A Special Eclipse Report


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Today, I am caving into my curiosity around the eclipse and writing about some things I usually don’t discuss.

Almost everyone is excited about the coming Solar eclipse on August 21, 2017. And why wouldn’t they be excited? This is the first eclipse of its kind in 40 years. This is the first time since 1918 that an eclipse has crossed the United States from coast to coast and the first in 750 years that an eclipse has fallen completely inside our borders. While it is true that eclipses happen several times a year, these details make this particular eclipse a rarity and worth the excitement.

There is a great of info on the internet now about the effect the solar eclipse that will take place Monday. It will take place in the sign of Leo. Traditionally, it has been said to herald the fall of a king or great leader. Are you curious yet?

Eclipses are always eye openers. They bring us a big boost to the already present full or new moon energy. Some say this energy is amplified as much as ten times by an eclipse. Solar eclipses coincide with a New Moon and lead us to start new conversations about the future. They pull us out of our ruts and get us moving and ready for what is next, or what we call “change”.  Change is the one things we all dread, and at the same time is the one thing constant in the whole Universe.

This solar eclipse will take place at 28-29 degrees Leo. Astrologers refer to the 29th degree as the crisis degree. Interestingly, Donald Trump’s rising sign is also at 29 degrees Leo. His natal chart has some other in things to tell us about what makes him tick.

His natal Saturn is conjunct his Venus. Saturn is head of the Dept. of rules and regulations, represents our father, and is a sign of authority. Venus represents the mother, relationships, beauty, and our social lives. Conjunctions are usually a good aspect but in this case, things can be more difficult. Some astrologers say this conjunction is what creates Trump’s behavior with women. He already has a lot of control energy going on in his chart, the Leo ascendant being one of them. The Saturn-Venus conjunction causes him to have issues with the female gender as a whole. This can mean mommy issues. He seems to unsure whether he loves or hates women. A psychologist might say this shows that he actually hates himself.

Another interesting point in Trump’s natal chart is that Mars, the planet of anger, hostility, wrath, and warfare is very close to the Saturn-Venus conjunction. Mars is close enough to be a powerful influence. On eclipse day, the transiting eclipse will be just two degrees from his natal Mars. This means he is going to get a huge amount of Mars energy on this day.

So let’s stop here for a minute and take a look. In reference to the loss of a leader, it might be interesting to note that as a result of the violent, angry (Mars) events in Charlottesville, VA on August 12, 2017, all of the Military chiefs denounce the President’s long delayed and ambiguous remarks regarding the event. This is not exactly the loss of a leader but it is close. It is a loss of respect. If you have been following the news, fake or not, all news sources are reporting the business community has bailed on him too.

Regardless of how this might seem to you, my reader, I am not trying to beat the man up or disrespect him in any way. I am just sharing what I see in the charts and some of the publicly known facts. Now I want to go deeper into the Leo aspect of this eclipse. Keep in mind the magnification the eclipse energy adds to all of our charts, not just Trump’s.

The sign of Leo presents the male energy, the heart, spine, leaders (Trump and others), royalty, and the ego. Perhaps the physical characteristics and the crisis degree are why some astrologers are saying there could be a health issue in the president’s future. There is no way to know for sure. Astrology is not an exact science but an art. Some describe it as s pseudo-science. Regardless, you can see with Leo ruling the heart and spine where we might possibly keep our eyes open with regard to health issues. This, by the way, goes for all of us, especially Leo men and those with strong Leo influence in their charts.

Little is known about Trump’s actually health but is obvious from the photos that he is overweight and seems to get little exercise other than swinging a golf club. We have been told of his love of fast food and sodas neither of which are conducive to good health. Now add the obvious stress of the presidency, especially with what has taken place just this week, and I am fairly sure any medical professional would say this is a recipe for disaster. Only time will tell, won’t it?

Generally speaking, the coming solar eclipse and the recent lunar eclipse are both good news for Aquarius and Leo people. Depending on the natal chart, this goodness will spill over to include those with a rising sign or Moon in in either Leo or Aquarius. This is a good reason to know your natal chart.

People who have Leo or Aquarius strongly represented in their charts or with other planets are 28-30 degrees of a sign will be strongly affected. Keep in mind that we must take the whole chart into account to know whether a person could be negatively or positively affected by the eclipse.

For months I have been reading about how strongly this eclipse will impact this country. This is due to it crossing totally with our borders, bisecting the lower 48 states. Regardless of our points of view, most of us are aware this country is in the midst of change. This next eclipse is likely to stimulate this change and generate some long lasting effects as well.

Eclipse energy is often thought to last a good six months but this time it could last as long as two years. Again, this is because it takes place completely within our borders and will last over two hours from its beginning in Oregon to its end in South Carolina. Even so, some changes will be evident rather quickly while others will not be so quick to show up until after all the eclipse energy dies down. My feeling is that most of the changes will at least begin to present them selves between now and the winter eclipses in January and February 2018. Nothing is written in stone.

Continuing with other energy, that will influence the eclipse energy is Mercury retrograde and the four other planets that are also retrograde. The other four are Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, and Neptune.

Mercury is, as usual, affecting our communications. This could also mean that getting to the facts might take more effort than usual. Travel plans are often affected by Mercury retrograde so those that are traveling to view the eclipse should be prepared to go with the flow to avoid the stress that delays can cause. Of course, it doesn’t help that eclipses are thought to be associated with disasters.

I realize this is sounding all gloom and doom but please don’t take it that way. Just be aware and chill out. Take things in stride and relax. With five planets retrograde you almost can’t do anything else but relax.

There are a few trines to look forward to Monday. These are not your typical harmonious trines however. Saturn in Sagittarius is trine Uranus in Aries. Both Sagittarius and Aries are fire signs. Saturn’s careful planning and authority could be in for some unexpected and surprising changes. Gosh, there is that change word again.

Uranus also rules the weather. I will not be the least bit surprised if there is an earthquake somewhere in the U.S. Or some other big weather event. If you live near the Gulf of Mexico or along the east coast, you might want to pay close attention to the next tropical storm that is developing.

The next aspect is Mercury opposing Neptune. Both are retrograde and this will no doubt add to the illusion and deception energies. Not to mention, an additional layer of the unexpected. Neptune will surely tip things toward the gonzo and eccentric side of the scale.

The last aspects I want to mention are Mars sextile Jupiter. This will expand the Mars energy somewhat.

Pluto is opposing Venus and could spell jealousy for some. Keep your eyes on how this plays out on the world stage.

Uranus is trine the eclipse. This can mean some huge surprises and I am going to dare to use the word “explosive” with this aspect. Combine this with the major influence Mars is tossing out and who knows what can happen. If you are traveling, please be safe, and as always, remember to be kind. 





Astrology for August 13-19, 2017


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We are between eclipses this week. Last week I added a post script to the end of the blog suggesting there could be weather or earth change related events to come. It seemed like my earthquake app was sending me alerts almost hourly. There were so many, I stopped paying much attention. Today I pulled up the USGS info for the past week and counted 90 earthquakes around the world at a magnitude of 4.5 or higher. WOW! That is over a dozen a day.

What I failed to mention was the severe human factor we might see last week. I will not cover these events because they are too close to politics, a topic I try to steer clear of. However, there may be no way for me to avoid it completely in the future.

As for severe weather this month, Arizona had a rare tornado event. It was faint but none the less real. Called a land spout, this small tornado was spotted just south of Phoenix, AZ that was brought on by Monsoon storms. Tucson had at least one tornado in July. Canada has had three tornadoes touch down various parts of Ontario. I remember when tornadoes only happened in what we call tornado alley the runs from Alabama up through Oklahoma, Arkansas, the Ohio Valley, and up into Illinois.

Wild fires dot the western landscape from Santa Barbara to northern California, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana. Flash floods have occurred in many parts of the country. New Orleans was in the news due to flooding in early August, now Florida is expecting them. Several areas in the Midwest have had warnings or actually had flash floods. Some folks are saying the Monsoons are moving east.

Of course, none of these weather events are really new to us. This year has been riddled with one flash flood or strange tornado after another.

There are a number of active and erupting volcanoes on the planet. Naturally, the “Ring of Fire” (Kurile Islands to the Philippines) has the most activity with eight active volcanoes. There are six each in the Pacific Ocean, the African and Indian Ocean, and Indonesia. That brings the count up to 26.

There are five active and erupting volcanoes in Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. Four are located in South America. Two are in European Atlantic area. And last but not least, there is on in Antarctica. That totals 38 active volcanoes on the planet. The North American and Australia are the only continents with no activity on the actual continent.

That is a very long way to illustrate that there is a whole lot of energy going on. There is little wonder why we are seeing the volatile things we are seeing between people and countries in the news lately. I expect this to continue for some time to come. I also expect some big changes in the political landscape of this country in the next month or two. I also think we will see more riots or gatherings like the one in Virgina this weekend but only time will tell that. I expect these to take place in various places in the country with larger cities like NYC, Chicago, and cities in California being where the largest ones will be held.

All of this is energy regardless of whether we feel it is good or bad, is moving to us to evolve, to awaken from our dark sleep and become enlightened beings of love. Eclipses assist this transformation.

The New Moon always new beginings and the recent Lunar eclipse amplified that energy. Don’t forget about the Lions Gate energy that is adding to its goodness from the central Sun to the transformation mix. Eclipses, both solar and lunar, happen every year but seldom do we get to see a total eclipse move across the US. The last time this happened was on June 8, 1918. For me, this is a once in a life time experience. Even though I will not be in the path of total darkness, I will, clear skies permitting, see more than I did with the Annular eclipse of May 10, 1986.

For a list of past eclipses in the US, check out the web page link below.


This week, beginning with today, The Sun is trine Saturn. This is a productive aspect. The focus is on our long term goals. Promotions at work are possible, as well as recognition for accomplishments. Taking on more duties will be a good thing and come without added stress in most cases. This transit is also a good time to mentor the next generation. I hope you share only love, tolerance, and compassion with the young ones.

Mercury is now fully retrograde and most of you know what that means. Put all new project on the shelf till after September 10, chill out, and review/revisit things in our lives. Mars is also giving us a fit now because he has been nearly conjunct the Sun for a few weeks. This brings out the fire and anger in us. But it also gets us moving too. One way of another. Remember that all that is dark and all that has been hidden in this world must come to the light to be transformed or transmuted into light. The unfortunate part of this is how ugly the dark parts are and how we are forced to see them as we are now witnessing in the world.

This Tuesday Venus will be opposite Uranus. Surprises could pop up in the area of finance, relationships, and the arts. Many of them are probably not going to be to our liking. So be cautious in your spending and relationships in particular. I won’t guarantee this will prevent any problems in these areas but it might be best to be cautious.

Thursday Venus moves to square Jupiter. Jupiter loves to expand things and most of the time is considered to the be the planet of good luck and optimism. When he is square to another planet, that is not always the case. This square could mean that any missteps we make in our relationships or finances thanks to the Uranus -Venus opposition, could be magnified by this square. I would say an extra helping of caution is called for this week.

Come Sunday, things have cooled down and are looking better. This is when the Sun trines Uranus. This will be the first of two thanks to Uranus being retrograde. The next one will be in December.

This trine aspect is progressive and loves freedom. Sunday is the day to let go of what ever you need to. For me, this is a lot of extra belongings. I have lots I things I have no interest in any longer. The process of purging is slow but steady. I wish you luck with yours.

I wish each of you peace, love, and light. Please remember to be kind to one another. You never know when or how you might need a helping hand. Help could show up in from a most unexpected source.

Astrology for August 6-12, days of the week portion


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A lot of things going on in the skies this week!

First of all, I want to remind you that Mercury entered his storm period last Thursday. This means that he has slowed down to less than 40 degrees per day and preparing to station and turn retrograde on the 13th.Treat this time as if Mercury were already retrograde.

Today, 8/6/17, a T-square involving Venus, Jupiter, and Pluto is in full effect. It peaks on the 15th, and ends two days after the Solar eclipse, or on 8/23. This pattern is affecting our relationships. What ever is not working will be brought up and into view so we can take a good look at where there is harmony and where there isn’t. Staying centered in our hearts will be the best way to resolve any conflicts. New opportunities in the area of finances will be music to some ears. I hope this turns out to be your ears.

Monday is the Lunar eclipse and Full Moon. The effects of this most powerful of eclipses will last 6-12 months. Hang on to your hats. Change is inevitable!!! And I am not talking the sort that a Mercury retrograde brings either. This is all about living authentically. I know at least one person who will enjoy reading this. If you are looking for happiness all you have to do is use your talents, gifts, and sparks of intuition to serve the human collective. Joy will no doubt be the result of such authenticity.

Tuesday is the peak of the Lions Gate Portal. For more on this read two posts back. There is also a finger of God, or Yod forming between Mars, Neptune, and Pluto. Pluto is always wanting us to be real and authentic. Tha planet loves to get down to it while at the same time, sending us loads of perceptiveness and source energy.

Wednesday the Sun is quincunx or inconjunct Pluto. This means they are 150 degrees apart. Our forward movement now depends on the changes we make in our lives. Our psychological development is what needs our attention most.

Wednesday also brings us Mars sesquiquadrate Chiron. This aspect can cause us to be touchy and easily offended. At the same time, expressing our emotions of anger or desire could be difficult.

Thursday Mercury sextiles Venus. This aspect is good for doing social things. It is also good for dialogue, negotiations, romance, business, partnerships. This is favorable energy for clarifying love relationships and making promises. Oh, My!

That same day, Mars is quincunx Neptune. Some of us could feel out of step and have no direction. Good ole Neptune always likes things elusive, doesn’t he? Some of us could feel as if we have been overcome with a case of the lazies. Pay attention so you don’t make careless mistakes in judgment or do something that could cause your plans not to come to fruition.

The last aspect for Thursday is the Sun sextile Jupiter. This is a good luck aspect. Anything to do with marketing and self-promotion is in the spotlight with this aspect. Generosity abounds and Jupiter is helping us see the big picture. I think that is almost always a good thing.

Friday my dear friend and ruler Uranus will be semi square Neptune. This can cause some restlessness in the area of our hopes and dreams. Remember Uranus is a rebel and loves independence while Neptune is all about the illusion and fantasy.

This might be the perfect time to talk about Uranus retrograde too. As I said in the last eclipse post, a planet is most powerful when it changes direction. Uranus, because he moves so slow, is still in that powerful window. However, once he gets settled in his backward motion, he won’t be as quick or chaotic as he usually is. But just like a Mercury retrograde, which we are moving into, Uranus’s retrograde period over the next five months, will be a great time to take a look at how well we are using the qualities he has to offer.

Between now and January 2, 2018, we could examine how well are doing at using our talents, intuition, and how well we are managing the chaos in and around us. Are we being our authentic selves and living in alignment with our soul’s purpose? In case you don’t know what that is, Uranus is trying to help us figure it out and the eclipse energy is giving us lots of help. Open up and allow the Universe to be of assistance!

The last aspect this week, or the last one I want to cover, comes on Saturday when Venus is trine, Neptune. Again the illusion energy! This time is a bit different however because we will likely find we are more interested in the world of art and beauty. Imagination could spike as well. I love it when this happens.

The best way to use this sweet, gentle energy is to be gentle. Be kind, compassionate, and open. There is also a certain level of magic in the air that can make our relationships and social interactions much less stressful than they might be. Romance could in the cards, or in the skies for us too. What a nice way to end the week and begin a weekend!

Two posts in one day? Ok! That is a record I think. All this energy has me revved up and paying attention. I have also been pretty wiped out too. Friday about 5 PM I could not hold my eyes open so I laid down for a nap. I slept 2.5 hrs. Got up for 2.5 hrs and went back to bed at 10 PM. I slept another solid 8 or 9 hours. That is a lot of sleep and clearly, my body needed it.

Point is, as I said in the Lions Gate post last week, be good to yourself. Eat clean, fresh foods and drinks lots of clean water. Get your feet on the ground, in some dirt or water, get as much rest as your body requires. Don’t think that your tiredness is wimpy or from eating too much sugar. While it might be those things, it is more likely that your body is just dealing with an influx of energy in a way that makes you feel tired. REST! !! Be kind to yourself. That’s all……

Have a GREAT week! ! !


PS….with all this energy……. pay close attention to earthquakes, volcanoes, storms, geomagnetic storms, etc. I can’t help but feel we are likely to see some earth change and  weather related events in the coming days and weeks.

Eclipse Astrology for August 6-12, 2017


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Welcome to eclipse season! It’s also LEO season and yesterday I got together with about 30 friends for the 31st annual Leofest! We are getting older so instead of the traditional party where we walk from one person’s house to another and drink a different drink at each, we all met at a restaurant. It was so good to see everyone and to my delight, there was a new, budding romance in the group. These folks dated for about a years over 30 yrs ago and reconnected this past spring. How awesome is that?

Eclipse energy is so interesting. Eclipses represent some of the most powerful energy the Universe has to offer us. While humans are quite adept at resisting any change in our lives, eclipses literally force us to change. They are full of surprises, shake us up, and get us moving forward fast!

Every year the cosmos gives us at least 4 eclipses. Sometimes there are more. A recent example of this was in 2011. There were 6 eclipses that years with another taking place just 10 days before the beginning of 2011. That is a LOT of change in a short period of time!

Eclipses almost always come to us as a set. A few years back I remember there were three in a row but this is unusual. They also show up in signs that are directly opposite each other. This year the lunar eclipse is in Aquarius and the solar eclipse is in its opposite sign, Leo.

If you read the previous post about the Lions Gate Portal, you know that we are also in the midst of some pretty good energy being directed to us from the Central Sun. This energy is coming through the sign of Leo which is heart energy. The Lions Gate peaks on 8/8 and will phase out after 8/12. There is no way I can cover all I would like to about this energy. Please look into it on your own and read the post right before this one for more info.

This week I want to focus mainly on the lunar eclipse and how it could affect us. This eclipse will take place at 15 degrees Aquarius. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the planet known for quick change, authenticity, humanitarianism, inventiveness, independence, individuality, rebellion, and weather. Those of us with planets at 14-16 degrees of any sign will be the most affected. This will also affect all Aquarians and Leos more than other signs. As an Aquarian, I am paying extra attention to this set of eclipses.

I plan to deal with all this change by staying in observer mode as best I can and not get my knickers in a twist worrying about what is next. I know change is coming to my world. I also know some of it will be unpleasant and some down right difficult. Byron Katie talks about “loving what is.” I think that is going to be great advice for me in the coming months and years. If you don’t know who Byron Katie is, you can find videos of her teaching and work with people on YouTube. She’s been a favorite of mine for many, many years.

Perhaps the best news is that Uranus has just turned retrograde as of August 3rd. Planets are the most powerful when they change direction but this doesn’t last a long time. This boost in power is important to take note of in relation to this lunar eclipse. Unlike Mercury, Uranus moves very slowly so his extra powerful energy will be in full effect during this next lunar eclipse. I’ve been saying for a long time that this is going to be an interesting summer. Are you starting to get the picture? Stay calm, this will ease up in the coming week or two.

All of this Full Moon and eclipse energy it pushing us toward letting go of things. Sometimes this means letting go of people too, either by choice or by transition/death. This past week I lost two old friends but in the process of grieving with other friends via social media, I have reconnected with some other old friends. These reconnections could mean renewed relationships or it could mean that we reconnect only to remember why we disconnected in the first place.

Letting go of possessions is one thing. We are often attached to our belongings because of how owning them makes us feel. They fill a gap in our lives. The truth of the matter is, we only think we need them because we think we are not enough. Learning this and letting go is not a fast or easy process for most of us.

Again, I will use myself as an example. About 12 yrs ago, I came to realize that I have a house full of stuff to make up for the lack of people in my house. While I have an active and full social life, I don’t have people or pets to come home to. I discovered I used things to fill that gap.

Realizing why I collected things was one thing.  It has taken me a dozen years to get excited about purging. I must credit part of that to reading Marie Kondo’s book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing.”


I won’t tell you that I have a totally tidy house yet, or that I followed Marie’s method to the letter, but I will say that over all I found this book an extremely valuable tool in changing the way I view my stuff. For the past couple of months, I have tried to fill my trash can each week with things I no longer want or need. I also sell or give away some things. Another perk is that I shop now only for the things I actually need like healthy foods and supplements. Earlier today I even considered taking my dishes down to just two. Two plates, two bowls, etc. I doubt I will do that anytime soon but I am pleased that I had this thought.

Another perk from the book is that I now shop only for the things I actually need like healthy foods and supplements. Earlier today I even considered taking my dishes down to just two. Two plates, two bowls, etc. I doubt I will do that anytime soon but I am pleased that I had this thought.

To wind things up, for now, I want to share two exercises that you can use to make the most of this eclipse and Full Moon energy. One is making a list of what you want in your future. Be very clear. I know this sounds a bit t like many of the tools used in the plethora of sources on manifesting and it is similar. But make a list anyway.

After you have made the list, take a look a why you want each thing and write these down in a separate column. If the answers are based on the material or the ego, try to distill them down to non-material and non-ego based reasons. An example might be: I want a new car. Some folks might say they want a new car because they want to show the world they are successful. Cars represent status to many. I want a new car because I car is 19 yrs old. It is still in decent shape and runs well, but it is quickly deteriorating from age alone.

What ever it is that you want, write it down. Make that list. Let the universe know what you want. Then let go of the list, burn it, tear it into little pieces, but let it all go and don’t ponder what was on the list. When you ponder, you are holding on. If you are holding on, the Universe can not work for you. It can’t drive that car if you are still sitting in the driver’s seat. 

The second tool is to use this mantra:

I release. I let go. I surrender (to G*d). I forgive.

Releasing and letting go is the easiest of the four. When we surrender, we are getting out of the driver’s seat. The hardest part for most of us is the forgiveness. I personally believe forgiveness begins with forgiving ourselves not others. Many disagree. 

The people around us, all those that have offended us,  are just playing their part in this life as best they can. Forgiving ourselves means we forgive how we have responded to them playing their part. Remember too,  that forgiveness does not mean that you have to set yourself up for that same stuff again. You are allowed to move on and even cut those people out of your life. It’s called boundaries and taking care of yourself. Be like Uranus and live your authentic life! 

Keep at it. You will succeed! 

The Lunar eclipse is tomorrow, August 7, 2017. Get busy! Enjoy this influx of dynamite energy!

I will get to the days of the week a bit later. I think this eclipse energy is by far the most important thing to talk about for now.

Lions Gate Portal 2017


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I often talk about energy in this blog. When I do I am referring to transformational energy and ascension energy.  This is the energy that assisting in our dimensional shift from 3rd dimension to the 5th dimension. If you don’t understand this or think this is pure rubbish that is fine too. I am not trying to push any belief on anyone. Feel free to call me nuts and move on to something else.

For those that are interested, there is an energy portal open now that is assisting us in something else I mention quite often too. Letting go and releasing. Letting go and releasing all those old objects, habits, ways of being that no longer serve us.

Today I am talking about the Lion’s Gate Portal. What is that you ask? Lions Gate is a cosmic alignment that happens every year about this time.

This portal opens when the Earth aligns with the Galactic Center at 27 degrees Sagittarius and the star Sirius.  It gets its name from the sign of Leo which is the sign our Sun is currently transiting.  Leo is also associated with the heart chakra or heart center as well as the manifestation of the divine in each of us. 

This alignment creates a portal between the physical and the spiritual realms, sending a burst of energy that triggers our human energy field, wakes up our DNA, and brings in high vibration codes that help awaken us and the Earth to the higher dimensions and thus moves both forward along the path to ascension.  

The Lions Gate energy is capable of causing some big changes in general too. Yikes! I can hear you gasp about now as you think “not MORE changes!”  Yes! More changes. You know that change is the only constant thing there is in this world; the only thing we can absolutely count on.

Yes, it is time to let go of more of the things that no longer serve us. Things like relationships both romantic and work related. Some of us will change jobs or careers. Some will downsize and purge, even move to new or smaller places. Health and wellness choices will be made too. Others will discover a whole new and totally different life purpose. The options for change are endless and all good as long as we focus on living authentically in truth and love.

Of course, change is not easy of welcome most of the time. No one likes to be left hanging with no safety net. I feel this freak out more than you know. Just because I write these words does not mean I have mastered walking the tight rope of change. When things are falling apart both on the individual and collective levels, the only choice we have is to trust.  This is the message from the Angels. They will be with us through this change.

This year the Lions Gate began on July 26, 2017, and will last until August 12, 2017.  The peak will be on August 8, just one day after the Lunar eclipse. This should be some pretty powerful energy hitting our Earth and all its inhabitants.

The lunar eclipse will only be seen in eastern Europe, Africa, across the middle and far east, and Australia.  It’s energy, however, will affect the entire planet. Lunar eclipses always coincide with a Full Moon and block the Moon’s light for a time. As you are probably aware, Full Moons are known for shining light on things that need to be examined closer. I suggest that you use this time to examine all the things you need to let go of. I have a few bad habits, how about you? Since the Moon will be in Aquarius when it is full, you might also take look at how you view your individuality and that of others. Are How equal do we feel and how equal do me allow others to feel? What about our freedom? Do we feel free and are we allowing others to feel free? Regardless of where we live or where we come from, all of us were created equally and are divine sparks of the same source and power.

Ok….I am beginning to feel a little preachy now and that is not what I want to do at all. However, these things are what this eclipse energy is all about. Combine that energy with the Lions Gate Portal and there could be “a whole lotta of shakin’ going on!”


So, now what? What are we supposed to do with this energy? First of all, you don’t need any special skills or knowledge. Everyone, man, woman, and child can work with this energy and assist the planet during Lions Gate and use the Lions Gate energy. 

This energy has some physical effects you might think are due to something else. Please consult a medical professional if you are concerned. Other wise, some of us are noticing we are feeling tired, achy, queasy, blocked, ready to give up, or unsure of our life’s purpose. Allow yourself to rest and don’t push yourself to do more than you feel you can. It is important to sleep late if that is what you need. Take naps, eat clean and healthy foods, and drink lots of clean water.

Meditation will help too. Not only will you be helping yourself assimilate and anchor these energies, you will definitely be assisting the collective and the planet anchor the energies.

The Angels, Galactic beings, Spirit Guides and teachers and are waiting to connect with you if you are open to them. Get outside as much as possible. Soak up some Sun rays, hug a tree, kick off your shoes and get your feet in the dirt or the grass. Dip your toes in some water. 

Connect with the Earth and the Lions Gate energy, with everything you put in your mouth, hear with your ears, or see with your eyes. Really connect. Imagine that you are that big tree in your yard or the park. Imagine that you are the water you are drinking. And again, don’t forget to get plenty of rest and sleep. 

Focus on the heart, on loving the Earth, and on loving all the inhabitants of the Earth. This includes everything whether it is plant or animal, fungus or bacteria. Don’t forget that we will be in the eclipse energy too, and this adds to the Lions Gate energy. 

When I say connect with everything, I mean EVERYTHING! 

Don’t worry if you don’t understand any of this or never get outside in the Sun or hug a tree before August 12.  Just the fact that you have read this will be enough. Your higher self will take care of the rest for you. Focus on love and that will be great. 

The key is love. 






Astrology for July 30-August 5, 2017


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Hello, August! This is the month of the Lion and the sign of Leo. This is going to be an energetically active month. There is even a rumor that the world might end this month. We’ve heard this one before, haven’t we? Here is a link if you wish to read more about this. 


August holds the energy of the number eight. This number is often described as representing power and abundance but that is not all this number represents.

The number eight also represents balance. It is the the number one karmic balancer. It had just as soon create as it had destroy. It is about reaping what we sow. Look out this month because some of us are sure not to like the harvest we will be getting from our energy gardens. The number eight will however, balance the material and the immaterial.

Eight energy is more concerned with the end result and sees money as a tool to be used more than something to be collected and banked. People with lots of eight energy in their numerology charts, often go bankrupt more than once but they never let it take them down. Instead, they seem to come back more focused on success and feeling more powerful than before.

August will be the best month of the year for all you sky watchers. Not only does it bring us the last eclipse season for this year but there is also the fabulous Perseid meteor shower. August 7th is the Aquarius Full Moon and a Lunar Eclipse. This eclipse will not be visible in the States but if you are lucky enough to be in Australia, China, Russia, Europe, or Africa you will see it.

The Perseid Meteor shower is at its best on August 11-12. If it is clear in your area, the best viewing will be about an hour before sunrise on the morning of the 13th. But about anytime between now and August 24 you can probably catch at least a few meteors. The Moon will be about ¾ full so find a view that blocks the Moon if possible. During the peak of the shower, you could see as many as 150 meteors an hour.

August 21, 2017, is the last of the eclipses for this year. This will be a solar eclipse that crosses over the United States and practically cuts it in half. There is roughly a 60-mile wide path that runs from a spot between Lincoln City and Newport Oregon, crossing the mid-western states toward the southeast where it will exit in Charleston S.C.

I will be talking about all these things and more in the coming weeks.

This week holds two significant energy shifts. First one is Monday when Venus enters the emotional sign of Cancer. This shift could trigger emotions within some of us so if you find yourself weeping while watching a tuna fish commercial, don’t be surprised. Just chalk it up to Venus in Cancer. This transit will focus its energy on the home and family, especially women and children. This energy could assist in the deepening of our heart felt relationships.

The second shift comes on Thursday when Uranus turns retrograde. This will lessen the chaotic effects we usually experience with Uranus. Fortunately for all those who know me, my natal Uranus is also retrograde. I often wonder how much more annoying I might have been as a child is my natal Uranus had been direct.

This is another good time for letting things go. Between now and the end of the year, you might want to examine your beliefs. Take a good look at what is working for you and what isn’t. Let go of all that stuff that no longer works. Don’t be surprised if you lose a friend or two in the process and remember, it is all for the best.

The last big aspect this coming week is a square aspect between Jupiter and Pluto. This could be a productive square as long as we focus on the bigger view of things and don’t use power or force. Keep things in balance and you will be fine.

As you know the Sun is in Leo now through August 22nd. Leo is proud and playful. Leo people are individuals much like their Aquarian counterparts but unlike Aquarians, Leo people love to be in the spotlight. They enjoy drama and attention.

Mercury is currently transiting Virgo and on Thursday this week, he goes into his storm period before turning retrograde on August 12, 2017. This is not the time to begin new projects but it is a good time to finish up anything that needs to be completed. If you get a flash of inspiration concerning something new, write it down with the time and date, and save it till after Mercury is direct again. This will be on September 5th but the storm period on the back end of this retrograde will last until September 10th.

Mercury in Virgo is right at home and about analyzing what is useful to us and what isn’t. The shadow side of this is that we can sometimes get lost in details.

We can also be rather critical at times and come across less inspiring that we might like to.

Mars is right there with the Sun in Leo. This adds to the pride factor and ups our self-confidence in a big way. Some of us are capable of impressive goals with little thought about details. Taking the fastest path to achieving those goals is what this Mars transit is about.

Next week, I will have more on the eclipse energy for you. I hope everyone has a great week. Stay safe and don’t forget to smile and be kind to all you meet.

Astrology for July 23-29, 2017


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I guess you figured out that I took last week off. I felt the need for a “be kind to yourself” day. This summer is indeed turning out to be interesting in ways I never imagined it would, and it is really just getting started!

The past week seemed to be one big news story after another, and not all of them dealt with politics. A few of note are:

  1. O.J. Simpson was granted parole.
  2. Bill Cosby’s trial on rape charges ended in a mistrial. (This does not mean he is innocent).
  3. 6.7 earthquake rocked Greece and Turkey. Aftershocks followed.
  4. Mexico announced a trade deal with Argentina that cuts out US products.
  5. More and more rural hospitals in the US are closing. The hospital in a town near me is currently on life support and close to total bankruptcy.
  6. Schools in Marion County Florida will not have home work this year.
  7. Gold miners threaten Chocolate supplies in Ghana where 25% of the world’s supply is grown.

Of course, there is much, much more. There is a lot of energy in the cosmos these days. But whether it shows up as positive or negative is pretty much your choice. It’s all about perspective. Even if your lens sees more bad than good, you can rest assured that as far as the collective humans go, all is happening for the best outcome. Seeing the love in all things is the best approach. At least this is what the 12 archangels are telling us.

However, Saturn is trying to tell us something else as he opposes Venus this week. Saturn is playing a big part in the sky this summer and in the life of the president. This planet of rules and regulations is conjunct Mr. Trump’s, Moon. The Moon represents our emotions, emotional life, and family. We all have seen what I would I call an emotional response from the President in regards to Donald Jr.’s negative presence in the news. Due to retro grades, Saturn is at nearly the same exact degree it was then the Trump University scandal was in the news.

To make things more interesting for the President, Pluto is about to square his natal Jupiter. Remember that Pluto loves to tear down, destroy, and bring the skeletons out of the closet while Jupiter loves to make things bigger, give us more, and is known as the “Great Benefic”. In this case, Jupiter is probably not the bringer of luck as much as he will increase the ruinous energy of Pluto.

This week opens with plenty of energy changes. First of all the Sun left Cancer yesterday and moved into Leo. This is a big shift in energy that takes us from the home, our nurturing mother, and safety to a prideful, frolicsome, outgoing, and drama filled energy. The shadow side of Leo is vanity and being self-absorbed.

Coinciding with the change in Sun sign is the New Moon that took place at 1:48 Am EST this morning. New Moons mean new beginnings and this New Moon is pushing us to find joy in life. But we also must realize that we are diving creations first. This means that we need to love and respect all living things regardless of whether our views align. We need to acknowledge our connection, not our separation from source. The world would have us believe otherwise.

Mars is also part of this New Moon and the Leo energy lends a lion’s share of fire to the Mars energy. This means an extra helping of pride and self-confidence to the Sun-Moon connection. Mars energy is passionate and not concerned with details. He just wants to get things moving in the most direct way possible so he can lead us to live our best life. Quite a contrast to the energy of the Cancer Sun/Moon isn’t it? This is a good time to step into a leadership role. It is also a good time for kids. This includes the kid in us. Let your inner child out to play! In my world, this means it’s soon time for the 32nd (?) annual Leo-fest. That is a party put on by a large group of local Leo’s.

There is a shadow side to this New Moon. That side is directing us to take responsibility for what we do and own the choices of how we live. Over all, however, this energy is pushing us to chill and go with the flow more. The idea that things happen for a reason is only true because we give it a reason. If we didn’t, things would just happen, or just be.

I am reminded of a few years back when I noticed a great deal of water on the bathroom floor. Before I moved into this house I had to have the whole bathroom gutted so the rotten floor could be replaced. When I saw water on my relatively new floor I totally freaked out and went a bit crazy thinking of the damage that could cause. I went nuts before I stopped to investigate what was really going on. Turns out it was something small and damage was averted but I let my mind take me to a dangerous place. I did not go with the flow but gave an exaggerated reason to something that didn’t even exist.

The New Moon is bursting with energy and will certainly create some fiery energy in the last days of July. It is also just ahead of the last eclipse season this year. The Lunar eclipse will be on August 7th and the solar eclipse will be on August 21st. I will get more into the eclipse energy next week. But for now, I will say that the first eclipse opposes the President’s Pluto and

could bring out more things relating to work or health. The second eclipse hits his Mars. This could bring more things out into the open, probably things he wishes would stay hidden. We might also see a heightened display of anger and frustration, as well as a possible health issue. I don’t wish anger of ill health on anyone so I am hoping for a different expression of this energy. Regardless, I will do my best to roll with whatever comes.

Eclipses are known for shining light on things and affect the whole planet far ahead and far after the actual eclipse. The areas that an eclipse travel directly over are said to have the most impact

Earlier I mentioned the Saturn opposed Venus this week. The perfection of this aspect takes place Monday, July 24, 2017. Time to take a good look at finances and relationships. Creativity is another area to look at.

Tuesday Mercury enters Virgo. Get ready for a retrograde too. But that won’t be until August 12, 2017, and we have another 10 days before Mercury enters his storm period or starts slowing down. This means his transit of Virgo will be long but there will be a short period of about 10 days where he transits back in Leo before turning direct on September 5, 2017. On the back side of the retrograde, Mercury will be direct on 9/5, 2017 and out of storm on 9/10/2017.

Wednesday is a great day for the athlete in our lives. I am far from being one but sure know a few adrenaline junkies. This is the day that Mars and the Sun are perfectly conjunct. I hope the weather cooperates temperature wise as predicted. Summer storms are always likely at some point in the day, however.

Thursday, that Venus/Saturn square forms a T-square with Chiron. Chiron loves to take us to the depths of our old, emotional wounds. Saturn offers up a chance to master some very important lessons. Look to the wisdom of others to aid you with your finances, creativity, and relationships. This might be a good day to get out that adult coloring book too. The meditative act of coloring can be mentally therapeutic.

Friday there is a fabulous pattern forming. It is another T-square. This one involves Ceres, Pluto, and Jupiter. Ceres has been in aspect patterns a lot this summer. She is the grain goddess and associated with abundance. Pluto rules wealth. And here you thought he was just about death and destruction. Jupiter, as stated before, is the great benefic. Put them all together and we have a prescription for extra money!

Of course, our level of resourcefulness and inventiveness will play a big part in the size of any windfall. And surely some of us won’t see a single penny. We might even see our finances flowing out rather than in, but the chances of money coming in are definitely on the good side. This energy is also good for doing shadow work.

Also on Friday, Mercury will sesquiquadrate Pluto. This energy can lead to thoughts of suspicion. Instead of going to the dark side of this, use this energy to get to the facts. Find out what is at the bottom of an issue and do your best to avoid mental stress or pressure that is common with this energy.

Saturday, the Sun, and Saturn are in the same sesquiquadrate pattern. The ego (Sun) could have a hard time today. Some of us might feel disheartened. If you find this is true of you, do your best not to let it get the best of you. Don’t waste your time trying to fight it, just wait it out. As the saying goes, this too shall pass.

I will return next week with more on the eclipses as well as the weekly aspects and energy. Stay cool and stay safe.

In gratitude, peace, joy, and love. . .

Astrology for July 9-15, 2017


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Last week the cosmos served up a small banquet of difficult aspects. How did you enjoy the Capricorn Full Moon conjunct, Mars? It has been quite the emotional Moon for many of us. Regardless of how difficult it has been, it has ultimately propelled us forward in our evolution. We are collectively raising our vibrations, ascending up the dimensional scale, and awakening to who we really are.

Today we are under the influence of the Full Moon energy thanks in part to a five-planet T-Square. This T-Square includes the Moon, Sun, Mars, Juno, and Jupiter. The one thing I have noticed most about the aspects of late is that there is a huge amount of female energy being triggered. The sign of Cancer is definitely feminine and so is the Moon.

The opposition of Cancer and the Moon highlight this energy. Mars in Cancer is pushing us ( the Sun) into action and Jupiter in Libra is expanding the feminine energy to bigger and hopefully a positive energy. The Full Moon wants us to finish up all the things we have been working on.

Capricorn energy wants to look into our traditions and responsibilities. Are we doing our best when it comes to time management and productivity? I would urge you not to beat yourself up if you think you are not doing as much as you could. Just make a mental note of it and move on. I believe we all are exactly where we need to be a doing exactly what we are supposed to be doing. Overworking or pushing ourselves too hard is seldom a good idea.

The shadow side of this some fo this energy involves not treating people with respect. Some folks could find that they are asking too much of others. They view subordinates as replaceable components and a means to an end that only benefits those on top. It is important to conduct ourselves in a much wise manner. Be the leader others look up to and respect.

The Cancer/Capricorn energy we are working with right now is asking us to look at the balance between our private (Cancer) and our public (Capricorn) life. How are we balancing our career and our family? For those of us that don’t have a family, the balance is between work and private life. If there is an imbalance, the next two weeks will be a good time to express your feelings about this and work toward making corrections and gain balance.

Now let us move on to what is going on with the aspects for the rest of the week.

First, we have a Sun/Pluto opposition. This gives a good boost to our individual transformation. This energy also helps us let go of things that do not support our evolution. The energy of Cancer is dealing with the family dynamic while the Capricorn energy is dealing with our status, career, and responsibilities. You will do well to follow your intuition and inner guidance this week. But isn’t that always the case?

Tuesday we have another Yod showing up. This one involves Mercury, Jupiter, and Neptune. This will last all week and peak on Friday and ends on 7/17/17. This is all about being creative. In this aspect, we have communications supported by Leo’s spotlight, and expansive Jupiter in the artistic sign of Libra focused on creative Neptune in Pisces. With all this creative energy about, I doubt many of us won’t feel the tug to draw, paint, or do something creative this week.

Thursday, there is a Grand Trine forming in the chart. This involves Juno, Vesta, and Uranus. This aspect will perfect on 7/13 and last until 7/28. This Grand Trine is focused on intuition and creativity. If you have a committed partner this aspect could bring power to the ability to manifest. Uranus can throw in a surprise or two as well. This surprise could represent some creative sexual expression for some. Ooh la! La!

Thursday we get even more female energy coming at us when a Kite formation begins that involves four female asteroids. I think it might be a good thing that a kite is a positive aspect pattern. This is doubly good because this pattern will last a month and not fade until 8/11.

The energies we will be working with are:

1. Ceres deals with abundance, sadness, letting go, and mother-daughter relationships.

2. Juno deals with committed partnerships.


3. Pallas deals with functional creativity, feminine positiveness, and plans of action.

4. Vesta, the virgin, polishing your skills and altruistic service to the greater good.

Work with the characteristics of these asteroids one by one or two by two. If you are more ambitious, then try working with more than one or two at a time. Just don’t get greedy or over zealous though. That seldom works out very well.

Friday, as I said earlier, the Yod peaks or perfects. If you have been looking for your inner “Wonder Woman”, this aspect pattern could be helpful.

Saturday there is a T-square forming between Venus, Chiron, and Saturn. This is a pretty intense pattern to me because of its ability to dive into the psyche.

Chiron loves to dive into our past, into those deep emotional wounds, and in the process make us better people.

Saturn wants us to learn the lessons life has to offer us.

Venus is about beauty, creativity, and finances.

All in all, this T- square can help us with our relationships, finances, and our creativity. I think I like this aspect more than most that involve Chiron.


See you again next week. Be safe until then.

This coming weekend. . .


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What an explosive 4th of July! 

Fireworks went off in my neighborhood beginning July 1 and didn’t end until almost 1 AM, July 5. 

In my last post, I mentioned that we could expect some explosive energy. I do my best to avoid saying things that cause fear but I like to be informed. Last week I was feeling like there could be another attack someplace on the globe or some catastrophic event not unlike the tragic fire in London or the many attacks we have seen in public places. I didn’t think about North Korea!

WOW!  The missile they tested certainly fits the energy I was describing.

The future certainly looks interesting, and when I say interesting, I don’t always mean that in the most positive way. Again, I avoid speaking to fear as much as possible.  

The high energy continues this weekend as we approach the Full Moon in Capricorn on Sunday. I must admit that with the upcoming energy, I am concerned about what could take place or be said at the G20 summit in Poland in the next few days. 

The Moon will be conjunct to Pluto and this could bring out emotional and violent behaviors on several fronts. One of them is within families. With the Sun in Cancer and the Moon opposing her, stories about violence against women could be in the news as well. 

Pluto, as I have said before, loves to dig for dirt. Family secrets might turn up. This alone would be enough to cause emotions and tempers to explode. The height of vacation time is not the best time for emotional outbursts, breakdowns or bullying, is it?  I suggest practicing mindfulness,  thinking hard about what you are about to say. If you can’t think of a kind and gentle way to express yourself, saying nothing might be best. 

That is all for now. I just wanted to give you a heads up so you are aware and can respond accordingly to any difficulties you may face. 

Enjoy the weekend and as always, stay safe and be kind to one another. 

Astrology for July 2-8, 2107


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Happy Fourth of July week! This a week for vacations, fireworks, parades, picnics, parties, and lots of people getting together. With that in mind, I hope you are ready for whatever comes your way. Plans can change in flash this week so do your best to be flexible and ride the waves of change. Staying grounded and in the moment really helps.

Last week I spoke a bit about the numerology of the seven since we are now in the seventh month. To refresh our memories, the main characteristics of number seven are contemplative, serious, graceful, wise, and intelligent. Seven is also prone to boisterous expressions of emotion, being shallow, cowardly, and back stabbing. All in all, this seventh month of July is preparing us for the last eclipse season of 2017 which comes up in August.

It is important not to forget the spiritual characteristics of the number seven. Forget about this being a number representing luck and look more to the seven’s ability to get at the truth. Trust seven to show you what it just or unjust, and keep an open mind. Having an open mind means allowing and accepting that your current belief system might be wrong. It’s OK. If we are wrong. When we open our minds, we allow for real growth and spiritual evolution. It is a good thing.

This week I want to talk about “Thor’s Hammer”. This is an important aspect. It is also one of  several triangular shaped patterns we find in charts. The others are the Grand Trine, T-Square, and the Yod, which was discussed a few weeks ago.

Thor was a mythical character that, you guessed it, carried a hammer. It was not a hammer for work, but a hammer used in battle. In a chart, the hammer is formed by two planets that are square (90 degrees) to each other and a third one that is sesququadrate (135 degrees) to them. There are no soft aspects to this pattern and it is therefore considered to be a difficult one.

The degree of difficulties is dependant on the planets involved but in general this pattern is not into change. The planets invovled are more or less fastened together with each other and working as unit. The level of diffculty is dependant on mainly on the planets involved.

Early this week we have two connected hammer’s in the chart. They began forming June 29 and will peak today. Their affects of course will remain with us for a few more days and this is why I want to look at them today. One hammer involves Venus, Juno, and Jupiter. The other involves, Venus, Juno, and Vesta. Clearly there is a lot of Venus and Juptier energy here. The energy of these patterns bring us is going to show up as a conflict of loyalty or a important people in your life. Maybe it is time you set aside some time for that significant other or some other important person in your life.

The planet that is sesququadrate to the other two is the focal point of this aspect pattern. This means the other two planets express themselves through the focal point of Venus in the case of the first hammer, and through Juno in the second hammer pattern.

If you recall the discussion of Vesta and Juno a few weeks ago, you will remember they both deal women and the home. This energy amplifies the nurturing Cancer Sun energy too. Venus can make this about a significant other while Vesta and Juno make is these hammer’s energy more about the women in our lives. This can mean immedtiate female family members as well as close female friends and even co-workers. Regardless of who, I think we can count on interactions or new about signifcant women in our lives to be part of our world early this week.

Another Hammer of Thor’s hammer shows up Monday. This one will involve Venus Jupiter and Pluto, again with Venus as the focal point and last all week and into next week. Pluto if you recall, loves to go deep into things and figure out why things are as they are, or what makes us tick. This hammer aspect can lead us to discovering hidden relationship problems and also propell a current relationship into a higher level. That could definitely be a good thing in some cases and not so good in others. Regardless, rest assured the Universe is ultimately looking out for us and only wants the best for us. Sometime this can mean a heartbreak too.

Now to back track just a bit, I want you to be aware that Chiron turned retrograde July 1. The wounded healer will remain retrograde until December 5, 2017. This will be a good time to do some shadow work. This means that we shoud be working on those things that cause us the biggest upset.

This is also a wonderful time to examine how we are moving into a personal role of healer, advisor, coach, or spiritual guide. You might want to look at where Chiron is in your chart too and see what aspects might be forming there for you. If you have not gotten a natal chart done yet, you can go to www.astro.com and generate one there for free. Be sure to add Chiron and one of the asteroids you want to show up, otherwise you will just get the planets without asteroids. You will find the asteroide when you scroll down the chart selection page.

Moving on now, Venus will be transiting Gemini this month and this asks us to look at how diverse our relationships are. Gemini wants us to check out new things and new relationships for sure. Sounds like there might be more heat waves this summer than just the ones we can read with a thermometer. Oooh! La! La!

Other aspects this week include a quincunx between Saturn and Mercury today. This can cause delays. I think we can expect this theme to continue for the next few days too for one reason or another. Stay calm and chilled out.

Mars is opposed to Pluto today. This is about power and the desire to push our agenda regardless of the resistance. You would do well to avoid trying agruments or battle the will of someone else. This aspect is highly passionate and dealing with stuff we have hidden or pushed back and stored away for some reason. Pluto won’t let us keep stuff hidden forever so deal with what comes up. It is for your own good and your evolution and growth.

Monday Venus is sextile Chiron. This deals with our personal relationships. You might notice a more open feeling toward the most personal of our relationships. This aspect has good energy for building trust. It is also condusive to learning from others.

Tuesday Venus is sesquiquadrate Jupiter. We want attention and take steps to get it. At the same time we all should make decisions slowly. Otherwise we might get in over our heads and not be able to deliver what we promised. Overdoing can cause problems too and with so much going on today it will be easy to over do. Like I said before, slow down and chill out!

Tuesday Mercury squares Uranus. Uranus and the planet of communications can be an interesting combo as is opens the possibility for new ideas. Uranus is often thought to have some rather unorthodox ideas however and these are not always greeted with appreciation. Uranus is also a bit on the ADD side of things too and challenges the routine and teadious aspects of life.

Some thing might go undone while others are interupted. If you have something to say, you might do well to hold off for a few days. This aspect could bring about something that causes an upset with tradition. Wonder how this will play out on the world stage? At the same time, new ways for thinking could pop up for some of us. This could be a good thing?

Wednesday Mercury enters Leo. Our thoughts become more confident and sometimes larger than life. Oh My! We have our eye on the prize and the bigger the better. You might notice an increase in drama and theatrics. We might also feel a bit more convincing even if we aren’t in reality. Expressing ourselves through speech or writing if favorable now.

This post is running long so I am going to capsulize the rest of the aspects for this week.

Neptune is a big influence midweek. Expect some problems with boundaries. Some of us will also feel fairly disorganized and unable to get with our routines. Feeling like we want to escape could come up for some as we feel like we are not as effective as we want to be. Be careful not to get to deep into the half-baked ideas. There will be consequences if you do.

Mid week our thoughts could be more like daydreams than clear and rational thoughts. With Mercury in aspect to Neptune, it could be difficult to say what we mean or pick the right words to say. I seem to have this problem more often that not. With Chiron in aspect, we can use our words best to heal. Avoid making presentations or important agreements.

The end of the week, relationships could take a hit. There is an underlying feeling of discontent. Some of us could experience overstimulation, high yet explosive moods might be an illusion too. Creativity could be a good way to express ourselves.

Socially things will mostly likely be fairly easy. Late week could be a good time for business, romance, teaching, and almost anything that deals with the public. On the flip side, hidden stress in a relationship might pop up. The greeneyed jealous monster could show up too. So could a hidden money issue. Try now to engage in any power plays or in manipulating friends, lovers, or business relationships.

The week ends with a Full Moon in Capricorn. The Cancer Capricorn polarity is about our public and our private lives. Cancer rules our domesticity while Capricorn rules our public acolades or punishements. Cancer is our home base and our point of origin, while Capricorn in our duty and responsibility. It is also closely tied to  our family traditions in some ways too. The Full Moon will shed light on where we have been and where we are going. Take this as deep as you want to. 

Over all, there seems to be a lot of difficult energy in the skies this week. I urge you again to stay grounded, calm, unattached to outcomes and stay in the moment. Take time to stop and smell the coffee, roses, and whatever else comes your way. In other words, when you get stressed, take a deep breath and chill out.

Wishing you all the best this week has to offer. Stay safe and be careful when traveling, grilling, and shooting off those fireworks. And don’t forget to be kind to all people, animals, and Mother Earth.

Enjoy your holiday! ! !