Pluto Uranus Square effects


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The sixth of seven perfect squares between the planets Pluto and Uranus is just barely past and already the news is full of event that relate to this transit.

Here is a list of some of them:

1. From last week, there was secret info leaked about the CIA.

2. The Russian ruble is collapsing.

3. Hostages held in a cafe in Sydney, Autrailia, by a man with an “interesting,” some say “twisted,” past.

4. Ex-Marine goes on a shooting spree in Pennsylvania, resulting in six deaths and one person wounded.

5. Across the globe, in Pakistan, 132 school children were massacred by the Taliban.

6. And today, a big surprise announcement is all over the airwaves. The President of the United States has declared he will reopen connections with Cuba that were closed in 1961.

Another characteristic of this transit is death. I hope this finds all of you well and healthy. However, many are not. Two friends of mine have lost three of their friends this week in less than 12 hrs.

No one can be sure what will happen next Astrology is not a fortune teller but it can show us when and where there is a likelihood of events.

Also I doubt we have heard the last when it come to the CIA leaks.

In case you are interested in more on the subject of the CIA and have a very strong stomach,  you might want to search for a Youtube video where Professor Alfred McCoy is interviewed by the good folks at “Democracy Today” about his book “A Question of Torture”. In this book he he gives shocking information about the CIA’s development of psychological torture going back to the Cold War, up to Abu Ghraib. I won’t post because I don’t want to give energy to it but do feel free to search for it if you see fit. I could not get past the first minute or so.

Remember, we are just visitors here and playing a roll in each other’s soul growth. All is in divine order and it is ALL GOOD!

Astrology for December 14-20, 2014


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The big news this week is the Pluto/Uranus square.  Since I began this blog two years ago, I have called this “the Pluto/ Uranus Square Dance.” It perfects today and tomorrow, meaning, these two planets are exactly 90 degree apart on the current chart. Please refer to the archives for past blogs that deal with just this topic.

We have all noticed how the world is changing around us.  Control has changed hands in many countries and in our own. Even the weather seems to be changing and secrets are coming out. This is all part of the Pluto/Uranus square. We won’t be away from its influence until 2018 but next year we will see our last exact Pluto/Uranus square for a while. No doubt, this energy is powerful and transformational.

This transformation is not only happening around us, it is also happening to us. Perhaps you have noticed changes in your way of thinking or in your beliefs. Change has a ripple effect. It’s seldom limited to small group, area or just a few people. Whatever is going on with you, trust that it is for the best.

Uranus rules weather is impulsive and takes us outside our comfort zones. He often brings thoughts or events at quickly,. Many of them are unwanted, but they are most often liberating and free us from what no longer serves. He asks us to see a bigger picture.

Pluto is intense and primal. He brings out what has been hidden. Often the most hidden things are those thoughts we have forgotten or locked way in some corner of our mind. Perhaps you’ve noticed some old thoughts coming to mind again. Memories you thought we long gone. I know I have. Often they surprise me too. Pluto wants us to look at the things we’ve hidden and now deal with them once and for all so we can close those chapters of our lives.

One of the biggest ways we see Pluto in action is through deaths. Some are sudden and shocking. The death of Robin Williams was one of those. As you know, the news is full of similar news. Another facet of Pluto’s energy is the death of relationships and old chapters in our lives.

This whole year has in fact been about death and endings. People have left jobs, changed careers because they no longer feel right or fit our purpose. People everywhere and family members are finding they no longer think and believe the same way they once did. This has causes rifts all over but is also part of letting go of what no longer serves.

I know we hate to see some of our relationships end, especially family and close friends. But we need to let them go and let each person live their own life and find our new purpose. There are new people you can align with, help, and learn from.  STOP! Stop trying to hold on to what was, what we think is “normal” and embrace the new. It is all for your best and highest good. Allow yourself to change and evolve. Embrace the adventure of it all, especially if you are seeking more truth and love. This is your awakening.

The combined energy of these two planets squared is pushing us to edge both personally and globally. It is challenging us to face what we’ve hidden inside, release it, and let it all go. It is only when we let go that we can raise our vibrations and transform. Fighting it can lead to frustration.

Frustration is a feeling I have become quite intimate with this past year. I have examined it closely. I don’t understand why hunger, war, and disharmony of all kinds exist.  I know in my heart that all things are as they should be, but every time I see an act of hatred or greed, I am deeply affected and sad. Equality, racial, and women’s should not exist in my mind. I thought we had dealt with this in the 1960’s and it was over. I was wrong. We are not finished with them and this Pluto/Uranus square is trying to bring us completion of things begun 50 years ago.

My frustration has led me to more peaceful place now. Recently I have embraced the idea that I am a visitor here and nothing more. None of this anything other than the experience my soul asked for or agreed to long ago. I am grateful.

Moving on with this week’s astrology, the days are growing longer and longer. The Holidays are upon us. Hanukkah begins Tuesday and ends Christmas Eve, which is just 10 days away. This is a tough time of year for many people for a variety of reasons. Less daylight often brings on dark moods. It is important to get out and get some sunshine this time of year. If you can’t take a walk, then make a cup of something hot and find a sunny spot on the porch or in the yard to sit for 10 minutes. This one thing will do wonders for your overall health.

Spending time in mediation and doing something creative like writing or doodling can be helpful too.

Tuesday, Mercury is moving into Capricorn. Our thinking goes from a wide variety of things to being more disciplined and practical. Conversations take on a more realistic, focused tone and are business like and practical.  We tend to be more logical, methodical, consistent,  and organized.  WOW! this is some energy I REALLY need about now. The shadow side of this is that we can become cold, harsh, and stiff in our thinking and in the way we deal with others. Pay attention to that narrow margin between what is real and what is pessimistic.

By the end of this week, we will have a stellium in Capricorn that will last through the end of the year.
The personal planets, the Sun, Mercury, and Venus,  will be affected along with the collective planet, Pluto. This is dynamic and casts a seriousness note to the holidays. The Venus/ Pluto conjunction can be transformative when it comes to love and money. The shadow side of this is possessiveness and jealousy. Just so you know.

Mars is now transiting Aquarius. This is adding some unpredictability to our energy levels. Getting things done now will be rather hit or miss. I’ve sure seen this around my house. So much so, I swear there are gremlins in my kitchen. But the good news is that I am able to take it all in stride and with a certain amount of Aquarian detachment. You may notice your detachment too while at the same time you are very much a team player.

I feel like I have given you a lot to ponder all ready. Plus I am coming up on my self imposed three page limit. There is just one thing. I can’t get the idea of the darkness and dark moods out of my head today. I feel for all those that are lonely this time of year. I know it sound cliché’ to say you are never alone. This is however, very, very true. We are all connected. So if you are one of those that are feeling lonely this time of year, try some of the creative things I mentioned earlier in this post.

Meditate and envision yourself with energy running through your body from head to toe. See the energy gather in a small ball in the center of your chest. Then run that energy down to your feet and  into the center of Mother Earth. Send it out from the top of your head to Source of all that is, the Master Artist, the Divine intelligence, God. See your connection to the Universe and allow this energy to fill your hear chakra in the center of your chest. Know that you are indeed connected and never alone. Feel the love of the Universe filling you up from head to toe. Relax in this feeling for a while. Write down your experience.


Till next week……… Be safe and do what you can to avoid the crazy this season can bring. Enjoy your week.


Astrology for December 7-15, 2014


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Change is so difficult and yet, the only thing we can count on. Lately I have been nearly consumed with this topic. I’ve been making changes or thinking about changes I could, can and will make  I guess this is why I feel compelled to share the following:

Last Friday I learned of the death of an influential man from my early adulthood. While many credit him with saving them from certain doom, either through drugs, alcohol of self-loathing, I credit him with teaching me, even teachers and gurus can fall from grace.

Even after this man’s fell from his pedestal, I still put people on them. This is a condition of being human I think. Looking back on the time in knew him; I realize what a pivotal point this was in my life. A real awakening point. Thank you Lyn Hay, for being such a beacon to so many. You lived your 88 years on earth well.

Now…..on with this week’s Astrology……….

Today we are still under the influence of yesterday’s Full Moon. You have to love the differences between Gemini and Sagittarius. At least, I do. It is like looking at two sides of a mental coin.

downloadGemini is a mental homebody. His home turf and neighborhood is where he is most comfortable. Gemini and all the signs in each person’s chart is influenced by the planets in that sign and by the house placement of the sign. For me the influence is expansive Jupiter retrograde. My house placement is divided between the eighth house of other people’s money and transformation, and the ninth house of higher education, long distance travel and legal matters.

Sagittarius takes us to thoughts outside the local arena. He pushes us to look beyond our immediate surroundings and travel both physically and mentally to faraway places. Of course, this will also be influenced by planets in the sign and the sign’s house placement. Some of us will be more interested in long distance travel and so on than others.

Over all this week will be calmer than some in the past, at least aspect wise. The week is full of gentle trines with only two big squares in sight. Uranus is soon to perfect its 6th square to Pluto for this round and Jupiter is still square Saturn. These two squares are adding energy to what we are seeing in the streets and in the news. I do not wish to go too far into this. I am personally having a emotional weekend and some difficulty writing today. I will therefore stick to the basics.

The Sun is now about half way through her transit of Sagittarius. This is a transit that makes us more aware of our world. Our understanding of the world is greater and we want to give more to it. A great time for charity.

Please choose a good local charity that helps those in need of the basics for living. Donate your time if you are financially unable to give. For those that have limited funds, check out one of your area’s dollar stores and shop for food donations there. Toothpaste, feminine hygiene products and wipes are things we sometimes over look. Here is a link to a blog that I found helpful.

Mercury is about half way through his current tour of Sagittarius. Instead of wanting to do deep into something we are more interested in learning a variety of things. Our optimism is increased along with our confidence and loyalty. Our stronger beliefs will be more persuasive. And at the same time we will be more concerned with what is fair or unfair.

Venus will be moving into Capricorn on December 10, 2014. This will add emphasis Professional-Relationship-1024x720to our relationships with business partners and co-workers, making them easier. Our creativity levels will also be higher. Our desire to create connections with those who support our dreams is amplified. Long lasting connections, loyalty and truthfulness are what we desire most. Let’s hear it for Venus in Capricorn!

Mars is now firmly in Aquarius. Our energy is higher than it has been but it is a bit unpredictable. We might find we are getting things done with unusual methods seasoned with the impersonal anger that is a characteristic of Mars transiting Aquarius. We approach life with a detached and intellect.

Monday will be a good day for communications and problem solving. Whatever we say or write will have enormous impact, be it good or bad. Chose your words carefully today and always.

Tuesday Mercury is semi square Mars. Don’t be surprised if you or others are more snarky. Arg! Thankfully this aspect is short lived. Don’t let any stress get you flustered.

Wednesday, things turn more tactful. The Moon is in Leo and our creativity, romantic and charitable feelings get a boost.

Thursday there is s brief grand trine between the Moon, Sun and Uranus. Unexpected emotions many arise. This could be an interesting day for some.

Friday, Mercury trines Jupiter. This can bring us good news or an offer of something good. This is a good time to send in forms, applications and precise observations. Our mind is on the big picture and short trips.

romania-cars-burie_1574361iWith the Uranus/Pluto square getting closer to perfection, I expect demonstrations to continue. I am sure there will be lots of info hidden from us too. Time will tell what actually happens. I also expect the unexpected when it comes to the weather this winter. No doubt, we have already seen some erratic weather events that have also been quite transformative.

Transformation is the word for this time, this year, this decade, this century. The world is transforming and change is happening at lighting speeds. Each of use needs to take extra care of ourselves, stay centered, and find joy where ever we can.

I wish you all a safe and grand week. Dream the big dream!

Astrology for November 30 – December 6, 2014


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Welcome to the end of the year. I hope everyone had a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

If you braved the stores on Friday, well, I hope you had fun. I actually did a bit of shopping on Saturday after officiating a wedding. I was amazed at the lack of crazy traffic or crowds of people. I even went to Costco, one in another Triad town, and found parking close to the store and short lines at the checkout. I was in and out of there in 20 minutes and found exactly what I was looking for.

December is going to be a busy month in many ways. Hanukah Not only will the winter holidays be on our minds but for many so will what it going on in the sky.

This blog is now a bit over two years old. During this time I have talked a lot about what I call the “Pluto Uranus square-dance.”

These two planets have been at or near 90 degrees square to each other since 2012. Coming up Dec. 15th we have the 6th of 7th exact squares.  If you wish to read up in this more perhaps, you can begin with my post on this subject from September 2012.

Here is a link to that blog.

The Pluto Uranus square is the most difficult, powerful, and significant aspect of any generation. Anytime Pluto and Uranus aspect each other, things happen in a big and often unexpected ways. These two were conjunct in the mid 1960’s era of civil rights and anti war demonstrations, and the birth of the hippie movement. And they were square around the time of the stock market crash of the 1930’s.

Similarly, this latest square aspect period has coincided with demonstrations of various kinds around the world, the birth of the “Occupy Movement” and some pretty crazy weather around the globe too. In the past few years, we have seen leaders fall and leaders rise. Skeptics refute any coincidence, while history shows a pattern.planet-square-380x235

This week begins with a Sun/Moon fire trine on Monday. Mars the ruler of Aries will sextile Saturn and influence the Aries Moon making Monday and great day to get things done. Mars is going to get things moving so take advantage of this day and you might be surprised at how much you accomplish.

Tuesday Mars is semi-square Chiron. This transit can cause us to be more touchy that usual. Some will find it difficult to express our anger or needs honestly.

Wednesday Saturn is sesquiquadrate Uranus. Our independence and impulsiveness butt heads with structure and authority. Following the rules might seem hard for some of us to do. Hopefully we will find a way to combine these two needs in some innovative way. Adjusting plans to create a balance will be the test. Should there be a setback, fear not, it will be temporary and most likely lead us down some creative paths or help us find imaginative solutions.

Thursday Mars leaves Capricorn and moves into Aquarius. This will invigorate the Aquarian penchant toward open mindedness and the undefined. Our energy could be somewhat unpredictable thanks to our possible hit or miss strategy. Mars can also be a bit impersonal, even aloof. Never the less we are cooperative team players and much less concerned with our own power. We look for more original and intelligent ways to solve problems while at the same time being somewhat detached.

This transit will also affect our communications. All communication forms, whether written, spoke or social media, will get a boost for the next six weeks. I hope all your communications are loving ones and not ones of anger.  images (1)

This is also a happy, co-operative and hopeful transit. We trust our relationships and are more attracted to honesty and reliability. The shadow side is that it can be self indulgent and lazy. This will be a good transit for the upcoming holiday travel and marketing. Winning someone’s trust will also take less effort during this transit.

Thursday also sees the Sun trine Uranus. Change is afoot, and this time change is good as long as we are flexible. Whatever you are working on, stay flexible. You might discover something new and stay open to the possibilities. I know this is easier said than done but try. Exceptional or unusual opportunities could show up. Take advantage of them and you could be rewarded in good ways.

Also on Thursday, Venus trines Jupiter. This is a friendly, positive transit. Jupiter expands our big hearts

Venus trine Jupiter. Friendliness and optimism characterize this transit. We are big-hearted and our feelings are expansive. The outlook is cheerful and hopeful and the atmosphere is cooperative. This is a sociable, perhaps lazy and self-indulgent, time. We easily find meaning in our social connections. We are more open and trusting of friends and lovers. Integrity and loyalty are favored. A favorable aspect for winning people’s trust. Speculation, advertising, publishing, and travel are favored.

Friday, the Sun which represent our ego, squares Chiron, the wounded healer. We c may find our confidence lowered with feelings of fear that we might be different. Self-doubt can lead to doubting our own decisions. Be careful that you don’t follow someone else’s lead because you want to please them. This seldom works out for the best.

images (2)Saturday brings us the Full Moon. I hope you are planning to finish the projects you began at the last New Moon and resolve any problems in our relationships. Sometimes it is best to cut out loses and move one, even if it is right here at holiday time.


This Moon is in Gemini and opposite the Sun in Sagittarius, joined by Mercury. Both these signs represent the mind. Gemini is the lower mind and Sag, the higher mind. Gemini wants us to think logically while Sagittarius wants us to think big. Communication, adventure and attitude are the themes of this Full Moon. This is also the last Full Moon of 2014. The Sun/Mercury conjunction during this moon is asking us to speak out and express the ideas we have been growing and nurturing until now. Speak up and speak out.

Saturday will also be a good time to do some holiday shopping. The available energy will help you make gift choices folks will like. Tis the season! Enjoy!



Astrology for November. 23-29, 2014


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If any of my readers live in the Buffalo NY are or have relatives there, bless you! I am sending good vibes for good outcomes with all the rain that is coming. This whacky weather is sure WHACKY! I think we can give some credit for this to the Uranus Pluto square. A weather man I follow is saying there will be snow for the lower eastern states this week. Northern Virginia, DC and Maryland could get a big Thanksgiving surprise. This storm could extend as far south as Georgia.

We are one day into the new Moon cycle and the Sun changing signs.  I hope you were successful in tying up loose ends and have new projects beginning. I always have things left over and I am sure you do too. It’s all good.

The Sun has just moved into Sagittarius where she will remain until the next New Moon on December 21st. Under this influence, our attentions turn from ourselves and toward others.  We want wish to reach out and connect to the world around us.  With the holidays and the cold, wet weather, there is probably no better time of year to for this charitable energy. The numbers of people experiencing hardship for many various reasons is high and there are many ways to help them. If we lack financial means to help, sometimes all it takes is a smile or a hug.

Sagittarius1Sagittarius is a fiery, mutable sign. Mutable means it is flexible and the fire aspect gives us lot of energy. This sign is also optimistic and always looking for the sunny side of things. Sagittarius is also good at seeing the big picture and loves travel and adventure. The shadow side is one of overdoing. Take time to nurture yourself, your faith and hope for the next month.

Tuesday we have a Mercury/ Saturn conjunction and they are in Scorpio no less. It is a good thing this conjunction does not last very long because it sure can take us to some dark places. If you feel like things are weighing on you early this week this could be why.

Mercury will be moving out of Scorpio on Thanksgiving Day and join the Sun and Venus in Sagittarius for a while. For now, we are interested in learning about a variety of topics. Just the kind of energy and info junkie like me enjoys.

The shadow side of this will be a tendency to talk. In my natal chart, Mercury is in Aquarius. But, the shadow side of Mercury in Sagittarius reminds me of me. He tends to talk too much and too loud. His talk may not be all that factual however because he is more focused on fun that the facts. A good party placement perhaps.

The more ordered Virgo types in your life could be annoyed by your excessive  chatter. They will surely appreciate your awareness of this for the next three weeks. Mercury in Sagittarius is very interested in what is just and unjust. Again…this only last three weeks.

Venus is in Sagittarius is through December 10, 2014. Our romantic outlook changes from deep and intense, to upbeat and light hearted. Venus is a bit out of her element when she is in this sign. Her focus shifts from one of singular, intimate focus to a collective focus.

Sagittarius loves adventure and this now extends to love. Mercury lends his bluntness to things and this can lead so some interesting adventures of the romantic type. Truth, optimism and a higher meaning are the main concern now.

Mars is on his way out of Capricorn next week. For now, he has a determined energy about him and resistant to irritation. When Mars in Capricorn becomes frustrated, he can be distant, even cold. He is rather rigid and tends to approach things with determination and with an eye to the future. Not exactly the most warm and fuzzy of placements is it?

Now for some of the aspects we will see this week. With the upcoming holiday and our relationships with people as their focus,  let’s look at Venus first.

On the 26th, Venus trines Uranus. This means we might lose our fear around taking risks. Mix this energy,  with Mercury’s placement in Sagittarius, and I would bet on some folks tasting shoe leather. At the same time, we are all about what is new and unusual when it comes to romance without commitment.

That same day Venus is square Chiron. This is also not a commitment-oriented transit. We might not be motivated to devote ourselves emotionally to someone or something. Don’t you just love it when there are difficult aspects during a holiday? Seems to me there is usually one big aspect during a holiday to add spice or fireworks to the event.

Monday the 24th, Mars will be inconjunct Jupiter. Be sure you don’t cave to this energy and take on too much. This energy is not in tune with our intuition. So encourage others to bring a dish to the holiday dinner and take some of the pressure off you.

Tuesday Mercury is semi-square Pluto. This is an interesting aspect. It can cause us to be suspicious and have some mistrust, mental anxiety and pressure. However, we might see our way clear to uncovering some truth about something.

Wednesday the Sun squares Neptune. A good day for being creativity and spirituality. If you find your will power lacking, this transit could be the reason.  Avoid starting a new project, important meeting and appointments. Things are just too fuzzy with this aspect and when you probably won’t be able to tell where you stand with people. Wait until after the holiday if possible.

As always, there is more but I am finished for now. If you are traveling this week, please be careful and leave enough time for any adjustments in travel that might need to make. Do your best to find joy in all you do and enjoy those you share your holiday with.


Until next week, take care!













Astrology for November 16-22, 2014


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It’s COLD!

To me this has been an unusual autumn. The tree colors have been vivid and OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAlasted weeks and weeks. The Japanese maple is usually fiery red by this time of year too. However, it is only now beginning to turn. Perhaps after last night and tonight unseasonably cold temperatures, it will turn red next week. On the other hand, maybe it won’t turn at all this year.

The autumn this year has seemed longer than usual too. Here it is mid November and just two days ago I was driving around town noticing many tree still full of leaves and the most awesome shades of yellow, orange and red I have seen in a while. It was lovely! Today, the cold has me wearing wool socks and a scarf.

Coming up in the sky this week, we will be building up to a New Moon in Sagittarius on Saturday, November 22.

The Moon deals with our emotions and the New Moon represents new beginnings. We also take the sign of the Moon into consideration when viewing the whole picture. Sagittarius is independent, just ask my Mom. It is also a sign of optimism, travel, and honesty. This Moon can provide us with more courage, confidence and optimism. Just be cautious that you don’t let the details of everyday life de-rail you or swallow you up.

Fortunately, this Moon will also be trine Uranus. This will help us to detach a little so we can move ahead without trepidation. Sagittarius likes to consider things on a grand scale. This helps us feel more adventurous. Lean into that. Two weeks later will have a Full Moon and there we could see the value and benefit of our efforts this week.

Now let’s go back to the beginning of the week.
Today Mercury is sextile Pluto. This aspect can help us see things more clearly that we might normally. Many of us could feel drawn to take a deeper look at things. I feel this is usually a good thing.

Monday, Mercury’s aspect to Uranus today is making it difficult for express ourselves without getting on people’s nerves. Don’t make any decisions quickly today or you could be sorry later on. This is a real ADD kind of day full of disorganization and impulsiveness.

To balance the Mercury/Uranus trine, Mercury will also be trine Chiron. This is a good aspect for communications and helps others be more open to what we have to say. This energy enable us to use our words to heal is we allow it to. Don’t you just love how the Universe balances things?

Predicting-the-Future-150x150On Tuesday November 18, we have our annual Sun/Saturn conjunction. The energy of this brief union often has lasting effects. You will want to pay close attention to your commitments and your responsibilities. That word, responsibility, is such a grown up word, often stressful, and totally describes Saturn. This aspect holds discipline and certain good work ethic energy. It motivates us to create real solutions and concrete results. This “go getter” energy could cause us to feel physically tired because it is not balanced well with our emotions. Since we are likely feeling the need for more order or structure in our lives, this is not a good time to start new projects. Focus on the old ones for now and deal with current responsibilities.

Mid week the Sun will aspect both Uranus and Pluto. Do not forget these two planets are heading for the sixth of seven perfect squares in December. We are definitely feeling this energy now and have for a while. In addition, since most of the planets t of what we are below the horizon line things are going on in secret, just the way Pluto likes it.

Wednesday the Sun will be Sun semi-square Pluto. Manipulating control of our lives is the focus of this aspect. Any roadblocks in our way could force us to use all that we have to go on. In the process we just might discover some strengths we never knew we had.

Thursday is the day the Sun will aspect Uranus. Under this sesquiquadrate influence, we will be more action oriented. We might take the wrong path however if we are not clear on where we are going. Uranus is the planet of quick change and the unexpected. This aspect can cause unexpected changes in our plans. It can be frustrating and a real test of our patience. If this happens, simply take a deep breath and know there is likely another route we can take or a different way to approach things. Just don’t make give in the desire to make quick decisions. We usually regret it when we do.

There are two other square aspects I want to mention today. The first is Venus square Neptune and takes place on Thursday as well. Romantic illusions are the focus of this aspect. We are more likely to see what we want to than what is really there. Relationship begun under this aspect can be exciting! But like the roller coaster, the lows are sure to follow and are often energy zappers the leave us feeling quite drained.

Disappointment in both relationships and finances are possible under this aspect. With the holidays coming, my inbox contains more and more “black Friday” types of messages. I’m sure you might be getting the same things in your inbox. Warning! Warning Will Robinson! Those “great buys” might not be so great after all. Do not fall into the money pit or spend more than you should.

The second square of mention is Mercury square Jupiter on Saturday. Jupiter likes to expand things. Mercury is the talker. The square is a difficult aspect. Besides what I have already discussed about the New Moon on this day, you might feel like there it just too much information coming at you. It might be easy to miss crucial information or neglect some details. Like Monday’s Mercury sextile Pluto, this aspect also causes problems with our expressing our thoughts to other and lead to a lot of empty chatter. Concentration will help us with could seem to be a foggy brain day. Hold off on travel if you can.

Well! That does it for me for another week. A bit later I am headed over to a friend’s house (my Chinese mama) to celebrate her mother’s 90th birthday.


If you live in my town, you probably know who these women are. If not, my friend owned a restaurant close to one of our local Universities for nearly 30 years. The food was healthy, nutritious and made with lot so love. For those of us who were regulars, she always has a kind word and an open heart for us. If we were hurt or sick she had a remedy, food, or advice to make us feel better. If we were down on our luck and hungry, she always had a bowl of soup for us.

She raised her own three children in the restaurant and at the same time, became a “Mama” to many crossed its threshold. Knowing her has been a real blessing!

Astrology for November 9-15, 2014


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Things are beginning to move now that Mercury is back to full speed ahead. Standard time is back for four months. There is still some color on the trees and life is good. At least I hope it is good for you. It is for me.

Last week, well let’s not talk too much about last week except to say it’s now behind us. Let’s move on.

The theme this week is commitment and letting go. Should we commit or should we not?  Should we commit now or wait. Things will be easing up as we move into December but that is still a few weeks away so let’s stick with the present and learn what we have to deal with now.

This week begins with the Mars/Pluto conjunction perfected on Monday November 10, 2014. Oh My. Oh MY! ! !

You may have already experienced issues around control and power struggles. Expect more. Those of us with Mars in Capricorn, Aries, Cancer, or Libra could feel this one the most. Those with planets at 11 degrees or up to three degrees on either side of the 11 mark could be strongly affected. This is a high-energy and there is no way to step around that part.

Mars is the god of war. Pluto is like his nemesis.  When they join up in Capricorn, the sign of structure and authority, ruled by Saturn, our most volatile feelings could take center stage.  Combine this energy with the square Uranus aspect and WOW! I doubt I will be surprised by much this week.




Mars doesn’t always play nice or follow the rules.  Right now, he is asking you to make solid decisions. The kind that you won’t or can’t go back on. The decision could be about anything but relationships will be the focus for most of us.  If you don’t want to make a lasting decision now, then don’t. Wait until we get a week or two into December. Better yet, wait until the New Year. Just remember that any decision made now will be one you will need to stick with. Make them carefully.

Be careful not to over work yourself either.  This energy can take a toll on us in the form of stress.  With that said, be sure to get lots of rest and eat well. Eat 5 servings of fresh veggies and fruits a day if possible. Citrus fruits, avocados, and persimmons are coming into season. The Japanese Fuyu persimmon is one my favorite things. I looked for them in the stores last week and found only the larger Hachiya persimmon. The Fuyu is not far off I am sure.

Monday we have a Grand Trine between the Moon, Mercury and Neptune. This is a favorable combination of communication, emotions and creativity. Venus is just out of perfect square with Jupiter but we still want our lives to be full of pleasure if not excessively so. Dear Venus can be a handful. Take caution when professing your affections however. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and that energy could cause us to  say too much and put unnecessary, impractical  expectations on our relationships. On the flip side, your partners could ask too much of you too. Keep things in perspective and don’t let your feelings color your view or your judgment. Be sure you can make good on whatever you say to others.

Also on Monday, Mercury is trine Neptune, sparking creative thoughts and good old intuition. This will be a big help with those decisions we need might be making. You might even be able to sense what those around you are thinking. Any week that begins with such creative energy can’t be all bad. Take the camera with you when you go out, do something creative, and find a cool place to do some thinking about things or meditate.

Tuesday sees a calming trine between the Scorpio Sun and Cancer Moon. This does not last long. We are talking about the moon here, but it will ease things a bit.

Wednesday, Mars squares Uranus. We might find ourselves taking a few risks, being impulsive or impatient. Mars is looking for a good fight. Uranus wants freedom. If we find ourselves faced with having to conform in some way, sparks could fly. Uranus is quite rebellious when it comes to such conforming. This energy is also a bit ADD. If you find you are having trouble focusing and staying on task around mid week, this could be the reason.

Wednesday, Venus moves to perfect a conjunction with Saturn. This lends an air of maturity to our affectionate feelings. Saturn gives Venus stability and a bit of reserve, even a bit of formality in contrast to the past few days when she was square Jupiter.pic_12089730189491

Saturn brings realism and duty to our relationships. This might be difficult for some of us while others will welcome this energy because it puts the brakes on the “all about me” energy for a while. Some of us could even find ourselves faced with an old lover or at least an old friend. Now that is an interesting possibility. The Scorpio part of this conjunction could bring out things that have been hidden.  If this happens, chances are, you will be ready to face them now.

Continuing with Venus, Thursday he will be semi-square Pluto. This could cause some difficulties. The green-eyed monster known as jealousy might pop up. Or we could find ourselves looking for anything that is not pleasing about our relationships.

By week’s end, Venus will be sesquiquadrate Uranus. This is another difficult aspect. This can make us feel some uncertainty about being close to someone. If we do decide to get close, our experience could be frustrating or not so fulfilling.
Make the most of what this week brings.  We are heading into the big holiday season and there is sure to be some stress along with it. Take care of yourself.



Astrology for November 2-8, 2014


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Autumn is in full swing here in the, as of late, not so sunny south and daylight savings time has ended for four months. The fall leaves were at their peak here a few days ago. The colorful autumn photos posted today are courtesy of a Facebook friend named WX Eastern. Thanks WX!

Last week was indeed a bit calmer than the previous one in many regards. But in others it was far from it.
The Hawaiian volcano, Kilauea is spilling lava and taking whatever is in her path. Fortunately this is a slow event and people have plenty of time to get out of the way. Below is a link I found last week that gives you an idea of what it is like there on the big island.

A volcanoes’ energy is associated with Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn. Uranus is in Capricorn and rules change. Mars, having just entered Capricorn, is exerting his bully energy to the mix. He is also the zodiac’s athlete and loves to move. This energy gives a large boost toward getting everybody moving. Are you feeling it? Those of us with planets in the signs or Aries, Capricorn, Libra and Cancer will probably feel it the most. You might want to check your chart. For me that includes four planets, Chiron and the North Node.

Besides Kilauea, there was a cyclone threatening to make landfall at Pakistan or India. The last thing I read, it had fizzled out in the North Arabian Sea and was not expected to make landfall. No doubt, western Pakistan and eastern India experienced a great deal of rain and possible flooding. I have included a link from 10/29 in case you are interested in reading about it.

The week ended with a cold front moving into the eastern U.S. Folks in the sunny south are not accustomed to getting snow in October except occasionally in the very highest part of the Appalachian Mountains. I hear some places got around eight inches of snow. Most got very little. My area got a good rain and falling temperatures. This made for an interesting Halloween from Chicago and eastward. Again, this weather is associated with Uranus, which is squaring Pluto with Mars close by.
Moving on, this week brings us a Full Moon in Taurus on Thursday, November 6. Full Moons are always full of emotions and signal the end of a cycle. Finish projects or deal with anything that has loose ends as best you can. This includes relationships. And boy howdy! Do I know a few relationship ties that need to be cut.

The Full Moon in Taurus is passive and stubborn. Throw in the energy of Venus in Scorpio and you add passion and deep feelings about those relationships, finances, and secrets. Oh my! Sounds like a soap opera.

Venus will remain in Scorpio through November 16. Besides her affect on relationships, she is known to influence our impulse spending. She can really give us a mixed bag depending on which sign she is transiting and what is going on in her other three corners. This is another reason it is nice to know how she affects your chart.

Monday, Venus trines Chiron. The focus is healing personal relationships. That is, the ones that are meant to be healed. The others? Well, we need to let them go and move on.

Wednesday the Sun sextiles Pluto. This aspect will shine light on something lost. The focus is planning and keeping the plans quiet for now.

The Sun will also trine Chiron on Wednesday. Our confidence gets a boost and our life’s purpose comes clearer. This aspect offers good problem solving energy and opportunity to learn from experience.

The last bit I want to cover today is Mercury moving into Scorpio on November 8. Communications goes deep! For the rest of November you can expect to see jealousy and manipulation.

Midterm elections will surely be interesting across the country. Here in NC I have read we now have the honor of the most expensive Senate campaign in history. I look forward to Wednesday so we can move forward, no matter what the outcomes are.

Stay warm, stay safe!


Astrology for October 26-November 1, 2014


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Happy Halloween !

This is a week for all things scary and ghoulish. Get your costumes on and have some fun with the kids. Things in the sky are a bit calmer than last week when we had a New Moon, partial solar Eclipse, a couple of sign changes and direction change. What a busy week it was. Relax and revile in the


You might notice things beginning to move again this week. Delays are over. As of last Friday, Mercury turned direct.  Personally, I hope this means I will cease to lose, drop, spill and break things. Messes are commonplace with me but lately they have been larger and more frequent, especially in the kitchen. I want to get back to cleaning more and messing up less.  This week is also full of gentle trines and sextiles.  However the Mercury-Uranus opposition reminds with us as does the Mars-Uranus square and the Uranus-Pluto square that is just a couple of weeks from perfecting for the sixth time since June 2012.  So, while this week holds quite a bit of good energy for us personally, the energy on the collective continues to be strong and transformative.


I believe the New Moon energy of new beginnings could not come at a better time. I am beginning several new paths this week. Add the eclipse and Scorpio energy to that and you have some powerful energy.  You might be able to get an idea how powerful this is if you can think back nearly 20 years to 1995. Eclipses repeat about every 18 years and on October 24, 1995 we had a solar eclipse very close to the same degrees as the one last week.


There is no doubt all that energy last week happening in Scorpio was intense. You could keep in mind that eclipse energy can be felt or trigger things for six months following. I will be keeping an eye on aspects in the late or early degrees of the Zodiac during this time.


This week the Sun is conjunct Venus. This conjunction will be with us for the rest of October and all of November. This deals with our ego, money and romance.


The Sun in Scorpio is anything but superficial or mediocre. Going deep, emotional extremes, understanding, and intimacy are what the Scorpio Sun is about.  Scorpio wants to know things, how things work, what makes them tick. They love a good mystery, things that are unknown, secret, hidden, and things forbidden.


When the Sun was in Libra, we looked for equality and being fair. The Sun in Scorpio knows life is not fair. They use their strong will and intensity in more quiet ways than many signs to do what they feel they must. The shadow side of Scorpio in the green eyes monster called jealousy. Scorpios can also act out of spite, manipulate and are sometimes not willing to let things go.


Venus in Scorpio adds fuel to the passionate fire of Scorpio. With Scorpio being a water sign, this is sure to add steam to our deeply passionate relationships or create some if we do not have them. Oo lala! And, remember what I said about Scorpio not being superficial? Well, this goes for Venus flirting too. This type of flirting is not going to cut it with Venus as long as she is transiting Scorpio. She is driving us to want someone special right now, to have that really deep, body-mind-soul connection with another person. Venus wants the type of passion that breaks rules and is so powerful and so extreme it is unforgettable. This is such a strong feeling, we want it to  swallowed us up.


The down side or Venus in Scorpio is that Scorpio is tends to go for all or nothing. When this energy involves relationships, they are sure to have their ups and downs. Remember this is not a sign of mediocrity. If needed, Scorpio will create havoc to feel important and alive, albeit in a rather quiet sort of way.


Mars changes signs today, October 26, 2014, and moves into Capricorn. Capricorn is associated with work, family, tradition, and responsibility. During this transit, we will be more inclined to think before acting. The consequences of our actions on the future will be a concern.


Mars is going to be joining forces with Pluto in this sign throughout the month of November as well. If you are a Capricorn or know one, this will trigger a new 2 year cycle for them that could keep them very busy. Expressing power is easy now.  This is a combination has a lot of military energy. Could this mean we will see some new military action soon?


Tuesday, Venus and the Sun trine Neptune while Mars and the Moon are sextile to Neptune. All this means good creative energy is available for the taking. The arts, beauty, harmony, compassion, kindness and imagination are all characteristics of this aspect. We might possibly view romantic situations as if they were intended just for us. Thankfully, this energy will ease up some of the stronger Scorpio vibes.  With this aspect there is magic in the air and we are better able to see the best in those around us.  Enjoy the creativity and romance this transit offers for you and your partner.  This energy will last all week long.


Mercury will be semi-square Neptune on Friday, October 31, 2014. You might notice you are thinking a bit off on this day. Daydreaming will surely take over and the youngster’s dream of Trick-or-Treating and the older ones prepare for costume parties.  This is not a good aspect to sign contracts under nor is a good one for making presentations or asking for what you want.  Put off these things for a few day is at all possible.


Saturday, Mercury sextiles Jupiter. This will shift our cloudy thinking of the day before toward more positive thinking. Co-operation and short trips are favored. This is also a good day for submitting applications, a job, school, grant or whatever; this is a good day to do it. Your judgment is good and you will be open to new ideas and learning.


Since we are talking so much about Scorpio today I think I should not leave Saturn out of this. He has been in Scorpio since October 5, 2012. He is in the later degrees now and will remain in Scorpio for another eleven months. During this transit, we are learning and have learned there are many powers we cannot control.  Learning to be flexible is the lesson here for when we strain to keep control we usually crash and burn. Learn to be more of a team player, develop community with others.


Now let’s flip back to Neptune for a minute before I close. Remember, Neptune is in his home sign of Pisces. This is where he is most comfortable and has the most power. Be creative and use your imagination to help you dream big dreams, think big thoughts. Trust your intuition because your psychic powers are strongest here. Do not fight this because you think you are not disciplined if you do. Go with it. I feel sure you will find it liberating.


This brings up one last thought I want to throw out there, not for debate but for consideration only. That is…..imagination. Over the years, I have come to realize the imagination is simply a word we use and not really,  a thing we do. Instead, I see it more as our connection to the universe. Or perhaps more correctly, the way the Universe connects and communicates with us.  I have come to feel that our imaginations are reflections of reality. Perhaps not a reality we know but ones buried deep in our subconscious or cellular memory, or a reality in other dimension. I am also sure this thought is totally outside the beliefs of many. It’s all good. No worries!


 Don’t forget the Saturday is Dia de los Muertos.

Now go out and get all the goody this week has to offer you and be safe doing it too!

Astrology for October 19-25, 2014


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Mercury retrograde is almost over. YAY! He turns direct on Friday October 24, 2014. However, he won’t be back to full speed and out of storm until October 29. As powerful as this retrograde has been, I would caution you to go slow as well. If you have something new you want to get started on, hang tight until after the 29th. New ideas will be feasible from that point on. Mercury remains in Libra until November 9th when he moves into Scorpio.

My friends in the Southwest have had really hot summer and fall. The past few days they have had cooler temperatures but high 90 and even triple digits last well into October. In contrast, our weather here in middle NC has been mixed. We’ve had rain and warm, sun and cool. Overall, it is quite lovely fall. If fall colors are your thing, get out the during the next 10-14 days to catch them at their peak.

We have a busy week in the sky this week. We have three sign changes, a direction change, New Moon and solar eclipse. Celestial change can cause us to change our minds. Don’t be surprised if you notice folks vacillating this week.

A Libra Sun moves into Scorpio on Thursday the 23rd. Both Venus and the Moon will also join her in the first degree of Scorpio this day. There will also be a solar eclipse at 5:56 EDT that same day. These three will bring a lot of emotional energy to the eclipse.


Scorpio is a feminine sign and loves to analysis things. She is resourceful, perceptive, full of intimacy and intensity, focused and loves to go deep into things. The shadow side of Scorpio is obsessive, jealous, fanatical, possessive and persistent. Scorpio is also a fixed water sign. This means she feels things intensely.

Add Venus to this triple Scorpio conjunction and no doubt you will see some shadow side aspects. Most of us are sure to notice the intensity, especially those of us with Scorpio prominent in our charts. By this, I mean those of us whose birth sign is Scorpio or have a rising sign or Moon in Scorpio.

I am one of those people. I have a Scorpio ascendant. Therefore, I will do my best to lay low this week so I don’t sting anyone close to me. Unfortunately, some of my planets don’t know when to be quiet and not leap before looking or speak before thinking, etc. I am often intense enough without this added planetary assistance. It could be an interesting week for sure.

As I look at the charts for the week, I notice a Sun-Venus conjunction forms a trine to Neptune. that begins on Tuesday and continues through the end of the month. However, at midweek the Moon will join in the trine for two days, adding more emotions to the mix of energy on the 23rd.

kaguya_lunareclipseThe 23rd is the day of the Solar Eclipse!

This eclipse will incorporate all the aspects of all the signs and planets that are involved. In addition, the eclipse energy can felt up to six months later. Now that is some, energetic staying power, is it not?

You probably already know the New Moon is the energy of new beginnings. Add the solar eclipse and this means change for all these aspects that influence it.

Venus brings in love, relationships, money, and things we value or think we value. If change is needed in these areas, you are likely to get a clue soon or at least in the next six months.

Scorpio wants us to come to terms with our past and go deep into things. Investigate, research, and examine things so we can move into the future with a new perspective and new vision. Let sleeping dogs lie. You’ve got better things to do. Your future waits!

The Moon asks us to check how we really feel about these things. The planets are helping us to awaken and transform. This is a great opportunity to allow some transformation to happen in your life.

Neptune represents creativity, fantasy, the dream world, reminiscence, romance, and magic.

The trend I see here is lots of emotions, thought, and letting go. Whether it is letting go of a relationship or changing the way we handle our finances. This eclipse holds some powerful mojo for all of us. Remember knowledge is power and this is why I write this blog. I want others to have a few more tools to help them through life.
Personally, I love with my Scorpio rising. Learning astrology has definitely helped me to learn to control the shadow side of this sign. Scorpio is one of the aspect in my birth chart that drives me learn and do this research. Scorpio can also turn on a dime when a limit is reached. This is where the sting can come in. Instead, I try to understand what motivates others and come to grips with my feelings and understand them as well.

Mars, the planet of action will also support this trine. He will be in between the conjunction and Neptune at the sextile point of 60 degrees. This could boost and give action to some of the other aspects.

Other things to consider this week are Mercury semi square Neptune today. If you are not thinking a clearly as you like, this could be why.

Tomorrow, October 20th, Mercury will sextile Jupiter. This aspect bring with it positive thinking, teamwork, and new perspectives. This is a good day for short trips, writing, and just observing things around you. Why not get out a look at some of the fall colors even if they are all brown and yellow.

And before I close I want to suggest that you examine where your relationships can use more balance. The same goes for your home or office. This is a fine time to complete a project you have been putting off or get a new one started. I have quite a long list. How about you?

Venus conjunct the Sun is offering some wonderful help in the areas of diplomacy and graciousness. If there is any conflict that needs its edges smoothed out, allow this conjunction to assist you.

Fall is always a time full of social events. This aspect is also conducive to enjoying them.

Go have some fun!


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