Astrology for June 28-July 4, 2015


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fire works

This week, I almost don’t know where to begin. I guess I could start with the big BANG! Yes! The unmanned space rocket launched intended for the international space station and launched early today, exploded shortly after take off. WOW! The good news is there was no loss of life.

For some time now, I have been reading about how this summer is going to be one to remember. How it is going to long and hot, both temperature wise and temperament wise. If the past 12 days are any indication, I would have to say we are in for one heck of a wild ride this summer. I began writing about this earlier this week and have not finished yet. I may never finish it. For now, I will concentrate on the aspects of this week.

This week is packed with cosmic events. The first and sweetest one of the week, and perhaps one of the sweetest spots of the summer peaks on Tuesday, June 30. This is when Venus and Jupiter are conjunct and just 1/3 of a degree apart.

This will be bright enough to be seen before sunset but the best viewing is just as it is getting dark. Should you miss it Tuesday, this conjunction will be a spectacle all week long so be sure to check it out. Look for the bright object in the west-northwest sky about an hour after sunset. I’m sure you can’t miss it. Read more about this here:

The Jupiter Venus conjunction is in Leo. This is a feel-good conjunction that is bringing goodness to our love life, finances and travel. It will be important to keep in mind that these three energies together can lead to excess in any area so consider yourself warned. You might want to keep an eye on how much you are spending.

The combo of Venus and Leo reminds me of the cowardly Lion in The Wizard of Oz. The Lion loved to think of himself as handsome and loved the adoration of others. When ever I think of Venus in Leo, I see the Cowardly Lion looking at himself in the mirror.

Sunday and Monday there is a rough spot when Venus and Chiron are in a semi-square aspect. This can bring out insecurity or dissatisfaction. But the Venus-Jupiter conjunction will lend balance to this aspect and lessen its affects.

Wednesday brings us a Full Moon in Capricorn. This bring with it some interesting dynamics. It polarizes the private and the public, the unconditional and the conditional. If you recall, the Cancer Sun energy is all about the home, nurturing and the mother; her unconditional love. Capricorn is dutiful, responsible, and conditional. This Full moon is asking us to find balance in these opposites. This speaks to what summer vacations are all about. Finding balance between work and family by taking a break and getting away for bit. Have fun and send me a postcard. I love living vicariously.

Neptune will add to the balance of this Full moon. He will be trine to both the Sun and Mars this week. It is sure to increase our creativity and sensitivity. I would not be surprised if there is not some more water events like storms or flooding in the news later this week.

Mercury still has another week is his comfy sign of Gemini. This makes for some good times socially, good conversation, sprinkled with a fair amount of curiosity. I love a curious mind. I am always wanting to know more, do more see more.

The end of the week brings us to the nations birthday. The Moon will be in Aquarius which is the natal position of the nation’s chart. This represents the very founding of our country through its rebellion and desire for personal freedom. With the judgment passed down by the Supreme Court this past week, I would say we are echoing the very principles this country was founded on. Liberty and justice for all!

If I can separate myself and compartmentalize all that is rolling around in my head I will finish writing what I started to last week. There is a lot coming up and I tend to get bogged down in my thoughts about it all. But I will tell you now that many are predicting some volatile events around July 4th.



Astrology for June 21-27, 2015


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UntitledHappy Father’s Day

Happy First Day of Summer

Let’s start off with some Music!

Many of you felt the last Mercury retrograde deeply. Once he went direct things still seemed to be stuck in the mud because he was opposing Saturn. I am happy to say that these two are no longer opposed. We should feel like we are coming out of the mud this weeks and things should begin to move better. At least for a little while. We’ve got some squares to Saturn coming up about mid July, as well as some new oppositions.

This week begins with the Sun changing signs and moving into Cancer. This is the sign of home and security. This is where our mother lives and nurtures us. This is where our focus will be over the next four weeks. Cancer is ruled by the Moon and the Moon represents our emotions. Do not be surprised if you or those around you, especially the Cancerians, experience emotional swings during this transit. This will be felt more when our security or home is in question.

Mercury remains in Gemini for a little over two more weeks. Expect to feel more curious, social, and talkative. Deep introspection is not the forte’ of this transit. Instead, we are more interested in the skinny version of things. I know after the last Mercury retrograde you might not feel this but Mercury energy can be a really good thing when it comes to arguing our point.

Venus in Leo is generous with money and love. If you have Venus in Leo in your natal chart, you are probably never want the romance stage of a relationship to end. This is a transit with a lot of ego. The shadow side is that we can overstate things just to get a rise out of others. Being excessive and letting our desires for extravagance get the best of us can be problematic.

Mars is in his last days of Gemini this week. He leaves for Cancer on Wednesday. Again, the Moon has a lot to do with Cancer energy so our emotions will be swinging. Sometimes they will be up and sometimes down. Mars in Cancer is a bit more defensive and will do what it needs to do to protect the home and family. But, our actions will depend on the mood dejour.

There is also a harmonious fire trine between Jupiter and Uranus all week. This energy is excited about change, the future, and encourages diversity. Even the most rigid among us may feel a bit more like doing something totally out of character and go against the grain for a change. This some energy I can really latch on to. Especially is you throw in the invention and technology factor. I would not be surprised if we hear of some new scientific breakthroughs in the coming weeks.

At the end of the week there is a Grand Trine Kite forming in water. Neptune is one of the planets in this trine so I would not be surprised to see more flooding and news relating to water or water events this week or next. This will be a brief Grand Trine, only lasting a few hours.

I say briefly, because this involves the fast moving Moon which changes signs every two days. A Grand Trine is like a private conversation between three planets. The Kite part adds a strong opposing influence and strength to the conversation by adding an opposing planet to the mix. This opposition acts like a stabilizer or back bone to the conversation.

Grand trines can be difficult for the extroverts among us. This tight conversation between these three planets pulls them in and they might not be feeling as social as they usually do. Although this Grand trine will be brief, we all need some down time, even the most outgoing among us.

This Grand Trine brings up a good opportunity to talk about the Moon. This is one cosmic member that I have talked little about. This body moves fast and its influence changes every two days or so. However, its influence is strong and needs to be considered more often.

The Moon, as noted by its influence in Cancer, rules the collective, the masses, family structures and tribal instinct, leadership, politicians, and our leaders. The Moon has a strong magnetic pull as illustrated by the ocean’s tides. This same magnetic pull affects our emotions too. Don’t forget the human body is 67% water. Females typically have more water in their body’s than men,thus attributing the Moon with more female qualities.

The Moon holds a great deal of meaning in our charts. She is sensitive, spontaneous, imaginative, and shows us how we deal unconsciously with our emotions. She is all about our moods on a daily basis and often outside our control. What more could you expect from such a fast moving planet?

The Moon’s placement in our natal chart tells us almost as much about our personality as our Sun sign does. However its meaning changes as we age. When we are young, the Moon represents our relationship to our Mothers and our families. As we get older this changes to how we relate to those around us, and later to our female descendants, friends, or the public in general. In the male chart, the Moon represents the type of woman a man is attracted to. This does not however usually point to the “ideal” woman.

Learning about your Moon sign can be eye opening. If you don’t know where your Moon lies, I urge you to go to and enter your info to get your chart. It only takes a couple of minutes. Then you can see where your moon is and Google that info to get more details.

For me, the Moon is in Virgo. I am very grateful for the balance and organization this placement offers my Aquarian Sun and my Scorpio Ascendant. I can cause me to be stand-offish around new people but once I get to know folks I am more open with my affections.

Lunar Virgos can lack self confidence and this has certainly been one of my issues throughout my life. If my parents had been astrologically informed perhaps they would have known my propensity to this and found good ways to better build my confidence. It might be beneficial to know your child’s chart or at least where the Moon and Ascendant lie.

I hope this information helps you navigate your week better and avoid problems or at least understand what might be causing a problem for you.

As always there is more to cover than I have time for. This is going to be a busy week for me and I am looking forward to all that I am able to accomplish. I hope your week is a full of accomplishments or what ever you desire it to be. Be safe!

Coming up this weekend!


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If you have looked at the western sky near sunset in the past week or two, no doubt you have seen Venus and Jupiter shinning brightly. This coming Friday and Saturday the Moon will join them to form an isosceles triangle in the sky. Below is an illustration from showing the planetary positions for June 19-20,2015.

2015-june-19-20-21-venus-jupiterVenus and Jupiter have been inching their way toward each other for a couple of weeks. By June 30the they will bejust 1/3 of a degree apart, at 21 degrees Leo. This conjunction will make these two planets the brightest spot in the sky and unmistakable. Be sure to check them out over the next couple of weeks.

Astrology for June 14-20, 2015


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Yippee! You can breathe that sigh of relief now that Mercury is direct. I stationed and turned in the evening of this past Thursday. Unfortunately you may not notice as much relief as usual. Yes, there is sure to be a few things bloopers, blunders, bloopers, and blunders yet due to the continuing Mercury-Saturn opposition. But if your chart is ruled by Mercury or Mercury has a strong presence, you will feel the direct motion the most.

Mercury-Saturn opposition is still with us and won’t end until Monday, June 22, 2015. So if you have felt bogged down and like you were walking though mud during this last Mercury retrograde, and you aren’t feeling much better since he changed directions, you should notice change after June 22. Till then, relax, breathe and do your best to be present and in the moment and you will be just fine.

downloadSaturn has been retrograde in Sagittarius for a little while now. As of today, June 14, 2015, he is stepping back into Scorpio for one last time in this generation. This is a sort of last chance opportunity for change. I have not finished reading my new book on Saturn yet. I plan to work toward that end today and soon get back to you with a more in-dept report of what we can expect with this retrograde into Scorpio. We all resist change in large and small ways. Perhaps the knowledge I gain from this reading will be of some benefit. Many people are learning ways to allow change in their lives. I hope you are one of them. Change is good.

We have one or two more communication glitch coming this week. (There is always one isn’t there?)This will be late today, June 14, 2015, when the Moon and Mercury conjunct and again on Tuesday when the Moon conjuncts Mars. Monday look for more electronic or written glitches. Tuesday, watch out for pointed tongues. The good news is, the Moon moves fast and the first conjunction is near midnight.

The second one is in the afternoon EDT. You might want to watch what you say between 3 and 5 pm that day. Sticking to your plans should be a breeze, just don’t leap before you look. Those that will feel this energy the most are those with personal planets at 22-28 degrees of any of the mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces.

The last bit of a glitch is Mercury square Neptune. This energy has been with us for the entire month of June so far and will continue till almost the very end of the month. This energy is mentally creative, intuitive, and imaginative. Art and creativity are like those shinny objects capturing our attention.

The shadow side is that we might sometimes stretch the truth under this influence. Planning ahead can be problematic too as we had rather roll with the day dream now, than be responsible and plan. Use the rest of the month to explore your creative side more if you haven’t already begun to. It really is like meditation.

Tuesday also brings us the New Moon in Gemini. Exact time is after 10AM EDT and ImageJ=1.43uof course varies according to where you are on the planet. For Greensboro, NC this will be at 10:24 am, or at least that it the calculation I get from my chart generator. Be sure to look out Monday or Tuesday night because the back side of the moon will be visible thanks to the Sun’s reflection on it.

Gemini will add double power to this New Moon and we just talked about how Mars will add his energy by way of a conjunction. This conjunction will indeed be easy and communications won’t suffer and prove to be rather copacetic in nature.

The New Moon is a time to begin anew, new ideas, new communications (just watch out for that time late in the afternoon), new projects. Now that Mercury is direct our new communications will be easier, especially after this week. Remember, the energy of the New Moon last for a while.

This next week will be the last the Sun’s transit through Gemini. I do hope you have enjoyed some of the wonderful social energy this has brought to the Earth. I know I have. It has been great fun to get reacquainted with old friends, make new ones and enjoy places I have not been before. In just one week we trade in all this social energy for a more nurturing energy. If you are planning to attend a Summer Solstice event, I hope you enjoy yourself. The weatherman is calling for high temps in the low 90’s. Be sure to stay hydrated and don’t get sunburned.

Speaking of being social,Venus loves to be out and about. She is currently touring Leo where her need to be admired is strong. She is also adding her creative style to the creativity in the cosmos. She may even be a on the wild, flirty side of things. This combo is all about kindness, color, fun, and good times.

All in all, this week should be a quieter ones than we have had lately. Of course as soon as I say that I am sure there will be something huge come forth and surprise us. I feel a bit like this is the calm before the storm. With Mars squaring Neptune, a big water event is not out of the question.

The Sun is nearly at the highest point north of the Equator. Solstice Father’s Day are nearly here. So is vacations time too. Whether you have plans or not, find some joy in your world. There are fun, free things to do, even if it is only a cool morning or late evening stroll in the yard. What ever you do….enjoy and be safe.




Astrology for June 7-13, 2015


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Mercury stations to turn direct this coming Thursday. I have heard so many tales of woe during this June transit. The only thing I have personally noticed is that I have been a bit more clumsy and have had to do a few things over. Nothing serious, and nothing about this transit is really hitting my chart. What is hitting my chart is the transiting Sun and Mars conjunct my natal Jupiter. This is a social, benevolent, and active conjunction. I certainly have been more motivated to be out working in the yard. The cooler temperatures last week helped with that too. How I wish it would stay below 85 all

I do want to warn you that just because Mercury will be turning direct, this does not mean we won’t till feel his retrograde energy. Quite the contrary. This transit has been a strong one because Mercury is in Gemini, a sign he is quite happy in. And as you probably know, he will be in his storm period for a little while longer. This transit is especially long and lasts all the way to June 20th. After that he will be back to full speed ahead until the next retrograde period in the fall.

In the mean time we have Neptune turning retrograde on Friday. Neptune’s retrograde usually only affects us internally. This is a good transit for those behind the scenes that do benevolent work for the collective population of the earth. This will also be a good time to work on completing some of those bucket list items if you have a list.

The Sun is about half way through his transit of Gemini. This is hopefully bringing a few social events into your life and you are getting out and enjoying yourself and the company of others. You might also notice that you are feeling a bit scatter minded. This is because Gemini is naturally curious and loves diversity. This is a good thing but can cause some of us to become unreliable and erratic. Mercury in Gemini adds to this energy of curiosity, sociability and knowledge seeking. 772-004-040C4F39

Mars is also transiting Gemini.  The planet of action is much more versatile and easy going. The shadow side is that Mars is far less focused the usual and less focused on his goals. The twins love diversity their energy can cause Mars bounce around and make a “normal” person feel like they have ADD. Speaking as one who is ADD, it is not so bad.

Mars will be sextile Uranus early in the week. This is a combo that is willing to take a risk in order to make a needed change. You could notice you are feeling more spontaneous and self-reliant. New ideas are forward thinking, and we have a strong desire to see things change.

Jupiter is coming close to the end of his year long transit of Leo. Jupiter represents hope, growth, unselfishness, joy and abundance. Leo is a fire sign. When we combine this fire with Jupiter we are often more interested in our own opinions and beliefs than those of others. Arguments can result. But we might also be more willing to stick our necks out and take a risk thanks to the confidence

factor that Leo adds. This confidence can also serve as an inspiration to others. We just have to be sure not to allow our egos to get in the way. Sometimes that is easier said than done. This is good energy for children, recreation, amusement or entertainment, and creativity.

Venus has just moved into Leo and is getting settled in there. This transit will last until July 18, 2015. This transit often makes us feel all warm and fuzzy, generous with our finances, and proud of the things or people we love. Leo is flashy and demands attention. This seems to be amplified when Venus is transiting Leo. If we don’t get our ego stroked enough though, there could be trouble. Be careful that you don’t express your feelings just to get a reaction. You might not get the response you hoped for. Be cautious when it comes to spending. This transit is known for its love of extravagance.

Tuesday and Wednesday Venus will be in positive sextile aspect to Mercury. This would be a good time to plan a date with the one love. Communication will likely be easy, open and positive. Romance is in the air (or the cosmos) for sure. If you don’t have a significant person in your life, this would be a good time to be social.

Thursday this social Venus energy does a 180 shift. This is when Chiron’s angle to Venus is not so relationship friendly. Many of us could feel rejected or unloved for no real reason. The good news is, this doesn’t last long. So have no fear but be aware of where these feelings might be coming from.

Saturday, Venus will be semi-square Mars. This is a challenging aspect in relationships. Don’t try to do it all when it comes to romance. There is a time and place for romance and for sex. Pick one or none and stick with it.

One last thing before I go. Next Sunday the Sun and Mars will have their two year meet-up or exact conjunction. This brings some powerful make energy to the cosmos. Since they are in Gemini this meeting will be more cerebral that is usual and that is a good thing. This is also the day that the retrograde Saturn backs out of Sagittarius and into Scorpio for one last time in this generation. More on this next

Astrology for May 30-June 6, 2015


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images (3)

As the world turns…..another Full Moon is almost upon us. And this one is going to be a tough one so stay calm and don’t forget to breathe.

The week opens with Saturn still in opposition to the Sun, Mars and Mercury. Structures at odds with the ego, communications and action. Oh my! This energy has been lingering, weaving in and out now for a couple of weeks. Feelings have been in hypersensitive mode lately. I’ve noticed this play out in both positive and negative ways. Feelings have gotten hurt and things have gone whacko because communications have fouled. While this too will pass, I have to tell you difficult aspects are going to seem like they are ganging up on us off and on for a while. Be aware, relax into it all and don’t forget to find some pleasure and joy where ever you can.

Pluto and Uranus are still square but moving away from that all the time. The pressure they can cause is easing is some ways and just getting started in others. Pluto is in easy aspect to Neptune. I hope this means some of the rain and flooding issues in the country will be waning.

On the flip side, Neptune is square the Sun, Mars and Mercury today and for much of the week. Don’t be surprised if you feel a bit distracted, low on energy, and just not wanting to tackle those everyday chores you have waiting. Most of them can wait anyway, so let them. Go out and enjoy a nap under a shady tree, watch a movie or read a book. This way you will avoid the negative energy of others and be less likely to get your feelings hurt.

This square energy is going to make the whole week a touchy one. Should you notice people being more irritated and annoying than usual, Neptune square these three planets is most likely the offender. This will also cause the retrograde Mercury to be even more difficult for many. As always, it depends on where this aspect triggers your own birth chart.

Now add Gemini to the mix and we have a real tricky situation. Remember the Sun is in Gemini? So Mercury and Mars. That is a lot of Gemini influence on our personal planets. People that love practical jokes might be even more prone to play tricks under this energy. Misunderstandings and miscommunications could be at an all time high this week. Be on your toes. If something someone says or does hit you the wrong way, step back, re-read this post, take another look and see if you are a victim of a communications foul up. Once this transit is over, things will be more clear.

mercrxwarning-warningsngenSpeaking of Mercury retrograde, don’t forget to read, re-read and read again any contracts you might need to sign. If you began a contractual arrangement before the retrograde, all the better. I am not one of those that says you have to halt all transactions during retrograde. Things happen. We have to do business. We have to live life no matter what is going on. When Mercury is traveling backwards as he is now, we simply need to be more diligent and pay closer attention. That is all.

Tuesday the Moon will be full in Sagittarius. This a mental moon. Gemini represents the lower mind and Sagittarius represents the higher mind. The Sun asks us to think logically while the Moon asks us to go inward and be more intuitive. Gemini is happy with what is. Sagittarius wants us to find a deeper meaning. Failure to find balance in these two things, will often bring regret.

The Full Moon represents our emotions, attitude, and connection. The Moon shines on the conflict between our two minds. This time the Moon is squaring Neptune and adds a fly to the ointment. The Full Moon wants the seeds, mental and otherwise, that we planted during the last New Moon, to bust open and sprout. Neptune has other ideas. He is going to add some road blocks (like we need any more with Mercury retrograde). He is going to make things all fuzzy and dreamy. Be alert to misinformation.

All in all, this is a great time to open to the possibilities life brings your way. Hopefully we have been clearing out what no longer serves and have room to full advantage of new things as they come along. This is what the Full Moon invites us to do. This Full Moon is about communnication, attitude, and our sense of adventure. Something has been building inside of us, and now is the time when the energy of the cosmos fairly demands that we let it out. Over the next two weeks, we will discover what this means for us. For now, we can’t sit on our feelings. We need to express them. Just be aware of possible blocks from Neptune.

Friday, June 5, 2015, Venus leave Cancer for a tour of Leo. This transit will be a long and interesting. In July our lovely Venus moves into Virgo for a whole week and then turns retrograde, heading back into Leo where she will stay through the first week of

Venus in Leo loves attention. If anyone you know seems to be requiring more attention than usual over the next few months, it could be due to this extra-long transit. I have not looked ahead for any interesting aspects with Venus as yet but I am sure there are going to be some in our future. I will cover this more in the weeks to come. For now, lets just say that Leo pride and Venus passion will be name of the game.

My favorite part of this Venus transit its soft heart and generosity. This transit is also full of fun. I am sure with some of the future Saturn aspects, we might be in need of this extra-long transit. Plus you could not ask for better energy for summertime fun, now can you?

Lastly, we are nearing the end of Mercury’s retrograde for now. He turns direct on June 11. Please note that the storm period will last through the 26th of June. This is a particularly long storm I know. For those that don’t know or may have forgotten, the storm period it the time between a planet begins to slow down to station and turn retrograde or turns direct and gets back to full speed. The storm period is not as strong as a retrograde period but still have some of the same effects on us. This is why many astrologers include storm period information for us.

Speaking of FUN……I’m headed out with a friend to hear some music. What ever it is you are doing, I wish you good times, good friends and lots of laughs. Till next week, remember to lay low and watch out for those testy emotions and miscommunications.

Astrology for May 24-30, 2015


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Mercury is retrograde and at first I was thinking this was about the biggest thing going on this week. However, as I look at the chart for the week, I see Venus in powerful aspect to both Uranus and Pluto. But let’s get to all this in a bit.

The Sun moved into Gemini last Thursday. While summer is not actually here until June 21st, for me, this transit more or less means summer has arrived. It’s heralds in Memorial Day and pools open for the summer season. I think my area may have seen the last springtime temperatures this past week. This week looks to be more seasonal and certainly warmer.

When the Sun is in Gemini we are more curious, social, and intellectual. The twins love their jokes and tricks too. This is tempered with the duality of the twins which relates to our siblings, seeing and displaying two sides, variability or versatility, and being somewhat unreliable. In short, changing our minds. Notice how this is playing out in the news this past week and this coming week. Mercury is right at home in this sign and this makes this retrograde that much stronger.

When it comes to intellectual endeavor however, we are more likely to graze a topic rather than get into the meat and bones of it. We are prone to more defiantly make our point and are drawn toward word-plays, jokes, and puns. Quite a contrast to the earthy Taurus energy we just left, yet so fitting to the fun and frivolity that is summer. Just don’t get too distracted, especially when driving. People will be on the roads more in the month so remember to put the phone away and keep your eyes on the road. I just saw a new report about someone not paying attention and they ran head on into four motorcycles. At least two died in that crash.

This week we have some interesting Venus energy. The most feminine of the planets and like many girls, she can be emotionally all over the place. She is also nurturing, protective, and sensitive.

_121-67664Venus is currently touring Cancer. She feels pampers and loved in this sign. This lends a feeling of security to our lives and makes us cuddly and lovable. What’s not to love about being all warm and fuzzy?

However, Venus is still opposing Pluto this week and is also squaring Uranus. Oh my! This adds some thorns to the warm fuzzies. Pluto and Uranus are no longer in exact square aspect, however they are close enough to still be in the orb of influence. These two are currently just over 3 degrees from exact square to each other.

No two bodies need to be exactly in aspect to affect on each other. However, the orb of influence differs with different aspects and planets. The outer planets in major aspects are usually said to be in the orb of influence as long as they are no more than 6 degrees from exact aspect when in oppositions, trines, or squares. This changes with the personal or inner planets where the orb is considered within 2-3 degrees. However, this further changes if the Sun or the Moon is involved. Example, if either are in opposition to a planet, the orb of influence goes up to 10 degrees. All this is yet another example of the how complex this science really is.

Venus is currently in the orb of influence of both Pluto and Uranus. Venus opposing Pluto has a certain masculine energy to it . This energy combo is more aggressive and pushes to get things done. This can be a good thing if we need motivation. But it is also causing Venus to show her claws and release the occasional roar sometimes too.

Oppositions often cause us to feel rebellious, dissatisfied, and unsure of our self and others, and where we stand with others. Throw in Venus square Uranus and you really have some rebellious energy. Oh the drama of it all! I had my share already last week, thank you.

While we are on the subject of the square aspect, all three of the planets in Gemini are squaring Neptune this week. This includes, the Sun, Mercury, and Mars. Neptune is about dreams, the ones we have when we sleep and the dreams and hopes we have for our lives. The Sun is us, our ego, Mars is action, and Mercury is communication. Are you seeing the picture I see here?

These three planets; the Sun, Mercury and Mars are going to be asking us to look closely at our dreams and re-evaluate what we want. Doesn’t this sound like what Saturn is asking as he retrogrades? We have indeed been over and over to look at how we live our lives and to make changes before there is no turning back.

I recently purchased John Hogue’s book of predictions for 2105-2016. In this book he talks about how 2015 is the year of last chances. This is the year we must decide on what we want for the future. I am only a short way into the book so far and will surely be using what I learn from it in future posts. I have posted the link to his page below.


One theme of the Gemini Sun, and all the other Gemini energy is siblings. This is quit a prominent issue in my chart. Siblings are represented by the third house. My Sun, Mercury, Venus, Chiron and the North Node are all in the third house. This is interesting because I am not close to either of my siblings and never really have been.

Chiron in the third house points to things that need to be healed in our lives. To me and most anyone looking at my chart or who knows me, this would mean I need to heal my sibling relationships Recently, or over the past year or so, I have come to the conclusion that what I really need to heal is my belief that these relationships are “supposed to be” copacetic. After having taken some steps to that end, I must say that I feel like this is the real lesson for me and it is perfectly OK not to have a relationship with them in spite of what is socially or traditionally accepted. I feel a great sense of relief.

This all goes along with one of the themes of the Neptune square for the week. That is to weed out unrealistic expectations and dreams. This square may cause you to feel the need for more sleep than usual too. Pay attention to your dreams. They could hold clues or have subconscious messages that can prove to be valuable in problem solving your waking life.

Gemini is going to help us see things in two ways. You might notice things aren’t as black or as white as they seem. Use you instincts and the energy of Gemini to deal with the illusions that Neptune can bring our way.

On Thursday and Friday the three Gemini planets join up as Mercury back tracks to meet the Sun in this sign, and Mars is very close by. This will be a good day for problem solving. Our minds will be sharp and open. This will provide us with a great opportunity view our desires and our thoughts through a clear scope. This is also a good day to write if we want what we have to say to have impact. Just remember that this can be for the best or for worst. Think things through very well.

No doubt you have noticed there is a lot of earth activity in recent days and weeks. Many predictions say this will continue. In fact, many are predicting a large earthquake off the coast of California soon. There is a video that has gone viral on the internet that describes how that event could take place this week. I take the stance that no one knows for sure. I can see this person’s point of view but am not all sure I believe it and I am not giving it much attention. The Law of Attraction teaches that energy goes where attention flows. I am going to go about the business of life as if nothing is happening.

For your entertainment I have posted a site that shares the video and gives some other ideas about this topic.

I hope you enjoyed the  Memorial Day weekend and all is well in your world. Many are not so lucky so please send some love out to those who may need some extra good vibes. I’ve got a big week planned and have lots to do. Hope you week is happy and productive as well.

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Astrology for May 17-23, 2015


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Mother Earth, Pachamama, Gaia, whatever you call our home planet; is talking and trying to tell us something. Are we listening? Do we even care? Regardless of our thoughts she is going to straighten us out one way or another. We are going to shift to the 5th dimension and beyond one way or another. Had we been obedient children and listened to the teachings of the wise ones such as Buddha and Christ, and followed the warnings of the ancient texts, we might not be in this situation. But we are where we are and it is all OK. So lets be present in this moment and see what the planets have in store for us this week.

The week begins with a lot of energy shifts on Monday. Many of them involve the Moon. Can you feel the energy of the New Moon? This takes place in the early hours of the day and will surely affect the beginning of your week. The Moon is in the fixed earth sign of Taurus. Taurus is a comfortable sign for the Moon and that makes this New Moon quite powerful.

New Moons are times of new beginnings. This one asks us to relax, slow down, take a deep breath and get in tune with nature and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. This in contrast what some of the other planets are asking of us as you will as you read on and learn about all the Gemini energy in the cosmos.

ImageJ=1.43uWhile the New Moon will begin in Taurus is will move into Gemini at 5:27 am. This makes the moon void of course while it is New. Void course means the moon is not working for us and this is a good time to rest and relax. The Farmer’s Almanac advises us not to plant seeds on Monday or Tuesday however. These will be great days for ONLY plant dream seeds on these two days. Spend time outside and relax in nature. Taurus is one sign that loves its repose.

When we slow down, we become better observers. When we are better observers, we better able to be in the moment and our attention is more focused. When we are in the moment, we are better able to receive. Be sure your intentions are clear as you plant those dream or idea seeds. Leave room for surprises. There are sure to be some. When you are relaxed and unattached to the outcome, you will be able to ride that wave of what ever comes your way.

Also on Monday, Mercury stations to turn retrograde until June 11, 2015. It will remain in storm until June 20th. You might want to mark your calendars. We actually began feeling this retrograde period on or about May 4th. It did not enter its storm period until May 10th. I hope  if you have any plans regarding contracts that you began the process before last Sunday, the 10th.

Should you have need of doing some contractual work, be sure to read the details over and over and over again. Mercury rules communications in all forms. You want to be sure you are communicating clearly and understanding what is being communicated to you. We can’t avoid Mercury retrograde but we can learn how to work with it. This retrograde period also extends Mercury’s trip through Gemini. This transit began on April 30 and will not end until after the first week of July. That is a whole 68 days total.

While Mercury is in Gemini, we are more curious, sociable and talkative. Gemini is one ofGemini the signs Mercury rules. A happy Mercury can be a good thing when it comes to debate or going deep into a subject. Gemini loves a good joke, plays on words, and knowledge of the trivial. Enjoy this transit because you are going to be here a while.

As I said in the beginning of this post, Monday is a big day for energy. Both Mars and the Moon square Neptune. This could cause some big events that involve water somewhere in the world. It could also affect our dreams. I am hearing more and more people mention having strange and vivid dreams lately. This morning I had my first 3D dream. I saw four men walking down a road in a town. They got to the corner and then disappeared into thin air. The 3D part was so cool!

Mars opposition of Saturn continues this week after peaking last Friday. The Amtrak train wreck, erupting volcanoes, earthquakes, loss of jobs and the two wrecks I saw on Friday were all part of that energy. Interestingly, 100 years ago, there was a train wreck in the same place. Mars in Gemini represents travel. This energy will continue through the Sun’s transit of Gemini or through June 23, 2015. Could we see more events like this? Sure we could. That and more. Some sort of police action will likely be in the mix as well. I suppose you have heard about “Jade Helm.” If not, look it up. Below is a link about earthquakes for you to enjoy.

The Moon briefly joins Mars opposition to Saturn on Monday. And the Sun takes his turn opposing Saturn on Friday. Saturn is the voice of our fathers telling us how we should follow the rules and color inside the lines. When the Sun opposes him, we might lack optimism and doubt ourselves. Saturn is good at making us feel guilty and bring out our inhibitions as we struggle to measure up to his expectations. In the end, this can actually serve to boost our confidence in our ability to take responsibility for ourselves. It’s all good, even with the disconnections caused by Mercury retrograde.

The energy of theses planets opposite Saturn will be felt most of the week. You may also notice and energy shift on Thursday when the Sun moves from Taurus to Gemini. While the Sun was in Taurus we were concerned with security, values, loyalty, could be more stubborn and possessive. We were more grounded and many things moved at a slow easy pace. When the Sun is in Gemini our energy revs up a notch. The Saturn opposition will slow us down a bit but things should speed back up by month’s end. Once the opposition is out of our way,we could lean more toward curiosity, the intellectual, being social, and versatile. The shadow side is that we can be unreliable. This can be a rough aspect of relationships.

And while we are on the subject of relationships, Venus opposing Pluto all week and perfecting on Thursday, will add intensity to our feelings and could lead to relationship upsets. Combine this with the Sun opposing Saturn and we could experience neglect or mistreatment in a relationship, fear of being rejected or dealing with everyday routines that have developed a kink or two.

Expect more big earth events this week. You will probably also run into problems with authority figures in your life and society in general. Events and responsibility that can not be avoided, delays, missed connections and redirects will be likely be the norm for a the week.

A few last words of caution. Remember that Saturn has long transit. When you make decisions while he opposes the Sun, you could be making a decision that will last a long, long time. Consider any decisions carefully because it could mean a life of regret. “Unlike Gemini, Saturn does act with humor.

This week ends with the Memorial Day weekend. If you travel, expect delays, traffic jams, and even bad tempers on the roads. Not only could the temperatures be high but our temperaments could be fired up too, especially those whose charts are triggered by these aspects.

Travel safe and enjoy your week and your Memorial Day weekend! Much love to all out there.


Astrology for May 10-16, 2105


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I sure hope all my mothers have had a great Mother’s Day.

Our planet, our Earth Mother, Pachamama, Gaia, of what ever you call her is showing off today. She is almost demanding our respect. The first tropical storm of the season landed in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina this morning while the Northern plains and Colorado got more than a foot of snow. 100 miles west of Fort Worth Texas, the small town of Cisco, was hit by a tornado. One person is reported dead and trees have been stripped to bare trunks. Earthquakes, volcanoes and now storms? Oh MY!

My local news paper had a story today about preliminary fracking exploration in a small rural town not far from where my mother was raised and my sister now lives. My state is really not ripe for fracking like Pennsylvania, West Virginia, or North Dakota. None the less, the State is willing to do some exploration in hopes of bringing money and jobs. Most of us know this is really about padding the pockets of the 1%, more than creating jobs or energy independence.

Last week I had a bit of numerology I wanted to share with you as well as Astrology. I decided to save that for this week rather than over loading you with info. So lets begin there today. 731fd02f0a7ff0cb2d7a337b265f0165

May is the fifth month and holds the energy of the number five according to numerology. Of all the single-digit numbers, five is ever changing, full of energy and unpredictable. It is almost completed equal male and female energy, although somewhat more female, of the tom-boyish kind. Certainly not female of the Venus kind.

Five is found in the structure of plutonium which was the key component for the hydrogen bomb used in WWII. Certainly a lot of power there. May could be full of chaos and drama. Today certainly has been weather wise. This could be the five sided shape was chosen to house our nation’s military offices.

The dodecahedron is the form upon which the circle and sphere are born. It is the shape of expansion growth but remember that expansion and growth do not always come in pretty packages wrapped up in bows. They can come as destructive tornadoes and flooding waterways. We have certainly seen this in action today.

EightStellenboschLogoThis year is an eight year. Eight is often misunderstood and only known for representing abundance, balance, power and is not greedy. This number is focused, goal-oriented, fluctuation, and reaping what you sow. When I think of eight, I think of money. To me this means there could significant fluctuation in the state of our money this this year. While I don’t follow the stock market, I do understand that it had a rough first quarter this year.

The shadow side of Eight is discord, confrontation, and uncompromising.

Astrologically, I am seeing and hearing similar things about this year. But this week will be quiet compared to what has been going on lately. It will be a week of about communication, dialog, talking things over with ourselves and authority figures. Therefore, I have plenty to talk about.

The Sun is nearing the end of his transit through Taurus. If you have noticed an increasing need for security. The shadow side of the Taurus Sun is stubbornness and being possessive.

Mercury is in Gemini, a sign he rules and is comfortable in. Don’t forget Mercury is in his shadow and about to station to change direction on the 19th. This is going to be a long, 68 days transit through this sign. Gemini loves to joke and play tricks. The thing to remember is during this transit, look at both sides of things. Gemini is represented by the twins often mirror each other. You already know that communications will be largely affected by any Mercury retrograde. Things get confused, misunderstood, lost, whatever.

This retrograde will be one where we find we have to do lots of things over. You wash the dishes but have to do them over because you didn’t get them clean. Expect do-overs in the next few weeks. If you are like one of my friends and looking into big business contracts, be SURE you read all the fine print and read it over and over so you don’t miss anything. I cannot stress this enough for this retrograde period.

Venus is nurturing her way through Cancer. I hope you all pampered your mothers this Mother’s Day with something that will promote her self care. This is a good sign for self care, warmheartedness, commitment and protection. Take a deep breath now and feel the love. Don’t forget to breath the love back out to the world.

Mars moves into Gemini Monday. This planet is the action planet. He is all about the gemini5action we take to do what we want and get what we want. Since he is touring the sign of the Twins, this means………you guessed it! Doing things twice!

Now I have covered all the personal planets. Anne Ortelee says, with all these planets out of bounds or soon to be out of bounds, we should expect surprises and big shocks in the coming weeks. So, look twice at everything. Be sure you have remembered you keys, crossed your T’s and dotted all your I’s .And don’t forget that Gemini loves to play tricks.

Saturn opposes both Mercury and Mars this week. You could find you are a bit hard on yourself and rather self censoring, as strange air seems to take over and you are more concerned with what others think. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Saturn is our father. Dad’s usually want us to follow all the rules and often that tells us no. You may need to ask more than once to be heard or get what you want. Remember the Geminin factor and do as the label says: “Rinse and repeat.”

Over all this will be a good week to get rid of things. Clean house! I am hoping for a day of rain so I can stay indoors and do just that. Then again, that could be wishful thinking.

Next week we have a New Moon coming. We will be under that energy at the end of the week. Good time to go out and plant the garden.

One last thing, going back to numerology. August is the eight month. Given the info I gave you earlier on the number eight, can you imagine how rocky August could be? I hope to have more on that in the months to come. Stay tunes. I will be here as long as I have a computer to work on. I sure do miss working at my desk. One day I will rearrange things so I can do that again.images (2)

Hope your week is a good one!


Astrology for May 3- 9, 2015


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Sorry for not posting the past few weeks. This was not an intentional break but was one driven by computers and connectivity issues. I seem to have gotten things to a good place and certainly have lots to talk about with you.

Since the beginning of the year, I have been telling you it would be a big one. This years seems to be pivotal according to most of the gurus I listen too. I am sure most of you are noticing the big events taking place all around the globe. There are conflicts across our country, Nepal has suffered a devastating earthquake, and seven volcanoes were erupting at once. There are many areas of our lives and our world are in flux. Have you noticed the stock markets around the world? China is at it’s lowest since 2009 and the US market is low too. This flux is likely to continue and I bet it won’t be better than it is now at end of the year.

Saturn seems to be one of the main driving forces. Some time back, I mentioned summer would bring us some interesting energy around our money. This energy is around Saturn retrograding back into Scorpio for a while.

Think back to when Saturn was transiting Scorpio. This was over the two+ years prior to his move to Sagittarius last December. We were being asked to make changes, to let go of what no longer serves us and to decide what we truly want in our lives. Just in case you or I didn’t make all the changes we needed to, we have one last shot at it this summer. This is our last chance to avoid karmic payback for not taking action. Who wants that? This energy affects all of us, both individually and collectively. It doesn’t feel like the chances are very good that the collective will make the necessary changes. We are a stubborn lot. Payback is likely in our near future.

The real question is: “What does this mean to us?” Astrology can show us what is probable and possible but it not absolute. Free and destiny are also in the mix. Our destiny will most likely7 win out even if it takes us kicking and screaming with it. Regardless of what happens, never forget that love is always the best choice. Be grateful for all things, even the unpleasant things in our world. Remember that all is as it should be and we are transforming. You, me and the planet as a whole.

This summer Saturn in Scorpio, will be targeting our money. This not only means the value of our money but our financial institutions and all our economic areas. This will be our last chance to use this Scorpio/Saturn energy for another 28-29 years. This will be our last chance to improve or repair what is breaking with regard to our money. These changes will come one way or another. Problem is, will they come easy or come hard. Since man is so greedy and stubborn, my guess is the changes will come hard. It’s not like we have not been warned for centuries. We just didn’t pay attention did we?

The first obstacle is, Mercury in Gemini turning retrograde on May 19th. Gemini is Mercury’s home sign and this will make the way this retrograde affect communications, even more powerful. We will also still be under the influence of the Aries New Moon in April until then. The energy of this moon was self-assertive and somewhat combative. Warning, warning, Will Robinson! Use caution in all your communications. This energy directly conflicts with the Mercury retrograde energy. Be aware of what you are saying to others. Some will lash out and get on your nerves no doubt. Focus on being kind and loving, instead of giving in to the conflicts around us.

One huge way you can focus on more love is by eliminating your exposure to conflict on TV. TV in general has a low vibration. If you have not read “Power vs. Force” by Dr. David Hawkins, you might want to check it out. Dr. Hawkins explains his scale of consciousness and tells how we can raise our vibrations. .l

Regardless of whether you stop watching the news or give up sports, remember that everything is exactly the way it is supposed to be. We might not like it but it is. All the hardships, heartache, and conflict that we are now and will in the future experience is exactly what is supposed to happen. And all this is base on our collective desire to shift our consciousness. Collectively we have been more greedy than anything and I feel like we will have to pay the piper now. No matter what comes, remember to be grateful and fine things that make you happy without expense to others in any way.

Remember too that you chose this time to be here. You have a purpose. Here is the first in series of videos by Patti Cota-Robles that you may find interesting. It is from a few years ago but full of good info.

This week begins with Mercury entering his shadow period and opposing a retrograde Saturn. You could feel like some folks are attacking you or being nit picky. Be gentle with yourself and don’t take these people or yourself too seriously. This will pass but not before the Full Moon.

The Moon will be in Scorpio when it is full on May 3rd. This will occur at 11:42 pm. We will of course strongly feel the Full Moon energy for another day or so after this.

There is also T-square energy this week involving the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio. This energy will lead us right into Saturn’s return to Scorpio and the idea of looking into those what we want in the future.

There is a counter balance of positive energy when on Wednesday the Sun in Taurus moves into a functional earth trine with Pluto in Capricorn. This will help us get into things deeply and be make those decisions we’ve been putting off. We may feel more focused and able to concentrate. Make the most of your assets with this energy and use your past to accomplish your goals. This is a good aspect for beginning a business or anything that involves making money. It is also good energy for dismissing negative and undesirable facets in our lives.

Mid-week Venus leaves Gemini and enters nurturing Cancer. Our love is shifted more to home and family now and less on the frivolous and variety. Ah…it was fun while it lasted.

This is the perfect energy for the coming Mother’s Day next Sunday. This energetic influence will be with us for the next four weeks.

Saturday, Saturn semi-squares Uranus. This is structure and steadiness in conflict with our need to be impulsive and free. Limits and rules could be difficult to deal with. Many or us will find the need to make adjustments in order to find balance between conventions and invention. This is probably be just a temporary setback and will ultimately take us to new places and more creative problem solving. 

There can be tension experienced no, as our need for freedom and spontaneity seem to clash with our need for structure and stability. Rules and limitations may feel more difficult to deal with. Ideally, we can combine the two needs creatively, giving form to our ideals and quest for progress. Adjusting our plans is in order, and striking a balance between convention and innovation is the challenge. Setbacks tend to be temporary and often lead to new, more creative paths or solutions.

Have a great week and stay tuned to more soon.


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