Astrology for October 19-25, 2014


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Mercury retrograde is almost over. YAY! He turns direct on Friday October 24, 2014. However, he won’t be back to full speed and out of storm until October 29. As powerful as this retrograde has been, I would caution you to go slow as well. If you have something new you want to get started on, hang tight until after the 29th. New ideas will be feasible from that point on. Mercury remains in Libra until November 9th when he moves into Scorpio.

My friends in the Southwest have had really hot summer and fall. The past few days they have had cooler temperatures but high 90 and even triple digits last well into October. In contrast, our weather here in middle NC has been mixed. We’ve had rain and warm, sun and cool. Overall, it is quite lovely fall. If fall colors are your thing, get out the during the next 10-14 days to catch them at their peak.

We have a busy week in the sky this week. We have three sign changes, a direction change, New Moon and solar eclipse. Celestial change can cause us to change our minds. Don’t be surprised if you notice folks vacillating this week.

A Libra Sun moves into Scorpio on Thursday the 23rd. Both Venus and the Moon will also join her in the first degree of Scorpio this day. There will also be a solar eclipse at 5:56 EDT that same day. These three will bring a lot of emotional energy to the eclipse.


Scorpio is a feminine sign and loves to analysis things. She is resourceful, perceptive, full of intimacy and intensity, focused and loves to go deep into things. The shadow side of Scorpio is obsessive, jealous, fanatical, possessive and persistent. Scorpio is also a fixed water sign. This means she feels things intensely.

Add Venus to this triple Scorpio conjunction and no doubt you will see some shadow side aspects. Most of us are sure to notice the intensity, especially those of us with Scorpio prominent in our charts. By this, I mean those of us whose birth sign is Scorpio or have a rising sign or Moon in Scorpio.

I am one of those people. I have a Scorpio ascendant. Therefore, I will do my best to lay low this week so I don’t sting anyone close to me. Unfortunately, some of my planets don’t know when to be quiet and not leap before looking or speak before thinking, etc. I am often intense enough without this added planetary assistance. It could be an interesting week for sure.

As I look at the charts for the week, I notice a Sun-Venus conjunction forms a trine to Neptune. that begins on Tuesday and continues through the end of the month. However, at midweek the Moon will join in the trine for two days, adding more emotions to the mix of energy on the 23rd.

kaguya_lunareclipseThe 23rd is the day of the Solar Eclipse!

This eclipse will incorporate all the aspects of all the signs and planets that are involved. In addition, the eclipse energy can felt up to six months later. Now that is some, energetic staying power, is it not?

You probably already know the New Moon is the energy of new beginnings. Add the solar eclipse and this means change for all these aspects that influence it.

Venus brings in love, relationships, money, and things we value or think we value. If change is needed in these areas, you are likely to get a clue soon or at least in the next six months.

Scorpio wants us to come to terms with our past and go deep into things. Investigate, research, and examine things so we can move into the future with a new perspective and new vision. Let sleeping dogs lie. You’ve got better things to do. Your future waits!

The Moon asks us to check how we really feel about these things. The planets are helping us to awaken and transform. This is a great opportunity to allow some transformation to happen in your life.

Neptune represents creativity, fantasy, the dream world, reminiscence, romance, and magic.

The trend I see here is lots of emotions, thought, and letting go. Whether it is letting go of a relationship or changing the way we handle our finances. This eclipse holds some powerful mojo for all of us. Remember knowledge is power and this is why I write this blog. I want others to have a few more tools to help them through life.
Personally, I love with my Scorpio rising. Learning astrology has definitely helped me to learn to control the shadow side of this sign. Scorpio is one of the aspect in my birth chart that drives me learn and do this research. Scorpio can also turn on a dime when a limit is reached. This is where the sting can come in. Instead, I try to understand what motivates others and come to grips with my feelings and understand them as well.

Mars, the planet of action will also support this trine. He will be in between the conjunction and Neptune at the sextile point of 60 degrees. This could boost and give action to some of the other aspects.

Other things to consider this week are Mercury semi square Neptune today. If you are not thinking a clearly as you like, this could be why.

Tomorrow, October 20th, Mercury will sextile Jupiter. This aspect bring with it positive thinking, teamwork, and new perspectives. This is a good day for short trips, writing, and just observing things around you. Why not get out a look at some of the fall colors even if they are all brown and yellow.

And before I close I want to suggest that you examine where your relationships can use more balance. The same goes for your home or office. This is a fine time to complete a project you have been putting off or get a new one started. I have quite a long list. How about you?

Venus conjunct the Sun is offering some wonderful help in the areas of diplomacy and graciousness. If there is any conflict that needs its edges smoothed out, allow this conjunction to assist you.

Fall is always a time full of social events. This aspect is also conducive to enjoying them.

Go have some fun!

Astrology for October 12- 18, 2014

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My apologies for not posting last week. I’ve taken on some new projects lately. Combine that with what is going on in the world, and I was feeling a bit overwhelmed when it came to doing research and putting thoughts to text. I realize even the best of us take time away from things occasionally and with that, I decided not to beat myself up for it. I do appreciate my loyal readers and hope you understand.

By now, you know that Mercury turned retrograde in Scorpio. This is powerful energy and if channeled well, can be most beneficial. There has been and no doubt will be many problems too.

Mercury rules communication in all forms. Back up computers and pay attention to what you say. Under Mercury retrograde, we can misinterpret and misunderstand things others say. Instructions are sometimes garbled and feelings get hurt. This is especially true for a few days round the point Mercury stations, on either end of the retrograde.

Astrologers urge us to put off anything of a legal nature during retrograde, such as signing contracts. While this is a good idea, if you need to sign on the dotted line, make sure you read, reread and read again the fine print and FULLY understand what you are signing. This particular retrograde is a time to be extra diligent in our review of things since we are dealing many strong influences in the sky right now.

I have heard so many stories from last week about folks having one struggle after another. On the other hand, some folks are doing quite well. I have heard mixed stories.

Some of the stories involved wrecks and fender benders. For friends traveling this weekend  there were several upsets. The flight from here to Charlotte was canceled. They were told to drive to Charlotte to catch the flight to their destination. So off they went only find there were no seats for them on that flight. Forced to get a hotel room, they hoped to get a flight the next morning. I’m glad I had I had mentioned Mercury was retrograde and that they should not be surprised if something went wrong along the way. With that in mind, they were able to laugh about it all.

I just stayed home, broke a favorite purple pottery bowl and a coffee cup, and spilled and splashed things every time I went into the kitchen. Maybe I will get it all cleaned up this week. I promise to keep laughing and watching what I say and how I say it. Please do the same.hermes_1_lg1

After Mercury stationing and the Blood Moon eclipse of last week, this week will be calmer in comparison. It helps that Mercury has moved back into Libra. This gives up some time to tie up any loose ends left from when he was earlier in Libra. He will not return to Scorpio until November 9th. I’m not saying it is going to be smooth sailing but it should be calmer for sure.

There has been a Grand Fire Trine/kite building in the in the sky since about late September. WE are currently in its perfection and will remain so until midweek. The influence will be felt for a week or so longer.

The Grand trine involves Mars in Sagittarius, Uranus in Aries and Jupiter Leo.

Mars is full of action. This is where we find the warrior self inside, the part of us that had rather fight than switch. He is young, strong and protective. When he is in Sagittarius, he is likely to find a cause give you the feeling there is something worth fighting for. This could also lead to some extremism since Sagittarius is rather religious. The plus side of this is that he is usually looking for understanding and knowledge rather than anything negative.

Uranus in Aries is explosive, celebrates differences, marched to its own drum of uniqueness. Uranus wants to be free to be his or herself. He loves to shock us get our attention in order wake us up. He can be a bit self involved for in a way that is expectant, full of possibility, done his way yet not selfishly. The Pioneers must have had lot of Uranus energy that drove them on their search for freedom, independence and survival.

Jupiter in Leo is some strong energy too. This combination is colorful, bold, and loves to be in the spotlight. There is nothing shy here as this energy magnifies things. You will also notice a charming, charitable energy as the child in us believes we can have whatever it is we want.

This trine, in a nutshell, is very progressive and not shy about what it wants or how to get it.

Another strong aspect this week will be the continuing Venus opposition to Uranus. The Sun is also involved and conjunct Venus. This is a difficult placement for relationships. The opposition to Uranus make it difficult to express our true selves. Venus conjunct the Sun wants to see how much we are alike those near and dear, but Uranus throws a wrench in the works and causes difficulty. There are likely to be control issues. Should you meet someone new during this transit, don’t expect things to last long. Of course, there are always exceptions to every rule.

Mid-week Mercury joins the Sun and Venus to make the aspects I’ve just mentioned, even more interesting. The best part might be that communications and love are simpatico on some levels for a few days at midweek. Mercury opposing Uranus jump start to some of Mercury’s redo’s. As I said earlier, this week will be calmer in some ways and on others, not so much.

There really is a lot going on out there that we can relate to astrology. For instance, the stock market dropping 10 percent the day after the Full Moon. I do believe we can expect to see more things like this in the coming 12 months. It is my belief that the Blood Moon tetrad is triggering big shifts in our world. Things are going to change is ways we might not be ready for or approve of. This is all part of our planet’s evolution and the evolution of humanity. The female, more loving, accepting and nurturing energy is coming in and those that are not willing to roll with it, raise their vibrations and live from their heart center in unconditional love and acceptance will find things very difficult indeed.

I know some folks don’t believe in unconditional love. I will admit, where things are now, this concept is hard to grasp. Once we get to the next level, I believe unconditional love will be most natural. I hope so anyway.

Remember to laugh as much as you can. Recognize what is small and undeserving of attention. Focus on where you can actually make a difference and do it all with LOVE!

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Astrology for September 28-October 4, 2014


Happy Rosh Hashanah!

Things are getting interesting around the world. Rainstorms and windy weather seem to be everywhere except in southern California. Volcanoes are erupting all over the globe. This is all in line with the expected uptick in activity since Pluto turned direct on the 23rd. In case you are interested, here is a site where you can see a map of active volcanoes around the world.

This week eclipses are coming, but not this week. The reason I mention this is that events associated with the eclipses can happen anytime from now until November 1. This week we will enter the last Mercury retrograde period for this year and there are a few other aspects that make this an “Oh Boy!” week!

If you read last week’s blog, you know Mercury went into his storm period, or began slowing down to stop and turn, on Friday the 26th. He will station or stop and begin his three-week trip backwards this coming Saturday, October 4th.

I am not someone who is usually affected or even notices much when Mercury is retrograde, but I have to tell you, this one is different! Take my word for it and back up your computers now! I have already seen the “Blue Screen of Death” once this week. I am extremely grateful for a laptop to move to when this old computer finally give up. I am very, very surprised it has hung on as long as it has.

It just might be time to take a communication break anyway, so why not follow Mercury’s lead and give things a rest. Don’t start new things right now but do go back over old ones that need some attention. Remember words that begin with “re” are what you want to be focusing on now. Re-doing, revisiting, re-creating, and relaxing. Remember to RELAX! Annoying communications, travel delays, missed connections and technical problems are an expected part of Mercury retrograde so relaxing will help you deal with what shows up in your life.change-the-only-constant-is-change-demotivational-poster-1287637066.jpg.scaled1000

There are so many things going on in the cosmos this week and you can be sure all of it will have something to add to the retrograde energy.

First up is Venus changing signs. She is leaving Virgo for Libra on Monday, September 29. While in Libra, Venus will use charm to get what she wants. She is very happy to be in a sign she rules. The next three to four weeks will be favorable for partnership, legal issues and all things social including social networking.
Venus is a real mover and shaker this week with quite a few aspects the could cause some difficulties for many of us. One of these is aspects is with Chiron, the wounded healer. This brings us lessons from others especially those we are emotionally close with. You will better be able to know where you are vulnerable.

Tuesday and Wednesday, Venus will square Jupiter. Pleasure is the word for these two days. We want fun, surprises and good things to stimulate and entertain us. Keep in mind that Venus can get carried away sometimes so don’t allow things to get out of hand or come to excess. Avoid any feeling to exaggerate your emotions or expect too much from your relationships.

On October 3, Venus will be quincunx Neptune. If you tend to be a idealist, you may want to pay extra attention to this one. Try staying clear about how things really are, rather than being idealistic. Sometimes our clarity can get distorted and lead to disappointment in our intimate relationships. Of course, our doubts could be real, or a cosmic aspect such as this one can influence them.

Venus will for a semi-square to Saturn on October 3-4. Our self-esteem can take a hit. You will know this one if you find yourself feeling unloved or not getting what you thing you want and deserve. Of course, sometimes what we want and deserve is rooted in ego and the resulting negative actions of others is warranted.

Lastly, on October 3-4, Venus will be parallel Chiron. This is a much easier aspect on our relationships than others might be this week . It could heal some of the damaging influence of Venus’ other aspects. This aspect favors commitment and allows Venus’ love to heal any hurts. Use these couple of days to repair or improve your relationships.

relationshipsFriday will be good day for Venus and any social events to shine. On this day, there will be a lovely trine between the Libra Sun and the Aquarian Moon. This will bring out our humanitarian side and our ability to see all sides of the issues at hand, rather than the opinions that stem from our own beliefs. Speaking of being a humanitarian, it is not too early to get started on your contributions to the many canned food drives that will take place this fall and winter.

This morning when I went to the grocery store Boy Scout troop was handing out a list of items one of our local food banks would like to have. I saved the list to carry in my wallet. When I have extra money, I will pick up a few things to donate.

The end of the week seems to be when most of the sparks fly this week. Not only will Mercury turn retrograde but also there will be a powerful trine aspect between Mars in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries.

Trines are considered favorable, easy aspects. This one is not so easy. Mars is setting fire to Uranus. I would not be surprised if we see something big in the area of weather or earth changes around the end of this week or early next week.

I was about to wind this up when I got an email that tells about mass protests going on in Hong Kong. It seems the people want democracy. The police are responding aggressively but less so, that American police have recently. The article sited Ferguson Missouri in this comparison.

Transformation is in the air and in the cosmos. Roll with it. Embrace it. Relax with it. There is nothing else to do. Now go make this a great week ya’ll!


Astrology for September 21-27, 2014



As I write, we are literally on the cusp of summer and fall. All my friends in southern California are still suffering from the heat. Here in NC, fall seems to be here already and I keep reading predictions about this winter being colder and wetter than usual. A recent article in the Ashe Mountain Times is worth sharing. If any of you have seen black squirrels this year and that is unusual for you, please let me know. I am very curious.

There is a lot going on this week. Libra is the sign of the week as you will see as we go along with this week’s astrology. Summer is gone and Fall officially begins on Monday, September 22, 2014. The Sun moves into Libra and this is the fall equinox. This equinox marks the halfway point of the Sun’s annual trip around the Zodiac. What seed did you sow last spring, at the beginning, that is ready to harvest now?

The Sun in Libra takes on a balanced persona. Through our personal relationships, we will see a mirror of ourselves. Of course there will be those that don’t believe the mirror, but those that are willing to see will surely benefit from what they see and make needed changed to bring the balance their soul seeks.

Libra is a peace loving sign but with what I see going on in the world, the many aspects and coming blood moons, as well as my own gut feelings; I think we will see little peace in the immediate future on a grand scale. I am equally as sure there will be wonderful pockets of peace. Find your peace and joy where ever you can, and help others to do the same.

At the equinox, the hours of the day and the night are equal. Light and dark are in balance. We should take note and check our own balance too. Are there places you need more? I know I have more than a few. Perhaps balance would be a good theme for you and me this week. Just don’t beat yourself up too much if you can’t seem to get a good momentum going. None of us got out of balance over night and none of us will regain balance that quickly either. Small steps are better than none. You have only to try. That is all.

We all will get a bit of help with our balancing act come Wednesday. The New Moon will join the Sun in Libra. Like the Spring Equinox, New Moons mean new beginnings. When the Moon is in Libra, the focus is on partnerships, being polite, legal matters, beautiful surroundings and the arts. I have a couple of projects in mind to beautify my home. How about you?

Sundown Wednesday is also the beginning of Rosh Hashanah. This is the Jewish year 5775. I wish all my Jewish brothers and sisters a very happy and prosperous New Year!

Along with the Sun and Moon in Libra this week, we can’t forget about Mercury in Libra. He is lending balance to our communications for the rest of this week and moving into Scorpio on Saturday the 27th. In case you have not tied up any loose ends that Mercury in Libra can assist you with, you will be able to re-visit them soon thanks to the coming Mercury retrograde in early October. He will be entering his storm period however this coming Friday. Some of us will begin to feel this energy as the week goes on. This is a long storm period lasting 9 days in all.

The power of Pluto /Uranus Square picks back up Monday when Pluto turns direct after 5 months of being retrograde. I am expecting to see a lot of transformation events intensify in the coming weeks and months leading up the December 15, 2014. This will be the 6th and next to the last perfection since this square-dance that began in June of 2012.

I am going to venture out and say that with this direct turn, we can expect to see a lot of transformation involving society, politics and money, banks and the economy in general. Add the Jewish high holy days, Mercury retrograde, the blood moons and eclipses that all taking place during the month or so, and who knows what we can expect to see. I am both excited and apprehensive about it. I shall leave the heavy prognostication to the more experienced astrologers out there.

Venus is on her last leg of her Virgo transit. Since September 5th our relationships have been more grounded and practical. Many of us have enjoyed doing things for others and doing things that make sense rather than being extravagant. However, there could have been time when we were more critical of our friends and lovers than need be. I sure hope you were able to balance this in your life.

I am working on a blog about the blood moons. I feel like this is an enigma to most and I hope to shed some light on it if I can. Stay tuned for that one coming maybe as early as this week.

As always, there is much, much more I could say about what is going on this week but I I don’t want to go too far down the rabbit hole and lose people. So for now, good bye and I hope you have a great week ahead.


Astrology for September 14- 20, 2014


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Here we are zipping through September like we had to get to the October in a hurry for some reason. No doubt, September has had its share of bad news and remembrances that most of us had rather not deal with but life goes on does it not? Autumn is just around the corner. Judging by last week’s early snowfall in the west and this morning’s cool temperatures, it seems winter might move in before autumn gets to be autumn.
Photo Credit: NASA/SDO

Last week was full of energy. Not only did we have an intense Full Moon in Pisces, we also had the energy of an X class solar flare and coronal mass ejection on the Sun aimed almost directly at Earth. Fortunately, the main energy passed above the Earth and our electrical grid and other things were spared. Some places saw some wonderful colors in the night sky.













There is little doubt that one day this will not be that case and we will experience a direct hit. This is one reason it’s a good idea to have a stocked pantry.

The last few months of this year hold some interesting and difficult aspects in the cosmos. If you remember last week, I mentioned that Uranus and Pluto are in an effectual square aspect to each other. The square does not need to be perfected to have a great influence on us. These two are also in the process of moving toward that perfection on December 15, 2014.

For the moment these two powerhouses of celestial energy are retrograde so their power is somewhat diminished. On the September 23rd, Pluto will once again be direct. This will no doubt add some power to the coming Blood Moon on Oct. 8th.

I predict you can bet your lunch money on the next few months being interesting as powers struggle around the globe on both local and national levels elevate. Even if the events around this are not to our liking, remember that this is for our highest good and the evolution of humankind as a whole. Spread love and joy, not anger and hate, and you will get through things just fine. We will be talking about this more in the coming weeks.


This coming week, after the illuminating Full Moon of last week, we come to a quarter Moon. I do not talk too much about the Moon’s phases and perhaps I should because it so closely represents our ever-changing emotions. I certainly have used to Moon as tool for some choices like planting. Once many years ago, I used the Moon’s phases  to decide when to have my wisdom teeth removed. The best date the oral surgeon had open was my birthday. What a present that was. The idea was to minimize and hopefully eliminate any complications. It seems to have worked. I healed quickly and rather painlessly.

The last quarter is the time we look at what has been illuminated and decide what to get rid before the New Moon comes and we begin a new cycle. It is a time to finish all the things we began at the last New Moon. The Sun is in its last week if Virgo and this adds to our cleaning and clearing vibe so take advantage of it. I am sure going to do my best to that end.

Mercury has already moved into Libra and is not far from entering the storm period before he goes retrograde again. We have another week before this happens. Make the most of it and used the time to not only clear out, but also prepare for this coming retrograde. This coming retrograde will have a host of other aspects adding energy to it I feel sure.

For now use the energy of Mercury in Libra to hone your personal relationships and skills relating to negotiations. Considering another’s point of view will be easier now. This characteristic has been weighing heavy on me lately. I hope I can carry this idea further and make this more a part of my daily life. I realize that limiting thoughts are the only thing that has gotten in the way of my experiencing a more enriching life and the people that have walked through it.

I consider myself reasonably non-judgmental my most standards. However, in recent years I’ve come to see that I have also missed much by not being more open. It is difficult for introverts to open and up put themselves out there. “If I had only known then, what I know now” comes to mind.

Mercury will be in opposition to Uranus all this week. Intuition will be high and so will your need to be mentally motivated. Otherwise, boredom will set in. Uranus loves to shock and challenge. He is also retrograde but that just means he is not a strong as when he is direct and can be a blessing.

Uranus can use Mercury’s communications to shock. You will want to be extra careful to think before you speak this week. Uranus doesn’t care what he says, he just wants to stir things up a bit and he will your mouth as tool.

You might find your ability to stick with a project comes and goes from day to day. If you are not totally inspired by what you are working on, you lose interest. If you have trouble taking advantage of the Virgo energy this might be why. Mercury in Uranus will bring bursts of great insight at times and at others will make you feel like the most ADD person there is. Do your best to use this energy to go inside and do some needed work there. Not only is this a time to clean and clear the physical house but the mental one too. This can truly be a transformative transit if we learn how to use it to its fullest.

Venus is trailing behind the Sun in Virgo and will remain there until the end of September. Things relating to our loved ones and things we love need to make sense. Virgo is a grounded Earth sign and appreciates details and order. For some of us out Venus side could get out of hand and we stress our finances. A lack of financial restraint can cause feelings of guilt. Don’t beat yourself up if this turns out to be you. Remember the shadow side of this aspect is being very critical and annoying.

Venus will oppose Chiron on Wednesday. This transit is not the best for loyalty and commitment. Disappointment in love could be theme of the day. You might find yourself feeling a bit distant from or at odds with others for no apparent reason. Rest assured this will pass. Chiron is the wounded healer and is asking you to heal some aspect of yourself and your relationship with those closest to us.

Mars had just moved in Sagittarius this past weekend. This transit will last through most of October. In this transit, our ideals trigger our actions. We live for adventure and often feel like throwing our cares to the wind and taking off. We can also set our sights a bit too high.

In this transit, we could feel bothered by the everyday stuff. We can quickly become restless when we feel confined. The desire to travel, have a adventure or conquer something is common with this transit. Some begin projects or challenges with gusto, and then abandon them rather quickly. Sounds a bit like Taurus but it is not. This may be because we set our sights too high! Enjoy any travels but also be aware when you are reaching too far.

Take all these characteristics and apply them to what is going on in the world. Oh Boy! This is what makes astrology so fascinating to me.

There is always more to talk about but my attention span and knowledge are not great. I am feeling the need to go tackle some of the long overdue tasks I need to do. All it all it’s a good thing! And with one last colorful photo, I bid you a great week ahead.

Wish I knew who to credit this to, but thank you for taking it, who ever you are.


Astrology for September 7-13, 2014


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Hello again!This week’s post is a bit long.

Are you feeling the Virgo Energy now? Have you been cleaning things out, reorganizing or re-evaluating your heath and diet? Almost everyone I have talked to this week has mentioned something about improving his or her life in some way. What every you choose to do, I wish you great success.

This week begins with a Full Moon in Pisces. The Moon represents our emotions and the Full Moon is the emotional peak of each month. This one is in Pisces, an emotional water sigh. I have to tell you I have really been feeling it coming too. The past few days I have been overly emotional. One reason I am sure is this coming Full Moon in Pisces and the other has more to do with a wedding.

I never had children of my own but took care of loads of other peoples kids in my lifetime. One of them, (a very special one) who is now also a great friend, got married on September 6th, just two days shy of his 28th birthday. Every time I think about him and his lovely bride, my eyes well up in tears. I am so happy for him. The fact that he is 28 also means he is at or near his first Saturn return. Getting married close to a first Saturn return is quite uncommon. This particular one has really touched my heart and soul and turned on the water works with just the thought of it.

Saturn takes 28-20 yrs to complete a cycle around the Sun. Saturn is all about rules and regulations, resistance to change, authority, and respect for elders. He also represents our fathers.

Saturn is very careful to look before he leaps. Both my young friend and I have Saturn in Scorpio in our natal charts. Scorpio is also an emotional water sign. You can expect passions to run deep in Scorpio, as well as joy and love. The flip side of that coin is green eyed jealousy and betrayal. I know about this side first hand. About the time I reached my second Saturn return, I suffered the biggest heartbreak of my life. I hung on to it for the next 10 years too. What a waste.

I am now friends with the guy that so badly broke my heart back then. He is married, has two sons in their late teens, and lives in the same town I do. Looking back, I am so glad we never married. My life would have taken a very different path and I feel sure I would have become very unhappy at some point. My life has taken the path is needed to so I can evolve into the person I am supposed to be.

A Saturn return is all about getting ready for the next 30 yrs of so of life. My young friend has sure taken a big step in that direction this weekend. I hope that his next 28-30 years will be full of joy, passion, love and all the good things both Saturn and Scorpio have to offer. Congratulations J&M!

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As you probably know, the Full Moon signals it is time to finish this month’s projects. This can also apply to relationships that might need some resolution. This Full Moon will be conjunct Neptune the planet of dreams and creativity. Do not be surprised if your dreamtime is a bit more interesting than usual for the next day or so. Should you have a sudden urge to paint the kitchen, I say go for it!

Tuesday Venus in the early degrees of Virgo, will opposes Neptune. This might not be the best time for relationships because this aspect can cause us to feel emotionally and financially drained. It also brings the illusions into the light so we can see and deal with them. On the flip, side this a great time to flirt with our materialistic side. Avoid impulse purchases or later you might wonder “What was I thinking”.

Tuesday Mercury will also perfect an opposition with Pluto. For such small planet Pluto can certainly put a negative spin on things and stir up trouble. Please remember we need these things to happen so we can transform and evolve. After all, that is why we are here. Today be bigger than Pluto and don’t sweat the small stuff. Also be sure you share all the information that is needed not just the parts you think someone needs to know. Additional themes of the day will be mental angst, neurotic thinking and being pushier than usual. There is a bright side to every coin and for this one it is the possibility for deep, insightful conversations and communications. I really like the sounds of that!

Wednesday also brings us Mercury sextile Jupiter. This is a good day for communications about important issues. Jupiter makes it easy to speak clearly and find the right words. Mercury’s transit through Libra, will aide our diplomacy and make us less likely to make poor, snap decisions. This will also balance out the impulse buy desire that Venus may spark. I just love how the Universe provides us with balance. It is just up to us to know when and how to use what is there.

Mars, the planet of action, will leave Scorpio at the end of the week and move into Sagittarius. With this sign change, we leave behind our selfishness and desire to dive deep into the depths of our psyche. Mars in Sagittarius will cause some unrest if we feel blocked by anything and routines can get old. Take care that you don’t set your goals too high or your project will possibly fail to be completed. Those is us who are ADD could this transit a bit difficult, as it causes a certain amount of distraction and wander lust.

The Pluto Uranus square has technically been with us since 2008 and will technically remain until 2018. The real peak of what I have been calling the “square dance” began in 2012, with the first perfection of this aspect on June 24, 2012. There are seven perfections between 2012 and 2015, the middle three years of this 10-year period.

planet-square-380x235Astrologers measure the square aspects as two planets that are 90 degree from each other. Different aspects such as semi-square, conjunct, opposite, trine etc., and each is measured by a different degree to each other. The term ‘perfection’ means two planets are exactly 90 degrees from each other.

There is some wiggle room however, called an orb. The orb varies depending on the aspect. For the square aspect, an orb of 5-10 degrees plus or minus degrees is acceptable. Currently Uranus is at 15 degrees and 421 minutes Aries. Pluto is at 10 degrees and 40 minutes Capricorn. This means they are almost exactly 5 degrees from being perfectly 90 degree apart.

Each aspect, like the planets, signs and houses, has its own personality and characteristics. Little wonder Astrology is such a complicated science. There are infinite combinations of characteristics it seems. Even the most amateur of astrologers know a square aspect is a difficult one.

I have written blogs in the past on the Pluto/Uranus square. This aspect is all about change and transformation. It is part of a cycle and we have been in a similar place many times before. The early 1930’s was the most recent time. This was the height of the Great Depression and the time the world saw great change in leadership. This was the time of Hitler and Stalin. Today we have ISIS, Putin and so much going on that is not the kind of news we want to hear about.

Pluto is trying to destroy so we can rebuild and Uranus is trying to bring peace. Pluto digs his heels in and Uranus jumps without looking at all. Capricorn is about governments, structure and the old guard. Aries is hotheaded, independent, and all about individual rights is the perfect place for Uranus to be right now. Little wonder things like the “Occupy Movement” and “Moral Mondays” have sprouted up.

Another thing Uranus rules it weather and earth changes. Earthquakes, hurricanes and volcanoes fall into this slot. Several people who predict earthquakes or are psychic believe California is going to get a big earthquake sometime this fall or at least in the next year of two. In case you missed it, Papua New Guinea’s Tavurvur Volcano erupted last week. I will leave you today with a few links to check out.

This one is a video of the sonic wave shock that shook the island.

This one shows the ash coverage after the eruption.

Astrology for August 31-September 6, 2014


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I keep hearing folks talk about how last week was a mess for them. I guess in some ways it was for me too. It’s all good however and some good stuff happened along the way.

The past 24 hours have defiantly been strange. Last night I encountered two homeless men at a friend’s house. This morning I bought them breakfast. Later I called another friend and learned he was on his way out of town to visit one of his friends who is dying of an inoperable brain tumor.

Both these encounters have thrown me a bit off center and brought me to tears. While I am the emotional sort and will cry in a heartbeat, today I found myself quite emotional over things that usually garner little reaction. Must be the Moon, Mars, and Saturn, all in the water sign Scorpio that are turning on my water works? I looked at my natal chart and transits and called a local astrologer friend to help me. There are a several things going on in my chart today that could be contributing to this emotional sensitivity.

Here are some of the aspects I see in my chart today:
1. Transiting Sun conjunct natal Moon
2. Transiting Venus conjunct natal Pluto
3. Transiting Moon conjunct Saturn
4. Transiting Saturn conjunct Mars
5. Transiting Mars conjunct natal Mars
6. Transiting Neptune and Chiron in the fourth house of home, family and death

The skinny is there are many past issues, experiences, and emotions that I can see being triggered by the transiting planets right now, today, on a subliminal or subconscious level. To top things off, one of the homeless people gave me a homeopathic remedy he said was good for fright or fear left over from the past. He said it would clear the fright out from me and send it back to the ethers. He felt that I needed this even though he never saw me being emotional. I guess it was something I said or maybe a vibration he noticed. I do love how humans are evolving.

Now let’s get to what is going on in general this week.

There are two sign changes coming up. Mercury leaves Virgo and moved into Libra shortly after midnight on Sept 2. Our drive to analyze will turn to being diplomatic and friendly. Marriage, partnerships, legal documents and negotiations will this month’s focus. Our ability to see both sides of an issue will likely increase and/or restrict our inclination toward quick decisions. Find a comfortable cushion to sit on because you will probably be doing a bit of fence sitting in the coming weeks. Remember, Mercury travels quickly except when he retrogrades. You can relax for now because we don’t have one of those coming until October.

The second planet changing signs is Venus. Friday, September 6th she will leave Leo and join the Sun in Virgo. Expressions of love are more practical. Under this sign, we express our affections by doing little things for others. Self-indulgence will take a back seat for now. Should we find ourselves indulgent we will suffer some guilt.

After these two sign changes Mercury and Venus will be in mutual reception. This means they are in each other’s ruling sign and sort of switch roles a bit. Mercury deals with communications and Venus deals with relationships. When is mutual reception, communications are important to our relationships and relationships are important to our communications.

Mars is close to ending his tour of Scorpio. He still has another 2 weeks in this sign but will exit it on the 13th and head over to Sagittarius. Finish any explorations of your deeper emotions. Deal with important issue now while Mars is in a position to really help you.

I have not mentioned much about Jupiter’s transit of Leo lately. You may recall he moved into Leo in mid July. Since then Jupiter has been settling in and shifting our expansive energy from expanding the comforts of home and nurturing family to more pubic and out going energy. The emphasis for the next year is expressing love, appreciation, individuality and bigheartedness. Jupiter in Leo will help us grow and succeed by sharing our joy and time with others, being creative, and helpful to others.

One thing to watch for this week is a tendency to scrutinize our relationships for things that are wrong. The green-eyed monster called jealousy might raise his head but rest assured there is probably nothing wrong. Don’t jump to try to fix something that is not broken. This energy be prominent on Tuesday and courtesy Venus semisquare Pluto.


As you know there have been a few strong earthquakes lately. This week should be calmer thanks to the influence of a sweet earthy trine between the Virgo Sun and a Capricorn Moon. However, who kows how long this calm will last?

Pluto has been retrograde since April. He will be turning direct about the same time the Sun moves to Libra. Pluto being retrograde had had a rather calming effect on him. When he turns direct, I believe we can expect things to crank up a notch or two. This could be a contributing factor to what I predict to be a interesting fall season. It is just around the corner too.

Astrology for August 24-30 2014


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Hope you enjoyed a sort of quiet astrological week, last week. It sure felt good to me.

If you follow this blog, you know that I sometimes include some thoughts on human development, human evolution, and transformation. These concepts deal with esoteric thought and it is not something everyone believes in.  I am certainly not trying to sway anyone’s beliefs in any way. Neither am I trying to instigate any form of debate. If you agree, great and if you do not, leave it at that.  Should my facts to be incorrect, please message me to make me aware of my mistake. However, if you simply disagree with my beliefs, please keep that between you and your beliefs.

We all are aware how divided the world has become. Everywhere you look there seems to be some sort of violence or social disturbance.  This morning a friend posted a YouTube video of Morgan Freeman talking to Mike Wallace about Black History month. It struck a chord with me but not because for the subject matter. Watch this and apply this to life in general.  You might see what I mean.

From my perspective I think we all need to stand up for clean air, water, food, health care, education and basic human needs being met. I believe there is enough to go around, just not enough for everyone to be a gazillionaire. When it comes what we base on our veritable beliefs, I think Morgan Freeman has a good point. Stop taking about it. Stop labeling. Let us try to understand more, and share more joy and love.  Those that try to get things stirred up, I call “joy stealers.”

With all the violence around us, many of our well-known spiritual teachers and gurus tell us to find joy. Joy is what will get us through and help us evolve. The biggest upset in my life last week was a couple of joy stealers.  I decided to take strong measures to deal with them. While I love them both for the wonderful humans they are, I no longer wish to feel anything other than neutral, compassion, happy or informed by comments on my social media pages.

I must be on the precipice of a new life phase or maybe just burned out. A few weeks ago, I began limiting my news reading. While I don’t’ want to be totally out of touch, I found I was getting too depressed and feeling overwhelmed by all the sad and negative news. This week I blocked two folks from seeing what I post on one of my social media pages hoping to limit the uncompassionate and smug comments I have been seeing. I have also cut back on the time spent with social media. Nonetheless, I am not limiting my astrology! So let’s get to it, shall we?

This week brings us a New Moon in Virgo. This brings us the energy of personal health, healing, self-love (joy), forgiveness (forgive yourself), rewire some old programming and commit to new goals. Lately I have seen and heard of a lot more account hacking than usual. The uncompassionate comments on my social media page made me feel hacked. This energy can go wild and spread much like a virus can. It begs us to take the high ground, raise our vibrations above this and not let it bring us down or steal our joy.

When negative energy and thought forms invade our minds they spread like a virus and infect those around us. The Virgo New Moon is asking us to choose to think differently, chose a new flow consciousness.  We need to be steadfast in clearing the negative patterns from our minds in order to be more positive. If we remain enmeshed in the negative, our energy will drain and we become sick of body and mind. The Virgo New Moon wants to heal this and calls us to be more mindful of the old thought patterns that no longer serve. I believe this one reason we see much of the conflict we see today.  I invite you to be mindful of how you are dispassionate, out of sync with your heart center and find your bliss while respecting others. Use this Virgo energy to nourish yourself with LOVE! By nourishing yourself, you can nourish others too.

The Sun is now firmly in Virgo and we find ourselves desiring more organization and paying more attention to detail. We are more practical and focused on our everyday life. Mercury is also in Virgo, a sign he rules, so this adds to the ease of communications.  This will change next week when Mercury moves to Libra on September 1st. late this week you could be feeling a bit more diplomatic.

Monday the sun and Moon are conjunct in Virgo. This will serve to intensify the Virgo energy. Take advantage of the organization it brings to your life the next day or so because Tuesday the moon moved to Libra and we will be looking more at both sides of things, including out organizing skills, details and nurturing. One caution with Virgo is that she will cause some to feel they are not good enough, skinny enough, smart enough or whatever. Should you find yourself feeling inferior, please remember no one is like you and you are perfect just as you are.

This New Moon conjunct the Sun will also be opposed to Neptune. Outside influences will be stronger today. Stay on course and let Virgo lead the way to a positive transformation. Do not be surprised if you feel a bit sleepy today and want to take a nap. Some of us could experience some confusion. Depends on what is triggered in your chart and how strong the triggers are.  Remember Neptune is in his home sign of Pisces and feeling quite strong.

I probably don’t need to tell you that New Moons are times of new beginnings, but this month the new beginning will have two planetary bullies making this difficult. Mars and Saturn will be joining forces as they conjunct in Scorpio for the next couple of weeks. This aspect brings a lot of frustration. Mars wants to move and get things going while Saturn holds his foot down on the brakes. Mars will probaly win out this time because Mars is in one of the signs he rules and this make him very comfortable and powerful too. The best thing I can tell you is this is not going to be a typical New Moon so it will probably be best not to begin anything new if you don’t have to, and use caution if you do.

Neptune can make this fuzzy and make is difficult for us to know which path to take. Neptune trines Venus this week. This aspect that can lead to great transformation. It calls us to share our selves, be moiré sympathetic and compassionate. I have read that for every one of us that can do this and raise his vibration; our positive energy will ripple out and have an effect on 1500 others.

Monday the Sun semi-squares Uranus. If your path is unsure, you might take the wrong one. Feeling out of control and unexpected plan changes might be the rule of the day. View any changes as a gift in disguise.

Venus will be all over the place this week. August 24-25 she will be, semis square Chiron and cause us some discontentment in our relationships, money or material things.  Expressing emotions could be a bit awkward and feelings of insecurity might be on the rise.

At the same time, Venus will be trine Uranus. Risk taking could be higher now as our fears take a siesta. WE could be more inclined to accept things that are new and unusual when it comes to love and romantic involvement. We desire to experiment but not commit.

Wednesday and Thursday Venus square Mars and Saturn. Think or what I said earlier about the contrasting energies of Mars and Saturn. This will certain be the case here too.

When Venus is square Mars, passions can run high. Sexual tension can get up there and so can the competition. While this can be a creative and exciting combo, it is not a good one for those that lack self-control.

When square Saturn, it could well buffer some of the negative aspects of Venus square Mars. We might notice some feelings of isolation, unsatisfaction or being unloved. Remember Saturn is head of the rules and regulations department and often feels stiff, dutiful, and unyielding.

The last two things I want to mention take place on Friday.  First is Mercury semi-square Jupiter. Details can easily be forgotten.  Exercise caution. Fortunately, the Virgo Sun will help us remember them. However, it won’t do much to help Jupiter’s propensity to exaggerate. He will also make any critical thinking more difficult and cause our minds to be more restless than they might otherwise be.

The second aspect on Friday is the Sun’s opposition to Neptune. Fantasy rules and it could be easy to get lost. I say relax and go with the flow, be in this moment. The lack of direction and willpower can be blessing. It will also be best to delay contractual agreements and financial dealings. It is Friday after all. Start the weekend early!



Astrology for August 17 – 23, 2014


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Last week was a pivotal week. The world was deeply shaken by the death of Robin Williams. I feel this has caused many to pull away for a bit. We want to regroup, re-evaluate things, and review our priorities. I know I am, thanks to a several transits in my chart right now.

One of these transits is the Sun conjunct my natal Pluto. This energy focuses on self-discovery. I have been working hard to discover and understand myself for decades, yet I think some things only come with age. To use a term my friend Ruth Hanna used, I am “a woman of a certain age” and that age defiantly lends itself to introspection. This is part of my personal awakening.

The Sun still has a few days left in Leo. Later Friday evening or early Saturday, depending on your time zone, he changes signs and moves into Virgo. We will be shifting from proud, sociable, good-humored and playful Leo energy to the more detailed and organized energy or Virgo. This will be a great month to get organized. Many of us never quit get around to the details of everyday business and these things pile up and lead to stress. Sun in Virgo is the perfect time to deal with these details.

Mercury moved into Virgo on the 15th and will transit this sign until September 2nd. Mercury rules Virgo and is very comfortable here. I almost wish he would retrograde and be here longer.  The short three weeks we get will put the spotlight on our course of action, thoughts, and communications. The addition of Mercury in Virgo will make tending to all those details I mentioned in the paragraph above, seem very natural and easy to do. The shadow side of this is that we become far too matter of fact. If we aren’t careful, others might see us as being critical, uninspired, and boring. Oh Dear! Please tell me if I get to be too boring.

6a0133f538e9e4970b01901d582d4c970b-500wi (1)Venus is continuing her transit of Leo until September 5. How grand love is! Venus in Leo is warm, expressive, teasing, and often extravagant. When Venus is in Leo, love seems like romance never ending, and full of fun and games. Pamper and adore the love in your life during this transit. Monday she will be conjunct Jupiter. Flattery will probably get you places today so turn it up a notch and see where it leads.

The shadow side is can lead to negative expression and an over emphasis of our feelings just to get a reaction. If you are in a difficult relationship or aren’t currently happy, please remember to be kind. Does the other person really deserve all the venom you are capable of dishing out right now just because you are unhappy?

Later this week Venus moves to form a trine with Uranus. Our fear of risk taking leaves for a bit and we hold on to all things new, different and unusual when it comes to romantic interest. Commitment might not be in the picture now.

Now we come to Mars. Last night I was talking with a friend who also happens to be an astrologer. I asked her about a particular aspect in my chart. When I think of Mars, I think of action. Mars usually gets us moving but lately I have been feeling lazy at times. She pointed out that Mars, a fire planet, is in the water sign Scorpio. The water element tends to put the kibosh on Mars’ get up and go.

In my chart, Mars is currently conjunct my natal Saturn in the 12th house. My friend downloadsuggested this is pushing me to go inward. I would have to agree. This is an excellent example of how a transit triggers something in a chart.

Mars and Saturn will be nearing a conjunction of their own late this week. This will lead to increased frustrations and possible bursts of anger. Take a deep breath! Take a walk! Take a nap or do anything that will keep you from taking a hunk out of the other guy.

I want to say this week will be quiet but every time I think that, something happens that I never would have expected. We all know what last week’s big unexpected event was. Then there are the many conflicts and disturbances around this country and the world. Clearly, things are not really calm anywhere. However, the planetary aspects are calm.

This fall will bring us several difficult aspects. The 3rd super moon will occur September 9.  The following Full Moon in October will also be a Blood Moon. No doubt, you are aware of the power of the moon and you could even be feeling the effects of the last super moon. I wish I had more knowledge and wisdom to share with you at this point.

Perhaps I will be able to write some special blogs that address some of these coming events. I want to learn about these events and the only way for me to do that is to do some research. So send me some good vibes around that because you will benefit too. In the meantime, I wish you all a great week. Remember to make lemonade out of the week’s lemons.

Astrology for August 10-16, 2014


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Full-Moon-588x441 Here we are on the backside of another Super Full Moon. If you are like me, many of you have trouble sleeping when the Moon is full. Last night I woke up every hour at the half hour. Each awakening was exactly at the same minute as the hour before or within 2 minutes of it. Finally, at 6:30 am I got up and made a pot of coffee. I hope your sleep was not so fragmented and you feel well rested. I, on the other hand, feel the need for a nap soon. In case you are also a night owl, here is an interesting article on the subject. I know many folks think astrology is bunch of bunk or superstition. I am not going to try to change anyone’s mind on this. I used to think way less of it until I began looking into it more. Like everything else in the world, it energy. And, everything, including the planets has a vibration. Astrology is the science of how the astrological vibrations influence each other. Off and on for most of the late spring and summer, I have been experiencing a painful bout of bursitis in my left knee. Knee pain is not new for me. I’ve have issues since high school. Bursitis on the other hand is new. At times, I have not been able to walk on it. knee_pain This morning I was looking at my natal chart and transits. I noticed Saturn is just three degrees from my natal Mars. This is close enough to call it a conjunction. Curious minds want to know so I went to the ephemeris to see exactly when these two planets got close enough to be called “conjunct” and how long they would be that close and what it all means to me. It was edifying. I had previously consulted my trusted copy of “Messages from the Body” by Michael Lincoln. Some of the key phrases I found there were,  “Major Change”…. “deep in destiny conflicts, as their future becomes unclear”…”Their beliefs in life about what they thought they could believe in and had to be true was being ‘blown out of the water’ by current developments and realities.” Then I read about left knee problems specifically…..”Their beliefs about the things that provide stability and meaning like their spiritual values, their destiny strategies, their identification figures and groups, and their intimates are being out to pasture.” Oh boy! Lots to think about there. After reading this I went to the web to read more about Saturn’s conjunction with my natal Mars and gained even more insight on the knee issue. Guess which planet rules the knees? Saturn of course. Saturn is also one of the two ruling planets of Aquarius. I also read on this transit “is to cool your passions in some manner, to conserve your energy for what truly matters, and to discipline your approach to getting what you want from life.” The line that really ran a true for me was “Something may happen now that restricts your freedom of movement in some manner, and you are in the position to redirect your energies.” The bursitis has literally restricted my movements in the past few months. It’s funny that earlier this week I posted something on Facebook about the lesson the pain was trying to teach me. I don’t believe in coincidence. I believe there is a time and reason for everything and all is related to Universal energy. No doubt this what I learned this morning will give me a lot to ponder this week if not longer. This info also points a finger the uncontrolled tears and emotional eruptions a few weeks ago. Now back to what will be going on this week…………… This week holds two sign changes. The first one happens shortly after midnight on Tuesday, Venus moves into Leo. The other one involves Mercury and I will talk about that next. For a short time between these two changes, we have four planets in Leo. That is LOT of Leo energy! images Tuesday is a good day to get active. Put on your dancing shoes, turn up the volume and bask in the spotlight that is shinning on your money and relationships. Just don’t try to get too close or you might become frustrated. Leo holds an abundance of magnetism, personality, and pride that will influence our love matters for the next month. Venus in Leo is has a warm, expressive heart but loves be adored and getting attention. Passions and a strong ego are also aspects of this transit. The shadow side is being too extravagant with our finances and exaggerating our feelings to gain notice. Think twice before spending or talking about how you really feel. Oh! And have fun but don’t commit to anything. Thursday the Moon in Aries will trine the Sun in Leo. This aspect ignites a drive in us to make things better for others. Whatever helps you; it is going to help those close to you. With all the strife in the world lately, I will admit to burying my head in the sand because I have such a hard time with all the negativity. A lot of my time has been spent meditating on peace and love, and sending that energy out to the world. Friday is the day for the second sign change. Just before noon, Mercury leaves Leo and moves into thorough, diligent Virgo. For the next three weeks, you may find yourself being more analytical than usual. We will be weighing the useful against the impractical. Be careful not to get lost in details or facts. I will pay extra attention to how this manifests in my life because I tend to give way to many details anyway. Mercury is rules Virgo and is very comfy in this sign. There is a shadow side however and you will want to be cautious that you are not too critical or dry. You might also feel less creative than you have been lately. On a good note, health and diet matter will be something we analyze during this transit. Friday we will also see Jupiter will be in difficult, quincunx aspect to Neptune. The difficulty lies with our limits and boundaries. You might notice a feeling of disorganization and staying on task. For this ADD person, it’s life as usual, but for you it might be far from normal. Our current interests may not seem to satisfy us. A strong desire to assist others could provide some relief but will likely only cause frustration as we feel guilt around our tendencies to escape and not be as efficient as we might like. Be careful your clear thinking is not derailed by dreaming or unworkable plans. Explaining-the-Configurations-Uranus-and-Mercury-2 The week closes with Mercury in a difficult aspect to Uranus. Another ADD type aspect that causes us to feel absent minded. Our ideas might not have much influence or be readily accepted. The shadow side of this aspect is irritability, excited tempers, and sarcasm. On the positive side, fresh and new, creative ideas could sprout up. If the rest of the week is a non-creative as it might be, this will be a welcome change for many. If you read this I hope you will click on the like button. You sure don’t have to but it makes me smile when you do. :)


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