Astrology for November 22-28, 2015


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This week week kicks off the winter holiday season. Are you ready? I always am. This year I have much to be grateful for. I have the best friends in the world, a comfortable home to live in , food on my table (and soon a new table), and a job I love working with the most awesome folks I could ever imagine. I am grateful even for the diffuculites, aches and pains that all seem to come and go like the tide.

A dear friend said recently, be thankful for the pain in your foot or back because these things make us who we are. I can’t argue with that. Everything changes over time, especially our human form. It is all good and if we are grateful, these changes have less control of us. We are more easily able to bend and adapt and appreciate who we are becoming. We are better able to love our new ‘normal’.

If you are one of those the many that are alone and get depressed this time of year, try to be grateful for something. Be grateful for what ever it is you have, even what you don’t have. Every day holds new possibilities. Seek them out and be grateful for them.

ChironAchillesSwiecinskiThis week begins with the Sun changing signs. Moving into Sagittarius brings us more optimistic energy. Our needs go from seeking closer relations with ourselves and another person to going big and reaching out to the world. Sagittarius is a mutable, fiery sign. This means we could be more able to grow in our understanding of the world around us. I wish the world could be washed in a new understanding about now. Understanding we are all the same, all part of each other, ll created by the same energy source.

Sagittarius gives us courage and confidence to transition to seeing the big picture and not be get away from being stuck in a myopic view of things. Tin my opinion, this is the perfect sign for the season of good will, charity, peace and love toward our fellow humans. Sagittarius gives us all the energy we need to meet our celebratory hopefulness. It also gives us an opportunity to foster our faith, hope and imagination.

Monday Venus is straight across from Uranus. Our actions or reactions within our relationships could come from fear. Uranus is into freedom and Venus wants to be close. This can make even the best of us rather fickle. And you thought this was only a thing girls do?

Thursday through about Sunday, Venus trines the Sun, Saturn and Mercury. Combine this with the Thanks giving holiday and our thoughts of gratitude, and we have some real questions about freedom, change, individuality within our relationships. The Saturn connection becomes more complicated on Saturn’s day or Saturday as he squares Neptune. If you find yourself wondering what is real and what is not, this could be the reason. The last time these two planets were square was in late March of 1999.

Saturn and Neptune alone do not affect us personally as much as they do the collective. So expect this to play out on the world stage in some way. The only reason this will have any effect on us personally is because Saturn is so close to our personal planets, the Sun and Mercury. As for the world stage part, these days, who know what that could mean but my guess would be something related to protection and safety. There seems to be a lot in the news about our privacy lately too. This could be part of this equation. We could see more questions raised around privacy and social media or the internet in general. Time will tell.

Don’t forget that Venus is in Libra until Dec. 4th. She will be seeking balance and helping to bring this into our relationships. Of course whether or not you feel these energies strongly or at all depends on where these planets fall in your chart.

The Moon will play a big roll this week.planets_strip She is full in Wednesday and in Gemini. This always brings out the emotional in us depending on where this triggers the planets in our charts. Gemini influence is always dual. We could do some flip-flopping in our thinking, tell some bad jokes, or pull some pranks at the holiday table.

The Sun will also be opposing this particular planetary cluster on Wednesday/Thursday. This could bring all sorts of emotions to the surface about the same time you sit down to carve the turkey. I used to think my family gatherings were difficult at times just because we were dysfunctional. I am beginning to think the planets have just as much to do with it as any disfucntion. At least now, those who read this have a heads up and now know what to watch out for.

This is going to be an interesting week I feel sure. It always is with a Full Moon but when you add Saturn to the mix, things can get more interesting. Saturn and the Sun don’t actually perfect their annual conjunction until next Sunday but a few of us are surely feeling this energy now.

Saturn is a strict ruler. His influence on our lives is can be difficult and extremely valuable for our soul’s evolution. Saturn’s lessons are most assuredly part of our soul’s plan of us and a a reason we chose this time to live out a life here on Earth. Roll with the punches. Do your best to stay focused. Move ahead with wisdom and caution. It will all be good.

I wish each of you a warm, loving Thanksgiving holiday. Enjoy your triptopahne dreams and if you are traveling, please be safe and pay attention. Many of us do not realize how much our attention is take up with concerns of our everyday lives, the world and this week’s celebratory gatherings. Sometimes we don’t focus as much on what is going on around us whether we are walking, biking, skate boarding, or driving. Accidents can happen in a heart beat and when you least expect it. Please be aware and be careful.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Astrology for November 15-21, 2015


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Astrology offers many opportunists for me to use my intuition. However, like many people, I have a hard time trusting it but I am trying to lean into it more and more. Last week’s report was one of those times I got an intuitive nudge but didn’t do anything about it. There were no big difficult aspects to talk about but in the my gut l still felt as if something big was about to happen. Then Friday evening we all learned about what was going on in Paris and I thought “ah hah! So that was what I was feeling last Sunday while writing my blog.” There is a part of me that thinks my friends and readers will think I am out of my mind if I throw things out there and I am wrong. From now on, I will try to do better and let what ever comes flow onto the pages.

It certainly does not take an intuitive to know that events similar to the one in Paris will probably be occurring with more frequency in the future. I only discussed the energy that governs this, briefly last week but is has a lot to do with Saturn in both Scorpio and Sagittarius and the Uranus Pluto Square we are still feeling. That is a lot of powerful energy too.

This week begins quietly but come Tuesday, Venus and Mercury find themselves in a semi square aspect to each other. There could be some issues with romantic or social communications but we are likely to be kind and polite when however our communications go. Some of us will notice more ADD like symptoms as the mind wanders off here and there. This aspect brings a lack of mental discipline with it and of course those whose charts are triggered will feel this more than others. If Mercury is at or within a degree or two of 22 degrees anywhere in your chart or Venus is anywhere at or near 7 degrees, you will likely feel this more than others do.

The Universe always gives us a counterbalance. This same day Mercury will conjunct the Sun and this will lend a distinct, open energy to our communications. This is good energy for finding solutions to what ever is troubling us and it gives a great deal of power to our both our spoken and written words. Think before you speak or write so you have no regrets.

Wednesday Neptune comes out of his five month retrograde cycle and turns direct again. Our dreams have been a bit off over the past few months but now they are more likely to become reality. Neptune is headed into a square off with Saturn. This won’t actually perfect until November 27 and will stay that way until December 4th. The orb of the square, and therefore the energy of the square extend much further out on both sides of these days. In other words, we are in the orb of square now and feeling its energy.
If you recall previous information about Saturn, you mat recall this planet is about structure. Neptune tends to melt things away. If you recall Neptune is about illusion, intuition, and dreamy. Neptune is rather slow in his actions however and things tend to happen with him over time. The over all energy of this aspect is about relationships, things or even ideas come to an end in our lives but nothing is likely to happen very fast. It all sort of slowly dissolves away like a bar of soap over time.

This transit can manifest in a variety of ways that are problematic too. Depression and addiction can show up, especially with the holidays coming on. On the other hand some of us might have some sort of spiritual awakening. This manifestation is usually a good one But it can also bring discomfort before it brings that awakening and enlightenment. Keep in mind the Neptune and Saturn both deal with religion and spirituality. This is probably going to be played out on the world stage in ways we had rather not think about. This is exactly what my intuition was trying to tell me about last week and I avoided it.

Friday Mercury changes signs. He is leaving Scorpio’s emotional territory for the fire that Sagittarius has to offer. No doubt he will be a bit happier in Sagittarius than he has been in Scorpio. Fire and water just make steam.

The next three weeks however might prove to have us more scattered about than we have been. This won’t bother us too much though because this sign change will make us more positivist and good cheer than Mercury in Scorpio did. The Sun will follow Mercury into Sagittarius next Sunday. This will bring us even more positive vibes. Let’s hope this will be enough to counteract and of Neptune and Saturn’s negative vibes.

Also on Friday, Venus squares Pluto. We’ve been feeling this coming on all week too. It seems our passions are getting a nice boost but beware of the possibility of a hidden agenda in the wings. Some of us might feel a bit of jealousy and possessiveness so beware of that green eyed monster. This might not be a great time to begins new relationship, just in case that is on your mind. This energy can also harbor fears that others are dishonest. Manipulation and passive aggressive power struggles can pop up too. Time to chill with this one.

Venus and Uranus are opposed all week. Good ole Uranus is always full of excitement. He is fast, unexpected, unpredictable and explosive, sounds a lot like me. Haha! (Yesterday I was told I was a renegade.) This combo can lead our relationships in totally new directions. Some may even come to a quick end. This energy around relationships ending has been with us for several years now but in relationship to other planets and aspects. This Uranian energy is more restless that say Saturn energy with had also lead to relationships ending in the past.

A few of us will find this energy leading us to a whole new way of relating to things and people around us. We might even find we are attracted to people very different from ourselves as this energy awakens something new in us. All this could ultimately help us attach what we really want in our lives in the future.

This is energy the isn’t attached to the outcome so don’t you be either. Just last week I was saying this to a friend who was sort of freaking out about her future and with good reason. I reminded her not to be attached to the outcome and if she wasn’t, things would be better able to work themselves out in her favor. She text-ed me yesterday to say she thinks that is exactly where things are headed for her.

Many people has a really hard time with not being attached. They either have a need to control or are used to being in control. Letting go is foreign to them and extremely uncomfortable. The world is not the sort of place these days where we can be as in control as we once were. Change is happening too fast. Think about how fast all those lives changed in Paris two days ago. Uranus is trying to help us appreciate uncertainty. He teaches us to be in the moment and roll with the punches. When we do this, the possibilities are endless.

The winter chill is beginning to settle in and folks are thinking about Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas. Oh joy! I am in a constant search for good gluten free recipes in hopes of recreating or replacing my old holiday favorites with wheat free ingredients. I’ve just found a few bread and roll recipes that look promising. I’m hoping to try them soon.

In the meantime, hope your week is a fabulous as you are.

Astrology for November 8-14, 2015


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This week brings us some strong energy and the focus is around the Scorpio New Moon. Mars also makes a difficult sign change. So brace yourself for what could some rocky rough seas over the next few weeks. Rest assured that things are not all bad. Once you understand these energies, you will know more about how to navigate any of your rough days ahead.

We are now about midway of the Sun’s annual tour of Scorpio. This sign’s mantra is “ I want.” Scorpio also likes to go deep. I’ve always thought I was gifted with a Scorpion ascendant so I could deal with my Scorpio father. I am not sure this common energy was much help to either of us. Looking back, he seemed to be somewhat unsure of how to deal with me and somewhat afraid of me. Could this be because he saw so much of himself in me? I certainly have more of his attributes than any one else in the family.

Scorpio loves secrets and can usually be trusted with them too. Scorpio loves all things hidden, concealed and forbidden. This past summer I was introduced to a new healing modality that helps us uncover things hidden in our lives so we can move on to being our beat selves. Scorpio falls in October and November when the leaves are falling, covering up the earth below like a colorful blanket to keep the earth warm during the coming cold winter. Squirrels are hiding nuts for winter. (I have always wondered how they find their hidden treasures later on).

Scorpio energy can be intense, challenging, intriguing, and strong-willed, mostly in a quiet way. They are also known to be rather passionate. The negative of this passion shows up as jealously and being vindictive. All in all, I attribute my Scorpio ascendant to leading me to study astrology, and for me, that is nothing but positive.

Mercury is transiting Scorpio this month. This energy takes our thoughts even deeper. We may find ourselves wanting to probe intensely into our thoughts and conversations or other forms of communications. There is a feeling with this transit that life is not fair. This combined with the need to seek the truth can lead to some depressing thoughts. If you find yourself going down this slippery slope, find something that makes you happy and do it. Do it quickly.

Most of the aspects this week are gentle ones. Uranus and Pluto are nearly five degrees from square so some will be feeling that more than others. This energy is most likely to be noticed on the world stage however more that personally. That is of course unless your natal charts is being triggered not.

Venus has quite a few nice aspects going on, most of which bring good energy to our relationships. The Love planet has just today, moved into Libra.This energy will soon have us all seeking balance and harmony in our relationships. Many will be drawn to truth or their perception of it. When truth is wrapped in an attractive package, all the better.

The biggest deal this week is Wednesday’s New Moon in Scorpio and the Mars sign change into Libra on Thursday. Scorpio is ruled by Mars so this Moon is probably going to kick some backsides here and there. The New Moon is always a time for new beginnings. Scorpio asks us to go deep, to be transformative. With Mars changing signs to a sign he is not comfortable in, this will add some more strong energy to the Moon’s energy.

Mars is the warrior and prefers to take action in bold ways. He loves conflict, competition, and is often his best when there is controversy. The Libra energy will do its best to dampen this warrior’s drive to act out. Libra like things to be fair and has no taste for conflict at all. Little wonder Mars is so uncomfortable in this sign. The combination of these two however is one that can bring amazing, life long changes that run deep in our psyche.

Should you run in to conflicts in the coming weeks and feel as if some outside force is keeping your feet nailed down, it probably is and its name is Mars in Libra. This combo only happens once every two years. Relax, don’t over think things. You could miss out on something great it you do. On the other hand, don’t act in haste. Take a deep breath and allow these two energies to work for you in positive ways. This New Moon with Mars going into Libra could be just the thing we need.

That is about it for this week. I’ve been listening to the “Dead & Company” concert replay while I wrote this. <Smile>

As they end their show with “Not Fade Away” I am afraid that is what I must do now…..fade away. There is a pot of chili on my stove that is calling my name. Fall is definitely here. There is a chill growing in my house and it is time to turn on some heat.

As I was driving today I noticed the colors as still hanging on and they were just beautiful! My Japanese Maple has yet to blaze.  I think we have seen the last of the warm days for a few months. We are headed into the busy winter holiday months now. Try to get your shopping done early this year.

Till next week…..make this a good one! And if you like the Dead and didn’t see the show last night, check out the link above.


Saturn and Pluto, and the week of November 1-7, 2015


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You’ve probably heard the phrase “as above, so bellow”. One way I feel this connection is better understood is through the study of astrology. Science seems to be showing us more and more about how we are connected to the stars and planets and all things in the Universe with each new discovery they make.

Before the last century we knew little about light and frequency other than the colors in the rainbow or the notes on an instrument. Today we know there are colors we cannot see with our eyes like infrared and ultraviolet. Infra means below the spectrum whole ultra means above the visual spectrum. There are also sound frequencies we cannot hear but dogs can. We’ve also learned that animals use magnetic energy to find their way in the world and to migrate when the seasons change.

Both light and sound can be viewed as both particle and wave in the microscopic level, or at least this is what quantum physics teaches us. At the macroscopic level, planets can also be both particle and wave. The difference is that planetary waves cannot be measured in the same way as sound or light. The movement or wave of a planet can only be observed over time. Thus, time is how we measure the. One planet wave takes from about three weeks to over 200 hundred depending on the length of time it takes a planet to make its trip around the Sun. Because we are on Earth, we base time on how long it take us to make one trip around the Sun. This cycle a year. The Moon has thirteen beats per cycle or makes thirteen revolutions around the Earth in a year. Mercury cycles are a little less than 88 days while Pluto cycles are nearly 250 years long.

Time is such a 3 dimensional, Earth based concept, yet this is how we measure our lives. The seconds become minutes, the minutes hours, hours days, and you get the idea. Even if you don’t believe in astrology, the way we measure time is based on it or the time it takes the Earth to make one cycle.

Saturn was to the ancients, the farthest planet in our solar system. Saturn was named for the Roman god of agriculture and time, perhaps because of the amount of time it took for this planet to complete one cycle around the Sun. Uranus was not discovered until 1781. Neptune was discovered in 1846 and Pluto in 1951. We now know that Pluto has the longest cycle of all the planets. It is the relationship between Saturn and Pluto that seem to distinctively mark important events in our historical time line.

Saturn is the heads up or Boundaries and Rules and Regulations area of our lives. He is where we resist change. (Why is everything about change?) Where ever Saturn is in your chart, this is where you will resist the most and put up walls to keep your self safe from change. Saturn is where you say “No, I won’t go”. He is our fear of failure. For me this is the twelfth house. This is why I have never been able to take a compliment well. I didn’t feel I was worthy of praise or admiration. Fortunately with time, these feelings subside and confidence grows.

Saturn is also the planet that represents out fathers and authority figures, both in the family and the world. He is about respect, honor, discipline, responsibility, obligation, strength, and patience. He is about real things like gravity, things that supply us with structure like the government, laws, religion, banks, libraries, and the guidelines or structure they provide us and ask us to follow. This is true even in the human body as Saturn rules our physical structures or bone and skin. He holds things together.

Pluto, our outermost planet and as far as we know takes the longest to make a complete cycle around the Sun. It takes Pluto nearly 250 years to make this trip. Saturn makes nine in that time. He is in charge of death, destruction, and decay. He loves change and governs all those things that simply have to happen. Pluto is recycling, reincarnation, regeneration. Where ever he is in your chart is where you will find disturbances, upheaval and your greatest development. For me this is the tenth house this is where I get my drive to reuse, refurbish, both things and people.

Twice each during each trip around our Sun, Saturn either opposes or conjuncts Pluto, and twice they square off. The oppositions and conjunctions are the most powerful aspects between planets. These aspects can be compared to the hands on a clock. The conjunctions would be when the hands are in the 12 o’clock position and the oppositions would be when the hands are at the 6 o’clock position. You could also use high tide/ low tide or Full Moon/New Moon to illustrate these aspects between planets. Since Saturn was named for time, lets look at how these two planets have affected things over time.

Both these aspects can be viewed as clashes. Not every event I am about to mention takes place at the exact moment of the aspects perfection. Many take place a year or more on either side of perfection. But this is still within the orb of the aspect. Remember that the energy of the planets also acts as a trigger or catalyst for things to happen. This does not mean however, that during every cycle have seen or will see some sort of huge event. Sometimes there are a hundred years or more between these cataclysmic events.

Let’s go back to 379 AD, there was a conjunction of Saturn and Pluto. At the same time a rouge element known as the Visigoths came into the world stage. Within a year of the next Saturn/Pluto alignment, in 410 AD Rome was brought to it’s knees when it was sacked and burned by this same group of thugs.

The opposition of Saturn and Pluto about 532 AD, 30,000 people we killed in an arena in Constantinople by dude named Justinian. In 629 Mohamed took over Mecca and declared the State of Islam without ever firing a single shot. In 711AD Europe was invaded by Islam, when the Moors took control of Spain. They would rule for 500 years until the year 1212 when the Catholics regained control and booted the Moors (Islam) back into Africa.

Throughout our world’s history, many times when there is a power struggle that relates to power and religion, there is almost always a Saturn/Pluto conjunction or opposition. We are coming up on another one in a few years. Saturn only recently moved into Sagittarius where he will stay until December 20, 2017 when he joins Pluto in Capricorn. By the end of the first quarter of 2019, these two planets will be coming very close to each other to form another conjunction.

Due to one planet or the other going retrograde the actual perfection won’t take place until January 12, 2020. If you would like to learn more about Pluto in Capricorn, here is a video link for you to check out. I am sure that as long as I decide to continue writing about astrology, I will continue to talk about the influence of Saturn and Pluto, together and separately. For now, let’s get on with a look at what is in store for us this week.

The Sun is still about half way through the transit of Scorpio. This is one of my favorite signs partly because it is my ascending sign. Scorpio is deep, passionate, strong willed, and often intense. He is not a fan of the superficial or mediocre. He has a strong desire to understand secrets, and things hidden or taboo.

Venus and Mars conjunct on Monday. This energy is spirited, warm, and passionate. This will be a good time to be creative and make something pretty. This is successful energy for teamwork too but there could be a bit of competitiveness also. Be cautious of impulse purchases. This almost always gets us in some sort of trouble.

Tuesday Jupiter opposes Chiron. We can find ourselves eager for understanding. We could also experience a crisis with in our belief system. Don’t you just hate it when that happens? While we might feel alone in our thoughts and opinions, remember we are never alone. Look inside for answers to your questions. If you are starting a new business, look closely at it before moving forward. Relationships could take a hit due to a hick-up or difference in our beliefs.

Thursday Jupiter is in a difficult aspect with Uranus. This can cause us some restlessness and make agreeing with others difficult as we display a bit of rebelliousness. What else would you expect when Uranus is involved. Speaking of Uranus. I saw a cute video this week.

Also on Thursday, the Sun aspects Pluto. Keep things to yourself for a bit. Taking time to do your research might be a good idea and be beneficial.

Friday, Mercury trines Neptune. Imagination gets a boost with this aspect. Use it when making decisions today. You just might surprise yourself with your ability to read those around you and pick up on their feelings and thoughts. Go with it and let your intuition rule. This energy favors art and creativity. Have pen and paper handy in case the desire to doodle or put your thoughts to paper should take hold.

Venus will be leaving Virgo early next week so expect to begin to feel her energy shift late in the week.

Hoping your week is fabulous! Till next week, I wish you all the best.

Astrology for October 25-31, 2015


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halloween night with pumpkin in grass tree bat and hunting house in background

Hurricane Patricia has changed lives and the landscape of our southern neighbors in rural Mexico. It seems a couple of major tourist areas did not see a great deal of damage.  The remnants of this massive storm is dumping rain on Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi. Texas has gotten enough rain to derail a train.

What remains of Patricia will soon make its way up the east coast. I hope the best for everyone in the path of this storm. With a Full Moon just days away, I am expecting the Moon energy to add to the energy of the storm. The weather man says we could see some heavy rain in this area. Wishing everyone the best.

This week begins a new two week period of bringing projects to an end. I have a busy week planned for myself too. There is a big project I have been working toward for a while now that I will take on and complete this week. Just in time for the New Moon and beginning new projects. Unfortunately these projects will be more of the same, just in a different spot. Oh well. Such is life and it is al good.

There is not a ton of cosmic stuff going on this week. We still have Mercury opposing Neptune and the Uranus Pluto square is beginning to form one more time. This won’t really be an issue until late December and early in 2016. These two will not come into a perfect square again like we saw seven times between 2012 and 2015. Instead, they will dance within nearly one degree of perfection for most of January and February thanks to Uranus turning direct on Christmas day.

By late February, they begin to move away from each other again. Keep in mind that we will be seeing the effects of their squaring off for some time yet to come. They simply acted as a trigger for events to unfold. I wonder if some of this energy is not reflected in the current campaign landscape.

This New Moon will be in Taurus, a very grounded sign. Great energy for all those projects that deal with getting rid of what no longer serves. Recycle, reduce, and get your life reorganized. You will appreciate this the holidays get here and when spring comes and you want to start new projects.

Today and early this week we will feel the energy of Venus conjunct Jupiter. Expansive Jupiter will be magnifying our desire for love, beauty and all thing fun and exciting. This is a good time for new relationships, rekindling existing ones, or renewing an old one. We may also feel more generosity toward others.

Today and tomorrow we could feel a bit distracted as Mercury opposes Uranus. Good ole Uranus can turn things interesting in a heart beat. If you find yourself being misunderstood, this opposition could be the culprit. Arguments can flare up too. Uranus has a free spirit and has little regard for the status quo. This would not be a great time for debate or sharing an important idea. Arguments are likely so you might want to chill out, especially if these two planets are being triggered in your chart.

I took a look at my chart and the only thing close for me is Mercury moving in on Neptune. Even so this aspect is still not close enough to cause any real concern for me since they are still over 10 degrees apart. If Mercury were closer to Neptune like he will be by weeks end, then I might want to stay home. Just kidding, but since I have Mercury in Aquarius and conjunct the Sun in my natal chart, I do have a problem with mental and verbal filters. Therefore, I will need to use caution in my communications this week.

Tuesday Venus will be facing off with the wounded healer, Chiron. Chiron can make us resentful or at least aware of where the imbalance lies in our relationships. There is certain amount of insecurity Chiron brings to the table. This can cause us to feel less like opening up to any romantic overtures that might come our way. Fortunately this aspect is short lived. Chiron does point out places where we need to do some work. This is a good thing.

Friday, October 30, 2015, the Sun trines Neptune. Our intuition is high and we feel plugged into the Universal mind. I now that sounds a bit airy faerie but Neptune is the mystical, magic, intuitive planet after all. This might be a good day to buy a lottery ticket or at least go with your gut instincts. Creativity abounds and we may find we have new eyes with which to see people or things from a different perspective. This is a good aspect for doing things that improve or change something about you.

The week ends with Halloween. I am hoping for clear, wonderful weather this year. I like to spend some extra time in meditation around Halloween time. I have always been taught this is the one time of the year that the veil between worlds is the thinnest. Allowing my self to be open to spirit communications seems to me to be the perfect way tp enjoy the holiday.

The day after is dia de los muertos or day of the dead. I love how we seem to sugar coat death for children. I remember this being a fun time when I was a child. We lived in a neighborhood full of children and there were lots of houses to Trick-or-Treat. We never had store bought costumes and don’t remember even wanting one. I loved to dress up in mom’s old clothes and go out to trick or treat as a gypsy or whatever I dreamed up. To this day I don’t care for store bought costumes although a little accessory or two can come in handy at times.

Remember to drive safely and watch out for Trick-or-Treaters on the road. Stay safe. 

Astrology for October 18-24, 2015


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Are you noticing any changes in your life this month? The planets seem to be working overtime but I am really digging the Wave X energy. Some of the changes are not socially accepted but they are necessary for your own evolution. Don’t allow social mores to rule, allow the heart. The heart always knows best and won’t steer you wrong if you listen to it. After all, it is our direct connection to Source.

These changes bring us what we need but they also bring us a great deal of discomfort as we release and let go of the parts of us we no longer need. There is a lot of cord cutting going on. I could write for while on this but today is astrology day so I am going to talk about this week and leave the a discussion on changes for later or for your own contemplation.

The Sun leaves Libra this week and moves into Scorpio. This is a sign I am quite fond of because it is my rising sign. The Sun in Scorpio wants to know what, where, and why? He wants to know what is hidden, what is behind the closed door, or what is hidden deep in the psyche and why we hid it in the first place. Be aware that you may not like what you find or like the answers you get. Like any change, all you discover will ultimately be a good thing.

Scorpio believes life is not fair. He is about extremes and can run hot or cold, especially when it comes to his emotions and feelings. He can be very passionate in intimate situations or be cold as ice if he isn’t feeling it. Scorpio is intense and strong willed. Just ask my Mom about this one. Poor lady was married to a Scorpio for 41 yrs and has had to deal with me my whole life. It is a good thing she is able to let go of things as easily as she does. If she didn’t, I would be in big trouble.

The good news is that Scorpio energy heals. It transforms us to new heights and moves us toward who we really are as we deal with the skeletons in our closets. The shadow side is jealousy, spitefulness, manipulation, and not letting go of anger or other negative emotions. Scorpios are loyal and will stand by you forever unless you push them too far. Then they sting you so watch out. Once they sting, they are usually done with you and often there is no turning back. Wave X is helping me transform this part of me. It is good!

Mercury has just two weeks left in Libra. Our friendly diplomacy will soon change to a desire to get to the center or root of things and find the truth of the matter. Enjoy the last couple of weeks of rationality because you will soon fall off the fence that we have been balanced on and dive into the pit of the unknown.

Venus is in Virgo for another three weeks. We have been showing our love in so many wonderful, practical ways. This has been a great benefit for those that have been through difficult times in last past two months. The things we have bought and the ways we have chosen to entertain ourselves have all been based on good sense. I am so glad I have a Virgo Moon. She is what keeps me somewhat organized even in all my clutter.

Venus and Jupiter are headed for meet up late in the week. One of my sources says they are parallel. Whether planets are parallel or conjunct has to do with where the conjunction falls in the chart. This is one of the many confusing aspects of planetary aspects, and I will not attempt to explain it except to say that parallel is thought to be more intense than conjunct. Oh BOY!

Both of these planets are in Virgo. The Virgo energy is assisting in the opening of our heart chakras. This will also be magnifying the Wave X energy that is doing the same thing. Cooperation and generosity run high with this conjunction and we are happy and proud of those around us and our relationships.

Both Venus and Jupiter continue to oppose Neptune. Read last weeks post for info.

On Friday Venus trines Pluto. Venus sure is busy with the aspects this week. This trine will bring good energy around money and relationships. Our emotions could be intense and fiery but probably not in a devastating way. You might feel a desire to share things on a deeper level. Good ole Pluto loves to go deep you know. With the Neptune energy added to this, spiritual resurgence through our love relationships are possible.

By Wednesday Mercury is opposed to Uranus. Our need for mental stimulation could be high. Another “Oh Boy!” leaks from my lips as I think of what my week holds for me. This could be a difficult one in some regards. In others it will be just fine and hopefully productive.

Thursday Mercury squares Pluto, as combo that can stir up trouble. Suspicious minds tend to rule the day and we could feel more anxious than usual. Don’t try to force an issue and watch out for compulsive thinking. The bright side of this I aspect is deep, engaging conversation. My favorite!

That is all I have for this week. Wishing you a wonderful week ahead. Remember that even the difficult parts are offend exactly what we need.

Astrology for October 11-17, 2015


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Does everyone feel better now that Mercury has turned direct? I know I do. Even my phone is working better now.  Autumn is definitely in the air here. The nights are consistently cooling down and it is time to lite those fire pits and enjoy some fire side time alone or with a friend. A prefect way  to relax and chill out some because this week is full of oppositions. These oppositions are sure to push some buttons. But let’s take first things first.

Monday, October 12, the Moon is New. This is a time for new beginnings. I’m ready!

A New Moon also means change doesn’t it? This Moon is in Libra and opposes Uranus in Aries. Libra is all bout balance and one on one relationships whether personal, business, or in the virtual realms. This New Moon will bring us positive vibes and help us make those relationships work better. This one is not all rosy however. Uranus that has been in opposition to the Sun for at least a week now, throwing a few curves into this other wise nice Libra Moon.

One way Libra helps us in our relationships is by giving us a greater desire for cooperation and compromise. Uranus on the other hand, wants to be free and loves his independence. Therefore we tend to want to cut and run rather than stick around and work things out. Uranus is so unpredictable that he is predictable.

The Sun is also opposite that wild planet, Uranus. Uranus is so not Libra. All he wants is freedom from conformity. Can’t get much more opposite than that can you? We can be wonky as heck and change too. With this aspect, if a plan doesn’t strike our fancy then we could do a quick about face. The one things about Uranus is that there is seldom a boring moment. This can be a stimulus for change as well. The shadow side is going to be a decision made in haste. Snap decisions are seldom a good idea but sometimes they are just what the Dr. ordered. It is a good thing perhaps that we have some other planets coming to the rescue this week.

On Thursday Mars and Jupiter join in conjunction. Some of you are probably already feeling this energy. This conjunction is sort of a big deal since it only happens once every two years. Mars is about action and Jupiter is expansive and optimistic. These to energies together are going to help you do what you need to do to grow and change. This energy will be further magnified with a Mars/Jupiter trine to Pluto later this same day.

Now for the three planets are opposing Neptune this week. They are Venus, Mars, and Jupiter. Remember that Jupiter is the planet of expansion and he is sure to magnify or expand lots of energy this week. Not all of the effects will be positive.

Those with addictive behaviors, will want to take extra caution this week while Jupiter is opposite Neptune. This aspect is known to expand on addictive behaviors. Remember that you have ultimate control. I have a friend that has always referred to himself and a “tough guy” but when is comes to his smoking addiction, he is milk toast. I wish him the best because I would like to have him around for a few more years.

Jupiter has been within the orb of opposition to Neptune for over a month. He is very close to being out of the orb of influence now but we still have a good 10-12 days of this influence to deal with. Some people have been feeling strong extremes in behavior as well as belief. This could result in feeling overly optimistic or very disappointed. Those with heavy Neptune influences in their charts are likely to feel this energy the most.

Another expression of this Jupiter/Neptune influence is the tendency to put others on a pedestal. I have found this usually leads to disappointment and disappointment is exactly what this aspect can bring us. It is a real bummer when we leave ourselves open for such a let down but it often takes a few bummers to learn our lessons. It is always best to expect nothing. Let go of all outcomes. If the world could learn this lesson earlier, there would be much less grief and upset. As John Lennon said, “Imagine” what the world would be like.

The bright side of this aspect is that we are curios and want to learn. Just remember to use common sense if things seem better than you expect them to. Things you learn now could lead to changes in our opinions, religious beliefs, or our view of spirituality or previous prejudices.

Change is word I seem to be using more and more these days. There is little doubt now that we are in changing times. The very thought of the word “change” makes us uncomfortable. The act of change is worse and harder to accept. However, it is almost always a positive thing if we are willing to allow it to be. But there in lies the rub. Allowing. Allowing means we have to let go of some bit of control or routine. Progress and growth can’t happen without it. I am such a creature of habit, allowing is often difficult for me, as I am sure it is for you. Although I struggle, like many of you, I am making progress, little by little.

The Mars opposition to Neptune is adding a layer of impatience to our lives. Mars wants action and he dislikes boring. This aspect has similar qualities to Venus opposing Neptune. Neither of these two planets like the dull drums and ordinary. They both seek drama and flare. Neptune is making things wonky however. Try to avoid being impulsive and acting without first considering the consequences. Some us can be a bit more foolish under this influence. Our regular routine might need some tweaking and important appointments might be best scheduled for a later time.

The last thing I want to mention today is Venus square Saturn. This energy will be strong all week. Saturn and cause stress in our relationships. He’s not working with the Libra energy at all is he? This square could bring about some bad feelings but most of them come from our own fear. Criticisms from others won’t help either. Be aware of this know you can use the Libra energy to balance this out. This will help you keep the harmony in all your relationships and avoid any dramatic energy.

The shadow side of this energy can be depression and loneliness. Due to recent Venus energies, money could also be tight due to her love of extravagance. This will pass so don’t get too bent out of shape. I am feeling a pinch my self this week but with a bit of good fortune and some wise decisions, I have not dug my hole so deep that it will take months to get out.

This Venus transit is putting tension on some of your relationships. You might have to work extra hard to keep things on a even keel at work or at home. Don’t ignore your duties. Remember that you are not the only one being affected by these energies. A friend or loved one could need to reach out to you for support. Try not to let them down even if you yourself are not feeling up to par in this area. You will ultimate.y be supporting yourself when you support others.

Saturn has also recently returned to his transit is Sagittarius. I am sure we are going to see more news in regards to religious topics in the coming year or two. Sagittarius is a bit like Uranus in that he is not a fan of routine. He is also rules by Jupiter. Do I need to say what this means again? I didn’t think so. Just look for hard nosed rules and regulations to butt heads with enthusiastic, fun loving, optimism. Take about energy for change! I’m excited.

Remember that your own chart has a lot to do with how all this shakes out in your life. Now that you know what to expect this week, go out and make this another great week!

Astrology for October 4- 10, 2015


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Perennial Sunflower

Photo by Kevin Campbell, Campbell Family Nursery, Harmony, NC

I met some Asheville friends for brunch this morning and one of the topics was how fast time seems to be passing. People also seem to be talking about how strange they feel, how strange people are acting and about feeling some sort of difference in general. Some of this is possibly due to the fact that we have only seen the Sun once in the past two weeks.

For about that long, I have felt like staying at home and being alone. Originally, I thought my circuits were overloaded from the crowd and music energy of National Folk Festival, followed by dealing with sick friends and hospitals. After hearing what others are feeling, I am thinking my need for solitude could have more to do with the 5th dimensional energies all the woo woo, spiritual people are talking about. Regardless, I am feeling much better today.

This week brings us some positive changes, the best of which is probably Mercury turning direct. I usually slide through Mercury’s retrograde period without many, if any problems. This time my phone seemed to not work as smoothly as normal and there were a few other technical bugs a time or two. I suppose if the phone issues don’t happen again after this week, I will know for sure.

Two weeks of rain can affect technology too, not to mention its affect on your mood. The weather here in the south has had everyone on edge this past week. Gratefully, my area did not get the rain amounts we were expecting. Unfortunately, my friends on the coast are getting more than they expected and there is significant damage in many areas. Some places have gotten 18 inches of rain or more. Accurate measure has been difficult due to rain gauges quickly filling and over flowing. This is an historic rain storm without a doubt. I hope everyone stays safe. You are all in my thoughts.

The past few weeks I have mentioned the Jupiter Neptune opposition. All this rain and the Hurricane Joaquin, are good examples of the energy of this aspect. Neptune is all about water and Jupiter is expansive. Joaquin was not expected to reach a nearly category five status but it did. Folks who do not understand or believe in astrology believe contend this is just another coincidence, but I don’t believe in coincidences. What we do agree on is, this is good weather for ducks.

Some of the discomfort or strange energy folks are feeling of late could be the difficult energy of Sun in Libra. Libra rules relationships as a reflection the self. Libra is also about balance, compromise, and negotiations. It is also a good time to do things with people that involves art in some way. No wonder the autumn seems to be the biggest season for events that involve art.

This struggle for balance can cause some difficulty however. Decision-making seems to be most perplexing during this time. Libra energy wants to be sure is looks at both sides of an issue very carefully. This can sometimes be a long and labor intensive process because the Libra energy does not want to make waves for anyone.

While Libra is considerate, shows great tolerance and is sociable, the shadow side can be quite selfish and superficial. Being passive-aggressive is also a shadow side trait. If you or someone you know has a tendency toward these things, be forewarned. These traits could be more predominant now and even amplified. If you find yourself acting in any of these negative ways, take a deep breath, regroup and chill out.

Another change we need to take notice of this week is Venus leaving Leo and entering Virgo on Thursday Oct. 8, 2015. Virgo is a much more practical placement than Venus in flamboyant Leo. This transit will last six weeks and focuses our attention on improving health and doing charitable work rather than buying things that sparkle. Venus will also be moving out of her shadow period after turning direct on September 6th. Aren’t you glad Mercury’s movement through his shadow is not so slow? Communications within our relationships should become more normal after this week.

Almost everything that aspects or changes this week does so near weeks end. However on Tuesday we see Mars moving to perfect his opposition with Neptune. Neptune is all about water and illusion. Hopefully this perfection will be bringing an end to the rain even though it might cause us some mental confusion. You could find yourself getting lost a fuzzy cloud of misunderstanding. This is another time you will want to stop, chill, and take a breath. If you have friends that need a hand with something, this would be a good time to put your energy toward helping them instead of focusing on yourself.

This energy is prone to being on the lazy side as well as being disorganized. Two things I don’t need more of in my life. I could will be one of the ones among us that will be struggling w this energy. Not thinking things through, being impractical and carelessness are also aspects of this placement. Now that you know, perhaps you will be better able to recognize when these things are going on in your life and you won’t find yourself in trouble.

At the very end of the week, Venus will square Saturn. If there ever was a struggle between the male and female this aspect is it. The only larger struggle is when these two planets are opposed. Venus like to have her way but our father, Saturn is telling her no. Venus often wants more than she really needs anyway but Saturn can be quite stern as well. Feelings of rejection are possible and so is socializing. Saturn is not as interested in such things like Venus is and he frowns on many of the self-indulgent things Venus loves.

This aspect is not one for new financial ventures. Many could end up being little more than a waste of your dollars. Try not to be too distant emotionally either. Saturn can sure make us feel this way sometimes.

Every week feel like there is more I could cover. This is my own insecurity coming out along with my not being that well versed in astrology yet. It has been three years this week since I first began this astrology blog. I have learned much in that time yet have so much more to learn. I am grateful to Shelly Overton in Orlando Florida for being a good teacher and friend through her Blog Talk Radio show called AstroEnergy. Shelly and I both follow Anne Ortelee too. Anne is in NYC and also have a BTR show each week. While I have not been listening to Anne much in the past few months due to time and other things, I think she is among the best astrologers out there. Catch her show for today here:  Anne Ortelee

Have a good week and stay safe.


Astrology for September 27 – October 3, 2015



Welcome Fall 2015! This past week was full of planetary changes and brings us to the first Full Moon, the Harvest Moon, and Sukkot or Feast of Tabernacles, the Jewish Harvest Holiday. We are also at the beginning of that Jubilee year according to Jewish tradition. The Jubilee year is the year after seven cycles of seven years or shmita.

The fiftieth year is a holy year and one of liberty for the Jewish people. History tell us this is when all debts are cleared and people return to their own property and their own families. It is a year of rest. The Bible tells us not to sow or reap. This rule has not been followed for many centuries however. Since 600 BCE, the tribes of Ruben, Gad, and Menashe were exiled. The rule is only applicable when the Jewish people all live in Israel as tribes.

There is prophesy about these things and if you are interested I encourage you to do some research. Dig deep and do not take the word of a TV evangelist. They seem to me to take things too literally and not consider astrology, numerology or ancient texts when hypothesizing. But this is just my humble opinion. If you want a good starting point in your research I might suggest PIN (Prophesy In the News) or Perry Stone. Both of these sources have a good knowledge base of Biblical history, and interpretation. I don’t believe even these sources are 100% accurate but I feel they are better than most.

I bring all this up to emphasize how many different energies are coming our way right now. And yes, holidays and traditions have their own energy just as every word we speak does. Most of us fail to recognize this fact however, let alone incorporate this awareness into our daily lives. Most of us are too busy shopping or trying to decide what shoes to wear and fail to tune into these energies so we can ride this wave.

We’ve been hit with lots of cosmic energy lately and today, tomorrow and the coming weeks are no exception. The good news is there will be no sign changes and no planets change direction. There aren’t any new difficult aspects for the most part. The Neptune opposition to Mercury and Jupiter continues but this has been with us now for a few weeks. On a good note, Pluto is trine Mercury and Jupiter. Jupiter helps us gain traction when it comes to achievement and our influence reaches farther than before. Many difficulties are easily over come and your confidence is high.

However, this is not the case with one of my friends who is having a hard time this weekend. He has sent me several messages of woe today and wants to know if his troubles are due to the Blood Moon that will take place later this evening. My guess is that something in his personal chart is being triggered. Often, what we see as bad situation can actually serve as a catalyst for believing in the best.

Pluto trine Mercury is giving us the ability to debate convincingly and to get our views clearly heard. At the same time your thirst for knowledge is higher than usual. Mine is always high so this is no big change for me.

04010eclipseThe biggest event this week is probably the Full Moon tonight. In my area this will take place at 11:06 pm. It is a super moon, meaning it is closer to the Earth and has more energy than usual. The Moon is in Aries, a fires sign and the Sun is in Libra, an air sign. Air fuels fire or fans the flames. Full Moon energy is felt for a good two weeks after the event and with this one also being part of an eclipse and the Blood Moon, well I am sure we will see some fiery events in the news very soon and for a little while after. The Sun in Libra is balanced, diplomatic and fair. I sure hope this has some influence on the fiery energy of the eclipsed moon.

Full moons shine light on our lives and our emotions. When there is an eclipse the light is on the conflict between you and others, or you and me. This is a good time to express yourself as long as you use care and don’t force yourself or your views on others. This is not an extremely rational time for us. Most of us know the Moon represents our emotions.

Some of us could experience a crisis of some sort. Perhaps this comes as an immediate awareness of something lacking in our life. What ever we discover, could be rather dramatic and quite emotionally charged. Hopefully the Libra Sun will help us find our balance and we won’t get too carried away when bending the ears of those around us.

Mercury in Libra will assist the Sun with our balance and fair mindedness. If there is something we need to negotiate, this is a good time for it. Just be aware that Mercury is retrograde and things do not always go as planned. If we are careful we can use Mercury’s backward energy to our advantage. We might find we attack one on one relationships from a rational point of view. This is a good time for increasing our skills of negotiation too, just be sure not to make decisions in haste. Read, read and re-read all documents. Remember that your opinion is not always the best or the only one. This is one of the best times to consider the views of others. The theme for this cycle it fairness.

Romance is the big focus of Venus in Leo. We seldom get past this stage because Leo is Mars in Piscesall about the fun. The big shadow factor of this combo is spending too much money and being too extravagant. Sometimes we find folks expressing themselves in ways that get attention, even the wrong kind of attention. Extravagance at it’s worst.

Mars is in Virgo and I think I have been feeling this energy this weekend in a big way. I have felt compelled to organize. I hope this energy sticks with me most of this week cause I sure could use more cleaning, clearing and organization.

This Mars/ Virgo energy is powerful. It is a real get up and go kind. Loves details and has a need to do the right thing. Nothing at all wrong with this energy for the most part. A job well done is its own reward.

There is not much different with any of the other planets this week. All in all it seems to be a week to get some rest. Something tells me this will not be that case however. For one reason, Mercury will be conjunct the Sun and also closer to the Earth than usual. This will affect our planets geomagnetic energy. Anytime this is affected it also affects us. So perhaps this week won’t be such a smooth ride after all?

Another variable is Wave X. I am not sure what , if anything to expect from this wave of galactic energy. Time will tell. I am hopeful it will be the catalyst for some dynamic new beginings. We need to keep in mind that an ending is really a new beginning. Wave X will be on us tomorrow. I have no plans other than to spend some good time in meditation. With more rain in the forecast and nothing too confining on my agenda for the first few days this week, I plan to lay low and take in what ever energy the Universe has to offer me. I also hope my organization bug stays around for a few days too. There is nothing like the feeling of accomplishment.

Wishing all of you a great week. If not, remember even the difficult times hold sparking gems. Grab onto them with gusto and keep smiling!

Wave X


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Artwork by Vandorn Hinnant                               

Today is the first day of Autumn and the Jewish Day of Atonement. September has so far been an interesting month. Cool Autumn air seemed to come earlier this year that I remember if in the past and people seem to be a bit more active lately. If I were to guess, I would say you have been busier in the past few weeks. Perhaps you have needed more sleep or time seems to slip away before you know it. These are the things that are happening to me. The speed of passing time is really getting to me. I look at the clock to get a grip on my day and before I know it, it is three hours later. An other blink of the eye and the day is totally gone. It is some ways it is neat and in others, it is frustrating when I don’t seem to get much work done.

The study of astrology deals with energy. Every thing in our world, in fact the entire Universe is made of energy, is energy, and is all energy is connected to all energy, and all the energy that ever was. This means we are connected to everything in the Universe. You and I are connected to Jesus, Mohamed, Buddha,Hilter, Captain Kangeroo, Donald Trump, Obama, the dining room table, the snake in the grass and the stars, moon and all the planets. We are even connected to the space in between and the space in between that, or what is called “dark matter”.

Last week I mentioned an energy wave was headed our way but I was too tired to continue. Things in my world finally settled down yesterday and I am grateful for the perfection with which the universe operates. The energy wave that is coming is said to be something special.

It is called Wave X and is coming to us from deep space or the galactic center. This wave of energy has been felt by some of our more sensitive folks since August or even before. Some of us are just recently feeling it and some have no clue what is going on. This is the way with many things isn’t it?

This energy wave is triggering our global or collective consciousness and the center of the Universe or what we call the “Galactic Center”. It is thought to be able to awaken even those that have no clue what is going on. Awaken them to the love vibration, the vibration of the Christ consciousness and assist us in our transition to the 5th Dimension.

The energy of this shift has been coming for a long time. You might recall the Harmonic Convergence of 1987. Humans like to mark a date and this is thought to be the actual beginning point. Regardless, Wave X is the biggest and most important energy to hit us to date.

The one person who has brought all this to the forefront is Dr. Simon Atkins. Dr. Atkins is a planetary threat forecaster and climate risk economist who holds a doctorate in Biometo-electromagnetics. He uses the study of magnetics to learn more what is going on in our world. The Sun is also involved because the Sun’s activity or inactivity has an effect on the magnetic field around the Earth. The magnetic field influences human, animal and climate activity. Most are familiar with the way the Moon phases affect the tides, births, and crime. This is magnetics at work. But we need to consider how our brains and our heart are also affected by magnetic frequency.

Solar activity or the lack of it, along with what is called “space weather,” affect all life and weather on Earth. For example, studies show a downward shift in the stock market 1-3 days after and strong solar flares on the Sun, especially the ones the are Earth facing and hit us directly. Solar flares also affect violent outbursts among humans. Coronal mass ejections on the other hand, create a sort of calming affect, even euphoria and peace among the human population in Earth. The ancients knew of the power of the Sun and this is why they viewed it as the God source. The and its light play an important part in how humans feel. Not getting enough sunlight can cause depression, mental fog, and illness. The lack of sunlight is even believed to affect our connection to our third eye. Just 15 minutes a day in the sunlight is enough to keep us healthier.

The Sun is connected to our evolution, awakening, and even climate change such as earthquakes. The past few years there have been strange sounds heard around the world. These are thought to be caused by the Earth’s surface shifting in response to solar activity or the heating of the Earth’s iron core. So it would seem this cosmic wave would have an effect also.

Wave X is expected to reach us in full effect on September 28th. This is also the first day of Sukkot or the Feast of Tabernacles. The night before it the Full Moon, the lunar eclipse, and the fourth blood moon of the current tetrad. There is certainly a lot of energy going on with any Full Moon. This one is a super moon, meaning it is closer than usual. It will also be conjunct Uranus on the 28th. This will give us strong feelings and emotions around freedom, self expression, and spontaneity. This will also be over Israel too.

I don’t believe in coincidences. I believe all things happen in some sort of Universal order. Clearly there are many symbols used by the Universe. A study of Sacred Geometry shows us the basics of how the Universe was constructed. Numbers and astrology seem to be two significant ways the Universe speak to us. This next blood moon will be the first of the three to be seen over Israel. From my studies in astrology, I have learned that when an aspect is over an area on the Earth, that area feels the energy of that aspect stronger than an area anywhere else around the Earth. This tell me that something is about to happen in Israel in the coming months. Eclipse energy last a good six months so this could happen in six months. What ever it is. Most of you are probably aware of the recent upheaval around the Temple Mount and prophesy does tell us that Israel will once again have control of it. When this happens it is foretold to be a sign of the end times. To me, the end times represent the awakening. The point at which the majority evolve and shift to living from the heart and embodying the Christ energy of LOVE.

It is not my intention to preach or be religious at all but I Christianity is what I know best. Having been a student of Biblical prophesy since I was about 13, I can’t help but refer to it when I see it to be relevant. However, every religion on Earth tells a similar story about the end of this earth age. This brings me back to Wave X.

This huge wave of gamma light seems to come around every 3,600 years. It is called “The Event Horizon” and will reach us at peak power on or about September 28, 2015. Many believe it to be the next step in our human evolution. Scientists have been watching this wave and its bursts of intergalactic energy but don’t yet seem to understand their meaning or what they will mean for our planet. Thanks to theoretical researchers like Nassim Harramein, science and spirituality are coming together and being understood better than ever. This is what many of us recognize as “ the lifting of the veil.”

I have been studying epigentics this past year and have learned how our environment and diet affect our DNA. Science has learned that DNA responds to light . The spiritual community believes that a shift in our DNA is key to our evolution. Could Wave X, a gamma light wave, have something to do with this? I think so and so do many others.

We might thumb our noses at some of these notions. We might not understand much of it. I don’t think we need to. We just need to be open to the possibility.Open your heart and mind to it. This wave of intergalactic energy is thought to be able to open the heart chakra and open us up to love in a way we have not known before.

With all the talk out there of gloom and doom, economic collapse, world war, famine, devastating earth or weather events, loving one another could possibly become more important than ever. I have mentioned many times that love and joy will be the way we get make it through everything that is coming. I am looking forward to this energy wave of light reaching us. At the same time I know that it will most likely be the catalyst for some disastrous events too. As long as I can find some joy in life, I know I will be fine. I am sure you will be too.

Spend the next few days in mediation and welcome in the energies.

It is all good.


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