Astrology for May 1-7, 2016


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Welcome to May. 2016!


How’s that looking in the mirror and falling in love with what you see working for you? Forgot to do it you say? Well this is your reminder! ! !

Did you get to work on some of your unfinished projects this past week. I have not actually sat down with pen and paper yet and worked on my financial plan but I am going to do that before this day is out. A few extra expenses have popped up in recent weeks but none of it is related to Mercury or any other planet being retrograde. And none of it is life threatening or a matter of national security so its all good!

Expenses are part of this weeks forecast too and the news is good. The Taurus Sun will form two trines this week that could brighten and expand our economic outlook for a bit. I have to say that intuitively, I don’t think this will be a long lived event but it should be good in the short term. Intuitively I feel like we are headed toward a rough economic patch this summer and fall, and who knows what will happen after the election? The first one comes Tuesday when the Sun transits 60 degrees from Jupiter. Even though Jupiter will still be retrograde Tuesday, it does not mean Jupiter can’t be expansive, it just means his expansive impact won’t be as big or as strong as it could be.

floodThe weather in my area has been wonderful. We are in a bit of a drought but some rain late last week and over the weekend helped this. The weather has not been great everywhere however. I turned on the weather channel at work one day last week and saw how the mid west was getting hit with hail, rain and wind. The flooding in some areas have been bad and resulted in at least 6 deaths in Texas.

Around the world there are other big weather events taking place. Some parts of India are in a severe drought and there is also a heat wave that has cause officials to forbid daytime cooking between 9am and 6pm daily. Fires rage on the grasslands China near the Mongolian border. We do have an opposition between Jupiter Virgo and Neptune in Pisces. With Mars in Sagittarius squaring both planets. When looking at the weather we can say that Jupiter is expanding the water of Pisces and Mars is causing lots of action.

I’m grateful that my area has not seen so much bad weather. Everywhere I go people are talking about their gardens and what they plan to plant or what they have bought to plant. Spring is the time of plant festivals and special sales and I have done my share of shopping in that area. This past two weeks, being right after the full moon has not been the best time to plant. But this week all that changes.

Beginning Wednesday we have at least two good planting days. Friday brings us the New Moon and this is the time of new beginnings and said to be a good time for planting. There is however, conflicting and confusing info about when to plant. For example, “The Old Farmers Almanac” says seeds planted on Saturday could rot in the ground. sproutingseedGenerally, earth signs are for things relating to the Earth (planting) and (our) roots. I am choosing a more general approach this time. I think about any time you want to plant this month will be OK with Thursday and Friday two of the best days. I have not yet planted all of my new herbs so this is high on my “ TO DO” list this week.

The New Moon will trine Jupiter as well on the 6th. This is a good time to be bullish about yourself and work on your personal goals. But it is also a time to chill out and enjoy simple things like a warm breeze or and a walk around the block. Good food, good drinks and good company are also things to enjoy during the Sun and Moon’s Taurus transit. Pay attention to the things that make you feel good about you. Smell the coffee, smell the roses, become aware of what make you feel relaxed, comfy and OK with your world.

I have had the urge to take a trash bag around with me and throw things out. I can hear the cheers of some of my friends as they read this. Every one who knows me knows I have way too much stuff. I and truly feeling this Taurus energy though and evaluating my relationship with my “stuff”. This is going to take a while to complete but I am feeling more and more like the time is here to say goodbye to lots of things. This feeling could be strongest for me come Saturday when the Moon trines Pluto. Who wants to buy an album collection?

Venus has just yesterday moved into Taurus, joining the Sun and Mercury. She will remain here for three and half weeks, leaving for Gemini on May 25, 2016. While Venus is in Taurus we will be looking for all things secure and those things that hold lasting value for us. Our desire for joy is greater now than is might otherwise be. Venus is Taurus is sensory oriented. We seldom think of our five senses when it comes to astrology but Venus is all about feeling good and this is definitely encompasses all five senses.

The shadow side is excess and possessiveness. We’ve got all the Taurus planets in sextile to Neptune in Pisces this week and this can mean addiction. So, if addiction is a problem for you including and perhaps especially the addiction to shopping or spending money, you might want to freeze the credit cards and put the checkbook far out of reach for a while.

I know I said earlier that the Sun’s trine with Jupiter was a good thing financially but this could also be a bad thing for those of us that lack a great deal of financial discipline. Believe me, money is something I really have to pay attention to. It can get away from me fast and trouble follows. But I am determined to stay focused. I think after I sit down with pen and paper later tonight I will have a firmer grip on things.

images (1)When it comes to the shadow of possessiveness, it is important that those with partners are respectful of them. It is easy to fall into a trap of feeling like we own someone and to treat them like objects. Venus in Taurus is hungry for pleasure and can be demanding of it. This is perhaps stronger in men than in women as a whole. Just be aware and be careful not to take advantage of your partner or anyone who is close to you in some way.

To further aggravate the shadow side of Venus, she will be semi-square Chiron on May 6-7. This reminds me of the song….(link below)….because you have to be patient when it comes to love. This transit is a test of our patience and is not loyalty or commitment friendly at all. Some of us will feel estranged and reluctant to forgive ourselves. The good news it Chiron transits go fast.

Thanks for your time today. I hope this helps you navigate your week. For me, one of the interesting things about writing this blog is that I feel the need to try to live by it too. So after I get it posted I am going to put some laundry in to wash and then get out my pen and paper to work on some figures. I feel like that trash can will get filled up this week too. I know there are at least two small appliances going in there. I’m so glad the Vitamix is NOT one of them!

Don’t forget next week is Mother’s Day! !  ! 

If your mother is still living, plan a visit, a call or at least send her a card. That is assuming you have a relationship with her. If not, then honor yourself by doing something kind, safe, and healthful for yourself. This can be as little as enjoying a cup of coffee or tea in on the porch in the morning or allowing yourself to take a nap in the afternoon.

Astrology for April 24-30, 2016


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Welcome to the last week of April. Another year is going by fast. Last week turned out to be big one for transition. Lot of folks leaving the physical plane. While this is always sad for those who are still in 3D, this makes way for others to step forward and breathe new life into our world and continue the work started by those that have moved on.

This week I was reminded of the Pluto Uranus square as I read an commemorative article in my home town news paper on a man I had long admired. He passed away Wednesday at the age of 65. Pluto and Uranus , the two planets that bring change and rebellion were last aspecting each other in 1965-1966. The effects of this conjunction were felt as early 1958-1959 and a late as the early 1970’s. This was the time period this man was growing up. Civil rights was a big issue in this country but it seems it is today too. The difference between then and now is, back then it was about blacks and whites. Today it is about the LGBTQ community and their rights.

VW BusIn the 1960’s and 70’s if you were black and willing to take your fight to the streets, you were called a “militant”. Today you are called an extremist or a fundamentalist. The man that died Wednesday was one of a few in our town that was willing to fight for their civil rights in very public ways. I was too timid in those days to act out but I greatly admired this man and have thought about him often over the years. He became a police officer, a lawyer, and never stopped fighting for what he thought was right. He was a man of truth.

Aspects between Pluto and Uranus are almost always a catalyst, opening doors to some sort of big change. The change is not always in a forward motion. Sometimes life and events go in the opposite direction and this is what I think we are seeing now. There seems to be a movement to regress rather than progress. Ultimately this will work in favor of progression. The planet and all life on it can’t evolve without this back and forth. So as much as you might like it or dislike it, it is all for the best.

If you would like to read more about Pluto and Uranus in history, check out the link below.

This week the Sun is settling into its transit of Taurus. This energy is earthy, sensual, and hospitable. This time time when plants take root, begin to grow, and so does our need for security. Taurus is at its best when in defense or resist mode and is loyal as can be until pushed to the point of no return. This is also a trait of Scorpio. The shadow side of the Taurus energy is stubbornness. Oh, how stubborn they can be! They can also have a possessive aspect to them but those that a secure in who they are usually don’t show this trait too often.

Wednesday, the Taurus Sun forms a very productive trine with Capricorn. If you want to get a lot this week, this will be the day to work hard. You will have the Universe at your back so plan on a busy day.

You are probably already feeling things slow down some since snail-frontMars has turned retrograde but don’t forget that Mercury is in his shadow now too. He will be stationing to turn retrograde on Thursday. Please don’t freak out! Consider this to be just a recess period or timeout.

Since this retrograde occurs in Taurus, this will slow our financial activity too. Besides the usual communication slow down you can expect any financial dealings to be slow or even non existent. Use this time to make adjustments to your budget and reevaluate your spending. Take a look at your romantic life too. Where or how does it need adjustment? Don’t sweat all this too much though. These are just areas you might consider taking a look at.

Things begin looking up somewhat on Friday when Venus follows Mercury into Taurus. You probably know by now that Lady Venus can get us into financial strains sometimes. When she is in Taurus she is happy as can be. Under this influence Venus can have a positive and stabilizing effect on our money and our love lives.

No aspect, even good ones, are without some difficult or shadow characteristics however. In this case be on mindful of being more possessive. Like Mercury retrograde, this Venus transit will be best spent looking over our finances and being cautious with our spending. I was personally feeling the shift to not spend this past week. At the beginning of the year I set some financial goals for myself. I have not done as well as I had planned but it is all good. A few unexpected things have happened and funds have gone to those things out of necessity. I am very grateful to be able to take care of them. Barring anymore unforeseen events, I should be able to make good use of all these retrograde energies and Venus in Taurus, and get back on track with my financial plan very soon.

Mercury-RetrogradeFor the next two weeks we will be in redo and timeout land in a big way! From this Thursday to May 9th we have a total of five planets and one asteroid in retrograde. Jupiter was the first to go backwards on January 8th. Then Saturn on March 25. Mars turned back on April 17, Pluto on April 18, and Mercury will on April 28. That is quite a lot of backward movement and reflective energy. Use this energy to go inside and work on you.

I am finding that the behavior of others is helping me to see where I can make positive changes. I am seeing behavior I would like to incorporate into my life and behavior that is giving me pause to look deeper into how I can be a better person and live the best life I can. Thankfully my employers are wonderfully insightful women that are good role models for me. One of them shares the best books I could ever want to read. These women and these books are teaching me so much and I could not be happier about it. I call going to work, going to my happy place.

The only one of these retrograde bodies I have not talked about is the asteroid. The subject of asteroids is relatively new to me and I am finding it both complex and interesting. Juno is the asteroid we need to look today. It is considered one of the five main asteroids.

Juno was discovered in 1804, has female energy and is known as the goddess of true lovers, soul associates, and committed relationships. She went retrograde in early March. This asteroid shows us the true nature of both possibility and problems in our important relationships. This covers all sorts of relationships from personal to our political leaders to countries around the globe.

Juno attracts real and equal partners into our lives and you might want to take note of her placement in your chart. She is about acceptance of what others believe. There is no need for argument or debate of an issue of difference. She is very accepting of you beliefs. She is secure in herself yet humble.

Juno stationed in Scorpio on March 2 of this year. Going back into this sign can lead us to closely examine how we use power in our closest relationships. She has no time for dawdling about and any relationship that drags or wears on her good nature becomes a thorn in her side pretty fast. Her great love can turn to great dislike in such cases. This retrograde period can be the tie that binds as long as we are completely and brutally honest about our selves. Juno is going to be asking us to take a good long look at our emotional baggage.

With five retrograde celestial bodies you might wonder if you should even get out of bed for the next few weeks. Actually this is a great time to do some things. Jupiter is not there to support you so flex those independent muscles and explore things alone. Take your self on a short trip someplace. Find the strength that lives inside.

Retrograde Saturn can stall that search for independence somewhat. It can make us feel psycho or cause us to doubt ourselves. To combat this, just be. Be in the moment. Breathe deep and relax. Meditate. Do some gardening, drawing or something that takes your mind off of thinking too much.

Balance the Mars retrograde energy with a good long walk, an extra trip to the gym, or anything that gets you moving. Your body and your mind will be grateful.

Pluto retrograde is wants us to love ourselves. Lots of folks take 116_10_mo__Makayla___85_26selfies. Many don’t. If you are like me and one who doesn’t, now it a good time to indulge. Look in the mirror and fall in love with what you see. This is so hard for some of us and not so hard for others. For those that find this difficult, I challenge you to do this once a day, every day for the next three weeks. I will if you will.

And lastly, Mercury retrograde is about communication. Communicate with yourself. Revise your 5 year plan or make one. Journal daily. Make a list of things you want to accomplish this year. Journal. And did I mention journaling? One last thing…..try not to be so attached to you phone. Focus on you for the next few weeks but be careful not to be narcissistic about it. Be reflective. We all have things about our selves we would like to change. Many of them are inner things and have to do with the way we show up in the world. Right now we have five cosmic rocks that are doing what they can to support our personal evolution. Just do it!

Now I have an announcement! In the near future I have a guest blogger. Her name is Carmen Eckard and she is very much into asteroids. I am not sure when she will have her first contribution ready but I hope you will join me in welcoming her when she does. I am very excited! ! !

Astrology for April 17-23, 2016


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This week is a big one in the cosmos. We have several big shifts to look forward to.  Plus, a Full Moon to look forward too.

Mars goes retrograde today, Sunday April 17, 2016, for little over 10 weeks and Mercury will follow him in 12 days. Mars retrograde is similar to Mercury retrograde in they both deal with the prefix “re” meaning “again” or “again and again”. We are entering a phase of redoing or doing things over again and when Mercury goes retrograde that energy will really be strong. Recreating, revisiting, remembering, reinventing, all words “re”. Relax and let go. It’s all good.

Mars is the planet of forward action. Going retrograde means we will be going backwards. I won’t be surprised by anything I see or read in the news in the next few months or for the rest of the year for that matter.

I wonder if this redo energy will help us repeal North Carolina’s HB2 bill or cause even more backward movement when it comes to discrimination and human rights? In the past couple of years there seems more darkness has risen to the top like the cream on my milk? I wonder if this retrograde period will bring even more darkness to the top? What ever happens, I know that it is all in perfect order and necessary for the evolution of mankind.

Mars will turn direct in late June but not clear his shadow until August 22. On August 24 he will meet up with Saturn in Sagittarius. This will begin cycle of forward movement and structure or rebuilding. It will be interesting to see what will be rebuilt during this time. I guess this could depend on what gets torn down before hand?

Monday Pluto turns retrograde for five months. Pluto is lord of the underworld, of things hidden and rules all those dirty little things we don’t like to talk about. This includes what ever usually flies under the radar like secret organizations. It also includes things like your local waste management system and power companies.

On the personal level, this means all those parts of us we don’t want to face. All those personal and family secrets could come out in the near future. Makes me wonder is we aren’t in for some interesting revelations concerning our political candidates and others. Time will tell, but I can almost guarantee that some secrets are about to come to light. Some of them are likely to not be welcome knowledge and sure to change our collective lives.

I don’t know it you noticed that there were several earthquakes this past week. Pluto affects the earth when he stations to change direction. This can cause not only earthquakes but volcanoes. Weather is more of a Uranus sort of thing but can tie in. Uranus and Pluto will surely be picking up their their square dance partnership at least this one last time before completely separating in 2018.

Tuesday, the Sun leaves Aries and enters earthy Taurus. We hopefully be feeling more grounded and creative under the influence of Taurus. Taurus is the fixed sign of spring and the time when our seed germinate and plants sprout new roots. We too tend to become more rooted in our homes where we feel the most secure. Taurus is another sign, like Scorpio and Aquarius that is loyal as can be but can also be stubborn as heck and can be possessive. As long as you treat them with respect, and are open and honest with them you are usually fine.

Venus is about half way through her transit of Aries. She is not at her best in this sign. This week in fact you may notice her being more moody than usual. Just a heads up there to all the folks that might have a woman in their lives with Venus strong in their chart or whose Venus is being triggered by this transit.

Thursday brings the Full Moon. I have heard the moon will be green but my research says this is not true. Each Moon does have a particular name and this one called the “Grass Moon”. This is because the grass is growing tall and getting green after the dead of winter.Virgo-Full-Moon

Any Full Moon is about balancing. This time it is balancing what is mine and what is yours. The Taurus Sun is concerned with security, material goods and possessions, and personal values. I don’t want to make Taurus sound like a snob because they aren’t. They like simple things, are earthy and like to feel secure and comfortable. Who doesn’t?

The Scorpio Moon wants us to look at the hidden things, complex things, and the story around the mystery. On a personal level, this can become uncomfortable. Seldom do we want to actually take a deep look inside. We usually need a great deal of stimulus to do this. Seldom do we really go deep because this most often takes outside help. Few of us seek it. Ego gets in the way and we think all we have to do is withdrawn and work things out.

Last week I wrote a blog on one of my other pages about this. My best friend since 1967 died on Monday. As memories came flooding in, I also thought a lot about how he avoided going deep to work things out in his life. One of our friends said he didn’t want to hear the truth, and that was true.  Instead he shut himself off from me, other friends,  and even his family in recent years. It is so difficult for some of us to face ourselves. But this is exaclty what the Scorpio Moon is asking us to do.  If you would like to read the post on my other page, you can read it here:

I hope you find some value in it.

The opposition of the Taurus Sun and the Scorpio Full Moon is asking us to find balance between our need for security and our need to change. I know change seems to be a topic in almost every post but our world is about change. Still we resist it so. This does little but cause more problems across the board. For some reason we think we are supposed to be in control. While we can control some things in our lives, there are precious things in the grand scheme. If we could just grasp this concept with our heart and soul and the fact that we are connected to everything and not alone or apart, we might live more happy, healthy, fruitful lives.

The end of the week brings the perfection of a Venus/Uranus conjunction. You might get some surprises from this combination. Both of these planets sizzle and can be explosive. You will need to remember that Uranus is quick to change his mind and therefore unpredictable. Take care of your heart and don’t get too absorbed in any new relationship that might cross your path. You will also do well to keep an close eye on your spending. These two planets together can get us into financial trouble faster than you can say Zippidy-do-da!

That is about all I have for you this week. I was hoping for a slow week after last week but I will adapt to this one and make the most of it I can. My yard needs my attention and there is plenty to keep me busy for a long while. Unfortunately my body is no longer able to work as hard as it once was. Now that the pollen is gone, I can get out there, do the work, and enjoy the sunshine.

Have a GREAT week! !



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DSCF0016 - Copy


This week I have been most grateful to have a great workplace to go to and get away from everyday life for a bit. My focus, when I was not at work, has been around a dear and nearly life long friend who is now in hospice care in an east coast hospital. I always enjoy my workplace, or my happy place as I call it, but this week it provided me with more of a respite that usual. Thank you!

While I am deeply saddened by the condition of my friend’s health, this has been a stimulus for some deep, personal reflection and I don’t think that is ever a bad thing.

Mars takes center stage this week. This is sure to be an action filled week. I hope all the action is positive for you. 

Tuesday Mars connects with Venus in a sassy, fiery hot trine. Anything on your agenda that might involve love or money are likely to sizzle with creative energy and fun. Get out there and enjoy this spark wile you can. This fiery energy won’t last long. Mars will be turning retrograde on the 17th of April. I am working on a piece that addresses this Mars retrograde and hope to publish it later this week.

The Sun has another week and a half in Aries. The New Moon of April 7th was in Aries so now we are fully into Cosmic Spring or the beginning of the celestial year. Between now and the next Full Moon is a good time to plant. I hope the we have just seen the last of this spring’s frost but it can frost into May sometimes. With the crazy weather patterns that we have been experiencing, I would not be surprised by anything.

Joining The Sun in Aries are Uranus and Venus. Uranus is about change. When he is in Aries, change can come fast. Uranus also rules weather so this can explain some of the crazy weather events we have witnessed since he entered Aries back in May of 2010 including earthquakes and volcanoes.

We are now about two-thirds the way through this transit which will end in March or 2019. I believe this transit is one of major aspects that is assisting our transition to the next dimension. No matter what you personally believe, Uranus in Aries is a big player in the world today.

Jupiter is still in opposition to Neptune. This aspect has been with us more or less since September 2015. The last time we had this influence in the sky was in 1849. This was close to the peak time of the gold rush. Hopefully this current transit will bestow some gold nuggets on us this time around too. There are indeed current events that we could probably connect to this energy.

Neptune is about faith, big faith and spirituality, especially when he is in his home sign of Pisces. This placement also brings us compassion, love, empathy for others, and good values. Jupiter is a co-ruler of Pisces and currently transiting Virgo. Jupiter loves to do things big. He expands almost everything in his path in some way.

When in Virgo, Jupiter is more organized and duty bound. Neither aspect is particularly a strong suit in my opinion. But many might disagree. This can create some imbalance in our lives such as increased substance abuse, not following the laws of ethics, and social issues move to the front row for inspection while at the same time being caught up in the distortion that only Pisces can bring. These sorts of things have certainly been in the national and local news lately. It is of critical importance that we stick to the truth but of course what is true for me is not at all true for others.

Jupiter is square both Mars and Saturn this week. When square Mars, we often feel rather confident and successful. This confidence could get out of hand and cause problems if we are not cautious. The old adage of “ all things in moderation” could be this week’s motto.

This is a motto I am personally taking more seriously. I am gluten sensitive or even allergic and have been as close to 99% gluten-free for at least the last 16 months. Even before that I had been on a highly reduced , maybe 90-95 % gluten diet for nearly six years. A little over two weeks ago I gave into the craving for apple fritters. That lead to a breakfast biscuit the next morning and a slice of Tres Leches cake later that day. The next morning, I woke up and turned over in bed to discover that the act of turning over caused me to be out of breath. That dive I took into the deep end of the gluten pool caused fluid to build up around my heart. I am admittedly not in great shape anymore but to that date have had no previous heart issues. You can bet that wheat of any sort is now something I will avoid 100%. Wheat also causes me to cough a great deal too.

This sort of ties in to Jupiter square Saturn. This aspect can bring some conflict between our need to grow and expand and our desire for structure and following rules. Our awareness of areas where opportunity lies is high. At the same time things often show up to make us aware, sometimes painfully so, that there is only so much we can do within our limitations.

Pluto will be square the Sun, Moon and of course is still in orb of square with Uranus. This energy can stimulate us to go deep into our deepest, darkest places and examine what is hiding there. This is where we find things that need to come to light so we can grow and evolve. This is sort of thing I believe we are here for anyway.

I gratefully embrace the things that have surfaced in my life recently. I have no idea where they will lead me or how they will affect me in the future. I am staying positive and believe all these events will lead to more of my personal evolution and growth.  

Once more, I wish to thank all my followers and readers. You keep me motivated to continue learning astrology and writing about it.

Wishing you a wonderful week as always.


Astrology for April 3-9, 2016


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First of all I want to say how much I appreciate my readers. I am honored by each of you, especially those the let me know they are out there by hitting the “like”button. A few of you feel this blog is worthy of re posting and I am very grateful.

When I got up this morning, it occurred to me how fast time is passing. I can hardly believe it is 2016 already. The 1970’s seem such a short time ago. Each years seems to zoom by faster and faster. Can you believe it is April already? I am just glad my memory is still good even if I can’t always remember exactly when something happened.

The planets are another thing that seem to be moving fast. We have another big week ahead of us and it could a rough one for some folks. Hang on but know that within the rough places, valuable gems are found.

Today we begin with Mercury trine Saturn and Uranus, and Mercury trine Mars. This is some strong energy involving some strong planets. The good news is, a trine is a gentler aspect for them to be in than a square of opposition.

Mercury trine Saturn will benefit the structure of our thoughts, assist you with your life plans, and help solidify your dreams and ideas. This energy can lead to some serious and otherwise dry conversations, but that need not be considered a bad thing. In fact it could the just what we need about now.

The Mercury-Uranus trine is quite intellectual. You might notice your ideas are more unique and inventive than usual. Some folks will be very perceptive and intuitive under this aspect. Trust this intuition and it will lead you in the right direct. However if there are more harsh Mercury aspects in someone’s chart, things could become volatile. I thought it might be neat to see what famous people have this aspect in their chart. Turns out to be folks like Farrah Fawcett, Tracey Ulman, Sheena Easton, and Marilyn Manson. (Marilyn used to freak me out but now I really love how he expresses his uniqueness).

This week also begins with Jupiter opposing Neptune. Expansive Jupiter is blowing our expectations right out of the water. We can feel quite confident about things and this overconfidence can sometimes lead to taking absurd risks. This aspect can also increase our level of compassion and desire to help others in some way. The risk here is in attracting energy suckers who are more interested only in what they can get from you. This too will end once you learn how far it is safe to go and when to say now. Historically, I am one to forgive over and over again until I get to that one time that breaks the camel’s back. There is no turning back. I simply repeat the Ho’ Oponopono and move on.

Ho’ Oponopono

I love you.
I’m sorry.
Please forgive me.
Thanks you.

We learn in baby steps don’t we?

Tuesday we have a big energy shift. The Sun and Saturn also enter a fiery trine. The characteristics of this aspect include, a sense of duty, obligation, self discipline, being practical, reliability, honesty, and determination. Saturn’s need for structure and demand for caution can cause us to sometimes miss an opportunity, but over all, this energy could be an advantageous ally for our dreams and ambitions. This is definitely a good time to put your best foot forward.

6a0133f538e9e4970b017c37f7b16a970b-500wiThe second part of Tuesday’s energy shift is when Venus moves from Pisces to Aries and Mercury leaves Aries for Taurus. Expect a new focus for love and money in the coming weeks. Venus is not very comfortable in Aries. This sign is a bit to self centered for her. She is typically more of a giver than a receiver. Her transit through Aries will provide an opportunity to learn to accept gifts that come your way. I think perhaps I got a jump on this because lately I have spent a bit of time thinking of how grateful I am for all the great friends and co-workers in my life.

Just as Venus heads into Aries, Mercury will be leaving Aries for Taurus. Taurus is a grounded, slow, and earthy, sign. Mercury’s communication style will take on a more rhythmical, thoughtful, character during this Taurus transit. Mercury transits usually last about three weeks but this one will 9 weeks due to a retrograde period beginning the end of April. Slow communications will continue throughout this time. Nothing to do but go with the flow here.

Wednesday the Sun squares Pluto. Try not to be too impatient with structure and authority. You may feel almost driven to get to the root of but avoid being to insistent. Forcing things is hardly ever a good choice and this week is no different. Trust the Universe.You will find that if you do things unfold in their own time and in amazing ways. We might even discover our own power. Not a bad thing huh?

The energy of Sun squared Pluto is short lived so we can all take a deep breath and relax on Thursday. This is when the Moon is New in Aries. Use the days before Thursday to get those new plans and projects going over the coming two weeks. Remember, New Moons are all about new beginnings.

Now the last big aspect for this week comes on Saturday. This is when the Sun has its sun-conjunct-uranusannual meetup with Uranus. Uranus definitely marches to a different drummer. Being conjunct the Sun this make the march personal. I can only hope some of this energy wipes off on some of the more narrow minded folks in my state. This energy is progressive, independent, and loves change. It is about accepting things we view as different and being more willing to allow your own uniqueness shine brightly. Gosh! I love this kind of energy.

This energy can also bring unexpected events and consequences. Uranus is the planet of quick change. Being an outer planet, he usually has more affect on the collective than the individual. When he is conjunct the Sun, the changes can become personal. Again, roll with this. If things change in your world it is probably something you have been resisting and you are in need of some outside assistance. Be grateful.

This is all I have for today. I was a bit late because I was having a great dinner with some of my dearest friends and celebrating one of their birthdays. Come to think of it, those folks are some of the best cooks I know so no wonder it was so good. A great end to the weekend for sure.

Hope all you have a good week ahead and keep an open mind. Doubtless there will some challenges for some of us. Roll with what comes as best you can and don’t forget to be grateful everything that rolls your way…..the good, the bad, and the ugly!

Astrology for March 27- April 2, 2016


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Happy Easter! First of all I want to apologize if anything I cover in the next few paragraph is offensive to my dear readers. My goal is not to offend but to educate others to the amazing possibilities in our universe.

I love the history of holidays. Their roots and their symbolism fascinate me. Easter is full religious symbolism but there are plenty that have nothing to do with religion. Probably the most popular of all Easter symbols are the bunny and the egg. Their origins go back to tens of thousands of years beyond any Christian connection. They go back even before the “Big Bang”.

Creation legends of many cultures tell us about Eostre or Ostara. Eostre was the goddess of the cosmic egg. The cosmic egg was what or is where we live now. It existed before this galaxy and the planets were formed. It seems each galaxy as we know them now, originated from a cosmic egg that floated in a cosmic ocean or plenum. Some might call this the primordial soup. Today it seems to be the space the planets and all galaxies travel in.

Sometime along the way, the bunny or hare, became the symbol for Eostre/Ostara. It all gets wrapped up in the bundle we call spring and also the time of year that this goddess was honored. The egg symbolizes fertility and new beginnings. The hare is connected to fertility and the Moon. Easter is a holiday based on the Moon. Go into this deeper and you discover that Eostre is the origin for the name of hormone estrogen.

I have no way of knowing if any this is true. We learn more and more about our past we uncover ancient texts and documents. I do know from my previous studies that legends, especially those found in multiple cultures tend to carry some weight to them. The story of the great flood is one of them. But for now, I am going to leave this all right here and again wish you al a happy day and if you are on spring break this week, I wish you happy travels and wonderful experiences. Now lets get on with this week’s astro outlook!

Last week was a big week astrologically. This week will be much calmer. Last week there was so much going on. We will no doubt be feeling some of he effects of last week for a while how ever. Eclipse energy lasts a good six months. But this week, all the planets are fairly stable in theirs signs and houses.

It is important to not that we have a lot of energy going on in the masculine and aggressive sign of Aries. This is often associated with destruction and war. Aries can also be a builder and peaceful too, so he is not all bad. Aries just seems to want something to do, something to focus his energy on. The hard work of building things is a good way to use this energy and make it more useful, peaceful, and productive.

But besides the Sun in Aries, we also have Mercury, and Uranus who has been in Aries for since 2008 or so. All of these bring a lot of stuff to the surface for us to transmute. I see a parallel here that relates to what happened last week in my state. In case you have not heard about the bill passed last Wednesday in a emergency session of the North Carolina general assembly I would be surprised. It has been national news ever since.

I was just listening my my friend Shelley Overton’s astrology show from last Tuesday and she was talking about Mercury and the Sun conjunct in the early degrees of Aries last week. She explained how this energy could lead us to say what ever we have on our minds without regard for the outcome. For me at least, this totally describes how the North Carolina legislature behaved last Wednesday night. If you want to know more I encourage to do your own research about this and if you are interested in hearing Shelley’s show last week you can link to it here:

Moving on…….Monday the Sun in Aries trines the Moon in Sagittarius sparks a light that can ignite fires in the hearts of many. Sounds good to me as long as it is directed peacefully.

However! The other two planets in Sagittarius are generating some forceful energy. We are about midway into Saturn’s 2.5 yr transit of Sagittarius and at the same time Saturn has just turned retrograde. Being retrograde, Saturn is in the typical re-do period we know to occur with Mercury 3-4 times a years.

Saturn in Sagittarius is about the existence of our systems of belief, schools of thought, faith, truth and what they really mean to us. Saturn in Sagittarius asks us to own what we believe. Right now we are seeing Mars in Sagittarius, and later this week Saturn in Sagittarius trine the Aries planets of Mercury and Uranus. This creates energy that simply has to express. The real question is how will it express it’s self in our world. How will it show up in world events?

Events like the one in Brussels, Belgium is one way it can show up. I want to refer back to Shelley Overton now as she described this energy. She used the word ”jihad” to describe it. While this word often instills fear in many and brings up images of terrorist attacks, the actual definition is two-fold. 1. a war or struggle against unbelievers. 2. a spiritual struggle within ones self against sin. 

I understand “ jihad” is strictly associated with Islam but when you take a closer look, how does it differ from any holy war or crusade carried out by any faith? Just food for thought perhaps? Or perhaps a warped attempt to be open minded? 

Wednesday brings a healing opportunity as Venus conjuncts Chiron. Personal relationships are in this spotlight. Learn from each other. See the beauty in mankind’s imperfection and love others for who they. Use this energy to build trust. Sometimes this can be a difficult process but it is well worth the effort and we ultimately reap the reward.

Also on Wednesday Mercury squares Pluto. Squares are always difficult aspects. This one is no exception. Try not to create problems where there aren’t any. This aspect is somewhat suspicious in nature. Use caution that you aren’t making things out to be worse than they really are and try not to be too forceful when sharing ideas with others. You could also notice some compulsive thoughts popping up.

Open mindedness is key. The positive side of this aspect is one I particularly enjoy. That is deep, probing conversations. Most people want to steer clear on me when I get in one of these moods.

Thursday Mercury is conjunct Pluto. This is another aspect I enjoy because of its intellectual energy. This aspect helps all of us more easily appreciate intellectual concepts. You could notice your intuition is pretty high today too. Don’t you love it when the you the right thought comes to mind at just the right moment? Just be aware that some of us can feel overloaded and become scattered, impulsive, and lack patience. On the bright side, out thoughts could be less one-sided, more imaginative, forward looking, and have more originality.

I am going to close this now and wish you a wonderful week. Having not felt like my usual self today, I think I will turn in early. Perhaps the combination of not eating as carefully as I usually do and the pollen has finally caught up with me. I’ve had a light headache all day and feel like some chicken broth or egg drop soup might be soothing.

It is a wild wacky world out there friends! Be safe and don’t forget to LOVE one another. 

Astrology for March 20-26, 2016


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Welcome Spring banner


Welcome Spring 2016! It has turned cool here in the Piedmont area and I have read reports of snow or freezing rain in the mountains. The last frost date here is April 15th so these cool temperatures are no real surprise to me. However this is also the earliest Spring since 1896 and a very busy week astrologically as you will read.

If you would like to know more about this early Spring, check out this page at Earth Sky:

Today, March 20th, the Sun moved into Aries and it is the offical start of Spring! Aries, the first of the twelve signs and is ruled my Mars, the god of war. This sign represents youth, impulsiveness, and fierceness. Those born under Aries are not known for being patient. To them, the shortest distance between two things is a straight line and any obstacles be damned.

Aries energy is known for being childish, direct, courageous, and often hotheaded. Aries people are often great at starting projects but seldom finish; a quality sometimes shared with the astrological neighbors, Taurus. Most Aries people do well with lots of competition, exercise and hard work which helps them relieve stress. Otherwise, they turn inward and can become depressed or develop addictive behaviors.

Venus is conjunct Neptune on the 20th. Like Spring, this means fresh, new beginnings. These will be more along creative lines but also expect increased sensory faculties concerning the visual, the spiritual, all things romantic, social, and beautiful. With this cool weather, cuddle up with yourself, a cup of something to warm to drink and what ever you like to read, write or create. Good day to spend some time in meditation too.

Monday, March 21, Mercury in Pisces, will square Saturn in Sagittarius. The very last degrees of a sign are said to be quite powerful and Mercury will be in the very last degree of Pisces on this day. Saturn in the middle degrees of Sagittarius will be shaking the Pisces/ Mercury energy into reality one last time. This will no doubt be a mind changer whether we like it or not.

images (2)Wednesday brings us the Full Moon in Libra and a lunar eclipse. If you pay attention you will see the Sun rise exactly east and set exactly west. Read more about that here:

The energy of this Full Moon will be quite different energy from the recent New Moon and solar eclipse when they were in the mystical, dreamy, emotional influence of Pisces. This Full Moon and lunar eclipse will be in fiery, active Aries and balancing, ethical Libra. What changes could this energy bring us in the future?

Also on Wednesday Mercury moves into Aries To join the Sun for a few weeks. You could notice that communications and decision making become faster than they were under Pisces influence. If this is your natal position then you are likely known to be rather spontaneous in your actions and dislike spending time mulling over things.

Mercury in Aries can be fairly aggressive, direct, earthy and mars-aries-300x300sometimes vulgar. Getting to the point quickly is the norm and this combo really dislikes opposition to its opinions. They tend to think they know it all and can be very defensive about it. On the flip side, they can be very sensitive and sweet. Regardless of nature, Mercury in Aries is almost always direct and seldom gets down with the details. 

Mercury and the Sun will be conjunct shortly after Mercury enters Aries. Thinking and communications combine with the ego, Oh My! This will magnify the Aries energy and get Spring off to an very energetic start. The level of aggressiveness that some of us could see may be explosive. It might be best to lay off the caffeine this week and stay away from the alcohol too. You want to be able to think clearly before you act or speak. Staying flexible and focused is key.

Jupiter will square Saturn on Wednesday. Jupiter loves to see things grow whether is mental, physical or spiritual. Saturn can be a hard task master sometimes as he wants us to tow the line, do things by the book, and re-structure things instead. Saturn not one for taking short cuts. He will hold Jupiter at bay and tell him he just needs to take another look at things and work with systems and plans that are already in place.

Moving on tho Thursday when Mercury trines Mars. This aspect helps us keep all the energetic Aries energy at a good pace. Creative thoughts can become viable projects. Communications might not be so compassionate but they might be refreshing and to the point as our mental processes are fast and sharp.

Friday Saturn stations to turn retrograde for about 5 months. This is one of those do over time periods. Use this time to go back over decisions and commitments you have made or projects you have started in the past. I will write more on this soon.

Friday we also have Venus opposing Jupiter. Love it strong but can go to the extreme. Be sure that you are not being sold a bill of over stated feelings or dishing them out to others either.

Remember that Jupiter loves to expand on things but when it comes to feelings this is not always a good thing. If you find you are in the mood to party, go for it. But be aware that this energy has Drama Queen written all over it. It can also lead to over indulgences. Be sure to drink lots of water to avoid hangovers. Most of us probably need to drink more water anyway. I learned this week that I am for sure under hydrated. This means I need to reach for the water first thing in the morning be sure I am drinking more all day long. The stainless water bottle is going back in the car too.

The last aspect for Friday is again with Venus as she squares Saturn. Look out! This one can bring on some no so positive vibes. Venus could have us reaching for more than we can have. This aspect can bring on social discord and feelings of rejection. Saturn is such a tough guy to deal with at times. He sure isn’t almost the opposite of Venus in some ways and when these two square off there can be emotional trouble and upset.

lido-de-paris-new-year-s-eve-dinner-and-show-in-paris-46872Venus loves beauty and loves to spend money but watch your spending the end of this week. This coming weekend can be a real money pit in more ways that just being a holiday weekend. You will do well to be frugal.

Saturday will be a better day for spending but still avoid extravagant spending. Venus will be sextile Pluto. This is a good aspect. Passions rise but are not of the negative or offensive sort. Being focused, positive, and self assured will help us understand our authentic and deep feelings for others.

Easter is coming up. Lots of folks travel during this holiday. If you happen to be one of them, please be careful where ever you roam.


Astrology for March 13-19, 2016


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cropped daffoldills 2016

Spring officially arrives this week! But the past week has sure felt like spring is already here. I’ve done some weeding and enjoyed time on the front porch, not that I let temperatures keep me from enjoying some porch time too often. The heat and the humidity will keep me inside far more than the cold will.

A couple of this on my calendar for canceled this week but the best parts were a long conversation with a friend as she was driving back from the mountains and a very lazy lunch and afternoon with another wonderful friend at one of my favorite spots in town.

Day light savings time began today. Did you make it to church or where ever on time today? Did you remember to set your clocks ahead one hour? I did but that doesn’t mean I got up any earlier than usual. I’m very grateful the neighbors dog didn’t wake me at 9 am today.

In this post I am going to talk about the asteroid Pallas, but first, let’s get to what this week possibly holds for us.

On Wednesday this week we have a fabulous trine alignment between Pluto and Jupiter. This can mean some positive global economic shifts are on the way. Pluto represents worldwide power and Jupiter represent finances. We will get a second shot at this energy in a few months as these two planets trine once more in June. Possibly what is being set up now will bear fruit then? Time will tell.

Regardless of what happens on the economic scene, this trine will help us welcome Spring next Sunday. In the meantime we have reflections on the Ides of March and St. Patrick’s day to keep up engaged.

For those of you who don’t remember studying Shakespeare’s play “Julius Caesar” in school, a soothsayer warned Caesar to “beware the Ides of March”. Before then the “Ides” was the Roman way of marking the 15th of March on the calendar. It had no dark meaning until it also became the day of Caesar’s death and Shakespeare’s wrote those well remembered words in his play. 

SaintPatrickIreland_240x320px1St. Patrick’s day honors the death of a Roman British priest who returned to Ireland where he had previously been held as a slave for six years in his late teens and early 20’s. St. Patrick is credited with driving snakes for Ireland but the truth is there never were any. What he actually did was try to convert the pagan Druids of the region to Christianity. It was the Druids who changed the story to be about the snakes.

This coming week will be the last full week the Sun and Mercury will be in Pisces. Venus will remain in Pisces until April 5th. Universal love is the theme of this Venus Pisces combo. The Sun and Mercury have us more focused on altruism, selflessness, wisdom, creativity, intuition, and imagination. All this will shift beginning next Sunday, March 20, 2016, when the Sun exits Pisces and enters fiery Aries. Mercury follows the Sun just three days later.

Other aspects this week of note are Mercury and Saturn in square orb early in the week. This energy can cause some obstacles in getting from here to there this week. Communications can also be challenging, delayed or blocked completely but this energy. Negative thoughts can cause some problems too. Just be aware and take care in your both your thoughts and words.

Venus will be square to Mars on Tuesday. This energy is full of passion. It also leans toward competitiveness and some sexual tensions could flare up. Impulse purchases can be a problem too. I made a impulse purchase just yesterday that got me in some financial stress for a few days. Please don’t follow my example. (I pledge to do better). Use any competitive energy that pops up in positive ways. It can invigorate and stimulate creativity.

Mercury will be in opposition to Jupiter early to mid week. Jupiter is expansive and like to magnify things. Mercury is about communications. This energy often leads us to exaggerate and overestimate things in our lives. This could seem bigger and more important than they really are in some ways and it can be easy to miss some important details due to our grand thinking. You may also need to exercise and extra strength and disciple when it comes to staying on task. If we can focus, we are likely to see great progress. Jupiter aspects are always so interesting to me.

Now I am going to jump ahead to next Sunday which I seldom do. This is because there will be several tough aspects that day. The Sun will enter Aries and Spring begins. It will also be the Spring Equinox, he day when there is equal day and equal night hours.

This is a time of balance. This is a good time to check your life for balance. I know recently in my life things have risen up that are causing me to rethink a few areas or reevaluate some of my beliefs about things. Reaching a personal saturation point has been a recurring theme in many of my conversations lately.

When we become saturated with too much of something, whether it is attention, someone’s tardiness, lack of respect, or whatever, we get out of balance and are forced to find a new balance point. Typically I want to analyze the situation and try to fix it but that doesn’t always work and isn’t always a good use of anyone’s time and things get frustrating.

A friend of mine says he doesn’t have time to figure out why balancepeople do what they do. It is impossible to know those things anyway in most cases. There is no point in trying to fix something or understand it.  He simply has to deal with the results of other people’s actions and go on with his life. well this hit me in a thought provoking way! I will surely be pondering this during the coming week as I continue to adjust and more balance in my life.

I spoke with another friend this week who moved to Texas from Arizona just a few weeks before Christmas. The day after Christmas the worst tornado in over 100 years hit her town and her neighborhood. Her house was unharmed and the whole family is fine but all around them there is destruction. Talk about finding your balance. 

Any move is a balancing act in more ways than one but when your new home town goes through such incredible changes,  finding the new balance can be daunting yet crucial. I was glad to hear that she seems happy and in a good place in spite of all these changes. 

pNow I want to change course and talk a bit about the asteroid Pallas. She was the second asteroid discovered and named after Pallas Athena, the warrior Queen and the goddess of strategy, skill, just battle, wisdom and courage. She is said to have no mother and to have been born from the head of Zeus after he began having headaches. It seems Zeus ate his wife Metis, after she became pregnant because he believed a prophesy that said his first born, a girl, would be his equal in strength and wisdom. What a threat to any man or god. The headaches were so bad that a friend took an axe to his head and Athena popped out of the wound, fully grown, swinging her sword and shouting battle cries. Talk about a dramatic entrance!

Pallas is one of the largest asteroids that orbits in a particular area of the solar system. Her path is between Jupiter and Mars. Like her sister asteroids, Ceres, Vesta, and Juno, she was discovered in the 19th century but largely ignored until recently.

Pallas is said the the asteroid of astrologers and often holds a prominent place in their natal charts. This means she is often within a degree or two of an aspect and often close to an astrologers Sun or Moon which represent one’s character, or Uranus and Aquarius (astrology), or Saturn (thought). I was surprised to find that Pallas is conjunct my Moon in Virgo.

Pallas also represents the father-daughter relationship. You might say she is daddy’s girl. Aren’t most of us? I came across a chart someone generated for this asteroid based on when it was discovered. In case you were wondering, you can do charts for all sorts of things, even when you ask a question.

Here is the chart for Pallas.



You can clearly see the daughter Venus conjunct the Father Sun, in opposition to Uranus the rebel. Now you begin to see her war like rebellion.

I am not sure I get the whole asteroid thing yet. There seems to be thousands of them and one for about anything you can think of. Sometimes I feel like this is too abstract for me. But I am learning and so far things seem to fitting in place quite nicely.

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead.

Astrology for March 6-12, 2015


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This week….the eclipses are coming! First up is the Solar Eclipse with the New Moon in Pisces on March 8 and a Lunar eclipse on March 23 with the Full Moon in Virgo. Get ready!

Solar eclipse energy is about endings and beginnings, closing doors and opening new ones to new opportunities. I would say the approach of spring would be a perfect time for new things, wouldn’t you?

This also reminds me of what my college friend Corrine tries to do. She never brings anything new into her house unless she is getting rid of an equal of greater number of things before hand. If I lived by that philosophy, my house would be immaculate and very organized. It is never too late to start new path however and this eclipse period might be a good time for me to begin this practice.

Margaret-614x264Eclipse energy is great energy for setting goals and intentions. You simply need to be clear as a bell about what you want. Examine what is holding you down. What weighs heavy and holds you back will need to go so you can easily carry what you need to bring with you. Some of us will be pulled to toss it all. Oh MY! Talk about change! This is really scary! But you will be so much better off if you heed the call and just do it! Let is all GO! ! ! There is blank page ahead waiting for you to write a new story on it. Let the eclipse energy drive you there and enjoy the ride and the change of scenery.

Resisting will mean you might begin this new chapter empty handed. Sometimes this is the best way but it is seldom the way we hope to face change. Regardless, eclipse energy often takes us exactly where we

need to be even if we can’t see this at first. They truly assist our evolution no matter what changes.

This Solar eclipse will be in Pisces, the 12th house of spirituality and intuition. Pisces is all about our subconscious. This is certainly of the highest vibration. Getting an idea of where this can lead us? Some of you will and some won’t. It’s all good. No worries. Pisces energy can be interesting and difficult for some of us to deal with. It is deep, introspective and addictive. It can bring up the deep, dark depths of our soul for us review.

Pluto will be sextile to the Sun during the eclipse. Pluto also deals with the depths of our soul or psyche. Pluto is also transformative. When we combine these energies, our lives can really be in for some changes. Fortunately the sextile aspect is in harmony with the eclipse energy so any thing it excavation and transformation should be mild and easy.

I should also point out that this coming Full Moon will also be a Super Moon. Seems we have had lots of them in the past year. Chalk this up to a cycle where the Earth is closer to the Moon than usual. Astronomers us some cool fancy words for this closeness. The words are “perigee-syzygy”. Expect the moon to look bigger upon rising and if you are at the beach, the tides will be higher than usual. This trend of Super Moons over the past year will continue this year. There will be six in all.

Jupiter is opposing the Sun during the eclipse. If your birthday is a day or two on either side of the eclipse, this could be a big year for you. Jupiter is the planet of surprises. Just try not to make any important decisions on Tuesday, the day of the eclipse. Roll with the eclipse energy for the day and don’t worry too much about what is going on. You can have the rest of the week for that.

The end of the week brings us the singular conjucntion Johnny Carsonbetween Mercury and Neptune for this year. This conjucntion is interesting. It can help open our psychic abilty and see beyond the veil, which seems to be getting thinner and thinner all the time. But is can also turn us towards a lie or two or three. I detest lies so I will be on alert this week and do all I can not to petrate one.

Venus will be joining in the Pisces party on Saturday, March 12. Watch your wallets. Venus loves to spend money on things, especially pretty things. For the next four weeks you might want to freeze those credit cards and focus on paying things off instead. I know for some of us this will be a most difficult task but it will be for the best.

The last thing to talk about today is the time change. We go back to Daylight Savings Time next weekend. Don’t forget to set your clocks ahead one hour next Saturday night.

Have a great week and don’t forget to let go of what you don’t need. This can be people, places or things. Let it all go!

Astrology for Feb 28-March 6, 2016


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How is everyone enjoying the Pisces Sun? My dream time has been off the charts. I admit to not being the best dream interpreter in the world but a few have had easily discernible messages while others have left me wondering. I wish I was disciplined enough to keep a dream journal. My discipline goes toward other areas or nothing at all.

Last week began with a Monday morning call from a friend who lives in Indiana. He had one question: “What are you doing for lunch?” I happened to be free but even if I wasn’t I would have done what I could to meet him for lunch. This guy is one of my favorite dad’s in the world and I used to take care of his and his lovely wife’s three children. This is one of the most amazing families I have ever known. I am honored and humbled they still want to keep in touch with me.

Monday evening I met up with another long time friend who was in town from Boone, NC for a conference. She and I go back over 40 years but seldom spend time together. We keep in touch over the phone and via social media.

The rest of my week was calm even with the storm that came through on Wednesday. My area really lucked out and missed much of the heavy winds, rain and other weather. Much of the eastern U.S. Was not so fortunate and suffered great loss due to tornado and straight line winds. Damage ran across the Gulf coast states all the way up the eastern seaboard all the way to New England. I watched the Weather Channel at work and wept for all the folks that suffered loss of homes and livelihood.

This was a very unusual storm, especially for this time of year. Tornadoes in NC are rare. Tornadoes in N.C in February are more rare. This will surely make winter storm Petros one for the history books! I am not at all sure however how this was showing up in last week’s astrology. What ever it was, I missed it big time.

This week brings us an extra calendar day. Every four years we add one day and call it “Leap Year”. Tradition says on this year women are allowed to propose to men. Of course if I ever wanted to ask a man, I would not let one day stand in my way.

Today the Sun is conjunct Neptune. Don’t be surprised if you find you are extra sensitive to the emotions or moods of others. You intuition should be high today and all decision should feel natural. However when is comes to our goals, we are more uncertain. Pisces can cause us to lose our perspective of reality and reason. At the same time our awareness of the spiritual, imagination, and inspiration soars.

Perhaps the big news this week is the eclipses are coming! Not this week but next. We will begin to feel it later this week however, especially those with strong Virgo and Pisces connections.

Eclipse energy is felt a full six months. The recent Full Moon was at 3 degrees Virgo and the New Moon and solar eclipse on March 8 will be in Pisces. Virgo is the sixth house of work, health, perfection, order, and service to others. Pisces is the 12th house of secrets, illusion, seclusion,addictions, intuition, things hidden, and large institutions. These are the sorts of issues and things we will be dealing with in our lives over the next six months, or at least issues related to these characteristics.

Perfectionism is sure to be one and one we may not recognize as perfectionism in ourselves or others. We will see it more as being picky, critical, and analytical. As one with a Virgo Moon, I can be critical at times. While I try to be aware and give others the benefit of the doubt, I don’t always succeed. Gratefully I am much better at letting go than I was but when I have reached my saturation point it is best for me to steer clear and remember that nothing is perfect. This has also been something I have dealt with the past few days.

This brings me to the next Asteroid I want to talk about; Ceres, which is also considered a dwarf planet. Ceres is about the nurturing in our early life and how we nurture others. Food and clothes are in its domain. This is also one that reflects on some of my recent events and feelings.

I have Ceres in Libra in my chart. This is about being tasteful, subtle and doing small things for people. I’ve always said I liked the little things and getting to know Ceres has shown me why that is.

Right now Ceres is transiting very close to Neptune. This may lead many of us to find nurturing in creativity, day dreaming or meditation, and spirituality. The coming New Moon will however be opposing Neptune and this could cause some confusion and abandonment feelings which is the opposite of feeling nurtured. This could also stir up our addictions and addictive behaviors. I hope these feelings don’t last for six months. We will need to exercise personal strength no matter what.

Later this week, Mercury will be exiting Aquarius and entering Pisces. Our thirst of knowledge and out of the box thinking gives way to more objective thinking. We might notice making decisions more intuitively and use creativity to express ourselves. Anything that raises our consciousness is bound to draw us in as well. Pisces influence can be dynamic on many levels and no matter what planets are involved. I hope you will make the best of this opportunity.

Venus is still transiting Aquarius. Enjoy its detachment and freedom while it lasts. Of course this can lead to some unexpected breakups too. Sorry if that happens to you and it is unexpected.

Mars leaves Scorpio for Sagittarius the same day Mercury leaves Aquarius, March 5. We begin to feel more idealistic. Routine can feel old, especially if we have not had a break recently or a small vacation. Most of us won’t be able to give in to any desire to travel so getting out for a walk might just ease any itchy feet. Any big projects we begin, might end up on the shelf or altogether abandoned before the get finished. Mars is Sagittarius can often set his sights higher than he can realistically manage.

It is funny, now that I have come to end of this post, I am feeling rather spacey myself. I am hoping this is due to Pisces and not something else. Although, I don’t know what else it could be. Wishing you a wonderful week.

Don’t forget to help those in your area that might need some help after last week’s storm. I would say send money to the Red Cross but personally I don’t feel they often get directly to a problem like a local group or religious group might. I have begun sending money to food Feeding America or looking up churches and service organizations in locations that are in need. These groups are often have greater knowledge of need than some of the more well known national organizations. Here is a link to send funds to the Lancaster, PA area.


From what I have read, monies sent will help everyone not just the Mennonite or Amish, but English too. 

Pensacola Fla was also hit hard by tornadoes and I am sure there are many other towns and cities I don’t know about. If I am not mistaken the area of Pensacola that was hit is among the most disadvantaged in the area. I am sure these folks could use some extra help about now. The United Way of Pensacola is located at 1301 W. Government St., Pensacola, Fla 32502

 Even if you can not help right now, consider sending something later. Even $1 each from my readers will add up. Even the poorest among us can almost always come up with $1 if not $5. 







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