Astrology for March 19-25, 2016


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Folks have been talking about spring coming for weeks now. Many places in the country have seen spring-like temperatures off and on for what seems like most of the winter. This week, however, we can actually say that Spring is here! Officially, it arrives tomorrow, 3/20/2017. Keep in mind that this does not mean we won’t still have a hard frost or two but I doubt it will be anything like last week’s 22 degree hard frost that froze the peach and strawberry crops, along with my pretty azaleas.

Regardless of what you or I believe about climate change, there is no doubt that weather patterns are changing. One theory is that there is an outside influence from the cosmos that is causing the core of the Earth to heat up and thus change the climate. The Hubble telescope has given evidence to support this theory or at least cause some head serious scratching among scientist. Photos show the famous, massive red spot on the Jupiter is getting smaller and becoming more round than elliptical.

The ice cap in Mars is also showing evidence of melting. No one knows why these things are happening. As far as we know, greenhouse gasses can not be blamed for the changes on these planets like it is on Earth. I feel sure this topic will be debated for years to come, especially if money can be made on it.

Here are a few links you might find interesting:

The coming of Spring is the astrological version of the New Year. Not only will Monday herald the beginning of Spring, it is also the day the Sun enters Aries where it joins Venus, Mercury, and Uranus to form a stellium in this cardinal sign and fire sign of Aries. A stellium in when there are more than three planets in a sign. Needless to say, this will bring quite a lot of Aries flavored planetary energy to us over the next month. This stellium will also trigger the of cardinal signs.

Cardinal signs are the signs at the beginning of the seasons; Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. They are initiators and get things going but sometimes are not so good at seeing things to the completion. People born in cardinal signs are often movers and shakers unless they choose to live in the shadow side if their Sun sign.

This stellium is going to be interesting. Aries is red hot, impulsive, and ready for action. The more explosive the better sometimes. Aries prefers the short – cut to the tried and true way of doing things. He represents our youthful impatience and the idea that nothing can stop us. Add some Uranus quick change, rebellion, and freedom loving to this and you can almost smell the gun powder in the air as things begin to explode. I am going to keep my eye on earthquakes around the world.

Venus retrograde is taking us inside to do some work on relationships and ourselves. You know how difficult these things can be to deal with don’t you? And Mercury in the mix is sure to have us expressing outrage in one way or another. As someone who had rather avoid conflict, I think I may stick my head in the sand this month. Things are probably going to be very unpredictable during this transit.

The good news is that this is a good sign for the Sun. Both the Sun and Aries represent us, or our ego. Aries, a fire sign, rules the first house. The first house is where we present ourselves to the world and make that first impression. The fire aspect lends passion, energy, and power to all that it influences. All in all this stellium leaves a lot to uncertainty. If you are like me and try not to hurt others in words or deed, this transit will require a great deal of patience and extra meditation time.

The Moon is also in a fire sign on Monday. The Moon represents our emotions. The Moon’s transit through Sagittarius could lead us to some risk taking. It could also bring about a desire for new adventures too. What do you have in mind? A new project? A road trip? Just don’t look for a new relationship right now. Wait until Venus turns direct in mid-April before you consider that.

You know I usually avoid speaking of politics but this time I want to say one thing. All this fire could cause some sparks that become fires in the political arena. This is certainly not limited to things in this country either.

Thursday Mercury squares Pluto. For those of us that are adept at reading between the lines, this aspect can color this ability with a negatively. This negative point of view could cause some to be suspicious, or exaggerate things. Don’t forget about Mercury’s connection to all things mental. This could be a time of mental stress or a time when we feel the need to force our ideas onto others. I seem to say this next thing quite often, but relax and take a deep breath. Resist the impulse to be compulsive and do your best to allow things to unfold as they will. In other words, keep an open mind.

Friday Mars is semi-square Chiron. Don’t take things personally today. This is a transit that can causes problems when it comes to directly expressing our emotions, our anger, or what we really want.

Friday also brings us an opposition between Mercury and Jupiter. This is part of that Grand Cross we have been talking about for weeks now. Jupiter loves to expand things, make them bigger, and hopefully better. When he is in opposition to another planet, this is not always the case.

Mercury is where our communications lie. When he is opposing Jupiter, things can turn into a big fish tale really fast. Exaggeration and overestimating are common traits. Metal clarity might not be our strong suit right now. We might miss some details too so you want to be extra careful if there is something that really needs the details right.

Saturday, Venus makes a connection with the Sun. This conjunction asks us to seek balance in our relationships. Many of us have been examining our relationships for a while now. It has been a roller-coaster period for many and relationships has changed or ended for many. This balance could an important part of the healing process in some cases. The characteristics of this conjunction are increased appeal and diplomacy.

Even though Venus is retrograde and romance is on hold, this is one day that is good for being social and romantic. Don’t get too carried away, however. It is just one day after all. Venus also disappears from the sky today for about 10 days. After this time she will return to view as the morning star.

Happy Spring everyone! I hope your week is sunny and bright!

Be safe, until next week. . .

Astrology for March 12-18, 2017


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Photo courtesy of Angela Moore, Marion, NC

Tonight is the full moon. Spring Equinox is just two weeks away. Yesterday was a typical March day as the Lion roared loudly and winds blew over 60 mph in some places and 30+ mph elsewhere. We’ve changed out clocks back to daylight savings time and there were snow flurries here and there as a cold front moves in for the week. The weather this year has swung like a pendulum.

The last New Moon got us moving toward letting go of anything that no longer serves us. The Angel card that speaks to clearing clutter still comes up for me. The other day I pulled one card and it was that one. I don’t think I am physically clearing as fast or as deeply as the Universe wants me to. On the inner level however, I am clearing out lots and loving my new perspective.

There is a lot going on with and around this Full Moon. Venus is stationary retrograde. We are at the very beginning of 40 days or so of relationship review. For those of you who are personally experiencing troubles, I am sorry, but know that this will ultimately be for your best and highest good. Take those lemons and make some lemon aide.

You will get some help from Uranus trine the Moon. Your ability to think outside the box will be greater and this could help you see beyond your hurt and help you transform it and create something positive.

The same time the Moon is full, a Grand trine forms with Saturn at the focal point. Saturn is real-world energy. He is head of the department of rules and regulations. With Saturn as the focal point of the Grand Trine he is causing us to take a close look at the dreams we started this Pisces month with. It is time to let go of the typical Pisces illusion and see things as they are. For some, this will be very difficult to do. We need to be present as much as we need creative inspiration. This conflict could also cause more crazy than usual too.

I hope the skies are clear where you are and that you have a chance to see it tonight. I have certainly enjoyed the perfect angle of its rising that allows it to come shining through my window the past few nights. It is not a super moon but it is big and bright. Tonight it should be spectacular.

Other than this Full Moon, the week is cosmically fairly quiet. Monday, Mercury leaves Pisces for a move through Aries. Mercury is about communicating and travel. This transit will help us say what we mean and get our point across and make decisions. Many will find they are less interested in an objective point of view. However, it could be important to hear those objective views. You might need the difference in perspective to help you come to the best decision. Try not to give in the Aries ego.

Mercury energy is always affecting our communications. Mercury transiting Aries will be good energy for stimulating new ideas. Aries adds boldness to our communicating and we tend to be assertive. The shadow side of this transit is that sometimes we might become too bold and direct. This can cause hurt feelings, which I am sure is something we all want to avoid.

Venus is stationary retrograde at the moment. Please refer back to last week’s post to learn more about this. Remember that retrogrades tend to take our focus more inward and this one is no exception.

Mars has just entered Taurus yesterday, 3/11/2017. Taurus is one of the more stubborn signs and this transit definitely has its stubborn streak with a side of resolution and passivity. This is in direct contrast to the planet’s transit of Aries when it was quite impulsive. During this transit, Mars is more interested in the long-term contentment.

Tuesday the Sun conjuncts Chiron. Our confidence could get a boost as we feel a strong sense of what our life purpose is. On the flip side, some sort of life lesson could help us see where our fears are holding us back. (Isn’t there always something?)

This is just another thing to help move us along in our evolution. Change and growth are good things. It is how we greet them that determines the level of difficulty this causes. Don’t stress. Take a few deep breaths, relax and be grateful for what this is showing you.

Friday is St. Patrick’s Day. This might feel a bit more serious than usual thanks to a square aspect between the Sun and good ole, serious Saturn. The best part is that both the Sun and Saturn as in easy going signs. All celebrations should flow nicely without being too rowdy.

These days this holiday make me think of 10 years back when I had a spirit leprechaun. His name was Jimmy and he wore overalls and a yellow plaid shirt. Not the usual leprechaun attire I know. Jimmy stayed with me for about a year and a half. He loved to make things fall from shelves, hide things, ride standing up in the passenger seat of my car. I wish he was still around but I am sure he moved on to where he was needed more. 

Saturday Mercury and Venus meet up in Aries. Use this day to review relationships in your past. Glorious or not, this conjunction will shine a favorable light on this for us. This is a good day for social events. Let those good manners shine as you socialize and thank this conjunction for its help.

I see this as one more way the Universe is guiding us to grow, evolve, and awaken to who we really are.

That is all I have for this week. Enjoy the Full Moon and stay warm this week, where ever you are.

Astrology for March 5-11, 2017


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March is here and it has come roaring like a lion.  For folks in the mid-west and parts of the southeast, Tuesday and Wednesday left tens of thousands with electricity, and with a swath of destruction from nearly 30 tornadoes over the two day period.  Heavy rains and high winds left a path of destruction across parts of Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana and Tennessee on Tuesday. The storm generated a few more tornadoes on Wednesday as it moved across western Tennessee, eastern Kentucky, and West Virginia on Wednesday.  Sadly, there was also some loss of life.

The Sun in Pisces signals the end of the astrological year and winter, and lets us know that Spring is on its way. This reminds me of that famous quote from Alfred Lord Tennyson,  In the Spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.”  This year, young men might want to hold off on their thoughts of love until after Venus turns direct. The next 40 days or so will be more about re-evaluating our love life, finances, and what we value.

downloadI believe knowing what we value is a good thing to pin down. I have learned that honing it down to five top values is the best. I use a deck of values cards to help me and my clients with this task. If you would like your own deck you can order one here:

You can also google for a list of values. There are many to choose from. You might also notice that some values seem to overlap or mean the same thing to you.  The narrowed list of five will be the values that drive your decisions on a daily basis. 

Money matters will be affected by both Venus and Jupiter‘s retrograde motion.  Anything that has to do with money could take a hit of some sort or experience a delay. I wonder how this might affect our economy or the stock market? Those of you who watch these things are welcome to post comments and news as you see fit.

Jupiter is in Libra, the sign that rules relationships and opposite the Venus transiting Aries. Jupiter is also retrograde and expanding the Venus energy inward. His transit of Libra alone has brought up relationship issues ever since he entered the sign last September. It seems like now we are more or less being forced to deal with things we have not already dealt with when it comes to our relationships. I sure have seen this pop up in my own life in the past few weeks and many of my friends tell me they have too.

I mentioned last week that Venus retrograde is not a good time to get married or begin a new relationship. There are exceptions to every rule however and this is true in astrology probably as much as in most or more as other areas of life. Whenever you need to make a big life decision like getting married, making a big move, buying a house, or a business change, I suggest an astrological reading to see if this is a good time for this change. No doubt there will be those for which Venus retrograde will not have a big effect but rest assured that EVERYONE will be affected in some way.

The retrograde period is from March 4, 2017-April 15, 2017. angry_coupleYoung men’s hearts can then turn to love with their tax refund in hand.  In the meantime, expect drama in many cases, break-ups, break-downs, even re-commitments are likely.


Today, Sunday, March 5, 2017, has for us an easy trine between Mars and Saturn. This aspect is full of good energy, enough to get things done! This energy is full of mature leadership ability. Maybe this will help get this blog done in record time today (probably not)? Or maybe it will help me manage my time better so I get lots of other things done.

I have mentioned the aspect in recent weeks but today, as I look at the chart for tomorrow I see a Grand Cross perfecting. This involves the asteroid Vesta, joining the Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto Grand Trine we’ve been dealing with for a while now. This entire aspect will remain with us until 4/20/2017.

Jupiter’s influence in this aspect it one of increasing the waxing Uranus-Pluto square energy of transformation, rebellion, revolution, and change. Pluto is slow to act and Jupiter is helping it move along. Uranus wants change NOW! ! !

Boy! Do I know this energy! I was so impatient as a child and still am to some extent. Time, experience and age have thankfully mellowed me a great deal and I am more willing to let go of trying to control or hurry things along and allow things happen in their own time. Even though I am a cusp Aquarian, Uranus has always been a very prominent player in my life. I am glad it is also retrograde in my natal chart.

Now I bet you are asking what Vesta brings to the Grand Cross? Go back to the post from February 19-25 and this is what I said.

Vesta helps us sharpen our senses and our skills. She trains us for completion. After we reach a level that is beneficial to others, then we can move on to our next cause. This is usually a cause that both serves others and makes us feel happily fulfilled. She is helping us get ready for what comes after the Grand Square.”vesta_full_mosaic

Wednesday, Mercury will sextile Pluto. Our mental processes have more insight psychologically.

Thursday holds two aspects for us. First, the Sun sextiles Pluto. This will send our thoughts deep into an examination of what is really happening. It is a good day for research and for finding something we lost in the past. This rediscovery is not at all limited to material things either. This could be interesting.

Second, Mercury is inconjunct Jupiter. If you suddenly get a new, big idea this might be why. This aspect will require us to carefully consider things and not to over or underestimate things around us. If we jump into things too fast we could miss a very important detail. Be careful about making claims you can’t fulfill and please, please, read the small print of contract and important documents.

Friday we have Mercury conjunct Chiron. This will give a big boost to our intuition. This helps open our minds to learn and to learn not only from experience but from the people we come in contact with. I love the diversity my area has to offer. This energy will no doubt assist us with our growth and evolution. It can also help us see things in new ways. The shadow side is over-sensitivity when it comes to our communications. When is it never a good idea to think before we speak?

Saturday the Sun will be inconjunct Jupiter. This can arouse our inclination for something totally new. This energy is a bit restless when we don’t know what we want but there is strong feeling to investigate things. This is more good energy for letting go too. This letting go is not about relationships like the Venus energy is. This energy is more about our old habits. We need to change them so we are free to have new experiences. I’m all for that, aren’t you?

Now to end with, I want to tell you something. I recently listened to some of Doreen Virtue’s recent Angel Summit. This moved me to get out my deck of Archangel Oracle cards. The first time I shuffled them, five cards jumped from the deck. One of them was Archangel Jophiel. It says “Clear Your Space”.

If you know me personally, you also know that I have way too much “stuff”. Lots of creative people have way more than they will every use. Clearing clutter has been something I have been working on for the past several months. The funny thing about these cards is the I have been pulling cards almost every day for the past few days. I think every time, certainly nearly every time, this card as been one that I pulled.20170305_153057


I guess the universe could be ganging up on me to de-clutter. What do you think?

PS: I finished this blog before the afternoon was over. This is near record time for sure.




Astrology for February 26- March 4, 2017


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Photo courtesy of Ceri Booth, Winston-Salem, NC

Welcome to another week! What a lovely week last week was here. Daffodils are in full bloom and trees are beginning to pop. This has definitely been a warm winter. Summer could be very buggy. But first, we have a lot of letting go to do, both personally and collectively.

This is eclipse season. There was a powerful lunar eclipse two weeks ago and today we have a powerful Solar eclipse. This one will not be seen anywhere near the US but here is a link to its path.

We are definitely living in interesting times. Each person has his or her own idea of what their rights and freedoms should be, Many of us, often think everyone should feel and believe as we do. Lately is seems clear our various points of view are more polarized and this has created a great deal of chaos. It is all good and part of human evolution. Perhaps even, part of a greater cycle of the Universe. None of this is pretty or easy to go through. Right or wrong, good or bad, it is what has to happen so we can evolve to where we are supposed to be. We are such a stubborn lot or species and have resisted this evolution for a very long time.

Eclipses bring in lots of transformative energy. They affect our planet’s electromagnetic field. Our brains and hearts respond to electromagnetics, as are birds, cetaceans and, the earth itself. If you are sensitive to energy, you are aware of these effects. If you don’t feel it, trust me, you are affected whether you know it or not.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of an eclipse to me is, how long their effects last. They are easily felt for six months and even a year. They make way for us to enter a higher vibrational level as well continue our path the to a new dimension. Take a look at last week and notice this coming week if there are any emotional changes that you may not be able to explain easily. Does your mind seem to be going at full tilt boogie? How about your emotions? Are they all over the place? All these are signs of today’s eclipse energy.

I am sure by now that you know the New Moon is the time to begin new things. First, we must make room for the new by clearing out the old stuff. When you add eclipse (Pisces) energy, it is time let go of old emotional hurts and wounds from the past. I am seeing this take place in the lives of a few friends as well as my own. It is ALL GOOD! . . . . Painful at times, but good. One thing I am learning is not to allow any feelings of guilt rule me. My guilt is not really me. It is my ancestors talking to me. It is old, outdated, ways of being that no longer serve me or us collectively today. It is time to LET THEM GO! ! ! Allow this to awaken your spirit.

The Sun is Pisces now and very close to a perfect conjunction with Neptune. The exact conjunction will take place Wednesday, March 1, 2017. Mercury will be just five degrees away. Neptune is spiritual awakening energy. It is also creativity, dreams, and fantasy. If you don’t already write down your dreams, this would be a good time to begin that ritual or at least examine the dreams you have this week.

The Sun being so close to Neptune and the other characteristics I mentioned regarding the eclipse, increase the possibility of substance abuse, playing the victim, and a desire to take flight. Of course, as I always say, this is going to felt more by those who’s natal charts are triggered by these transits.

Sunday gives us a conjunction with Mars and Uranus. This spells restlessness, impulsiveness, and dare devilish behavior. Sounds like an accident looking for a place to happen in some ways. There can also be some fast changes in a work related plan or schedule. Some of us might have a need to change something else in our daily life; perhaps a goal.

Also on Sunday, Mars brings us energy that is fearless, even cocky. Uranus is inventive and forward thinking. Together this means is energy is willing to try out new things and step out into new territory or try new things. As long as we are moving and hopefully in the forward direct, we will make the most of this. Undesirable things could happen if we fail to allow things to flow.

Monday Mars faces off with Jupiter. Since Jupiter is retrograde, this will have a more personal effect than it will collectively. Know your limitations. You might bite off more than you can chew. Differences in viewpoints can cause problems and you want to pay extra attention to the details so something important doesn’t fall through the cracks.

The second aspect on Monday is Mercury semi-square Pluto. This one will help us with all the letting go I’ve been talking about and will help us see what it really at the core of things. I love how Pluto digs deep. This can be painful at times but if we are ever going to awaken, evolve and be the humans we are meant to be, we must endure the discomfort. Mercury makes mental stress the most likely way we feel this. Know when to take a mental break.

Wednesday brings more Mercury/mental influences. Oh boy! Mercury will semi-square Uranus and cause some foolish, scattered thinking. That brilliant idea you came up with might not be as well-received as you had hoped. Communications could suffer too.

Mercury will sesqui-quardate Jupiter. Lots of Mercury action this week isn’t there? Another reason to attention to the details and take breaks so you don’t become overburdened mentally. You could hear more that on ”big fish tale” today too.

I have already more or less covered the Sun conjunct Neptune above in the eclipse info. But to continue, it will be a good idea to keep an eye on what is real and not forget the fantasy characteristics of Neptune.

Friday our good buddy of the week, Mercury, will semi-square Mars. This one might be looking for an argument. This is huge fire energy and these two are pushing us to get things done. Tempers could be hot too so watch out for the other guy of gal that didn’t get much sleep or is under the gun in some way. If someone interrupts you in mid-speech, please try not to take his head off. This goes both ways. You could be the one to interrupt. With all this conflict in the air, I think it is a good thing it’s FRIDAY! ! !

Saturday there are two things to take note of. First is Venus stationing retrograde. I hope no one has a wedding planned in the next 40 days. This is not the best time to marry in general. However, if there is an old romance that you are having difficulty letting go of or resolving in some way, this energy could be what you need. Clear out. Let he, she, it go, and move on! It is just time to.

Last, thing for the week is Mercury conjunct Neptune. This transit is full of creative and intuitive energy. Hope you have a project in mind that can benefit from it. Neptune is probably going to cause some distortion in our mental processes but out insights into things might make up for it. It is not a good day to sign contracts either. Good thing it is Saturday, huh?

Enjoy the day-dreams today. Facts are not our strong suit today as they most resemble the “alternative” variety than actual fact. This will not be a great day for serious communications of any sort. Putting out thought down or even speaking them can be clouded, confusing, or undefined.

I just got a message from a good friend and she is really feeling this eclipse energy. It’s all good. Very healing on several levels. I hope it will ultimately do similar things for all of us. Till next week, I wish you all the good things.

Remember, we all just want to be heard and loved.

The rest of the week…..


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This week is sure full of aspects. Today brings us Mars square Pluto.  Anytime Pluto is involved things can get interesting as he uncovers stuff and lets the secrets out.  Mars can be a bring out the bully and stimulate the desire to control. Both of these planets are strong and this aspect can show up in power struggles of all sorts. Do your best to roll with it all. Don’t try to control things. Instead, allow them to unfold on their own.  The results will be more to your liking if you take your hands off.

If there are working on deep personal issues, this energy is most helpful. I am loving this energy because it is giving me clearer vision around my own stuff.

On a different note, this energy is very passionate. Maybe this is a good time to re-visit Valentine ’s Day? Sexual energy is high.  Just be smart about it.

Thursday, Mercury is sextile Saturn. Rules, regulations  and authority working are with communications.  Use this energy to work on those project details s and get ready for the next one.  This energy is practical and can if we work smart. Thankfully this is what Saturn is all about. What we do this weekend will help bring us great rewards in the future.

This same day Mercury semi-squares Venus. Be aware that social, personal and romantic communications could be difficult, to say the least.  If you put some effort into it, exercise some patience and use good manners, you should have no problems.  The shadow side of this aspect is ADD brain or a mind that wanders. Some of us could feel a bit ultra-sensitive and a bit on the dramatic side.

Saturday the Sun semi-squares Uranus.  This one can make you want to get up and get moving. Problem is, where do we want to go? Take some time to plan things out so you don’t make a wrong turn anywhere. This will probably be me, as I go out of town for the evening Saturday. Anytime Uranus is in the picture plans can change. For many, change of any sort is difficult.


The last aspect I will mention this is also on Saturday when the Sun is sesquiquadrate Jupiter. Expansive Jupiter will cause us to feel a bit impatient. There is also a thread of unhappiness.  This energy reminds me of the fisherman’s exaggerated story about how big that fish really was. Being wasteful is another possibility. Don’t let your champagne tastes override your beer pocketbook, and don’t give into your eyes being bigger than your stomach. This last one has me written all over it, but I am getting better……really I am.


I am sorry this week’s post was so fragmented. Every time I think about shutting down this blog I think of weeks like this when there is so much going on in the sky.

I am recalling an interview I heard some years back where the astrologer was talking about aspects we are seeing now and even father out to the 2020’s. I clearly remember this person was saying that the aspects that we are seeing now were more difficult than we had been used to. No doubt there is a lot going on. I appreciate your taking this ride with me.


Monday- Tuesday


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Sunday’s post got long even without the days of the week so I decided to post the days of the week later. Computer glitches caused more delays and I could not get the full week finished last night. There will be more info later this evening so watch for that. 

The Sun has moved into Pisces now. Our out of the box thinking will be giving way to a more unselfish mindset. Our feelings and the desire to be more creative will motivate us. Pisces energy is also about dreams and fantasy. But the shadow side is avoidance, substance abuse, and addiction. This energy does not care as much about making things happen as it does allow things to unfold as they will. . . Que Doris Day . . .


The Sun will remain in Pisces until March 20, 2016.


Mercury is also in Pisces. This placement is helping us to think more visually, have more imagination, and be more intuitive. Pay attention to your intuition especially until Mercury exits Pisces on March 13.

Mars is all comfortably nestled in Aries.  For another couple of weeks. Aires is his home sign so he is strong here and helping us to be more impulsive while also working with our intuitive energy generated by Pisces. The shadow side of this placement is arrogance, self centeredness, impulsivity, thoughtlessness.

Venus is also in Aries. She will have a long tour here but it will be split up some when she retrogrades. We will talk about this more when this happens. For now,  Aries love is spontaneous! Cha, cha, cha! This energy allows us to be more daring and brave when we are on the hunt.

Venus in Aries only has its eye on what is ahead and won’t look back for a minute. If things become stale and this Aries becomes unhappy, she won’t mince words. She will simply state her case and move on. Her intention is never to cause hurt feelings but there is sometimes, of course, there is collateral damage. This Venus is more interested in the chase anyway.

Today we had Mercury sextile Uranus. If you had meetings or some sort of group event or gathering today, it should have gone pretty well for you, especially if there was some technology involved. Perhaps you noticed some good, creative, and original ideas that seemed to come from nowhere. Or perhaps you were able to view things with a new perspective.


Tuesday is a big day this week, loaded with aspects.


Tuesday the Sun semi-squares Mars. This is part of the Grand Cross I talked about yesterday. This particular aspect could lead to some conflicts and can be a bit aggressive but that is typical Mars isn’t it? This energy, when used creatively, can help us get a great deal accomplished. On the shadow side is restlessness  and impulsivity that can lead to unnecessary disagreements.

Next up for Tuesday Mercury trines Jupiter. Optimistic thoughts, perceptiveness, co-operation, and everyday things come with this aspect. This is also good energy for short trips and the written word. Why not put pen to paper and write down your thoughts? This will also be a good day to study, take a day trip, or for teaching. Observations will be more acute today and opinions accurate.

The Sun squares Pluto Tuesday. (Told you it was a full day.) Manipulating for control of our environment is the order of the day. In the process, we could discover assets we never knew we had. When this happens to you, remember to be grateful for all the things that get in your way and cause frustrations. They are our teachers.

Astrology for February 19-25, 2017


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The Lunar eclipse seems to have set off some interesting energy. At least I hope that is what is going on. Now we are moving toward a solar eclipse that will take place next Sunday.  Eclipses always come in pairs, even triples, and their energy technically lasts for a year. However, in six months a new eclipse season comes in to adds its energy to the mix for the year. Therefore some astrologers will say that eclipse energy last six months while others say it lasts a year. Confused yet?

I am constantly amazed and intrigued by the complexity of astrology and the many ways to study it. The List below should give you a better idea of what I mean.

1.   Vocational astrology that helps people find a career that is best suited for them.

2.   Mundane astrology studies events concerning countries and the world. For instance, this is the word that describes the study of the chart of the US.

3.   Medical astrology is ancient. This form of study helps us understand what could be causing an illness, a good time to schedule an operation or procedure, even ways to prevent illness.

4.   Relocation charts can help one find a good place to move to or determine is a chosen location is a good choice.

5.   Financial astrology helps with knowing when to invest or pull money.

6.   Relationship astrology is a popular one. When two charts are compared, the quality of the relationship between the two people can be viewed.

7.   Vedic or Indian astrology, and Chinese astrology as other cultural forms of astrology.

8.   Specialties vary too and include, asteroids, Lunar effects, and movement, planetary returns, midpoints or nodes and the ascendant and mid-heaven.

9.   Some astrologer’s include and spiritual or esoteric view of the planets.


I am sure there are more. Question is, what category do I fall into. Perhaps a combo of many of them because I find them all to be so interesting.

The past couple of weeks, I have been most interested in the formations forms by the planetary aspects. Two weeks ago there was a mystic rectangle and a Grand trine on top of each other. The combination formed an envelope. This past week a Grand Cross formed that will last for three weeks. The coming week keeps bringing us interesting formations. Lets begin by discussing the Grand Cross.

This formation involves the asteroid Vesta which is now considered a proto-planet, or a cosmic body that is becoming a planet. Well……Ok. (File this away for later).

A Grand Cross or Grand Square is when four planets are square to each other and actually form a square in the sky. I this case we have Vesta holding down one corner, with Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto holding down the other three corners.

Now along comes Mars who will is joining up with Uranus to hold down that corner. This whole formation comes to a crescendo this Friday, Feb. 24, 2017. But wait! There is more, as the guy on TV used to say.

The Grand Cross, minus Mars, actually formed back on January 19. And it lasts until April 20. Asteroids are not as popular as the planets and add to the complexity of astrology so not many astrologers have talked about the Grand Cross but they have talked about the T- square which leaves Vesta out altogether. I am pleased to see Asteroidology slowly catching on.

So let’s look at Vesta.

Vesta, recently categorized as a baby planet, is the daughter of our planetary father, Saturn. She is where we get the term, ‘vestal virgin’. Known as the goddess of the hearth, Vesta and rules Virgo and Scorpio. Her location in your chart will show you where your home is, or “where your home fires burn”.

You might be asking what Vesta has to do with this Grand Cross. She has a lot to do with it. The Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto T-square is already one of the strongest influences of 2016-2017. As you probably know already, the Uranus/Pluto square is fading and will we will be done with it in 2018 when Uranus leaves Aries. Jupiter is however, giving this aspect and shot in the arm and expanding what energy is had left to bestow on us. This is sort of like the last hurrah for big rebellion, revolution, chaos, fast change, extreme weather, and political upsets.

We need to remember that astrological energy does not shift with great speed. The energy transitions in and out like ripples on water. The ripples can turn into big waves, but coming in and going out is usually not so volatile.

Vesta helps us sharpen our senses and our skills. She trains us for completion. After we reach a level that is beneficial to others, then we can move on to our next cause. This is usually a cause that both serves others and makes us feel happily fulfilled. She is helping us get ready for what comes after the Grand Square.

Mars joined in this action on Valentine’s Day. His energy is like Aries energy so he is making it easier to keep your enthusiasm and momentum at a higher level. He is going to help us stand in our power and fight the good fight.

One thing you will need to watch out for is how much risk you take. Be careful and think things through. Too many of us tend to “go off half-cocked” and this is a time we really need to be more intentional so can avoid accidents.

There is a whole lot of erotic energy with this too. Mars, Aires, Pluto, Jupiter, and Vesta are all associated with sexual energy no regardless of your style. Whether you like it vanilla, kinky, or tantric, think before you leap into a sexual mistake. This Grand Cross can get things really hot and bothered.

This post is running long so I won’t post the rest of the week now. But I do want to say this week has the potential for very strong weather in some places. This only increases as we get closer to the solar eclipse next Sunday. I noticed earlier today that there is a large coronal hole in the sun that goes all the way across it and looks a bit like a jack-o-lantern’s smile. This is sure to produce some nice colors in the northern sky this week.











Astrology for February 12-18, 2016


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Friday’s Full Moon was beautiful. Now, this week, we are winding down or completing the four week cycle of the Moon. Anne Oretlee says “eclipses echo back in 19 year increments”. This would mean that we can go back and look at February 1998, farther back to February of 1978 and even further to 1960 to see what was going on in your life then. Where did Friday’s eclipse hit your chart?

For me, it hit my tenth house of work. I hope this does not mean that I will be losing work but rather gain some. I’m not ready to retire just yet but when I look back to 1998, I have just taken a new job as a nanny. That job would change me in ways I would never have expected too.

Going back to 1979, I find another big shift in my work life. I was barely 25 and working in the social services office of community action program. I was involved with a guy and his family that would provide me with a variety of work experiences far different from the CAP job or anything else I would ever experience. It was all good, nothing shady. They taught me a great deal about life and people, and are certainly some years that stand out among the rest.

The eclipse also hits my fourth house of home and family. And guess what? I went home two days before the eclipse to visit my mother. Yes! Lots of home and family stuff there.

She is trying to purge her home of unneeded things and also make room for a washer and dryer that will be installed in the closet of my childhood bedroom so she will no longer have to go up and down the basement steps. My strong, beautiful mother is no longer steady on her feet and no longer has the energy to do very much.

Big changes. Mom always sends me away with “things”. One thing I came away this time was my Barbie doll, circa? ? ?


Coincidences? Maybe, but I don’t believe in them myself. The question now is, what story is this eclipse winding up for you? You might want to get a reading from a good astrologer and ask them.

This week brings Valentines and a change of sign for the Sun. For some Valentine’s day can be a difficult time just like the rest of the winter holidays. Those that are single or separated from those they love often feel sad, even depressed. I am happy to see more each year about celebrating you as a person on Valentine’s day. Relationships are difficult at best and being alone is not always a bad thing so single folks.. . . . REJOICE! . . . and show yourself some LOVE

Today, Sunday, Mercury the communicator will be semi-square Chiron, the wounded healer. This could cause communications to be more haphazard or unkind than we intend them to be. Reading the intent of others can be difficult too. Some could have a problem with authority, anxiety, or blame. Communicate cautiously as the opinions and viewpoints of others conflict with yours.

Tuesday, Valentine’s day, the Sun will be sextile Saturn. This aspect will help us stay focused on our task and move toward completion. Saturn helps with our discipline keeps us within time constraints. Progress could be slow but our persistence will pay off in the end.

Tuesday also serves up a semi-square between Mercury and Saturn. I think I mentioned last week that Saturn seems to play a big role in aspects this year. Or perhaps I am hyper-focused on Saturn this year? At any rate, this aspect is difficult. Re-doing is in the cards just when we thought we had finished that task or project.

You could find that email or phone call you were expecting seems to take forever to come or doesn’t show up at all. This aspect, along with these types of delays are frustrating and leave us open to criticizing, being ultra sensitive, and thinking more negatively that we might naturally. Your day will be best spent working to repair and correct things. Try to refrain from giving attention to the frustration of any delays.

Valentine’s could turn out to be a great day to be single after all. Jupiter will be inconjunct Chiron. Our goals, beliefs, even our faith can face uncertainty today. This aspect is asking us to examine what is possible. I say question away. To me, this is one of the best things about being human. Don’t give in to outside influences or expect too much from ourselves or other people today. Just relax, enjoy, and do your best to spread some love.

Thursday Mercury in Aquarius will sextile Mars in Aries. Any aspect between these two planets always makes me sit up and pay attention. Mars is all action and Mercury is how we communicate. Things can get busy when these two interact.

This aspect is more about the mind. We will probably find we are more alert and lively today. We could make decisions rather quickly if we need to. New ideas could also be plentiful but our busy brains don’t seem to cause us any overwhelment. Instead, we use this busy mind to create new projects or get ahead on ones we may have already started.

Saturday the Sun moves into Pisces. We have been in Aquarius for the past month. That energy had been innovative, expressive, nonlimiting, nonrestrictive, and free of restraint. Our individuality has ruled. Aquarius is not exactly selfish but in comparison to the Sun in Pisces, it is.

Sun in Pisces is quite selfless, emotional, and creative. Pisces loves to dream and drift off into fantasy whenever he can. Like the other five higher zodiac signs, his thinking is more universal in nature than the lower, more personal signs. Pisces rules altruism, empathy, loyalty, and wisdom. Pisces also rules addictions, victimization, depression, submissiveness, illusion, and misconception. For all the creativity and spirituality we can find it Pisces, this is not always a pretty sign to be in.

This afternoon it is about 75 degrees outside. I am going to stop here for this week and get out to enjoy some of the sunshine. This winter has been very, very mild over all. I have barely worn long sleeves, a sweater, or coat. Wednesday Mom was saying she was going to leave her winter wreath on her door a bit longer because she was hoping for one more snow. It has been in the upper 60’s all that day. Then that night when I got home we had a thunderstorm. Maybe Mom was right. The old farmer’s tale is that when there is thunder in winter, 10-12 days later there will be snow. I’m not holding my breath this year. I feel like this could be just a trick of that old Fire Rooster.

Wishing you a happy, productive week and a happy Valentine’s day too!

Astrology for February 5-11, 2017


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Welcome to February 2017.

The other day I caught myself commenting on how fast January had passed and also wondering if it was just me, or if others are feeling the same way. I know that people feel like time speeds up as they get older, and I did just celebrate another birthday, but this last month seems to have zoomed by before I knew it. The energy of the new year is shifting and we should be firmly grounded in this new energy by the end of February. But first we have and few interesting things to talk about.

The big news this week is the Lunar eclipse on Friday, February 10, 2017. It begins at 5:34 pm EST, peaks at 7:43 and is over by 9:53 pm. Even if there are no clouds, this eclipse won’t be that spectacular. This is because it is a penumbral lunar eclipse and therefore very faint. It will, however, be visible in most of the world except the pacific ocean and the farthest most parts of Alaska, Asia, and Indonesia.

This eclipse it teaching me about a totally new aspect formation. This formation is actually two shapes over-lapped; a Grand Trine and a Magic or Mystic Rectangle. The combination of gentle sextiles and difficult oppositions in the figure actually create harmonious energy that is best accessed instinctively.

The Grand Trine figure is full of gentle energy. This formation falls in fire signs and adds power to all the characteristics that are discussed in the following lines. This especially applies to seeking new possibilities or new ways of being.

Together, these two shapes form an envelope shape just as the eclipse is beginning. This blends the energy of five planets, five houses, five signs, and a bunch of aspects together, and is a good example of how complex astrology can be. I won’t dare to discuss all these components, just the most prominent ones.


This Full Moon and eclipse have the Sun in Aquarius, opposing the Moon in Leo. Our ego is loving its freedom and objectivity while our emotions want to take center stage and are all about the self. This makes me dizzy just thinking about it.

The Full Moon is also the time when we start to bring home what we started with the New Moon. Full Moon’s are known to be romantic and emotional. Just think about the crime and birth rates during a full moon. Now add all this extra eclipse energy to it and who knows what can happen.

This is what we are going to look into today. . .

Lunar eclipses are known to deal with relationships. They can stir things up and create a relationship crisis of some sort. Don’t limit your thinking to romantic and family relationships however. This can apply to all sorts of relationships. Neighbors, friends, co-workers, the grocery clerk, the bank teller, and the doctor are all people we have some sort of relationship with and there could be issues with some of them.

Crisis can be both good and bad. A crisis can divide or bring together. Just last week I read a sweet story about a Boston bombing victim that married the first responder that saved her life. This is a great example of the good that can come from crisis. Congratulations to the happy couple!

Lunar eclipses can also deal with our relationship to our career, our health, and even our goals and life purpose. Count on the Full Moon to shine light on all these things, or some of them at least. As with all things astrological, much of how you and I are affected depends on what is triggered in our own natal chart.

This might be a good time to throw in the T- square aspect that is in this week’s outlook. It is the same one I have talked about in weeks past that includes an opposition between Jupiter and Uranus and squares between Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter with Gemini energy as the focal point of the T-square. This is rebellious, transformative, growing energy with a side helping of uncertainty or duality from the Gemini focal point.

You might recall that Pluto is lord of the underworld. He loves to uncover hidden meanings, discover truth, and to tear down in order to rebuild. All those things represent change. What could dear Pluto uncover in your life in the coming days and weeks around this eclipse? What will he uncover on the world stage? Only time will tell, but I am betting it’s could be big, even explosive news.

I feel like Pluto will help this eclipse energy, help us discover more about ourselves and our relationships. Perhaps it won’t all be positive but we can count on Pluto to assist us in our transformation on all levels. We all know that change is never easy but it is necessary so just hold on, take lots of deep breathes, and stay as positive as you can. Happiness and joy will go a long way toward getting us through the rough spots.

Eclipse energy doesn’t fade or change like planetary energy does as planets transit from sign to sign. It sticks around for as much as 12 months. Those with natal chart points in the fixed signs and the degrees between 17 and 28, will feel the strongest effects. To review, fixed signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Leo. I am expecting this one to affect me to some degree because I am Aquarian and have a Scorpio ascendant. Neither of these points in my chart are within the specified degree range, however, I do have Mars in Scorpio and Pluto in Leo within those degrees. Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, True Node, Chiron and the Mid-heaven within the specified degree range but not in fire signs. This info is going to give me lots to research for myself.

Now, let’s backtrack a bit to yesterday, February 4, 2017. This is when another figure formed in the heavens known as a cradle. This involves the Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus. Saturn is our authority and Uranus is rebellion. The Sun represents us or our ego, and Jupiter makes all this energy bigger but since Jupiter goes retrograde Tues, this his influence on growth is more inward than outward.

At first, I might view this cradle as volatile energy, and no doubt to some extent it is. The cradle shape softens this energy and shifts it to a much more harmonious energy than we might expect. I guess it might rock us like a baby in a cradle. This cradle formation will last for two weeks, with its peak on the 11th, the day after the eclipse.

Monday, February 6, Jupiter turns retrograde in Libra for a little over four months. Libra is another place where we deal with relationships. This four-month time slot will be a good one for examining how you really feel about your relationship to various schools of thought including your life’s purpose. You could be drawn to change your point of view on religion or philosophy, or feel directed to some other calling.

Tuesday Mercury moves into Aquarius. Our thirst for knowledge will increase with this transit and will leave us open to new, innovative ideas. This energy is forward-looking, objective, and takes us outside the box. Sounds interesting doesn’t it?

The last bit to discuss comes on Saturday when the Sun trines Jupiter. Jupiter represents growth and expansion, but remember he is now retrograde. This is part of the peak of that cradle I mentioned earlier. The energy of this aspect could increase our willingness to take risks or try to impress someone. If you are wanting to start a new business, take classes, or begin some other new relationship or project, this could be a great time to start.

This week should be interesting.  writing this has gotten me a bit excited. I see more interesting aspects coming ahead of us, such as the Grand Cross in next week’s forecast.

Until then, I wish you all peace, joy, and lots of love.

Astrology for January 29-February 4, 2017


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Photo courtesy of ceramic artist, Tammy Leigh Brooks.


Happy New Year to all my Asian friends and anyone who celebrates the lunar New Year. I hope you have had the chance to read last week’s post on the New Year. It is all about the year of the Fire Rooster. 

The New Year began with last Friday night’s (January 27, 2017) New Moon in Aquarius. The energy of this Moon is pushing us to think about the future. Aquarius is a refreshing change from the stodgy, unfashionable Capricorn. He loves freedom and independence. And while he might understand the need for rules and restraints, he is not fond of them. Aquarius prefers the collective act responsibly and in good self-governance. Wishful thinking perhaps but Aquarius keeps that faith that one day this will happen and continues pioneering through

imagesThe shadow side of Aquarius can be rebellious like no other, unpredictable, and unashamed with a healthy serving of stubbornness. Yes! Folks, I get it honestly!


One of the biggest influences of this New Moon was a square between Venus and Saturn. Venus is currently in Pisces where she is pursuing her heart’s desire and feeling idealistic, romantic, and quite dreamy about her life. Occasionally she can be a bit lost, even sad. This transit will end at the end of this week when Venus changes signs.

Saturn in Sagittarius has very different energy. He is realistic, stiff, rigid, and precise. Some would say he is quite narrow-minded too. This square aspect between Saturn and Venus holds the energy of confronting facts with fantasy.

Did you know that Saturn was once considered the ruler of Aquarius? Uranus was discovered in 1781 but it was not until the early 19th century that it was assigned rulership of Aquarius. If you would like to read more about this on your own, here is a link to an article from The Mountain Astrologer that I found very interesting.

You are probably aware that the New and Full Moon energetically set the influence of the two week that follow them. The New Moon is about planting seeds and moving forward. Besides the fact that my sleep was disrupted most of the last week, I am ready to move forward with things. My focus has been more localized. By localized, I mean I have been focusing almost totally on me, my home, and my work. As my dear friend, Judy (JC) Cochrane 14322285_10210171575273926_4643786363125758957_nsays in her book, Eleven Days, we must “begin within”. I am hoping to use this Saturn and Venus square turned Mars -Saturn square energy to refuel my passion for things I may have  put aside. There is not a better time to move forward than now for lots of reasons.

Mars and Saturn are moving away from their square this week and by week’s end will be out of orb. If you have felt more sensitive to limitations, this square could be the reason why. Perhaps the boss, parents or some other authority figure has been on your back and you are feeling stressed about it. Relax! Stop pushing your point of view for now because it won’t do any good. Work instead on the long term plan.

Today, January 29, 2017, Mercury joins Uranus in Capricorn. Our thought processes area activated and can be intense and quite focused. This energy is searching and examining. This could assist us in getting to the root of things, discovering concealed meanings, and perhaps find the hidden truth.

We are more persuasive with this energy. Our stronger powers of observation can lead us to a stronger plan of action. However, some of us will find this energy to be mentally frustrating. Knowing what the energy holds can help us to

We need to back-track to Venus for a bit. Right now she is in Pisces but the end of the week she moves into fiery Aries. In Pisces, she has been fantasizing about a new romance and pulling for the underdog.

Venus can’t get very relaxed in Aries. This is a very uncomfortable transit for her. She could take on the first romance the comes along. The thrill of the hunt will provide the most enjoyment for many. mars_disarmed_by_venus

The Venus Pisces energy is not going to be totally over for the year, however. The planet of love and finance goes retrograde in early March and she will flip-flop back into Pisces and then again to Aries until she finally moves into Taurus on June 7, 2017. If you didn’t get enough Venus in Pisces or didn’t finish what needed to during that transit, then you will get another shot later this spring.

Moving on into next week, on Sunday, February 5, Jupiter will turn retrograde. We will, of course, be feeling this shift much of this week. This turn of direction will give us four months to review our point of view on all matter of philosophy. This includes our view on things like morality, ethics, and religion.

Jupiter is about expanding. This includes long distance travel. During this time is might not be a good idea to travel oversea. Keep in mind that Jupiter is in Libra and that could mean some decisions will be made that don’t sit well with the masses. Since this is also Superbowl Sunday and referees fall under the rule of Libra, don’t be surprised if there are some calls in the game that have folks shaking their heads and or fists, and wondering what in the world they were thinking.


Wishing you a fabulous week ahead. Be safe and be well.