance.

Mars in Leo is all about action and the self with a splash of Leo dram thrown in. Combine this with The creative, intuitive, intellectual brilliance of Uranus and you will see even more technological creations come to the spotlight. Things like self driving cars, innovations in 3-D printing, artificial intelligence or robots are a few things to look for. We could even see something like Google glasses be redesigned and make a market comeback to delight of the gadget-heads among us.

Mercury is square Pluto this week. This can throw a strong negative spin on things and cause trouble with communications. Try not to read too much into things. Your vision is not as clear this week as it usually is. Making small things into big ones saying only what we think others want to hear. Pluto likes to go deep and push things. Avoid pushing your ideas onto others. Keep that mind open.

Mercury will also going to be slowing down this week in preparation for his station images (1)retrograde on the 17th. Use the next few days to finish up anything you need to finish and use the energy of this retrograde to go over things that need to be revised or reworked in some way.

This aspect can cause us to be a more suspicious than usual and also cause some anxiousness or compulsive thinking to rise to the surface. I you are one who of the many waking up now, this could be a good energy for you to do some deep work. Find someone to mentor you and get into those deep conversations this week.

The weeks ends with the nearing of the New Moon I Virgo. There will also be a partial solar eclipse making this New Moon part of a group of eclipses. Eclipsed Moon and Sun energy lasts a long time and is considered more stressful than other times.

This New Moon comes in the sign of Virgo. Virgo deals with health and work. You would be well advised to avoid work stress if possible as well as elective surgeries. It is a good time to take extra care of ourselves and plan for the coming weeks. Just don’t start things yet. Wait till next week, after the Sunday’s New moon to begin executing your plans.

Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, and  and Yom Kippur, the day of atonement, are both in September this year. This coming Sunday, September 13 at sundown, the same day as the New Moon, is when  Rosh Hashanah begins. Yom Kippur, falls 10 days later, on September 22-23. September 28th is the Sukkot or the Feast of Tabernacles. The same day as the last of the four blood moons.

Regular readers have no doubt noticed the mention of esoteric topics other than astrological ones from time to time. I believe we are in the midst of some great shifts in the evolution of humanity and this planet. Among st the seers, intuitive, and those interested esoteric topics and prophesy, September is a month that could mark the beginning or the ends or some things as we know them.

images (2)Possibly you have heard of the four blood moon’s? Blood moon’s are mentioned in the Bible and according to evangelist John Hagee, author of the book : Four Blood Moons”, this is a real sign of “end times”. I don’t believe the Earth or humanity is going to end but as I have studied the planets over the past three years, it seem clear to me their energy is causing some big changes on the personal and collective levels.

There is a lot of talk about other big events coming our way this month.

This is New Moon also marks the end of a shemittah year. The shemittah is the seventh and last year of a cycle followed by the Jewish people since the second fall the Holy Temple. Shemittah means “to release”. In olden times, fields were not planted that year and debts were forgiven or released. Seven is also a number often in the Bible and usually holds some significance.

The number seven in Numerology has a very interesting correlation to the astrological energy of this month. Seven represents the collective consciousness. It is about faith and spirituality. This includes, Spiritual awareness, awakening, enlightenment, and development. The number seven also represents intuition, understanding others, all images (5)things esoteric, looking deep inside, healing religion, purpose, manifesting, intentions, good luck, strength through tough times, and thoughtfulness. Seven also shares some of the characteristics of Uranus such as non-conformist, freedom and independence. To me this fits right in with what I see going on is the cosmos.

Many today who study the signs, ancient texts of many cultures, or are intuitive, believe this could signal some sort of shift or balancing in the financial institutions. This seems to play out to be true if you go back seven years to the housing fall off 2008 and the financial slow-down seven years before that in 2001. I am not an expert in any of this, just passing on some thoughts and ideas to ponder.

I have also heard several folks talk about Planet Nibiru, thought to be the Suns dark twin, is coming into view this month. Another planet means more and different energy and magnetic waves. In addition to Nibiru, some say there is a second planet headed our way. Both orbit in an exceptionally large, elliptical orbit that nearly coincides with the procession of the Equinoxes. Some believe the approach of these “planets” are connected to increased UFO sightings in the past few years.

Peter Davenport of the “National UFO Reporting Center” gives a weekly radio report in sightings. Some reports tell of a really large object in the sky, larger than any thing we know of here on Earth. If you would like to read actual reports or if you wish ti report one yourself, go to

Some see indications of big earth quakes and volcanoes taking place this month. Talk of the big earthquake that drops California into the ocean is nothing new. I’ve literally heard about this for at least 3-4 decades. Time will tell if and when this happens but I hear over and over from “experts” that we are over due for a big one on the west coast.

Regardless, there do indeed seem to be more and more scientific data to to back up the idea of this happening soon. If not an earthquake on the west coast, there are several other hot spots on this continent and around the globe. The New Madras fault in the Midwest if one, or the fault in South Carolina. Also keep and eye on New Zealand and the Indonesia. Iran is another one not only for earthquakes but for war.

The coming winter is predicted to be cold and snowy in many parts of the U.S. The Current Sun cycle has not lived up to expectations that it was going to be active. While there have been active moments or short periods of big activity, over all it appears that the Sun is entering dormant period. This is expected to last 2-3 generations. What this means is the Sun cools down a bit, thus cooling us down.

And if this is not enough…….

imagesThen there is Wave X. This is a wave of energy that is coming toward us from deep space. Some are already feeling it. From what I read, it will arrive at planet Earth on or about September 28, 2015. This wave is said to assist us in our evolution and the awakening of the planet. It will raise our vibrations and help us come to a place of love and understanding. For more on this I would encourage you to check out or Google Dr. Simon Atkins.

I hope you are not taking this as gloom and doom. I focus on the energy aspects. I see this as a trigger or catalyst for change.  We are all energy after all and therefore all connected. The Sun and its energy are known to affect humans in a variety of ways and I probably don’t need to tell you how the Moon has an affect on us but change is afoot for sure.

Sidebar: Love him or hate him, I feel like this is Donald Trump’s purpose in running for president. He is a catalyst for change. Keep that mind open. (Step back from your personal emotions and look at all of this information with an open mind or from the observers perspective).

Cultures around the world tell stories of the present Earth changing, falling away, and of great cataclysms taking place. All indicators seem to be pointing to these events happening between now and the next 20 years. I am not concerned about living long enough to see it. I will be around 80 if I do. I am awake enough to know that my purpose is to teach others and help them wake up to the truth.

If don’t want to know anything about any of this sort of stuff, you are asleep.

If you are one of those that are just beginning to get curious about all this, then you are on the path to awakening and evolving.

If you are realizing there are things about you and the world that need to change, you are beginning to wake up.

If you are seeing your own crap then you are awake.

If you are helping other to deal with their crap, you are enlightened.

If you see that everything is perfection, congratulations. You are an Ascended Master.

Yes! I think this just could be a September for the books. Time will tell and I am excited!

Realizing this information is (perhaps a bit disorganized on my part) deep, intense, and lacks a great deal of scientific proof, I sincerely hope this is not too far out for my readers. If so, I understand. If it has sparked some desire to know more, I am delighted. If I have answered some questions I am ecstatic.

Anyone wishing to discuss this more, I invite you to leave a message and I will get back with you. Remember, I am not an expert. Otherwise, I encourage you to make good use of Google. That is what I do. That and more.

Remember there may not be a post next week. I may try to at least get one up Monday or Tuesday. It all where I am with my project and it’s deadline. I will be back however.

Remember the Sun is in Virgo. Time to take care of you.

Have a great week. Be safe and look for the happy place in every.


Astrology for August 30-September 5, 2015


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wayne-dyerDr Wayne Dyer,  May 10, 1940 – August 29, 2015

The past couple of weeks I have seen one death after another. The world has seen one awe striking, head scratching, fear instilling event after another. Some say we pass on when we are finished with our lessons here. Some say it is disease that is the cause. I personally believe the soul can arrange for an exit whenever it chooses. For those of us that study the heavens, there seems to be an association with astrology and planetary influence.

I know the soul thing is perhaps quite strange for some of you but if you think outside the box it is not really not so strange. Even the horrifying tragedy of the on-air assassination of a young news anchor and her camera man could have been a soul decision and was contracted to play out this way long before these souls incarnated to this life. Most would say otherwise and that is fine. I am simply throwing out some other ideas for you to ponder if you so choose. After all, I have no idea of the belief systems of my audience. I would hope you are at least open minded, if not waking up or already awake. Should this idea grate against you, lets agree to accept each other and move on to this weeks forecast.

Saturn is showing his power these days. Some of the areas he shakes up are those of control. Donald Trump comes to mind here. He is all about controlling his world and he seems to want to control ours too. In the meantime, other candidates are fighting to gain control.

Saturn is also about fear, discipline and structure. No doubt this week struck fear in some hearts, not only with the shooting in Virginia but there was also a lot of fear around the financial affairs and the stock market this week. I truly believe this is only a preview of what is to come in the next few months and years ahead. Since I am not an expert and know little about such things I will leave this for those that do to pnder more deeply. I am sure my old friend Tim Bost of “Financial Cycles Weekly” would be able to help you if this is something that interests you or is an area you need consultation. Here is link to his page.

This week begins on the heels for a Full Moon in Pisces. The Moon was opposing Jupiter and conjunct Neptune Saturday night. Since Neptune is in his home sign, this amps up the influence quotient. Another bug in the salad is Saturn’s square to Jupiter. This could cause some water issues some where, not saying it will affect the US but we could see something big around water this next week.

This was also a Super Moon which is said to bring large shifts in our consciousness. Jupiter makes this combination expansive, or bigger and perhaps stronger. The Moon conjunct Neptune is idealistic and compassionate. Are you feeling the humanitarian call? I would not be surprised if some of you are feeling more intuitive or psychic as well. This Full Moon energy is triggering all things mystical, spiritual, and dealing with faith.

I attended a memorial service yesterday. I saw old friends and acquaintances I had not seen months, years, even decades. We took the winding path down memory lane, swapped stories, laughed, and cried over the past. I saw two friends I had not seen in over 40 years. Thanks to Facebook, one of them found me a while back and we have been in touch ever since. Seeing them in person was far better than any cyber chat. The weather was perfect and it was a beautiful day to be in the Brushy Mountains of North Carolina. I wish I could have made it to the other two memorials this weekend.

Now that we have celebrated lives, old friends, yesterday’s Full Moon calls us to complete the things we began with the last New Moon. The energy this week will be a lot like last week as several aspects from last week are still in effect. One of them is the perfection of the Sun’s opposition to Neptune on Monday. Our senses are more sensitive and our intuition is more intuitive. But….there is always an “but” isn’t there. But…….the shadow side is confusion, misunderstandings, and prospects that don’t quite live up to what we expected. You could also have difficulty knowing what is real and what isn’t.

The good news is, this aspect is gone pretty much by mid week. Try to stay grounded, ( a challenge for me) and avoid making big decisions. I know this isn’t Mercury retrograde but it’s close. Being logical and direct could also be a challenge early in the week.

Venus and Mars meet up beginning today and perfect on Tuesday. This is the second time this year and this time Venus and Mars have met this year. They will meet one more time on November 3, 2015. This conjunction causes Venus to be less interested in romance and more interested in herself. If folks projection an “it’s all about me” attitude, there is probably a trigger for Venus in their natal chart. Take a deep breath and do your best not to get sucked into anything negative.

This trans it creates some sexy energy in the most passionate, expressive and spirited way. You may feel a strong pull toward some creative endeavor, while social dealings could be demanding or intense. These things are expressions of balancing our inner male and female energies. Can not expect other wise from these two planets when you consider how they each represent the Yin and Yang energies.

This combo can be rather competitive but can also lead teamwork to successful ends. Expressing our needs and desires will likely be quite productive. There is one big caution however. Spending and impulse buying can get out of hand quickly. It might be best to stop and think about a purchase or just to wait and while before buying. For some of us, this will be a real challenge.

This is good time for making connections. Especially those that lead to relationships that are personally beneficial. Look for Venus in the morning sky. She is assisting us toward our individual satisfaction and fulfillment. Don’t forget that when we speak of relationships, we are not just talking about our love life. Relationships include our parents, siblings, extended family members, friends, co-workers, neighbors, and the people we come in contact with while going about our lives, shopping, and traveling.

Relationships can be long term or as short as a few minutes. So, be sure you are not limiting your vision or understanding. Think about the little kid that catches your eye and warms your heart while you are in a check out line. Your relationship with that child was not what we think of as a relationship, but for those brief few moments, it was the only one in your life and it touched you deeply or perhaps it repelled you.

Relationships, no matter how long they last always involve some form of heart and soul connection, even if the connection is not always a positive one for us. Those relationships that prove to be negative, are probably only negative because of some past experience in our lives that causes us to react that way. We are responsible for how we react to people and things around us and relationships are no different.

I think I should talk more about Venus this week. Besides Saturn, Venus seems to be one of major influences for us at this point in time. As some readers may know, Venus is the oldest know deity in the world. She as worshiped as Ishtar, a fertility goddess in ancient Sumeria. She personifies all things Yin. Along with fertility, she is nature, beauty, love and or course, relationships. Venus is the magnet that draws to you all the elements you to evolve as a human.

Venus rules Taurus and in her inner way of expression, she shows us what we need to survive, what has meaning, and what has value. Venus is our central relationship. The one we have with ourselves. She is our self-worth. Do we love ourselves or not? What about ourselves do we love and what do we want to change. I have had several conversations along these lines in the past week so I know these are things on the minds of many more. The cosmos is trying to help you grow and change your views and understanding. Are you going with the flow? Or are you fighting the current? Keep in mind your struggles are part of your karmic needs. Venus is helping us bring in what we need to grow and evolve.

Venus’s outer expression is as the ruler of Libra. This expression project outward to our relationships with everyone else. This is where we see ourselves reflected in others. How scary is that? Certainly some of us are less able to see this and take advantage of it than others. Even when we can’t see and use the tools and lessons brought to us, the Universe is forever working to assist us in what ever way we need, even if we need a 2×4 over the head.

Venus will be stationing to turn direct on Thursday. If you have been feeling these last six weeks, things should be easing up for you soon. Hang in there, ride this last bit of wave and lean all it has to offer you.

Wednesday, Jupiter is semi-square Uranus. Agreeing with others might be difficult and we could feel a bit more restless than usual. Uranus wants us to change. As I have tried to express before, if we don’t change and evolve, we will be forced to change. Jupiter wants everything to grow and be bigger. Use caution and don’t take risks for the sake of freedom. This might well end in a foolish mistake.

Travel is not advised and neither is speculation of finances. This energy is best used to open ourselves to new ways of thinking. Just don’t avoid your responsibilities and the things that really matter.

One last thing…..if you feel tired, rest, nap or sleep a while. Some of this energy is taking a lot out of us. The Universe is sending us a new wave later this month and this can make folks feel tired. It is all good, just be sure to rest when you need to. I hear some folks are now needing as much as 11-12 hrs of sleep. Sounds crazy but it is true. Take care and I wish you are great week ahead!

Astrology for August 22-29, 2015


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august-005The more familiar I become with the planets, I begin to see how the energy of the cosmos plays out in my daily life and how others act from various planets or signs. I am years from being well versed in any of this however and am steady on the path of learning more each week.

For those that are interested in learning more themselves and also have an Android phone, I invite you to check out the “AstroTab Pro” app. This shows you the aspects for each day. It does not include asteroids but it will show aspects to the mid-heaven and ascendant which is pretty cool.


This week is looking up and begins with a sign change for the Sun. The week will end with a dream inspiring Full Moon. Couple this with a week of temperatures mostly in the mid 80’s and I am a happy camper as long as the humidity is below 65%.

The Sun’s move to Virgo bring quite a different energy that Leo brought us. Are you beginning to feel a need to re-evaluate your exercise routine or diet? Do you need or want to make changes in these areas or in the way you organize things? Are you feeling more drawn to the details of life or improving communications in some way? If you have been feeling the need to help out someplace, to volunteer somewhere, there is no time like the present. Especially when the Sun is present in Virgo.virgobg

I recently signed up for a new volunteer position. It is just short term but it ties in with these energies. We will hit on this energy again come the end of November when the Sun moves to Sagittarius. Please don’t let the sun signs or the energies dictate your helping others. Please make this a year round thing and incorporate helping others in your daily lives.

The Sun is also at its yearly conjunction with Jupiter. Jupiter wants to bring you good fortune. He can also expand negative energies too if we focus on the negative. Use this week to manifest what you want in your life. Thursday being the peak day to work on this. Don’t let Neptune’s opposition to this conjunction cause your focus to be fuzzy. It can certainly do this if you are not clear.

Mercury moves into Libra on Thursday. Hopefully this energy will lend some improvement to our communication skills and this could aid our manifestation if we use this energy to that advantage. It could also mess things up a bit if we use these energies negatively.

Mercury will be touring Libra for nearly three months. This long tour means a retrograde is near. Mercury stations to turn backward on September 17 and station direct on October 9, 2015. Future post will have more on this. It is sure to be a dynamic period. For now we need to discuss how Mercury in Libra will influence us in general. If you have some sort of negotiations brewing, get busy because Mercury enters its storm period or begins to slow down on September 9, 2015. Between now and then and after October 13, 2015, this will be an especially good time for both parties getting what they want in a legal settlement.

mercury in libraLibra will bring some balance, politeness, and good manners to our communications. She will even help the retrograde Mercury be fair. Mom would be proud. Libra has lots of charm and the ability to see both sides of things. Mercury is smart and calculating. This makes this transit a good time for negotiations, that is a long as Mercury is direct. If you have started proceedings before 9/9/2015, you have nothing to fear.

Venus is still in Leo. We have another six weeks or so of this bigger than life love energy. Be careful not to get too upset if others don’t give you the adoration and attention you feel you deserve. Be aware that they are probably seeking the same attention you are. This is definitely one of those times when giving is receiving. Take care not to become too extravagant or do things simply to see a reaction. You might not like what you get in return.

Mars in Leo will be conjunct Venus by weeks end. This add action to Venus. Some of us will be actively seeking our Venus spotlight more than others. Boundaries have come up in many of my conversations in recent weeks. The end of this week might be one of those times I might want to be sure I have good boundaries with those around me. Particularly those whose Venus and Mars are being triggered by this aspect.

Saturn is direct and in the last degrees of Scorpio. This is a powerful placement for this planet. Saturn is asking us to tidy things up and clean out our closets. You may have noticed some closets being cleaned out in the news stories of late. Who knows what will come to the light before this energy is past us. We are sure to feel the effects of this well into the next year.

downloadSaturn in Scorpio can cause some of us to feel quite depressed too. It is after all somewhat of a gloom and doom energy. But take heart and keep your eye on the prize. It is not all about you. It is about the evolution of humanity and you are but one part of that. So get your head out of the dark place and into the light so you to can transform, awaken and evolve. It is all about learning to love what is. Easier said than done I know. Consult a life coach or intuitive energy worker for help. How this transit affects you, all depends on how it hits your chart.

Our old buddy Uranus, the planet of quick change is urging us to start anew. Sometimes starting over is not exactly what we had in mind. I bet Josh Duggar is wishing he didn’t have to. Seems there is a deep pile of rubble he is digging out of. I certainly don’t mean to pick on him. He is not alone in the trenches of deep change. There are many others. Let us not pick on any of them. I just wanted to point out this energy so you can begin to notice how it plays out in the news for yourself.

Change is The entire world seems to be in the midst of change. The fact we have some many presidential candidates is a stellar indication of a strong desire for change to me. There are rumblings of much change here and there around the globe and in every aspect of our lives. I am reading more and more about changes in global currency, talk of war here and there, and that is just two of many rumblings.

There is really more going on than any one person can think about. So don’t get bogged down in it all. You will go nuts if you do. If the 6 o’clock or 10 O’clock news leaves you empty maybe it is time to find something else; hopefully something that lifts you up. I ditched network TV about 5 yrs ago and have not looked back. Now I choose what I watch and choose the news I listen to. I have found this, along with astrology,
helps me stay in a place of joy and peace. We can’t evlove if we are in a place of fear.

Change is going to happen whether we like it or not. Finding ways to accept and embrace is can be difficult. Those of us that realize humanity is evolving, raising its vibrations, and waking up to long hidden truths, are perhaps more open to embracing the changes. None of it is easy especially when it comes to long held belief systems. Scriptures talk about weeping and gnashing of teeth. I think we are at the edge of great change and change was what this phrase may have been referring to. Change is just that hard.

This week ends with a Full Moon in Pisces. Take us to dream land Pisces so we can dream big dreams. The Full Moon also denotes endings and bringing the projects we started two weeks earlier to a close. Jupiter conjunct the Sun on this one is expanding this energy and increasing our luck and abundance. Don’t let this one pass you by. This is a moon and a week where dreams just might come true.

I wish you all a wonderful week. Public school begins tomorrow here. Colleges began classes this past week. Plan ahead and give yourself extra time for the additional pedestrians and school buses in the road. I wish everyone a happy first week of school here and be safe no matter where you live.


Astrology for August 16-22, 2015


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640_P1100150Photo by Michele Stüb


RIP my friend.

Happy New Moon weekend! The last Moon cycle was a dilly. It began with good friends, old friends and new friends and ended with the transition of three people from my past. Rough spots for relationships have been numerous from what I am reading in social media. However, I am happy to say that after an emotional week of sad news, my week ended with a new beginning befitting the New Moon. I was honored to officiate a beautiful wedding yesterday. Love shines in the eyes of these two people like the brightest star in the sky. And when they kissed, well, I have never witnessed such tender, loving kisses in my life! Congratulations to Seth and Amy and the beautiful blended family you have created.

We all know Venus is the planet of love and values. And the past few weeks I have been talking about Venus retrograde. Planets never really go backwards. It just seems that way from our perspective here on earth. This appearance is due to the difference in the speed the earth rotates around the Sun and the speed of the other planets.

Most of us are very familiar with Mercury’s retrograde period and that it happens about three times a year. When Mercury is retrograde it is a time to slow down and reflect and review things. Since Mercury rules communication and travel this is also a time known for computer break-downs and travel hick-ups.

Venus does not orbit the Sun as fast as Mercury and there fore retrogrades less frequently or about once every 18 months. This year she is retrograde from July 25 – September 6, 2015. You can learn a lot by knowing where this retrograde Venus falls in your natal chart. Where was Venus in your chart when she stationed to retrograde? What does this mean to you?

For me, Venus was stationary retrograde at 0 degrees 46 seconds Virgo. This is almost directly on the cusp of Leo in my tenth house. The tenth house is work, reputation, the public’s view of you and your place in society. Venus retrograde in the 10th house often leads us to re-evaluate your reputation and its value, as well as what you want from life or don’t want. This is exactly where I have been in the past few weeks but did not associate this with Venus until today when I was researching for this blog. This past week I chalked it all up to the deaths of three different people, I knew a long time ago. And while that may have contributed to this review, I actually began my re-evaluation a few weeks before this.

If you are like me and often don’t know where to begin, try looking at what you don’t want. Be clear about it and this will help you build a clear vision of what you do want. This is often easier said than done but if you don’t begin someplace you stay in the same place. If you are happy in the same place, fine. If not, then you have to take action and this is what Venus is trying to help us do. You might discover that what you thought you wanted wasn’t really what you wanted after all. Here is short video that illustrates Venus retrograde. I think you will like it.

It is also important to remember that Venus retrograde is also a time when past relationships seem to pop up more often. Some relationships come to an end also. This is not the best time to redecorate or make any big changes in your home or your appearance either. Use this time to review your wants and goals. There will be plenty of time to update the house or the wardrobe after the first week of September and that will be here before you know it. You will want to keep an eye on your finances until then too.

Speaking of changes, are you noticing how things are changing around us? Your own attitudes and beliefs might be changing too. Thank the Uranus/Pluto square and Saturn in Scorpio for initiating this shift over the past few years. I also find it interesting that the Republican party has so many candidates running for President. While many will disagree with me, I feel like this is a mirror of how fragmented the GOP has become. With all the planetary energy of restructuring, tearing down, and rebuilding, I wonder if this is not the beginning of the end of the GOP as we know it or perhaps the beginning of a third party. Time will tell won’t it?

Moving on, this week should have less bumps than last week. That is until the end of the week when the Sun in Leo squares Saturn in Scorpio. Work could come to a dead stop. Saturn is known to cause delays. These delays are not a cosmic “no”, they are educational and meant to teach us something we need to know. So next Friday, stop and notice what the delays are trying to teach you. The Universe is always trying to help us grow, evolve and transform.

Jupiter is opposing Neptune all week. This could cause some hick-ups in our creativity but since we are dealing with a Jupiter opposition, they probably won’t be too difficult. We might also see something happening in the area of spirituality too. Manifesting could come to a halt or at least slow down. As always, how a planet’s energy affects you has more to do with it’s transit through your chart than anything you might read here.

change_your_life_todayChange. Don’t you love that word or love to hate it?  Regardless of how you feel about it, change seems to always be part of the conversation no matter what the topic is. This will be the last week of the Sun in Leo and change is in the air. This week you will probably begin noticing a shift in your attitude as we move from the dramatic spotlight to wanting to help others. You may also notice you are becoming more aware of your health, diet, pets, and gain a more logical approach to work. I am feeling this energy already, partly due to the Virgo Moon in my natal chart.

One last point about the coming week, occurs on Wednesday, when Venus trines Uranus. Our fear of risk taking wains as we reach out toward romantic and financial involvement that is out of the norm and possibly exceptional. Commitment is not part of this equation however. Remember, Uranus loves his freedom and spontaneity. With the energy of Venus combined with his, mid week will be a time for socializing. Temps in my area are expected to be nice although there is rain in the forecast at present. So get outside if you can or at least get together with friends.

If you happen to come across a financial project in the area of the arts or group activities, philosophy, metaphysics, technology, or the internet, these things could be worth a second look. What ever you do, enjoy yourself!

Until next week my friends……………

Astrology for August 9-15, 2015


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Hope you had a good week last week and possibly renewed an old friendship or two. I sure did. Made a few good new friends and heard some good music too! But the week ended on a sad note when I learned that late yesterday, an old friend made his transition from this life. He will be greatly missed.

This week in the Cosmos, begins with Saturn square a cluster of three planets at the cusp of Leo and Virgo. These three are Mercury, Jupiter and Venus. Saturn is still in Scorpio and calling for us to bring to look deep and bring to a close the things that no longer works for us. Scorpio love to dig up what we’ve hidden away and bring it to the light for examination. Scorpio drives us to get at the truth, whatever that is, like it or not. Scorpio doesn’t care if we can deal with it either. He is out to expose our skeletons, strip us naked and lay us down in the cold, hard truth. You might notice how secrets are coming to the light for many celebrities and figure heads in the news.

Saturn energy is not any more warm and fuzzy either. The planet turned direct last week and is moving full steam ahead. Strap in, for he is sure to take you for a wild spin.

Saturn is rules and regulations, boundaries and resistance to change. He is our father saying “NO.” He pulls the breaks on to keep us from making a fool of ourselves and is our fear of failure. Saturn is disciplined, sure, patient, long-suffering, and responsible.

This difficult, square aspect is hitting testing us to see how much we have learned over the past couple of years when Saturn was transiting Scorpio. This final pass through is our last chance to tie up and loose ends, dig out the last of the bones and move on with a better life.
Squaring Jupiter, Mercury and Venus, is putting the spotlight on our soul worth, finances, love, partnerships, and all our structures of power. This is some really heavy stuff.

Monday the square aspect is beginning to wain between Saturn, Mercury, and Jupiter. However it is still strong between Saturn and Venus. The Sun also moves into square aspect with Saturn. This really brings things home, to our very core self. Facing ourselves is never fun but it has to be done if we are to evolve. As much I try to do things on my own, I might need to reach out for help. We all need to realize the only way we will ever live the life we were meant to is by facing out Saturn to allow change, and working with out Scorpio to clear the past.

make-up-1k87l0xThe summer has been full of retrogrades. Venus is one of four currently retrograde planets. This is not the best time for a make-over, cosmetic surgery, new wardrobe, renovations, or anything along these lines. Social events are likely to take a few twists and turns too. Just breath and let it all go.

As I mentioned last week, Venus retrograde often brings past relationships and partnerships into our lives and cause conflict or complications in current relationships. This energy also ends some of them. I would not be surprised if the current Saturn energy is not aiding some of these past relationships to be ended once and for all.

Don’t forget the Lady Venus is in Leo and therefore demands attention. Not getting what she wants will cause problems. Be careful that you are not being too not to become overbearing with others. Many of us are having trouble expressing ourselves spontaneously and with natural ease. Watch your spending and you ego so neither of these get out of hand either.

Mercury has just moved into Virgo, one of his home signs. This balanced some of the other energy I will talk about in a bit. Mercury will transit Virgo through August 27. During this time our communications, thoughts, and conversations will be more precise, organized, and we feel more determined to think things through.

The shadow side is that we can loose perspective if we allow ourselves to become too focused on details. The tendency to criticize can cause problems. Being critical, dry, and uncreative can cause some folks to loose their appeal. Be aware of when you are being too factual and boring. I think most of my friends have seen these characteristics in me from time to time.

Mercury will be opposed to Neptune this week. This aspect will lend some difficulty to our concentration. Those of us that are already ADD might  notice this accentuated this week. Some of will want to stretch the truth a bit so watch out for this in yourself and others. The truth is always best. The up side is that our thoughts will be more intutive, creative and our imagination could soar.

Another caution is to not give up on anything  this week. Projects often leave us wondering if they are worth the effort. While you communication style may seem to take a usual course and seem dosjointed to some, don’t give up or give in to defeat. This energy will pass and you will more clear headed soon. Hopfully some of the other aspects this week will cancel out this energy altogether but opposition energy is some of the strongest. So don’t be surprised is you seem to be in a fog when it come to communications or any sort.

Mars is in Leo. The warrior is full of Leo pride and confidence. Going after what we 6a0133f538e9e4970b0192acc657e4970d-500wiwant is done directly and we most often expect dramatic results too. Details are not bothersome right now and taking that path of least resistance is optimal. Passion for life is strong as is our sex drive. Oooo la la!

Mars is proud, self-confident, and grand. We are spirited and have grand goals. We go after what we want in a direct, self-assured manner, desiring dramatic results. We prefer not to worry about details, and take the least complicated route to our goals. The sex drive is strong, and passion for life is high.

I mentioned in the past that while the Uranus/Pluto square is long past perfect, the energy is still very much with us. Both planets are also retrograde. This week Uranus is actually in a good aspect with a few planets. This won’t perfect until Friday the 14th but some might begin feeling it as early as today. Don’t forget that Uranus us retrograde so this cuts his energy somewhat.

Uranus trines the Sun, Moon and Venus this Friday. We might notice some of our thoughts and actions take on a more original and unique approach to love and life. Expect inventive changes and creative discoveries. Uranus is all about coming up with new ways of doing things and with this trine triggering the Sun, moon and Venus, it is getting right at the heart of who we are. This could be a pivotal week and weekend for those of us who’s charts are also triggered by this. Taking advantage of the unusual events or opportunities life brings our way may be also bring the greatest reward to our life. Open the door when it knocks.

The last thing I want to talk about is the New Moon coming on Friday. New Moon means a new cycle, new time to set new goals. This time it’s about all things Leo. The Cancer cycle has ended.

With this new Leo cycle, focus on romance, creativity, and the children in your life. Think about being proud, generous, caring, strong, authoritative, hospitable, active, and open. Our lives will benefit if we allow this Leo energy to make changes that need to be made.

I wish you all a good week ahead. May all your dreams come true! Till next week, keep looking up. And don’t forget the meteor shower that peaks early in the week.



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