Astrology for November 4-10, 2018


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Astrology constantly amazes me as I learn more and more.

This week’s astrology holds several cosmic changes. The first point of interest comes on Election day, November 6.

Uranus, the planet of rebellion and chaos, is retrograding back into Aries, the sign of conflict, ego, and aggression. This will only last for the next 2 months, but we have work to do in the meantime. We all need to work on clearing up all those Uranus-Aries issues that began for us back in May of 2010.

If you know in which house Aries falls in your natal chart, then you will have the opportunity to revisit your decisions around that house for the last time. Uranus moves slowly so he won’t come this way again in our lifetime unless we live for 84 years more. That is how long it takes for Uranus to make a trip around the sun.

For me, it is the 9th house I will be reviewing. This is the house of long distance travel, higher education, religion, other cultures, and the courts and legal matters. I can’t say that really feel any unfinished work in any of these areas but am open to finding out I am wrong. Whatever I discover as I meditate on these topics over the next two months, it is time wrap them up I suppose, and let them go.

The second point of interest takes place the same day and also involves a retrograde. This time the characters involved are the Nodes of Fate, also known as the North and South Nodes, and the head and tail of the dragon. This is an aspect of astrology I have only recently begun to study and it sure is fascinating.

I won’t go into much explanation on the Nodes at this time other than to say they deal with what we bring to this life and what our direction or purpose is. The Nodes have been in Leo and Aquarius for the past year and a half. November 6 they are moving into Cancer and Capricorn.

When the North Nodes was in Leo we were asked to step into our own power. Now that he is moving into Cancer, he is requesting us to be all things Cancer. Cancer energy is kind to others, nurturing, about women and values. This is perfectly appropriate as we enter the winter holiday season of giving and hopefully kindness towards EVERYONE!

It looks like a busy election day.

Welcome to November 2018. This month has the energy vibration of the number 11. Eleven is also called a Master number. All numbers have significant meaning but when you put two of them together like 11, 22, 33, 44, and so on, you get a more powerful number than the single numbers. They can be as negative as they can be positive.

The Number 11 it the most intuitive of numbers. It visually represents a gateway, a new beginning. Eleven is connected to our subconscious and those gut feeling we often get. Eleven is also connected to spirituality making this a great month to work on our spiritual side and learn about or become more connected to our intuition.

Doreen Virtue has written a wonderful book on numbers called ‘Angel Numbers’. If you think you might be interested in learning more about numbers and their meanings, I recommend this inexpensive book and have included an Amazon link below. You will also find other books on numbers and their meaning on Amazon, in case this one doesn’t feel right to you.

Wednesday the 7th, we have a Scorpio New Moon. Scorpio loves to go deep into things and can be quite intense. He rules the 8th House and is ruled by Pluto and Mars. This house governs transformation, psychology, sex, and money.

This New Moon for psychologists in us. This is a healing Moon and full of forgiveness It is all about going deep into who we are and looking at our skeletons. By doing this, we will be better able to express our kinder, gentler side, act more from the heart and a place of love, and show empathy and compassion to others and ourselves.

This New Moon will also show us the feelings of the collective. I feel sure we will see those feelings show up in the outcome of the vote. There is a great deal of passion around many things this coming week.

Neptune will form a trine with the Moon on the 7th and while that is the day after the election, it is still close enough to the trine that it will have influence. This energy will create a feeling of compassion among the people and they will use this to relate to the issue they vote on.

With this year coming to a close, I just now remembered it is time order next years Planetary Guide from Llewelyn. I have used this weekly calendar and guide for almost 20 yrs and highly recommend it. Order early because they run out fast. I doubt you will find one at the end of December.

A week ago, it was suggested to me that I let the blog rest for a couple of weeks. It was further suggested that I needed a break to clear out things in my life mentally, emotionally, and physically. After considering this for a few days it became increasingly feeling like this was indeed what I need to do. November is proving to be a busy month for me too. So, I have decided to take the rest of this month off from writing this blog. I will keep an eye on things however and let you know of any big events I feel you need to know about.

Right now I can’t imagine not coming back, but we can never say never can we? Besides clearing the internal and external cobwebs, I want to study astrology more. I never did get around to writing on some of the astrology topics I wanted to and they are still hanging out in my mind. I am not sure I will ever write about those things but one thing is for sure, I feel other things are driving me now. Now I need to figure out exactly what that is.

I’m ending this post with my usual “be kind to others” this week. We are all the same whether we believe it or not. We are even the things we don’t like.

I began this post talking about the Number 11 and now feel compelled to do some marketing. There are some good gifts ideas here too. All of the following can be found on Facebook as well as at the links below.

First, is my own book, a cookbook that I published in 2016, titled Hong Kong House Cookbook. There are recipes for everyone whether carnivore or vegan. This cookbook brings back recipes and memories of one of the best-loved restaurants in my town.

Next is my a memoir by my dear friend Judy Cochrane. This is an amazing and transformative book called Eleven Days: From 35 Million to Foodstamps, What a Family Gains When Losing the American Dream. She also offers both a Kindle and audio version.

The next book is written by another dear friend and mentor. I have learned so much from Dr. Tomi Bryan, (aka, The Tomi Llama) over the past 9.5 years. Her book was published last year is titled What’s your Superpower?. This book details a system that will help you discover what you are meant to do and provides tools the help you accomplish it. There is a companion CD that gives clearing statements and values cards that can be found on the Tomi Llama site.

If learning about energy, the grid system, or learning more about ascension is what you are looking for, then I highly recommend Katie Indicrow and Indicrow Academy. Katie has a no-nonsense approach to all things 5D and I have a great deal of love, admiration, and respect for her work and her classes. She makes knowledge and guidance accessible to all you seek it, not just those that can afford big-ticket items. You can find Katie on Facebook or @


That’s all for now. Till next time, be kind to all!

Peace and Love!



Astrology for October 28- November 6, 2018


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Last week I mentioned that planets are strong at the end degrees of a sign. The same goes for the early degrees. Last week you were probably aware of a lot of volatile energy. If you missed the news last week, good for you. I doubt the energy we are seeing is going to let up anytime soon.

Last week was quite intense for many of us. There was a great deal of relationship review triggered by Venus, a Full Moon, and the Sun moving into Scorpio. Many of us felt like were dunked head first into our 3-D humanness. I said a lot of Ho’oponopono’s which helped me shift energy. If you don’t know what this is or how it works, I won’t explain it now but invite you to do a search and learn more.

One reason for this is Uranus, which turned retrograde almost 3 months ago on August 8, is right at the cusp of Taurus and Aries and slowly moving back into Aries. He will turn direct on January 7, 2019, but the energy won’t calm down again until after he is back in Taurus on March 7th. I can hardly wait to see what unfolds in the meantime. These next few months will certainly provide many opportunities to shift energy both on a personal level and in the collective.

This week is full of interesting stuff that will lead us into even more interesting stuff the following week. But I don’t want to get ahead of things and create confusion so I am sticking with the cosmic events for this week only and let next week unfold in its own time.

I expect women to be in the news this week. Venus will probably be the catalyst here because she is retrograde and traveling back into Libra at the end of this week. If I were to venture a guess as to what this could be about, I would say that the women who are running for currently running for office are going to take quite hit in this last week before the elections. On the other hand, any feminine related thing could be about something entirely different. We will have to wait this out to see.

Monday Mars is semi-square Saturn. Our plans could meet some resistance with this aspect. The same could happen with our assertive efforts. While frustrations might be high, it will be important to be patient with ourselves and others.

Mercury will conjunct Jupiter on Monday and help us see things from a broader perspective. This is good traveling energy and could help us manifest some good things in our lives. Think big today and during the early part of the week and use this energy on any long-term plans. This is good energy for submitting ideas or applications. You can expect them to be well received.

The shadow side of this is that details can slip by us. Verbal expression will be Excitement will be high and we might tend to exaggerate. Saying what is on our mind will be easy but in our excitement, we might be prone to exaggerate the facts.

Lastly, on Monday, Mercury will trine Chiron. Aspects with Chiron usually make me cringe but this one is actually good for communications. This aids our sensitivity and willingness to listen. Use this energy to heal and see problems in a new light.

Wednesday, Mercury enters Sagittarius and Venus retrogrades back into Libra. But the big news of the day is Venus’s opposition to Uranus. If you suddenly find yourself attracted to someone or something new, you will want to be aware that this could be a very short-lived thing. Have fun but don’t expect an impulsive attraction to people or things to last. And, be cautious about spending.

Uranus and Venus opposed is unstable and restless energy. Don’t expect folks to understand your position now but do expect the unexpected. Uranus is all about things unexpected. Venus is about relationships, beauty, creativity, and money so we would be well advised not to expect smooth sailing in any of these areas. In other words, don’t try to dye your hair or do a make-over today.

The flip side of this combo is that the rebellion that Uranus can bring, can also stimulate positive change. Allow yourself to be open. You just might discover a new way to deal with a difficult person or situation.

The last aspect for Wednesday is Mercury inconjunct Uranus. Again we are dealing with rebelliousness, change, uncertainty, and difficult situations in general. Again, avoid making quick, impulsive decisions, or submitting any new ideas. They will probably not be very well-received. But, if you have to, then you have to give it your best shot.

Thursday, Jupiter trines Chiron. This is good. This energy is freeing and non-restrictive. Allow the mind-opening opportunities that this can bring us and learn all you can from others today, and share what you know.

Friday, Venus aspects Neptune. This is happy energy, just in time for the weekend. Details and reality will probably be fuzzy too. This is another day to avoid impulse spending. Neptune tends to place a fog on things so hang on and wait for a more appropriate time to take care of legal and financial contracts or social issues. Relax and enjoy the dreamy energy today. Take a walk and meditate.

The week ends with more Mercury and Venus energy. Mercury will semi-square Pluto and cause us to be suspicious. It can also help us get the root of a problem or situation too. The shadow side of this brings a lack of trust and mental stress. So, it might be wise to chill out and not take things personally today.

The last aspect for this week is Venus inconjunct Chiron. Money and relationships are what this is about. This aspect can cause some insecurity in some people. If you are one of them, you might notice that you have trouble expressing your feelings. Again, chill out. You will need to prepare for what is to come next week.

Ever since the storm called Michael passed this way, I have noticed the most amazing skies and clouds. A small front passed through yesterday and the day before. While I was out driving yesterday, the clouds were awesome. I took some photos and want to share them with you now.

But first, don’t forget to do your best to make others smile this week. Be kind to everyone and don’t judge. We don’t need to know why people do things they do. We do need to accept and do our best to allow them to be who they are, where they are.


Astrology for October 21-27, 2018


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This post represents a milestone for me. My first post on ‘Indigo 2 Crystal’ was on July 9, 2011. The first astrology post was not until September 27, 2012. It became a weekly blog beginning a few weeks later and exactly six years ago today on October 21, 2012. I’ve taken a week or two off almost every year to get a break and recharge.

Recently, I missed two weeks in a row due to traveling and a bad storm. While I did manage to squeak out a partial report last week, I am pleased this week to begin my sixth year with a regular full week report. Of course, I owe you, my readers, a huge amount of gratitude for sticking with me each week. I would have probably given up a long time ago without you. I appreciate you more than you know.

This week’s report begins with Sun at 28 degrees Libra and Venus at 5 degrees Scorpio, both opposing Uranus in Taurus. Libra is an air sign, Scorpio is a water sign and Taurus is an earth sign. A planet’s energy is very strong in the end degrees of a sign. This may or may not be a recipe for some interesting weather.

The Sun’s energy, our identity, and ego is giving us its last hoorah of peace, harmony, and balance. It is also asking us to look at our relationships again. Venus in Scorpio is also asking us to look at relationships but with more of a transformative flare. Some relationships won’t last, others will shift in some way or even grow. Overall, this energy is taking us to the depths to examine what we really want from them.

Let’s not forget that Venus also deals with finances. I would advise against impulse buying this week. Instead, our time and money might be better spent taking a hard look at the budget and paying off debt. Money is definitely a major theme this week.

The upcoming Full Moon takes place in the 2nd house of money and personal possessions, and the 8th house of other people’s money. The opens the door for not only personal financial challenges but I will not be surprised if there are global changes also. This is the sort of energy that makes or breaks fortunes. But don’t get in a twist about it. Instead, imagine what you want your finances to look like and go with that. You might not manifest the piles of cash you might like but you certainly will manifest all that you need.

Perhaps the important thing is to come to terms with what you really, truly need. We all want more and better things, but it that what the Universe wants for you? If you are beating your head against the wall trying to make money on a project that is costing more than it is making, perhaps this is a message from the universe that you already have what you need, or that you are not doing what you are destined to do. Wealth and fame may not be in the plan for you. Finding happiness with what you have (even if that is nothing) is.

Sun energy is strong this week and Tuesday he enters Scorpio. People born under this sign have a mind of their own. This energy is intense and even those born under other signs might feel as if we have to go full throttle into our life’s work for the next four weeks. We are also at the end of a Mercury-Neptune trine that began about the 14th. It might cause some misunderstandings in our communications today but will be over tomorrow and just in time for the Full Moon energy to take prominence.

Most of us will want to use this Sun in Scorpio energy in the best way possible. I know it might sound intimidating but this energy actually offers us a chance to embrace the transformation that is trying to burst forth, do some good shadow work, and ultimately move forward in life. Again, I want to say that relationships of all kinds are going to be a big part of this. Pay attention to what you hook your wagon too, both personally and professionally.

This will be a very powerful Full Moon in Taurus with an additional double Sun-Venus and Moon-Uranus conjunction.

Taurus is an earth sign and usually considered to be both stable and grounding This Full Moon is anything but. The Moon will conjunct Uranus and the Sun will oppose Uranus beginning the day before. The addition of the Uranus in Capricorn energy to both Sun and Moon can and will cause quite a stir with the powers that be. If there is some aspect of your life you want to change fast, this might be an excellent time to make your move.

Expect restlessness, lots of nervous energy, and of course the sort of change the Uranus is famous for. If change is your thing then this Moon is for you but it also could be pretty disruptive for many of us. How much this might affects an individual depends on a person’s natal chart. For me, this puts Uranus in square aspect to my natal Sun. Oh. Boy! I will do well to keep my thoughts to myself this week.

The brightest side of this Uranus-Moon conjunction is that it will provide us with insights into the themes of change. Pay attention to your gut instincts and don’t second guess. If you are like me, you have found that the first gut instinct is usually the right one. This will be a time where we will want to be radical and act fast. We will be well advised to not allow discouraging words or disapproval from others get in our way. Just go with your gut.

Again, relationships are a large part of this week, but when Venus or Uranus is involved, you really have little choice but to examine them closely. Uranus is about our relationship to the larger community and the world, and Venus is about our personal relationships and finances. This will be a great time to put our important relationships under a microscope and decide if they are tying us down or keeping us stuck, or helping us and leading us through our personal evolution.

If you feel torn between social tradition and a new, compassionate way of being, it could be time to cut ties with whatever is holding you back. We are on the edge of a new paradigm and a shift in consciousness is leading our way into 5-D.

This week is probably going to be intense news-wise. Besides the strong themes of relationships, finances, and change, we must keep in mind that Uranus will also be a prominent energetic player. Beside fast change, he rules weather-related events, airplanes, satellites, explosions, group actions such as coups, and all things of an unexpected nature in the world.

This is all part of the evolution of man, the shift in conscientiousness, and the new paradigm. You are free to rebel and fight against. You have free choice. But if you choose the path of Love and compassion, you choose the universal path.

This week has a lot of challenges but we can make it a good one if we know what to expect. Remember to be kind, smile, and lend a hand to someone in need when you can. Winter is coming or already here in many places. If you knit, crochet, or sew, there are plenty of kids and adults that could use a warm hat, scarf, or gloves. If you aren’t skilled this way, why not buy some warm items to donate to the homeless shelter or a church drive. Acts of kindness toward others make your heart sing.

Items made by Rick Sigler, Kernersville, NC,  for some chilly kids.

Astrology for partial week October 17- 20, 2018


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Hello friends! After more than two weeks, I’m back!

The first weekend I was on a trip and last week I had no electricity after hurricane Michael decimated Mexico Beach and Panama City Florida, he quickly downgraded to a tropical storm and eventually passed right through my city starting just after 3pm October 11, 2018.

One-third of us were affected as trees and branches fell on houses, cars, and power lines all over the city. I hear that power was completely restored yesterday or five days after the storm. If my backyard is an indication, many of the electric lines were patched together. The lines in my backyard still lay across the branches that took them down, but they work!

Overall, Greensboro had it easy compared to Florida or the eastern part of our state when Florence a few weeks ago. It seems that unless a person is directly affected by a tragedy, they have no concept of the suffering of those that have been. I spent most of my downtime in a sort of shock, on the front porch with coffee, a journal, and a book.

So now that things are getting somewhat back to normal for most of us here, things aren’t so great in other parts. There is serious flooding in central Texas. I don’t see the intensity of our weather events easing up for years.

As it turns out I have missed letting you know about just one aspect this week. That was a conjunction on Sunday between Mercury and Venus. This may have brought about some nice socializing for you and caused your thoughts and conversations to be aimed more toward fun than work. You also may have noticed having a bit of trouble being mentally focused.

There are no other major aspects until Thursday, October 18, 2018. This day will bring us a semi-square between Mars and Chiron. Expect folks, including yourself to be rather touchy. You might also have trouble expressing feelings directly. Do your best to not take things personally. I know sometimes this is easier said than done.

Friday seems to be all about, Mercury. As you are probably aware, this is the planet of communications. The first aspect involving Mercury is an inconjunct with Chiron. Our communications could be unkind and hurtful, haphazard, or perceived that way. Seeing the intent behind the words will be challenging now too. Expect impatience, feelings of guilt, worry, and opposed points of view.

The next aspect is Mercury trine Neptune. Neptune is about imagination, illusion, intuition, and dreams. Mercury will help raise our intuition and imagination levels today, as well as assist us in making decisions. Many of us, especially those with strong Pisces or Neptune in their charts will find it easy to sense what others are feeling. This will be a great day to spend time with creative endeavors. Any form of visual communication such as art, writing, or photography will get a benefit.

The last aspect this week is Mercury square Mars. This will add more difficult energy to the already difficult Mercury injunction Chiron aspect. Mercury square Mars is quite impatient and disagreeable. This energy could allow us to make decisions too fast. You will want to avoid meetings, business, or starting new projects today if possible. If not, chill out and hold your tongue. Calm, healthy conversations and interactions with others could be difficult to say the very least. We probably won’t be anywhere close to our best today. Remember, if you stir the hornet’s nest, you might get stung.

That does it for this week. I will be back, barring any lack of internet, next Sunday. For now, I will leave you with some photos from my trip to Knoxville and a bit of the back story of that trip.

My friend Tomi Bryan wrote a book under the pen name “Tomi Llama’ called “What is Your Superpower?” So when she heard about the “Great Llama Race” at the World’s Fair Park in Knoxville TN, she asked me to join her and help sell her books and CD’s. This event is a fundraiser for disadvantaged schools in Bolivia and the Knoxville area. Runners run with the llamas in heats until the winner is determined. To our surprise, the llama Tomi sponsored came in 2nd place. It was exciting!

Before I get to the photos, I want to remind you all to be kind and loving to all you meet. Think about others more than yourself if possible, but remember that good self-care is important too. You can’t help others if you are not well. Now go make the rest of this week as good a one as you can.




Astrology for September 30- October 6, 2018


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Signs of Fall beginning to peak through

We now find ourselves at the end of September 2018. The Sun is transiting Libra now and her light comes into my windows at a noticeably different angle now.

The symbol for Libra is the scales of balance and justice. This is one of four cardinal signs. You always find a cardinal sign at the beginning of the seasons. These signs all have characteristics of being active, restless, ambitious, self-motivated, and often good leaders.

Each cardinal sign also has its own particular characteristics due to different elements, polarity (masculine- or feminine), and ruling sign. Their expression is also influenced in our natal charts by their house position and any planets in aspect with them at the time of birth.

Cardinal Libras are good at matchmaking, communications, diplomacy, creating harmony, are good being social and therefore seldom solitary. They are impartial, charming, tend to see the whole picture, love to share ideas, get opinions from others, work well in teams or partnerships, and seldom do things without their “other half” or balancing factor.

The shadow side of Libra is subtler than many other signs. They can seem to be indecisive. Their desire to always do things with a partner is sometimes unrealistic and can cause problems. They think and do things to make themselves feel needed. Then, when the other person rejects their, help, attention, or love, they feel like a failure and might cover up their real feelings by pretending to be unavailable.


Now let’s move on to the influences and aspects for this week. First and perhaps the most influential energies of the week is happening today, Sunday, September 30, 2018. Pluto stations to turn direct. All planets are at their most powerful when they station either retrograde or direct. In this case, we are talking about a planet that rules all things hidden, transformation, coercion, and control. Since Pluto is very slow moving, this energy has been creeping up on us and exercising his influence a few weeks. This will also influence us for a few weeks more.

I would invite you to consider the combination of the Libra characteristics such as balance, justice, and seeing the big picture, with the characteristics of this very strong Pluto energy, and compare those things with what we saw played out on the world stage this week. Without going too political, I am referring in particular to the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee hearings of this past Thursday.

Another energy influence on recent events is echoed in last week’s Full Moon. All Full Moons are somewhat emotional. This last one held a Libra-Aires polarity. Aries represents the self, while Libra is about the other person. Perhaps this tiny bit gives you a clearer picture of how astrological influences and energy can stimulate life events or be reflected in them. If you are beginning to see correlations, you yourself might be transforming and evolving.

Current transits influencing us include Mercury in Libra. This brings diplomatic, friendly communications. Negotiation skills definitely get a boost with this transit. This energy allows us to see both sides of a position or situation.

Venus is in Scorpio for another month. Deep passion is the word for this transit. Emotions can be extreme and intense as we possibly seek out an end-all, be-all relationship. Of course, this passion might also be directed toward something quite different like a creative project you have been wanting to start, expand, or complete.

Mars is transiting wild and wacky Aquarius until November 15th. Mars energy is high energy, fast, bold, and aggressive. Mix that up with the unpredictability and free rolling Aquarian energy and you get something special. This energy is good team energy and usually very co-operative. It makes way for us to use unconventional methods and intellect to get things done from a rather detached viewpoint.

I would say that the Mars transit of Aquarius combined with his current square position to Uranus is also having a strong affect on our planet and the weather around the globe. There was a powerful earthquake and Tsunami in Indonesia on Friday.

I also read a report of a rare “medicane” or a tropical-like storm that hit the Greek Islands September 29, 2018.

The good news is that this square with Mars and Uranus will end by the end of this week. That does not mean that there won’t be more storms coming, it just means that one strong storm influence will end. The struggle for those left in the wake of a big storm or earthquake is a different story and very, very real. These are interesting and powerful times we a living in.

There are two gentle trine aspects that will influence us this week. The first has been with us for a while thanks to the slow movement of the planets involved. These two are between Neptune and Venus, and Saturn and Uranus. The Neptune-Venus trine is casting a dreamy, fantasy-like view of life, relationships, beauty, and creativity.

The Saturn-Uranus trine is somewhat blocking (Saturn) our ability to exercise our rebellious, unconventional Uranus side. Since Saturn is trine to Uranus he is not showing us his real strength in this aspect. And to that, I say “Thank You!”

Today, Sunday, September 30, Mars is inconjunct Neptune. Neptune is doing his usual thing and making things fuzzy. In this case, we can find we are a bit indecisive or uncertain about something. Our intuition is affected by this aspect and it might be difficult if not impossible to muster. It might be best to put aside the idea of logic for at least today and tomorrow.

Tuesday, Mercury is in square aspect to Pluto. I have already discussed Pluto a bit earlier in this post but this square was not part of that info. This aspect might place a negative spin on our ability to read things and this can get some of us into hot water. There is also mental stress attached to this energy. It will be important for us not to make things out to be worse. We might also feel the need to play your cards close and only give out as much info as you want others to know.

Friday Venus stations to turn retrograde. She is also parallel to Mars on Thursday and Friday. This is more of the letting go energy we have been dealing with off and on for what seems like decades sometimes. Obviously, we still have things we need to purge from our lives. Some a physical and some are mental or emotional. Venus will be retrograde until November 16, 2018.

Fall is my favorite season. I enjoy the cooler temperatures but I don’t enjoy the humidity that comes along with it. I was feeling pretty stifled by the high humidity yesterday and decided a bit more AC in the house might be in order. I am such an energy miser that this won’t last long. Winter is coming and it will be really chilly in here when it does. And with winter, the mosquitoes go away and I will be able to have my coffee in on Sunday morning in peace. It is the small pleasures that make us happy, isn’t it?

Regardless of what takes place in the world this week, please be an example of love and compassion. Remember to smile and acknowledge the panhandler on the street corner. We don’t need to judge or guess why that person is there because it doesn’t matter. They are, they are human, and have the same needs and wants that you and I do. Positive recognition of their presence is the least we can do.

Make this a great week and remember that next week I will be traveling for the first time in 10 or 11 years and am not going to push myself to write unless I feel up to it. I will be back on October 14, 2018, and ready to kick off the 6th year of this blog. Hopefully, I will have some good photos to share from my trip to Tennessee.

Astrology for September 23-29, 2018


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Black River Store Hwy 210; Currie in Pender County.  Photo by Milton Malpass 

Greetings this Autumnal Equinox weekend and so long Hurricane Florence! I am grateful to work for people who value life more than money and will close down when severe weather threats. I was able to stay safe at home from Thursday to Monday. What my state is experiencing is similar to what Houston experienced last year. The photos from down east are so sad. But there are good things coming out of this too and for this, I am grateful!

By Monday, Florence had moved around us and to the north and was causing tornadoes in Richmond VA. However, I seem to be very allergic to something Florence left in the air. Compared to many here, this is nothing for concern.

The Full Moon and Autumnal Equinox took place last night at 10:52 pm and the Sun moved into Libra. In this ninth month of completion, we are completing another Moon cycle and another season. Welcome FALL!

This ninth month of completion has also been one of letting go. Lots of people have made their transition back to spirit this month. This is the cycle of life and the cycle of the season, the harvest season. With every ending, there is a new beginning. This natural fact translates into every aspect of our lives and on the world stage.

This particular Full Moon has some interesting aspects associated with it that are helping us to let go of emotional things that have been brewing inside of us.

This is causing us to feel conflicted. Whatever is between you and someone else, you might want to consider exploring gentle ways of expressing your emotion.

If you are like me, you might want to be extra cautious not to say too much, put your foot in your mouth, or be hurtful to anyone with words. We need to love more and hate less. While we might think we are being lovingly constructive, our intentions now can be misunderstood. Remember, this is an emotional two weeks coming up and these feeling are new to us and not fully assimilated.

The image above shows the chart for the September or Harvest Full Moon. If you look closely you can make out a square in the various colored lines. This is called a Grand Cross.

The red lines represent difficult aspects and the green line represent more favorable aspects. These are the strongest of the aspects besides conjunction and oppositions. The other lines represent less influential aspects.

If you look at this chart closely, you will see a total of five line extending from Saturn S. Saturn is about blocks. He wants to follow the rules. He also deals with leadership and our ability to starts something new. Persistence is the key to success. Gentle aspects to Mars will help balance this difficult energy.

For the next month, the Sun will be in Libra. This energy is all about balance and relationships, thanks in part to Venus as ruler. Libra see the big picture from both sides. He will think about things over and over before making a final decision and even then does not want to cause waves.

The shadow side is not so welcoming. The dark side of Libra can be passive-aggressive and superficial. He can also be conceited, self-serving, and have difficulty making a decision. So watch for this energy as it unfolds this month; both the light and the dark side.

Monday the Sun is inconjunct Uranus. This might cause us to feel like we are losing control of our lives. There might also be a change or plans or something unexpected pop-up. We can manage this with patience and allowing things to be as they are.

Tuesday Mercury will semi-square Jupiter. Mercury as you probably know is about communication in all forms. Jupiter likes to bring us abundance. Put these two together and you could have an information overload. Pay close attention to details.

I mentioned the Grand Cross or Grand Square early on. One of the cross points of this pattern is the Sun square Saturn that perfects on Tuesday. This means more blocks to our goals, but at the same time, ways to overcome these obstacles could show up. Some of us might get slapped in the face with a big dose of reality too.

Thursday the Sun is trine to Mars. This is gentle energy and should increase our personal energy. This is a good time to take the lead on something. Confidence is high.

Sun trine Mars. This aspect will have us feeling energetic and full of ourselves. Many will exude a natural, unoffensive confidence. This is a good time to take the initiative. It also favors physical activity. We should have no problems making solid and effectual decisions today.

Saturday, the Sun is semi-square Jupiter. This energy is not as difficult as a square but it does bring some difficulty. Feeling a certain amount of restlessness or dissatisfaction could the tone of this day as we want more than we might be able to get. You could also notice some exaggeration and overestimation here and there.

That is all for this week. I will be out of town in two weeks and am not planning to write a post on October 7, 2018.  Then again… never know what I might do. I plan to be back after that to start off the sixth year of this blog. In the meantime use this info this week to your best ability.

As always, remember to be kind to all. Smiles are contagious.

Astrology for September 16-22, 2018


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Hurricane Florence made landfall in Wilmington, NC about 2:30 AM on Friday, September 14, 2018, and has cut that city off from all access for now. Since then, the now tropical storm Florence has been creeping along at 3-5 miles an hour. It will be some time before we know the full extent of the damage to all areas affected. The good news is, the wild ponies on the outer banks are doing just fine.

It has been interesting to watch it unfold and it is far from over. The weather prediction is that rain will continue in my area until Tuesday. And the Jupiter-Neptune trine is still in place. Water, water, everywhere in the Carolina’s.

If you did your homework last week, you took advantage of what the New Moon in Virgo had to offer. This Moon was about getting organized.

Having a Virgo Moon myself, I am always in organize mode to some extent. I don’t think I am obsessive about it, but I often struggle with feeling like I am making the most of things. Have you made a list of goals to free yourself from mental or physical clutter, fact-checked your ideas and goals, started a new health regimen, or been conscientious or helpful to others in some way? All these are Virgo traits.

The shadow side can be rather critical and ugly. I saw a bit of that ugly this week. It wasn’t fun. Other shadow aspects of Virgo are hypochondria, obsessive compulsiveness, perfectionism, and control issues. The shadow side of any side can be difficult. That is why we call it “the shadow side”.

The end of the coming week we will see the Virgo’s influence dissipate somewhat as the Sun moves into Libra Saturday the 22nd. Mercury will lead the way for the Sun and enter Libra just before midnight in the 21st.

We begin this week with Mars has just barely into Aquarius. He actually moved there on the September 10, after his recent retrograde back into Capricorn. I hope you tied up all your Capricorn type business before that and are ready to rumble with the action of an Aquarian flavored Mars.

This team playing energy but we could use hot or miss tactics to reach our goals. We might also notice impersonal expressions of anger thanks to the Aquarian influence on Mars. Our problems are viewed from an intellectual perspective and the unconventional draws our attention.

Take it from this Aquarian, this is sometimes seen as being uncomplimentary by others as they try to make things fit nicely into their box of perfection. If this is you, don’t let it get you down. Roll with the punches, lie your truth, and move on or get out of their way. This will be over soon enough. I hope.

This week also begins with Mercury in aspect to both Jupiter and Venus. The aspect with Jupiter is bringing us positive thoughts, cooperation, and new insights. This energy is good for writing, observations, and learning.

Mercury’s difficult aspect to Venus will create some problems in communications today. But it could bring us more polite communication as well. There might also be some hypersensitivity or mental wanderings. Sounds pretty normal to me.

Tuesday Mars squares Uranus. Squares are almost always a problem. This one has some ADD-like characteristics, will cause some impulsivity and risk-taking so think before you act. The desire to fight for our freedom is strong with this aspect and some of us will feel rather rebellious. Life changes or changes in a work schedule could cause us to adjust our goals.

Thursday Mercury is conjunct the Sun. Minds are sharp and communications open. We notice our desires and thoughts are in alignment. This is a good time to solve problems. What we say and what we write impacts others for in both positive and negative ways.

Saturday, Mercury opposes Chiron. Chiron is working to heal but can go about it in interesting ways. This energy can cause misunderstandings. The inability to understand the intent of another person’s words is difficult and our ability to make a clear decision is also difficult. Our own communications could lead us to misrepresent ourselves to some extent.

The last aspect of the week is an inconjunct with Mercury and Uranus. Oh, how we rub people the wrong way. I know this one well. This is another aspect that can cause us to misrepresent ourselves.

Try not to make any big decisions or you might have regrets. Our ideas might be welcomed by others. There is also a level of impulsivity and disorganization with this aspect too. What a way to end the week. Remember….this energy is temporary and that is a good thing.

The rain has finally moved into my area. Winds are picking up. My phone has sounded four flash flood alerts in the past hour. I saw a map of the area Florence is now covering. She stretched from Tennessee to the NC coast. That is about 500 miles. She is also spreading out now from Georgia to Virginia. We might see the Sun Tuesday or Wednesday. That will be nice. 



Go make this a good week. Be kind and smile. Lots of folks need a helping hand right now. Do your best to help out.


Astrology for September 9-15, 2018


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We begin this week with a New Moon that perfected at 2:02 PM EDT. This reminds me of one of my all-time favorite albums. Dark side of the Moon.

While last week was not a particularly mercurial, the Shuman Resonance spiking high. This is a measurement of the electromagnetic field of the Earth between the surface and the ionosphere. It is also considered to be the “heartbeat” of the Earth. When it was first discovered in 1952, the resonance measured a fairly constant 7.83 Hz.

Sometime after the year 2000, the Shuman resonance was noted to fluctuate a bit higher. In 2014 it was considered an anomaly when it rose to between 15 and 25 Hz. By 2017 it had risen as high as 36+ Hz. The past few days it has spiked over 40 Hz. Researchers believe this is a sure sign that the Earth is shifting and changing. When it does, so do we. There is a Russian site that monitors these influxes. You can check it how here and Google will translate it for you.

You can also check out the HeartMath Institute for info too.

Lots of people are sensitive to these frequencies and yet totally unaware or deny that they have any effect on them. The symptoms are usually considered to be just a touch of a cold, not enough rest, ringing in the ears, or something we ate. Some actually feel waves of energy washing over them or feel waves of emotion and love. I usually feel tired and in need of a nap which is also common. My point in sharing this is that Astrology is simply one way we are impacted by energy. Now on to this week’s New Moon and astrological aspects.

New Moons are about new beginnings. This Virgo New Moon only adds to the load of Virgo energy that is influencing us until September 21, 2018. This is a great time to focus on our routine or day to day life. We might want to consider if we are being too critical, analytical or not enough. Are we using our intellectual skills, are we organized, conscientious, and accommodating? This is a good time to consider our goals and make adjustments. Make a list and enjoy marking off the completed tasks.

Mercury is also transiting Virgo and this is making its mark in conversations. If you notice an increase in the precision of your speech or get lost in details. Being over factual is also a characteristic of this transit. This can cause us to seem like we lack imagination or be more critical and matter-of-fact. Remember, this is Virgo’s influence and it will be most felt by those with strong natal aspects in Virgo like me. I have a Virgo Moon and I sure can be all these things when the energy is right. . . like now.

Before I go on with aspects I want to make you aware of a Green Comet that will appear in the sky tomorrow night at about 6:40 GMT. This translates to 2AM EDT I believe. Using a good pair of binoculars should enable a good view. Another green comet arrives on December 16 of this year and it will be visible with the naked eye.

Venus has moved into Scorpio today, Sunday, September 9, 2018. We will find that we desire a deep contact with others and that causal flirtation don’t cut it over the next seven and a half weeks. Venus is very emotional and in her detriment in this transit. Expect to notice increased passion, energy, and sexual desire. Ooo la la!

The downside of this is that love and relationships feel a bit like they are on a roller coaster. We feel the draw to be close but have trouble moving ahead on blind faith. We also have a tendency to create drama so we feel more vital. Jealousy, fear, and even betrayal can seem to take over if we are not careful.

Another aspect to start the week off with is a T-square with Venus, Uranus, and Mars as the focal point. This can herald a change in the areas or money, women, and relationships (Venus), men, action, aggressiveness (Mars), the unpredictable, unexpected, rebellion (Uranus). There is a potential for attacks personally and attacks played out on the world stage.

This T-square energy will influence most of this week and in a major way. Keep your eyes open for swift change, relationships and alliances to end while others to form. Some of us might suddenly feel the need for change and decide to leave a job, a relationship or something that we feel is restricting our freedom. Uranus energy does not like to be tied down or restricted. If you have planets at 0-3 degrees or in Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus, or Leo, you will probably feel this more than others. I have both Scorpio and Aquarius feeling this one.

Monday Mars moved into Aquarius. This will add to the already unpredictable character of the T-Square as Mars is influenced by the Aquarian energy. This is not as bad as it might sound, however. Keep in mind that Aquarius has humanitarian qualities and loves technology. Aquarius also has two planetary rulers. The unpredictable one is Uranus. The stabilizing influence comes Saturn. The Universe does seem to love balance.

Monday has one last aspect I wish to discuss. This is a semi-square between Mars and Neptune. Neptune will serve to distort all thing Mars tries to do today. We might find that we are a bit clumsy, careless, or that we seem to be wasting time. The path forward could seem out of our reach right now, out of focus, or at least not clearly seen.

Tuesday the Sun’s sextile aspect to Jupiter provides us with a bit of hope. This is energy is good for all forms of self-promotion, publishing, and marketing. This energy also promotes unselfishness, allowance, and being sociable. There is the possibility of some sort of personal recognition with this too.

Wednesday Venus is sextile Saturn. This aspect will offer some stability to the emotional Venus in Scorpio energy. Relationships are on track, steady and somewhat reserved. Relationships feel real and good things can come to our business relationships too. We can expect good advice from our elders and possible re-connections or contact with old friends.

Thursday Mars is sextile to Chiron. This aspect can help us take the lead in healing and teaching. Chiron is about healing and Mars is helping us today to be fearless when it comes to any problem areas. Mars will increase our self-confidence and help us take positive action. Teaching, healing, and actions with purpose are in the spotlight with this one.

There is also an opposition between Mercury and Neptune in Thursday. This can make us feel a bit fuzzy and lazy mentally. This won’t be a good day for any technical questions. Neither will is be a good one for getting answers from others. You might want to avoid signing contracts if possible. Neptune’s lack of mental clarity could cause problems such as confusion, misunderstandings, depression, or deceit.

The last two aspects this week both involve Mercury. Friday, Mercury will positively aspect Uranus. Our intuition and insight into things could get a boost as could new ideas. Our thoughts feel heard which is always a good feeling. The shadow side of this is that tempers, intolerance, and sarcasm could be prominent.

Saturday Mercury trines Pluto. Again our insight could get a boost. Pluto deals with psychological topics and we can expect an increase in our understanding, awareness, and focus on what makes us tick. All in all, I would say a good way to end this coming week.

There is hurricane brewing off the southeast coast headed for the coast near the border of North and South Carolina. It is expected to be a category 4 by Tuesday and hit land Friday. I am a bit concerned about this in part due to a trine aspect between Neptune and Jupiter. The the fact the the Moon and Venus will be in the water sign of Scorpio could mean a lot of water damage for some places. Several places along this possible path have not recovered from the hurricane the hit almost two years ago. That was Hurricane Maria on October 8, 2016. She was the deadliest hurricane since Floyd in 1999.

Regardless of the weather or the aspects and how they affect us, we have no excuse not to be kind to others. Do your best and smile to all you meet and all you pass.


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September is here! In numerology, September holds the energy of Nine. This number represents both endings and creation, or a cycle is ending and a new cycle is following. This month also signals the end of summer and the beginning of a new chapter and new school year of filled with new experiences, lots of learning, and of course new ways to show love and acceptance for what is different. The month begins with four planets in retrograde; Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto. More on Saturn, a bit later.

September is also the month the Sun transits Virgo. Although fiery Mercury rules Virgo, the sign has feminine energy and is grounded by the Earth element. She is detail-oriented, organized, critical, analytical, modest, and health conscious.

The recent eclipses and the many retrogrades have brought up a great deal of energetic junk or baggage for us. Virgo’s energy is asking us to clean it all up so we can move on. Both Mercury and Mars are now direct. Their energy is motivating us to tidy up and take care of our health. 

The Full Moon last Sunday was fabulous! This week we are in the last quarter moon phase. This is similar energy to what I mentioned in the second paragraph about the endings and beginnings of cycles. The last quarter Moon is telling us that we are almost finished with the current Moon cycle and a New Moon and a new beginning is on its way. Any letting go we can do, makes room for new things to come through. No worries, it’s all good.

Monday, Mercury in Leo aspects Venus in Libra. Social connections will probably benefit from Venus in Libra. This aspect will also bring favorable energy to partnerships, diplomacy, business, publishing, teaching, and of course romance because Venus is involved.

This is a good time to make promises in our love relationships. I read just this afternoon that a friend’s son and his girlfriend are engaged. Commitment indeed! And, right in tune with this energy. The promise or commitment doesn’t have to happen on the exact day of the aspect perfects either. This is like horseshoes, where close sometimes counts. 

Monday sees Jupiter’s perfect semi-square to a still retrograde Saturn. This is “by the book” energy whether we like it or not. As a somewhat rebellious Aquarian, I will do my best not to get too belligerent. It will be important to plan because short-cuts are not likely to work out very well. Remember that any obstacles you come across are just asking us to face reality. There probably not going to be an easy fix with this one, so take a long look at what you’ve already started and look for ways to give it new life.

Wednesday, Mercury is inconjunct Mars. Our thoughts and our actions might be rather different from each other. Interruptions in conversations are almost a sure thing today. Don’t assume you know what is going on. This will be less than an optimum day to make important decisions. We will do well to wait until our thoughts are clearer.

Mercury enters Virgo Thursday. This is a comfy, homey spot for Mercury, as a sign he rules. This transit will affect our communications for the next 17 days. We can expect our thoughts and communications to be precise and the details easy. We need to be cautious however so we don’t become lost in the details or come across as too critical.

Thursday, Saturn turns direct in Capricorn. This is probably going to almost force us to do our duty and be responsible whether we want to do it or not. Saturn is at home and quite powerful while transiting Capricorn. Besides responsibility, Saturn deals with structure, loss, patience, seriousness, discipline, and our elders. Look for these themes to pop up in your personal lives and on the world stage in the near future.

Mercury will be inconjunct to Chiron Thursday. Expect some doubt and difficulty knowing the intention behind what others verbally express. There could be several misunderstandings but don’t take things personally.

The last aspect for Thursday is between the Sun (our ego) and Mars. This one will likely stimulate action and it could be aggressive. Try not to argue with anyone. It won’t get us very far anyway. Instead, try using any aggression constructively. We certainly will get more done that way.

Friday Mercury is in a perfect trine with both Saturn and Uranus. The Saturn trine brings a positive energy that can assist us with a clarity of thought. It’s also good for getting detailed work done and planning for the future. The work we do and the decisions we make during this trine will most likely be practical and fruitful. Expect conversations to be short and to the point.

Mercury trine Uranus is a good time for groups, meetings, and online communications. This is good for some of Uranus’s favorite things like science, computers, and metaphysics. I like it!

For a change of pace, the Sun will oppose Neptune on Friday. This one deals with fantasy. Our heads might seem to be in the clouds and the real world could seem to be a bit far from our reach. Willpower can suffer and so can our finances or contracts.

Saturday has two major aspects. The first is a difficult one between Mercury and Pluto. If we aren’t careful, our suspicions could cause us grief. Anyone with either of these planets strong in their charts can expect can mental stress, mistrust, and worry. To combat this remember to take time to stop and think before you speak for yourself and be gentle with yourself and others.

The second aspect for Saturday and last one for the week is another difficult one. It is a square between Venus and Mars. This holds plenty of passion and competition. Expect conflicts to rise up due to differences in what we want in our relationships and what we need or think we need in them. Impulse shopping can get some of us into trouble. There is a positive side to the competition which can actually be both creative and stimulating.

This is all I have for this week. I hope the weather calms down and the heat waves of last week are a thing of the past. There are signs of fall peeking through but it is not here yet. The weather, in general, seems to be on the minds of many. And there also seems to be different points of view on how the weather will be this winter. Isn’t it all about perspective?

I hear thunder.

Remember to be kind, smile, show kindness to all you meet.






Astrology for August 26-September 1, 2018


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Welcome to Virgo energy!

Sometimes I feel like people look to astrology for hard and fast answers for everything. Today, as I begin to write about this week’s planetary transits and aspects, I am reflecting on the many interesting things that occurred last week. One of them being the hurricane that dumped more than two feet of rain on the island of Hawaii.

Then there is the dead sea life washing up in massive amounts all along the Florida coast. Things like this don’t happen over night or for no reason. There is a cause and effect that takes place over time. The same can be said about many of our human diseases.

And lets not forget the raging fires in California. Uneducated, ignorant, and self-serving explanations don’t help. Some would say that Astrology doesn’t either. I won’t debate this but will tell you what I have seen take place this summer.

The aspects over all this summer have been dramatic and difficult. All the best know astrologers are all taking about these things. Some say the aspects we have seen this year, have not occurred 20-30,000 years. Lots planetary energy has been in the signs of fire and water.

Those that study the chart of our country also see things that have not been in place since its beginnings. Other factors are nearly similar to those days. At the very least, I think we can say that astrology shows us trigger points for patterns of energy that will have cause and effect on the planet and all its inhabitants.

Today, we have just passed the peak of the Sun-Saturn- Uranus Grand trine. This is a good aspect for the most part. There is some square or difficult energy between Uranus and Pluto but we have been dealing with this for 10 years. The meaning here is that this difficulty is influencing the Grand Trine since Uranus is one of the players there. I

Pluto is definitely asking us to take a deep look into everything and end what need to end or close what needs to close. Over all the question seems to be, ‘is this the way we want things to be or can we do better?” And what better time to make adjustments than a Full Moon.

Today the Moon is full in Pisces. A Pisces Full Moon asks us to make adjustments and to let go of what no longer serves us in our spiritual relationships, intuitive creativity, and in our dreams. Do not be afraid to ask for what you want or need spiritually. With Virgo in polarity to this Moon, there is a great deal of energy around balance in our daily lives.

This moon also aligns with the Sun-Saturn-Uranus Grand Trine and forms a Kite pattern. The focal point of this pattern is the Sun or the self and our ego. It’s time to take a look at ourselves and decide if we are where we really want to be or do we need to let go of stuff and create something new.

Some of us have no clue that we came here to accomplish a mission. Others have created or adopted a mission for themselves that is not in alignment with what the Universe had in mind for us, or perhaps this is not the right time for what we want. We might be wise to use balance and explore ways the Virgo Sun’s influence can positively serve us.

When things are not working the way we think they should, it is often because we are going against the Universal plan outlined for us long before this lifetime.

We do have free choice as humans and are therefore free to be as stubborn as we please. Just remember that all road blocks are caused by one of these to factors….at least that I what I currently believe. Feel free to have a different perspective.

Monday Mars turns direct after two months of being retrograde. Now that we have all had time to reflect on being a better leader and being more assertive, all while being our unique selves in service to humanity in ways we enjoy.

There was also a reflective aspect around authority, discipline, and all things Capricorn. This retrograde transit for Mars covered a lot of diverse things because the retrograde transit traveled in both Aquarius and Capricorn. This week we will begin to move forward along with Mars and we should notice forward movement in our daily lives again.

Monday also brings us a difficult aspect between the Sun and Pluto. This can take us deep inside ourselves and discover our hidden talents and gifts that can help us overcome any obstacles we face. Be aware that we might also feel the need to use manipulation to control.

Monday also brings Mercury in a difficult aspect to Chiron. Communications might not be spot on, or careless and hurtful. Knowing the intent behind a communication is probably going to be very difficult. Impatience, different points of view, and guilt could be what we experience today. Good ole Chiron often brings out our feelings of guilt.

Tuesday Mercury squares off with Jupiter. As you might already know, Jupiter loves to increase and grow whatever energy it is in aspect with. This square could bring on a feeling of overwhelm due to TMI (too much information). Pay attention to details because they can get lost with this energy. And try not to become too frustrated with yourself in a bit of a pickle with communications or travel. The temporary lack of focus can play havoc on us now. It will be important to be patient with others and ourselves until this passes. Not that is not a consistently good thing for us to do.

Wednesday Mercury will be inconjunct Pluto.This energy is about power struggles, second guessing our decisions, and making adjustments to them if needed. I wonder how this one will play out on the world stage. It should be interesting.

Thursday there are no major aspects but on Friday there is a semi-square with Venus and the Sun. This will bring our awareness of what we find bothersome in others and how that is reflected in our own life. This is never an easy thing for humans is it? Never the less, it does happen perhaps more often in some than in others. Creativity is good way to combat any discontent we may be feeling. I like to doodle or create my own tangle patterns, and color. I find this very calming and meditative.

This is all I have to share about this week. Please remember to be kind and smile to everyone you meet regardless of circumstance. The Universe also smiles when we do.