Shuman Resonance spikes to 150 hz March 16-17, 2019


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Yesterday I said this week was full of energy. Here is a bit more info on the energy of a different sort and not specifically astrological. It is about the Shuman Resonance, the heartbeat of the Earth. When the resonance was first discovered it was measured at 7.83 hz. Many, many years later scientists noticed it rising. In the past few years, the rise has become higher and more frequent. The white area of this picture shows the frequency above 40 hz and usually shows up in thin bands or white. Most have only lasted a few minutes to an hour. The picture below shows a spike of up to 150 hz lasting 24 hrs. For EDT areas this began at about 1AM March 17 and ended about 1AM March 18, 2019. There is an 11 hour time difference between Eastern Daylight Time and where this is recorded in Russia. If you live outside the EDT area then you need to figure out that the time difference it for your area based on the 11 hr difference for EDT. 

For those of you that might wish to read and learn more about the spiritual implications of this, please go to:

If you would like to read more about the Shuman Resonance and what it is, check out this link:



Astrology for March 17-23, 2019


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Photo courtesy of Robin Weiss

Astrology for March 17-23, 2019

Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Happy Spring Equinox!

Whenever I see the shamrock or the daffodils bloom, I know Spring is not far away. It arrives this coming Wednesday, March 20, 2019. However, there are some parts of the country that probably don’t feel like Spring still a long way off. As you probably know, parts of the mid-west experienced a big blizzard this past week. In my area, the temps were moderate, even high for this time of year. I’m betting on at least one more cold snap before it stays warm but this week, I am going to celebrate the arrival of SPRING and the Spring Equinox!

The Spring Equinox marks the astrological New Year. It begins with the Sun entering Aries at 5:58 PM and the Full Moon in Libra at 9:28 PM on Wednesday, March 20, 2019. This will be another big bright Super Moon, the last of three. I hope the skies are clear where ever you live so you can enjoy the bright, beautiful moonlight. 

Combine the Full Moon and the Equinox, with the other aspects and we have a powerful week full of astrological events and energy. Mercury is retrograde and he begins the week in a T-square with Juno, Jupiter, and Neptune.

This month-long T-square began on March 16. It will peak on March 31 and end on April 15. The planets involved are Mercury, Juno, Jupiter, and Neptune. For the next month, communications could be muddy or important information might be hidden or held back. There is also a positive side to this. These planets can bring about soul connections that are deep, communicative, even telepathic.

If you are in a committed relationship, the energy of this T-square could offer positive support for you and your partner and possibly lead to a spiritually creative project or adventure. The opportunity to learn from each other is strong. You will want to keep all this in mind over the next month.

Monday a Triple Yod forms. This is really powerful energy as you can see by the pentagonal shape and the five-pointed star in this graphic. In Numerology, five is associated with hydrogen, as in the hydrogen bomb. Yes! Five is a powerhouse. This aspect involves Mars, Pallas, Vesta, Jupiter, and the North Node and is not as ominous as it might seem when you look at the bigger picture.

This energy is offering us the opportunity to manifest the best possible outcome and align with our heart-centered life purpose. It will direct us to the work that is most fulfilling for us while at the same time help us to make things better for others. I’ll take this energy any day.

Wednesday is the big day this week. Use this Libra Moon to connect with your unconscious and bring good things to your relationships and business dealings. The Sun’s move into Aries will give our personal energy a boost and will rock our world with exciting things for the next month. 

Combine the Sun’s sign change with the Full Moon and the Spring Equinox and WOW! This is a lot of fresh, neat energy with a side benefit of balance thanks to the equal parts of night and day. This equality only happens at the Spring and Fall Equinoxes. This will make way for some new energy from the cosmos to come in and help us shift into the higher dimensions.

I hope you find time to meditate on these things on Wednesday. Your positive energy of love and light is welcome. No act it too small, even if you only have time for one thought about it that day.

Other aspects on Wednesday, include Mars trine Pluto and Mercury sextile Saturn. Mars trine Pluto is a strong, positive aspect that can help us take action toward our goals without getting in anyone’s way. This will can stimulate us to explore new ways of doing things. You might also use this energy to re-define or somehow re-work a project or two.

Mercury sextile Saturn will help us organize, tend to details and get ready for what is coming in the future. Our decisions tend to be practical, thanks to Saturn’s careful action. This aspect is planting seeds that we will harvest later.

Thursday, Venus squares off with Mars. Lots of passion with this one. Mars is full of youthful energy and some of us will experience this as sexual tension or competitiveness that could also be rather creative and energizing. Be wise with your money and your spending today. Don’t be impulsive.

Venus will be in sextile aspect to Jupiter on Thursday. This is expanding our social relationships as well as our romantic ones. This one is good for the finances yet, it could make us too free with our money so use caution in spending but at the same time enjoy entertaining and socializing.

The next to last aspect of the week is the third one for Thursday. Mars will be inconjunct Jupiter. Be careful not to take on too much or give out too much energy. We will be more likely to overestimate what we can and can’t do. Our timing could be off a bit too. This aspect can cause our natural instincts to be out of sync. I suggest we all think before we act. But, that is almost always good advice, isn’t it?

The last Aspect for the week is the Sun conjunct Chiron. This follows the theme of the Yods in giving us more energy toward finding our life’s purpose, the mission we came to this life to accomplish. Chiron in this aspect, wants us to look at our life lessons and overcome our insecurities. This can really help us solve problems, learn from others and from our experiences.

I’d call this a powerful, interesting, and energizing week. If you are someone that works with crystals, this is a great time to put them all on a tray and take them outside to soak clear in the Moonlight and recharge in the Sunlight. I would say take them outside Wednesday morning and bring them back inside Thursday morning. I know my crystals could really us this so I am planning to gather mine up and get them outside. Weather won’t matter. Energy is energy so even if it’s cloudy or stormy, this will still be a good time for your crystals to be outside. 

Remember to be kind to all you meet and smile. You might make someone feel better when you do. 


Astrology for March 10-16, 2019.


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Welcome to Daylight Savings Time. I’m having a hard time getting things started this today. That is probably, in part, a reflection of all the changes in the Cosmos lately. As you are no doubt aware, Mercury turned retrograde on March 5, 2019. The very next day Uranus moved into Taurus where he will reside for at least the next seven years and will have a great influence on the energy for the rest of the year. I covered some of this info last week but the recent changes and their effects are something I feel we all need to be more aware of.

Uranus is the planet of quick change, weather, unconventional, reversals, shock, and the unexpected. Uranus likes to shake things up and get us out of our old behavior patterns. He loves his freedom and is known to be rebellious. Think of a roller-coaster, the ups, downs, twists, and turns, and you get the idea of what Uranus energy is like.

Perhaps the best thing we can say about this transit is that Uranus is in his fall in Taurus. This means he is at this weakest. However, This does not mean this transit won’t be chaotic.

Taurus, the sign Uranus will be transiting for so long is a fixed Earth sign with feminine energy. Right away you can probably see how this might affect issues around women. Thankfully Taurus is loaded with patience so any change along these lines will be able to unfold fully.

Taurus ruled by Venus. Venus is about relationships and money. If I were a betting person, I would put big money on the probability of our financial systems not being the same at the end of this transit. Could this transit be the catalyst for the end of the banking system as we know it? I am certainly not knowledgeable when it comes to money but I am fairly intuitive. I feel like we have some tough economic times coming and they are coming faster than we might be ready for. No fear!

Mercury retrograde always takes us back. This is a time when thing when we get to tie up loose ends from Mercury’s previous transit. It can also bring up things from the last time Mercury was in a sign. In this case, it is Pisces. Think back to last year, late February to early March. You might find some co-relation there.

The re-do character of Mercury can sometimes mean that a ghost from our past sill pops up. This could be a person, place of thing. Don’t be surprised when an old friend (or former friend) contacts you out of the blue. Mercury is just doing what he does best, bringing up our past, ghosts and all, and communicating with us.

Right now all the planets are bunched up within a trine that covers five signs except for Jupiter which is out a bit in a sixth sign. A trine is a gentle aspect and this one includes Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn and Mars in Taurus. This basically means that all three planets are working well together.

Planets in the chart can form group patterns besides the geometric aspects such we call conjunctions, oppositions, trines, and squares. When they form patterns as a group they are called “Jones Patterns”. These patterns have names like Fan, Bucket, Bundle, Locomotive, Splay, Splash, Seesaw, and Bowl.

The current group pattern is called a Bowl. This means the energy is focused on one side and asks us to learn to integrate the open side into our lives. The bowl energy is self-sufficient, unwavering, seeking fulfillment, and needs to be valued. You might possibly have this arrangement in your natal chart and possibly be able to see how these energies are also playing out on the world stage and in the news.

Now for the outlook, this week: This week could be productive and help us get things done. Saturn and Mars are coming together to form a sweet trine on Thursday, March 14.

About the same time as the trine, Mercury forms a tight conjunction with the Sun. This will boost our desire to communicate and learn. It is a good time to write or share information with others. Mercury in Pisces is also very intuitive so you might want to pay close attention to your small voice or any intuitive impressions you get this week.

Following your intuition is good advice in general. There have been several times in the past year that I wish I had listened to my intuition. One regret came just last week when a wonderfully creative, loving woman in my town left her physical expression and moved on. For the past couple of months, I felt drawn to stop by her house to visit. I put it off thinking that warmer weather would be a better time. I missed my chance. I can only hope I don’t miss the next one.

There are several other aspects this week to mention. First up is on Monday when Mars semi-squares Venus. This can bring some friction to our social or romantic communications. Our minds might wander and we can’t seem to gather up the mental discipline we might like but we will give it our all and do our best to be kind and polite.

Wednesday the Sun takes the one could cause some restless feelings. We tend to want more. The shadow side wants too much. Use caution not to overestimate things or exaggerate. The best use of this energy is doing something creative. Maybe this is why I am beginning to work on a couple of new projects?

I’ve already talked about Thursday’s aspects, but Friday holds two others. First one is Venus square Chiron. The wounded healer is going to slow down our efforts for intimacy. Our differences seem to be magnified while similarities take a back seat. It is hard to learn from others when this happens.

Also on Friday, Mercury will square Jupiter. If you feel like you are on information overload, this might be while. You might miss some details today or find it hard to put ideas into practice. Exaggerating or thinking big is easy but not always what we want or need to do. This aspect does not generally allow for clear mental thought but we can and will make progress if we think before we speak or act.

The last aspect this week is Mercury sextile Pluto. This one will help us look deep into our psyche and give us a lot of insight in this area. If there is something that you want to look deeper into then this is the time and this is the energy that will help.

I hope this information helps you navigate your week with grace and ease. Spring is on its way, at least the Spring Equinox and Astrological New Year is on its way. More on this next week. Until then, remember to smile and be kind to all you meet. Put the phone or tablet down and make real contact with people. It’s a good thing to do.

The  Sunrise photo is courtesy of my friend Bob Holmes aka “The Contemplative Monk”.

Astrology for March 3-9, 2019


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Today is 3/3/2019. Numerology reduces these numbers to 333. It’s the third day of the third month, of a three year (2+0+1+9=12, 1+2=3). This is a powerful, creative, number full of possibility. Don’t be too concerned that you don’t understand what all this means. You might want to do a Google search to learn more. 

The Universe has a way of leading down our path and teaching us new things even when we don’t understand or know that we are being led or taught. All you need to do is listen to the small voice inside. This is your heart speaking and encouraging you to live your authentic life, the one your soul intended for you when you came to this life. I’m feeling it, hope you are.

This week brings us two big events. First is Mercury’s station and turn to retrograde on Tuesday, March 5. The second is a New Moon on Wednesday, March 6, 2019. Some of us might also be feeling the spring equinox energy building. Spring is on the way!

Mercury stations at 29 degrees Pisces and will travel back to16 degrees Pisces before stationing to turn direct on March 28th. It should be noted that the shadow period will last until April 8. If you have any major business to do, contracts to sign, or serious communications to attend to, please take your time and read any documents several times in order to avoid problems. Mercury retrograde is known to affect logic, learning, and all forms of thought, communication, travel, and the conscious mind.

I have mentioned a few times in the past about the last degrees of a sign being unstable and very powerful. With this retrograde taking place in the very last degree of Pisces, only serves to boost its power.

Add the energy of the New Moon that occurs the following day. New Moon energy is about birth and new beginnings. Pisces energy is psychic, sensitive, spiritual, idealistic, compassionate, and also delusional. He is the dreamers and where our fantasies lie. Over the next few weeks don’t be surprised if you get lost in a daydream about people or things from the past. You could get wonderful flashes of insight concerning these things. 

The Universe is always doing its best to move us forward and onto our true path. The energy of the New Moon, Mercury in retrograde, and spring equinox are part of the plan. Consider taking a careful look at what you want the future to look like. Timing is great for activating those dreams and bringing them into your future reality.

Change is afoot with Mercury and the New Moon. But that is not all that is bringing change. Uranus moves into Taurus on March 6, 2019. The planet of fast change and chaos gave us a glimpse into this transits energy last year from May16-November 5. Uranus is not at all comfortable in Taurus. Venus is the ruling planet and really happen when she transits one of her home signs. Uranus is at his detriment in Taurus.

The last time Uranus toured Taurus was from 1934-1942. This was the era of Chairman Mao, Stalin, Mussolini, and the rise of Hitler. 1934 was the year John Dillinger escaped jail using a wooden gun and a month later shot his way out of an FBI ambush. It was also the year that the famous bank robbers, Bonnie and Clyde were killed.

Dust storms ravaged the prairie regions of the United States and Canada for most of this period. Some areas experienced sever drought for as much as eight years. Falling on the heels of the Great Depression only made life worse for the people and livestock who lived there. Thousands died as a result of the drought and the 1930s became known as “the dirty 30’s”. In case you are interested, the History Channel has a nice video on this.

When you consider that Uranus rules weather and Taurus represents Earth, we can appreciate how the dust bowl and these cosmic energies came together to create this phenomenon. I wonder if this bodes well for weather-related events in our future. When you think back over the past year or two, there is no doubt that the weather has been eventful and destructive. Time will tell how this next Uranus transit of Taurus will be. I am hoping for the best possibility.

And speaking positively, this time around Uranus might trigger a positive change in our monetary system which is ruled by Taurus. And being the ruler of technology, I think we can expect some amazing inventions over the next eight years. Maybe even a cure for cancer.

There are just four other aspects this week to make note of. Besides the New Moon, Wednesday brings the Sun to conjunct aspect to Neptune. Instincts and intuition will be strong Wednesday. As will our spiritual awareness and imagination. The shadow side of this is that we could lose sight of reality and our ability to reason well. Just be aware and don’t dive head first into anything. Remember that Neptune if about illusion and dreams.

Thursday we have Mercury in a semi-square with Mars. This is quick-witted energy. It can also stimulate arguments and cause us to be snarky. We might find we listen less and interrupt more than usual. Give yourself and others the grace to breathe through this day.

Venus will semi-square Jupiter that same day and it is unlikely this aspect will do much to balance the Mercury-Mars energy. Venus loves to be noticed and she loves to spend money. Jupiter can cause an increase in impulse buying. It can also cause some exaggeration of feelings, fuel the desire to do, and promise more than we might actually be able to accomplish.

Saturday, the Sun sextiles Saturn. This energy is grounding. It lends a level of stability that will make getting things done easier. We will be more disciplined with our time and able to get more done without egos getting in the way. Sounds like a good day for me to work on my Marie Kondo-ing.

This is a powerful week folks! Don’t forget to call in all those things you want in your future. Be patient with others and remember they might be having a more difficult time with this than you are.

As always be kind to all you meet. Last week I made an extra effort to smile and speak to others. The result was several beautiful interactions with people. One was with a woman whose 90th birthday was that day. Try it yourself and see what happens when you do. I’d love to read your comments.  

Astrology for the week of February 24-March 2, 2019


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Chiron is the topic for this week. He entered Aries on February18, 2019 and will remain in this sign for the next eight years. Chiron is known as the wounder healer and if you have read this blog for long, you probably know that my eyebrows usually raise up and I get a little freaked whenever he is in a weekly forecast. To better understand the energy of this cosmic body we need to start off with the mythology around Chiron.

The connection between mythology and astrology is deep. Planets and asteroids have names of gods or the offspring of gods and goddess. Chiron is no different. He is depicted as a mythical half man half horse creature known as a centaur. He is the wisest and most just of all the centaurs in spite of being rejected by his parents Cronus and Philyra and adopted by Apollo. He was a teacher and assistant to many Greek heroes and is responsible for bringing the healing arts to humans.

As the legend goes, Prometheus gave his life so humans could have the element of fire. He was chained to a rock and left to die. Chiron, being immortal, decided to give up his life in exchange for Prometheus being set free. To accomplish this Hercules made a deal with Zeus. Hercules was able to kill Chiron and save Prometheus by using the blood of Hydra on the tip of an arrow. Chiron was rewarded by being eternally placed in the sky in the sign of Sagittarius.

Chiron was first discovered in 1977. He has been classified as a dwarf planet, minor planet, asteroid, has been called an asteroid, dwarf planet, minor planet, and a comet. His orbit takes about 50 years and is irregular or elliptical, and crosses Saturn’s orbit twice an orbit and swings out at his farthest point to meet up with Uranus’s orbit.  Chiron’s irregular orbit shown as the red line in the image below. 

All of us have Chiron in our charts. To help understand how this transit through might influence you, you would first need to know where Uranus and Saturn are in your natal chart so you can see which of these two planets Chiron is moving toward. If Chiron is moving away from Saturn in your chart, he is moving from authority and the father toward Uranus, freedom, and individuality.

If Chiron is moving away from Uranus in your chart then he is taking the ideas of freedom and individuality back to Saturn and those that follow the rules and regulations. On a side note, I took a look at the chart of the United States and discovered that Chiron is moving toward the natal Uranus in Gemini.

I also saw that the US will have a Chiron return, meaning transiting Chiron will be conjunct the natal Chiron beginning in mid-March of 2024. This conjunction will last for just about two months but bounce back and forth due to retrogrades ultimately causing the conjunction to last an entire year.

Chiron’s placement in our natal chart shows us where our soul’s wounds are. His transits help us see our wounds so we can heal them. However, soul wounds don’t go away in a lifetime. But they can guide us and learn to work with them if we know what they are. Folks in the field of human development call this “working on your stuff.”

For the country, Chiron is in Aries and the fourth house. Aries represents the ego, speed, aggression, and impulsivity. The fourth house represents the home (Cancer), parents, family, home life, and the end of life. Make note of these things and see how they play out in the coming years.

The overall characteristics of Chiron’s transit through Aries will deal with how we express ourselves, our individuality, character, how others see us, our approach to life, general health, head, face, and appearance. It will also deal with enterprise, anything brought to the forefront, weapons, loud noises (music, firecrackers. or things that go boom. This transit will also be about personal development, self-esteem, self-interests, selfishness, competing, and being validated.

Now that I have given you a lot of Chiron info to chew on, it’s time to look at the week ahead.

The week begins with Venus in Capricorn and ended with Venus in Aquarius. If you guessed strong Venus energy this week you would be right. There are not major aspects until Wednesday when the Sun squares Pluto. This energy is about control through manipulation. When met with some sort of obstacle that blocks our path, we could surprise ourselves when we gather resources we didn’t know we had to overcome the blocks.

Thursday, The Sun is sextile to Mars. We are able to do what we have to in order to solve our problems. While this can be creative, confident energy, we could find that other people might not take our confident, assertive self as well as we would hope.  Be aware that you might come off as harsh and rub people the wrong way.

Friday and Saturday are all about Venus energy. First. The goddess of love is square Uranus. WOW! This is not the best day to socialize thanks to a conflict between what we want or like and what we value. Watch your impulse spending.

Uranus is the king of impulsivity and rebellion. Combine his energy with the love, relationship, and financial energy of Venus, and you are likely to see this same energy expressed in relationships. Some of us won’t have the same viewpoints about things as our partners might, and we can almost bet there will be some unexpected reactions, emotions, behaviors, and even conflicts that arise. The struggle between freedom and involvement is real. We will be well advised to put off making any big decisions when it comes to relationship commitment or money.

On Saturday, Venus is sextile Chiron. This brings us a chance to heal our close and personal relationships. If you have your natal chart, take a look at the house and sign the these two are in and that will help you focus in on the areas of your relationships that you could benefit looking closer into.

There are several good chart generators on the internet for free. You just need to know your date, place, and time of birth to get your chart. My favorite free site is You will need to set up an account but it doesn’t cost anything.

The last aspect for the week is Venus semi-square Neptune. This is a happy and somewhat addictive aspect. With all the illusion that comes with Neptune, we are likely to only see what we want to see and miss important details. Think before you make any big decisions, sign legal contracts, or begin new relationships. Most of us will be wise to put these things off till a later time if possible.

If you do find that you must make a big decision, pretend like this is a Mercury retrograde. Truth is, Mercury is in his shadow as of Friday, March 1, 2019. He will station and turn retrograde @ 10:49 EST Tuesday, March 5. I will be talking about this more next week.

Here in central North Carolina, we are hoping to dry out some this week. I read yesterday that in the past five months we have had more rain than we usually get in a year. My yard is not the only one that looks like a swamp. The wind is blowing hard today but the Sun is out so now that I have finished this post earlier than usual, I’ll check out the front porch and make some Vitamin D.

Remember to smile and be kind to all the people you come in contact with this week. This included that cashiers, people you pass on the sidewalk or in your school or workplace. About half the people I pass have their cellphones in hand but I speak anyway. You can too. Spread some love folks!

See you next week!

Astrology for February 17-23, 2019


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This week begins with wonderful Full Moon energy that peaks on Tuesday. It will be another super moon but sadly it is raining here all week and doubtful that we will be able to enjoy the beauty of its light. The energy will not be dampened by the cloud cover, however. Last month I was got a wonderful view of the spectacular, huge moon rise.

Full Moons always represent the culmination of what we began during the previous New Moon. Every Moon is also influenced by the sign polarity in which it occurs. This Full Moon will be on the Virgo-Pisces axis. This energy is asking us to find balance in our daily life, routine, physical health and the need for order in our lives.

Conversely, Pisces deals with disorder, spiritual health and all that is infinite. If you experience some sort of crisis or the awareness of something lacking in your life, don’t fret. Instead, use this as the opportunity it is. Take a good look at your emotional needs. Then look at where the Moon is in your natal chart. Looking at both of these will help you focus in on what you might need to work on. For me, my natal Moon is in Virgo.

Believe it or not, my current focus is on order in my surroundings and better health, in relationship to my spiritual health. In fact, last week I ordered some new books on these exact subjects. Perhaps the coming Full Moon was “illuminating” my life well ahead of its appearance.

Monday, Chiron moves into Aries for the next 8 years. As you might be aware, Chiron is not a planet. He is considered a minor planet by some and a comet by others. Chiron transits can be intense and sometimes life-changing. He is known as the wounded healer.

The symbol for Chiron is a key. His orbit is not the regular orbit and his transit in signs is chironirregular to say the least. Transits can last one year,  five years, or up to nine years. His longest transits are in Pisces and Aries where he can spend eight to nine years in transit. I will talk more about this transit next week.

Overall, this week will be all about Mercury but there are a few other planets also in aspect. Monday the Sun leave Aquarius and moves into Pisces. This energy is selfless, less about doing and more about feeling, empathy, imagining, fantasy, and dreaming. The shadow side is feeling victimized, self-pity, elusiveness, and inactivity.

Mercury is touring Pisces since February 10 and will remain in this sign until mid-April. This energy creates more imaginative and intuitive communications. You may notice you are able to make positive decisions more intuitively.
We have a little less than two weeks or Venus in Capricorn. Perhaps you have been looking at your finances seriously this month. This energy has also possibly given a boost to our business relationships and helped us make connections with people of like mind. However, there is also a coolness to our relationships thanks to Capricorn seriousness. But its often good to take our time when it comes to expressing our feelings.

Mars moved into earthy Taurus on Valentine’s day. This is one of the two signs where Mars is in his detriment or at his weakest. The other sign is Libra. Taurus is known for being a stubborn place and he really does slow Mars down so go with the flow and be patient.

Other aspects this week include the Sun sextile Uranus and Venus conjunct Saturn, both on Monday. The Sun sextile Uranus will increase our adaptability to new experiences, ideas, and things outside of our usual zone of comfort. Flexibility will help us navigate this energy and bring us positive changes.

Venus conjunct Saturn is stable, mature relationship energy. Keep in mind that Saturn likes to hold us back or block our actions. Expect more formal and reserved interactions. A sense of duty may squelch our desire for gratification. When it comes to finances and spending, this is probably a welcome bit of energy.

Next is a semi-square between Mercury and Uranus. This is some chaotic energy that could wrinkle our peace and serenity. Expect communications to be less than well received. This is due in part to our ideas not being viewed as good ones.

Tuesday the Moon shares the spotlight with Mercury, the planet of communications. Mercury aspects two planets this day. The first is conjunction with Neptune. This could help balance the more difficult energy of the semi-square with Uranus. This conjunction will assist our creative intuition and will be great for any artistic or literary expressions. Get out the pen and paper, paints or markers and get busy.

The next one is a sextile to Saturn. For those among us, that like or need more order in our lives this aspect will be great. Get organized and do any detailed work like maybe taxes? Things we do under this energy will most likely be practical in nature and bear benefit in the future.

Wednesday the Sun will semi-square Saturn. This one will hit our ego more than anything and could bring feelings of despair and disapproval. Don’t let this get to you. Be patient and it will be over really soon. Do your best to be grateful even though this energy is not favorable for feeling gratitude.

Thursday holds no major aspects but Friday has two more that involve Mercury. A 2:02 am, Mercury will semi-square Mars. Think before you speak because this energy can be snarky. Folks will be more likely to interrupt rather than listen and there will be conflicts of interest too. Remember Mars is in Taurus and in his detriment so there is a great deal of stubbornness going on.

Friday is going to be a tough day. Mercury will square Jupiter. Remember, Jupiter expands and Mercury is about communications and information. Some of us will experience information overload. Other might miss important details. Exaggeration of ideas or feelings will be common. So will lots of chatter about nothing. If we can maintain our concentration then we will make progress. Mercury moves fast so this won’t last long.

To close the week, on Saturday, Mars will be inconjunct Jupiter. This energy is full of confidence. This could lead cause us to overestimate what we really can get accomplished. Be careful not to leap without looking or considering what our actions could cost us.

The last aspect is Mercury sextile Pluto. (I said this week was full of Mercury.) Pluto is the psychological planet and likes to dig deep and investigate and get to the root of things. Pluto energy will help balance the energy of the inconjunction with Jupiter.

I hope everyone is finding ways to stay well this winter. I have not been sick in about 10 yrs but two weeks ago I was sick with a cold over the weekend, stayed in bed all day Sunday and missed a day of work on Monday. I used Oregano oil and my homemade Elderberry tincture to get better fast, and I did. Last weekend my computer was the problem so I have missed writing for the past two weeks. It is good to be back but since I was last on WordPress there has been an update so I am learning a whole new platform. There are good improvements but finding everything will take time.

I will be back next week with more on Chiron in Aries. In the meantime, be kind, smile and treat everyone the way you want to be treated. Make the Golden Rule the rule we live by again.

Astrology for January 27-February 2, 2019


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2019 is rolling right along fast. The first month is all but gone. This week will see the first day of February. A lot has happened in this first month. It makes me wonder if the whole year will be as eventful as it has started out. The highlight of last week was seeing my mother, meeting a new friend, catching up with an old friend, celebrating my 65th birthday with heart family, and of course that beautiful Super Moon!

The Full Moon last Monday was also eclipsed. Lunar eclipses work on our relationships more than Solar eclipses. They can show us what we need, what we are missing, what we want, and how to find balance in these areas. Given this eclipse was on the Leo Aquarius polarity, we will be balancing between the personal aspects of Leo and the impersonal of Aquarius, the individual, and the group. What does the group want versus what the individual (boss/leader) wants? Eclipses are all tied to change.

The Sun is now in Aquarius and will remain there until February 18, 2019. The Aquarian Sun is original, enjoys learning, innovative, and unconventional. During this transit, we are likely to see the parts of our lives that are outdated and look for new experiences and new ways of doing things. We are ready to shed the rigidity that was imposed on us during the transit through Capricorn.

Mercury is also in Aquarius through February 10, 2019. This energy increases our thirst for knowledge and leads us to develop original, new ideas outside the box. This energy could also spark impromptu communications and thoughts with a rather fragmented and liberal flavor. Inventive, creative thought is at its peak under this influence.

Venus has one more week in Sagittarius. Although Sagittarius is a fire sign, this energy is far less focused on the hot, romantic aspects of fire energy. The love energy here is directed more at the collective. Venus in this sign is far more interested in truth and the higher meaning of things that in the steamy romance she found in Scorpio.

Mars will tour Aries until Valentines Day. Aries is a home sign for Mars and it is here he feels his more powerful. The god of War is courageous, impulsive, and competitive under this sign. The shadow side is that arrogance, impulsiveness, and the inability to be reflective. Some of us will be quite hot-headed.

This week holds some difficult energy for us to navigate through. But today there is a rare Quadruple Yod, aka finger of fate or finger of God forming. A Yod is formed when two planets are in sextile aspect to a third planet and inconjunct to each other forming a quincunx aspect. The two sextiles focus their energy on the apex point while the inconjunct adds antagonistic potential to this aspect.


This Quadruple Yod involves Venus, Chiron, Juno, the North Node, Pallas, and Vesta. The really cool part is the that together the four Yods form a five-pointed star in the chart. And with Venus combined with the female asteroids of Juno, Pallas, Vesta, and the North Node in the mother sign of Cancer.

This makes for a great deal of feminine energy and offers us a path to heal the feminine and discover our soul’s purpose with the help of Chiron, the wounded healer. Don’t forget that men also have a feminine side, so they are not left out of this. This energy might help some who have gender identity issues come to a better understanding of themselves. This configuration will perfect on the 31st and be with us through 2/4.

The next aspect comes Tuesday when Mercury semi-squares Venus. This can bring problems with communication. Our minds can wander and some of us will experience difficulty with mental discipline. On the flip side, some will put effort into polite communication.

This same day the Sun will conjunct Mercury. This energy will not only open communications but will sharpen and refine them. Problem-solving will be easier. We will, however, need to be aware of the impact our spoken or written words might have today.

Thursday, Saturn sextiles Neptune. Saturn brings disciplined energy to our dreams and spirituality. Many will recognize their purpose and enjoy feeling and knowing it. Spiritual and material aspects come together in harmony as we build our lives around increased belief and acceptance.

Friday we have two difficult aspects. First is Mercury semi-square to Chiron. This can cause our communications to be somewhat careless or hurtful. Know what the intention is behind the word of others is not easy.

The big aspect for today is Mars square, Pluto. Oh My! Be aware that this aspect is full of bullying and resistance energy. Satisfying our desires under this influence will more likely than not, be quite difficult. The change will also be difficult. Do your best to stay flexible and spend time developing ways to reach our goals. Powerful feelings, conflicts, and confrontations are likely to show up. Go with it. It’s all good and will ultimately help us to clear emotional clutter.

Saturday brings three aspects with Venus. First is Venus semi-square the Sun. things that annoy another person could prove to be a mirror of our own irritations. Resist the desire for more and instead, seek to find peace for our internal unhappiness through creativity.

Next is Venus trine Uranus. Trines are not difficult aspects but this one can cause us to lose our fear of taking risks and this could lead to difficulties if we don’t think things through. The best parts of this aspect mean that we desire and seek out new, unusual, and different romantic relationships and financial opportunities.

Our desire to commit is not as high as our desire to experiment and seek creative inspiration. This will be a good day to invest in technology, electronics, anything to do with the internet, metaphysics, or art.

The last aspect for this week and Saturday is Venus square Chiron. This one is about our relationships. If you find a roadblock in the romance or commitment department, this aspect might be the cause. This can also cause some feelings of insecurity in our social dealings too.

This week will have its problems but look at them instead as opportunities for growth. If you do find yourself frustrated, sit back, take a deep breath, relax, and let your thoughts and frustrations go for a bit. Getting our knickers in a twist seldom solves anything. Give yourself the chance to regroup and go at things again but from a different perspective.

As you go about your week, please remember that all those government workers still need our help to get caught up. Many have no money for gas, their cupboards are bare, and they are about to be convicted. While the government is no longer shut down, it will still take a bit for them to get their back pay and get their balance back.

Don’t forget to be kind to the people on the street corners too. As fellow humans, they deserve at least your kindness. Give them a nod and a wave and acknowledge their existence. If you feel moved to, you might also slide them some change or a few bills. Remember, that could be you or me.

Astrology for January 20-26, 2019


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Welcome to Aquarius! As a bonus, we also have a Super Blood Wolf Moon. What a name! This is called a “super moon” because it is at its closest point to the Earth, “blood moon” for the color it will be, and Wolf because this is the name for the Full Moon in January.

Each moon, throughout the year, has a name and if you would like to read more, here is a Wikipedia link that not only list all the names by month but also gives lots of other info too.

This total Lunar Eclipse is at zero degrees Leo and the Leo/Aquarius polarity. This year there are three eclipse seasons. Besides the two this month, there will be a total Solar eclipse and a partial Lunar eclipse in July, and an Annular Solar eclipse in December. Annular eclipses are the cool ones where the Moon covers the Sun but leaves a fiery ring around the edge.

Should you not be able to see the eclipse tonight you can view it online via the link below. There is also a tin of interesting facts on this page and site too. If this sort of things interests you, I am sure you will enjoy the read. I learned that from my town the eclipse begins tonight, January 20, 2019, at 11:41:17 pm, is at its maximum at 12:12:14 am, and ended at 12:43:15 am. The sky should be clear if you are willing to go out in the cold to view it.

Eclipses are all powerful but total eclipses are the most powerful. Lunar eclipses tend to have a greater effect on weather and the general population more than on politics, the ruling class or the economy. However, this eclipse is in Leo and this usually means some drama for royalty. Royalty used to mean kings and queens because they held all or most of the political and financial power. This is no longer the case. Today royalty refers more to celebrates than anyone else.

We need to keep in mind that the Moon has feminine energy and takes place in the first decan (another thing that makes astrology complicated) of Leo. Each sign is divided into three10-degree sections or decans, with each decan having its own rulership. The first decan of Leo is ruled by the Sun which is in barely in the fixed sign of Aquarius at less than one degree. Here, the Sun is influenced by the co-rulership of Saturn, planet of limitation, death, and loss, and Uranus, the planet of unpredictability and quick change. This could mean we will be seeing loss among female celebrates in the coming months.

Just in the past 10 days, we have lost three famous women. Steve Buscemi’s wife Jo died on January 11, 2019, as did Shirley Boone, wife of singer and actor Pat Boone. Then last week we said goodbye to Carol Channing as the Universe said: “Hello Dolly.”

Astrology is complicated enough without boring you with too many details but this eclipse is likely to not only affect the lives of women but the countries it passes over like the United Kingdom and the entire United States. The UK, as you probably know, is in the throes of conflict regarding Brexit and confidence in the Prime Minister. The U.S. is experiencing the longest shutdown in history. The characteristics we might notice caused by the eclipse could be over-optimism and greater division.

Before I move on, I want to point out that there is an abundance of Capricorn energy in the cosmos right now. Saturn is at 13°, Pluto is at 21°, Mercury is at 25°, and the Sun has just moved into Aquarius. That makes for a whole lot of ambitious and rigid energy, especially when you consider that Saturn was traditionally considered the ruler of both Capricorn and Aquarius. However, from a personal standpoint, I feel Uranus us a better fit with Saturn being secondary at best. As an additional point of interest, I have read that Uranus will be quite influential this year so hold on to your hats because this means expect the unexpected.

Having covered the eclipse, let’s look at the other possibilities this coming week. Looks like have a difficult beginning, but the rough waters calm by weeks end.

The Sun has left the authority of Saturn’s influence and traded it in for the unconventional, detached, aloof, independent, intuitive humanitarianism of Aquarius. As I have said in the past, a planet is at its strongest when leaving and entering a sign. Remember, the eclipse is at 1° on the Leo/Aquarian axis. With this much drama and unpredictability in the air who knows how long this shutdown could last?

Monday, Mars squares Saturn. You might find it difficult to talk about your goals and what you really want today. If this aspect is in your natal chart you may have been strictly disciplined and criticized by your father. This aspect causes shyness and feelings of rejection and inadequacy. Becoming self-aware helps overcome this. We can also vent some of this with like a long walk, a run, or some other physical exercise.

Tuesday Venus is conjunct to Jupiter in Sagittarius and Venus is parallel to the Sun. This brings good vibes for co-operation, optimism, and generosity. The spotlight is on learning, exploring, love, beauty, and finances. The shadow side is the possibility to overspend or exaggerate our feelings.

Wednesday, Mercury squares Uranus. Your daily routine can change or have an upset in a New York second. Don’t be surprised by unexpected news. Mercury, of course, is about communications and this aspect could cause communications mishaps. The best thing about this energy is the increased ability to see things from a different perspective. Many of us would do well to reschedule important meetings or big appointments. Otherwise, be prepared to roll with things as they come.

Thursday, the wonky Mercury energy continues as he trades his Capricorn transit in for transiting through Aquarius, ruled by Uranus. The energy described for Wednesday’s Mercury-Uranus aspect will more or less be with us for the remainder of this transit. Minds are hard to change under Aquarius but this is also a great time to use your intuition to convey information. Relax! It’s all good.

Friday, Mars takes us to a happy place when he trines the ever-optimistic Jupiter. This aspect will boost our confidence and help us succeed. Good intentions will no doubt be rewarded. This aspect promotes good judgment and spiritual growth.

What a week! I’m excited and I hope you are. There is a lot of possibility here. Of course, it is up to the individual as to how they use it but I see good and positive things ahead. I hope you do too.

As always, don’t forget to smile and be kind to all you meet. You could easily be the one in need of kindness. Remember that while your life and your community might be safe and wonderful, somewhere not too far from you and me there is someone or a whole community of someones in need of help. Please, please, please don’t forget about them.

Astrology for January 13-19, 2019


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It has been an icy weekend in NC.


All of us have wondered why things happen the way they do. Traditional thinking has assigned causality to coincidence, while the enlightened among us say it is synchronicity, a term first introduced by analytical psychologist Carl Jung in the 1920s. It wasn’t until 1951 while at a conference that he gave a statement on the full meaning of synchronicity. Jung believed that events are “meaningful coincidences” and their occurrences have no causal relationship. His formal definition was that synchronicity is an “acausal connecting (togetherness) principle.”

Both the traditional teachings and enlightened path tell us that humans have free-will. While I believe that to be true, I also wonder if our experiences are not part of some cosmic energy effect. Perhaps caused by the sort of energy that forms our galaxy, or explodes from the sun, or causes the tides to shift, or a storm to form and lightning to flash, or our hearts to beat. The energy that is the very power of creation!

These were some of the thoughts going through my head after the Sun-Pluto conjunction on January 11, 2019. I’ve known change was coming for the collective and the individual but, was it the energy of the conjunction that caused me to dive into my own depths? The astrologer in me thinks so.

I have mentioned in the past that in the first decade of the 21st century, I heard an astrologer talking about the difficult aspects they were seeing in the future; the future that is now. It is evident that “the times they are a changing.” Bob Dylan sang about change in 1964. As I listened to his song again today I knew he was writing about civil rights and racism but I wondered if he knew his words would be so meaningful 60 years later?

I don’t think there is anyone who is not aware of how things are shifting today or what this potentially means. From the astrologer’s perspective, Saturn and Pluto are both in the earth sign of Capricorn. Saturn represents our father, regulations, politicians, institutions, power, control, and older people. Capricorn is Saturn’s home sign and magnifies the Capricorn themes and traits of discipline, closed-mindedness, responsibility, and convention.

Pluto, the planet of transformation, death, destruction, rebirth, and rebuilding is interacting with both Saturn and Capricorn and assisting change in a big way. You don’t need me to tell you about the current, history-making government shutdown but what some have yet to consider is how this will ultimately lead to the end of many institutions we thought could not be changed or shaken.

The US has long been a driving force in the world economy and dollar has been the currency for which all others are based. However, the dollar has recently lost 35% of its value and it no longer the currency of choice by other countries. Some experts project that within the next 5 years the dollar will be down 50% or more. No doubt this will lead to the fall of the US as a world leader. When you consider that the dollar is the Achilles heel of the US military, this possibility becomes clearer. The 2020s could be the most world-shaking, dangerous, and transformative decade of all time.

Again going back to the 1960s, that was when we first began to hear about the “Age of Aquarius.” A song of the same title from the hit musical “Hair” talked about an age of “harmony and understanding.” I do feel like we are moving in the direction but I also feel like we have a ways to go yet. Saturn will be in Capricorn for another 14 months before he moves into Aquarius. I think this will be when we see technology begin to take off. I know at least one well-known futurist that thinks we will see the end of cancer before the end of the 2020s and I have spoken with people know of some of this technology but we are still years away from “the cure.”

This is not a gloom and doom scenario. Far from it. Life is about to become different than we have known for the past 2000 years or more but any change is difficult. The Piscean age and its reign of control and centralization is coming to an end. We are approaching an age of peace and harmony. But these things take time and the adjustment to them takes time. This is why I feel that events like the recent Sun-Pluto conjunction are so significant. They are helping us clear our and come to terms with what no longer serves.

A good place to begin with your own personal clearing is by reading Marie Kondo’s book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing.” This book changed the way I think about my possessions and I was thrilled to learn that she is now helping people through her reality show on Netflix.

There are quite a few aspects this week so let’s get to them quickly.

First up is Venus semi-square Pluto today. Maybe you have noticed some hidden social tension today? Did someone seem to have an agenda or seem suspicious? Other qualities of this aspect may be hot, passion. Beware of jealousy, possessiveness, or an agenda.

Mercury is conjunct Saturn today, Sunday, January 13, 2019. Perhaps you noticed an increased ability to concentrate or a need to be alone. This is energy realistic and practica and calls for real results for our efforts. This is a good day for important conversations and advice, as well as all forms of communication. (This exact aspect it totally in my natal chart.)

The last aspect for today is Jupiter square, Neptune. The positive side is that this is good for spiritual thought. The shadow side is, other people or even our own false expectations can easily derail us.

Monday Mercury is sextile Neptune. Pay close attention to any intuitive hits today. Give in to the creative and imaginative energy of this aspect. You can use words to help and inspire others.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday have no major aspects but, Friday is a big day. Venus will trine Mars. This could make your Friday a romatic one that is full of hot, sexual appeal and attraction. This is going to be a good day or night for socializing.

Mercury conjuncts Pluto on Friday. This is intense energy which will increase our mental activity. This reminds me of “Where’s Waldo” because it will be easy to find the hidden things today. Hidden meanings might pop out like a Jack-in-the-box for some of us. This can stimulate change too. Some of the themes for Friday will be heightened observation, manipulation, obsession, and suspicion. Try to avoid any communication or mental conflicts.

The third aspect for Friday is Sun sextile Chiron. This one is about our purpose or our mission in this life. Use this energy to learn from others as well as your own experiences. This will be a good time for solving problems.

Friday’s last aspect it Sun square Uranus. This could blow up the prospects of any of the other aspects only because of the unpredictable nature of Uranus. But since the Sun is us, this energy is personal. That does not mean it won’t affect the collective, but it will probably have more impact on the individual. Expect the unexpected, plans that don’t work out and the need for a detour here and there. The best part about this aspect might be that it could cause a need and desire to try something new or change trajectory.

The week ends with Sun square Neptune on Saturday. This about fantasy and escape. It might be hard to stick our goals for the new year. On the flip side, creativity and spirituality will be strong so use that as your focus. This won’t be the best time for things that require critical thinking. It also is not the best time for doing much of anything that is really important business or job wise.

Wishing you all a great week. Remember to be kind and smile to all you meet.



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WOW! 2019 seems to be off to a rip-roaring start!

In just the first week we have seen Mars move into his home sign of Aries, the Sun was conjunct Saturn, followed tonight by a New Moon and partial solar eclipse last night. The eclipse was full over China, Russia, the Aleutian Islands and the western tundra of Alaska. I expect to see these two powerhouse countries of China and Russia in news a bit more over the next six months.

This is the second eclipse in the Capricorn/Cancer cycle of eight eclipses that began last July and will end in July of 2020. This eclipse took place right in the middle of Capricorn at 15 degrees. If you have planets anywhere in your chart at 14-16 degrees, you can expect to see some activity in those areas of your life. The lunar nodes were also in the mix too. This is dealing with our past in all things Capricorn and our future in all things Cancer. Or, more of the old paradigm falling away and making room for a new one.

The eclipse was flanked on either side by Saturn and Pluto. Pluto is all about power, loss, destruction, and transformation. Saturn is about rules, regulations, responsibility, hard work, and time. Pluto has been transiting Capricorn since 2008 and won’t be leaving until January of 2024. During this transit, he is transforming all that is toxic and lacking authenticity. The old is being torn down because it no longer serves us and new is coming in to take its place. Change is always difficult. Saturn is doing his best to follow behind and clean up after destructive Pluto.

Saturn only has just over 15 months left in Capricorn however before he moves into Aquarius and tries to dictate chaos. In the meantime, Saturn and Pluto are working together. This is a tough combo that has little tolerance for compassion or heartfelt interactions.

Gratefully leaders in human development like Wayne Dyer, Depak Chopra, and many, many others have lead the way in teaching us how to view change as an opportunity. Still, we resist. It’s only human. But, change is our destiny and comes no matter how much we fight it.

The last time Pluto was in Capricorn was from January of 1762-February of 1778. This period saw huge changes ranging from the birth of the industrial revolution and invention of the steam engine in 1765, the Boston Tea Party in 1773, the American Revolution in 1775, and the Declaration of Independence in 1776.

I’ve read many articles by many astrologers that believe Pluto is in the midst of tearing down our old way of government and our financial system to make way for a new of doing things. We are all aware of the many horrific human tragedies going on around the globe and the volatility of the tempers world leaders in general. Once Pluto enters Aquarius un 2024, we will begin to see things shift to a more humanitarian approach to things. Still, this will take time to settle in.

Mars moving into Aries on New Years Day was a powerful start to the year. Mars is headstrong, full of youthful impatience, action, masculinity, hot tempers, conflicts, and a side of abrasiveness. Mars is the god of war. Think about how you are seeing these characteristics show up on the world stage and in the news.

From the numerological standpoint,  this is a universal 3 year. (2+0+1+9= 12 – 1+2=3)

Three is considered good luck. It is inspiring, generous, and positive. A three year gives people strength to express themselves and their ideas. It also helps us fight against the abuse of power. This year will be about going for the gusto and grabbing opportunities as they show up. To figure out what number your personal year is, add your birthday number and the month number to 3 and reduce the sum down to one digit. This will be your personal year number. Here is a link that explains it all better and gives an overview of all the personal year numbers.

This coming week we have Uranus turning direct today. He is at 28 degrees Aries and asking us to finish up all our Uranus in Aries. During his retrograde period, Uranus has asked us to find a way to direct the fire inside us, our passions and desires. What have you come up with? What decisions have you made, what directions have you taken? Are you paying attention to your intuition? Are you serving others with what is uniquely you?

Monday Venus enters Sagittarius. This move will take us from obsession to seeking adventure and freedom. This is casting a universal light on love.

Tuesday Mercury will square Mars. This is impatient energy. It can also be somewhat disagreeable. Avoid meetings if possible and be cautious about starting new projects or new business. However, it these things are already underway you should be fine to go ahead. Just be aware that folks could be irritable and getting our thoughts across could be difficult. Any communications could be difficult.

Wednesday Jupiter aspects Uranus. This is a restless combination. It might also make finding common ground harder than usual. If we are not willing to change it will be forced on us. Remember that Uranus is rebellious energy and all about change but don’t make changes just for the sake of change. That will prove to be a foolish move. This is not a good aspect for investing but it is a great time to be open to new thoughts and perspectives.

Friday the Sun conjuncts Pluto. This will create some strong-willed energy. We might also be more focused on important things and feel a need for control in our lives. For the time being, we might do well to keep things to ourselves.

This is also a good time to release things that no longer serve us. This applies to possessions, relationships, bad habits, or anything that is blocking us from what is possible. Find the source of divine energy inside you and make the most of it.

I hope 2019 has gotten off to a good start for you and this continues all year long. Don’t forget to be kind to others. You are at the same time, being kind to yourself. Hopefully, I will be here again all year to share astrological info with you and help you navigate your life.