Astrology for July 9-15, 2017


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Last week the cosmos served up a small banquet of difficult aspects. How did you enjoy the Capricorn Full Moon conjunct, Mars? It has been quite the emotional Moon for many of us. Regardless of how difficult it has been, it has ultimately propelled us forward in our evolution. We are collectively raising our vibrations, ascending up the dimensional scale, and awakening to who we really are.

Today we are under the influence of the Full Moon energy thanks in part to a five-planet T-Square. This T-Square includes the Moon, Sun, Mars, Juno, and Jupiter. The one thing I have noticed most about the aspects of late is that there is a huge amount of female energy being triggered. The sign of Cancer is definitely feminine and so is the Moon.

The opposition of Cancer and the Moon highlight this energy. Mars in Cancer is pushing us ( the Sun) into action and Jupiter in Libra is expanding the feminine energy to bigger and hopefully a positive energy. The Full Moon wants us to finish up all the things we have been working on.

Capricorn energy wants to look into our traditions and responsibilities. Are we doing our best when it comes to time management and productivity? I would urge you not to beat yourself up if you think you are not doing as much as you could. Just make a mental note of it and move on. I believe we all are exactly where we need to be a doing exactly what we are supposed to be doing. Overworking or pushing ourselves too hard is seldom a good idea.

The shadow side of this some fo this energy involves not treating people with respect. Some folks could find that they are asking too much of others. They view subordinates as replaceable components and a means to an end that only benefits those on top. It is important to conduct ourselves in a much wise manner. Be the leader others look up to and respect.

The Cancer/Capricorn energy we are working with right now is asking us to look at the balance between our private (Cancer) and our public (Capricorn) life. How are we balancing our career and our family? For those of us that don’t have a family, the balance is between work and private life. If there is an imbalance, the next two weeks will be a good time to express your feelings about this and work toward making corrections and gain balance.

Now let us move on to what is going on with the aspects for the rest of the week.

First, we have a Sun/Pluto opposition. This gives a good boost to our individual transformation. This energy also helps us let go of things that do not support our evolution. The energy of Cancer is dealing with the family dynamic while the Capricorn energy is dealing with our status, career, and responsibilities. You will do well to follow your intuition and inner guidance this week. But isn’t that always the case?

Tuesday we have another Yod showing up. This one involves Mercury, Jupiter, and Neptune. This will last all week and peak on Friday and ends on 7/17/17. This is all about being creative. In this aspect, we have communications supported by Leo’s spotlight, and expansive Jupiter in the artistic sign of Libra focused on creative Neptune in Pisces. With all this creative energy about, I doubt many of us won’t feel the tug to draw, paint, or do something creative this week.

Thursday, there is a Grand Trine forming in the chart. This involves Juno, Vesta, and Uranus. This aspect will perfect on 7/13 and last until 7/28. This Grand Trine is focused on intuition and creativity. If you have a committed partner this aspect could bring power to the ability to manifest. Uranus can throw in a surprise or two as well. This surprise could represent some creative sexual expression for some. Ooh la! La!

Thursday we get even more female energy coming at us when a Kite formation begins that involves four female asteroids. I think it might be a good thing that a kite is a positive aspect pattern. This is doubly good because this pattern will last a month and not fade until 8/11.

The energies we will be working with are:

1. Ceres deals with abundance, sadness, letting go, and mother-daughter relationships.

2. Juno deals with committed partnerships.


3. Pallas deals with functional creativity, feminine positiveness, and plans of action.

4. Vesta, the virgin, polishing your skills and altruistic service to the greater good.

Work with the characteristics of these asteroids one by one or two by two. If you are more ambitious, then try working with more than one or two at a time. Just don’t get greedy or over zealous though. That seldom works out very well.

Friday, as I said earlier, the Yod peaks or perfects. If you have been looking for your inner “Wonder Woman”, this aspect pattern could be helpful.

Saturday there is a T-square forming between Venus, Chiron, and Saturn. This is a pretty intense pattern to me because of its ability to dive into the psyche.

Chiron loves to dive into our past, into those deep emotional wounds, and in the process make us better people.

Saturn wants us to learn the lessons life has to offer us.

Venus is about beauty, creativity, and finances.

All in all, this T- square can help us with our relationships, finances, and our creativity. I think I like this aspect more than most that involve Chiron.


See you again next week. Be safe until then.

This coming weekend. . .


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What an explosive 4th of July! 

Fireworks went off in my neighborhood beginning July 1 and didn’t end until almost 1 AM, July 5. 

In my last post, I mentioned that we could expect some explosive energy. I do my best to avoid saying things that cause fear but I like to be informed. Last week I was feeling like there could be another attack someplace on the globe or some catastrophic event not unlike the tragic fire in London or the many attacks we have seen in public places. I didn’t think about North Korea!

WOW!  The missile they tested certainly fits the energy I was describing.

The future certainly looks interesting, and when I say interesting, I don’t always mean that in the most positive way. Again, I avoid speaking to fear as much as possible.  

The high energy continues this weekend as we approach the Full Moon in Capricorn on Sunday. I must admit that with the upcoming energy, I am concerned about what could take place or be said at the G20 summit in Poland in the next few days. 

The Moon will be conjunct to Pluto and this could bring out emotional and violent behaviors on several fronts. One of them is within families. With the Sun in Cancer and the Moon opposing her, stories about violence against women could be in the news as well. 

Pluto, as I have said before, loves to dig for dirt. Family secrets might turn up. This alone would be enough to cause emotions and tempers to explode. The height of vacation time is not the best time for emotional outbursts, breakdowns or bullying, is it?  I suggest practicing mindfulness,  thinking hard about what you are about to say. If you can’t think of a kind and gentle way to express yourself, saying nothing might be best. 

That is all for now. I just wanted to give you a heads up so you are aware and can respond accordingly to any difficulties you may face. 

Enjoy the weekend and as always, stay safe and be kind to one another. 

Astrology for July 2-8, 2107


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Happy Fourth of July week! This a week for vacations, fireworks, parades, picnics, parties, and lots of people getting together. With that in mind, I hope you are ready for whatever comes your way. Plans can change in flash this week so do your best to be flexible and ride the waves of change. Staying grounded and in the moment really helps.

Last week I spoke a bit about the numerology of the seven since we are now in the seventh month. To refresh our memories, the main characteristics of number seven are contemplative, serious, graceful, wise, and intelligent. Seven is also prone to boisterous expressions of emotion, being shallow, cowardly, and back stabbing. All in all, this seventh month of July is preparing us for the last eclipse season of 2017 which comes up in August.

It is important not to forget the spiritual characteristics of the number seven. Forget about this being a number representing luck and look more to the seven’s ability to get at the truth. Trust seven to show you what it just or unjust, and keep an open mind. Having an open mind means allowing and accepting that your current belief system might be wrong. It’s OK. If we are wrong. When we open our minds, we allow for real growth and spiritual evolution. It is a good thing.

This week I want to talk about “Thor’s Hammer”. This is an important aspect. It is also one of  several triangular shaped patterns we find in charts. The others are the Grand Trine, T-Square, and the Yod, which was discussed a few weeks ago.

Thor was a mythical character that, you guessed it, carried a hammer. It was not a hammer for work, but a hammer used in battle. In a chart, the hammer is formed by two planets that are square (90 degrees) to each other and a third one that is sesququadrate (135 degrees) to them. There are no soft aspects to this pattern and it is therefore considered to be a difficult one.

The degree of difficulties is dependant on the planets involved but in general this pattern is not into change. The planets invovled are more or less fastened together with each other and working as unit. The level of diffculty is dependant on mainly on the planets involved.

Early this week we have two connected hammer’s in the chart. They began forming June 29 and will peak today. Their affects of course will remain with us for a few more days and this is why I want to look at them today. One hammer involves Venus, Juno, and Jupiter. The other involves, Venus, Juno, and Vesta. Clearly there is a lot of Venus and Juptier energy here. The energy of these patterns bring us is going to show up as a conflict of loyalty or a important people in your life. Maybe it is time you set aside some time for that significant other or some other important person in your life.

The planet that is sesququadrate to the other two is the focal point of this aspect pattern. This means the other two planets express themselves through the focal point of Venus in the case of the first hammer, and through Juno in the second hammer pattern.

If you recall the discussion of Vesta and Juno a few weeks ago, you will remember they both deal women and the home. This energy amplifies the nurturing Cancer Sun energy too. Venus can make this about a significant other while Vesta and Juno make is these hammer’s energy more about the women in our lives. This can mean immedtiate female family members as well as close female friends and even co-workers. Regardless of who, I think we can count on interactions or new about signifcant women in our lives to be part of our world early this week.

Another Hammer of Thor’s hammer shows up Monday. This one will involve Venus Jupiter and Pluto, again with Venus as the focal point and last all week and into next week. Pluto if you recall, loves to go deep into things and figure out why things are as they are, or what makes us tick. This hammer aspect can lead us to discovering hidden relationship problems and also propell a current relationship into a higher level. That could definitely be a good thing in some cases and not so good in others. Regardless, rest assured the Universe is ultimately looking out for us and only wants the best for us. Sometime this can mean a heartbreak too.

Now to back track just a bit, I want you to be aware that Chiron turned retrograde July 1. The wounded healer will remain retrograde until December 5, 2017. This will be a good time to do some shadow work. This means that we shoud be working on those things that cause us the biggest upset.

This is also a wonderful time to examine how we are moving into a personal role of healer, advisor, coach, or spiritual guide. You might want to look at where Chiron is in your chart too and see what aspects might be forming there for you. If you have not gotten a natal chart done yet, you can go to and generate one there for free. Be sure to add Chiron and one of the asteroids you want to show up, otherwise you will just get the planets without asteroids. You will find the asteroide when you scroll down the chart selection page.

Moving on now, Venus will be transiting Gemini this month and this asks us to look at how diverse our relationships are. Gemini wants us to check out new things and new relationships for sure. Sounds like there might be more heat waves this summer than just the ones we can read with a thermometer. Oooh! La! La!

Other aspects this week include a quincunx between Saturn and Mercury today. This can cause delays. I think we can expect this theme to continue for the next few days too for one reason or another. Stay calm and chilled out.

Mars is opposed to Pluto today. This is about power and the desire to push our agenda regardless of the resistance. You would do well to avoid trying agruments or battle the will of someone else. This aspect is highly passionate and dealing with stuff we have hidden or pushed back and stored away for some reason. Pluto won’t let us keep stuff hidden forever so deal with what comes up. It is for your own good and your evolution and growth.

Monday Venus is sextile Chiron. This deals with our personal relationships. You might notice a more open feeling toward the most personal of our relationships. This aspect has good energy for building trust. It is also condusive to learning from others.

Tuesday Venus is sesquiquadrate Jupiter. We want attention and take steps to get it. At the same time we all should make decisions slowly. Otherwise we might get in over our heads and not be able to deliver what we promised. Overdoing can cause problems too and with so much going on today it will be easy to over do. Like I said before, slow down and chill out!

Tuesday Mercury squares Uranus. Uranus and the planet of communications can be an interesting combo as is opens the possibility for new ideas. Uranus is often thought to have some rather unorthodox ideas however and these are not always greeted with appreciation. Uranus is also a bit on the ADD side of things too and challenges the routine and teadious aspects of life.

Some thing might go undone while others are interupted. If you have something to say, you might do well to hold off for a few days. This aspect could bring about something that causes an upset with tradition. Wonder how this will play out on the world stage? At the same time, new ways for thinking could pop up for some of us. This could be a good thing?

Wednesday Mercury enters Leo. Our thoughts become more confident and sometimes larger than life. Oh My! We have our eye on the prize and the bigger the better. You might notice an increase in drama and theatrics. We might also feel a bit more convincing even if we aren’t in reality. Expressing ourselves through speech or writing if favorable now.

This post is running long so I am going to capsulize the rest of the aspects for this week.

Neptune is a big influence midweek. Expect some problems with boundaries. Some of us will also feel fairly disorganized and unable to get with our routines. Feeling like we want to escape could come up for some as we feel like we are not as effective as we want to be. Be careful not to get to deep into the half-baked ideas. There will be consequences if you do.

Mid week our thoughts could be more like daydreams than clear and rational thoughts. With Mercury in aspect to Neptune, it could be difficult to say what we mean or pick the right words to say. I seem to have this problem more often that not. With Chiron in aspect, we can use our words best to heal. Avoid making presentations or important agreements.

The end of the week, relationships could take a hit. There is an underlying feeling of discontent. Some of us could experience overstimulation, high yet explosive moods might be an illusion too. Creativity could be a good way to express ourselves.

Socially things will mostly likely be fairly easy. Late week could be a good time for business, romance, teaching, and almost anything that deals with the public. On the flip side, hidden stress in a relationship might pop up. The greeneyed jealous monster could show up too. So could a hidden money issue. Try now to engage in any power plays or in manipulating friends, lovers, or business relationships.

The week ends with a Full Moon in Capricorn. The Cancer Capricorn polarity is about our public and our private lives. Cancer rules our domesticity while Capricorn rules our public acolades or punishements. Cancer is our home base and our point of origin, while Capricorn in our duty and responsibility. It is also closely tied to  our family traditions in some ways too. The Full Moon will shed light on where we have been and where we are going. Take this as deep as you want to. 

Over all, there seems to be a lot of difficult energy in the skies this week. I urge you again to stay grounded, calm, unattached to outcomes and stay in the moment. Take time to stop and smell the coffee, roses, and whatever else comes your way. In other words, when you get stressed, take a deep breath and chill out.

Wishing you all the best this week has to offer. Stay safe and be careful when traveling, grilling, and shooting off those fireworks. And don’t forget to be kind to all people, animals, and Mother Earth.

Enjoy your holiday! ! !






Astrology for June 25 – July 1, 2017


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Today I begin my 6th week of experiencing shingles. The good news is that I am healing and while I have learned a great deal, I would not wish this on anyone and do not wish for a repeat performance.

The other day as I was thinking about this illness and the duality I have felt in my body. It struck me that my outbreak occurred just before the Sun entered Gemini, the sign of duality. From a spiritual standpoint, I am pretty sure I have not learned all the lessons I can learn from this. I will, therefore, continue to examine how duality is playing out in my life in the coming days, weeks, and perhaps months. If I discover anything worth sharing I will let you know.

This past week I dealt mainly with postherpetic neuralgia. While researching this aspect of the healing process, I read a gruesome account of a woman who had a particularly severe experience with this. The last 2/3 of the story was so interesting to me that I decided to add the link for you to read if you choose to.

One thing unrelated to shingles that I found interesting was the slow pace with which new and valuable information sifts down into the mainstream medicine or about any aspect of life. The article also offers hope for countless people suffering from nerve related problems. I recommend that if you do read this lengthy article, to not skim over it. For me, there were some interesting, valuable, and very subtle points that I did not pick up on until I read it a second time and more slowly.

Last week the energy revolved mainly around Venus and Mercury. This week Mercury continues to take the stage. You may even feel like Mercury is retrograde sometimes. The planet of communications and travel will have no less than four interactions with other planets. But let’s begin with what is going on today.

First of all, we are in the Cancer New Moon cycle and I hope you have set your intentions for your new beginnings this month. Mars is square Jupiter and this can cause some problems in the family. These can include angry outbursts and a tenancy to be bossy with anyone, especially a family member. Some might feel extra sexy today too.

Later in the day and into Monday, Mercury and Mars will trine Neptune. This aspect supports action, communications, and all things spiritual and aids our ability to receive messages from the higher realms. If you practice dance, yoga, or any form of movement, you may feel more connected and centered in your practice today and tomorrow.

Tuesday, Mercury squares Jupiter and within the conjunctive orb of Mars. With Jupiter in Libra, our thoughts and mental processes are active! Mercury, the communicator, loves to talk so stay aware of this try not to drive folks nuts by talking too much. On Wednesday the Mercury and Mars conjunction perfects.

This perfect conjunction can be opinionated and sometimes defensive. This energy is best used by drawing on the strong influence of Cancer. If you can manage this then your communications will have a more of a nurturing nature and be more supportive to others.

Wednesday Venus is in quincunx or inconjunct aspect to Saturn. This can cause us to extra sensitive. If we attempt to be social or show affection, we might feel anxious, inhibited, and actually distance ourselves emotionally from any opportunity. Saturn can sure put the kibosh on fun sometimes. But he has his place and often keeps us from doing stupid stuff too.

Thursday brings us a difficult aspect as Mercury opposes Pluto. Pluto loves to go deep and this aspect is no exception. This time he goes deep into our minds. Planetary oppositions are always difficult. Some are more difficult than others. This one probably falls into the “others” category.

Mercury is of course about communications and travel. When Pluto takes us deep our words could come out more sharply than we might like. We might also experience more road rage or difficulties in making travel plans. Caution should be taken so we don’t say something we may be sorry for later. Those with Mercury in Cancer, Pluto in Capricorn, or with these planets being triggered in their charts in some way, will want to be extra careful.

Thursday we will see the last T- square of June develop. This will last until July 16 so you might want to make a mental note of this aspect for the duration. This aspect is balance and expansion in conflict with, deep thought and tradition, in conflict with the self and the ego securely nurtured at home.

Great healing can happen with difficult aspects if we don’t give into the fear they can stir up. This particular aspect will move us examine our beliefs and feelings about our families of choice and birth, our comfort at home, how we are nurtured, and how secure we feel about it all. There is certainly a lot of insecurity being felt in society right now on all these fronts.

All this insecurity is causing a great deal of stress. Stress is what caused me to break out with shingles. I encourage you to focus more on what you love, and on feeling and expressing love than you do on what is or is not going on out in the world. Look at the ways you feel nurtured, secure, and loved. You have more than two weeks of this energy. Use it well, or not. The choice, as always, is yours.

This is going to be an interesting summer in Astrology. It is just getting started too. Next weekend we move into July, the seventh month. Numerologists say that both the seventh and the eight months bring challenges based on their numerology alone.

Seven is very intelligent, serious, contemplative, wise, and graceful. It is a spiritual number, dislikes gossip and small minded outbursts. The shadow side of seven can be very small minded, distant, distant, back-stabbing, and even act like a coward.

From the spiritual standpoint, Seven is always trying to get to the root of things and to know the truth about why things are as they are. Seven is also uninterested in what is popular or in fashion. He gets bored with these things. Seven is also a bit like Libra in that he knows what is just and unjust. How interesting that our country, based on justice, was founded in the seventh month.

If all the prognosticators are correct about this summer, we are on the cusp of it all now. I am not going to venture a speculation but rather sit back and watch it all unfold as it will. I believe the Universe knows best.

Wishing all my friends safe travels as they head out for their vacations or just around town. I hope to see you here again next week.

Astrology for June 18-24, 2017


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Mercury in Cnacer

How has life been treating you lately? I hope you have had more vigor this week than I have. While I am not sure what to attribute this lack to, it seems many people I have spoken to this week have been feeling it too. Whatever it is, I hope to find some relief soon. In the meantime, I do my best to roll with whatever is going on.

The BIG news this week is Summer Solstice. Then there is a sign change for Mercury, a New Moon, a trine between Venus and Pluto, and a square between Mars and Jupiter. I might need to mention that the Solstice also means a sign change for the Sun, as she leaves Gemini and moves into Cancer.

Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year. After Wednesday, each day will have about two minutes less daylight time until we get back to the shortest day of the year or Winter Solstice. I think I am feeling the energy shifting now.

The sign of Cancer is ruled by the Moon and therefore is an emotional sign. It is also the sign of the Mother, women, family, the home, security, nurturing, and the homeland. Mercury will be joining the Sun in Cancer that same day. This energy could stimulate coherent, objective, consistent conversations in all forms of delivery.

Mercury also moves into Cancer that same day and conjuncts the Sun. This can be a good thing because it could create more objective, rational, and coherent communications via all forms of delivery. Gemini was a very chatty transit for the planet of communications. This transit is quite the opposite and thus more coherent.

There are a lot of aspects this week and most involve either Mercury of Venus. But first I need to mention the Sun sextile Uranus. This is going to bring some new stuff; new ideas, new luck, new destinies, and new situations to experience. This can be good energy for socializing too, especially when is comes to organized groups and meetings. This energy will stimulate positive, creative problem solving, and hopefully positive changes as well.

Today Mercury is opposite Saturn. This can cause a less than positive point of view and far from optimistic thoughts and communications. Fortunately, many of us won’t feel much like talking and that can be a good thing. Second guessing ourselves and the need to re-do some of the things we thought were complete might be the norm of this day. Expect delays, sensitivity, and critical expressions. I’d like to say do your best not to dish out criticism but that might be difficult for even the most gentile among us.

Monday is all about Venus it seems. Today she will be quincunx or inconjunct Jupiter. This brings us a powerful desire for the best life has to offer. However, this can be a strain on relationships when we are expecting more than they can give us. My dad used to say “don’t let your champagne tastes overextend your beer purse”. I think those words could be applied here. Balance is, as always, a key to happiness. In this case, the balance will be between responsibilities and perceived desires.

Monday Venus is semi-square the Sun. Any inner uneasiness might present its self as an irritation caused by someone else. This is a reflection you need to look at. We often think our unhappiness is caused by something or someone when in fact is it is caused by our own skewed point of view. Try going within. Meditate. Doodle or write about your feelings. Just don’t go off half-cocked and do something you might regret later.

Venus shows up one more time on Monday in a semi-square to Chiron. This can cause to us pay more attention to how we are different than how we are alike. It is not as if we need more energy in this direction, is it? Remember that we can learn something valuable from everyone as long as we stay open-minded. (Deep breath).

The last aspect for Monday is a square between the Sun and Chiron. Have I told you about my love-hate relationship with Chiron? Haha! This aspect brings out or fear of not fitting in, of being different. Some of us could feel a distinct lack of trust in our ability to make decisions. We might tend to trust others more because of this or in an effort to please someone. This is just self-doubt. Recognize it as that and learn from what it is trying to teach you. You are worthy of your own trust.

Tuesday, Venus will sextile Uranus. Like the Sun sextile Uranus, this is a good aspect for meetings and things that involve an organized group. Any form of digital, technical, or scientific activities or projects methods of communicating is favored. This energy could increase our intuition and be good for getting that flash of insight from nowhere. This aspect is all about creativity and originality. Both are favorites characteristics of mine but at the same time, I am not without prejudice. I am working on seeing things with a new perspective and this aspect will be beneficial in the effort.

Tuesday also brings us a sextile aspect between Venus and Neptune. Anytime Neptune is involved we are dealing with imagination and illusion. Today it is all about being imaginative and keyed into love, romance, and all things beautiful. This put our social and our love lives into a positive light. Enjoy!

Tuesday, there is another aspect with Chiron. Mercury will square the wounded healer. Look for difficult communications and misunderstandings. Some of us could find it difficult to make a decision or have some self-doubt. Knowing what meaning is intended by others could cause strain in our communications.

Wednesday, as I said this is Solstice and the day both the Sun and Mercury move into Cancer. This also means there is a Mercury-Sun conjunction. It could be a good thing that our desires seem to be in line with our thoughts. This energy is good for problem-solving. But be sure that whatever we communicate right now, will count and have an impact. You might want to be a bit careful when it comes to the feelings of others. Then again, perhaps a wake-up call is just what they need.


Next up is Mercury semi-square Venus. This one wreaks of all sorts of social and romantic problems. But the is the shadow side of this aspect. The positive side is that it could lead us to be more considerate than normal. This can also cause make us feel like we are in la-la land or having an ADD day because we can’t seem to stay focused today.

The last aspect to talk about today comes on Saturday. Venus will trine Pluto. This is great energy for money and love. It could even go to the intense level but not in a bad way at all. You might notice a desire to share things more deeply with a friend relative. This will help us see love more clearly in all things too. Not a bad way to end the week I say!

The only thing I have not gone over is the New Moon on Friday. It will be in Cancer and amplify all the Cancer energy we will already be under with Mercury and the Sun. So respect all things Cancer, especially our need for security and safety. I know how difficult this could be for many of us and I won’t go further into this topic except to say, give it your best shot! One thing that might help is if you find some way of leaning into accepting help and support when it is given and finding ways to give the same to others. This is a hard one for me because I am so used to doing things by myself. But as I get older I am needing more and more help. I’m not proud of losing my long-standing independence but I suppose it is a right of passage we all go through. As I have said repeatedly in the 4 and ¾ years I have written this blog, humans love to resist change. I will resist as much change as I can for as long as I can and hope that when it is necessary, I will gracefully allow it come.

On the note, I wish you all a happy Summer Solstice and a great week ahead. Be safe, and be kind to all those you come in contact with.









Astrology for June 11-17, 2017


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Greetings Earthlings! The triple Yod I talked about last week came into perfection yesterday and continues for most of this week. It will begin to diminish rapidly after Thursday. One of the three Yod patterns is stronger than the rest and will last longer. This is the Neptune, Pluto, Vesta Yod. It will last through June 23. This pattern lends a hand to our projects that help the collective, or as some say, the greater good.

Since the triple Yod formation will continue most of this week, I thought a little more background on the asteroids that are involved might be a good place to lead off with in this week’s post. Last week I touched on Ceres as the sister of Jupiter and explained she was the goddess of grain, food cooking, nutrition, and the Earth Mother.

Juno was the third asteroid to be discovered. This asteroid has female energy and is known as Jupiter’s wife. She also has some characteristics in common with Venus. Juno however, is more commitment oriented and on the lookout for a soulmate. But like Venus, Juno is attracted to beauty and fashion. She is diplomatic, and the patron of true love and relationships.

Juno influences the weather, female genitals, equity, and flowers. As Jupiter’s wife, she has experienced much unfaithfulness and is well equipped to deal with spousal abuse, women’s rights, anger, rage, low self worth, dis-affirmation, inequity, and betrayal. She is a powerful force for women everywhere.

Vesta is the second largest asteroid in our solar system and was the fourth to be discovered. Like Ceres, Vesta is a sister to Jupiter. She is also called the virgin goddess, rules self-respect, mental clarity, keeps the home fires burning and the family rituals in tact. Vesta is very organized and can break things down so others understand better. She is good at handling the security of the household including locks and keys, insurance, and inheritance.

Vesta has has domain over our metabolism and the upper intestine. Her shadow side is where we find insecurity, promiscuity, secrete organizations, fear of intimacy, low self-respect, and denial. Sounds depressive doesn’t it?

Ceres was covered last week. This is actually a dwarf planet with as much influence as Pluto. She rules over grains, is thought of as a Mother Earth figure, and rules over food and cooking, parenting, and gardening.

Ceres shadow side brings work problems, eating disorders, custody and child endangerment issues, and fertility and stomach problems. The shadow side can also display low self esteem, feelings of abandonment, fear of abundance. The location of Ceres in your chart will tell you where you feel the most nurtured. For me this is the eleventh house, the house of friends and just this morning a friend paid me a special visit and brought me something I have been wanting.

Asteroids are still not discussed by many astrologers but in as little as the the past couple of years, I have noticed more people taking notice of them and including at least Chiron in their weekly forecasts.

There were lots of energy shifts last week. Mercury moved into Gemini and Venus moved into Taurus on Tuesday, Mars moved into Cancer last Sunday and there was a Full Moon in Sagittarius on Friday.

This week on Tuesday, we have a lot of action with Mercury. Mercury will semi square Uranus and this can make us a bit scatterbrained and also provide us with some moments of good insight. The Uranus influence on our communications might make them less accepted this week. Uranus is rebellious and at the same time, peace loving. This square aspect brings out mental disharmony, sarcasm, and general negativity.

Tuesday also has Mercury squaring Neptune. This throws us into la la land in a way. Concentrating on anything can be difficult with this aspect. It is not a good idea to sign contracts or make any big decisions. Everything is under an illusive lens now. Nothing is as it seems.

Lastly, on Tuesday, Mercury is trine Jupiter. This is a sweet aspect that could boost our positive thinking. This is a good aspect for short trips, writing, studying, teaching, and getting applications or forms submitted.

Thursday the Sun opposes Saturn. This will cause some difficulties with many of us. Some of us could feel overcome with doubt, guilt, and a general lack of hope. Hopelessness seems to be a feeling many of us are struggling with this year. Leave it to Saturn to bring on a large dose of reality. Over all, this difficult aspect could help our confidence levels rise and help us realize that we can take care of ourselves.

Friday, Venus is sesquiquadrate Saturn. This aspect can cause some problems when it comes to relating to other people. Everyone seems to need a chill pill and put some distance between themselves and the other guy.

Financial endeavors often turn out to be conduits for money and not a good idea in general. This is also not a good aspect for love and relationships. This is an aspect for break-ups, separations, and other negative expressions of love and emotion. The best use of this aspect will be to use it to reflect on love and matters of the heart. Being alone can be the best thing ever. But many of us don’t feel like we are enough. Reflection can help us see our self-worth and eliminate self-doubt.

The last aspect this week is again one with Mercury’s influence. Friday, Mercury is inconjunct or quincunx Pluto. This is another aspect that can stir up power struggles and even hostility in some. This is another aspect that can bring in self-doubt too. Don’t give in to it. You are more capable of making good decisions than you might feel like on Friday. Take extra care in making any big decisions and don’t be afraid to adjust your plans in some way. Being flexible is usually a good thing.


Astrology for June 4-10 2017


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I have missed you all for the past two weeks! Shingles is an interesting illness and probably everything you have ever heard about them is true. But let’s leave all that alone now and get back to astrology. This summer is going to be an interesting one I feel sure.

Welcome to June. This month is named after the Roman goddess Juno, who was the champion of young women and marriage. We are just past the halfway point of the Sun’s transit through Gemini. This transit will end with the Summer Solstice on June 21st when the Sun enters Cancer.

Gemini represents duality. Those born under this sign usually have two distinct sides to their personality. Their blend of Yin and Yang energy is perfectly represented by the symbol of the twins.

Gemini’s are curious, imaginative, intellectual, love to collect information, and talk about whatever is on their mind. They are also known to change their minds in an instant. They have often have great eye hand coordination which makes them good artists, musicians, and sportsmen. They also make great writers too.

The shadow side of the Gemini is being indecisive, contradictory, and sometimes tense, troubled or uneasy. They are extremely social people who dislike being alone. They also dislike a routine life and had much rather be out experiencing all there is to experience.

Sunday (today) Mars moves into Cancer. During this transit (through July 20) we might not be so direct when going after the things we want. This energy is just not all that aggressive, but it is a defensive sort of energy. Cancer, the Moonchild is all about emotions and a Mars transit is the same. You can expect changing moods and changing minds, not only in others but in yourself as well.

Monday, Venus is semi-square Neptune. This is the transit the phrase “looking through rose colored glasses” was made for. We can feel as if we are addicted to happiness. But with this also comes a sort of blindness that allows us to only see things the way we want to and not as they really are. It will be a good idea not to begin a new relationship or make any big purchases right now. Remember that Neptune is all about illusion, caution should be taken in all legal, dealings and contracts, formal agreements, and financial and social actions.

Also on Monday, Mercury will be sextile (60 degrees) from Chiron. This is a positive aspect. It’s a good for opening up communications, being sensitive, and being a good listener. It will be easier to get our point across to others too. Our words can be healing and that is almost always a good thing. This aspect can also help us see our life and our problems in a new light.

This Tuesday Venus, the planet of love and beauty, moves into her home sign of Taurus. June is also a popular month for weddings. This transit should bring many positive waves of energy, sensual pleasures, and appreciation of somethings value and of money. You could also notice an increase in your desire for music, art and other things of beauty. Enjoy all this transit has to offer even if it is not all about love.

Mercury changes signs Tuesday and moves into Gemini. Mercury in Gemini should be a good transit for business, social, communications, and travel over the next 3 weeks.

Thursday, Mercury is sesquiquadrate Pluto. The very characteristic of this aspect is one of anxiety and over sensitivity. With this particular aspect, we can expect suspicious minds to rise up, especially in those whose natal Mercury or Pluto is triggered by this aspect or those who are naturally suspicious anyway. This energy is best used to investigate or get to the bottom of something. Try not to fall prey to mental stress. Take a deep breath and chill out a bit when you feel your mental wheels spinning.

Friday we have a Full Moon in Sagittarius. Full Moon’s are always the time when we work to complete the projects we began at the previous New Moon. This Full Moon will be rather close, a mere 5 degrees apart, from Saturn. Saturn’s energy can be somewhat challenging and cause things to slow down or cause roadblocks of some sort.

The other side of this coin is much brighter. This is a good example of why we study astrology too. So we will know what is coming and how to use it to our benefit or how to avoid it as much as possible. The bright side of Saturn is patience, strength, and perseverance. These characteristics can bring a great deal of success to our efforts of completion.

Friday also brings the long-awaited direct station of Jupiter. Jupiter retrograde is not felt in the same ways other retrogrades are but it sure feels better when he is direct! You might notice your luck shift this week and certainly in the next few weeks. I hope any and all shifts for you are welcome ones.

Now I want to talk about an aspect pattern called the “Yod” or “Finger of God” of “Finger of Fate”. This is a triangle formed by three planets or points on a chart. Traditional astrologers debate over the importance of this aspect but modern astrologers seem to be in agreement that this is an aspect to take note of. What makes this interesting now is that there is a triple Yod in the heavens.

The actual Yod is formed when two planets are sextile (60 degrees) to each other and quincunx (150 degrees) to another planet or point in the sky. As with most pattern aspects, the individual aspects as amplified by the whole pattern. In the case of the yod. The sextile aspect energy is said to act like a laser pointer focusing its energy onto the thrid point in the chart.

The next week and a half there will be three of these patterns in the sky. There is actually more going on here than just the three Yods. I hope this doesn’t not become too confusing as I try to explain it all. All three involve astroids so the mainstream astrology forecasts probably won’t even mention them. Sunday is when they begin. Remember all three as inter- connected!

The asteroids involved are Ceres, Juno, and Vesta. The planets are Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto. To be absolutely correct, there is one Yod that is not comprised of two quincunxes. Instead, it is made up of a sextile between Pluto and Neptune, a quincunx between Pluto and Ceres, and a square between Neptune and Ceres. Ceres is the focal point regardless and the square side only adds a bit of extra kick to this pattern mix.

Ceres was the first body discovered in the asteroid belt. She has been up graded to a dwarf planet and is now considered to has the same importance in astrology as Pluto does. In mythology, Ceres is sister to Jupiter or Zeus, and the goddess of grain, known as the Earth Mother and rules over food, and all things concerning food like cooking and nutrition.

Her position in your chart is where you feel nurtured, give love, and feel comfortable. Ceres influences our gardening, parenting, and pension for hard work. She helps us to “ go with the ‘universal’ flow”. This Yod can bring up mother-daughter issues, sadness, release and or return. Paying attention to this aspect could trigger Pluto’s ability to bring prosperity and Neptune’s intuitive ability to increase our assets.

The pattern that involves Vesta is one I really like. That is because it could bring positive support and cause that supports the greater good or the human collective.

There is part of this triple Yod that will lend assistance to our collective spirituality. Spiritual awakening has been taking place for decades in a minority of people. Cosmic energy is almost constantly giving this a boost. This triple Yod will give an additional boost to our spiritual awakening, creativity, and efforts in the area activism.

I hope you enjoy this weeks post. I also hope you all have a great week this week. I’ll hopefully be back next week with another post for you.

Be safe everyone!

Astrology for May 14-20, 2017


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The Full Moon this past week was a bugger for some, while others just skated through it all. Some folks seemed quite agitated while others were full of peace and love. I had lots of energy mid week and was very productive. This lasted through yesterday. By 7 PM last evening, I was feeling good about all I had accomplished but knew it was going to be an early evening.

Last week brought us more surprises in the political arena too. Astrologically, Mercury and Uranus were conjunct. Mercury rules communication and transportation; Uranus rules the unexpected and quick change. And that is all I am going to say about that.

I had rather think about the unity consciousness that is developing. This might be difficult for some to see but it is there. Consider how many folks are fed up with the way things are. Consider how things seem to be falling apart. Both of these things are bringing people together. Perhaps not in the most loving and positive ways but together none the less.

Folks are uniting in their desire for change and the old structures are being torn down and destroyed so new ones can be built. This is going to take time of course and the path through it all is not pleasant or easy at all.

We are still under the influence of the Saturn/Uranus trine. Once again, we have Uranus and his quick change, rebellion, and all things unexpected, gently aspecting the old guard we call Saturn. This is an aspect that is easy to work with and it will be with us until the end of the month. More on this later a bit later.

The Sun’s transit of Taurus is coming to a close. This is the time of year we plant and hope our roots grow strong to support our crops. Our need for security grows too but there is the shadow side to deal with. This shows up as possessiveness and stubbornness. Neither of which go in my column “A”.

The end of the week the Sun moves into Gemini. This is an air sign like Aquarius and Libra. Air signs are known to seek knowledge. Under this sign, we might find we are more social, curious, and rational. I would love to see more rationale in the world.

The shadow side of Gemini is that we are often split between our choices. Should we do this or should we do that? Which one will bring us more pleasure? Which one will satisfy our curiosity and our thirst for knowledge? This sign can cause a great deal of unreliability in some of us. In others, it will be all about the joke.

Mercury will move into Taurus on Tuesday. We’ve had a long retrograde related slow down during this last retrograde. Usually, once Mercury stations to turn direct, he is quick to move on. This time he sat in one spot for nearly a week. It seems as if he has gotten stuck in the Taurian mud and is having trouble digging his way out. He stationed nearly two weeks ago, on May 3rd. However, he won’t be back to full speed until May 20.

I know many of you are wondering what all the terms used to describe Mercury mean. Most of you know that retrograde means a planet appears to move backward. The terms storm and shadow are two other aspects for a retrograde but not often used to describe a transit other than Mercury’s.

The station refers to the point at which a planet changes direction. The origin of this word is from the Latin word “stare”. This means to stand or to stand still.

The shadow period is the degrees a planet travels back over as if moves backward and then forwards again. This is best understood by looking at an ephemeris. If you look at this past Mercury retrograde in an ephemeris, you will notice the retrograde began on April 9, 2017, at 4 degrees 48 minutes Taurus.

A couple of days passed before he fully stopped and began moving backward. He eventually re-entered Aries on April 21. 2017. Then on May 3, 2017, Mercury stationed or stopped and began moving forward again. The ephemeris shows the degrees and signs he traveled over. This also shows the Mercury does not move back to the sign and degree where he first stationed retrograde until May 20, 2017. The shadow period is determined by the traveling over territory already transited.

The storm period has to do with speed. Mercury slows down as he stations to turn retrograde or direct. The storm period refers to this time when he is moving slowly in either direction. The storm period is over once he is traveling at full speed again. This storm period and speed it determined as any time when Mercury is moving at less than 40′ (40 minutes of arc) per day. This is one more illustration of the intricacies of astrology. If you are confused, just move on and try to read this again later. But remember, the effects of both shadow and storm are nearly the same as a retrograde. 

Venus remains in Aries through June 6, 2017. Perhaps you have noticed some spontaneity in your social life or the way you approach things of beauty? Doing things on the fly is what this transit is all about. Just like spring, we tend to exude a fresh, new view of life and love while going about it all with some abandon. It is the thrill of the chase after all that is most attractive now.

Mars has been in Gemini since April 21, 2017. The planet of action is a great deal more versatile in this transit. He also has perhaps far less ability to concentrate on tasks at hand too. But this can be balanced by his diversity, or at least one can hope. The shadow side of this transit is often noted as being scatter-brained or flipping flopping on ideas and decisions.

The aspects this week include a T-square in Wednesday that involves Mars, Saturn, and Chiron. The focal point of the T- square formed by these three planets is Chiron in Pisces. This could mean that some sort of spiritual healing modality is what is called for. Chiron’s squares to both Saturn and Mars is difficult without a doubt.

The bright side of this aspect is that our leadership skills could be spotlighted and our energy might be quite high. Saturn does push us to be our best and use our time and talents effectively. Chiron in some cases will boost the Mars energy and help us get over our reservations about boldly stepping out with new found wisdom and information.

Thursday the Sun is sextile Chiron. This can lead us to seek our purpose or find our mission. This aspect can help us find solutions to problems. Something we all need from time to time. This can also increase our self-confidence and our desire to learn from others and our own experiences. I don’t think these are ever bad things, are they?

Friday, Saturn is trine Uranus. This aspect has been with us a while now and will continue through the end of the month but today it is in its perfection or exact. This aspect relates to our life’s path, our work, and our careers. Some of us could see some fast changes in some areas of our lives. No matter how fast they are, these changes are likely fairly well thought out and have successful, innovative outcomes.

Friday also brings us, Venus, opposing the great benefic, Jupiter. This can bring about a need to amplify our affections and to overstate them. Jupiter does love to expand on things even when things are exactly viewed in the most rational light. Drama can be high and some of us might show signs of over-inflated egos.

Our inclination toward over indulgence could be a problem. This will be especially in those who feel they are not getting what they need from their daily lives. I know there are a lot of social events coming this next weekend. Please have fun but try your best not to go too crazy with the drama and desire to party hardy.

Stay safe in all you do. Drink lots of water. The weather forecast for my area says we a jumping head on into summer this coming week! What a roller coaster this spring weather has been.

Astrology for May 7 – 13, 2017


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May is a busy time of year, isn’t it? Lots of graduations and award ceremonies. The Music festival season begins and lets’s not forget our Mothers. Living or dead, they have loved and supported us through school and life, to get us to where we are now. You have one week to order those flowers, plan that dinner, or simply set aside some time for a visit or phone call.

This week also brings us the Full Moon! Sun is in earthy Taurus and the Moon in watery Scorpio. I am going to expect some flooding in some area this week.

This flooding could be significant as an opposition between Uranus and the Moon occurs the same day. There will also be a trine aspect between the Sun and Pluto, the destroyer. While I hardly feel comfortable or learned enough to predict these things, the aspects this week sure look like they are pointing to flooding.

This week is in fact, full of trines. These are gentle aspects and often beneficial. They tend to magnify or support the energy of other planets and aspects. This week is no exception.

I’ve already mentioned the Sun trine Pluto that takes place on Tuesday. This aspect can help us figure out what is really causing x,y, and z in our lives. You could also notice your concentration and ability to make sound decisions in pretty good this week. Pluto will take us deep so we can use our past experiences to assist us with things now.

We sometimes call Pluto the destroyer. His powers of destruction are necessary for helping us move forward and evolve. This particular trine should raise the power of our goals. For those is us that have been in flux of late, this could be quite the positive aspect. Of course, this could cause further problems if we are not ready to let go of the old ways and move on with the new. If you are considering a new project or business, this trine’s energy could be helpful.

Wednesday, Mercury conjuncts Uranus. The planet of communications and objective thought meets the planet of the unexpected, weather, technology, and the future. This energy will boost our intuition and our ability to understand more intellectual thought.

Some of us will notice our ideas seem to come from nowhere and are right on time. Others could feel like they got hit with an ADD stick. Regardless of how this aspect presents in your world, do your best to channel this energy in the most inventive, unbiased ways you can. Be progressive and follow the creative direction this can give you. Go with the flow!

Thursday, Mars is square Neptune. This can bring inspiration from some extraordinary places. This is also rather ADD like energy so our organizational skills could feel a bit less organized. But this is another aspect that brings out strong intuition. The problem is, with Neptune involved, our intuition might not be so accurate. This energy is not good for a new project either so use caution on this day in particular.

Thursday, Mercury trines Saturn. This will help balance the Mars square Neptune energy because it is pretty much the opposite energy. This energy it also detailed and progressive. Whatever you do with this energy now, can create good results in the future. Our conversations will be more short, sweet and simple.

Friday, Mars trines Jupiter. This one is of particular interest to me as Mars is about to conjunct my natal Jupiter soon. This trine is different from my natal conjunction, however. This aspect should boost our willpower, which is almost always a good thing. Our energy level will get a charge too.

This will be, in general, the best day this week for contracts and negotiations. You might even feel like going big and taking on more projects and setting new goals. Jupiter brings a great deal of optimism to the table and Mars adds a bit of adventure. All in all, this aspect will help us end this week on a positive note. But don’t wait till Friday to act in positive ways or get started in at least thinking about anything new that can improve our life.

This ends this week’s outlook. Make the most of the best this week has to offer. If bad weather should show up in the area where you are, I hope you are able to stay safe and well. Interestingly, right after I began today’s post, my mother called to tell me about a tree that had broken off in last week’s storms. She is fine and the house suffered only a very small hole in the roof. She was lucky.

Saturn in Sagittarius 2017


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This year, Saturn winds up his transit of Sagittarius. He is also retrograde from early April through late August. But before I go further, I want to make you aware of something I came across while researching this information. I found at least two astrology sites that incorrectly listed Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius as beginning in January of 2017 and lasting til January of 2020. This is where knowing how to use an ephemeris can be important.

The ephemeris shows the degree and sign position in the sky, day by day, month by month for the planets, for each year. has an ephemeris that covers 9000 years in their files. This is where you can look up the position of any planet between 5000 BC, through the end of 22st century. That covers a lot of territory!

Saturn’s current transit of Sagittarius, according to this ephemeris, began on Christmas Eve 2014 and continues through December 20, 2017. As you can see, Saturn’s transit is a long one. Transit length varies from 2 ½ – 3 years due to retrogrades. It takes Saturn between 28 and 30 years to complete one full cycle around the Sun. When Saturn completes its cycle in our natal chart, we call this “ our Saturn return”.

I often refer to Saturn as our cosmic father. He is an authoritarian, teacher, and is represents the rules and regulations we must follow. He governs institutions, governments, finance, education, science, and all other types institutions. He puts the breaks on our fun and reins us in when we get wild. Saturn is what drives us to work hard or suffer the consequences.

Saturn also represents time, aging, and death. This is opposite of the Sun, which represents life. Saturn will show you where you lack confidence, where your greatest challenges are, and what is restricting you. He will make you face these too because, like any good father, he wants us to become our best self.

Saturn will wind up his transit of Sagittarius this year. I have read that the last degrees of any transit are the most powerful. I do not know if this is true or simply the viewpoint of some astrologers. There is, however, a very interesting Saturn return this year. Three of them to be exact.

You may remember reading or studying in school about the stock market crash of 1929 that lead to the “Great Depression”. The market is one of the institutions governed by Saturn. On that day, October 29, 1926, Saturn was at 26 degrees 48 minutes Sagittarius. This year Saturn returns to that very spot on the chart, three times. The first one already passed, on March 1. 2017. The second is coming up on May 13.

Why three you ask? This is due to the current retrograde motion of Saturn. This backwards motion will cause Saturn to track back over the degrees it traveled during its retrograde. Once Saturn turns direct in August, he will then go back over those degrees a second time as he heads back to the degree he first turned retrograde. This motion can easily be seen in the ephemeris charts for this time period.

I feel as if May is going to hold some very interesting times for us but I have no clues as to what they might be. Sure, I could speculate but my goal is simply to inform. From an energy standpoint, May is the fifth month. The number five has some powerful energy according to numerologists.

Five is the most impulsive of all single digits numbers. It is always moving, changing, and fiercely independent and at the same time loyal as they come. It also is the month in which fixed Taurus ends and mutable, changeable Gemini begins. Changeable and mutable mirror the five’s energy.

Any numerologist will also tell you that the number eight is also one to watch. August is the eighth month and when Saturn will turn direct again. This is also the time of the next total solar eclipse. Eclipses are said to have the greatest effect on the areas the pass over.

This eclipse will cross the United States from near McClellansville South Carolina, then sweeps across the middle of the country through the toe of North Carolina, and a sliver Georgia. It then moves on through parts of Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, 450 acres of Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, a tiny bit of Montana (8 square miles), Idaho, and exits out over the Pacific ocean through Oregon.

The swath of the eclipse covers the very heart of America. Interestingly, just five days later, a retrograde Saturn turns direct. All these events represent a great deal of energy very close to each other. Combine these things with the additional aspects and influences of the other planets as they interact with Saturn, the Sun and the Moon and it could get very, very interesting. I have not looked ahead into those details as yet but plan to in the coming weeks and months. I will be paying close attention to how Venus plays in all this as well.

The last time Saturn will be at the exact return point of October 1929 will be on November 22, 2017. Some astrologers feel this one will have the most impact on us. How that impact will play out is anyone’s guess. Only time will tell.